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WITHIN the present volume, covering completely the years 1919 and 1920, are embraced all federal statutes of general character enacted subsequent to the laws contained in Barnes' Federal Code. That compilation covered the statutes to the end of the year 1918. The classification of the new legislation and the editorial details herein follow the plan of the original work, the serial sections of which are preserved wherever the new matter supersedes or is amendatory of the prior law.

Painstaking care has been exercised to make the index clear, accurate and complete. The full chronological table of laws carries in every instance chapter and page citations to the official Statutes at Large; and parallel references have been added covering the Revised Statutes and the Judicial and Criminal Codes, as well as a list of important acts by popular name. Familiarity with and free use of these various tables will be found of great practical service and value in the study, identification or location of any particular statute under investigation.

The variety and vital significance of recent federal legislation will excite unusual interest on the part of lawyers and the public generally. The enactments covering taxation, prohibition, transportation trade and commerce, included in this book rank with the most important statutes ever passed by the American Congress.


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