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exceeding two dollars each, to be collected by their
clerks; to dispose of the money received, by taxes or
otherwise, in such manner as they may think proper, to
promote the design of the institution ; to purchase and
hold property, either real or personal, to an amount not
exceeding one hundred thousand dollars; and to manage
and dispose of the same, as they may judge best for the
interest of the institution.
sect. 3. It shall be the duty of the several members of
the county medical societies, to communicate useful in-
formation to such societies, at their meetings; and such
societies shall transmit the same to the convention: and
it shall be duty of the convention to cause to be publish-
ed all cases, experiments and observations, respecting
the diseases of the country, which may be of practical
sect. 4. The election of the officers of the medical
convention shall not be confined to the members thereof,
but may be from any of the medical societies; and the
officers so chosen shall become members of the medical
convention. The president, or on his death, or in his
absence, the vice-president, shall, upon any special oc-
casion, have power to call a meeting of the convention,
at such time and place as he may think proper, upon
giving twenty days’ notice in two gazettes, published in
this state.
sect. 5. No physician or surgeon, who has commenced
practice since May one thousand eight hundred, or who shall
hereafter commence practice, shall be entitled by law to
recover any debt or fees for such practice, unless he has
been duly licenced, by some medical society, or college
of physicians.
sect. 6. If any of the collectors of taxes in the county
medical societies, granted by the Connecticut medical
convention, shall neglect or refuse to collect the tax,
entrusted to his collection, by the time the same is made
payable, or having collected the same, shall neglect or
refuse to pay it to the treasurer of the medical convention,
such treasurer may cause a suit or suits to be instituted
against such delinquent collector, in the name of the
president and fellows of said convention, before any court
proper to try the same, and the same to pursue to final
judgment. -
sect. 7. The medical institution, established in Yale-
College, pursuant to an agreement between the president
and fellows of the medical convention, and the president
and fellows of Yale-College, is hereby declared to be a
body politic and corporate, to be known and acknowl-

Duty of mem-
bers of county
medical socie-
of such socie-
and of the con-

Who are eligible as officers.

Special meetings, how called.

Unlicensed practitioners not entitled to recover fees.

Remedy against delinquent collectors of taxes.

The medical institution of Yale-College, declared a corporation.


How chosen.

Cabinet of an-
atomical pre-
a collection of
and a botani-
cal garden, to
be established.

Qualifications of medical students for examination for licence.

as to privileg-
ed students.

Price of ticket limited.

Committee of examination.

edged by the name of The Medical Institution of Yale-
sect. 8. The institution shall include a complete
course of medical science, to consist of four professors;
the first, of chemistry and pharmacy; the second, of the
theory and practice of medicine; the third, of anatomy,
surgery and midwifery; the fourth, of materia medica, and
botany. And there shall be a joint committee, of an equal
number of persons, appointed by the medical conven-
tion and the corporation of Yale-College, who shall make
a nomination, from which nomination the aforesaid profes-
sors shall be chosen by the corporation.
sect. 9. A cabinet of anatomical preparations, includ-
ing all things usually found in a collection of this nature;
and a collection of specimens in the materia medica, shall
be provided ; and a botanical garden shall be established,
as soon as the funds of the college will allow.
sect. 10. Every medical student shall be required to
attend the study of physic and surgery, with some medical
or chirurgical professor or practitioner, of respectable
standing, for two years, provided he shall have been
graduated at some college; otherwise, three years; and
to have arrived at the age of twenty-one years. And
every medical student shall attend one course of each of
the above systems of lectures, under the professors of
the medical institution of Yale-College, or some other
public medical institution, previous to his being admitted
to an examination for a licence; and the course of lec-
tures he is required to attend, may be included within the
term he is required to study. Provided, that upon the
recommendation of the county medical societies, respect-
ively, one meritorious and necessitous person from each
county shall annually be allowed the privilege of attend-
ing one course of each of the above lectures, gratis. And
if any of the county medical societies should fail to re-
commend as above, the medical convention may fill up the
vacancy. It shall be the duty of the county medical socie-
ties to report to the medical convention of the state, the
names of the persons, whom they shall agree to recom-
mend; and the president of said convention shall transmit
said names, together with such as the medical convention
may add, agreeably to the above provision, to the medical
professors of Yale-College. And the price of the ticket,
for the whole of the above course of lectures, shall not
exceed fifty dollars.
sect. 11. The committee of examination for the prac-
tice of physic and surgery, shall consist of the professors
of the medical institution, and an equal number of the
members of the medical societies, appointed by the med-

ical convention; and the president of the medical convention shall, ea officio, be president of the examining committee, with a vote at all times, and a casting vote, when the votes are equal : and in case of the absence of the president, a president pro tempore shall be appointed, by the members of the examining committee, appointed by the medical convention, with the same powers; which committee, or a majority of them, shall possess the power, and they only, of examining for a licence. All licences to practice physic or surgery, shall be signed by the president of the medical convention, and countersigned by the committee, or a majority of them: and the fees or perquisites for admitting or licensing any candidate to practise physic or surgery, shall not exceed four dollars, which shall be paid to the treasurer of the medical convention, for the benefit of the same.

sect. 12. Each candidate for the degree of doctor of medicine, shall be required to attend two courses of the above systems of lectures, at the medical institution of Yale-College, or at some other public medical institution, where a similar course of public instruction is pursued; which degree, upon the recommendation of the committee of examination, shall be conferred by the president of the college, and the diploma signed by him, and countersigned by the committee, or the majority of them. And the president of the college shall have power to confer such honorary degrees upon those persons whom the medical convention shall recommend, as deserving of so distinguished a mark of respect.

sect. 13. For the accommodation, both of the students and of the committee, there shall be but one examination a year, which shall be immediately after the close of the courses of lectures. When a candidate is prevented, by sickness, he may be examined by the medical professors at college; and such examination, with their certificate thereof, shall entitle him to the same privileges as though his examination had been by said committee.

sect. 14. All medical students, who shall have attended two courses of lectures in the medical institution, shall have the privilege of attending all future courses, gratis. And all persons licenced to practise physic or surgery, agreeably to the foregoing provisions, shall, of course, be members of the medical society in the county in which they reside.

Licences, how signed.

Fees for licencing candidate.

Qualifications of candidates for the degree of doctor of medicine.

Honorary degrees.


Privilege of students having attended two courses. Licenced practitioners, members of medical society.

in meetings,
how punished.

* oftences.

Moderator may order persons guilty of disturbance into custody.

Power of of. ficer.


TITLE 66. Meetings. \ CHAP. I.

An Act to preserve Order in the Meetings of
Towns and other Communities.

E it enacted by the Senate and House of Rep- resentatives, in General Assembly convened, That all towns, societies, and other communities, when lawfully assembled, shall have power to choose a moderator to preside in said meetings : and if any person or persons shall, by noise, tumult, quarelling, or by any other unlawful act, disturb such meeting ; or prevent them from proceeding, in an orderly and peaceable manner, to the choice of a moderator; or, after the choice of a moderator, shall vilify or abuse him, or interrupt him in the discharge of his duty; or, after he has commanded silence, shall speak in the meeting, without liberty from the moderator, unless it be to ask reasonable liberty to speak ; he or they shall forfeit and pay to the treasury of the town where the offence is committed, a sum not less than one dollar, nor more than seven dollars, according to the nature of the offence. sect. 2. All offences against this act may be heard and determined, by a justice of the peace, unless aggravated by some high-handed breach of the peace ; in which case, the offender shall be bound, by such justice of the peace, to the next county court, to answer for the offence; which court may impose a fine upon him, according to the aggravation of the offence, not exceeding thirty-four dollars, to the use of the treasury of such county. sect. 3. The moderator of such meetings, and the presiding officer in electors’ meetings, whenever any disorders are committed in the meeting, punishable by law, and the offender or offenders shall refuse to submit to his lawful authority, shall have power to order any sheriff, deputy-sheriff, or constable, to take the offender or of fenders into custody, and, if necessary, to remove him or them out of such meeting, until he or they shall conform to order, or, is need be, until such meeting be closed : and thereupon, such officer shall o: to command all necessary assistance, as in cases of preserving the peace and suppressing riots: and any person refusing to assist, when commanded, shall be liable to the same penalties as for refusing to assist sheriffs and constables in the exe

SECT. 1.

cution of their offices: provided, that no person com

manded to assist shall be deprived of his right to act in
the meetings, nor the offenders, any longer than they re-
fuse to o to order.
sect. 4. All questions in such meetings shall be deci-
ded by a major vote of the qualified members present;
and whenever there shall be an equi-vote, the question
shall be decided by the moderator.


An Act to prevent the disturbance of Religious

------- B'. it enacted by the Senate and House of Rep-
SECT. 1. - -
resentatives, in General Assembly convened,
That no person or persons shall keep any huckster's shop,
booth, tent, waggon, or other carriage, for the sale of
spiritous or other liquors, or any articles of provisions,
whatever, or sell, or expose to sale, in such huckster's
shop, booth, tent, waggon, carriage, or in any other way,
any spiritous or other liquors, or any articles of provision,
whatever, within the distance of two miles from any pub-
lic assembly, convened for religious worship in the field.
Provided, that nothing herein contained, shall prevent the
sale of spiritous or other liquors, or provisions, by any
person or persons, at his or their store or dwelling-house,
who shall be licenced according to law to retail spiritous
liquors. e
sect. 2. Any person or persons, who shall be guilty
of a breach of this act, shall forfeit and pay, for every
such offence, a fine of seven dollars, to the use of the
treasury of the town where such offence is committed ;
and it shall be the duty of grand-jurors to make due pre-
sentment of all breaches of this act.
sect. 3. It shall be the duty of all sheriffs, constables,
grand-jurors, or tything-men, upon view, without war-
rant, to apprehend every person so offending, and him or
them to carry before the next justice of the peace, that he
or they may be dealt with according to law. And the jus-
tice of the peace, before whom such person or persons are
brought, shall, on the oath of the officer apprehending
him or them, issue a warrant, and cause him or them to
be arrested, and proceed to a hearing and trial of such
matter of complaint, in due course of law.

All questions to be decided by major vote.

Sale of spiritous liquors prohibited within two miles of religious meetings in the field.


Penalty for breach of this act.

Informing officers, upon view, without warrant, to apprehend offenders.

Process thereon.

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