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public accounts, on the application of the select-men of the town in which the expenses shall have arisen. sect. 7. And the justness and reasonableness of such accounts, before they are allowed, shall be verified, at least, by the oath of a major part of the select-men in the town, certified by a justice of the peace. And the select-men shall also exhibit, and lodge with the comptroller a certificate, subscribed and sworn to, by at least a majority of them, stating, as far as is known to them, when and from whence such poor and indigent person came into the state, and into such town where he or she has resided, and whether any other town or person in the state is liable for his or her support; also, further stating the time when such person was warned to depart from such town; and that the expense charged was incurred for sickness or lameness, which happened within the first three months from his or her coming into the town ; or if afterwards, that during the whole of his or her continuance in such town after the expiration of said three months till relieved, such person could not safely be removed from such town. sect. 8. And if on examination, the proofs and exhibits made shall conform to the provisions of law, and the comptroller shall be satisfied with the truth of the same, he shall draw an order on the treasurer for the payment of such sums as shall be found to be reasonably and justly due ; but if the proof shall not be satisfactory to him, of the justice of the claim, he may require further proof; and if satisfactory proof is not produced, he may reject the claim. And it shall be the duty of the comptroller to make return to the general assembly, at each session, of the names of the sick and indigent persons, for whose support allowance has been made, and the towns in which they resided, and the amount allowed to each person; and it shall also be his duty, from time to time, as occasion may require, to devise and make known to the select-men in the respective towns, the requisite forms in which the proofs and exhibits must be made. sect. 9. The comptroller of this state shall be, and he is hereby fully authorized and empowered, from time to time, to contract with any person or persons, for any term of time, not exceeding five years, for the relief and support of any such sick and indigent persons, on the best terms, not exceeding the sums specified in the first section; and such person or persons, so contracting, shall be entitled to receive, at the end of every six months, the amount due on such contract. And the comptroller is hereby authorized, at his discretion, to take from any town in this state, the whole, or any part of the state paupers in

to be liquidated by i. comptroller; and verified by oaths of select-men.


Comptroller, if satisfied with proofs, to draw order for payment ;

otherwise, to require further proof.

Comptroller to make return to general assembly, at each session.

To devise forms for select-men.

Comptrolle, authorized to contract for support of state paupers.

And to take them from the towns.

To take bonds, with surety, from contractors.

Pedlars prohibited to deal in foreign goods.

Such goods to be forfeited.

Mode of proceeding.

said town, and place the same with the person or persons, with whom said contract for their support may have been made, as aforesaid, and to adjust all demands, arising under said contract. and draw orders on the treasurer for the payment of the same.

sect. 10. Whenever a contract shall be made, by the comptroller, with any person or persons, for the support of state paupers, agreeably to the provisions of this act, it shall be the duty of the comptroller to take good and sufficient bonds, with surety, of the person or persons, who shall make such contract, to secure the faithful fulfilment and performance thereof, and that the persons of whom such contractor or contractors shall have charge, shall be treated with humanity, and shall have a competent supply of food, and decent and comfortable clothing, and all necessary medical aid, and physic, in time of sickneSS.

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B'. it enacted by the Senate and House of RepSECT. 1. - resentatives, in General Assembly convened, That no person shall trade. deal, and traffic, in this state, as a pedlar, hawker, or petty-chapman, in any foreign goods, wares and merchandize, and which are not the produce or manufacture of this, or any of the United States, upon penalty of forfeiting all such goods, wares and merchandize, so by him carried about, and offered for sale; one half to him who shall inform and prosecute to effect, and the other half to the treasury of the state. sect. 2. All goods, wares, and merchandise, so offered for sale, may, and shall be seized, by any person to whom they are offered, or by any other person or persons; and shall forthwith be offered to any justice of the peace, who shall cause an inventory of them to be taken, and to be appraised, by two indifferent freeholders, under oath, at their just value in money, and who shall retain them in his custody till final judgment. And the person or persons seizing such goods, shall make information to a justice of the peace in the town where the goods were seized, if the value does not exceed thirty-five dollars; if it exceeds that sum, then to the next county court, in the county where the seizure was made. And such justice of the peace, or such county court, where the information is filed, shall proceed to hear, try and determine said

cause ; and if they find, that such goods were unlawfully
carried about, and offered for sale, contrary to this act,
they are empowered to decree them to be forfeited, and
order them to be sold at public vendue, and the avails to
be paid in the manner aforesaid.
sect. 3. And the attornies for the state in each coun-
ty, and all informing officers, are directed to prosecute
all breaches of this act; in which case, the whole for-
feiture shall go to the treasury of the state.
sect. 4. If any person shall trade, deal and traffic as
a pedlar, hawker or petty-chapman, in the articles of
indigo and feathers, such indigo and feathers shall be
forfeited, and proceeded against, in the same manner as
is provided in this act in the case of foreign goods.

TITLE 75. Petitions,

An Act concerning Petitions and Memorials to the General Assembly.

E it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives, in General Assembly convened, That no petition or memorial, made or preferred, by any person or F. whatsoever, to the general assembly, shall be heard or considered, by said assembly, where any other person or persons is or are concerned in the estate, matter, thing or things in controversy, and have right to be heard in the same, unless he, or they, so concerned, have been summoned or notified thereof, by giving or offering to him or them, or leaving at the place of his or their usual abode, a copy, duly attested, of such petition or memorial, and of the summons or citation annexed thereto, at least twelve days before the day of appearance, mentioned in the said summons or citation. sect. 2. Every summons or citation for the adverse party to appear and answer to said petitions or memorials, if returnable to the stated session of said assembly, in May, shall be for their appearance on Tuesday next after the opening of said assembly, and if returnable to an adjourned session, on the second day of the session. And every such petition or memorial shall be returned to the secretary, on or before the day next preceding the day mentioned in the summons or citation for the appearance of the adverse party. sect. 3. If any person or persons preferring such petition or memorial shall not appear to prosecute the same.

Informing offcers to prosecute.

Peddling indigo and feathers, prohibited.

SECT. 1.

Adverse party to be notified,

by copy.

Time of appearance.

Time of return to secre


What peti-
tions, &c.
may be pre-
ferred to the
general assem-
Time limited
for entering
memorials not

Grants and leases of pews, how executed.

To be recorded.

One pew exempted from execution, &c.

on the said day for the appearance of the adverse party,
he or they shall be non-suited.
sEct. 4. If upon the trial of the case in any petition
contained, it doth appear, that either the petitioner or
petitioners, or the person or persons summoned to an-
swer, do or have given the other party unjust trouble, the
party or parties wronged, shall be allowed his or their
just costs and damages, as in other cases.
sect. 5. No petiton or memorial shall be preferred to
the general assembly, but in such case or cases, where no
judicial court is, by law, competent to grant relief.
sEct. 6. All memorials wherein no person or party is
so concerned or interested, as that he need to be cited,
shall be lodged in the secretary’s office, and entered in the
docket by him kept, on or before the eighth day of the
session of that assembly to which they are preferred;
otherwise, they shall not be heard.

TITLE 76. Pews.
An Act relating to Pews.

- B'. it enacted by the Senate and House of Rep-
SECT. 1. - • *-
resentatives, in General .1ssembly convened,

That no grant, sale or lease hereafter made, of any pew,
in any meeting-house or church belonging to a religious
society, of any denomination of christians in this state, in
fee, or for any term of time exceeding one year, shall be
accounted good, and effectual in law, to hold such pew,
against any other person or persons whatsoever, but the
grantor or grantors, lessor or lessors, and their heirs only,
unless such grant or lease be in writing, and subscribed
by the grantor or lessor, and attested by two subscribing
witnesses, and acknowledged before a judge of the superi-
or or county court, or a justice of the peace, and record-
ed at length, by the clerk of such society, in a book to be
kept for that purpose, whose duty it shall be to record the
same, and who shall receive the same compensation
therefor as town clerks, for recording deeds.

SECT. 2. One pew, being the property of any person or persons having a family, who ordinarily occupy the same, shall be exempt, and not liable to be taken, or disposed of, by any warrant or execution, for any tax or debt whatever; nor shall the same be liable to be sold to satisfy the demands of creditors, where the estate of such owner shall prove insolvent; any law or custom to the contrary notwithstanding.

Title 77. Post-Guides...Till. 78. Pounds.

TITLE 77. Post-Guides.
An Act relating to Post-Guides.

- 1 E it enacted by the Senate and House of Rep-
SECT. I . B resentatives, in General Assembly convened,
That it shall be the duty of the select-men of the several
towns, at the expense of their respective towns, to erect
and keep up post-guides, at the corners or divisions
all the principal roads, leading from their respective
towns, to the town or towns adjoining; and such post-
guides shall indicate, and point out the principal, and
correct road, or roads, from the towns wherein they are
erected, to the adjoining town or towns.

sect. 2. If the select-men of any town shall neglect to erect post-guides, agreeably to the requirements of this act. such select-men shall forfeit and pay a fine, to and for the use of the county, to which said town belongs, not exceeding twenty dollars, for each month, during which said select-men shall neglect to erect any suitable postguide, as aforesaid.

sect. 3. If the select-men of any town, in which postguides have been, or shall be erected, shall neglect to continue the same, and keep the same in repair, such select-men shall forfeit and pay a fine, not exceeding twenty dollars, to the county as aforesaid, for every month, during which such neglect shall exist.

sect. 4. It shall be the duty of the attorney for the state, in each county, to make information of all breaches of this act, by the select-men of any town in the county for which he is attorney, as aforesaid, to the county court for such county: which court shall have cognizance of such information.

TITLE 78. Pounds.

An Act to provide Pounds, and to regulate the impounding of Creatures.

E it enacted by the Senate and House of Rep.

resentatives, in General. Issembly convened, That the select-men of every town shall erect, maintain, and keep in repair, at the expense of the town, a good and sufficient pound or pounds, for the impounding and restraining therein all creatures, which shall be found damage-feasant, or which shall be liable by law to be

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of select-men.

Penalty for not erecting them.

Penalty for not keeping them in repair.

States’ attornies to make information.

Select-men to erect pounds.

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