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decided their lawfulness according to the doctrine and discipline of the Church of England. And the departed are, but indistinctly, yet are included in our Eucharistic Prayer, that by the merits and death of Thy Son Jesus Christ, and through faith in His Blood, we and all Thy whole Church may obtain remission of our sins, and all other benefits of His Passion.* I say this, in case any should be afraid so to pray. But since it is lawful-what an unspeakable privilege! —it is so cold a thought that we have for the time no more to do with those who loved us here, and whom we loved that, it must needs on that ground, alone, be false, because it is so contrary to love, and yet much more since the Church has always prayed for the departed from the very first. It belongs to the Communion of Saints that they, in the attainment of certain salvation, and incapable of a thought other than according to the mind of God, and filled with His love, shall pray and long for us, who are still on the stormy side of the world, our salvation still unsecured, and that we on our side should pray for such things as God in His goodness wills to bestow upon them." f

Many additions have been suggested to the present Editor, which he has adopted, but he has not felt at liberty to increase further the size and price of the book by large additions from a work so accessible as the Book of Common Prayer: such as, e.g., the Epistles and Gospels for the whole Christian year, or the Psalter. If desired, the book might be bound up with the Prayer Book, to which it may be regarded as a companion. It will be found, however, that most of the suggestions made have been adopted.

The letters of many valued correspondents, unknown in some cases personally to the Editor, have borne fruit in these additions, which he submits with all deference to his brethren, trusting that God's blessing may rest upon his humble labours, without which he will have laboured in vain.

* See page 284, where the suggestion is carried out. t Addresses to the Companions of the Love of Jesus, page 126—7.

In conclusion, he must borrow the words of his lamented co-adjutor, in the preface to the first edition of 1872.

"This book contains little which is original: it has been compiled with the object of providing, in accordance with the full system of the Catholic Church, and in consistency with the tone and spirit of the Prayer Book, as well for those devotional wants of the Clergy, which they share with their lay brethren, as for those arising from their own peculiar function, and the labour of preparing it'rhas been chiefly one of selection, translation, and arrangement."

In consequence of the additional matter,'some few portions contained in the original editions have been omitted as redundant; in nearly every instance these were contributed by the surviving Editor, who has not curtailed, unnecessarily, the work of his departed fellow-labourer. He would wish here to express his gratitude for the assistance and suggestions he has received—particularly to his brother, the Vicar of Wolvercote, who has assisted him greatly in the labour of revising the proof-sheets.

May the surviving Compiler be permitted to request that should any of his brethren find comfort or advantage in the use of this manual, they would occasionally offer a petition on behalf of those by whom it has been compiled, that the one may obtain the grace he so greatly needs, and the other attain his portion and lot where the weary labourer finds repose in the Light of that Presence which shines for evermore.

A. D. C.

The Index will be found at the end of the book.

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