How to Obtain a Phd (Penalty for Hardworking Dummies) in the United States: Inside Out

AuthorHouse, 1 de abr. de 2011 - 120 páginas
In the event of effacing the American Dream that has motivated both American born and immigrants for more than two hundred years, the author offers answers to mind-boggling questions why this is happening. The policy of unhealthy diet, irresponsible debts, and overmedicating Americans, promoted by the government, is the triple betrayal that devalues the famous traditional American belief in hard work leading to success. The author warns that America is replacing the values of high work ethic and free competition with crony capitalism, that favors chosen elite companies allowing them to socialize their loss and privatize their gain. Because of her multi-cultural background, Tamara Hammond has an original perspective of the United States and sees America from both the inside and the outside. Through the prism of these opposite views the author offers the unique angle of her perception and alerts the reader about some hurtful policies that are ruining the greatest country in the world. The insiders-outsiders outlooks are suggested in light of key events from recent American history that led to the current critical situation in the U.S.A. The author presents her ideas, observations, and analysis based on her thorough research and personal experience.

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Although Tamara Hammond was born and raised in Bulgaria, she has also lived in the Mediterranean countries of Italy, Greece, and Cyprus, where she developed her passion for exploring new cultures, and studied their languages and traditions. In her new homeland, the U.S., Tamara Hammond majored in History at Utah Valley University for her BA, and in Russian for her Masters at Columbia University. She has published two lead articles in Crescat Scientia, a journal of history, and in Anamesa, an interdisciplinary journal issued by New York University. As an artist, Tamara Hammond had her sculptures featured at Ciel Salon in New York City, NY, as well as Woodbury Art Museum, Coleman Art Gallery, Springville Art Museum, and Harris Fine Art Center in Utah. Currently Tamara Hammond resides in Provo, Utah, with her husband of twelve years, Ernie Hammond.

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