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surplus shall be applied in aid of the general sund; which interest warrants on military certificates shall be receivable in all taxes whatsoever, except the taxes on law process. And whereas ten thousand pounds have been applied to the purchase of arms and ammunition, agreeably to an act, intituled “ An act for the purchase of arms and ammunition for the defence of the state," passed in October, one thousand seven hundred and eighty four, to the reimbursement of which the money arising from the land office hath been heretofore ap

propriated; Revenue of ' XI. Be it enacted, That the money arising from land office

on the said office, after reimbursing the said ten thouappropriated,

"sand pounds, shall be applied in aid of the general

fund. Of law pro. XII. And be it further enacted, That the tax on law

process and alienations shall be appropriated, as heretofore, 10 the payment of the debts due from this state to foreign creditors, together with the two and an half per centum on merchandise imported, until the warrants for eighty thousand pounds directed to be issued in favor of the said creditors, by the act passed at the last session of assembly, intituled “An act to amend the act, intituled an act to amend and reduce the several acts of assembly for appropriating the public revenue, into one act," shall be compleatly redeemed: And in further aid of this fund, shall be applied the balance which

may yet be due on account of the sale of the Gosport Appropria. lands. tion of reve que boats.

XIII. And be it further enacted, That iwo thousand pounds, arising from the tonnage on vessels, shall be appropriated to defraying the charges of the boats Liberty and Patriot, under the direction of the executive; and the surplus thereof, after making good the votes of the present session, applied in aid of the general fund.

XIV. And be it further enacted, That the treasurer be authorised and directed to make good, as heretofore, the subscription to the Potowmack and James river companies on behalf of the state, as the several dividends may be applied for from time to time, by the president and directors of the said companies, out of the surplus of any public monies arising under the se. veral laws for the inspection of tobacco; and after de


fraying this charge, shall be applied in aid of the ge-
neral fund.

XV. And be it further enacted, That a sum pot ex- Lunatic hos.
ceeding six hundred pounds out of the contingene pital.
fund, shall be set apart for the purposes of the public
hospital, in the city of Williamsburg, upon warrauts
from the auditor under order of the executive, on ap-
plication of the board of directors.

XVI. And be it further enacted, That the additional Ad valorem duty of two per centum ad valorem, imposed by an act duties appro. of this present assembly, shall be applied in the follow. praled. ing mauner: In the first instance to the defraying the expences of the delegates representing this state in congress, and in the best place, to the payment of the six thousand pounds voted by the general assembly 10wards the compleating of the capitol in the city of Richmond; and the surplus, if any, shall be applied in aid of the funds appropriated to the payment of the requisition of congress, of the second of August, one thousand seven hundred and eighty-six. XVII. And be it enacted, That all arrearages of the

Arrearages taxes of former years shall be applied according to the of tases. laws appropriating the same; any thing in this act to the contrary notwithstanding.

XVIII. And be it further enacted, That all movies Generalfund. pot specially appropriated by this act, shall be applied in aid of the general fund.

XIX. And be it further enacted, That the executive be empowered and required, to direct the treasurer in the mode of selling the tobacco paid for taxes, under an act, intituled “ An act to enable the citizens of this commonwealth to discharge certain taxes by the payment of tobacco."

An act to revive the act for calling in '

and funding the paper money of
this state.

Act for call.
BE it enacted, That the act of assembly, intituled ng
** An act for calling in and funding the paper money vede

Vol. mn.

money revi.


of this state,” which hath expired, shall be, and the same is hereby revived; and shall continue and be in

force from and after the passing of this act, for and Not to pur, during the term of fifteen months. Provided always, chase land That nothing herein contained shall extend to so much

of the aforesaid act, as respects the purchase of warrants for unappropriated lands.


An act for putting into immediate

operation An act intituled an act
empowering one of the privy coun-
cil to officiate in certain cases as

lieutenant governor. act empowo ering one of the privy

BE it enacted, That the act intituled “An act emcouncil io of powering one of the privy council to officiate in certain ficiate as lieu- cases as lieutenant governor," the operation whereof nor, tu goin ant gove is suspended until the first day of January next, shall

' to immediate commence and be in force from and after the passing operation of this act.



CHAP. XLVI. [Altered hang ble 9779. An act concerning treasons, felonies, chi. LXVI.] and other offences committed out

of the jurisdiction of this common

wealth. Crimes com: mitted out of BE it enacted, That all high treasons, misprisions, jorisdiction and concealments of high treasons and other offences, of this com.

na except piracies and felonies on the high seas, commitmoi where tried. led by any citizen of this commonwealth, in any place


out of the jurisdiction of the courts of common law in this commonwealth, and all felonies committed by citizen against citizen in any such place, other than the high seas, shall be enquired, heard, determined, and judged by the general court, in the same manner as if the said offences had been committed within the body of a county; and such as shall be convict of any such offence shall suffer such pains, losses of lands, goods and chattels, as if they had been attainted and convicted of such offence done within the body of a county.


Prom Rev. An act to encourage the apprehend. Bills of 1779,

ing of horse stealers.

ch. LXIX,


BE it enacted by the General ssembly, That whosoever shall apprehend one charged with horse-steal. Reward for ing, if the prisoner be convicted of that crime, shall be apprehend. entitled to a reward of ten pounds to be paid by the ing horse treasurer upon a certificate of the general court, that the claimant was the apprehender, and either that he was not examined as a witness at the trial, or that the other evidence then given was sufficient, without his testimony, to convict the prisoner.

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From Rev. Buils of 1779.

An act for the suppression and pun- ch. LXXI.

ishment of riots, routs, and unlaw-
ful assemblies.


BE it enacted by the General Assembly, That if any.

y and uulawful riot, assembly, or rout of people against the law, be assemblies,

how supp made in any part of the commonwealth, the justices of pressed&pun ished.

peace, three, or two of them at the least, and the sheriff or under sheriff of the county, or serjeant of a corporaiion, as the case may be, where such riot, assembly, or rout shall be made, shall come with the power of the county (if need be) to arrest them, and shall arrest them; and the same justices and sheriff, under sheriff, or serjeant, shall have power to record that which they shall find so done in their presence against the law, by which record such tresspassers and offenders shall be convict, and shall be taken and put in the jail of the same county or corporation, there to abide for so long time as shall be limited by a jury to be sworn by the judges for that purpose, and further until they shall have paid such amercement as the same jury shall assess; and if it happen that such tresspassers and offenders be departed before the coming of the said justices and sheriff, under sheriff, or serjeant, the same justices, three, or two of them, shall diligently enquire within a months after such riot, assembly, or rout of people so made, and thereof shall hear and determine according to law; and for this purpose, the sheriff or serjeant having a precept directed to him, shall return twenty-four fit persons, twelve of wliom having been sworn, shall enquire of the said riol, rout, or unlawful assembly, and award against those whom they shall find guilty thereof, due pains, by amercement and imprisonment, as is before directed; and if so many of them should not appear, those who make default, shall be fined by the same justices, five pounds each; and if the default be in the sheriff, under sheriff, or serjeant, he shall forfeit to the commonwealth twenty pounds; and if the said riot, rout, or unlawful assembly, be not found by the said jury, by reason of any maintenance, embracery, partiality, or other misbehaviour of the said jurors, then the said justices, and the sheriff, under sheriff, or serjeant, shall certify the whole matter and circumstances to the general court, and also the names of the maintainers and embracers in that behalf, if any be, with their misdemeanours that they know, iu order that they may be duly prosecuted; upon pain of every of the said justices and sheriff, under sheriff, or serjeant, to forseit twenty pounds, if they have no reasonable excuse for not certifying the same, which certificate shall be of like force as the presentment of a grand jury;

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