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May 13.

Dean, R. W. and T. W. Cook, Sugar-loaf-alley,

Bethnal-green, brewers, May 10. Drake, J. Lewisham, Kent, master-mariner,

June 21. Ellis, T. Crooked-lane, drysalter, May 17. Edwards, G. H. Craven-street, St. Martin's-in

the-fields, wine-merchant, Mav 31. Eastwood, H. of Eastwood, Yordshire, fustian

manufacturer, June 11. Poster, T. and E.S. Yalding, Kent, maltsters,

May 10. Ford, H. Portsmouth, hardwareman, May 28. Pate, W. Settle, Yorksh, cabinet-maker, May 30. Fearnley, C. Crutched-friars, wine-merchant, Gerrard, D. Old Cavendish-street, Mary-le

bone, milliner, May 10, Gregg, T.R. and W. Phene,jun. Watling-street,

confectioners, June 7. Griffis, T. Knightsbridge, plumber, April 26. Gowland, T.Great Winchester-street, merchant,

June 7. Gloag, R. Little Hermitage-street, Wapping,

fishmonger, June 7. Gilbert, W. R. and H. Burgess, Leicestershire,

woolstaplers, June 19. Grill,c. Dunster-court, Mincing-lane, merchant,

Mav 31. Hill, T. Thornbury, Gloucestershire, linen-dra

per, May 27. Hall, C. G. and H. B. Grosvenor-street, West.

pimlico, carpenters, May 17. Heydon, W, late of South Audley-street, plum

ber, June 7. Higgs, R. Bristol, leather-factor, June 12. Hays, C. and W. H. Blunden, Oxford-street,

linen-drapers, May 31. Hoyle, T, J. Lord, J. Chatburn, and W. Fother.

gill, Irwill Springs, Lancashire, calico-printers, May 24. Hope, J. Sandwich, Kent, toyman, June 6. Heap, W. Cobber's Nab, Lancashire, calico

printer, May 27. Holmes, F. Vere-street, Oxford-road, merchant,

May 24. Hales, E. Newark-upon-Trent, cornfacter, May Hicks, H. and S. W. Woodward, Bank-side,

Southwark, timber-merchants, May 13. Hudson, late of Havil-street, Camberwell, brick

layer, May 24. Holman, W. Totnes, Devonshire, ironmonger,

June 23. Halliley, R. Lumby, Yorkshire, dealer, May 2. Hayton, J. W. Greenfield, Flintshire, and M. P.

Leasinby, London, wire-manufacturers, May

17. Holmes, J. Portsmouth, coal-merchant, May 10. Heattield, H. Abingdon-row, Goswell-street.

road, merchant, May 17. Hughes, S, Oxford-street, hosier, May 27. Hext, S. Hardington, Mandevill, Somersetshire,

cloth-maker, June 17. Herbert, and W. Buckmaster, St. Mary Axe,

wine-merchants, May 24. Hughes, T. Chelsea, linen-draper, May 27. Jent, T. Piccadilly, chinaman, May 10. Joplin, J. Sunderland-near-the-Sea, linen-dra

per, May 23. Johnson, Houndsditch, cabinet-maker. Jackson, J. W. Liverpool, dryralter, May 19. Jenkins, E. Picketstone, Glamorganshire, mil.

ler, May 28. Kirkman, J. Liverpool, merchant, May 29. Latham, T. D. and J. Parry, Devonshire-square,

merchants, May 10. Long, D. Audover, gun-maker, May 10. Lawson, P. Bowness-hall, Cumberland, corn

factor, May 22. Laugher, H, Birmingham, button-maker,June 6 Lloyd, G, Cumberland-street, Mary-le-bone,

brewer, May 17. La Serre, J. G. New England Coffee-house,

merchant, May 10. Lowndes, T. Mitre-court, Cheapside, ware

houseman, May 21. Manning. R. Sackville street, Piccadilly, tailor,

June 14. Masson, New-court, St. Swithin's-lane, merch. Miller, W. Rye, Sussex, draper, June 10.

Matthie, and G. Yates, Liverpool, merchants,

June 28. Murray, W. Pall-mall-court, Pall-mall, tailor,

May 24. Mercer, T. Billinghurst, Sussex, brewer, May 31 Marsh, Hudderfield, grocer, May 24. Mallinson, J. Birdsedge, Yorkshire, and A. G.

and J. Mallinson, Huddersfield, merchants,

May 24. Mitchell, J. sen. Essenden, Hertfordshire, dea

ler, May 14. Mottram, J. Bristol, hop-merchant, May 28. Niblich, J. and R. S. Latham, Bath, woollen

drapers, May 20. Oliver, J. R. Blackheath, mariner. Phillips, P. King-street, Bartholomew-close,

merchant, May 31. Parker, J. jun. Wood-street, bosier, May 27. Power, J. and R. Warwick, Finsbury-square,

merchants, June 3. Perkins, R. Lymington, grocer. Philipps, J. and J. Old City-chambers, mer

chants, May 10. Peltier, J. Duke-street, Portland-place, mer

chant, June 14. Pearson, E. and L. Claude, Liverpool, mer.

chants, May 20. Richardson, J. J. Fleet-market, fishmonger,

May 31, Rose, R. N. Holborn-hill, book-dealer, May 13. Rodd, c. w.late of Broadway, Worcestershire,

maltster, June 10. Roose, T. Liverpool, baker, May 20. Russell, J. Rochester, wine-merchant, May 17. Roy, J. Wolverhampton, tea-dealer, May 27. Ramsay,'T. Mark lane, wine-merchant, May 13. Robinson, R. North Walsham, Norfolk, linen

draper, June 13. Shipway, T. Tid worth-warren-farm, Hamp

shire, sheep-dealer, May 10. Skinner, s. Sharp's-buildings, Rosemary-lane,

slopseller, June 7. Seager, S. P. Maidstone, dealer and chapman,

May 24. Spitta, C.L. Molling, F. and G. Molling, and H. A. Spitta, Lawrence Pountney-lane, mer.

chants, May 24. Stanley, J. Rochester, coal-merchant, June 10, Small, T. Alnwick, Northumberland, common

brewer, June 4, Shackle, J. Milk-st. Cheapside, hosier, May 20. Still, J. Brixton, merchant, May 10. Sykes, P. Manchester, cooper, June 11. Streets, W. Aldermanbury, galloon-manufac.

turer, May 10. Tucker, J. Á. Jermyn-street, St. James's, chy

mist, May 24. Turney, J. 'Sedgebrook, Lincolnshire, and w.

Bates, of Halifax, Yorkshire, merchants, May

26. Tate, W. Cateaton-street, bookseller, May 10. Thomson, P. and C. A. Thomson, Tora's Coffee

house, Cornhill, wine merchants, May 31. Traves, J. Oldham, Laneashire, grocer, May 30. Toll,w. St. Germain's, Cornwall, miller, June 3. Turner, S. Sheftield, mercer, May 16. Terry, R. Holborn-bridge, haberdasher, May 24. Urmston, J. Liverpool, ship-chandler, May 20. Urquhart, W, Sion College-gardens, merebant,

May 24. Vose, J. Hardshaw, within Windle, Lancashire,

ironmonger, May 15. Westbrook, J. Redburn, Herefordshire, inn

keeper, May 13. Washburn, J. Great Marlow, Buckinghamshire,

wire-manufacturer, June 7. Whittle, R. and T. Lutwyche, Liverpool, mer.

chants, May 14. White, W. B. Strand, draper, May 17. White, G. and J. Fowler, Lime-st., tea-brokers,

June 7. Willson, J. Swanton Morley, Norfolk, farmer,

May 13, Wilks, J. Finsbury-square, merehant, May 16. Walter, G. Upper-street, Islington, linen-draper,

May 27. Wilcox, and T, T. Titterton, Theobald's-road,

coach-makers, May 24. White, T. lale of Regent-street, St. James's, Westminster, whitesinith, June 7.



To be
To be

Commanders. First Officers. Second Officers'Third Officers. FourthOfficers. Surgeons. Pursers.

in the
Ships' Names. Consignments.


sailed, Owners.


Beng. & China 1333 John Fam Timins Chris. Biden J.H. Buttivant R.H. Treherne A. C. Watling William Carr Thomas Hog John Ward 14 Oct. 4 Dec.

10 Dec.
2 Royal George

-8 Jan.
5 General-Kyd
1200 James Walker Alex. Nairn Rd. Alpin

H. Thompson F, P. Alleyn Jas. Cannan
John Pearson J. M. Ralph

James Sexton Fran. Daniell W. Mac Nair B. W. Mure
} Beng.& China 1332 S, Marjoribanks Henry Cobb

James Don John Allan

-7 Jan.
2 Kent ...

William Hope Robert Card Richard Card Wm. Robson T. G. Adams Richard Boys E. Crowfoot

8 Jan,
5 Herefordshire
1200 John Locke

13Nov 3 Jan.
Bomb.& China 1200 R. Borradaile S.Serle [shank Jos. Dudman Fred. Orlebar C. Pennington H. Harris John Lawson Wash. Smith

-7 Jan.
1326 J, Chris. Lochner Willm. Cruick- H. Cowan W. H. White-H. Colonibine George Lloyd John Scott George Adam
2 Farquharson.

Edward Jacob W. H.Walker Chas. Clarkson Samuel Symes G. R. Griffiths

- Jan.
Edw. Foord
2 Repulse } coolen & China

St. Hele. Ben 1334 John Fam Timins J. Paterson

1333 S. Marjoribanks J. P. Wilson A. W. Law 2 Hythe

Robt. Lindsay A.C. Proctor Robt Jobling R. Alexander John

A. F. Proctor Mark Clayton R.C, Fowler Wm. Edmonds Edw. Edwards Jas. Thomsom
T. Haviside

13Dec. 2 Feb.
3 Windsor

- 27Feb.
}Beng.& China 1332 George Clay

W. Mitchell H, Bristow T. Buttenshaw Fred. E.Waine- James Walker James Arnott Joseph Cragg
and China,

Chas. Shea John Brown G. T. Calvely Fred. Hedges Jas. Halliday George Homer

4 Waterloo
}Bomb.& China 1242 Company's ship) D. R. Newall W.R. Blakeley John Hillman Robt

. Robson Chas. Allen A. Johnstone William Bruce

15 Mar 9 Scaleby Castle

27Dec. 16 Feb.

-27 Feb. 1332 Stewart Erskine E. L. Adams W. H. Ladd

John Hay R. Pattullo 3 Kellie Castle.

T.Shearman Robt. Elliot

William Cragg|
Jos. Stanton
C.O. Mayne

G. M. Braith- P. C. Shadwell B.J. Thomson John Dill J. W. Cragg
6 Atlas ..

-- 15 Mar
} Madr. & China 1200 Jasper Vaux


1823 Jos. Coates Maur. Penang 1246 William Moffat William Hay Geo. Denny

C.A.Eastmure Thos. Thoms Robt. Strange Fred. Palmer 27 Jan. 19 Mar.
7 Charles Grant

-27 Mar
and China.


1200 Joseph Hare W. H, C. Dal-J. R. Mander-Wm. Allen J. Sercombe F. Bayley J. W. Wilson
5 Vansittart

A. Beveridge
1242 Henry Templer John Hine H. Clement W.H.Edmonds George Wise T. Ingram
7 Bombay...

Robt. Murray Robt. Miles
1276 William Sims Rd, Rawes Jas. Eyles H. Edmonds

John Ricketts James Bruce David Liddell

24Feb. 17 April.}-20Apr.

W. B. Coles
4 Warren Hastings
7 Lowther Castle
1427 JohnCrosthwaite Thos. Baker J. Wilkinson R.K. Lloyd C.W.Francken C.S. Bawtree J.H. Blenner-Nic. G. Glass

C. B. Gribble Josiah Thomas John Burt C. Ingram Nath, Knox Matt. Lovell W. E. Brown
6 P. C. of Wales..
} Mad. & Beng. 961 Henry Bonham J. Blanchard Stephan Pointz G. R. Parkers J. Haworth,

Wm. Winton W.J. Shepherd $12Mar 1 May. }18May

John Sparks
6 Mar. Wellington.

J. B. Burnett P. Pilcher John Relvatts Wm. Taylor Adam Elliot
886 (Company's ship) W. Manning

J. Benifold 8 Thos, Grenville . }Bengal. 976 George Palmer Geo. Probyn Edw. Ireland

}24Apr. 15 June

Hector Rose J. Drayner E. N. Briggs H. Mitchell Wm. Allen 5 Minerva ......

1369 (Company's ship)'Fred. Adams James Head Iw. Pulham A, Rivers Thos. Allehin W. Hayland -China.

J. W. Graham

July, 4 Buckinghamsh..


From APRIL 27, to MAY 27, 1823.
By T. BLUNT, Mathematical Instrument Maker to his Majesty, No. 22, Cornult.

Bar. Ther. Wind. Obser. Bar. Ther. W ind. Obscr. 27 2981 42 S. Fair 8 29-72 58 s. Fair 28 30-06 40 S. Ditto 9 29 63 54 S.W. 'Rain 29 30-14 45 N.E. Ditto 10 29.75 60 S. Fair 30 30-26 46

N, Cldy.

11 29.64 58 S.W. Ditto 1130 33 47 N. Ditto 12 29-54 60 S.W. Ditto 2 30.29 48 N.E. Ditto 13 29.55 63 S.W. Cldy. 3 30 23 50 E. Fair 14 29-65 50 WSW. Fair 4 30:18 49 E. Ditto 15 29.93 58 W. Ditto 5 30:14 48 E. Ditto 16 30-03 52 S.W. Rain 629.881 59 N.E. Ditto 17 29 78 57 S.W. Fair 7'29 73 67 E. Ditto 18 29.86 58 E. Ditto

Bar. Ther. Wind. Obser. 1912374 52 E. Fair 20:29:39 65

s. Shwy. 21:54 60 S.W. Yair 22 29 63 52 S.W. Rain 23 29 69 51 W., Ditto 24j29-82 60 S.W. (Ditto 25 29 61 59

S.W. Shwy. 26 29 63 58 S.W. Ditto 27129 83 60 N.E. air


MAY 20, 1823.

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28 Messrs. WOLFE and EDMONDS, No. 9, 'Changc-Alley, Cornhill.

[7. Warr, Red Lion Passuge, Holborn.]


JUNE, 1823 :





Original Essays.

PAGE On the nature and importance of mutual


Instruction. By P. H. Moenster

544 Account of Madame D'Houdetot.


ENGLISH BOOKS. On Tuscan or Grecian Vases


Quentin Durward, by the author of WaLines on Friendship


544 The State Dunces

497 The Inkeeper's Album, By W.F. Deacon 550 The Seotaks

504 False or True; an original Tale, by Mrs.

Science and Literature. Opie

505 The Features that Captivate in Poetry 516 FOREIGN :-North America-China-HolAn Elegy

522 land - Russia - Germany - Sweden Sketches of Society in London and Paris 523 Poland-Italy-Switzerland-France 551 Sketches of Popular Preachers, Rev. ENGLISH ;-Works in the Press, &e....... 554 Henry G. White, A.M.

527 Sketches ef France


The Drama.
Italian Opera

Fine Arts.
Drury-Lane Theatre

555 Exhibition of the Royal Academy, at Som

Covent-Garden Theatre

556 erset House

Haymarket Theatre

557 Exhibition of the Society of Painters in Water Colours 538 POLITICAL DIGEST

558 The British Institution


562 Intelligence relative to the Fine Arts 541

Births, Marriages, and Deaths...

563 London Review. Commercial Report

565 FOREIGN BOOKS, List of Patents......

565 The Life of a poor Minister and his Chil- List of Bankrupts and Dividends

566 dren-by Augusta la Fontaine 543 East India Shipping List

569 Sketch of the Kingdom of Hanover, by Meteorological Table..

570 C. de Leutsch 543 | Price of Canal Shares, &c.



Published for the Proprietors,
And Sold by all the Booksellers in the United Kingdom.


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