The Parliamentary Debates

Published under the superintendence of T.C. Hansard, 1821

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Página 865 - That an humble address be presented to his Majesty, that he will be graciously pleased to give directions that there be laid before this house...
Página 1061 - Christ at or after the consecration thereof by any person whatsoever, and that the invocation or adoration of the Virgin Mary or any other saint and the sacrifice of the mass as they are now used in the Church of Rome are superstitious and idolatrous.
Página 1063 - God himself; that is, that they should rule all estates and degrees committed to their charge by God, whether they be ecclesiastical or temporal, and restrain with the civil sword the stubborn and evil doers.
Página 551 - That, independent of the direct benefit to be derived by this country on every occasion of such concession or relaxation, a great incidental object would be gained, by the recognition of a sound principle or standard, to which all subsequent arrangements might be referred...
Página 281 - ... without the utmost danger, be so far reduced to rule as to be incorporated into the ordinary diplomacy of states, or into the institutes of the law of nations.
Página 281 - Paris to the more general measures proposed for their adoption, founded, as it is alleged, upon existing treaties; in justification of its own consistency and good faith, the British Government, in withholding such assent, must protest against any such interpretation being put upon the treaties in question, as is therein assumed. They have never understood these treaties to impose any such obligations; and they have, on various occasions, both in Parliament and in their intercourse with the allied...
Página 905 - England ; and that the arduous and urgent affairs concerning the king, state, and the defence of the realm, and of the church of England, and the making and maintenance of laws, and redress of mischiefs and grievances which daily happen within this realm, are proper subjects and matter of counsel and debate in parliament...
Página 551 - As long as the necessity for the present amount of revenue subsists, your petitioners cannot expect so important a branch of it as the customs to be given up, nor to be materially diminished, unless some substitute, less objectionable, be suggested. But it is against every restrictive regulation of trade not essential to the revenue— against all duties merely protective from foreign competition — and against the excess of such duties as are partly for the purpose of revenue, and partly for that...
Página 281 - ... it should be clearly understood, that no government can be more prepared than the British government is, to uphold the right of any state or states to interfere where their own immediate security or essential interests are seriously endangered by the internal transactions of another state.
Página 1 - I continue to receive from foreign powers the strongest assurances of their friendly disposition towards this country : and I have the satisfaction of believing, that the differences which had unfortunately arisen between the court of St.

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