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Thus the death of a planet may occur. First, the period of internal or external circumstances which cause the separation of particles, and allow the spirit or life (the real form of the body) to escape and pursue its higher field of use; then the particles, one by one, as they encounter the destroying influence of media like a planet's atmosphere, are blotted from visible existence, and diffused in areas of the invisible Universe, where the work of progression is ever going 0.1.

Is not this a more ennobling thought than to suppose that in the outward dissolution of a material form its usefulness is forever past ?

It has been generally supposed that the Earth's atmosphere extended in all directions to the distance of only 45 or 50 miles ; by the observation of meteors with modern astronomical instruments and appliances, it is now believed that our atmosphere is 100 to 110 miles in depth. This is known from the fact that a meteor is visible the instant the outer edge of the atmosphere is encountered, and by obtaining its parallax at this instant, the height from the Earth's surface is quickly ascertained.

Boston, Mass.

Aug., .89

O FAIR Seville, Naples of sunny Spain !
Thy shadows watching in the Guadalquivir,
As if thou lacked adornment, — feared thee plain,
Or felt - who knows thou wert the only giver
Of noble sights ; — that thou, alas, wert vain,
And watching thine own image in the river,
A stone Narcissus. Dost thou feel his pain ?
Thou canst not faint with every quiver
Of the waters, like thine image. Retain
Thy form thou must, О Andalusian Queen,
Enthroned where gentle waters lave thy feet,
Bringing thee perfumes from the far off green
Where thirsty lilies, censed with odors sweet,
Dip there bright bells into the sheen
Of changeful pearl and silver, — rippling sheet
Of iridescence! And o'er all the scene,
Grand Alchemist of Nature, showering heat,
And light, and life, — reigns the impassioned Sun.

Thou art, Seville, an eloquent denial to
The charge that man is not divine.
Thy brilliant beauty is the mirror in the which
The smile of God's beneficence is seen,
Effulgent past all doubt. O flower fair
Of Andalusia! Through thy veins flow floods
Of holiest beauty, fresh from out the heart
Of Infinite Love ; for beauty like
To thine is naught, - unless the untranslatable,
Unutterable love of God.

THE POWER OF KNOWLEDGE AND EQUALITY. Power lies in knowledge, and knowledge comes from growth. We must first pass through our infant growth, after which we shall begin to learn the meaning of objects about us, and often, in our desire to explore many articles, we shall meet with mishaps, and sorrowfully regret the undertaking; and yet, we no more than tụrn from the investigation of one object, before another claims our attention. There seems to be something inherent in all causing them to explore whatever seems hidden, and, as the mystery is revealed they exclaim; “ Why, how simple! Why did I not find that out before ?” New laws present themselves to be investigated, as fast as we are prepared for them, until we feel that the more we know, the more there is to know. But, as Nature does not go in leaps, we find, in searching for spiritual truth, that we must begin as the trees do. We must first be rooted in good soil, and season after season send out our twigs and branches ; and the higher we grow the more we see.

In music, we first learn the letters of the scale, and are forced to practise them many times, while feeling quite indignant at not being permitted to strike out into a popular tune. Our teacher, however, knows that in proportion as we perfect our first studies, will we excel in the higher ones, and so, day after day, we drum out the same notes, often to the discomfort of those about us. After years of "scaling” we touch the master chords, sending forth peal after peal of harmony, while those who listen to the entrancing music forget that we have passed through years of weary preparation, and see us only in the light of advanced development. We know the process by which we unfolded, and though there were times when we nearly gave up the struggle, we feel at last that the reward repays us for the long continued application. So, in spiritual growth, we have been severely disciplined, and often felt that our guide was dealing unjustly in insisting that we should thoroughly learn our lessons; and often, with closed eyes and aching hearts, we have turned from our books, and have striven to forget our subject; but after a season of rest, the books have again been presented, and again have we taken them up and turned over another leaf. Our lesson for the present seems to be one of intense interest. Rays of light are approaching our orbit that are attracting the attention of astronomers. The rapidly increasing brightness of the rays denotes the approach of some unusually brilliant heavenly visitant. Nightly the mighty telescopes of two hemispheres are pointed towards the approaching brightness, and the Star of Bethlehem is heralded around the world. The reappearance of this wondrously beautiful traveler of space is awakening an expectant world; and the wise men of both the old world and the new, are turning their eyes to the east, and to the west, searching for the manger where the child is to be born, who is to bring new tidings of great joy. Now and then a ray of light appears upon the horizon of thought, with a brilliancy that staggers the ordinary vision, and agitates profoundly the student and philosopher of established schools, and the star of Bethlehem is heralded among the wise men. The magi and the scholars present themselves at the humble shrine of the new teacher, and worship. The weary searcher after hidden truths sees a star of hope, and eagerly scans the eastern sky, as the rays mount higher and higher, paling before them the light of stars that heretofore have stood unchallenged in their positions of importance in the firmament. The self-constituted regulators of thought, also turn their startled vision towards the new light, as did Herod of old, and would seek the young child to destroy him. The thoughtless multitude, led by such authority, lulled into fanciful security by the teachers they have placed over them, dwelling amid mounds of earth and homes of clay, are awakened. The new light shining in upon them is laying bare the sins and errors which they have allowed to enter them and become their bosom companions. Their peace is disturbed, and their windows, – those that face toward the searching light, are darkened ; already is heard the mutterings of their discontent.

The wisdom that would develop the understanding, that would open up vast possibilities in the present, declaring unto men knowledge pertaining to the future, that would even open the gates of the soul into fields Elysian, demonstrating the grandest truths of immortal being; this and more would they, in their ignorance, crush to earth.

The world still loves darkness, because its deeds are evil. It is as ready to denounce, persecute, and crucify a Christ to-day, as it was two thousand years ago, unless his coming be upon a plan proposed, considered, and adopted by a few in ecclesiastical authority.

We do not say that no progress has been made in the last two thousand years. In the departments of religion, science, and morals, wondrous advancement has been made. The beginning of the Christian Era was a marked departure from ceremonies and customs of which the soul of man had wearied. Many forms introduced by followers of the lowly Nazarene are becoming obsolete. The powers of the air and sea are being developed, but the same bigotry, and spirit of persecution, exists to-day, as when the Sun hid his face from the scene on Calvary.

The mile-stones beside the path of history mark unnumbered graves of those, who, inspired of Heaven, attempted to give new light to a land of shadows; their bodies were tortured at the stake and on the rack, but the light they shed only increased in brightness, and its many rays, finding lodg; ment in congenial soil, have been reflected again and again, making glad dark places of the earth, and the race to-day rejoices that they once lived

As we peer into the coming dawn of the twentieth century, we foretell a rosy sunrise. The misty clouds that have arisen from superstition and ignor. ance are slowly disappearing before the melting light of knowledge. When I say knowledge, I do not mean a product of the intellect alone, but a union of the two divine principles in man, whereby he attains understanding ; for the word “understanding” implies illumination, and light is only evolved by the union of two principles. When the divine feminii e and the divine masculine in man are unified, then, indeed, will he realize his birthright of power, and the bright rays radiating from bim, as a central light, will help to pierce the darkness of ignorance, and he will begin his part in the larger drama of life.

Universal power depends upon equality. Equality is an equilibrium of ratio, or rays. Therefore, dear friends, we, as rays of the Divine Light, need to bring ourselves into harmony with the One Great, Central Source of the Universe, and then we shall realize the power of union.

There is no difference in the quality of rays, they are all pure light in different degrees of refraction. If my ray be broken into different tints from some other rays, then I may

view the same object that others are looking at, and, where they see error, I may see truth ; while where I see truth, they may see error. Then who shall say, “ I am holier than thou "?

We are all gazing at the same beautiful mountain, the only difference being that some are looking at one point, and others at another. Some, not

be the way.

be me,


accustomed to the glare of the sunlight, are enjoying the shadows that flit across the base ; others are admiring the rich dress and noble form of the same mountain ; while some, more skilled in climbing, are standing on the summit of the lofty peak, and are lost in contemplation of the heavenly brightness, the effulgent glory of the surrounding beauty! Who can say that the one standing at the top is better than the one at the foot ? Who can say

that if he does not climb just as he did, and stand in the same spot, and cast his eyes over the same landscape, he will be lost? The one at the foot may, in his exploring expedition, find a new path which to him will

What matters it what this one, or that one thinks of our personal appearance? Are we not all rays of light in different degrees of luminosity, and does not the power of light depend upon its brightness ? Do we not belong together, like the colors in the rainbow? Would we have everything in the world red, or blue, or green? Is it not the combination of colors, the harmonious blending one with the other, that

produces beauty and affords pleasure ? Would


İ, you? Then it is harmony we want; and how is this harmony to be attained ? Simply by the recognition that one ray (or person) is as good as another; —that we all emanated from the one Divine Centre.

That Centre is Love, and in that Love we are united. Then Love must be the magnet that holds the rays. We must love one another, we must forget self in our desire to uplift others. When we admit diversity, inequality, we scatter our forces. The strength is at the centre, and when we recognize the purity and oneness of all, we recognize the Central Love. We, as rays of light, are powerful in proportion as we are near the centre, and when we are near the centre we reflect its Love.

To judge of persons' characters, we must judge them according to their ability to reflect love. If one stands back and says, “I cannot agree with such an one, as he is not in the truth,” that one at the same time admits his own misconception of truth; for we are all in the truth and cannot get out of it.

Every one should feel free to express his own belief, as he is looking through his own ray, and cannot possibly see through any other. If his ray be broken into deep colors, then he will see and think very differently from the person whose ray is the least refracted. In process of time, the brighter and therefore more powerful rays, will attract the others, and they will par take of their quality, just as the intermediate notes of the scale are combinations of the primary tones.

may be likened to an instrument of many octaves. Some are in the lower octaves, some in the higher; but the instrument would be nothing without the different octaves. Then let us make our minds one grand instrument of music. Let us unite master hands to manipulate the keys, and when an artist touches the notes, and brings forth harmony, let us applaud him for his skill, which we know has only been acquired by hours of unceasing toil and of unwearied devotion. Never mind how he looks, how he is dressed, or just what he believes ; if he bring out harmony, it comes from within, and if he is in harmony, he must be near the centre of equilibrium, where the rays blend into one, — where all is equality.

We hear people say, “Do you think such a person is very spiritual ?” Now, what do we mean by being spiritual ? Spirit is light; pure spirit is formless, and, therefore, if a person were very spiritual he would not be recognized by any one on the material plane. A person is known by his works, just as a ray of light is known by its color.


When we see a person express the attributes of love, with which all are familiar, then we should admit his purity, his luminosity, his power; when we see anger, jealousy, and criticism displayed, we see deep shades of color, which denote greater distance from the point of radiation, and, therefore, less love, and less power.

The duality of truth should never be lost sight of. One is relative, the other absolute. We should always keep in mind the different degrees of manifestation. What is knowledge on one plane, is not truth for those on another plane ; in other words, if we are looking at red, we see red, and that is truth; if we look at white, we see white, and that is truth. Then the object of all should be to change their color.

The light of love is white, and denotes purity ; purity knows nothing, save universal equality. Let us become white; let us eliminate all jealousy, all personality, from our minds, that the strong light of the Central Love may send its beams of wisdom into our darkened atmosphere, cleansing us of self and of selfish desire, preparing us for the reception of divine truth, wherein lies the power of the coming era. Then weave laurels of charity, and crown the Truth. Long may it have been hidden under dogmas and superstition, long been subjected to the fiery darts of criticism, till the crust lay so thick upon it, that it has taken the continued outpourings of the strong sunshine of Love ages to bring from the ashes of ignorance the slumbering Truth. It did not die; it only rested to renew its strength, to burst forth in a glorious flood of light. The darkly encrusted gem has been polished by the chisel of malice, till, like a sculptor's master-piece, it stands out clear and perfect. It shines with a flood of light to guide men to knowledge. It speaks from its heights above to the heavy laden, and bids them look

up. It smiles to the women of sorrows, and bids them be of good cheer. It sends its warm life into dark homes of poverty, and tells their occupants there is enough for all. Into the dens of vice it finds its


and assures their wretched denizens that happiness cannot be found there. In its still, small voice it whispers, “ Look within.” Deep in the heart is the spark that can light the way to Heaven. The Redeemer is with you. With love twine your laurels, and in justice crown your King. Place Him on His rightful throne with His sceptre of love, and permit Him to rule His own. Let His kingdom be ruled by love, and His subjects are born to freedom.

The truth speaks in a still, small voice; sometimes in the great, dark centre of night, when suddenly you may start at the streams of light that flow about you, while with closed eyes your soul awaits the meaning in silence most profound. In letters of gold you may read the words, “ All is well. Peace, be still.” Strife must cease, fear be subdued, before you can pass within, and lift the veil. To those who have lifted the veil, and grasped the prize, there comes a command. “Give," — give to the winds. The stars send out their arrow-like lights, the moonbeams glimmer, and the silvery sheen reflects the command, “Give.” The winds

moan and


and sweep, bearing on their breath the same command, “ Give.” The waters dash and roar, the waves break in billows high upon the shore, and echo back the word, “ Give.” Yes, give to the world your prize. Divine love hath nothing of its own. Scatter your grains of truth; the breezes will bear them away, and the breath of evening will whisper the message, “ As ye sow, so shall ye reap."

Peace, be still.


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