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Y’etitions to the general assembly,
regulated. 375

to court of equity, regulated. 196
Petty-chapmen, &c. prohibited to sell
foreign goods. 374
Pews, sales of, how to be made. 76
when exempted from execution. ib.
Phoentz Bank, incorporation of. 86
Pleading double, when allowed. 43
Pleadings regulated. 42
Poison, administering of, how nun-
ished. 152
Political power, source of: 20
Polls, how taxed. 448
when exempted. ib.
Poor, when to be supported by rela-
tions. 369
by towns. ib.
by the state. 71
how to be removed. 281
select-men, overseers of. 370
Poor debtors, how relieved. 253
Pork, inspection of 288

Possession, adverse, of lands, for fis-
teen years, to bar entry.

Post-guides, when and by whom to ,
be erected. 377
penalty for neglect. ib.

Pounds, where, and by whom, to be

erected, and maintained. 377
escape from 380
breach of, how punished. 379
Poundage fees. 380
Practure, rules of, to be made by su-
preme court. 137
county court. 141
Pratt's ferry, fare of: 225
Presentment for crimes, by whom to
be made. 250–261
when necessary. 21
President of the senate, lieutenant-
governor to be. 26

his rights, powers and authority. ib.
pro tempore, when to be elected. ib.
when he shall administer the gov-
erminent. 27
Press, liberty of, not to be restrained. 20
Prisoner, how to be supported in

gaol. 252
for debt, not to be confined with
criminals. 253
entitled to liberties of prison. 252
poor, how to be relieved. 253
in work-houses, escaping, how pun-
ished. 480, 1
expense of supporting, how defray-
ed. 481

Privilege from arrest, when allowed. 24

Privileged debts, what. 212

Priority of debts, when allowed to
the state. ib.

Private ways, how laid out. 271
Probate courts, constituted. 143
districts established, ib.

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attempt to commit, how punished. ib.
Receipts, and expenditures of Yale-
College, annual account of

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ished. ib.
duty of tything-men, grand-jurors,
&c. in relation to. ib.
proprietors and drivers of stages, &c.
not to carry passengers. 357
persons keeping seventh day, not li-
able to penalties for breach of. ib.
Sales at public auction, duties on. 60

of real estate of deceased person

to pay debts. 205. 211
of lands to pay taxes. 45.5
of minors' lands, by guardians 264

SALAR1Es of the officers of govern-
Inent. 387, 8
See Compensation.
Salvage of ship-wrecked property. 482, 3

Saybrook ferry, regulated. --->
fare of. 224
Scantic ferry, fare of. 2.25
Scavengers, commission of. 409
Scire-facias, writ of, may be by at-
tachment. 37
when may issue against executor
or administrator. 42
against bail. 63
against select-men. 27
Scholars, enumeration of. 402
expense of instructing. 404
Schools, provisions for the support
of. 396 to 407
visitors of. 400
of a higher order, institution and
objects of. ib.
School districts, establishment of. 393
general powers of. 399
calling and warning meetings of 400
incorporated, dissolution or altera-
tion of 398

annexation to other districts. ib.
School-fund, made permanent and ap-


interest of to be paid to the state-

treasurer. 401. 406
dividends, apportionment of. 40."
duties of commissioner of: 405, 6, 7

vacancy in his office, during recess
of general assembly, how filled.


relation to. 29
I'eligious worship, free to all persons. 20
duty and right of. 29

disturbance of, prohibited. 386
I’emanding of actions, when to be
directed. 52
Remoral of paupers, how to be order-
ed. 281
of inhabitants of other states. ib.
Repairs and improvements on turn-
pike roads. " 471
REFLEv1N, writs of, when to be grant-
ed. 382
bonds for prosecution, what, to be

given ib.
mode of proceeding. ib.
of goods attached, how to proceed

in. 383

of stock of incorporated companies. ib.

of goods attached by stranger to

the suit. 383,4.
Reporter of judicial decisions, appoint-

ment of. 138
salary of. 388
Representatives, house of, constituted. 23
officers of. ib.
members of, how elected. 186
majority of, to be a quorum. 23
power of 24
to keep a journal. ib.

when yeas and nays of, to be taken. ib.
Reprier, when, and for what time,

may be granted by governor. 26
Rescue of cattle driving to pound, how
punished. 379
Resistance of officers, how punished. 160
Reversal of judgments, how to pro-
ceed in cases of.
Rerised statutes, confirmed. 485
record of. ib.
when to take effect. ib.

Rerocation of wills, how to be made. 200
Reward. See Compensation.

Rights, declaration of 20, 1,2
Riors, how to be suppressed. 384
how punished 161

Rivers, obstruction of, how prevented. 362

Robbery, how punished. 154
Rocky-hill ferry, fare of. 225
Rule in Shelley's case, abrogated. 301

School-houses, building and repair-
ing of. 397
fixing site of. 398, 9.400

School-masters, examination and ap-
probation of. -

School money, misapplied, to be for-


[blocks in formation]
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may warn such persons to depart. ib.
may, with civil authority, &c.

choose jurors. 45
shall erect post-guides. 377
shall erect pounds. ib.
power of, to suppress riots. 304
to constitute, with the civil author-
ity, board of health. 419
shall erect sign-posts. 427
to receive value of lost goods, when
no owner appears. 4 (0
power of, to proceed against negli-
gent collectors. 452
may, with civil authority, abate
taxes. -153
when may appoint collectors. 45-4
shall provide standard weights and
measures for their towns. 473
to secure property wrecked. 43.2
Senate, of this state, of whom to con-
sist. 2.3
when to be convened to choose a
president, pro tempore. 27
Senators in congress, how appointed. 6
in this state, how elected. 23. 1 #6
Serrants, how bound out. ., 13
refractory, how punished. 31',

abused by masters, how relieved. ib.

Serrace of writs, how to be made. 36

on communities. 131
Set-off, of mutual debts, when to be

made, 43, 4

Settlement of inhabitants in towns. 279 to


of estates. 199 to 212
SEw ERs, commission of, when to be

granted. 409
SEwing-silk, manufacture of, regu-
lated, 412
Shares in incorporated companies,
how attached. 36
how sold on execution. 58

SHEEP, owners of, how may keep them in

flocks. 412
may not run at large. 41.3
to be marked. ib.
rams, how to be restrained. ib.
Shelley's case, rule in, abrogated 301
Sii ERIFFs, how appointed. 27
terin of office. ib.
may not be members of the general
assembly. 32
to give bonds, with surety. 414
to be sworn. ib.
bonds, when and how to be renew-
ed. ib.
to be commissioned. ib,
power of 415
duty of 416
forfeiture for not paying money
collected. ib.
writs against, to be served fourteen
days before court, ib.
no appeal in suits on receipts, ex-
cept from justice of the peace. ib.
may appoint deputies, to be appro-
bated by county court. il).

number of deputies in each county. ib.
deputies to continue after death of 417
perquisites to be taken from depu-
ties. ib.
[[I: In sect. 13. line 3 for thirty
read forty. -
may take no reward for appointing

gaolers 4.17, 8
may depute each other. 418
may not draw writs. ib.
shall indorse sces on executions. ib.

penalty for indorsing unlawful sees ib.
shall not take more than one securi-
ty for an execution. ib.
to be removed for taking unlawful

deputies removable by county
court. ib.
refusing to pay money collected, to
be removed. ib.

travelling fees allowed to deputy. ib.

no appeal in suits on receipts to. ib.
Shetucket river, fishery in, regulated. 230
Ship-wrecked property, how secured

and disposed of. 482, 3

[blocks in formation]

Statutes, public.
printed, of other states, legal evi-

Stealing from the person.
from the person at a fire.
from a building, in the day time.

STRAY's AND Lost Goons, how to
proceed with.

Stonington borough incorporated.

Sturdy beggars, liable to be commit-

ted to work-house.
Suhornation of perjury, how punished.

Suffrage, free, laws to be made in sup-

port of.

Summons, form of.

Superior court, established.
jurisdiction of.
special, how to be called.
may appoint clerks in each county.
assistant clerks, if necessary.
may order times of pleading.
may adjourn the session.
when no judge of, attends, how to
times and places of holding.

Supreme court of errors, constituted.
causes in, when to be tried.
clerks of
jurisdiction of.
to assign their circuits.
to institute rules of practice.

if no judge of, attend, to be adjourn-

to assign reasons publicly.

to appoint a reporter.
Sureties of the peace, when may be

Surveyor-general, how appointed.

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shall appoint a deputy in each coun-


i. and powers of.
compensation of.

Sukv Exorts, county, how appointed.
power of.
compensation of.
of highways, how appointed, and
duty of.

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Surviror of actions, when.

Swearing, profane, how punished.

Swine, not to be suffered to go at large.
without the permission of towns.
fees for poundage of.

Tanners of leather, regulation of.


TAv ERNs, provisions relating to. 442 to

not to be kept without licence.

Tavern-keepers, how licenced and
not to suffer minors, &c. to sitdrink-
ing in their houses.
not to suffer tipling.
not to sell liquors on Lord's day.
not to keep implements of gam-
bling, or suffer it.



may be admonished by select-men. 443
licence of, may be revoked. ib.
justices of the peace may not be. 148

TAx Es, assessment of, how to be

made. 444 to 450
assessors, how appointed, and their
duty. 444
board of relief, how appointed, and
their duty. 445
duty of town-clerks to transmit ab-
stracts of lists to comptroller. ib.
valuation of property, how to be
made. 446.
abatement of polls. 448
exemption of polls. ib.
assessment of professions. ib.
exemption of ministers of the gos-
pel. 449
non-residents, how assessed. job.
trustees, how assessed. ib,
estate of married women to be set
in the list of their husbands. ib.
penalty for false lists. ib.
omissions, how corrected. ib.
board of equalization constituted. ib.
power of. 450
lists, when equalized, to be general
list of the state. ib.
duty of town-clerk relative to al-
terations. ib.
compensation to assessors. ib,
penalty on towns for not appointing
them. i}).
on assessors refusing to serve. ib.
assessment list in each town, to be
the rule for taxes. ib.
TAx Es, collection of. 451 to 45t,
duty of treasurer. 45 !
of the collectors. ib.
collectors, how proceeded against,
for neglect. ib.
how to proceed against select-men. ib.
how to proceed against towns. - 452
how to proceed against sheriffs. ib,
how select-men may proceed against
collectors. ib.
abatement of, allowed to towns. 453
how to be made out. ib.
towns liable for inhabitants unable
to . ib.
remedy, when estate of select-men,
&c. is taken. ib.
towns, and other communities, how
to collect. 454
when and how new collectors may
be appointed. ib.
power of collectors. 55
mode of proceeding. ib.
fees of collectors. ib.
mode of selling lands. ib.
lien on lands. 456.
compensation to collectors of state
taxes. ih.


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