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of towns, how appointed.
duty and power of. 459
of religious societies, how appointed. 433

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power and duty of. ib.
of school societies, how appointed. 397
power and duty of ib.
of school districts, how appointed. 399
power and duty of ib.
of the house of representatives. 23
of the commissioner of the school-
fund. 407
of turnpike companies. 473
Coaches, drivers of regulated. 438
how, to be taxed. 447

Codicil, containing devise of land, how
witnessed. 199

Coin, gold and silver only, a tender. 11
counterfeiting, how punished. 156
passing counterfeit, how punished. ib.
possessing counterfeit, with intent to
pass. ib.
passing counterfeit, how restrained. 135

Collectors of state tares, how appoint-
ed. 454. 457
names of, to be sent by the town-

clerks to the treasurer. 460
power and duty of. 451
of county taxes, how appointed. 251

power and duty of ib.

of town tares, how appointed. 457
power and duty of 452
of religious society tares, how ap-

pointed. 434
power and duty of. ib.

of school district tares, how appoint-
ed. 39
power and duty of. ib.
College, YALE, corporation of. 484
Commissary-general, how appointed. 837
duty of. ib.
Commssion to take testimony, how
granted. 48

to take answer of garnishee. 241
of sewers and scavengers. 409
on money. See Compensation,
Commissions, how to be made out. 26
Commissioner of school-fund, duty and
power of. 405
Commissioners on insolvent estates. 2:0
of sewers. 409
on turnpike roads. 470.472
on ferries. 221
on toll-bridges. 267

Commitment of delinquents, by justices
of the peace. 1
of defendants, for want of bail. 62
of principal, by bail. 63

Committee, engrossing, to be appoint-

ed by house of representatives. 258
Committees of religious societies. 433
of school societies. 397
of school districts. 398
to remove encroachments. 362

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Co-parceners, action of account be-
Corn-measures, standard of.
Corporations, how to sue and be sued.
private rights in, how attached.
how sold on execution.
Correction, houses of, provisions con-
cerning. 480,
Costs in civil actions, how to be al-
in criminal causes, how to be paid.
against the treasurer, how to be
Costs, double, when to be paid. ;
Counterfeited bills and coins, treasur-
er may seize and retain.
cashiers of banks may seize and
justices of the peace may seize, de-
face and retain.
may examine and enquire concern-
i. the parties shall proceed.
how prevented.
Counterfeitung bills and coins, how
Counterfeiting public seals, how pun-
Counties, stated, and named.
County courts, how constituted.
jurisdiction of.
how to proceed in absence of judges.
how formed, when all the judges are
special, how called.
may appoint clerks and treasurers.
may establish rules of practice.
may make orders of notice.
may admit attornies.
may appoint attornies for the state.
shall take care of county property.
times and places of holding.
presiding judge of, to have casting
County surveyors, how appointed.
County taxes, how laid and collected.
County treasurer's duty.
Court-houses to be built by counties.
Courts, how constituted.
Supreme court of errors.
Superior court.
County courts.
Courts of probate.
Justices' courts.
may make orders relative to notice.
shall have seals.
martial, how constituted.
CRIMEs against the sovereignty of the
Misprision of treason.
against the lives and persons of in-



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Perjury, with intent to take life.
Arson, thereby causing death.
Burning any building, thereby caus-
ing death.
May hem.
Putting out eye, &c. with intent to
Abuse of female children,
Attempt to commit rape.

to kill or rob.
Administering poison with intent to
murder or cause miscarriage.
Secret delivery of bastard child.
Concealment of death of bastard
against public property.
Destroying magazines, &c.
Burning state-house, &c.
forging public securities, &c.
wgatnst private property.
j. property
Robbery or burglary with personal
Breaking store, &c. with intent to
Breaking dwelling-house in day
Burning vessels, office, &c.
Burning one's house, &c. with intent
to defraud insurers.
Destroying vessel, with intent to
defraud insurers.
Counterfeiting coin.
Possessing counterfeit coin with
intent to pass.
Selling counterfeit bills, to have the
same passed.
Making plates for counterfeiting
Possessing counterfeit bills, with in-
tent to pass.
Possessing blank counterfeit bills,
with intent to fill up and pass fraudu.
lently. .
poins plates for forging bank

Stealing from the person at a fire.
Stealing from the person.
Breaking and stealing from a build-
ing in the day time.

Simple theft.
receiving and concealing stolen

against public justice.


Subornation of perjury.


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Embezzling and altering records, &c. 160

Counterfeiting public seals.
Effecting escape of prisoners from

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on second and third conviction. 171
Criminals, where to be tried. 171
how to be prosecuted. 172, 3
Damages on writs of error. 54
on bills of exchange. 360

for lands taken for highways. 268. 270.

on penal bonds. 50
double, when allowed. 363. 467

treble, when allowed. 53.236. 253. 438.
466.467. 477
Damage-feasant, cattle taken, may
be impounded. 379
Dams across rivers, how prevented. 362
Death, of parties, when not to abate

writs. 42
Deaths, untimely, how to proceed in
cases of. 177
punishment by, how inflicted. 170
Debate, freedom of. -24
Debates of each house of general as-
sembly, when to be public. ib.
Debtors, imprisoned, how to be sup-
rted. 252


Resistance of officers.


against public peace.
Challenge to a duel.
Delivering a challenge.


Obstructing proclamation againstriotib.

, Continuing together after procla-

mation. 162
Destroying turnpike property in
night season. ib
Breaking windows, &c. in night
season. ib.
Breach of peace. ib.
against chastity.

Sodomy. 163
Bestiality. ib.
Adultery. ib.
Incest. ib.
Bigamy. 164
Fornication. ib.
Lascivious carriage. ib.
against morality and decency.
Blasphemy. 164
Profane swearing. 165
Distributing obscene books. ib.
Introducing obscene books into fam-
ilies. ib.
Drunkenness. ib.
Disinterment of deceased persons. ib.
against public policy.
Emitting bills as a currency without
authority. 166
Passing such bills. ib.
Setting uplotteries, without author-
ity. . ib.
Selling lottery tickets of other states. ib.
Keeping an office for sale of such
tickets. 167
Betting on horse-races. ib.
Playing at cards, &c. for money. 168
Permitting card-playing, by head
of family, in his house. ib.
Selling playing cards. ib.
Keeping implements of gaming in
taverns. ib.
Keeping billiard table. ib.
Gaming at billiard table, E. O. ta-
ble, &c. ib.
Owning billiard table, E. O. table,

&c. 169
Theatrical exhibitious. ib.
Exhibitions by mountebanks, tum-
blers, &c. ib,
Permitting such exhibitions in one's
house. 170
how prosecuted. 172, 3, 4
where prosecuted. 171
how punished. 170

not to be lodged with criminals. 253

when to take poor debtor's oath. ib.

absent or absconding, how to pro-

ceed against.
Debts, mutual, when to be set off. 43

priority of, against insolvent estates. 212

against insolvent debtors. ib.
Decree of court of equity, how to be

made. l
Declaration of rights. 20

Declaration in suits, what to contain,
and by whom signed.

how amended. 44
Deed of lands, must be in writing. 301
how to be executed. ib.
how to be acknowledged. 302
how to be recorded. ib.
Default of defendant, when to be
taken. 37

Degrees of kindred, in which marriage
is unlawful.

Delinquents, where to be tried. 171
when bailable. ib.
if committed, how to be bailed. 172
when to be bound over to court. ib.

when to be indicted by grand-jury. 173
when entitled to peremptory chal-

lenge of jurors. ib.
evidence required in capital cases. ib.
in cases of forgery. ib.
direction of court to jury, in trials of 174

when entitled to writ of error. ih.
how to be punished. 170
for second and third conviction. 171
female, how punished. Ib.

costs of prosecuting, how to be paid. 175
Demand on execution, how to be
made. 55

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