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An Act for confirming the Statute Laws of this State, as revised by the General Assembly, at their session in May, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-one.

sect.I.B." it enacted by the Senate and House of Rep. resentatives, in General Assembly convened, That all the acts revised and approved, or enacted, at the present session, be, and they are hereby enacted and confirmed as the laws of this state: and that all statute laws of this state, other than the said acts revised and approved, or enacted, at the present session, be, and they are hereby “F. rovided nevertheless, that all rights, privileges and immunities, granted to and vested in any person or persons, or body corporate, by virtue of any of the laws hereby repealed, shall remain unimpaired, and unaffected, by snch repeal; and that all acts of a private nature, omitted in this revision, shall continue in force as private acts. Provided also, that all matters commenced by virtue of any of the laws hereby repealed, now depending or unfinished, may be prosecuted and pursued to final effect, in the same manner as they might have been, if this act had not been passed. Provided also, that such of the said revised laws as remain substantially the same as before the revision, shall be considered as having continued in force from the time that they were first enacted, any circumstantial amendments, or variations in phraseology, arrangement and connexion, notwithstanding. sect. 2. And be it further enacted, that when the said revised laws shall have been printed and published, under the superintendence of the persons appointed for that purpose, one copy thereof shall be deposited, and forever kept, in the secretary's office, to which he shall annex a certificate, under his hand, and the seal of the state, that the acts and laws therein contained are the acts and laws of this state; and such copy, so certified, shall be deemed and taken to be an authentic record of such acts and laws. sect. 3. And be it further enacted, That this act, and the said revised laws herein mentioned, shall go into operation and take effect, on the first day of January, one thousand eight hundred and twenty-two, and not before.

Revised acts confirmed.

Other acts repealed.

Saving of vested rights.

Unfinished business may be prosecuted.

Laws not altered in substance, to be considered in force from their origin.

A printed copy to be deposited in secretary's office ;

and being certified by him,

shall be deemed an authen

tic record.

When to take effect.

JMay Session, 1821.

of the House of Representatives.


President of the Senate. Approved, June 5th, 1821. OLIVER WOLCOTT.

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Actions civil.

jurisdiction of justices of the peace.
appeal from justices of the peace.
abatement of writs.
amendment of writs.
appeals on pleas of abatement.
writs, when not to abate.
general issue, when it may be
pleading double, when allowed.
set-off, when allowed.
amendments, when allowed.
issues in fact to be tried by the jury.
jurors, how appointed and returned.
jurors, how designated.
penalty for non-attendance.
talesmen, how returned.
witnesses, how summoned.
capias, when to issue against wit-
nesses. ..
depositions, when and how to be ta-

when, and how to be opened.
laws of other states, how proved.
sworn copies of records, &c. when
certified copies of public writings,
when admissible.
private acts, how to be pleaded.
direction of the court to the jury.
special verdict, when to be given.
assessment of damages, how to be
when the court may send the jury
to a further consideration.
jury to be kept under charge of an
misconduct of jury and officer, how
parties may agree to try issues in
fact by the court.
court to decide issues in law.
proceedings on penal bonds.
jurisdiction of county courts.
appeal from county courts.
actions, when to be remanded.
appeals from justices of the peace.
removal of actions from justices of
the peace. -

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from doings of commissioners on in-
solvent estates.
in criminal causes from justices of


the peace. 172
not allowed from judgment on re-
port of auditors. 34

not allowed in prosecutions for re-

newing encroachments on turnpike

roads. 75
.4 ppellants, when to enter appeals. 51
.4pportuonment of school-fund divi-

dends. 402
..Appraisement of estates of deceased


new. ib,

of lands taken on execution. 57

..Appraisers of estates of deceased per-

SOrls. -**-
oath of. 366, 7
..Appraisers of lands taken on execution. 57
oath of. 365

..Apprentices, minors, how to be bound. 318
children, when bound by select-men. ib.

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how to proceed in passing public
acts. 257, 8
on petitions of an adversary nature. 258

Assembly, unlawful, punishment of . 161
suppression of. 384
power of sheriffs in relation to. 415
AssessMENT of taxEs, provisions
for. 444 to 450
-4ssessors to be appointed annually. 444
oath of. 450. 366
duty of 444, 5
refusing to serve, subject to a for-
feiture. 450
.4ssignees of debts, how to proceed
in foreign attachment. 240
...Assignment of dower, how made. 181
-Attachments, how served on personal
on lands. ib.
on the person. ib.
on bank shares, &c. ib.
on absent and absconding debtors. 237
on estate of non-residents. 37
on writs of scire-facias. 37
foreign, how to proceed on. 237
property exempted from. 56
form of. 242, 3
...Attainder of treason or felony. 21
4ttempt to commit a rape, how punish-
ed. 152
to rob or kill, how punished. ib.
Attestation of walls, how made. 199
Attornies, how admitted. 141

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