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Keeper of new-gate prisen, how ap-

pointed. 357
power of ib.
of the seal of the state, secretary to
- 27.408
Kenny s ferry, fare of, regulated. 225
Key's bronk, in Killingly, fishery in,
Kidnapping, how punished. 153
Killingworth, borough of, incorporat-
ed. 97
Kondred, prohibited to intermarry. 163
to support poor relations. 369
Ring's ferry, fare of, regulated. 225
LANDs, tenure of. 299
patents of valid. 301
given to public uses, to remain to
such uses. 301
limitation to prevent perpetuities. ib.
rule in Shelley's case, abolished. ib.
collateral warranties, when void. ib.
aliens cannot hold. ib.
deeds of, how to be executed. 302
to be acknowledged ib.
caution, when and how to be enter-
ed ib.
deeds of, to be recorded. ib.
leases of, to be in writing. 303

to be acknowledged and recorded. ib.

deeds of, from Indians, void. ib.
from persons out of possession, void. ib.
partition of, how made. ib.
deeds of, by married women, how
executed. 4
executors, power of, to sell ib.
possession of, when recovered by
summary process. 307
title of, to be tried in county where
situated 41
common and undivided, how man-
aged 304
Lapsed legacy, how disposed of 199
Lascirious carriage, how punished 164
Laws to be made in support of free
suffrage. 29
of other states, how proved 48

of United States, how distributed. 408
of this state, how published and dis-

tributed. ib.
style of 22
revised, confirmed. 485
when to take effect 485, 6
Leases of lands to be in writing, and
recorded. 303
LEAt HER, tanning of, regulated. 303
Inanufacture of, regulated. ib.

[blocks in formation]

Levy of executions, manner of, direct-
ed. 55
Lewd and dissolute persons, liable to
be committed to work-house.
Libel, in prosecution for, truth may
be given in evidence. 20
Liberty of speech and of the press. ib.
Library companies, incorporated. 309
Licence to tanners of leather. 308
to tavern-keepers 442, 3, 4
Licensed houses, regulated. 442

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Lien of taxes on lands 456
Lieutenant-general of militia, who
shall be. 335
Lieutenant-governor, how chosen 25
salary of 387
to be president of the senate. 26
when to exercise powers of govern-
inor ib.
lieutenant-general of militia. 335
LIMITATIon of entry upon lands. 309
not to run against Indians. 279
of actions upon specialties. 310
on simple contracts ib.
of trespass on the case. ib.
of express contracts, not in writ-
ing 311
of slander. ib.
of trespass ib.
on penal statutes. ib.
against officers for neglect. ib.
of writs of error. ib.
of petitions for new trial. ib.
of time to commence a new action
after reversal. 311

time of defendant's absence not to
be computed ib.
of scire-facias against garnishee.
of granting administration.
of proving will ib.
of exhibiting claims against the es-
tate of deceased persons. 203 210
saving for creditors out of the

state 203, 4
of exhibiting claims accruing after
debtor's decease. 204
of suits to recover claims disallow-
ed by executor or administrator. ib.
of suits by judgment creditor against
ball or surety.
of suits to recover the amount of a
counterfeit bill or note. 134, 5
of suits to recover money lost at


play. 248
of suits for maintenance of bastard
child 9:3

of prosecution for treason, and new-
gate offences 311, 12
for other offences. 31?
of complaint or action for forcible

entry or detainer. 236
of prosecutions for breach of law
regulating pounds. 380

[blocks in formation]

Luchfield county, stated and named. 136
Logs, how to proceed with, in Con-
necticut river, &c 468
LoRD's DAY, observance of 385-7
Lost goods, how to proceed with. 439
Lotteries, prohibited. 166
Lumber, how to proceed with, on Con-
necticut river, &c. 468
Lunatics, how to be taken care of 274
when to be confined. 275
.Maintenance of paupers, by towns. 369
by the state. 371
of unlawful suits, prohibited. 312
Magazines, public, destruction of pun-
ished. 153
MANDAMUs, writ of, when to be grant-
ed 314
peremptory, when to issue. ib.
power of court, on return of. ib.
.Manslaughter, how punished. 151
MANU FActuking companies, priv-
ilege of - 316
MARRIAGE, intention of, how to be
published. 316 .
who may join persons in. ib.
penalty for joining in, without publica-
tion. 317
without consent of parents, &c. ib.
certificate of, to be lodged with town-
clerk. - ib.
penalty for neglect. ib.
.Master of new-gate prison, how ap-
pointed. 357
power and duty of ib.
of work-house, how appointed. 480
power and duty of. ib.
MAst ERs, how apprentices shall be
bound to 3.18
- how to proceed with refractory ap-
prentices. 3.19
how to bring back runaway appren-
tices ib.
abusing apprentices, how proceed-
ed against ib.
to instruct children in manufacto-
ries J20
Masters of vessels, penalty on, for ex-
porting articles not inspected, &c. 293
of work-houses, duties of 480
to account semi-annually. 481
.Masts, when to be taken up in Con-
necticut river. 469

[blocks in formation]

JMiddle-Haddam-landing ferry, fare of 224
JMiddlesex county, stated and named 136

JMiddletown bank, incorporated. 71
city 103
ferry, fare of, regulated 224
horse-boat may be kept at. 22.2

JMile-stones, penalty for defacing. 467

MILITIA, of whom to consist. 323
how enrolled. ib.
how armed. ib.
exempts 329
how arranged and officered. ib.
colors and music, how furnished. 330
adjutant-general, his duty. ib
how to make returns. 332
rules of discipline. 331
officers, how to take rank. ib.
brigade-inspector, duty of ib.
of this state, of whom composed. 332
exempts. ib.
how enrolled. 333
minors, how enrolled. ib.
organization of. 334
how officered. ib.
companies, when to be enlisted. 3.35
officers, how appointed. ib.
adjutant-general, how appointed. 335
quarter-master-general, how ap-
pointed. ib.
commissary-general, how appoint-
ed. 337
how armed. 333
uniform of. ib.
exercise of. ib.
review of. 339
inspection of. 340
warning of. ib.
enrolment of. ib.

divisions and brigades, review of. 341
prohibited firing, except by order. ib.
disorders of, how punished. 2
music to assemble for instruction. ib.
fines for non-appearance and defi-

ciencies. ib.
how fines are to be imposed. 343
how appeals may be made. ib.

[blocks in formation]

JModerators of meetings, how appoint-

ed 326
power to preserve order. ib.
to have casting vote. 327
JMountebanks, &c. how punished. 169
JMurder, how punished. 151
JNachaug river, fishery in, regulated. 231
NEw-GATE PR1son, established. 357
overseers of, how appointed. ib.
master of, how appointed. ib.
duty and power of ib.
to render his account. ib.
duty and power of overseers of 357, 8
to settle accounts annually. 356
to make rules ib.
when to discharge or retain prison-
ers for costs. 359
escape of prisoners from, how pun-
ished. ib.
may be used as a prison by the
United States. ib.
keeper and guard of, protected from
arrest. ib.
.New-Haven Bank. 69
City. 108
County, stated and named. 135
JNew-London Bank. 78
City. 100
County, stated and named. 136
ferry, fare of, regulated. 224
horse-boat may be kept at. 223
JNew trials, when granted, at law. 54
in equity. 197
.Night season, trespasses committed
in, how prosecuted. 470
JNight-walkers, liable to be committed
to work-house. 481
JNonsult, when it may be made. 40
JNorwich Bank, 73
City. 109
JNotaries public, how appointed. 259
NotEs PRom IssoRy, when negotia-
ble. 360

[blocks in formation]

board of relief and equalization,

members of.

burgesses of boroughs. 102
chainmen. 367
clerks of boroughs. 102, 3
clerks of cities. 118, 9
clerks of city courts. 114. 365
clerks of civil authority. 436
clerks of county courts. 365
clerks of probate. ib.

clerks of proprietors of common and
undivided land. 305
clerks of representatives, house of 368

clerks of societies. 366
clerks of senate. 368
clerks of superior court. 365
clerks of towns. ib.

commissioners on the estates of in-
solvent debtors.
commissioners on the estates of in-
solvent persons deceased.
commissioners of sewers. 366
committees in chancery. 368
committees to lay out highways. 269.


common council men. 118
comptroller. 364
constables. 364
county surveyors. 367
courts-martial, members of. 351
distributors of estates. 367
electors. 363, 4
examiners of electors. 364
executive officers. 31
fence-viewers. 366
gaugers. ib.
general assembly, members of. 31
grand-jurors. 366
grand-jurors empanneled in court. 364
haywards. 366
inspectors of provisions. 366. 103
judge-advocates. 352
judicial officers. 31
jurors in civil causes. 364, 5
jurors in criminal causes. 364

jury in forcible entry and detainer. 367
jury to reassess damages on high-

ways. ib.
jury of inquest. 365
leather sealers. 366
masters or owners of vessels, as to

provisions for exportation. 293
mayors of cities. 118
plaintiff in attachment directed to

an indifferent person. 35
poor imprisoned debtors. 254
referees. 368
scavengers. 366
sealers of weights and measures. ib.
secretary of state. 364
society treasurers. 366
surveyors of highways. ib.
surveyors of provisions. jb.

town-treasurers. 366
treasurer of the state. 364
tything-men. 366
voir dire. 368
wardens of boroughs. 102
witnesses. 365
form of administering. 369
when affirmation may be substi-
tuted ib.
may be administered by surveyors
to chainmen. 4:42

Observance of Lord's day. 385

Offences, described and punished. 151
to 170
Qfficers not to draw or fill up writs. 418
shall indorse fees on execution ib.
Ousatonic riter, fishery in, regulated 228
lumber floating down, how proceed-
ed with.

Overseers of spendthrifts. 276
of new-gate. 357
of poor. 370
of work-houses, duties of. 43)
Oyer of book account. 94
Oysters, fishery of, regulated. 227
Packers, how appointed 286

to give bonds with surety. ib.
not to use steel yards and weights

unsealed. 291
fees of 297
Pamphlets, obscene, prohibited. 165
Parents, duty of, to educate their
children 107
Parties, oath of, admissible in actions
of book debt. 33
when may be required in actions of
trespass 467 470
death of, when not to abate writ. 42
may manage their own causes. 141
Partition of lands may be made by


by tenants in common, how to be

made. -
Paukatuck river, fishery in, regulated. 233
PAUPERs, when to be supported by 36

relations. 9

how supported by towns.
by the state. 371
how to be removed. 281
Peace, breach of, how punished. 162
how preserved. 147
PEDLARs, &c. prohibited to deal in
foreign goods. 374
how to be proceeded against, ib.
prohibited to deal in feathers and
indigo. 375,
Perambulation of bounds of towns,
when required.
Perishable property, ship-wrecked.
how disposed of.
Perjuro, how punished. 151. 159
subornation of, how punished. 159

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