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sentiment or mode of experience which occurs in it, we gladly with each other, but by contact with the vine. The Church, avail ourselves of the opportunity of introducing it to the therefore, is a revered and honoured assembly, the aggregation notice of our readers.

of persons who, having received grace themselves, are instru

ments chosen of God to proffer it to others. But it is not the The Jewish Ecile; or, Religion Exemplified in the Life and depository of grace and mercy. It may proffer them, in the

Character of Daniel. By the Rev. John KENNEDY, full assurance that He will not be unfaithful to his promise, Stepney.

but it can neither grant them nor withdraw them. He alone A little work excellent suited for the perusal of young giveth grace' who .giveth glory. This is the attribute of

the ever-living Head, uncommunicated to the erring and sinmen. It delineates the character of the “man greatly be

ful members of his earthly body. It is His alone who loved"-").Daniel's youth-the trial and the decision.-2. The

openeth and no man shutteth, who shutteth and no man dreams of Nebuchadnezzar and the feast of Belsbazzar.-Da

openeth. ... When the realizing of salvation, through faith niel's character elicited and proved.--3. Daniel in honour

in a humiliated and glorified Redeemer, is felt to be the only and power.-4. Daniel in adversity.-5. Daniel at home and

Christianity, and the only availing Churchmanship--that is, in rest.–6. The theology of Daniel.-7. The connection be

when religion is felt to be a personal concern of the heart-tween his creed and his character; and Final lessons”-all of then faith and practice will be tested by the Scripture. When which points are treated with conciseness and vigour, the assured that where Christ dwells salvation dwells, religion general character of Daniel being held up for imitation. will cease to become a thing of controversy and division, and

become a reality of the mind and spirit. The simple will no

longer be perplexed, the formalist confirmed, the unbeliever Notes of the Month.

encouraged, and the people of God alienated, and kept in alienation, one from another. The anxious heart will not be,

as many at this moment are, distracted by miserable inquiries The New Primate. The appointment of Dr. Sumner (bis- about whether it is in the true Church, or whether it is in hop of Chester) to the archbishopric of Canterbury has been communion with those who can judicially absolve from sin, hailed with the liveliest satisfaction. He is said to be the and impart or withhold at pleasure the person and the grace most truly and laboriously evangelical bishop on the bench,

of Christ? It will be felt that, though one mode of adminisand his elevation is perhaps the heaviest blow and the sorest

tration be preferable to, or one form of doctrine more scrip

tural than another, yet the only true criterion of a true Church discouragement with which the Tractarians have yet met.

is the adhering to one faith, one Lord, one baptism;' and They do not say much about it, the blameless life and labours

that of all delusions, the notion of one person having a judicial of Dr. Sumner defying criticism or depreciation; but it is said

control over the salvation of another, as it is among the most they feel it keenly. There are at present some hopeful symp- dangerous, so is it among the most baseless, of human assumptoms for English evangelism. Not the least of these, perhaps, tions. It will be felt that the bond of communion, which is afforded by the consecration sermon of the Bishop of Man- • knits together the elect of God in one communion and felchester, preached by the Rev. Mr. Garbett, and published at lowship in the mystical body of his Son,' cannot be burst the bishop's request. Not much was known about Dr. Lee's asunder by any division that does not dissolve the unity of ecclesiastical and religious views; but, if they at all corre

faith and love. When the Church is known to be, not a spond with those of the sermon in question, as is most likely, mysticism or an abstraction, but the abiding congregation of if not certain, there is reason for thankfulness. The leading

all who are Christians, it will be loved as a 'pillar of his object of the sermon is to confute Tractarian views on Church

truth,' and a herald of his goodness; as a home of peace, and authority, and especially Mr. Gladstone's theory of “ The

a refuge from alarm." Corporate Life of Christians.” Its sentiment and style may

Case of Mr. Shore.—The case of Mr. Shore, lately brought be gathered from the following extracts :

before the inhabitants of Edinburgh, proves how deeply the i “ The essential nature, either of Christianity or of the

Church of England is infected with the essence of Popery. Church, cannot be altered by circumstances. The baptism

Mr. Shore, once a minister of the Church of England, can, it that saves is still the answer of a good conscience towards

seems, never cease to be one. His orders are “indelible." God,' the confession of the mouth to the prior belief of the If he preaches now, even as a Dissenter, he must go to jail. heart; vicarious, as in the case of the young, it may be, but The people of this country must, of course, scout such an not less imperative. If we would understand what the re- atrocity; but why does the Government not interfere at once ligion of the Lord Jesus is, and what is the reality of the to repeal so preposterous a law? It will surely be a warning Christian's interest in him, viz., what is saving Churchman.

to men who propose now to accept of Prelatical ordination. ship, we must refer exclusively to the alone inspired records of the Gospel. The Church of the New Testament must not

Home Mission Committee.-An overture has been unanibe loosened down the practical level of that of the nine- mously sent from the Presbytery of Edinburgh to the Assemteenth century; but the Church of the nineteenth century bly, proposing an entire change in the existing arrangements must be braced up, in principle and motive, to that of the of the Home Mission Committee. This Committee has New Testament. For, under whatever high assumptions we hitherto been very much in a transition state, and has had a may be comprised, as members of that holy and privileged vast and multifarious business to manage. It is now proposed community, the Church of Christ, the fact which intimately

both to concentrate the Committee, and to devolve the task concerns us is, that he alone is in a state of salvation whose personal faith unites him with his Saviour, or, in the language

of distributing preachers and catechists, and providing for of Hooker, whose faith hath made him a child of God.'

their maintenance, more upon the different congregations, staThat salvation he has received through the Church; he retains

tions, and presbyteries throughout the Church. We have no it in the Church; it is nurtured by those means of

doubt of the expediency and necessity of the proposed change. which

grace are intrusted to the faithful dispensation of the Church; but

We believe it will be far better for the deserving preachers, it consists, not in union with the Church, but in union with and far more conducive to the prosperity of stations and the Christ. The branches have a common life, not by contact harmony of congregations. Besides, it will enable the Com


mittee to economize the means at its disposal, and thus to complishment, and business habits. He is expected to visit make more effectual head against the growing heathenism of the schools at least an hour every day; and we suppose our land.

another hour may be added for the time occupied in going to

and fro. He is to superintend and report on the whole eduThe Sabbath Cause at Perth.-We rejoice to record 'an

cational arrangements, and great benefit is expected to result other important victory with which it has pleased God to

from his labours. And how much do our readers think is crown the efforts of the friends of the Sabbath. The Scottish

offered by the wealthy Governors in the way of pecuniary inCentral Railway has resolved to run no trains on Sabbath.

ducement? The vast sum of £50 per annum, or somewhere The conduct of Mr. Campbell of Monzie, and of the Marquis

about 19s. 2d. per week ! of Breadalbane, on this occasion, were admirable; and the

Woe's me, that bread should be so dear, victory is a very great one, for if the Central be stopped, it

And Aesh and blood so cheap! will arrest the progress of Sabbath profanation towards the

Are the Governors serious ? or do they expect applications Dorth of Scotland. The friends of the Sabbath, however, must


but Irish hedge-schoolmasters? Do they think any not relax their efforts, as its enemies are very unscrupulous.

journeyman tailor in the city would for a moment be so foolWe see this in the late Caledonian meeting, where the shame

ish as to throw down his needle in order to take up their ful conduct of men of whom better things might have been

inspectorship? The unemployed hodmen in Glasgow insist expected, is fitted to call down the strongest reprobation of

on getting at least 14s. a-week-perhaps one of them would Christian men as well as the judgments of God. We are

take the 19s. The inspector of cleaning in the same town has happy to see the battle so strongly maintained at Dunfermline

£4 per week, and, of course, would not for a moment think and elsewhere. Our friends have good cause to thank God

of offerring his services. Seriously, will the Governors be so and take courage.

good as again look at, and think over, their advertisement, The New Entail Bill.We are glad to see any measure at and be ashamed of themselves ! It is a disgrace and a all on the subject of entails. Any thing is better than the scandal to see such a proposal emanating from a public body present system. But we fear that the measure of the Lord containing eighteen clergymen. The very commissioners of Advocate will only be found a small “ nibble'' at a monstrous police lately raised the weekly wages of their thief-catchers to and gigantic evil. However, it is well even to make a be thirty shillings. The only thing at all equalling the proposal ginning.

which we have seen lately, was an advertisement by the Edin

burgh Teetotal Society, in which they solicited application from The Late Riots.— The late riots in Scotland, though no parties willing to become lecturing and teaching agents—the doubt partly stirred up by Chartists and Socialists, have been

time required being five hours every day, Sabbath not excepted mainly taken advantage of by idle boys and thieves. There

-and the remuneration offered being £20 per annum-in has been very little of political excitement connected with

other words, 7s. 8fd. a week, or rather more than 2 d. an them. At the same time, they are fitted to teach lessons

hour. It was kindly added, that students attending classes both to Christian men and to the rulers of our land. It is

would find it a suitable employment for their leisure hours. just another revelation of the truth, that large masses in all The town scavengers, if we are not mistaken, receive twice our cities have broken loose from all restraint of Christian

as much. We know not whether is was one of these “twoprinciple; and another loud call upon the Church to be up and

pence halfpenny” lecturers whom we lately heard addressing doing. And it is a loud call on the Government not only to

a small open air meeting in the Canongate. Judging from act on Christian principles, but to do justice to the middle his talk, we should deem it extremely likely. He commenced classes of the country, upon whose exertions, after all, the by laying down the very logical position, that tasting intoxinational peace must, humanly speaking, depend. The patience cating liquors was unnatural, because “no man was ever born of that class in Scotland has of late years been sorely tried.

a drunkard;" continued by stating that when the Apostle To be driven from their endowments, in defiance of the Treaty said, “ Add to your faith temperance,” he meant total abstinof Union, and without a hearing; to be driven from all col

ence; and concluded by informing the audience that “the leges and public schools; to be robbed of churches built with best commentators thought there would neither be porter nor their own money; to be forced to worship in the open air ale in the millennium." Of course, such stuff must damage during the storms of winter, to be subjected to several most

any respectable cause. But what can be expected for twounjast laws, and a most unequal taxation; and instead of

pence halfpenny! any effort on the part of Government to alleviate these erils, to be met by the most cool and contemptuous disregard

A Device of the Establishment.-Since writing the above, of all their remonstrances; all this is fitted, is well fitted,

we have heard a possible explanation of the conduct of the to produce the utmost discontent, and in a country less re

clerical Governors of the Hospital. The matter is of greater ligious than Scotland, would have long ere this led to

importance than the surface of the proceedings would indicate, most serious "results. One great evil of the late paltry out

and we hope that any future steps which may be taken in conbreak is, that it gives a pretext to the Government to neglect nection with it will be narrowly watched. Of course we have the real interests and wants of the country. But we trust

no objection to the appointment of an inspector, if that should they will have wisdom to read their duty in the signs of the

be deemed conducive to the advantage and efficiency of the times, and instead of leaning merely on a corrupt Church and

schools. But we have rather more than a shrewd suspicion, aristocracy, that they will seek to do justice to the great mass

that not a few of those who are very anxiously pushing te of a steady and Christian community,

matter, have in view another, and (to them) a much more im

portant object. They are anxious to have an inspector who The Wages" of a School Inspector.—The Governors of will work into their own hands, and probably have some one Heriot's Hospital have advertised for an Inspector of their in view who will take the paltry remuneration offered, with out-door schools. He must be a man of education, and ac- the prospect of getting it ultimately increased. There is

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nothing with regard to which the clerical guardians and they, added to the eighteen ministers, can control the whole dependants of the Establishment are at present more anxious proceedings of the institution, and work it into the hands of or uneasy, than the question of Education. They see that a the Establishment. And let no one say that fear on that score determined effort is about to be made to rescue the parish is chimerical. Is it not the fact that immediately after the schools from their surveillance; and that if the effort be Disruption, a determined attempt was made to turn out one successful, one of the chief buttresses on which they lean of the most efficient teachers in the institution, merely befor support will fail them. Accordingly, they are busying cause he had joined the Free Church, and that the attempt themselves (privately) with the visitation and superintendence failed, only because the number of Establishment councillors of schools, and are evidently determined to work to the

was not large enough ? Men who could act in so outrageous utmost such machinery as they have—not knowing, of course, a manner at that time, are not likely to be over scrupulous how long they may have it. In connection with Heriot's

now. They should therefore be watched and checkmated. Hospital and the Heriot Schools, they have two objects in view. Our Free Church friends in Edinburgh may soon find reason, First, By means of the Education Committee (the leading in connection with this, for some other institution, to regret mernbers of which are clergymen), and the Inspector (whom the supineness and apathy which they have recently displayed they are doing their utmost to secure, and who shall be “ one in regard to the municipal representation. of themselves"), they wish to have the whole extensive

Edinburgh Irish Mission and Scripture Readers' Society. educational machinery of the institution under their direc

-This important mission has just been, organized anew, and tion. That, in the metropolis, would be a great point gained.

in most favourable and promising circumstances. It is now And Second, They wish to recruit from these schools the ranks of their ministry. The stock of Residuary students, M'Menamy, late of the Glens of Antrim, who has had great

under the immediate superintendence of the Rev. P. like many other “Stocks" at present, is known to be an alarming way“ below par". :—so much so, that the judgment in these days when Popery is making such vast efforts, and

experience, and in whom the Committee have every confidence. pronounced regarding various essays with which last year labouring to inundate our land with a flood of superstition, it some of them made a clumsy attempt upon a good bursary, is of great importance to encourage every effort to arrest its was to the effect that all of them were so despicable, that the

progress, and especially in the capital of our own land. The bursary could not with the slightest decency be given to any.

following is from the new circular just issued by the ComIn such circumstances, it is not wonderful that the future

mittee:supply of ministers should be a matter of deep anxiety to the

The metropolitan leaders. And if we are not much misinformed,

paramount claims of such a Society on the liberality

of the Christians of Edinburgh are manifest. 1 There are here they have some quiet thoughts of helping themselves after the fashion of the Jesuits. It is notorious that the Jesuits contrived darkness, in the midst of light, but corrupting the very foun

probably 20,000 Irish Roman Catholics not only living in to win back great part of the Continent to Rome, by insinuating dations of society; and the number is understood to be conthemselves everywhere into the schools, and obtaining an tinually increasing. To these there are daily means of access, influence over the most promising youths attending them, on the part of zealous missionaries, notwithstanding the fierce whom having perverted, they succeeded in making their most vigilance of the priesthood; and efforts for their conversion efficient agents. It is not difficult to see how, if the Estab- have already been blessed of God. Qualified agents also can lishment, by means of an Education Committee and an be procured; and surely there ought to be no difficulty in Inspector, has virtual control over eight or ten schools, securing the necessary means. When we see with what rapid attended by between two and three thousand children, it

strides the Man of Sin is advancing in Britain, and over the may

whole world, this is certainly no time for lethargy and work most successfully and extensively at the same game. A

indifference on the part of Protestants. The zeal, energy, and few picked youths every year would serve their purpose, and

self-denial of superstition are well fitted to instruct us. How these an intelligent and active Inspector could easily secure.

do we propose to meet the evil? Have we any plan different If they do not at first belong to the Establishment, a little

from that of this Society? Or are we allowing ourselves to smooth and jesuitical attention to the poor parents would, in suppose that we have no duty to discharge at such a crisis, and most instances, quite suffice to remove the obstacle. Some to sink into lethargy, whilst thousands are perishing around us, wise folks will pretend to deride such suspicions; and of and all that is precious to ourselves and our children is in course the guilty parties themselves will shrug their shoulders, danger of being swept away? It is surely high time to awake and shake their heads, and speak of our “ ludicrous unchari

out of sleep, and to avail ourselves of this opportunity of tableness." That will not prevent us from asking the dis

coming to the help of the Lord against the mighty, otherwise senting Governors of the Hospital to be on the alert. Indeed,

God may in righteous judgment suffer us to reap the fruit of we know that some of them are on the alert already-aware

our own ways, and remove our own candlestick out of its

place. Let only vigorous efforts be accompanied with persethat all the clerical canvassing and consultation, and the

vering prayer, and the Lord of the harvest will not withkold his unusual eagerness and hot haste which have been displayed in effectual blessing." connection with the matter, must have some adequate, and therefore secret, object in view. Let them continue to watch. The Progress in Belgium.—Belgium has hitherto been one of whole matter of the connection of the Established ministers

the most priest-ridden countries in Europe. A strong re-acwith Heriot's Hospital has been too much overlooked, espe

tion, however, has for some years been taking place, the results cially in connection with the election of the members of the of which are beginning to appear on an extensive scale. The Town Council. It is known to most of our readers, that the

French Revolution will help forward powerfully, or rather ministers and Council conjointly form the Governors of the irresistibly, in the same direction. An intelligent observer, Hospital. The former number eighteen, and the latter thirty- writing recently from France, observes :three—the result of which is, that even if only nine of the -- “ Belgium is decidedly entered on a better course, and it is thirty-three Councillors are members of the Establishment, to be hoped that she will have strength to persevere. She has

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But no;

long enough been under the domination of the priest party to This is the first time we have seen the devil charged with be disgusted with it. The priests have paralyzed her industry, instigating to the distribution of Bibles. The Romish father impoverished the public treasury, covered the country with does not seem to have had the slightest notion of the hideous contents and beggars, corrupted education-retarded, in short, profanity with which his statement is chargeable. In the the progress of society. The Liberals of Belgium have held up apostolic times, we are told that “ the Word of the Lord had to view these consequences of clerical tyranny, and roused by their noble appeals the public indignation. A new cabinet free course and was glorified.” In the region of Naples, has been appointed: it is composed of intelligent and firm however, and in the year 1848, Bible Societies-societies for men, who will not flinch from their duties. But they will giving the Word “ free course”—are regarded and denounced have much to do to repair the faults committed by the friends as a device of the “ infernal enemy," and their Bibles characof the priests: a complete change is to be effected.

terized as “ poisonous” and “pernicious.” How is this? “ The late debates of the Legislative Chamber, at Brussels, Why is it that Popery so fears and abhors the Bible? Is it have already produced a good impression. The ministers have

because the Bible is so clear and swift & witness against her? brought forward very curious documents, showing the con- “ The entrance of thy word giveth light; it giveth understant interference of the Popish clergy in government affairs. standing unto the simple.” Father Capobianco, however, to It would seein that the bishops wrote in the most imperious do him justice, is mildness itself as compared with some of the tone to the former cabinet, and gave it their orders for the hotter spirits of Antichrist. One of these, a Mr. Brownson, appointment of professors of schools, and other public officers.

editor of a Romish review in America, comes out a la A fine administration truly. The Jesuits, were then the real | Machale, in his last Number, as follows:masters; and I am not surprised that the ultramontanes of

“ There is hardly a city in the Union in which there are France constantly called for Liberty as it was in Belgium !

not benevolent ladies banded together, practising self-denial, This liberty consisted simply in putting the people under the absolute control of the priests.

and giving alms enough even to gain heaven, if accompanied “ It might be thought that the tools of the clergy would make children, and, with sweetmeats, and fine dresses, and flatter

by faith and charity, who make it a business to find out poor in the Belgian Parliament a violent opposition. they lack courage and energy. Their attitude is very humble. ing words, entice them from religion, lure them from God, to The deputies who represent the defeated party bave scarcely spiritual mother who bore them, and to burn eternally in the

be brought up in batred of Him who redeemed them, of the opened their mouth. They submit to what is done, well knowing that they would not be sustained in their opposition by ing ladies persuade themselves that they are doing a deed of

fire prepared for the devil and his angels. And these charmpublic opinion. Only, to gratify their resentment against the Liberals , the priests plotted at Rome a miserable intrigue. charity, that they are serving God, that he will love and re

ward them for it; poor deluded creatures! who are nothing The new mii try had appointed another ambassador to the see of Rome, M. Leclerc, a worthy and respectable man. So

more or less than procuresses to the devil. How strange!

What terrible infatuation! As if it were not ten thousand the secret agents of the Belgian clergy calumniated M. Leclerc million times better that our children should starve to death at the Court of Rome, and the Pope made difficulties to the appointment of this ambassador. The insult was strongly -N. Y. Spectator.

before our eyes than they should be brought up Protestants!" resented by the nation as well as by the Government of Belgium; and the House of Representatives adopted, unanimously Popery declining Somewhere.—A writer from Kenexcept a single vote, a resolution disapproving the conduct of tucky says, that “ten Catholics become Protestants, the Romish see. This is another check, and a serious one, to where one Protestant becomes a Catholic. Impressions to the priest party."

this effect come in from all quarters. Hardly an extenAn Italian Father on Protestant Bibles.---Two years

sive journey through the State can be taken without hearago a Sicilian frigate, by name Urania, visited New York. ing of more or less becoming Protestant-rarely here and On the return of the ship to Naples, the chaplain, Father

there of one becoming a Catholic. Every one knows of Capobianco, published an account of the voyage and of their

scores whose ancestors were Catholics--very few can be Mexican incidents and impressions. Speaking of New York, pointed out, now Romanists, whose forefathers were ever (er New Jork, as the necessities of the Italian language re

Protestant. The same absorbing process (within restricteri quire it to be written), he speaks confidently of the flourishing limits), which is swallowing up the French population in St. state of the Catholic cause, under the auspicies of “the ex

Louis, and the Quaker population in Philadelphia, is slowly cellent Bishop Hus'' (Hughes—the Jesuit to whom we re

wasting away the isolated settlements of Catholics in Kenferred in our last), and presents the following reminiscence :

tucky. Immigration and intermarriages are all largely

in favour of the great majority, of whomsoever they may * The infernal enemy, who, like a hungry lion, continually consist, and constantly against the minority, of whatever goes about seeking whom he may devour, tried to insinuate

form of faith." the poison of error among our crew by means of Protestants, sho, pretending to be possessed of the true sense of the divine We hope this is correct. The chief danger to Protestantism Scriptures, interpret them through the deceitful prism of their in America, arises not so much from conversion as from immiown passions, and having them continually in their hands, uni- gration. Immense bodies of Irish are pouring yearly into the versally endeavour to propagate them as much as possible by great western valley of the Mississippi, and these are gradually moeans of the Bible Society. . . . . Now, one of these false

acquiring a standing and influence as citizens. So extensive ministers came on board our vessel, to offer the unhappy gift has been the immigration that in the city of Boston the numof these adulterated Bibles; but the commander and myself ber of Roman Catholics exceeds that of any other single denoopposed ourselves to such pernicious generosity. Miserables that they are! Is it possible that those who are in the dark mination, and their number is rapidly increasing. There, as should give light, or that the religion which the chief of the here, accordingly, politicians are paying court to them, and Deapostles came to preach in their city, and which is maintained mocrats and Whigs are striving to outbid each other with compure and ardent as it was handed down from our pious ances- pliments and concessions. The cause of truth is the more lors, should cool in the hearts of Neapolitans?"

endangered by the circumstance, that the two parties are so

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nearly balanced, that the Romanists are understood to hold settlement last August, passing the night in this prophet's the balance of power, and to be able to turn it as they choose. house, and the evening in a discussion with himself, of his The Presbyterian Herald, one of the most judiciously con

claims to be regarded as the prophet and ruler of the Church

of God on earth. ducted of the religious newspapers in America, states, that the

“The Swedes in the above colony amounted, when I was Romish bishop of New York probably exerts a wider influ

there last August, to about 500 ; some 200 having died from ence than any other individual in the United States. To

diseases incident to immigration, the dampness of their half scholarship and high ability he adds a craftiness and management which, in other days, would have made him a cardinal, deep ( the tugurii of the ancient Scandinavians), the want of

underground cottages covered with earth from two to four feet and the cardinal prime minister in the court of his sovereign.

medicine and suitable food. They are an off-shoot from the What the pope is to Italy, bishop John is to the United States, sect of Readers,' which has of late years sprung up in parts as respects the Catholic population. It is hardly too much of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark; a sort of people like the to say, that his expressed will must decide a Presidential Methodists of 1740, whose professed vocation was to increase election.”

piety and holiness without seceding from the National Church.

“Prophet Johnson (for that is our prophet's name) is a man Results of the Abolition of Capital Punishments.—A few

below the ordinary stature, and of slender proportions, and months ago the Legislature of Michigan was induced to

unprepossessing countenance and manners. Having all the abolish the penalty of death for murder. The deplorable result peasant's vulgarity of address, with none of his honesty of exis stated by a Michigan newspaper as follows:

pression, he exhibits but two traits in striking development, “ If experience is a teacher, the community of Michigan to wit, cunning and will. Ignorant, appealing evermore to have been taught a melancholy lesson. We have an agricul- “the Word o' God,the Word o'God," the necessities of his tural community. Our population is sparse. No popular out- priestly pretensions have driven him to almost all those per. break has occurred among us that would justify the shedding versions of Scripture which one reads in the Romish notes of blood. No undue political or other excitement has pre- appended to the · Douay Bible ;' and are a proof that Christ's vailed among us calculated to arouse the fierce passions of man. crown prerogatives, as the Head of the Church, the Forgiver And yet, in the midst of all this quiet in our sparse population,

of sins--and the adminstration of his own system of redemption, with schools and academies scattered all over our State, with can be usurped without “ tradition," and defended without religious teaching in all our villages and settlements, with the 'fathers.' advantages of all things, bloody murder, in the State of Mi- “He can heal the sick, cast out devils, and do all, he assures chigan, since the repeal of the death penalty, has on four us, that Christ did, making an atonement for sin excepted. several occasions stricken down its victim.

If his followers take up serpents, or drink any deadly thing, “A citizen near the village of Niles a few months ago, was

it does not harm them, unless they lack faith-not in God, shot down in open daylight, his pockets rifled, and his body

but in Johnson as God's messenger and delegate; and one of left to be devoured by wild beasts; and but for its accidental the people being bit by a rattlesnake last summer, got well; aliscovery by a hunter, the family and friends of the unfortunate and though many such cases occur outside his colony, yet this man would never have been able to account for his sudden fact confirms his character with his deluded followers, and disappearance. Soon after this (or about the same time) a

atones for a thousand instances where his pretensions fail. coloured man in this city had his brains beat out with an axe, “Nothing can exceed the patient stupidity of his believers while asleep in his own bed. On Christmas eve a citizen of and devotees, except it be the sanctimonious cunning of his Pontiac was called to his door by a person in the street. A sub-prophets and apostles. The laity appear like over-laboured slight altercation ensued—a knife was driven into his bowels, draft cattle, and march every morning to their task as direct and the next day he was a corpse. On Sunday evening last, a

and mindless as the working ox marches under the lifted yoke citizen of the most respectable portion of the city was stabbed

--and they toil as quietly. to the heart—and his lifeless corpse fell to the ground, under Before leaving, Sweden, they were bound by solemn covethe very windows of a religious temple. In addition to all nant to work for their victuals and clothes. The land is this, the records of our courts of justice show that those tribu- owned by Johnson, and (some of his priests assure me) a few nals have been called on to investigate nearly a dozen cases in of the leaders, in pretended trust. The scheme allows no which lawless passion has been foiled in its attempt to bring private property. Erickson (unless I have forgotten the down upon the head of its devotee

name), a man of wealth who furnished money to pay for the 'The primal, eldest curse-a brother's murder.'

land which was entered, was soon permitted by the prophét to

die; though I could not learn that any fault was found with his With all deference to the zeal, earnestness, and apparent

faith; and the vow has been once or twice administered since sincerity of our anti-hanging friends, we ask them—Is this

they have arrived in Henry county, that they will be content the entertainment to which you have invited us ?

with food and raiment, and labour for the common good; and A New Prophet Scandinavian Mormons. We find the

they have already turned a wide expanse of prairie into &

• fruitful field.' following in the New York Evangelist of 3d February, in the form of a letter from a correspondent:

“They are the first community I have ever seen constructed

upon the principles of Priestism, and compelled into practical Galesburgh, K’nox co., Illinois, Jan. 8, 1848. conformity with them. Their prophet can heal the sick. Thus “MR. EDITOR, I have seen some loose and inaccurate state- all who are diseased lack faith, and those who die are heretics. ments contained in newspaper paragraphs concerning a settle- He therefore resisted the use of medicines for the living and nient of Swedes in Henry county, Ill.

:--some twenty miles funeral services of the dead. Living in half-underground huts, from this place ; representing them as a sect of evangelical constructed of curiously-matched, small split logs, and covered! Lutherans, taking the Word of God only for their guide :- over with earth like an out-door cellar, in a climate moist and whereas they are guided and controlled by a profligate and hot like ours, they died of course, like diseased sheep. Tbe vulgar leader, claiming to be a prophet, sent to regenerate corpses were thrown into a dead-hole, under a sort of trapmankind, and bring in the latter day glory of the Church. In door, and without any burial service, were taken off by the company with Professor Gale, of Knox College, and another prophet's orders and buried by night. Thus no one knew the brother in the ministry, I spent a part of two days in the above number of those who died, nor the place of sepulture, nor

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