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of the art of Printing, attributed to lauIn Tenessee, the white men have been rence Coster, of Haerlem, and to propose prohibited from marrying the women the most eligible maoner of celebrating of colour.

the fourth centenary of the discovery, CHINA.

have determined to keep the festival The Gazette of Pekin officially an on the 10th of July. M. Vander Palm nounces, that the Emperor has deter has voluntarily undertaken to promined to reduce his army, which is nounce the oration upon that day, and stated to amount to 600,000 men, for a monument of stone will be erected China alone : of these the single pro in the park of the city. Haerlem, Ma. vince of Set-chaen has furnished 33970. yence, and Strasbourg, dispute the HOLLAND.

honour of this invention, which was A native Improvisatore has attracted made in' 1442 or 1443. There are pregreat attention at Amsterdam. Mons. served at Haerlem the first typogra. de Clercq, a distinguished merchant phical blocks of wood, and the books of Amsterdam, had been exclusively which were taken from them, called engaged from his youth in the business Der spiegel vad ooze zalighey (the of his counting-house. At the age of Mirror of Health). This book is entwenty seven he was enabled to devote closed in a silver case, confided to the his attention to literature, and to become care of several magistrates, each of eminent for his knowledge of history, wbom has a key different from the and of Greek, Latin, Spanish, Italian, others. French, English, and German litera

RUSSIA. ture as well as of the literature of his The St. Petersburgh Bible Society own country. He gave a brilliant beld its annual public meeting, on the proof of his acquirements by his an 8th July, 1822, in the Great Hall of swer to the question proposed by the the Palace of Tauride. The Prince Second Class of the lostitute.

Alexander Galitzin, minister of public influence the literature of Spain, Italy, instruction and of worship, presided France, and Germany had had on that at the meeting, and opened the busiof Holland." The golden medal was ness by stating the great success of voted to him for this answer in the the society throughout the empire. sitting of 1822. He recited with en The Council of this Society consists of thusiasm passages from Calderon, sixty-three members, viz. ;-of a presiTasso, Voltaire, Byron, and Schiller. dent, twenty-two vice-presidents, three On any subject proposed by his friends, vice-presidents of Auxiliary Societies, M. de Clercq will pour forth a torrent resident at St. Petersburgh, thirty-one of imagery and fine ideas, clothed in directors and six presidents. The good extempory verse. Professor Kin- Russian translation of the New Testaker of Liege, one of the most eminent ment and of the Psalms was prosecuted poets in Holland, was very incredulous with zeal in 1821 ; and the great sucof Mons. de Clerq's merits, but ha ng cess of the society is attributed to the beard him give an Improvatore disc journies undertaken in the sanje year course upon the dramatic art, he paid by three members of the society, for ample homage to his surprising talents. the purpose of inspecting the AuxilOther eminent men have given an equal iary Societies in the provinces. testimony to Mons. de Clercq's genius, Moscow.-lo a sitting, on the 28th and who, it must be observed, joins to September last, of the Russian Bible these eminent abilities, the most en Society, the report of the proceedings gaging manners and noble principles. was given for the last four months of We insert this article as it has been May, June, July,'and August. It appears transmitted to us by a very eminent that 2762 bibles, testaments, and psalliterary character in Holland, and who teries in the Russian language had assures us of the truth of it.

been sold for 7744 roubles, 50 kopecks. Haerlem, 14th April. - Singular That there had been transmitted to the commemoration of the invention of Auxiliary Societies 2104 copies for Printing. The Regency of this city 10,570 roubles, 10 kopecks. In all having taking into consideration the 4,866 copies for 18,314 roubles, 60 koreport of the Commissioners, appointed pecks; 28 copies had been distributed to ascertain the date of the discovery gratis to the poor. Among these

copies, 1268 were newly printed in the and travelled on foot by unfrequented Polish language. The translation of routs to Karessuando in Swedish Lapthe psalms into Russian was done at land, and thence to Kengis and Hastathe expense of the Society of Moscow, randa. The professor intends to pubwhich had just prepared a second edi- lish his observations on these countries tion of the Russian New Testament, as well as a Prodromus fanae insecwith a Sclavonian Text. Three mem torum Lapponicæ. He has discovered bers of the committee bave undertaken

many species of insects, and the Unithe office of visiting the prisons, the versity has already received from him hospitals, and the houses of the poor, a considerable collection of objects and of supplying them with the Scrip- of natural history. tures. The Bible Society of Peters The pupils and friends of M. Ling, burgh has communicated to that of professor at Stockholm, who has renMoscow several facts relative to the dered himself so celebrated by his success of the Bible Societies of other depth of knowledge and by his poeti. countries.

cal talents, have had a medallion Last September, the Russian exports struck to his honour. One side con. to China amounted to 57,822 roubles; tains an effigy of the professor, with their exports of foreign articles to Per- his name in Anglo-Saxon letters. Oa sia in the same month amounted to the other side is a barp and a gothic 656,597 roubles, whilst the imports sword, with an inscription in Rupic into Jewpaforge from Trapezonti and Icelandic characters. The medal has Constantinople, during the month of been struck by M. Malm, an artist of October, did not exceed 3,105 roubles. great merit.

On the 10th October last, the govern The works for joining the Baltic to ment emancipated one-fourth of the lake Malaern, by the canal of Soederpeasants of Livonia, and the remainder telje, were completed at the latter end will be emancipated by thirds in the of 1819. The trade of the provinces succeeding years, so that by 1825 vas- of Upland, Westmaunia, Sudermania, salage and slavery will cease to exist and of Nericia, must increase in conin that country.

sequence of this new communication. or the commercial cities on the bor The junction of the lakes Wenern and ders of the Black Sea, Taganrog, by its Wettern, so ardently desired by the flourishing trade, has been repdered interior provinces, was effected in 1822. the next in rank to Odessa. This city The navigation of the coasts of Smawas founded, by Catherine the Second land and of Ostrogothia is open as far in 1770, and it already possesses 170 as the North Sea, and the public works stone warehouses and a public bank. have been continued from lake WetThe imports into Taganrog during tern to the Baltic. This great monuthe last ten years have amounted to ment, dating from the period when 47,649,755 roubles, and its exports to Sweden was even threatened with the 67,433,818 roubles. There are twenty loss of her namc, will evince to postemercantile firms in the city, of which rity the bold designs of men who could M. Warwazzi's is one of the most con even direct their thoughts to the juncsiderable.

tion of the two seas. The consequences, GERMANY.

which ought to result from the compleA person in Austria has recently in tion of these works, will accord with vented a species of rocket, which as the dignity of the nation, and with the cends to such a prodigious height, that perseverance which characterises it. it is said they have been seen at a dis According to the proclamation or tance of more than forty leagues. If programme, the University of Upsal on this be the fact, these rockets inay be the 1st. October last, was regulated as of great use as signals, and especially follows: – Theology, five professors, in geographical admeasurements of the three assistants, and two fellows; earth.

Laws, two professors, two assistants,

and three fellows; Medicine, five proMons.J. Guill Zetterstedt, professor fessors, three assistants; Belles Lettres, of botany at the University of Lund, thirteen professors, five assistants, and author of several esteented works twelve fellows. upon natural history, undertook in The king has patronised the work 1821, a voyage of science in ascending entitled “ Swedish Botany, "and the con. the river Tornea aud traversing the tinuation of it is confided by the UniNorwegian and Finland borders of the versity to Dr. Wahlenberg. This learnFrozen Ocean. He repaired to. Tram ed gentleman, last summer, visited Scasoe and the environs of the North Cape, via, in order to compose an Herbarium



or Flora of that province. M. Hifinger, A verse trayslation of Sir Walter at the same time, made a geological Scott's Lady of the Lake has just been visit to Norway, the N. W. coasts of published at Palermo. which kingdom have also been explored by M. Marklin, a learned ento

SWITZERLAND. mologist. The astronomer Cronstaedt The Society of Evangelical Missionhad repaired to the centre provinces aries at Basle have just published the to carry oo the trigonometrical survey, annual report wbich was laid before which by the order of the government them on the Ist. of August last, by M. is to be made of all Sweden.

Blumhardt. It contains intelligence of

the ten pupils who left Basle in 1813, POLAND.

to act as missionaries in distant connOne of the Journals of Warsaw an tries prescribed ta them by the Society. nounces, that Count Dzialiuski has Two of these, Messrs. Mullar and Borbrought to that city a small folio of meister, have established themselves from thirty to forty pages, entirely in at the Island of Seram, in the Moluc. the hand-writing of Napoleon. The cas; a third, Mr. J. Kinderlingen, is identity of the writing is certified by at Paliocotte, a Dutch establishment on Montholon, Mounier, and by the Duke the coast of Coromondel; his school of Bassano. The contents of the vo consists of thirty-seven children, of lume are, several curious documents which six are Pagans. Two others of relating to the history of France and of the pupils, named Jetter and Durr, are Enrope, a paper upon the improvement near Burdwan, in Bengal, employed of Turkish artillery, several fragments by the English Missionary Society, on the campaign of Italy, and, what is they are entrusted with the care of still more important, a plan of the first fourteen schools, consisting of about campaign in Spain, dictated by Napo 1000 young people of the country. leon to the Duke of Abrantes, and in the margias of which are several notes. The volume further contains several Metz (Moselle) Society of Literature, bitherto unknown documents relative Sciences, and Arts. This society pur: to the settling of lines of demarcation poses to open, in May next an exhibibetween France and Austria.

tion of the produce of the industry of Nathan Rosenfield, a Jew mer the department. The society bas, chant of Warsaw, has written a his therefore, addressed a circular to all tory of Poland, in Hebrew.

the artists and manufacturers of the

department of the Moselle, requiring ITALY.

their aid to effect the proposed exbibi. The Gazette of Naples announces tion. The cheapest and most ordinary that several of the unedited MSS. of articles will be exhibited as well as the celebrated Cotugno have been the most costly, and the work of single stolen since his decease. Among others artisans, as well as the produce of are mentioned, his potes upon Cel. manufactories. The same principle sus; his travels in Italy and Germany; will be observed in the distribution of his treatises upon anatomy, pathology, the medais. A report of the different and posology, and upon the diseases of objects exhibited will be made to the women. His history of an acephalous general meeting of the society, and on animal, which lived twelve days, and which occasion the medals will be dishis observations on the egg of a pigeon tributed. that was found to contain another egg, Mons. J. Feret, a bookseller at Borwith many valuable observations ar deaux, has been condemned to one ranged in a manner similar to those of years' imprisonment, and to a fine of Morgani in his De causis et sedibus 500 francs, with a prohibition of carrymorborum per anatomen indagatis, and ing on his business for one year, for an interesting disertation, De plexu selling two copies of a work in four plectiformi auris humanæ, in which he volumes, entitled “Eight years of Nademonstrates how many phenomena poleon.” can be explained by the accessory nerve A royal ordinance of the 26th Feb. now discovered by Willis, and the causes ruary, 1823, authorizes the laying of our experiencing different sensations down of an iron road or rail-way, from from the sounds of certain instruments. the Loire to the Pont de l’Ape, upon If these MSS. be not recovered, they the river of Furens, through the coat will be a great loss to the learned tracks (territoire houiller) of St. Steworld, and medical science in par. phens. The work is to be completed ticular.

in five years.

Eur. Mag. June, 1823.



Just published, Whittingham's French been done in Botany since the publicaClassics, vol. i, containing Paul et tion of this Author's Flora Britannica Virginie, par St. Pierre. Price 28. 6d. and English Botany, especially with sewed.

regard to natural affinities; and he has The Napoleon Anecdotes, complete tor thirty years past found so much to in 3 vols. 158. boards.

correct, in the cbaracters and synonyms The Book of Pate, fourth edition, of British Plants, that this will be en5s, boards.

tirely an original work. The language Whittingham's Cabinet Edition of also is attempted to be reduced to a Elegant Extracts in Poetry, selected correct standard. The genera are reby R. A. Davenport, Esq. Part 1 and formed, and the species defined, from 2, price 2s. 6d. eacb, to be continued practical observation; and it is hoped monthly.

the expectations of British botanists In the press, Imaginary Conversa will not be disappointed. tions of Literary Men and Statesmen. Journal of a Ten Months' Residence By Walter Savage Landor, Esq. in 1 in New Zealand. By Captain A. Cruise, vol. 8vo.

of thc 84th Regiment. In 8vo. A Classical Assistant to the Study of The Three Perils of Woman. By Homer, Virgil, &c. in the translations James Hogg, Autbor of the “ Three of Pope and Dryden. By Mrs. Orm, Perils of Man,' &c. In 3 vols. 12mo. in 1 vol. 8vo.

A Geogvostical Essay on the SuperpoJournal of a Tour in France, in the sition of Rocks in both Hemispheres. years 1817 and 1818. By Francis Jane By M. de Humboldt. And translated Carey, Svo.

into English, under his immediate InFlora Domestica; or, the Portable spection. In I vol. 8vo. Flower Garden, with Directions for the A Picturesque Voyage round Great Treatment of Plants in Pots, and Illus Britain, containing a Series of Views, trations from the works of the Poets, illustrative of the Character and proIn 1 volume, 8vo.

minent Features of the Coast. By W. Early in July will be published, vol. Daniell, A.R.A. Volume the Seventh. 2, of Whittingham's French Classics, In imperial 4to. containing Elizabeth, or les Exilés en Sketches of the Lives of Correggio Siberie. Par Madame Cottin.

and Parmegiano, with Notices of their Whittingham's Pocket Novelists, vol. principal works; beautifully printed in 13, containing Joseph Andrews. By small 8vo, with a Portrait. Fielding

Self-Delusion, or Adelaide d'HauWhitiingham's Cabinet Edition of teroche. By the Author of “ Domestic Elegant Extracts in Poetry, selected Scenes." In 2 vols, 12mo. by R. A. Davenport, Esq. Part III. Lectures on the General Structure of Price 28. 6d., to be completed in 12 the Human Body, and on the Anatomy monthly parts.

and Functions of the Skin; delivered Preparing for publication, Six Etch before the Royal College of Surgeons ings, from Pen Drawings, of Interesting of London, during the course of 1823. Scenes in Italy, drawn and etched by By Thomas Chevalier, F.R.S F.S.A. Mr. W. Cowen, and dedicated, by per and F.L.S., Surgeon Extraordinary to mission, to Lord Viscount Milton. Size the King, and Professor of Anatomy of the prints 16 inches by 10,

and Surgery to the College. In 1 vol. Mr. Herbert Mayo has in the press, 8vo. a Second Number of bis Anatomical The Royal Naval Biography, vol. 1 and Physiological Commentaries. parts I. and II. In 8vo. containing The following works will be pablished Memoirs of all the Flag Officers living

during the present month. at the commencement of the present Oservations made during a Residence year. By John Marshall, (B), Lieut. in the Tarentaise and various Parts of R.N. the Grecian and Pennine Alps, in Sa. Vols. II. and I11, containing Memoirs voy, and in Switzerland and Auvergne, of the Captains and Commanders, will in the Years 1820, 1921, and 18:2, with appear shortly. Remarks on the present State of Society, The History of the Anglo-Saxons, Manners, Religion, Agriculture, Cli. from their first appearance in Europe mate, &c. By Robert Bakewell, Esq. to the end of their Dynasty in England; In 2 vols. 8vo. illustrated with Plates, comprising the History of England &c. &c.

from the Norman Conquest. By Sharon The English Flora. By Sir J. E. Turner, F.S.A. The Fourth Edition, in Smith, President of the Linnæan So. 3 thick vols. 8vo, corrected and imciety, &c. &c. In 8vo. So much has proved, with a Map.



SINCE our last number, we have wit- and they are described by a beautifully nessed the representation of a new corresponding variety of sound. The Opera, called Ricciardo et Zoraide ; only part of the finale to which we which, as a dramatic production, is object, is that beginning “Qual suono like the great mass of serious Italian terribile " which dreadfal sound is Operas, beneath Criticism ; it is made nothing more than a lively movement up by Rossini from all his anterior on the harp. The opening chorus is works, and scarcely contains a passage energetic and expressive. It is the that may not be found in one or other best and most original in the Opera. of bis numerous compositions. The It opens with a strain grand and sodramatis persona are as follows: lemn. The succeeding movement on

the horn is most pleasing; and the Agorante, an African

march which follows must, for its Conqueror ....., Sig. Garcia. chaste sweetness, become a favourite : Ricciardo, the lover of

Madame Camporese sustained the part Zoraide, and friend

of Zoraide in fine style. Garcia, who of Ernesto ........ Sig. Curioni. appeared as Agorante, was also very Ernesto, a French Am

successful. Roesini's music is well bassador Sig. Reina.

adapted to the almost too florid style Ircano, father of Zo

in wbich this gentleman delights. raide .... Sig. Porto.

Curioni received much applause, as Zoraide, a captive, in

Ricciardo, chiefly on account of his love with Ricciar

cadences, several of which were full do........ Mad. Camporese. of expression. Ircano, the father of Zomira, wife of Ago

Zoraide, aud Zomira, the slighted rante....

Mad. Vestris. mistress of Agorante, were very well

Mad. Graziani. supported by Signor Porto and Madame The music, like all the compositions Vestris. of Rossini, is of unequal merit. Part A new Ballet has also been introof it is distinguished by fancy and ge- duced, entitled Alphonse et Leonore nius; but the greater portion is mea ou L'Amant Peintre. It is neither gre and úpintellectual; distinguished remarkable for splendid display, nor rather by noise which offends the ear, for striking incident; it is merely an tban by that well-arranged harinony evlarged Divertissement. The greatwhich satisfies the taste. But, though est attraction it possesses is a castanet inferior to some of this master's earlier dance by Coulon, and Madame Ronzi productions, we consider the present Vestris, which was received with great Opera to possess more spirit and ori- applause, and deservedly encored. ginality than some of those which have Since the departure of Mercandotti, been recently performed. It is not this lady bas been without comparison rich in melodies; but many of the the public favourite, and she dances concerted pieces are elaborately beau with more vivacity and grace, and tifal. The finale to the first act is ex imparts more of mind into her exprescellent; it is equal to any previous sive attitudes aud grouping, than any effort of this indefatigable composer : other votary of Terpsichore, at present it abounds in variety. The passions in this country. which mipgle in the scene are various,



We have nothing to report this will close before the appearance of our month of this Theatre peculiarly in. next number, we now take our leave teresting: there has been no new of them; thanking Mr. Elliston, in the piece of any kind, except an epheme. name of the public, for the liberal and ral Ballet, called The Festire Cot. spirited management he has displayed tagers. The benefits engrossed al during this season ; and we have no most all the business of the Theatre, doubt but bis great exertions in alterand we are happy to find that many of ing and improving the internal state them were very productive ; particu of the Theatre, and in procaring a Jarly those of Miss Stephens, and Bra great number of our best actors, bave ham. As both the Winter Theatres been rewarded by an abundant harvest.

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