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been re-gilt in burnished gold; the not powerful, is not deficient in sweetseats, both in the pit and boxes, have been cushioned; the upper and lower Mr. W. Chapman, from the Brighton circles have been covered with a rich theatre, is a great acquisition to this scroll ornament in burnished gold, and company. We saw his performance of the first circle of boxes is hung with a Crack, in the Turnpike Gate, with very rich green velvet and gold drapery, great pleasure. He possesses cousiderformiog a canopy over the dress boxes : able comic powers both as an actor and a perbaps the drapery over the dress singer, and though his iipitation of that circle is too formal, and is the least great comic model, Munden, is suffielegant of the numerous improvements. ciently obvious, it is executed with a A new ionic portico is constructing for spirit which must rescue it from the the front in the Strand; and the saloon charge of servility. He sang The Mail is fitted up in a very unique manner Coach with great humour. Mr. Rayner wilb trellis work of wood resembling a is also a new performer at this theatre, labyriuth. We are pleased to see that and evinces very great talents. This these alterations are much approved gentleman, who played for some nights by the public.

at Drury-lane during the last season, As it is impossible for us to allot acquitted himself in a very creditable sufficient space to contain an account mapner, and evinced talent which, if of all that has passed at this theatre properly cultivated, is likely to prove since its opening, we must confine our an acquisition to the theatre. He is eviattention to some of the most prominent dently in possession of a rich fund of features, particularly the new per. comic humour, and, if he trusts to the formers whom the taste and liberality power of his own genius, will undonbt. of the proprietors have introduced to a edly do well in the profession he has London audience.

chosen.-We are happy to see Mr. Miss Louisa Dance has made her Wallack again before a London audi. debut on these boards, in the character ence; and are glad to find that he has of Susanna, in the Marriage of Figaro. wholly recovered from the accident he This young lady possesses no inconsi- met with in America.-We think him derable powers of voice and science, without comparison the best melo-draand a grace of deportment and intelli- matic actor on the stage; he is there. gence of manner which might recom- fore highly attractive at this theatre. mend inferior capabilities to favourable But now we come to our most plea. potice. The compass of her voice is sing duty, and though last not least, not surprising, but it has been well we mean the inimitable Miss Kelly. cultivated, and its tones are uniformly This admirable actress bas been so long mellow and pleasing. Miss Amelia well known that we need only say, that Kelly, who has been performing at the she is returned to us in uudiminished Southampton theatre, appeared for the excellence. Whenever she acts, she is first time in London in the character of the life and soul of the evening, and Virginia, in the musical piece of Paul we could pity the head and heart of and Virginia. Miss A. Kelly's person is any one, who could ever tire of her prepossessing, and her mauner graceful performances, though they were re. and unassuming. Her voice, though peated every evening.


Edward Ollerenshaw, of Manchester, Hat. articles water-proof. Communicated to them manufacturer; for a method of dressing and by a certain foreigner residing abroad. Dated furnishing hats, by means of certain machinery May 31, 1823. and implements to be used and applied thereto. Richard Badnall, of Leek, Staffordshire, SilkDated May 27, 1823.

manufacturer; for certain improvements in Thomas Peel, of Manchester, Esq.; for a ro- dyeing. Dated June 3, 1823, tary engine, for the purpose of communicating Thomas Atterwood, of Birmingham, Warwickmotion by means of steam or other gaseous shire, Banker; for certain improvements in the media. Dated May 27, 1823.

making certain of cylinders for the printing of Stephen Wilson, of Streatham, Surrey, Esq.; cotton, calicos, and other articles. Communi. for certain improvements in machinery for cated to him by a person residing abroad. weaving and winding, communicated to him Dated June 3, 1823. by certain foreigners residing abroad. Dated Thomas Mills, of Dudbridge, near Stroud, May 31, 1823.

Gloucestershire, Cloth-dresser; for certain im. John Mills, of St. Clement Danes, Middlesex, provements on machines for shearing or cropand Silver-street, London, and Harman Wil. ping woollen cloths. Communicated to him by liam Fairman, of Silver-street, London, mer. certain foreigners residing abroad. Dated chants; for certain improvements in rendering June 3, 1823. leather, linen, tilax, sail-cloth, and certain other



Lady Gore Ouseley, in Bruton-street
Lady of Major-General Sir Herbert Taylor
Lady Montreson, at Torry-hill, Kent
Countess Howe, at Gopsall, Leicestershire
Lady of Sir James Montgomery, M.P. Edin-

burgh Lady F. Leveson Gower, of twins, in Albemarle


Lady of Lieutenant-Col. Bourchier, in Wim

pole street Lady of Captain Cunliffe Owen, at Lausane Lady of W. Filder, esq. Deputy Commissary to

the Forces Lady of Sir S. Stuart, bart. at Farnham



Lady of Lieut.-Col. Sir T. Noel Hill, in Cum

berland-street Lady of Thomas Pares, jun. esq. M.P. at Hack.

ney Lady of the Hon. Edward Cust, M.P. Lady of Lieutenant-Col. Monier Williams, at

Brighton Lady of Lieutenant Adwell Taylor, of the 38th

Foot Lady of Captain Charles Rowley, of the 58th

Lady of W. W. Beecher, esq. M.P. at Bally

giblin Lady Harriet Hoste, at Hamble House, Hants. Lady of Sir Thomas Parqubar, at Roehampton Lady of Major George Gun Munro, at Poyntz

field-house, North Britain Lady of the Rev. Thomas Gerrard Andrews Lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Forsteen, of 12th

Lady Mary Stanley, at Geneva.


Macdonald, Alexander W. R. nephew of Lord

Macdonald , to

Bayard, Miss daughter of the late Col. Bayard Montgomerie, Thomas Molyneux, esq. of Garboldisham, Norfolk, to Robarts, Miss Mariame, late of Lower Grog.

venor-street Michel, Rev. R. Bracken, fellow of Queen's Cols

lege, Oxford, to Campbell. Miss H. H. of Bedford-square Morrison, Captain J. H. of the Royal Navy, to

Smith, Miss Louisa Adams, of Upper Berke

ley-street Mackinnon, Colonel, at St. George's, Hanover

square, to Dent, Miss A. J. eldest daughter of John Dent, esq. M.P. Nisbet, Josiah, esq. of the Madras Civil Service, Arbouin, Mrs. Brunswick-square-Austen, Mrs. Mary, Government House, Gosport Adams, Mrs. East Grinstead-Anderson, Mrs. Mary, Fenchurch-street-Askew, Mrs. Pallinsburn, Northumberland.



Booth, Captain, of the 15th King's Hussars, to

Webb, Niss Elizabeth M. of Ham Common
Burton, Captain James Ryder, sop of the late

Bishop of Killala, to
Roche, Hon. Mrs. sister to the present Lord

Bailey, J. A. esq. of the 69th Foot, to

Sanford, Miss Anne, of Nutfield
Conder, Joseph, esq. of the Pipe Office, Somer-

set-place, to
Panton, Miss Emily, daughter, of J. P. Pan-

ton, of the same Office
Chilton, George, esq. of the Inner Temple, to

Poore, Miss, eldest sister of Sir Edward

Poore, bart.
Collins, Charles, esq. of St. John's College, Cam-

bridge, to
Creaghe, Miss Anna Matilda, cousin to the

Earl of Rosse
Delacour, Charles, esq. of Burton Crescent, to

Nicholas, Miss Caroline Cecilia, daughter of

Dr. Nicholas, of Ealing
Fitzgerald, J. D. esq. Deputy Assistant Com.

missary General to the Forces, to
Fuller, Miss Mary Ann, daughter of the late

R. Fuller, esq. of York-street
Graham, Lieut. Joseph, of the Bengal Esta-

blishment, to
Higgin, Miss Sarah, of London-field
Hill, George Gosset, esq. of Gower-street, to

Auderson, Miss Isabella, of Gladswood Holroyd, Thomas, esq. fourth son of Mr.Justice

Holroyd, to

Morgan, Miss Sarah, of Gower-street Jarrett, John, esq.of Marelands, Hants, to

Waller, Miss A. E. daughter of Sir Wathan

Kennedy, Captain W. Assistant Military Audi.

tor General at Calcutta, to
Blair, Miss C. second daughter of Lieut.-Gen.

Sir Robert Blair
Lindsay, Capt. G. T. of the 78th foot, to

Bull, Miss H. A. danghter of Lieut.-Col. Bull,

of the Horse Artillery
Lempriere, Rev. Dr. Rector of Meath and New-

ton Petrock, to
Collingwood, Miss Anne, cousin to Lord Col.

Lascelles, Hon. W.H. second son of the Earl of

Harewood, to
Thynne, Lady Louisa, daughter of the Marq.
of Bath

Marjoribanks, Miss R. second daughter of Sir

John Marjoribanks, bart.
Prince, John, esq. of Cheltenham, to

Millington, Miss Mary Ann, of Guilford-street
Pedder, John Lewis esq. of the Middle Temple,

Everitt, Miss, only daughter of the late Col.

Parlby, Major Brook Bridges, of the Madras

Army, tu

Plumb, Miss Maria, at Speldhurst, Kent
Price, Robert, esq. M.P. for the county of Here.

ford, to
Price, Miss M. A. E. daughter of the inte

Prebendary of Durham
Ritchie, Thomas, esq. Member for the county of

Annapolis, Nova Scotia, to
Best, Miss Elizabeth, second daughter of the
late G. Best, of Perthshore
Richards, Goddard Hewitson, esg. of Grange,

Wexford, to
Moore, Miss D. A. neice to Lord Brandon
Shaw, James,esq. of the Bengal Establislıment,

at Calcutta, to

Andrews, Miss Marian, Jate of Richmond Stock, George Edward, esq. of Poplar, to

Innes, Miss Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Jobn

Wood, Col.w.Churston Ferrers, Devonshire, to

Dix, Miss, only daughter of Capt. Dis, of the
Waterhouse, Lieut. G. B. of the Royal Navy, to

Willis, Miss Sarah, of Mecklenburgh-square.


Bowen, Admiral, Shrewsbury-Brown, Mrs. Eliza, Hastings, 48-Briscoe, Robert, esq. Laytonstone, 64--Bayley, Mrs. Susanna, Brompton, Middlesex, 26- Blossett, Serjeant, Bengal -Brewer, Charles, Kent-road, 60—Boyce, Wil. liam, esq. Hammersmith, 60-Barry,Mr. Henry, purser of the London East Indiaman, 25~-Bay. ley, Mrs. Frances Charlotte, Bryanstone square, 21--Boughey, Sir J.F.bart.M.P. for the county of Stafford, 38-Brooke, Hepry G. Clifton, 24Bent, Mr. Paternoster-row, 76-Beatly, Lieut.Col. J. W. Windsor-Butler, Rev.Weeden, gen. Greenhill, ncar Harrow, 81--Bernal, Mrs. Ann Elizabeth, Bryanstone-square-Bowen, Admiral George, Shrewsbury Bell, Mr. Matthew, Greenwich, 85-Bidwell, Shelford, esq. Thet. ford, 70—Brownlow, Lady Mary, Armagh.

Crosby, Mr. Gosberton-Clary, Mr. Nicholas, Paris-Critchett, Mrs. Sarah, Charlton Kings, Gloucestershire--Cutbush, T. Ordnance Office-Carter, Mr. Howard, Union-street, Hill. street, 77.

Day, Stephen, esq. Kensington, 90-Duncer, Mrs. Kentish Town-Dept, William,esq. Hallaton, Leicester, 56-Decy, Nathaniel, esq. Bahía, South America--De Dunstanville, Mrs. Frances Susannah, Twickenham.

Freer, Rev. R. Cumberland-street, Shoreditch, 65-Freeman, Charles, esq. Brook-street, 68_Fisher, Mrs. Mary, Aldersgate-street-Fa. vell, Mr. James, Admiralty Clerk.

Gibson, Charles, esq. Quermore Park, Lanca. shire, 62 — Gordon, William, esq. Devonshirestreet, Portland-place-Gilchrist, Octavius Graham, esq. Stamford, Lincolnsbire, 45,

Harrison, Rev. John, Preston - Henniker, Mrs. Frances Amelia, Cambridge - Hutchins, Lieut.-Col of the third Light Dragoons, Romford-Halliday, George, esq. St. James's.street, 31--Horrocks, Mrs. Mary, Tilly-chewan, Dum. bartonshire.

Ireland, J. Alexander, esq. Half Moon-street -Jameson, Dublin.

Kinnersley, Wm. Shepherd, esq. M.P. at bis seat in Stafordshire-Knox, George Macleod, esq. on board the Catherine East IndiamanKeir, Mrs. Eugenia, Madras-Kilpin,Dr. Kingsekere, Hants.

Lane, Wm. esq. Ironmonger-lanc, 66 - Lee, Simon. esq. Lyme-Regis, Dorset-Lubbock, W. esq. Lamas, Norfolk, 77–Lane, Mrs. Barbara, Grange, Leyton-Leslie, Mr. Alexander, Con. duit-street, Bond-street-Leigh, Mrs. Elizabeth, Knutsford, Cheshire, 70 - Lawrence, Mr. G. E. late of Featherstone-buildings, Holborn--Lewis, Mrs. Marianne, Michael's place, Brompton, 86 -Lind, Sir James, K.C.B. Southampton.

Mowbray, G, T. esq. Yapton-house, Sussex -Mathias, Andrew, esg. New Burlington-str. 56-Macquin, Abbe Ange Denis, Bermondseystreet, Southwark, 67-Moss, James, esq Yorkstreet, Gloucester-place-Monson, Hon. George Henry, York, 68 - Morris, Mr. Samuel, Acle, Norfolk, 59—Murray, Mrs. Isabella, Versailles, in France-Morgan, Rer. William, D.D. Greenwich-Miller, George James, R. N. HighgateMurray, Mrs. Elizabeth, Swansea.

Nightengale, Captain G. Havannah-Nassau, Mrs. Maria Emilia, Derooshire street-Nutting, Mrs. Mary Ann, Putney-heath.

Ogle, Mr. Robert, of the firm of Ogle, Duncan and Co. booksellers, don Owen, Robert, a pauper of the parish of Hen Eglwys, Anglesca, 102–O'Leary, Edmnnd, esq. M.D. Newport, Isle of Wight, 39.

Parkhurst, John George, esq. Catesby-abbey, Northamptonshire, 63–Plummer, James, Far. ringdon-within – Purling, Charles Geo. Upper Wimpole-street, 15 — Paterson, Thomas, esq. Bamilton.

Rolleston, Samuel, esq. Brighton, 80 — Robinson, Mrs. Eleanor, Stockliffe, Bedfordshire -Ramns, Charles, esq. Penzance, 85.

Shephard, John, esq, Brighton, 67–St. Leger, Major-Gen. the Hon. Arthur, Jermyn-streetSalisbury, the Marquis of, at his seat at Theo bald's, near Hatfield, Herts.

Townsend, William, esq. Fulham, 82 - Turnour, Henry Edward, Somerset square, Portman-square, 11-Theobald, Mr. Jaines, Upper Tooting, 68-Tboresby, Mrs. Queen Anne-st.

Wallace, Mrs. Eliz., Carshalton - Wright, Mrs. Paddington-green, 81 - Williams, Mrs. Sophia W. Chapel-street, South Audley-street -Whitehouse, Mr. John, Bedford, 100-Wilkin. gon, Hugh. esq. Bath, 46 - Walton, Mrs. Anne, Tilney-street, 72—Waters, Mrs. Etterbeck, near Brussels.

Yeomans, Rev. R. Whichford, in the coauty of Warwick, 67.


COTTON.- After the extensive business lately done in our Cotton market, a more limited demand was naturally expected; the request last week, however, was rather considerable, princi, pally for home consumption, and speculators bave continued to take, although more sparingly. The sales amount to about 7100 bales, all in bond, viz 2000 Surats middliog to good 5.d. a 7ld; 3500 Bengals fair 6d. a 6!d.; good fair 6 d.; very good DT 6d. a 7 d.; 800 Madras good fair 6zd. a 6 d.; and 7 d. for fire; 300 Boweds fair to good fair 9d. a 9 d.; 200 Pernams fair to good

fair 123d. a 13d.; good 131d.; 100 Demeraras 12,d. a 12 d. fair to good fair.

SUGAR.—There was a fair supply of raw sugars on show last week, and considerable business effected; good sugars maintained former prices, but the inferior descriptions went 1s. per cwt. 'lower. Two public sales were brought forward after Tuesday; 150 casks Barbadoes sugаr sold about former rates, 57s. 6d. for low middling, to 688. for fine descriptions; 312 casks Grenada, good strong coloury quality, sold to the grocers 558. a 60s. 6d.



Extracted from the London Gazette.

N.B. All the Meetings are at the Court of Commissioners, Basinghall-street,

unless otherwise expressed. The Attornies' Names are in Parenthesis.

[blocks in formation]

Armand, C. P. and A. Solari, Battersea, vitriol.

manufacturers. (Brooking, Lombard-street. Bristow, J. Bristol, ironmonger. (Clowes,

Orme, and Co. Bunker, T. Deptford, Kent, timber-merchant.

(Jones, Brunswick-square. Butler, J. Whitchurch, Shropshire, innkeeper,

(Blackstock and Bunce, King's Bench-walk,

Temple. Beaumopt, J. Wheathouse, Yorkshire, mer.

chant. (Clarke, Richards, and Medcalf, Chan

cery-lane. Baker, W. Walcot, Somersetshire, carpenter.

(Makinson, Middle Temple. Carter, S. of Stratford, Essex, cheesemonger.

(Mr. Argill, Whitechapel-road. Chadley, R. Jermyn-street, St. James's, uphol

sterer. (Dent, Castle-street, Holborn. Crabb, W. Tellisford, Somersetshire, fuller.

(Dax, Son, and Meredith, Guildford-street. Claney, J. York, tailor. (Mr. Walker, New-inn. Crutchley, H. Warwick, linen-praper. (flerts

let, Northumberland-street, Strand. Crowther, W. L. Green-st., Grosvenor-square,

milliner. (Lester, New-court, Crutched-friars. Coles, S. Exeter, innke (Pe rson, Pump-,

court, Temple. Daniels, A. Prescott-street, Goodman's-fields,

diamond-merchant. (Isaacs, Mansell-street,

Goodman's-fields. Dicas, J. Holywell, Flint, corn-dealer. (Messrs. Clarke, Richards, and Metcalf, Chancery.

lane. Dobson, W. Gateshead, Durham, chymist. (Ba

ker, Nicholas-lane. Dodds, R. High-street, Southwark, linen-dra

per. (Lester, New-court, Crutched-friars. Emsly, W. Pudsey, Yorkshire, clothier. (Lam.

bert, Gray's-ion-square. East, W. Newbury, coal-merchant. (Aldridge

and Smith, Lincoln's-inn. Forbes, W. Gateshead, Durham, nurseryman.

(Robinson and Son, Essex-street. Glandfield, J. Strand, wine-merchant. (Hodg

son and Burton, Salisbury-street, Strand. Gee, S. Cambridge, tinman. (Nelson, Barnard's.

inn, Holborn. Gaisford, R. Bristol, baker. (Hartley, New

Bridge-street, Blackfriars. Gooden, J. Chiswell street, victualler. (Reeves,, Holborn.

Hyams, J. Coventry-street, Hay-market, jewet

ler. (Spyer, Bartholomew-lane. Harkness, J. Chapel-place, Long-lane, South

wark, timber-merchant. (Stephens and Wood,

St. Thomas Apostle. Hastings, E. Lower Smith-street, Northampton

square, milkman. (Stevens and Wood, Little

St. Thomas Apostle. Jones, J. Brecon, maltster. (Stevenson and

Bicknell, Lincoln's-inn. Illingworth, J. and Knowles, J. Leeds, mer.

chants. (Battye, Castle-street, Holborn. James, W. West Bromwich, Staffordshire, coal

master. (Alexander, Cary-street, Chancery

lane. King, J. Ipswich, ironmonger. (Bromley, Gray’s

inn-square. Kenton, J. Stow-on-the-Wold, Glocestershire,

draper. (Pritchard, Earl-street, Blackfriars. Kaines, H. Manstone, Dorsetshire,cattle-dealer.

(Home, Frampton, and Loftus, New-inn, Kirby, T. of Bethnal-green-road, draper, (Ar.

den, Clifford's-inn. Lancaster, J. jun.,Bethnal-green-road, butcher. (Norton,

Old Broad-street. Lucas, E. Shepherd's-market, milkman. (Ste

vens and Wood, Little St. Thomas Apostle, M"Turk, B. Kingston-upon-Hull, grocer. (Tay.

lor, Clement's-inn. Mortimer, W. Manchester, joiner. (Adlington

and Faulkner, Bedford-row. Martyn, E. Taunton, druggist. (Norton and

Chaplin, Gray's-inn-square. M'Allis, J. Liverpool, tailor. (Adlington, Gre

gory, and Faulkner, Bedford-row. Moorhouse, J. Nab-in-Eastworth, Yorkshire,

clothier. (Battye, Chancery-lane. Mawe, H. M. Loughborough, Leicestershire,

coach-proprietor. (Norton and Williamson, Gray's-inn-square. Munton, J. Highgate, corn chandler.' (Watson

and Broughton, Falcon street, Aldersgate-st, Nettleton, J. Sloane-square, Chelsea, ironmon

ger. (Freeman and Heathcote, Coleman,

street. Nicholls, E. John's-mews, Bedford-row, cow,

keeper. (Norton, Whitccross-street. Newlan, J. Bexley-beath. Kent, iunkeeper,

(Cocker, Nassan-street, Soho. Noad, J. Beckington, Somersetsbire, fuller,

(Hartley, New Bridge street, Blackfriars.

O'Bryan, C. Holborn-hill, tailor. (Cooke and

Hunter, Clement's-inn New Chambers. Owen, W. Islington, stage-master. (Denton and

Barker, Gray's-inn-square. Purdie, J. Size-lane, merchant. (Kearsey and

Spurr, Lothbury. Pearse, W.C. Braintree, Essex, grocer. (Amory

and Coles, Throgmorton-street. Phillips, W. Bristol, linen-draper. (Clabon,

Mark-lane. Phelps, T. sen., Jewin-street, Cripplegate, sil

versmith. (Russen, Crown-court, Aldersgate

street. Rawley, J.New-street, Covent-garden, boot and

shoemaker. (Bennett, Tokenhouse-yard. Robinson, T. New Malton, Yorkshire, spirit

merchant. (Stockton, New Malton. Read, J. and Jacob, J. Love-lane, cloth-workers.

(Bennett, 'Tokenhouse-yard. Reynolds, T. Westbury, Wiltshire, clothier.

(Umney, Chancery-lane. Roberts, č. Aldermaston, Berkshire, maltster.

(Ford, Great Queen-st., Lincoln's-inn-fields. Stilborn, J. sen., Bishop-Wilton, Yorkshire, but

cher. (Eyre and Coverdale, Gray's-inn-sq. Smith, J. Camomile-street, tailor and draper.

(A. Duncan, New-inn, Strand. Smith, W. T. E. Kenton-street, Brunswick.

square, carpenter, (Shirreff, Salisbury.street,

Strand. Sykes, T. Bath-Easton, Somersetshire, clothier.

(Nind and Cotterill, Throgiporton-street. Stevens, R. Goswell-street, saddler. (Hughes,

Clifford's-ipn. Stephens, J. Harrington Toxteth-park, Lanca.

shire, joiner. (Blackstock and Bunce, Temple. Thorpe, M. Worksop, Nottingham, maltster.

(Messrs. Hall and Brownley, New Boswell

court. Tribaudino, C. J. Cleveland-street, Mile-end,

silk-dyer. (Webster and Son, Queen-street, Cheapside. Welchman, H. Long-acre,lipen-draper. (Sweet,

Stokes, and Carr, Basinghall-street. Welton, N. Bredtield, Suffolk, horse-dealer.

(Pearson and Lawrence, Ipswich. Wood, T. Lane-end, Staffordshire, currier,

(Clowes, Orme, and Wedlake, Temple, Wilson, T. Carlisle, coach-master.' (Birkett,

Cloak-lane. Welcker, M. and J. F. Leicester-square, tailors.

(Russen, Crown-court, Aldersgate-street. Widger, A. Bucksfastleigh, Devonshire, wool.

len-manufacturer. (Knight and Fyson, Basinghall-street.


July 29,

Agg, T. Water-lane, printer, July 19.
Agar, M. late of Walbrook, oilman, July 26.
Amos, J. and C. Sutherland, St. Helen's-place,

merchants, July 26. Ambrose, E. King-street, warehouseman, July

26. Barrow, R. and T. Barrow, Liverpool, flour.

merchants, July 29. Bell, G. Brampton, Cumberland, grocer, July 28. Barber, M. S. Sandys, and A. White, late of

Liverpool, merchants, July 28. Brennand, T. Bread-street, Cheapside, ware

houseman, July 26. Boddy, W. Hillingdon, Middlesex, farmer, July

29. Brotherton, J. and W. Liverpool, tailors, Aug. 1, Bragge, W. A. Rotherhittie-wall, shipwright,

Jaly 29. Bedford, J. Fen Drayton, Cambridge, dealer, Bell, G. Berwick-upon-Tweed, cooper. Brown, J. late of Picet-market, grocer. Brown, J. Holywell, Flint, druggist, Aug. 8. Blane, T. Walbrook, merchant, Aug. 9. Bardsley, J. jun. Manchester, coiton-spinner,

Aug. 13. Butlin, T. Baker-street, St. Mary-le-bone, apo

thecary, Aug. 9. Brunggenkate, G. A. T. Little Eastcheap, mer

chant, Brown, G. Broad-street, St. James's, uphol

sterer. Banton, W. Northwich, Cheshire,grocer, Aug. 8. Browning,J.and R. A. Belvidere-wharf, Surrey,

timber-merchants, Aug. 2. Brown, G. Broad-street, St. James's, uphol

sterer, July 19. Bowman, H. St. John-street, Clerkenwell, ha

berdasher, Aug. 2. Cattell, W. Cotton-end, near Warwick, corn

dealer, July 26. Cleghorn, W. late of Ratcliff Highway, cheese

monger, July 26. Cook, W. Wouldham, Kent, corn-dealer, July 26. Carlen, T. and Ison, Langbourn Chambers,

Fenchurch-street, coal-factors, July 23. Cosser, W. Millbank-street, Westminster, tim

ber-merchant, July 22. Carr, T. Chorley, Lancashire, ironmonger, July

21. Clements, J. Newport, Monmouthshire, shop

keeper, Aug. 18. Carter, J. jun. Liverpool, merchant, July 22.

Carnes, W.Canal-row, Bermondsey, rope-maker,

Aug. 9. Cumming, A.J. High-street, Southwark, cheese

monger, July 19. Clarke, D. T.' Gerrard-street, Sobo, laceman,

July 22. Culverhouse, C. Walcot, Somersetshire, flour

factor, July 16.
Colson, W. Plymouth, grocer.
Childs, W. Whitehall, victualler, Aug. 2.
Clough, Rev. R. late of Bathafarn-park, R. B.

Clough, late of Glanywern, D. Mason, late of
Astrad-uchaf, and the Rer. J.L. Jones, late of

Plas Madoc, Denbighshire, bankers, Aug. 14. Draper, R. J. Fleet-market, eartheraware-man,

July 26, Dipper, F. Worcester, silk-mercer, July 28. Dickie, W. Little St. Thomas the Apostle, mer

chant, July 22. Dickenson, J. Aldersgate-street, leather-seller,

July 29. Dalmaine, G. Chandos-street, Covent-garden,

embroiderer, Aug. 9. Dowley, J. Willow-street, Bankside, corn.mer

cbant, Aug. 12. Dunn, R. Braunston, Northamptonshire,dealer,

July 25. Dunkin, C. Shad-Thames, Horsleydown,lighter

man, Aug. 5. De Roure, J. P. and J. Hambrook, Angel-street,

merchants. Davies, E. Chancery-lane, victualler, Aug. 2. Drury, J. Snaith, Yorkshire, coal-merchant,

Aug. 11. Davies, W. Sudbury, haberdasher, Aug. 4. Edwards, T. Gerrard-street, Soho, woollen-dra.

per, Aug. 9. Edwards, R. and J. Hales Owen, Worcester

shire, ironmongers, Aug. 11. Elam, T.W. Bradford, Wiltshire, clothier, July 4. Evans, J., J. Jones, and W. Davies, late of

Aberystwith, Cardiganshire, bankers, July 30. Elliot, J. Farnham, common-brewer, July 23. Fothergill, W. late of Caunon-street-road, St.

George's in the East, ship-owner, July 19. Forbes, W. and G. Lewis, Liverpool, merchants,

July 31. Flack, R. Shepherd-street, Oxford-street, ca.

binet-maker, July 15. Freer, T. Leicester, ironmonger, July 12. Forster, J. H. and C. Dobson, Norwich, manu

facturers, July 26. Gray,J. Kingston, Surrey, linen-draper,July 26.

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