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Rofs. Over one of the door cases of the entrance, there are still remaining his coat of arms cut out in stone. He used to send many old and infirm poor persons of Ross into the woods and fields, to pick up self- sown oaks, alhes, &c. to embellihh the hedge-rows of his waiks and estate. He had an elder brother, I believe, who was not reckoned very wise, and from whom he inhe. rited. After his death (which happened at the age of 90), in 1724, his body lay in state in his beit parlour for fix weeks. The estate is now divided into parcels, belonging to several perfons ; one of them, however, belongs to a female collateral descendant, She is at present unmarried, and I hope when the changes her fia tuation, and becomes a mother, she will give the name of Kyrll to be prefixed to the firname of her first son or daughter. Mr. Ball, the owner of the King's Arms at Rofs, the house Mr. Kyrll lived in, has got an original painting of him ; it represents him as a man of 60 years, fair in complexion, and grave in aspect. Permission, I fancy, can be obtained to have an engraving made from it, which would be a great acquisition to our collections of English portraits; and there is the more reason for desiring this to be done speedily, as one of our young military men, some years ago, in a fit of anger at his hair-dresser, took the curling ironis in his hand, and made two holes with them in the picture. There is now living at Ross, a female descendant of his, who, from a proper regard to the memory of her illustrious ancestor, is now repairing and embellishing a favourite seat of his, known by the name of “ Kyrll's seat.”


Strahan and Preston, New-Strett Square, Londwą.

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