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in a most deplorable state, their re- Morales barely to disturb the public venue is derived from the farming out peace, and to retard the progress of of national lands, but, owing to the civilization in that province; bot so litstate of the war, it appears that, of the tle apprehensive is the government of two most material tracts, the one has Columbia of his power, that they have for some time laid fallow, and the other sent a considerable part of their army has yielded but a precarious and di- to the assistance of ihe patriotic cause minished return to the public treasury. in Peru. —The Portuguese have at The fleet and army have therefore been length been obliged to evacuate Bahia, supported by the voluntary contribu- and thus the whole of the Brazils are tions of wealthy individuals, princi. not only independent of Portugal, but pally in the Islands; and it appears really form the more powerful kingdom that the triumph of the Greek cause of the two, having indicted severe can be retarded or injured solely by losses on the Portuguese feet upon its the want of funds to call forth the na. leaving Bahia. The son of the King tional forces, and to maintain them in of Portugal continues at the head of the field against the enemy.

the Brazilian government as an indeWe are sorry to have to record, that pepdent sovereigo ; but the people of the Emperors of Russia and Austria, as- the Brazils are now firm in their desuming upon their superior force, have mands of a settled constitution, and proceeded to the most palpable viola- the triumph of republicanism appears tion of all inter-national law and pub. to us to be fast approaching. We lic justice, by dictating to Bavaria, to much doubt whether ihe Emperor of Wirtemberg, and to Switzerland, aud the Brazils will not be obliged, ere to other independent states, several many months, to join his family in measures of a nature to check every re. Lisbon. So constrained is he to yield form of abuses and all improvements to public opinion, that he has already of public institutions; their system been under the necessity of condemnbeing that of establishing the most ing all the practices and principles of thorough despotism, by keeping man. his father's government of the Brazils, kind in a state of absolate ignorance and to vituperate those persons with and vassalage. The mere fact of pow- whom he himself formerly acted. Great erful sovereigos prescribing even mea- Britain continues to with-hold her acsures of police to thoroughly inde- knowledgment of the independence of pendent states at once abolishes every the Spanish-American Republics; but moral and intellectual bond of national His Majesty's goveroment must obviexistence, and reduces the whole Eu- ously have powerful motives for a delay ropean system to a mere exertion of which has so materially injured the lawless violence and brutal force. But commerce of the country, and which is a short period will enable us to ex- so little in unison with the feelings of patiate more fully on this important the more intelligent of the people. topic.

The foreign relations of our governIn America the hopes of mankind ment are so complex, that we ought assume a brighter aspect; Mexico is not hastily to condemn measures benow treating with the mother country cause they are contrary to the wisbes on the basis of thorough independence. of the community, or because they apThe clandestine and unjustiñable as. pear discordant to enlarged principles sistance afforded to the royalists in of policy, or even to the principles of Venezuela by the French, bas enabled justice.


SONS. Right Hon. Lady Eleanor Balfour, at White- The Lady of Lieut.-Colonel Mercer, of the 3d house, Burntsfield, Scotland

Guards Viscountess Newport, at Castle Bromwich The Lady of Joseph Phillimore, LL.D. & M.P. Lady Cawdor, at Longleat, still-born

The Lady of George Evelyn, esq. in GloucesterThe Right Hon. Lady Foley, in Grosvenor sq. place Lady Jane Neville, at Billingbear, Berks

Lady of Major De Bathe,of the 85th Light The Marchioness of Chandos

Infantry, at Malta Lady Barham, at Barham Court

The Lady of Major Crowe, of the 32d Regi. Lady Wigram, at Connaught-place

ment, at Corfu Lady Synge, of High Clitr-house, Dorsetshire The Lady of Col. Freesc, Acting Commander The Lady of the Hon. Mr. Anthony Denny of Artillery, at St. Thomas's Mount, Madras.

DAUGHTERS. Lady Sophia Macdonald, still-born

The Lady of James Stuart, esq. at Tunbridge The' Lady of Charles Shaw Lefevre, esq. at Wells Hickfield-place

The Lady of John Madocks, esq. at Glanywern, The Lady of William Curtis, esq. in Portland-pl. Denbigh The Lady of George Sinclair, esq. late M.P. for The Lady of Andrew Spottiswoode, esq., of Caithness

Bedford-square The Lady of the Rev. Bartlet Goodrich, at The Lady of William Reynolds, esq. at Milford. Great Saling

house near Lymington The Lady of the Rev. James Evans Phillipps. The Lady of w. B. Gurney, esq. of Essexat the Rectory, Boyton, Wilts.

street The Lady of James Woodforde, esq. in Devon- The Lady of Octavius Greene, esq. in Devonshire-street, Portland-place

shire-street, The Lady of Sebastian Smith, esq. of Wey- The Lady of P. Brown, M.P. at Totteridge mouth-street, Portland-place

The Lady of Dr. Darling, in Russell-square,

field, esg.

MARRIAGES. Armstrong, Joho, jun. esq. of Lancaster, to Duncombe, Philip Pauncefort, esq. of Buckhill

Haonab, third daughter of Abraham Cromp- Manor, Bucks, to ton, esq. of Lune Villa.

Sophia Frances, youngest daughter of the Baldwin, Charles Barry, esq. of the Inner Tem- late Sir William Foulis, of Ingleby Manor, ple, to

Yorkshire. Frances Lydia, third daughter of Walter Dundas, the Hon. 'Thomas, eldest son of Lord Boyd, esq.

Dundas, to Beyan, Richard, esq. son of Sylvanus Bevan, Sophia Jane, sister to Sir Hedworth Wilesq. of Fosbury, Wilts, to

liamson. Charlotte, only daughter of the late Lieut.- Dowdeswell, G. esq. late a member of the SuCol. Hunter, of the 19th foot.

preme Council in Bengal, to Burroughes, the Rev. Ellis, jun. at Binfield, Miss Mary Ann Rose Egerton. Berkshire, to

Pould, Achilles, esq. of Paris, to Elizabeth, the eldest daughter of Lieut.-Gen. Henrietta, daughter of L. A. Goldschmidt, Sir Francis Wilder.

esq. Bethel Otley, the Rev. Charles, Rector of Tor- Franklin, Capt., N.R., to tington, in Sussex, to

Eleanor Anne, youngest daughter of the late Maria, youngest daughter of the late J. Dela. Wm. Porden, esq. of Berner's-street.

Gilpin, William, eldest son of the late William Bowden, Henry Sparks, esq. of Bradninch, De- Gilpin, esq. of East Sheen, Surrey, to vonshire, to

Lucy Eliza, eldest daughter of William Fow. Eliza Packman Sharpe, daughter of the late ler Jones, esq. of Ashurst Park, Kent.

Samuel Sharpe, esq. of Clapham-common. Hesketh, Henry, esq. only son of Henry HesBridges, John William, esq. of Great Coram- keth, esq. of Newton, Cheshire, to street, London, to

Margaret, second daughter of the late James Harriet, fifth daughter of John Hanson, esq. Hilton, esq. of Pennington Hall, Lancaster. of the Rookery, Woodford.

Jolliffe, Gilbert East, esq. to Buckle, Noah John Neale, esq. of Chacely- Margaret Ellen, daughter of Sir Edward House, Worcestershire, to

Banks. Penelope, eldest daughter of Captain Thomas Jenkinson, Captain Henry, R.N. eldest son of Martin, of the Hon. East India Company's Lieut.-General Jenkinson, to Service.

Miss Acland, sister to Sir Thomas Dyke Clarkson, Frederick, esq. of Doctors' Commons, A cland. to

Knight, Lieutenant James, R.N. at Richmond, Frances Hodgkins, daughter of the late Rev. to George Hodgkins, of Stoke Newington, Mid- Catharine, eldest daughter of the late 'Thos, dlesex.

Christinas, esq.of Whitfield, county of WaterCovey, the Rev. Charles, M.A. of St. John's ford. College, Cambridge, to

Lechmere, Sir Anthony, bart, of the Rhyd, Mary Rogers, eldest daughter of the Rev. Worcester, to Charles Coxwell, of Cheltenham.

Villiers, Miss, bar-maid at the Hop-pole-inn, Davis, Francis Henry, esq. of His Majesty's in the city of Worcester. Remembrancer Office, to

Montagu, Henry Seymour, esq. at St. Mary-leLucy Clementina, only daughter of Lord bone, to Maurice Drummond.

Long, Maria Miss, niece to Sir Charles Long. Eur. Mag. Sept. 1823.


Montague, Captain W. A., R.N. and C.B., to Stirling, James, esq. Capt. R.N., at Stoke, to

Anne, third daughter of Sir George William Ellen, daughter of James Mangles, en. of Leeds, of Croxton Park, Camb.

Woodbridge, near Guildford. Martineau, Joseph, esq. at Bath, to

Smith, H. Vincent, esq. of Lincoln's-inn, to Caroline, youngest daughter of the late Dr. Esther, only daughter of Andrew Lovering Parry, of Bath.

Sarel, esq. of Upper Cadogan-place. Macleod, Captain, of the 1st. batt. 18th regt. Tupper, Daniel, esq. third son of the late . N.I., to

Daniel Tupper, of itaute-Ville, esq. to Searle, Ann Emma, at Seringapatam.

Maria, youngest daughter of the late MajorPerty, Mr. Daniel, Bxaminer in the Govern- General John Gaspard Le Marchant, the first ment Office, Madras, to

Lieutenant-Governor of the Royal Military M'Carty, Mrs. Mary Euphemia.


DEATHS. At bis seat, Broomham, in the county of Sus. Samuel Godfrey, esq. for upwards of thirty sex, Sir William Ashburnbam, bart. in the 85th years member of the Stock Exchange. On the year of his age.--Gilling, near Richmond, York. 22d of March last, at Calcutta, John Gilmore, shire, the Rev. Pichard Mozely Atkinson, M.A. esq., in his 60th year.-Mr. Goodall, forty years one of His Majesty's Justices of the Peace for master of the ceremonies at Salisbury, 78. the North Riding of that county, and Vicar of After a very short illness, Robert Houghton, Whatton-cum-Aslockton, Nottinghamshire. - esq., of Conduit-street.-At Newington-green, At Eastbourne, near Midhurst, Sussex, the in his 78th year, Benjamin Hatton, esq.-At Rev. Samuel Araott, perpetual curate of that Stewkley, Bucks, after a lingering nlness, parish, Rector of Linch, and late Fellow of St. William Hedges,

esq., of Newbury. Berks, 35. John's College, Oxford, 37.- At Kensington, -At Paris, the Earl of Hopetoun.-At BideGideon Ardisoft, esq.

ford, Dr. Hammond, M.D. In Guilford-streer, Russell-square, Eliza, the Very suddenly, after returning from an airsecond daughter of the late William Bagster, ing in his carriage, the very Rev. Caley Illing: esq. of St. Alban's, Herts.-At Homerton, Mrs. worth, of Scampton, near Lincoln, D.D. and Elizabeth Berger, widow of Lewis Berger, esq. F.R.S. Prebendary of Liddington, and Arehlate of the said place, 71.-The Rev. Dr. Boys, deacon, of Stow, in the diocese of Lincoln. Rector of Stration, in the county of Gloucester, At Dawlish, Devonshire, Elizabeth, second and Radeliffe, in the county of Bucks, 69.-Of daughter of the late Rev. D. Jenks, of Aldbury. apoplexy, at St. Martin's, Shropshire, the Rev. Hertfordshire. J. W. Bourke, M.A. Vicar of that parish and of At Weston Green, Thames Ditton, Surrey, Oswestry.-In Finsbury-place, Mrz, Elizabeth John Kaye, esq., late Accountant-General to de Bernales, wife of J. Č. de Bernales, esq.- the East India Company, at Bombay.-Lately, At Cobham-lodge, Surrey, General Buckley, at Cologne, Louisa, the wife of Mr. Edward Governor of Pendennis Castle.

Knobel, of Charles-street, Berkeley-square. At Margate, Emily, the youngest daughter of On the 13th of July last, at Shaw-park, in the Charles Clarke, esq. of Upper Woburn-place, island of Jamaica, deeply regretted, Captain Tavistock-square.-At Richmond, Surrey, Isa- George King, of the merchant ship, James bella Frances Crispio, only daughter of John Laing, 27.- At Worthing, Frances, wife of the Crispin, esg. British Consul at Oporto, 17.-In Rev. John Kirkby, Rector of Gotham. Guilford-street, John Cowley. esq., in the 77th Alexander Leigh, esq. of Leeds, and brother year.–At Bill-hill, near Wokingham, in Berk- to Sir Robert Leigh, of Whitley, in Lancashire. shire, Catherine, the wife of Geo. James Chol. -At the Parsopage, at Ashe, in Hampsluire. mondetey, esq.,51.

The Rev. John Cayley, of the Rev.J. H. G. Lefroy, of that place, and of Low-ball, Brompton: he was the Vicar and Ewshot-house, 42. Rector of Terrington, near Castle Howard, At Clapham, Richard Meldey, Esq., 82.- At which living he held nearly sixty years, 83. New Orleans, in Louisiana, Thomas Mather,

At his apartments, 'Trinity-square, Tower- esg. bill, the Rev. Thomas Davies, foriperly Minister At his house, Charles-street, Berkeleyof Queen-streetChapel, Cheapside.--At'Totness, square, George Naussa, exq., 67. Mrs. Diston, widow of the Rev. Mr. Diston.- At Glasgow, William Scott, esg., 47.–At his At Deal, Kent, Mary Ann, the wife of Captain, hause in Upper Brook-street, Major Sned-A! Frederick Dolge, late of the King's German Quebee, Laughlan Smith, esq. ; was supposed Legion.

to be upwards of 100 years of age ; had served At Middleton Cheney, near Banbury, the in Gen. Wolle's army at the taking of Quebec. Rev. Edward Ellis, A.M. Vicar of Chippenham, At Gelliog, near Nottingham, the Rev. Wm. and Under-Master of Westminster School, 38. Smelt, A.M.- At Kelvedon, in Essex, Robert -At Bath, Edward Eyre, esq., of Lansdown Torin, esq., 64. Crescent,

At his house in London-street, Fitzroy.squ., At Cuddalore, Madras, on the 1st of April, John Wolfe, esq., 71,-At Ewell. Surrey, Thos. William French, esq. of the Madras Civil Ser: Williams, esq., 85.- In Tavistock-square, James vice.

Williamson, esq., 57. . At his house, Sontbyille, Wandsworth-road,

LIST OF PATENTS. To William Harwood Horrooks, of warps.-Dated 24th July, 1823.-six Portwood withio Brimington, Cheshire, months allowed to enrol specification. cotton-manufacturer, for certain me- To Richard Gill, of Barrowdown, thods applicable to preparing, clean- Rutlandshire, fellmonyer and parcbing, dressing, and beamiog silk warps, ment-mauufacturer, for his method of and also applicable to beaming other. preparing, dressing, and dyeing sheep

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skins and lambskins with the wool on foreigner residing abroad, is in possesfor rugs, carriages, rooms, and other sion of certain machinery or apparatus pnrposes.-24th July.--two months. to be employed in the casting of metal

To William Jeaks, of Great Russel- types.-51b Aug.six months. street, in the parish of St. George, To Robert Dickinson, of-Park-street, Bloomsbury, Middlesex, for his ap- Southwark, Surrey, esq. for his imparatus for regulating the supply of provement in, addition to the shoeing water in steam-boilers, and other ves- or stopping and treatment of horses' sels for containing water or other feet.5th Aug - six months. liquids.-24th July.--six months. To James Barron, of Well-street, in

To William Davis, of Buurne, Glou. the parish of St. Mary-te-bonne, Venecestershire, and of Leeds, Yorksbire, tian-blind manufacturer, and Jacob engineer, for certaio improvements in Wilson of Welbeck-street, in the machinery for shearing and dressing parish of Mary-le-bone, upholsterer, woollen and other cloths requiring both io the county of Middlesex, for such process -241h July.-six months. certain improvements ju tbe construc.

To Henry Smart, of Berners-street, tion and manufacturing of window in the parish of St. Mary-le-bone, Mid- blinds.-11th Aug.-six months. dlesex, piano-forte manufacturer, for To William Wigston, of Derby, encertain improvements in the construc- gineer, for certain improvements on tion of piano-fortes.-2416 July:-six steam - engines. - Ilth Aug. six months.

months. To Miles Turner, and Lawrence To Henry Constantine Jenuings, of Angell, both of Whitehaven, Cumber- Devonshire-street, in the parish St. land, soap-boilers, for their process to Mary-le-bonne, Middlesex, esq. for an be used in the bleaching of linen, or justrument or machine for preventipg cotton, yarn, or cloth.--241h Jolg.-- the improper escape of gas, aud the dantwo months.

ger and nuisance consequeut thereon. To John Jackson, of the town of -14th Aug -six months. Nottingham, gur-maker, for certain To Robert Rogers, of New Hampimprovements jo the construction of shire, in the United States of America, locks used for the discharge of gups

but now

of Liverpool, Lancashire, and other fire-arms upon the detonat- master mariner and ship-owner, for ing principal.-29th July.

his improved lanyard for the shrouds To Joseph Bower, of Hunslet in the and other rigging of ships and other parish of Leeds, Yorkshire, oil of vitrol- vessels, and an apparatus for setting manufacturer, aod John Bland, of Huns- up the same.-181b Aug - two months. Jet aforesaid, steam - engine manu- To Jobo Malam, of Wakefield, Yorkfacturer, for their improvements in shire, engineer, for his mode of applying such steam-engines as condense out certain materials hitherto unused for of the cylinder, by which improve that purpose to the constructing of rement or invention the air-pump is ren- torts and improvements in other parts dered unnecessary.-31st July-wo of gas apparatus. - 18th Aug. - six months.

mooths. To Jobp Bainbridge, of Bread-street, To Robert Higgins, of the city of Cheapside, London, merchant, who in Norwich, shawl-manufacturer, for bis consequence of a communication re. improved method of consuming or ceived by bim from a foreigner resident destroying smoke. -18th Aug. --six in the United States of North America, mouths. merchant, is in possession of certaió To George Diggles, of College-street, improvenients upon machines for cuts in the parish of St. John, Westmioster, ting, cropping, or shearing wool, or Middlesex, for his improved bit for for from skins; also for eropping or riding horses, and in single and dooble sbearing woollen, silk, cotton, or other harness._19th Avg-six months. 'cloths and velvets, or any other fabrie To Matthias Archibald Robinson, of or fabrics thereof respectively, whether Red Lion-street, in the parish of St. made or composed entirely of wool, George the Martyr, Middlesex, grocer, silk, cotton, or other materials of which tor certain improvements in the mode cloth or velvet is made, or of any mix- of preparing the vegetable matter, ture or mixtnres thereof respectively; commonly called pearl barley, and and also for the purpose of shaving pelts grits or grots made from the corns of or skins.s31st July.-six months. barley and oats, by wbich material

To Louis John Pouchee, of King- when so prepared a superior mucilastreet, Covent-garden, Middlescx, type- gipous beverage may be produced in founder, who, in consequence of a com- in a few minutes.--20th Aug six munication made to him by a certain months. '

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Extracted from the London Gazette.

N.B. All the Meetings are at the Court of Commissioners, Basinghall-street,

unless otherwise expressed. The Attornies' Names are in Parenthesis.

[blocks in formation]

Andrew, P. P. Brighton, grocer. (Willoughby,

Clifford's-inn. Aldersey, P. Liverpool, grocer. (Chester,

Staple-inn. Barnes, W. Newhall, Worcestershire, cow

dealer. (Windus, Bartlett's-buildings. Biles, J. Cranborne, Dorsetshire, blacksmith,

(Hillier and Lewis, Middle Temple-lane. Batterbee, P. F. Norton, Suffolk, brandy-mer

chant. (Golding, Salisbury.square, Fleet

street. Broughall, R. Little Ness, Shropshire, farmer.

(Clarke, Richards, and Medcalf, Chancery

lane. Bisp, D. Shirehampton, Glocestershire, dealer.

(Hicks and Braikenridge, Bartlett's-build

ings, Holborn. Coleman, R. Liverpool, baker. (Wheeler,

Castle-street, Holborn. Caton, H. Beaminster, Dorsetshire, draper.

(Green and Ashurst, Sambrook-court, Ba

singhall-street. Cogger, T. Haymarket, glassman. (Young,

Mark-lane. Crisp, C. and J. Harris, Bristol, shoe-makers,

(Williams and White, Lincoln's-iun. Dighton, G, Rochester, draper. (Green and

Ashurst, Sambrook-court, Basinghall-street, Funston, R. Cambridge, dealer. (J. Robinson,

Half-moon-street, Piccadilly. Fox, T. Great Surrey-street, Blackfriars-road,

woollen-draper. (Bolton, Austinfriars. Fleming, R. Great Yarmouth, wine merchant.

(Daniell, Sewell, and Daniell, Essex-street,

Strand. Fisher, C. York, sculptor. (Walker, New Inn. Fell, H. Princes-street, London, merchant.

(Hodgson and Ogden, St. Mildred's-court. Grange, J. Piccadilly, Covent-garden-market,

and Kingsland-road, fruiterer. (Barber,

Serle-etreet, Lincoln's inn. Graves, J. and H. S.Graves, Langbourn Cham

bers, merchants. (Fisher, Bucklersbury. Garside, J. High-street, Whitechapel, butcher.

(Gray, 'Tyson-place, Kingsland-road. Govett, R. and John Leigh, both of Stringstone,

near Bridge-water, Somerset, tanners. (Staf. ford, Buckingham-street, Strand,

Hunter, J. Halifax, dealer. (Walker, Exche

quer-office, Lincoln's-inn. Howell, J. Llanelly, Carmarthenshire, linen

draper. (Jenkins, James, and Abbott, New.

inn. Holman, R. Crown-street, Finsbury-square

hatter. (R. M. Annesley, East India Chambers, Leadenhall-street.

K H. R. Stafford, silversmith. (Clarke, Rich

ards, and Medcalf, Chancery-lane. Hartwright, T. Kinver, Staffordshire, victualler.

(Farlow, Ely-place, Holborn. Hone, J. W. Brixton, draper. (Wide, Rees,

and Peacock, College-hill. Horn, H. Cherry-garden-street, Rotherhitbe,

merchant. (Birket, Cloak lane. Johnson, W. Liverpool, merchant. (Battye,

Chancery-lane. Jennings, J.Keynsham, Somersetshire,saddler.

(Burfoot, King's Bench-walk, Temple. Kirkpatrick, W. E. now or late of Lime-street,

Londou, merchant. (Gatty and Co., Angel

court, Throgmorton-street. Knowles, Brighthelmstone, stable - keeper,

(France and Palmer, Bedford-row. Lowndes, J. H. Liverpool, merchant. (Slade

and Jones, John-street, Bedford-row. Lee, H.'T. Gravel-lane, Ratcliffe-highway, slop

seller. (Wilde, Rees, and Peacock, College

hill. Myers, Haymarket, tailor. (Morgan, Great

James-street. Martin, J. Bolton, Lancashire, manufacturer.

(Willet, Essex-street, Temple. Matthews, J. jun. Brixham, Deron, coal-mer

chant. (Collett and Co. Chancery.lane. Marchant, J. late of Freshford, Somersetshire,

innkeeper. (Mason, Crescent-place, New

Bridge-street. Meilheim, L. I. De, Arundel-street, Strand,

merehant. (Taylor, New Inn, Strand. Maunders, J. Upper Ground-street, Christ

Church, Sarrey. (Ware and Young, Black

man-street, Borough. Maxwell, Boston, Lincolnshire, tea-dealers.

(Chester, Staple Inn. Mitchell, W. Norwich, silversmith. (Gale, Ba


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