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« Yesterday the Middlesex Jury found a bill of indictment, for a conspiracy, against Mary Anne Clarke, Francis Wright, and Daniel Wright, for an attempt to defraud Col. Wardle of the price of certain household furniture sent to Mrs. Clarke's house in Westbourne Place. The bill was found upon the evidence of Major Dodd, Mr. Glennie, and other respectable witnesses ; and warrants were directed to issue for the appréltension of the accused parties, in order to take thjeir trials at the next Middlesex Session: Col. Wardle was under examination nearly three hours:??




G. L. WARDLE, Esq. M. P.

As Honest Trao was guarding; the door of his master, a yelping pack of hungry curs endeavoured to drive; or seduce him away, by threats, or cajolings; but Honest Tray lifted up his leg, showered down a plenteous stream of contempt upon the insi, dious curs, and remained firm to his duty.





* So Justice, whilst she winks at crimesy
Stumbles on innocence sorgetinies.


His Majesty's Ministers having kindly condescended to recommend to us, for our rule of conduct, that " it is inconsistent with the principles of British justice to pronounce judgment without previous investigation;" beg leave to second their recommendation, in the case of Colonel Wardle, to whom it is as applicable, and more justly due than to the




the Cintra Contention-Mongers. Gratitude should rather incline us to think well of the man, who has braved a host of corrupt peculators for your sakes, than to believe a woman, who, from her own confession, subsists on the profits of aclulterous prostitution, and wreaks her vengeance on all those wbo have the courage to resist ho cxtravagani demands. It would *bë west for you* to rėffect before you suffer be well ' yoursciies to be led-away to damp the ardour of spica: a. ipais ayl consequently of all men of similar patriotic principles, and commit a suicide on your country.

It would be an insult to common understandings to lose time in pointing out to you the state-tricks, and barefaced attempts, which have been put in practice to prejudice the public mind against their benefactor. When we witness the Attorney General assailing, from the Treasury Benches, the veracity of

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