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Principles of Political Economy:

With some of their Applications of Social Philosophy. . By John Stuart MILL. 2 vols., 8vo. Printed on tinted paper. Cloth. $6.

“In the whole range of extant authorship on political economy, there is no writer except Adam Smith with whom John Stuart Mill can, without injustice, be compared. In originality, Adam Smith, as being the acknowledged father of the science, takes the precedence, as he does also in exhuberance of apt illustration. But in rectitude of understanding, clearness and sagacity, Mill is fully his peer; in precision of method, range of topics, and ptation to the resent state of society, he is altogether his superior. The ‘Wealth of Nations' now belongs, ndeed, rather to the history of the science than to its exposition. But the ‘Principles of Political Economy' is an orderly, symmetrical, and lucid exposition of the science in its present advanced state. In extent of information, breadth of treatment, pertinence of fresh illustration, and accommodation to the present wants of the statesman, the merchant, and the social philosopher, this work is unrivalled. It is written in a luminous and smooth, yet clear-cut style; and there is diffused over it a soft atmosphere of feeling, derived from the author's unected humanity and enlightened interest in the welfare of the masses."

New American Cyclopædia.

Edited by GEORGE RIPLEY and CHARLEs A. DANA. Now complete, in 16 vols., 8vo, double columns, 750 pages each. Cloth, $4; Sheep, $4 75; Half Morocco, $5; Half Russia, $5 50 per volume.

The leading claims to public consideration which the New American Cyclopaedia possesses may be thus briefly stated:

U o § surpasses all other works in the fulness and ability of the articles relating to the nite tes. “2. No other work contains so many reliable biographies of the leading men of this and §: on. In this respect it is far superior even to the more bulky Encyclopædia ritannica. “8. The best minds in this country have been employed in enriching its pages with the latest data, and the most recent discoveries in every branch of manufactures, mechanics, and general science. “4. It is a library in itself, where every o: is treated, and where information can be gleaned which will enable a student, if he is so disposed, to consult other authorities, thus affording him an invaluable key to knowledge. o 5. It is neatly printed, with readable type, on good paper, and contains a most copious eX. “6. It is the only work which gives anything approaching correct ;P. of cities ...” of America, or embraces reliable statistics showing the wonderful growth of all Sections.

Practice in the Executive Department

of the Government, under the Pension, Bounty, and Prize Laws of the United States, with Forms and Instructions for Collecting Arrears of Pay, Bounty, and Prize Money, and for Obtaining Pensions. By Robkar SEwell, Counsellor at Law. 1 vol., 8vo. Sheep. Price, $3 50.

*I offer this little book with confidence to the o as certain to save lawyers, in one case, if they never have any more, more time and trouble than its cost. To the public generally, the book is offered as containing a large amount of useful information on a subject now, unfortunately, brought home to half the families in the land. To the officers and soldiers of the Army it will also be found a useful companion; and it is hoped that by it an amount of information of great value to the soldiers, and to their families at home, will be disseminated, and the prevailing ignorance respecting the subject treated of in a great degree removed."—Extract from Preface.

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