The Life of Bernard Gilpin

American Sunday-School Union, 1833 - 88 páginas

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Página 58 - ... others, is wholly your own. Therefore, in the presence of God, his angels, and men, I pronounce you to be the author of all these evils ; yea, and in that strict day of general account, I will be a witness to testify against you, that all these things have come to your knowledge by my means ; and all these men shall bear witness thereof who have heard me speak unto you this day.
Página 60 - I acknowledge you are fitter to be the bishop of Durham than I am to be parson of this church of yours. I ask forgiveness for past injuries. Forgive me, father. I know you have enemies, but while I live bishop of Durham, be secure, none of them shall cause you any farther trouble.
Página 59 - This freedom alarmed every one. As Mr. Gilpin went out of the church, his friends gathered round him, kindly reproaching him, with tears, for what he had done. " The bishop had now got that advantage over him which he had long sought after — and if he had injured him before without provocation, what would he do now, so greatly exasperated ?" Mr. Gilpin walked on, gently keeping them off with his hand, and assuring them...
Página 65 - ... took the misfortunes of his parish upon himself; and like a true shepherd exposed himself for his flock. But of all kinds of industrious poor, he was most forward to assist those who had large families : such never failed to meet with his bounty, when they wanted to settle their children in the world. In the distant parishes where he preached, as well as in his own neighbourhood, his generosity and benevolence were continually showing themselves, particularly in the desolate parts of Northumberland....
Página 69 - There is the enjoyment of life, indeed ! Who can blame that man for not accepting of a Bishopric ! What doth he want to make him greater, or happier, or more useful to mankind ! " Towards the latter part of his life, he went through his duty with great difficulty.
Página 25 - I shall never offend God by refusing to have a benefice and lie from it, so long as I judge not evil of others : which I trust I shall not, but rather pray God daily, that all who have cures may discharge their office in his sight, as may tend most to his glory, and the profit of his church. He replied against me, that your lordship would give me no benefice, but what you would see discharged in my absence as well, or better than I could discharge it myself. Whereunto I answered, -that I would be...
Página 25 - I had known to be the cause of his sending for " me, I should not have needed to interrupt my study to " meet him. For I have so long debated that matter with " learned men, especially with the holy prophets, and most " ancient and godly writers since Christ's time, that I trust " so long as I have to live, never to burden my conscience " with having a benefice, and lying from it. My brother " said, that ' your lordship had written to him, that -you " would gladly bestow one on me; and that your...
Página 82 - ... first by writing that I should have your advice, or you see any other cause why to stay the delivery, I refer all to your wisdom. But if you have opportunity to my Lord, I hope by you to know speedily some part of his pleasure. I trust, my case weighed, he will rather think me to be pitied than had in hatred. How tender a thing conscience is, I have found by too good experience. I have found, moreover, that as it is easily wounded, so it is with difficulty healed. And for my own part, I speak...
Página 66 - Strangers and travellers found a cheerful reception. All were welcome that came : and even their beasts had so much care taken of them, that it was said, ' If a horse was turned loose in any part of the country, it would immediately make its way to the rector of Houghton's.
Página 42 - I might possibly have accepted it ; but in that diocese I have so many friends and acquaintance, of whom I have not the best opinion, that I must either connive at many irregularities, or draw upon myself so -much hatred that I should be less able to do good there than any one else.

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