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forfeit and pay the sum of two dollars and fifty cents, for
every such offence, one half to the complainant who
shall prosecute the same to effect, and the other half to
the treasury of the society or congregation, where the
offence is committed.
sect. 9. Every society or congregation shall have pow-
er to provide for the support of public worship, by the
rent or sale of the pews or slips in the meeting-house,
by the establishment of funds, or in any other mode they
may judge expedient.
sect. 10. Upon the refusal, death or removal of any
officer of a society or congregation, a meeting may be
called in the manner prescribed by law, and the vacant
place be supplied by a new choice.
sect. 11. When there are any lands, money, or other
estate, granted, given or sequestered, according to ancient
custom, usage or practice, or shall be hereafter, given,
granted or sequestered for the use and support of the
ministry, in any society or congregation in the state, then
a committee appointed by such society or congregation,
(which committee they are empowered to appoint) shall
have power to demand, recover and receive, and take
care of all such lands, money or estate, for the use of
the ministry, according to the true intent of such grants,
donations and sequestrations, and shall be accountable
for the profit and interest thereof to such society or con-
gregation; and the committee aforesaid, or the major
part of them, may make all necessary contracts, and
commence and prosecute to final judgment, any suit or
suits, which may be necessary for the purpose aforesaid.
And such committee as shall, from time to time, come in
the room of others, removed by death or otherwise, shall
have the same power to enforce any contracts, and to
commence and prosecute any suit for the matters afore-
said, as fully as those whom they succeeded in office
could have done, if not removed.
sect. 12. When any society is constituted of two or
more adjoining towns, so that part of the society in any
such towns have distinct interests in any grants, donations
or sequestrations for the support of the ministry, then
such part of the society shall have the same power, and
authority to manage the same, as is hereby given to socie-
ties; and may, in the same manner, warn meetings of
such part of a society; may appoint a clerk, who shall
be sworn in the same manner; and shall have the same
power, and may appoint a committee to manage and
take care of the interests aforesaid, with the same power
and authority as is given to the committees of societies,

Penalty for voting without right.

Power to provide for support of public worship.

Vacancies, how supplied.

Estate given for the support of the ministry, may be held and managed, by a committee of the society.

In what case part of a society shall have the power of a society.

Christians not belonging to any society, may form themselves into a society.

Retailers not to sell without a licence.

Meeting of civil authority to approbate retailers.

Oath of clerk.

Form of licence.

who shall be accountable for the rents and profits of the
same, in the same manner.
sect. 13. Christians of every denomination, not be-
longing to any particular society or congregation, shall
have power to unite and form societies or congregations,
in such manner as they may think proper; and when so
associated, such societies or congregations shall have all
the rights, powers and privileges, given by this act to re-
ligious societies and congregations.

TITLE 95. Spiritous Liquors.

An Act to regulate the Selling of Spiritous Liquors.

E it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives, in General Assembly converted, That no person or persons shall hereafter sell, directly or indirectly, any wine, or any distilled spiritous liquors, foreign or domestic, in a less quantity than ten gallons, without first having obtained a licence to be a retailer, in the manner hereafter prescribed in this act. sect. 2. It shall be the duty of the civil authority, in each town, to meet on the first Monday of January, annually, to approve of proper persons to be retailers, for the year next ensuing ; and when so met, the senior justice present, shall be chairman of such meeting, unless some other person be by them appointed; also, to choose a clerk, to whom, before he enters on the duties of his of. fice, shall be administered the following oath: “You A. B., being chosen and appointed clerk of the civil authority, in the town of , do swear, that you will truly and faithfully execute the office to which you are chosen and appointed; make true entries of the proceedings of the civil authority, at any of their meetings; account for and pay over all monies belonging to this state, received by virtue of your office; and ; all other duties incident to your appointment, according to your best skill : So help you God.”—Also, to lodge with such clerk, a list of persons by them approbated, certified by the chairman, designating the place where, as well as the name or firm under which such person or persons desire to retail; whereupon said civil authority shall grant a licence to such retailer, signed by their clerk, in the form following:—“Whereas the civil authority of the town of , in the county of , in the state of Connecticut, reposing special confidence in the integrity, and faithfulness of , to support the laws of this state, for the suppression

SECT. 1.

of an improper use of spiritous liquors, and having ap-
proved of the said according to law, to be a retailer
of the same : We, therefore, do give licence to the said
to be a retailer of wines and distilled spiritous liquors, ac-
cording to the laws of this state, at , in said town of
, until the second Monday of January next.—Giv-
en under my hand, this day of . Per order, C.
D., Clerk.” For which licence the retailer shall pay
twenty-five cents, and the same shall be recorded by said
tlerk, at full length, in a book provided for that purpose.
And in case any person or persons desire to commence
the business of retailing wines, or distilled spiritous li-
quors, after the meeting of the civil authority, on the first
Monday of January, application may be made to the
chairman or clerk of said board, whose duty it shall be to
call a special meeting of said authority, at the expense of
the applicant or applicants, a majority of whom, when
met, may grant licence in manner aforesaid.—Provided
however, that before any licence be granted to any re-
tailer, he shall pay, on each licence, to the clerk before
mentioned, for the use of this state, a sum, at the rate of
five dollars per annum, to be computed from the date of
said licence, to the second Monday of January then next,
to be accounted for by the tenth day of May, annually,
and paid over to the treasurer of this state, in the same
manner as is provided for the payment of duties on writs,
in civil process.
sect. 3. No licence, granted in pursuance of this act,
shall be so construed as to authorise any person to sell,
directly or indirectly, any wines or spiritous liquors, mix-
ed, or unmixed, to be drunk in his or her house, store,
shop, distillery, or in any other place or dependencies.
sect. 4. If any person er persons shall sell or retail
any spiritous liquors, contrary to the true intent and
spirit of this act, without licence as aforesaid, such per-
son shall forfeit and pay the sum of fifty dollars—one
half to him who shall give information, and the other
half to the use of this state.
sect. 5. Nothing in this act contained shall be con-
strued to prevent any keepers of taverns, inns, or houses
of public entertainment, duly licenced for that purpose,
agreeably to the laws of this state, from vending, to be
really drunk within such taverns, or houses of public en-
tertainment, any wines or spiritous liquors as before-
mentioned. .
sect. 6. All suits and actions, grounded on this act,
shall be instituted and pursued, by the attornies for the
state, in their respective counties; and the sums recover-
ed, exclusive of costs, shall be paid, one moiety to the

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Disposition of forfeitures.

When drivers of carriages meet, how to proceed.

Penalty for breach of this act.

Drivers responsible for damages.

When driver, by negligence, injures another, he shall pay treble damages;

when by design, treble damages, and a fine not exceeding one hundred dollars. Owners liable to pay damages recovered

treasury of the state, and the other to the person who shall have first given information of the offence to the attorney ; but # there be no such informer, the whole shall be paid to the treasurer of the state.

TITLE 96. Stage-Drivers.

An Act for the regulation of Drivers of Stages and other Carriages.

SECT. 1 B. it enacted by the Senate and House of Rep-
- - - - resentatives, in General Assembly convened,
That when the drivers of any stages, coaches, waggons,
chaises, sleighs, cutters, or any other carriage for the
conveyance of persons, shall meet in the public high-
way, and have occasion to pass each other, it shall be
the duty of each to turn to the right, so as to give the
other one half of the travelled path, if practicable, and
to slacken their pace, so as to give each other a fair and
equal advantage to pass: and if any driver shall be guilty
of a breach of this act, he shall forfeit the sum of fifteen
dollars, one half to him who shall prosecute to effect,
and the other half to the treasury of the town where the
offence is committed : and every driver shall be respon-
sible to the party injured, for all the damage occasioned
by his refusing to conform to the provisions of this
sect. 2. If any driver of such carriages shall, by neg-
ligence or carelessness, drive, or run his carriage against
another carriage or horses passing the highway, and con-
forming to the provisions of this act, and cause any inju-
ry to such carriage, or any person in it, or to the horses;
or shall drive or run his carriage against any person tra-
velling on horse-back, or on foot, and injure him, when
such person is not guilty of any blameable conduct to oc-
casion it; or shall overtake any carriage travelling the
same course, and drive or run his carriage against such
carriage, and injure the same, or any person in it, or the
horses; such driver shall be liable to pay treble damages
and costs to the party injured. And every driver, who
shall wilfully, and with design, commit such injury, shall,
in addition to treble damages and costs, to be paid to the
party injured, forfeit to the treasury of the state, a sum
not exceeding one hundred dollars, according to the
nature and aggravation of the offence. And the owner
or owners of any stage, or other carriage, shall be liable
to pay all the damages recovered against the driver, by
virtue of this act, if such driver is unable to pay the

same, to be recovered by writ of scire-facias, before
any court proper to try the same.
sect. 3. When any carriage of the above description,
shall meet or overtake a team in the public highway,
and shall have occasion to pass the same, it shall be the
duty of the teamster, when necessary, and practicable,
to turn his team so far on one side of the road, as to
give such carriage an opportunity to pass by , it; and
every teamster, who shall be guilty of a breach of this
act, shall forfeit seven dollars, one half to him who shall
prosecute to effect, and the other half to the treasury of
the town where the offence is committed.

TITLE 97. Strays.

An Act relating to Stray Beasts and Lost Goods. sect. 1 B” it enacted by the Senate and House of Repre

- - - sentatives, in General Assembly convened, That whenever any person shall find any stray beast, in a suffering condition, or any lost goods, of the value of fif. ty cents, he may take the same into his possession, and shall immediately inform the owner thereof, if known; and if the owner thereof, be not known, and the value of such beast or goods, be not greater than five dollars, the finder, or keeper thereof, shall, within fourteen days, af. ter taking such beast or goods into his possession, cause a description of such beast or goods, with the natural and artificial marks thereof, and the place where the same were found, and by whom kept, to be registered by the town-clerk of the town, wherein the said beast or goods

shall have been found ; but if the value of such beast or goods, be greater than five dollars, the finder or keeper

against driwers.

Teamsters to
give carriages
to pass.

Penalty for breach.

The finder of stray beasts or lost goods, to inform the owner;

and cause a description to be registered by the townclerk ;

thereof, shall, within the time aforesaid, cause a descrip

tion thereof, as aforesaid, to be inserted in a newspaper,
printed in a town nearest the place where such beast or
oods shall have been found ; and if any person, who shall
#. or take such beast or goods into his possession, shall
not inform the owner thereof; or cause a register or ad-
vertisement thereof to be made, as aforesaid; he shall for-
feit the value of such beast or goods, one half to him who
shall complain of and prosecute the said finder or keeper
to effect, and the other half to the treasury of the said
town. o
sect. 2. And if the owner of such beast or goods shall,
within six months, after such information, or registering,
or advertising, appear and make good his title or claim, to

or advertised in a news-paper.


Owner claiming in six months, to have restitution ;

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