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Life and Correspondence of Theodore

PARKER, Minister of the Twenty-eighth Congregational Society, Boston.
By John Weiss. With two Portraits on Steel, facsimile of Handwriting,

and nineteen Wood Engravings. 2 vols., 8vo. 1,008 pages. Price, $6.

"These volumes contain an account of Mr. Parker's childhood and self-education; of the development of his theological ideas; of his scholarly and philosophical pursuits; and of his relation to the Anti-Slavery cause, and to the epoch in America which preceded the civil war. His two visits to Europe are described in letters and extracts from #. journal. An autobiographical fragment is introduced in relation to Mr. Parker's early life, and his letters of friendship on literary, speculative, and political topics, are freely interspersed. The illustrations represent scenes connected with various ods of Mr. Parker's life, the houses he dwelt in, hisonly haunts, the meeting house, his library, and the Music Hall in which he

Catechism of the Steam Engine, In its various Applications to Mines, Mills, Steam Navigation, Railways, and Agriculture. With Practical Instructions for the Manufacture and Management of Engines of every Class. By John Bourne, C. E. New and Revised Edition. 1 vol., 12mo, Illustrated. Cloth, $2.

*In offering to the American T. a reprint of a work on the Steam Engine so deservedly successful, and so long considered standard, the Publishers have not thought it neces that it should be an exact copy of the English edition. There were some details in which the thought it could be improved and better adapted to the use of American Engineers. On this account, the size of the page has been increased to a full 12mo, to admit of larger illustrations, which, in the English edition, are often on too small a scale; and some of the illustrations themselves have ‘. supplied by others equally applicable, more recent, and to us more familiar examples. The first part of Chapter XI., devoted in the English edition to English ortable and fixed agricultural engines, in this edition gives place entirely to illustrations m American practice, of steam engines as applied to different purposes, and of appliances

and machines necessary to them. But with the exception of some of the illustrations and the description of them, and the correction of a few typographical errors, this edition is a faithful transcript of the latest English edition."

Life of Edward Livingston,

Mayor of the City of New York; Member of Congress; Senator of the United
States; Secretary of State; Minister to France; Author of a System of
Penal Law for Louisiana; Member of the Institute of France, etc. By
CHARLEs H. Hunt, with an Introduction by GEORGE BANCROFT. 1 vol.,
8vo. Cloth. $3 50.

*One of the purest of statesmen and the most genial of men, was Edward Livingston, whose career is presented in this volume. * * * * * “The author of this volume has done the country a service. He has given us in a becoming form an appropriate *:::::: of one whom succeeding generations will be proud to name as an American jurist and statesman.”—Esangelist.


History of the Romans under the

Empire. By CHARLEs MERIvaLE, B. D., late Fellow of St. John's College. 7 vols., small 8vo. Handsomely printed on tinted paper. Price, in cloth, $2 per vol. Half Morocco extra, $3 50.

CONTENTS: Wols. I. and II.-Comprising the History to the Fall of Julius Caesar. Wol. III.--To the Establishment of the Monarchy by Augustus. Wols. IV. and W.-From Augustus to Claudius, B. c. 27 to A. D. 54. Vol. VI.-From the Reign of Nero, A. D. 54, to the Fall of Jerusalem, A. D. 70. Wol. WIL-From the Destruction of Jerusalem, A. D. 70, to the Death of M. Aurelius. This valuable work terminates at the point where the narrative of Gibbon commences. - - - “When we enter on a more searching criticism of the two writers, it must be admitted that Merivale has as firm a grasp of his subject as Gibbon, and that his work is characterized by a greater freedom from prejudice, and a sounder philosophy. - - - “This History must always stand as a splendid monument of his learning, his candor, and his vigorous Fo of intellect. Though he is in some respects inferior to Macaulay and Grote, he must still be classed with them, as one of the second great triumvirate of English historians.”—North American Review, April, 1868.

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“No English poet surpasses him in knowledge of nature, and but few are his equals. He is better than § and Thomson in their special walks of poetry, and the equas of Wadsworth, that great high priest of nature."—The World.

Hints to Riflemen.

By H. W. S. CLEVELAND. 1 vol., 12mo, Illustrated with numerous Designs

of Rifles and Rifle Practice. Cloth. Price, $1 50. *I offer these hints as the contribution of an old sportsman, and if I succeed in any degree in exciting an interest in the subject, my end will be "...o. even if the future investigations of those who are thus attracted should prove any of my opinions to be erroneous."— act from Preface.

Queen Mab.

A new Novel. By JULLA KAVANAGH. 1 vol., 12mo. Cloth, $1 50.

* No English novelist of the Rio day ot to hold, we think, a higher rank in her own liar walk of literature than Miss Kavanagh. There is a freshness of originality about all er works, and an individual character stamped on each,-there is, moreover, a unity of thought and feeling, a harmony, so to speak, pervading each separate work, that plainly speaks original genius, while the womanly grace of her etchings of character, is a marvel of artistic excellence.”—Tablet.

My Cave Life in Wicksburg.

By a Lady. 1 vol., 12mo, cloth. $1.

* Altogether we commend the book as worth more than almost any dozen of books on the war we have lately noticed."

Thoughts on Personal Religion.

Being a Treatise on the Christian Life in its Two Chief Elements, Devotion and Practice. By Edward MEYRick Goulburn, D.D., Prependary of St. Paul's, Chaplain to the Bishop of Oxford, and one of Her Majesty's Chaplains in Ordinary. First American from the Fifth London Edition. With a Prefatory Note. By GEORGE H. Houghton, D.D., Rector of the Church of the Transfiguration in the City of New York. 1 vol., 12mo, 430 pages. Price $1 50.

There is nothing in it that is dry, uninteresting, unreal, extragavant, impracticable, or beyond ordinary reach and compass. It is full of stimulus and full of encouragement. It is a manual, not so much, perhaps, for those who have abundant leisure and live a retired life, as for those especially, who are engaged in the ordinary avocations of the world. It will teach them how, j. living in the world—amid its cares and perplexities—to live above the world; while not slothful in business, to be servent in spirit, serving the Lord; in one word, how to sanctify the secular all-engrossing pursuit, and the daily toilo tracoom Prefatory Note.

The Philosophy of Herbert Spencer.

First Principles. Large 12mo. 507 pages. Price $2.

The present Volume is the first of a series designed to enfold the principles of a new Philosophy. It is divided into two parts, the aim of the first being to determine the true sphere of all rational investigation, and of the second, to elucidate these fundamental and universal principles which science has established within that sphere, and which are to constitute the basis of the system. The scheme of truth developed in these First Principles is complete in itself and has its independent value; but it is designed by the author to serve for guidance and verification in the construction of the succeeding and larger portions of his philosophic plan.

The Management of Steel. Including Forging, Hardening, Tempering, Annealing, Shrinking, and Expansion. Also, the Case Hardening of Iron. By Geo. EDE. Employed by the Royal Gun Factories Department, Woolwich Arsenal. First American from second London edition. 1 vol., 12mo. 50 cents. “Steel being one of the most valuable metals, and requiring great care in the forging, hardening, tempering, annealing, and management of it in general, I think, after having had nearly

twenty years' good practice, experience, and study combined, I am nowable to give a little information to those who have not had so much to do with it as I have.”—Eartract from the Work.

Church Essays.

By George CUMMING McWhortER. Author of a “Popular Hand-Book of the
New Testament.” 1 vol. 12mo, cloth. Price $1.

The Essays are upon various points of Christian faith and duty, embracing some of the most important and interesting topics, such as the Trinity, Redemption, Grace, Charity, Providence, Prayer, and Death. Some of the Essays may be considered as Theological, yet all are written in a popular style, and interesting to the general reader. The Essay on Death, and that on Grace, are particularly instructive and beautiful. They are conceived in the spirit of devout piety, and are replete not only with instruction in Faith, but with lessons of practical duty. The style is classical and chaste, free from meretricious ornament, and unsafe excursions of the imagination. D. APPLETON & CO.’S PUBLICATIONS.

Round the Block.

An American Novel. With Illustrations. 1 volume, 12mo. Cloth. Price, $1 50.

“The story is remarkably clever. It presents the most vivid and various pictures of men and manners in the great Metropolis...Unlike most novels that now appear, it has no ‘mission, the author being neither a politician nor a reformer, but a story tesler, according to the old pattern; and a capital story he has produced, written in the happiest style, and full of wit and action. He evidently knows his ground, and moves over it with the foot of a master. It is a work that will be read and admired, unless all loye for good novels has departed from us; and we know that such is not the case."—Boston Traceler.

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“Whoever misses reading this book, will miss reading what is, in various respects, to the best of our judgment and experience; the most remarkable book of the day—one indeed, that no thoughtful, inquiring mind would miss reading for a good deal. Let the reader be as averse as he may to the writer's philosophy, let him be as devoted to the obstructive as Mr. Buckle is to the progress party, let him be as orthodox in church creed as the other is heterodox, as dogmatic as his author is sceptical—let him, in i. find his prejudices shocked at every turn of the argument, and all his prepossessions whistled down the wind—still there is so much in this extraordinary volume to stimulate reflection, and excite to inquiry, and o: voke to earnest investigation, perhaps (to this or that reader) on a track hitherto untrodden, and across the virgin soil of untilled fields, fresh woods, and pastures new—that we may fairl defy the most hostile spirit, the most mistrustful and least sympathetic, to read it Ho: without being glad of having done so, or having begun it, or even glanced at almost any one of its pages, to pass it away unread.”—New Monthly (London) Magazine.

The Iron Manufacture of Great Britain,

Theoretically and Practically considered: Including Descriptive Details of the Ores, Fuels, and Fluxes employed; the Preliminary Operation of Calcination; the Blast, Refining, and Puddling Furnaces; Engines and Machinery; and the Warious Processes in Union, etc., etc. By W. TRURAN, C. E., formerly Engineer at the Dowlais Iron Works, under the late Sir John Guest, Bart. Second Edition, revised from the manuscripts of the late Mr. Truran, by J. ARTHUR PHILLIPs, author of “A Manual of Metallurgy,” “Records of Mining,” etc., and WM. H. DoRMAN. One vol., imperial 8vo. Containing 84 Plates. Price, $10.

Illustrations of Universal Progress.

A Series of Essays. By HERBERT SPENCER, Author of “The Principles of Psychology;” “Social Statics;” “Education.” 1 volume, 12mo. Cloth, $1 75.

“The readers who have made the acquaintance of Mr. Herbert Spencer through his work on Education, and are interested in his views upon a larger range of subjects, will welcome this new volume of ‘Essays." Passing by the more scientific and philosophical speculations, we may call attention to a group of articles upon moral and political subjects, which are very pertinent to the present condition of affairs."—Tribune.


n Introduction to Municipal Law,

Designed for General Readers, and for Students in Colleges and High Schools. By John Norton Pomerox. 1 vol., 8vo. 544 pages. Cloth, $3.

“I have spent nearly four days in reading your book, and am willing to say, in reference to that, when considered in reference to its scope and the design had in view in entering u it is a work of great merit. The topics are presented clearly, discussed with ability, and in e main satisfactory results arrived at. Parts I. and II., I think, o prove very useful to 7. lawyers, as there is a great deal in the history of the law, and pecially in its sources, both common and civil, that is very clearly, briefly, and logically ted, and more available in the manner presented in your work than in any other that I am quainted with."—From AMos DEAN, Esq., Albany Law School.

hackeray; The Humorist and Man of Letters, the Story of his Life, with particulars of his early career never before made public. By THEoDoRE TAYLOR, Esq. Illustrated with a Portrait, one of the latest taken from life; view of Thackeray's House; Fac-simile of his Handwriting; Humorous Illustrations by George Cruikshank; and other Pictures and Sketches. One vol., 12mo. Cloth. Price, $1 25. “The author, Mr. T. Taylor, long resident in Paris, has been collecting information for

y years, and has much to say of Mr. Thackeray's artist life in that city. ebook is illused with a portrait and some curious original sketches.”—From the Guardian.

aws and Principles of Whist, Stated and Explained, and its Practice Illustrated on an Original System, by means of hands played completely through. By CAVANDISH. From the fifth

London edition. 1 vol., square 16mo. Gilt edge. $1 25. "

An excellent and very clearly-written treatise; the rules of the game thoroughly explainits practice illustrated by means of hands played completely through, and much of the tiae and finesse of the game given that we have never seen in any other volume of the Whist players will recognize it as an authority; and that it is a success is proved by ving already §. through five editions. It is got out very neatly, in blue o gold, by ublishers.”—Com. Bulletin.

eat considered as a Mode of Motion.

Being a Course of Twelve Lectures delivered at the Royal Institution of Great Britain. By John TYNDALL, F.R.S., author of “The Glaciers of the Alps.” 1 vol., 12mo. With 101 Illustrations. Cloth. $2.

o one can read Dr. Tyndall's book without being impressed with the intensity of the r's conviction of the truth of the theory which it is his object to illustrate, or with the ess with which he confronts the difficulties which he encounters. * * * * * * * Indall's is the first work in which the undulatory or mechanical theory of heat has been in a popular light; but we are sure that no one, however profound his knowledge upon ubject of which it treats, will rise from its perusal without a feeling that he has been both ed and instructed in a high degree while reading its pages.”—London Reader.

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