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Francis S. Hoffman, Esq.,




| A Literary Register and Monthly Catalogue of Old and New Books,

and Repository of Notes and Queries.

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No. 1.

ADVERTISING : $13 per page ; $7 half page ; and $4 quarter.

SUBSCRIPTION $1 per year, Postage free.

To SUBSCRIBERS.— The American Bibliopolise is published monthly, and is printed on fine tinted paper, with “old style " type, each issue consisting of thirty-two pages, or more, as in the December number (64 pages). Its contents are always varied, embracing all the Literary News of the day, with much of curious information about old and rare books.

NOTES AND QUERIES, an interesting department of the Bibliopolise, is not confined to literary topics, but embraces a great variety of subjects—bibliographical, historical, literary, antiquarian, etc., etc.

Each number contains a complete list of New AMERICAN PUBLICATIONS, with notices of the principal foreign issues; also, CATALOGUE or Old and New Books, from which may be selected good books at low prices; Announcements of Auction Sales of Books, Catalogues of which may be obtained, and thus opportunity afforded to purchase books not elsewhere obtainable; and, finally, PUBLISHERS' ADVERTISEMENTS, from which may be selected all the new books published from time to time. The Bibliopolist is mailed to subscribers for one year, free of postage, for $1.00,

To ADVERTISERS.—The Bibliopolist circulated amongst intelligent and reading men, with whom bookbuying is a necessity. It has lived (not only lived but flourished) for one year, and it now opens upon its second year with still better prospects. The GREAT ADVANTAGES we offer to advertisers in the Bibliopolise cannot, we think, be conceded to any other similar publication. First, our terms are low; second, we are willing to take, at the publishers' net prices, Books in exchange for ADVERTISEMENTS. The rates for advertising, mentioned above, are cash rates. Rates, in books at ner prices, are as follows: One page, $16.00; half page, $9.00; quarter page, $5.00. The same arrangements will be made with dealers in second hand books, giving us the privilege of selection. With such an arrangement as this, bublishers and booksellers can pay, at a minimum cost, what would otherwise be required in cash. For a succession of insertions, rates will be reduced.

This arrangement will also apply with English, French and German Publishers and Booksellers.


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3 others.

Wm. B. Reed, interleaved with MSS. of the Herrnhuters, London, 1753 ; Present Notes by the Author, 4 vols, 8vo. Phila- State of the Nation, London, 1768 ; Appeal delphia, 1847 ; Reprint of the Original to the Justice, &c., of the People of Great Letters from Washington to Joseph Reed Britain in the Dispute with America, Londuring the American: Revolution.

8vo, don, 1775; Speech in Support of the PeriPhilada, 1852; Life of Esther De Berdt, tion from the Congress at Philadelphia, afteçwards

. Esther Reed, of Pennsylvania. London, 1775. $13.00. Privately priated, Philada., 1853, 12mo; Remarkable Case of Peter Hasenclever, 'The American Union, by Henry Reed, Merchant, Proprietor of Pot Ash Manufac12mo; also The 'Treason of Major-General tory in North America, London, 1763; Chas. Lee. 8vo. Dublin, 1792.

Examination of the Connecticut Claim to Among Mr. Reed's books we find a vol. Lands in Pennsylvania, Philada., 1774, and ume on Money and Exchange, and thirteen

$11.00. volumes of Murray's Guide Books.

Commentary on Secker's Letter, Philada., Of the few rare Americana we quote the 1771; Life of Bishop Secker, New York, following, with the description as given in 1773; Appendix to ditto, New York, the catalogue :

1774; Life of David Hume, Philada., Morton, Dr. Samuel George. Crania 1778 ; A Ploughman's Complaint, Philada., Americana. 832.50.

1768 ; Mission among the Heathens, LonRogers' Geology of Pennsylvania, 2 vols, don, 1771, and 3 others. $11.00. 4to, cloth, with maps, complete. $21.00. Sermon preached in Christ Church,

The Loyalist Poetry of the Revolution, Dover, Dec. 27th, 1780, Philada., 1781; small 4to, half Roxburgh (!) Philada., Montgomery's Sermon, Philada., 1775 ; 1857. 850.00.

Another High Road to Hell, Boston, 1768 ; 100 copies printed and sold only to subscribers. Macpherson's Letters, Philada., 1770; VinVery rare, wanting the carton, which was, however, dication of the Opposition of the Inhabitants not in all copies, it having been considered objection- of Vermont to the Government of New able,

York, and of their right to form an IndeNotes on Columbus, with Photographs, pendent State, by Ethan Allen, Vermont, &c., only 99 copies printed for private dis- 1779; Rights of British America, Philada., tribution, imperial 8vo, paper. New York, 1774, and 2 others. $18.00. 1865. $10.00.

Civil Liberty and the War with America, Prior Documents, a Collection of Inter- by Richard Price, Philada.; 1778; General esting Authentic Papers relative to the Introduction to ditto, by R. Price, Philada., Dispute between Great Britain and America, 1778; Tucker's True Interest of Great showing the Causes and Progress of that Britain set forth in regard to the Colonies, Misunderstanding, from 1764 to 1775, 8vo, Norfolk, 1774 ; Trumbull's Plea in Vindihalf calf. J. Almon, London, 1777. 85.50. cation of the Connecticut Title to the

· The Remembrancer, or Impartial Repos- Contested Lands lying west of the Province itory of Public Events, 1775-1784, 17 vols. of New York, New Haven, 1774; The 8vo, half calf, uniform. J. Almon, London, Middle Line, Philada , 1775; Considera1775-1784. $93.50.

tions on a Treaty of Peace, Philada., 1779; History of Pennsylvania Hall, which was Abingdon's Thoughts on Edmund Burk's destroyed by a Mob, May 17, 1836, col- Letter, Lancaster, 1778. $18.00. ored frontispiece, 8vo, cloth. Philada., Address of the People of Great Britain 1838. $1.63

to the Inhabitants of America, London,

1775; The other side of the Question, Thoughts on Trade in West Indies, New York, 1774 ; Remarks on Detence of Continental Colonies, &c., London, 1763; the Halifax Libel, Boston, 1765; Votes Regulations of the Colonies, London, 1765; and Proceedings, &c., of New Jersey, Near Letter to Almon concerning Libels, &c., York, 1776; New Bath Guide, or Memoirs London, 1765; Excellence of a Free State, of the B-r-d Family, in a Series of Poetical London, 1767 ; The Case of Great Britain Epistles; Tucker's Tract V, Glocester, and America, London, 1769. $13.00. 1775, and 1 other.

$10.00 Remarks on a late Publication in the Major Donkin's Military Collections and Independent Gazette, Philada., 1783; Remarks, New York, 1777; Clap's Annals Rimius' Narrative of the Rise and Progress of the History of Yale College, in New


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