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when removed, administrator to be
appointed. 205
furthersecurity of, may be required. ib.
when to represent estate insolvent. 209
Eremplification of records. 48
of laws of other states. ib.
Eremption of members of the legis-
lature from arrest. 24
of electors from arrest. 29
of property from execution. 56. 376
of persons from taxation. 448
of persons from military duty 329. 332
Erhibitions, theatrical, prohibited. 169
Expulsion of members of general as-
sembly. 24
Factor, &c. of absconding debtors,
how to proceed against. 237
Fairfield county, constituted. 136
False witness, with intent to take life,
how punished. 151
Fast-days, labor on, prohibited. 386
Feet and inches, standard of. 478
FEEs on appeals from commissioners. 211
of assistants to the state's attornies. 396
of attornies, taxable. 394
of city courts, taxable. 115
of clerks of county courts. 389
of clerks of superior court. 388
of clerks of superior and county
courts in criminal causes. 395
of collectors of taxes for levying
warrants. 455. 393
of constables. 391, 2
for taking up and securing drifts. 469
of county courts. 388
of fence-viewers. 215
on trial of forcible entry and de-
tainer. 396
of gaolers. 394
of grand-jurors. ib.
on trial of habeas corpus. 265
of health officers. 424
in laying out and viewing highways. 393
of inspectors of provisions. 297
of jurors. 389
of justices of the peace. 391
of justices of the peace in criminal
causes. 395
of mayor or alderman, taxable. 115
of notaries public. 396
of officers in criminal causes. 395
of packers of provisions. 297
of parties in civil actions. :29.3
for petitions, taxable. 394
of pound-keepers. 380 219
of probate courts. 389. 390
of secretary of the state. 391
of sheriffs. 391, 2, 3
of sheriffs in criminal causes. 395
of state's attornies. 395, 6
on trial of summary process to ob-
tain possession of land. 308

of superior court. 388
of surveyors of provisions. 297
of town-clerks. 394. 450
of witnesses in civil causes. 393
of witnesses in criminal causes. 395
for writs, taxable. 394
See Compensation.
Fellows of Yale-College. 484
Female convicts, how punished. 171
Feme corert, how to convey her lands. 304
may make a will. 199
FENCEs to be made, by owners of
particular inclosures. 213
what are lawful and sufficient. ib.
how adjoining proprietors shall
make. ib.
when one makes the whole, how to
proceed. ib.
how to be divided. 214
how to proceed, when divisional, is
not in repair. ib.
when one opens his enclosure. ib.
when they cannot be placed in the
line. ib.
of common fields regulated. 215
Fence-riewers to be appointed by
towns 457
by proprietors of common fields. 215
to decide on sufficiency of fences. 213
to regulate fences in common fields. 217
oath of. 366
fees of. - 215
FERR1Es, by whom to be kept and
maintained. 219
how to be furnished. ib.
how to be tended. 220
lawful fare of, only to be taken. ib.
rate of fare of, to be set up. ih.
commissioners of, how appointed. 221
their power and duty. ib.
compensation of commissioners. 22
fares of, regulated. 224. 227
Fields, common, regulated. 21,
Field compass to be kept by surveyor-
general and deputies. 440
Fines, how collected and accounted
for. 465
in qui tam suits, how collected. ib.
Fish, inspection of 28::
Fish ERIEs, how regulated. 227
of clams and oysters in towns. ib.
in Connecticut river. ib.
in Eight-mile river in Lyme. 2:31
in Key's brook in Killingly. 23.
in Nachaug river. 231
in New-Haven East river. 232
in Ousatonnic river. 22::
in Paukatuck river. 2.3.3
in Quinebaug river. 2.30
in Selden's cove. 231
in Selden's crek in Lyme, * :

in Shetucket river. 230
in Sumner's creek in Middletown. 231
in Thames river. 232
in Willimantic river. 231
in Windsor-ferry river. 229
on flats. 235
in ponds. ib.
Flour, inspection of. 289
how to proceed in. 235
For EIGN ATTAchMENT, mode of
proceeding in.
how writ shall be served. ib.
how suit may be defended. ib.
when suit shall be continued. 238
demand to be made on execution. ib.
when scire-facias shall issue. ib.
how scire-facias shall be tried. ib.
when judgment shall be rendered
against garnishee. 2.59
when agent, &c. shall be discharged
from principal. ib.
when execution shall be stayed. ib.
mode of proceeding, when debt is
when costs shall be taxed. ib.
commission to take disclosure. 241
limitation of scire-facias. ib.
how agent or debtor shall be cited
in to disclose in original suit. ib.
Foreigners not to hold lands. 301
how to gain settlements in towns. 279
Forgery of public securities. 154
of private securities. 155
Fort M of attachment. 242
of bond to be given by administra-
tors or executors. 201
of bond for prosecution. 245

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of bond on writ of replevin. ib.

when and how to choose a governor. 25
what officers shall not be members of 32

of bond on writ of replevin by one

oath to be taken by members of

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not a party to the suit. ib.
of execution from justice of peace. 243
of execution from superior or coun-
ty Court. 243, 4
of notice to quit possession of land. 307
of subpoena for witnesses. 244
of summons. 242
of warrant for collecting taxes. 245
of warrant or writ of replevin. 244
other forms may be used. 246
, Forms of certificates of votes. 187, 8. 193
of certificates relative to scholars
and schools. 402, 3
Fornication, how punished. 164
Fortune-tellers, liable to be commit- -
ted to work-house. 481
vented. 246

FRAUDULENT conveyANces, void. 247
Freedom of speech and of the press,

[blocks in formation]

General issue, when may be pleaded. 4:
Goods, lost, how to be proceeded with 439

attached, when to be levied on by

exeeution. 37
exempted from execution. 56
Government, powers of, distributed. 22
Gov ER Nort, how elected. 24
term of office. ib.
qualifications of ib.
power and duty of. 25, 6
salary of 387
may appoint a secretary. 258
may appoint notaries public. 259
may administer oaths. ib.
captain-general of militia 25.335
power and duty of as such. 335 to 355

when may adjourn general assembly. 25
when may appoint senators in con-
gress. 191
may require new bonds from sher-


may remove, in case of refusal. ib.
may make new appointment. ib.
oomptroller. 187
in office of commissioner on turn-
pike roads. 471
may offer a reward for making dis-
covery and giving information a-
gainst capital offenders. 176
GRAND JuroRs to be appointed by
towns. 259

may take bonds of the treasurer.
may fill vacancy in office of com-
missioner of school fund, happening
during recess of general assembly. 407
in office of sheriff. 28
in office of treasurer, secretary and

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their duty. ib.
penalty for not accepting office. ib.

penalty for neglect of . 260

penalty on towns for neglecting to
- appoint. - ib.

may meet to advise. ib.

when to be summoned by courts. ib

single, when to present.
Grand-jury, indictment by, when ne-

cessary. 21

Grist-mills, toll of, regulated. 356
Guards, governor’s. 354
of new-gate. 357
GUARDIANs, age for choosing of 262
and how appointed. ib.
bonds to be taken of. 26.3
when and how removed. ib.
may be called to account. ib.
may make partition of lands. ib.
may release mortgages. - ib.
may sell lands, by order of court. ib.
where to apply for order of sale. 264
Guilford ...}}}. incorporated. 97
HABEAs CoR PUs, writ of, when and
how to be issued. 265
when it may be suspended. 21
Haddam-island ferry, fare of, regulat-
ed. 224
Hartford Bank. 64
Hartford city. 108. 122. 124. 126. 130
Hartford county, stated and named. 135
Hartford and New-Haven turnpike
company, right of to trees, stones,
&c. on their road, established. 475
Hawk-rs, &c. prohibited to sell for-
eign goods. 374
and feathers and indigo. 375

Haywards to be appointed by towns. 457

duty of, to impound swine. 380
Health, board of, how constituted. 419
committee, how appointed. ib.
officers, how appointed. ib.

duty and power of. 420 to 427
Heurse and pall, how to be provided. 404
Heirs, on distribution, to give bonds

to refund. 208
Heredi ary emoluments, privileges and

powers, not to be granted.

Higganum-ferry, fare of regulated. 224

Highways to be maintained by
towns. 266
towns liable for deficiency of. ib.

when railings to be erected on. 267
how to be laid out, by select-men. 268
how to proceed in laying out by
county court. 269
how to be laid out in cities and bor-
oughs. 272
how discontinued by select-men. ib.
how discontinued by county court. 273
how to be repaired by towns. ib.
when county court may give order
to repair. 274
encroachment on, prohibited. 362
how removed. ib.
Horse-racing, prohibited. 167
Horses used in racing, forfeited. , ib.
Horse stealing, how punished. 168
House of representatives, how consti-
tuted. 22
officers of. 23
quorum of. ib.
to make its own rules. 24

to keep a journal of proceedings. ib.
members of, privileged from arrest. ib.

debates of, to be public. ib.
to appoint engrossing committee. 258
to make its debenture. ib.
Houses, licenced, how regulated. 442
unlicenced, prohibited. 444

of correction, how established and
regulated. 480 to 482
Hue-and-cy, by whom to be receiv-

ed and put forth. 132
Idiots, conservators of, how appoint-

ed. 274

estate of, how to be managed. ib.
Idle persons, how taken care of. 276

liable to be committed to work-

house. 481

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