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Countess of Normanton, at Ditchley-house, in The Lady of A. W. S. Deane, at Castle-house, Oxfordshire

Torrington, Devon. The Right Hon. Countess of Airly

The Lady of William Davidson, esq. the younger Countess of Longford, in Rutland-square, Dub- (of Muir-house, Mid-Lothian), at Floreuce. lin

The Lady of Robert Berkely,jun. esq. at BlackThe Lady of Sir G. F. Ampaon, in Hereford- more Park, Worcestershire street

The Lady of William Davidson, esq. at Havre The Lady of C. Woodbridge, esq. at Vassel. de-Grace place, near Kennington

The Lady of John Passett Burnett, esq. at Bed. The Lady of the Rer. W. M'Donale, at the ford-hill, Surrey

Vicarage, Ashby de la Zouch (of twins) The Lady of Walter Long, esq. in ChandosThe Lady of R. Holmes Coote, esq. in Guildford street street

The Lady of Major-General Darling, at Chel. The Lady of Lieutenant-Colonel Ross, 4th Dra- tenham goon Guards, Dublin

The Lady of Captain D. Acth, at KnowltonThe Lady of the Rev. Richard Cobbold, of St. court Margaret's, Ipswich

The Lady of Thomas Moore, esq. at Forest. The Lady of Captain Adam, R.N. at Ancram- hill, near Sydenham house, North Britain

The Lady of John Commerell, esq. of Baker. The Lady of Harry Breretou Trelawney, esq. street, Portman-square in Piccadilly

DAUGHTERS. Lady Sophia Gresley, at Drakelow-hall, Derby- The Lady of Henry Rowles, esq. at Camdenshire

place, Chislehurst Lady Catharine Whyte Melville, at Mount The Lady of Captain S.P. Hurd Melville, Fifeshire

The Lady of the Rer. William Wilson, at ElmThe Lady of the Baron de Rutzen, in Cumber- stead Vicarage, near Colehester, land-street

The Lady of Joshua Mayhew, esq. in MariThe Lady of the Rev. Dr. Bond, at Manwell • borough-street Paddock

The Lady of John Teesdale, esq. at Blackheath The Lady of E. W. Lake, esq. in Chapel-street, The Lady of the Rer. Dr. Frith, at OasleyWest May-fair

house, near Abingdon

MARRIAGES. Brown, J. esq. of the East India house,

to Clarke, Capt. Andrew, 46th foot, to Mariana Sophia, ouly daughter of James Fanny, daughter of James Lardner, esq. and Thompson, esq. of Forest-gate, Essex.

widow of the late Rev. Edward Jacksis, Blake, R. esq. of the 70th Foot, to

Chaplain at Madras. Howard, Frances, youngest daughter of John Douglas, A.M. the Rev. Henry, Viear of New. Younger, esq. of Camberwell.

land, Gloucestershire, to Byrne, Henry, esq. Master in Equity, at Ma- Birt, Miss Eleanor, fourth daughter of the dras, to

late Rev. Thomas Birt, of the same place. Goodinge, Isabella S., daughter of Captain Everest, H, esq. to. Goodinge, of Londonderry, in Ireland.

Mary Ann, only daughter of T. Comport, est Boydell, Mr. S. of Islington, to

of Whitehall, Hoo. Miss Jane Boydell Philpot, of Bethnal-green, Fallon, Charles, esq. late Capt. 11th Light

both relatives of the late Alderman Boydell. Dragoons, to Beamish Adderley, esq. of Palace Anne, Cork, Probyn, widow of Governor Probyn, and to

daughter of the late General Rooke. Bernard, Fanoy, of Byard's Lodge, only Grant, esq. George, of Rusell place to daughter of the late General Bernard, of Sophia, second daughter of Alexander GlenHeton Lodge, Cork.

nie, esg. of Great James.street. Bateman, Thomas, esq. of the Middle Temple, Sehaak Grant, esq. of the H. E. I. Co's Military

London, and of Hatton Park, near Lancaster, Engineers, to to

Elizabeth, youngest daughter of the late Julia Margaret, second daughter of the late

Francis Barrow, esg John Chapman, esq. of the Bengal Civil Ser- Hitchen, Mr. J. bookseller, of Northwich, to vice

Burgess, Mrs. of Wilton: the united ages of Bishop, Mr. to

this couple amount to 169 years, the brideFarrow, Mrs. of North Shields. The united

groom being 82, and the bride 87. ages of the enamoured pair amounts to 152 Hall, George Blair,esq.only son of the late Jola years, the bride being 77, and the bridegroom Hall, esq. Postmaster-General of Bengal, to 75; but the toreh of Hymen might have Laura, youngest daughter of the late Sir W. blazed in vain, had not some considerate Plomer. gentlemen interposed, who kept the rude Lechmere, bart. Sir Anthony, of the Ridd, populace at bay, and probably prevented the Worcestershire, to tottering fair from being trodden under foot the eldest daughter of Mrs. Villers, wine. on her way to the church.

merchant of Gloucester. Cropper, W. esq. of Newark, to

Morant, esg. Jobu, of Brockenhurst, Hants. to Martha, youngest daughter of Mr. William Hay, Lady Caroline Augusta, daughter of the Backhouse, of the White Horse lun, Tad- late Earl of Brrol. caster,

Mildmay, Humphrey St. John, son of the late Carey, Major-Gen. to

Sir H. St. J. Mildmay, to Manning, Miss, eldest daughter of William Baring, Miss, eldest daughter of Alexander Manning, esq. M.P.

Baring, esq. M.P.

Neame, esq. Austin, of Homestall, Faversham, Marchioness of Bute, and grand-daughter of to

the late Mr. Coutts. Upon this happy occaAnne, eldest daughter of Richard Beale, esq. sion Mrs. Coutts presented her grand-daugh. of River-hall, Biddenden.

ter with present of twenty thousand pounds, Okeover, the Rev, Charles, of Okeover, Staf. and to Lord Sandon one thousand pounds a fordshire, to

year. Mary Anne, eldest daughter of Gen. the Hon. Swainson, W. esq. F.R.S. late Assistant ComSir George Anson, M. P.

missary General on the Mediterranean Stafi, Par, esq. Codrington, of Stonelands, Devon, to and eldest son of J. T. Swainson, esq. of

Harriet Lydia, youngest daughter of Henry Elm Grove, near Liverpool, to
Manning, esg. of Sidmouth, and niece of Mary, only daughter of John Parker, esq.
Admiral Sir Robert Barlow.

Spencer, the Rev. Charles, Rector of WheatSoltan, esq. George William, of Ridgway, to field, Oxon, and nephew to the Duke of Marl.

Frances Goddard, second daughter of the borough, to

late Rev. T. Culme, of Tothill, same county. Mary Anne, younger daughter of Sir Scrope C. Slingsby, esq. of Loftus, Yorkshire, son of Bernard Morland, bart. M.P.

the late Sir Thomas Slingsby, of Scriven Tyrrell, E. esq. of Guildhall, to Park, to

Fanny, only child of the late W. Lingham, Emma Margaret, eldest danghter of Thomas

esq. of Ewell. Atkinson, esq. of Fair.bill, Lancashire. Ware, the Rev. George, B. A. of Stokecoursey, Sandon, Lord Viscount, eldest son of the Earl Somerset, to

of Harrowby, at Berne, in Switzerland, at Elizabeth, youngest daughter of J. D, Midthe English Ambassador's Chapel, to

dleton, esg. of Churchill, near Bristol. Stewart, Lady Frances, only daughter of the

DEATHS. Suddenly, of apoplexy, Mr. John Bradley, of At Worthing, Frances, wife of the Rev. John Dukintield, innkeeper: his funeral was attend- Kirby, Rector of Gotham, Notts. Sept. 20, at ed by near 200 gentlemen of his acquaintance Ripon, Thomas Kilvington, esq. M.P. formerly in coaches, chaises, gigs, and on horseback, to of St. John's College, Cainbridge, 92.-In BeauMottram, in Longdendale, where he was in. mont street, St. Mary-le-bone, Joseph Kidd, esq. terred, 66.--Louisa Maria, wife of the Rev. Dr. of Shacklewell, 68. Bayly, Midburst, Sussex, and piece to the At Orford-house, Essex, Samuel Leighton. Bishop of Carlisle. On the 21st of July last, at house, esq., 67.-At Gottenburg, David Low, Sierre Leone, Charles Barrett, Deputy Assist- esq., 84.- At Worthing, Mrs. Lawrell, of Lower ant Commissary General, 29.-At his seat at Grosvenor-street, 65. Cirencester, Sept. 23, Dr. Matthew Baillie: he At Hoxton, Caleb Mortimer, esq. late of the had, in some measure, retired froin general Hon. East India Company's service, 44.-At practice for some years, and except in the case Ecton, Northamptonshire, Elizabeth, wife of the of very old connections, confined himself to con- Hon. and Rev. P. Meade, and daughter of the sultations.-- Miss Joanna Baillie, whose Poems Right Rev. Dr. Percy, Bishop of Dromore.and Series of Plays on the Passions have ob. At Fairtield, near Manchester, suddenly, the tained for ber so inuch celebrity, was sister to Rev. Thomas Moore, one of the Bishops of the the late Dr. Matthew Baillie. The Dr. married Moravians. - In Weymouth-street, Portland. Miss Dedman, sister to Mr. Depman, the Com- place, Mrs. Elizabeth Morgan, late of St. Vinmon Serjeant, by whom be leaves several chil. cent.-At Basford, Mrs. Anne Mitchell, 78. dren.- At Kirkton of Glenbucket, Christian Mrs. Owen, mother of the late Rev. J. Owen, Benton, 101.- Iņ Church-street, Kensington, Secretary to the British and Eoreigo Bible SoJoseph Battie, esq. late of the Bengal Ésta. ciety.-Recently, at Genoa, William Owen, esq. blishment, 79,--In Devonshire, Ayn, the eldest Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge.--At daughter of Alexander Belmanno, esq. of Upper Bushey, Herts, Mrs. Oldfield, 86. Charlotte-street, Fitzroy-square, 23.

Henry John, son of John Portai, esq. of Free. At Dunkirk, Sept. 23, the Rev. R. Crowther, folk-house, Overton, Hants.-Sept. 14, the Rev. Vicar of Spratton, in Northamptonshire.Sept. Henry Anthony Pye, jun. of Magdalen College, 4, the Rev. John Cayley, esq. of Low Hall, Oxford, 24. – Oct 7, at Charlewood, Harriet, Brompton : he was the Vicar and Rector of wife of the Rey. Stanier Porten.-At Somers' Terrington, near Castle Howard, which living Town, Lieut-col. Robert Platt, late of the 5th he held near sixty years.--In Whitecross-street foot, 75.- In Holywell, Mr. William Purdue, of Prison, where he had been contined seven years Exeter College, Oxford, 61. for a debt of 7,0001, which he had nearly

paid The Rev. C. R. Rushworth, Fellow of St. hy instalments, Captain Marcus Lowther Crof. John's College, Cambridge.-At Florence, Mr. ton, late of the Bourbon Regiment.-Sept. 19, Laurence Rowe, of Brentford, 69. Charles Cole, esg. of Ditcham Grove, Hanis, 89. In Edinburgh, Captain Alexander Skeene, of

William Dowdeswell, esg. of Ewell, Surrey.- His Majesty's ship Britannia:-On the 17th of Sept. 19, in Portniap. square, the Hon. Mary February, in the Bay of St. John's, Antigua, a Palience Denny, wife of Anthony Denny, esq. black woman named Statira, who, by informa. and youngest daughter of the late Admiral Lord tion from herself, must have attained the adCollingwood.-While sitting at table after din- vanced age of 132 to 134. She was a slave, ner, of an apoplectic tit, Joseph Debaufre, esq. and was hired as a day labourer during the of Richmond-hill, Surrey.--At Walmer, Sarah building of the gaol, and was present at the lay. Laurie, youngest daughter of Captain Dower, ing of the corner stone, which ceremony took R.N. -- At Stubington, near Titchfield, John place 116 years ago. She also stated that she Dewes, esq. late Paymaster of the 28th foot. was a young woman grown when President

Sept. 21, at Fawley Parsonage, the Rer. R. Sharpe assumed the administration of the island, C. Fanshawe, 41. - At Kensington Gore, the which was in 1706, so that allowing her to be widow of the late Jobn Fitzgerald, esq. – At then only eighteen, it brings ber age to that of Stockbridge, Major W. Forrester, of Culmore. 134.

At Boulogne, Marianne Hesse Gordon, wi- Sept. 27, at the Reetory, Hougham, Lincolndow of the late Wm. Hesse Gordon, esq.

shire, the Rev. George Thorold, third son oi the Lately, at Sierra Leone, the Rev. Mr. Hud- late Sir John Thorold, of Syston Park, 48.-At dlestone, Methodist Missionary there, very soon Cragg, near Ulverston, Mr. Joseph Taylor; the after the death of his colleague, the Rev. Mr. body, when laid out, measured six feet seven Lane.-Lately, at Willesley-hall, Derbyshire, inches in length, 20.-At Dominica, Henry B. General Sir Charles Hastings, late Colonel of Tulioh, esq. Colonial Secretary to the above the 12th foot.-In London, Lady Hare, wife of island, 22. Sir Thomas Hare, of Stow-hall, Norfolk.

William Warre, esq. of Albany, and of Brad. At Kegworth, Sept. 19, the Rev. Jos. Jones, ford, Somersetshire, 75. A.B. many years perpetual curate of that place, Lord Yarborough; his Lordship is succeeded 86.

in his titles by his eldest son, Charles Anderson

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Extracted from the London Gazette.

N.B. All the Meetings are at the Court of Commissioners, Basinghall-street,

unless otherwise expressed. The Attornies' Names are in Parenthesis.

J. Carpenter, and J. P. Carpenter, of Wellington, Somersetsbire, bankers.

BANKRUPTCIES ENLARGED. J. W. Hone, of Brixton, Surrey, draper. From T. Reed, of High Holborn, linen-draper. From Oct. 11 to 25.

Sept. 30 to Oct. II. R. Wilson and F. Wilson, late of Oxford-street,

linen-drapers. From Oct. 11 to Nov. 29.

BANKRUPTS. Atkinson, T. Ludgate-hill, cabinet-maker and Hopkins, J. Llantrissant, Glamorganshire, malt

upholsterer. (Harvey and Co. Lincoln's-inn- ster. (Jenkins and Co. New Inn. fields.

Hepple, J. of Cambo, Northumberland, cooper. Atherton, J. Lancaster, saddler. (Chester, (Bell and Broderick, Bow Church-yard Staple-inn.

Hibbert, J. Hylord's-court, Cratehed-friars, Anning, D. Axminster. Devonshire, grocer. wine and spirit merchant. (Noy and Hard(Collett and Co. Chancery-lane.

stone, Great Tower-street. Barton, R. of Willow-walk, Cambridge, coach Hurry, W.C. Mineing-lane, merchant. (Swain,

proprietor. (Stafford, Buckingham - street, Stevens, Maples, Pearse, and Hunt, FreStrand.

derick's-place, Old Jewry. Boulting, J. of Halsted, Essex, linen-draper. Jenkins, J. Tewkesbury, Gloucester, miller. (Willett, Essex-street, Strand.

(Windus, Bartlett's-buildings. Bradford, B. late of Yardley-street, Spafields, Jones, J. Worthing, innkeeper. (Hicks, Gray's

and of William-street, Spafields, leather and Ind-square.

silk-japanner. (Gale, Basinghall-street. Kingsell, J. Blackwall, plumber. (West, Red Ball, H. and F. Kirkham Powell, of Ottery, St. Lion-street, Wapping.

Mary, Devonshire, woollen-manufacturers. Lumley, J. Foston Mills, Foston, York, corg

(Blake, Great Surrey-street, Blackfriars, factor. (Ellis and Co. Chancery-lane. Bailey, J. N. late of Chancery-lane, bookseller. Masterman, W. Stillingteet, Yorkshire, dealer. (Tilson and Co., of Coleman-street.

(Jaques and Co. New-inn. Burge, J. Bristol, butcher. (Clarke and Co. Moore, E. Hanway-street, Oxford-street, silkChancery-lane.

mercer and draper. (Phipps, Weaver's-hall. Brownhill, B. Stockport, Cheshire, brewer. Mollett, J, Lower Thames-street, rietualler. (Tyler, Temple.

(Woodward and Co. Tokenhouse-yard. Burgess, A. Huine, Manchester, dyer. (Hurd M'Gowen, W. Newark, Nottingham, tea-dealer, . and Co. London.

(Chester, Staple-inn. Cleaver, W. Holborn, soap-manufacturer (now Phillips, M. and H. Devonshire street, Bishop

or lately trading under the firm of W. Cleaver gate.street, hatters. (Isaacs, Mansell-street, and Co. (Rogers and Sons, Manchester- Goodman's-fields. buildings.

Phillips, H. Devonshire-street, Bishopsgate. Cornfoot, A. of Houndsditch, baker. (Constable street, hatter. (Annesley, East India Chamand Co. Symond's-inn.

bers. Cox, C. of St. Martin's-lane, Charing-cross, Pigot, w, late of Red-ball, Burstow, Surrey, draper. (Tanner, Fore-street.

farmer. (Baddeley,Leman-street, Goodinan's. Critchley J. and T. Walker, of Bolton-le-Moors, fields.

Lancashire, spirit - merchants. (Adlington Peplow, J. New Bond-street, farrier. (Thomas, and Co. Bedford-row.

fen-court, Fenchurch-street. Drakes, D. and G. Smith, of Reading, Berks. Rowland, E. L. Ruabon, iron-master. (Browne,

linen-drapers. (T. Gates, Cateaton-street. Wrexham Dixon, P. and E. Fisher, of Greenwich, linen- Robertson, E. French-horn-yard, Dean-street,

drapers. (Amory and Coles, Throgmorton- High Holborn, coach-smith. (Hutchinson, street.

Crown-court, Threadneedle-street. Duncalfe, J. sen. Donnington Wood-mill, Shrop- Rogers, W. Gusport, Southampton, butcher. shire. (Mott, Essex-street, Strand.

(Cottle, Aldermanbary. Ferguson, J. Liverpool, master-mariner and Rooke, J. Bishopsgate-street Without, woolles

merchant. (E. Chester, Staple-inn, Holborn, draper. (Tanner, Fore-street. Green, J. White-horse-terrace, Stepney, coal. Smith, T. Manor-row, Tower-hill, earthenware

merchant. (Freeman and Heathcote, Cole- man. (Robinson, Walbrook. man-street.

Sutton, W. late of Sunbury, Middlesex, brewer. Greetham, 'T. Liverpool,ship-chandler. (Chester, (Vincent, Bedford-street, Bedford square. Staple-inn.

Steel, J. and G.late of Rotherhitbe, Surrey, but Gaskell, J. late of Windle, Lancaster, miller. now of Greenwich, Kent, timber-merebants. (Chester, Staple-inn.

(Pratt, Fenchurch-street. Goodwin, R. Lainb's Conduit-street, silk-mercer. Simmons, A, Strand, tailor. (Hamilton and Ce. (Hurst, Milk-street.

Tavistock-street, Covent-garden. Gaskill, G. Lancaster, woollen-draper. (Holmes 'Thurtell, T. Haymarket, victialler. (Hewits. and Co.New Inp.

Tokenhouse-yard, Lothbury. Farusworth, J. Ripley, Verbyshire, rietunler. Twigg, T. now or late of Salford, Lancashire

(Taylor and Co. Featherstone · buildings, victualler. (Milne aud Party, Temple, Holborn,

Tarbuck, J. Sutton, Lancashire, brewer. (Bat

tye, Chancery-lane.
Wood, J. Cardiff, Glamorgan, banker. (Jonas

Gregory, Clement's-inn.
Waters, R. Union-court, Broad-street, London,

merchant. (Gregson and Fonnereau, Angel-
court, Thrigmorton-street.
Willment, s. Wilton, Somerset, timber-mer-

chant. (Loftus and Co. New-inn.

Wright, G. T. Piccadilly, ironmonger. (Fisher,

Worgan, J. B. Bedminster, spirit dealer. (Poole

and Co. Gray's Inn-square.
West, E. Little Froome, Herefordshire, miller.

(Platt, Lincoln's-inn. Wombwell, W. Battlebridge, horse - dealer.

(Williams and Co. Gray’s-inn.

DIVIDENDS Agard, M., F. S. Agard, and W. S. Agard, of Horne, W. and J. Stackhouse, Liverpool, merBorrowash, Derbyshire, millers, Oct. 24.

chants, Oct. 28. Atkinson, G. and P. Atkinson, of Kirbymoor- Jenkins, T. late of the Extra Parochial of Lan

side, Yorkshire, corn-merchants, Oct. 30. vithen, Glamorganshire, dealer and chapman, Adams, L. and J. Barker, Doncaster, iron- Oct. 21. founders, Nov. 3.

Jones, J. late of Coreley, Shropshire, limeBeattie, G. Salford, Lancashire, dyer, Nor. 11. burner, Oct. 31. Barnes, J. Pendleton, near Mancbester, brewer, Keep, J. late of Nottingham, grocer, but afterNor. 7.

wards of Grainsby, Lincolnshire, farmer, Briscoe Whalley, G. Basinghall-street, woollen- Nov. 4. drapers, Oct. 25.

Mason, J. P. Cambridge, cook, Nov. 10. Burbery, J. Coventry, ribbon-manufacturer, Mitchell, P. Bungay, Suffolk, stationer and Oct. 27.

bookseller, Nov. 4. Bennett, J. late of Greenfairfield, Derbyshire, Pitstow, J. Earl's Colne, Essex, miller, Oct. 28. cattle-dealer, Oct. 25.

Potts, W. Sheerness, liden-draper, Nov. 8. Barnwell, J. now or late of Leamington-Priors, Pritchard,J. Rosoman-street, St. James, Clerk

Warwickshire,carpenter and builder, Nov. 18. enwell, carpenter and builder, Nov. 15. Barge, B. Clifford-street, Bond-street, wine- Pitt, J. Cirencester, Gloucestershire, woulstamerchant, Nov. 8.

pler, Nov.5. Barrett, W. Cardiff, Glamorganshire, innholder Page, G. Cranbourn-street, silk-mercer, Oct. 21, and spirit-merchant, Nov. 6.

Robertson, J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, silverBurry, T. Little Hampton, Sussex, grocer, Oct. smith, Oct. 28. 28.

Rangecrost, J. Binfield, Berkshire, grazier and Cannon, J. Liverpool, merchant, Nov.8.

dealer in cattle, Nov. l. Campbell, B. late of Prince's-square, Rateliffe. Russel, W. Bow Church-yard, warehouseman, highway, insurance-broker, Nov. 1.

Nov. 8. Carter Hartley, T. Minories, victualler, Nov. 8. Richardson, J. Kingston - upon - Hull, corn Cox Albion, R., G. Weston, J. Furber, and 6. dealer, Oct. 21.

Cox, Little Britain, bankers and refiners, Spitta, C. L. F. Molling, G. Molling, and H. A. Nov. 4.

Spitta, Lawrence Pountney-lane, merchants, Carlile W. Bolton, and J. Bainbridge, Preston, Nov. 8.

Lancashire, cotton-manufacturers and whit. Southbrook, E. C. Covent-garden Chambers, sters, Nov. 4.

merchant, Nov. l. Campbell, J. White Lion-court, Cornhill, mer. Shirley, R. Bucklersbury, carpet manufacturer, chant, Nov. 1.

Nov. 1. Crossland, S. Liverpool, ship-chandler, Oct. 30. Sheriffe, J. Farnham, Surrey, grocer, Nov,l. Edwards, J. Elder-street, Norton Falgate, silk- Smith, A. Lime-street-square, merchant and weaver, Nov. l.

agent, Oct. 25. Farmer,n. East-lane, Bermondsey, rope-maker, Smerdon, C. and B. Penn, Liverpool, druggists, Nov. 4.

Oct. 16. Fox, T. Great Surrey-street, Blackfriar's-road, Stevens, J. Newgate-street, carpet-warehousewoollen-draper, Dec. 20.

man, Oct. 25. Field, Isaac, and Luke Royston, Leeds, York. Turner, W. Ruckholt House, Layton, Essex, shire, cloth and stuff-merchants, Nov. 4.

dealer in horses, Nov. 4. Ferns, G. jun., late of Stockport, Cheshire, Treadway, T. Sloane-square, St. Luke, Chelsea, grocer aud tallow-chandler, Nov. I.

chinaman, Nov. 4. Garbett, S. Birmingham, merchant, Nov. 8. Tribaudino, C. J. Cleveland-street, Mile End, Gooch, W. Potter-street, Harlow, Essex, wine silk-dyer, Nov. 1.' and brandy-merchant, Nov. 4.

Tully, F. late of Bristol, baker, Oct. 27. Godfrey Feise, Lawrence Pountney Hill, mer- Webster, J. Tower-street, merchant, Oct. 21. chant, No. 1.

Watson, W. sen, and W. Watson, jun. Alnwick, Goldney, T. Chippenham, Wiltshire, clothier, Northumberland, corn-factors, Oct. 18. Oct. 20.

Willis, R. Broad-street, Bloomsbury, tobacGee, S. Cambridge, tinman and brazier, Nov, 6. nist, Nov. 15. Glover, J., J. Hall, s. Haynes, and Walter Wadsworth, J. now or late of Long Buckley,

Haynes, late of Worcester, porter-brewers, Northamptonshire, dealer and chapman, NoOct. 29.

vember 6. Higton, J. and J. Brewer, now or late of Broad- Webb, H. Rochdale, Lancashire, woolstapler, way, Blackfriars, warehousemen, Nov. 8.

Oct. 25. Hewlett, T. late of Southborough, Kent, gun- Wright, G. St. Martin's-lane, Westminster, boot powder manufacturer, Nov. 18.

and shoe factor, Oct. 21 Hooper, J. Tooley-street, Southwark, chymist Waldie, J. and S. late of Dalston, Cumberland, and druggist, Nov. 4.

manufacturers, Oct. 17. Holland, S. Bexhill, Sussex, coal-merchant, Warburton, J. Hardwick-mill, Herefordshire, Oct. 27.

miller, Oct. 17. Harvey, M. B. Witham, and J. W. Harvey, late

of Hadleigh Hall, Essex, bankers, Nov. l.



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