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132,000 at home. We have, besides this, our navy. The trumpeting and beating of drums about the new“ great man." extra charge for the increase of these two branches of the ser

But the most curious part followsvice, beyond what they cost during the administrations of the Duke of WELLINGTON and Earl Grey, is nearly equal to the mating and instructive by Dr. Hill, Dr. M‘Leod, Mr. Munro

“Thereafter the meeting was addressed in terms alike ani. proceeds of the income-tax. Immense sums have been re

of Campsie, Dr. Black (whose allusions to the various pascently expended upon our fortifications and garrisons; and we pay annually upwards of twenty millions for the maintenance including the gifted Chalmers, the amiable M Farlane,


tors who had cared for the people of St. John's in times past, of these our protectors. And, lo! we are all at once told, that

the sainted Brown—was

exceedingly beautiful and eloquent), we are in a most defenceless, perilous state; that our national

Mr. Jamieson, and Mr. Johnstone of Maryhill." safety is not provided for; that the French may be upon us any day. • There is no question here of expense,' we are

Is it possible to imagine anything more barefaced than told. Safety is a thing that must be provided for at any

this ? Every allusion to such men ought to have made some cost.'

Very true; but what has become of our money? of the gentlemen present blush the deepest crimson, when What are we paying the income-tax fora war-tax to sustain they remembered their own tergiversation. The people of a war establishment in time of peace. What has become of Glasgow are surely not to be taken in by such pitiful trickery. our · National-Defences?' We pay for them, that is certain; | It reminds one of the man who was exhibiting a certificate pay more than any other nation under heaven. It is very hard that we should be the only people unable to sleep quietly in

received in his better days from a worthy minister. The miniour beds for fear of invaders."

ster remarked, “ I once thought him a decent man, but the Attempted Change in the Poor Law.-An important deci- only certificate I could give him now, is that which Demas


• Demas hath forsaken me, having loved this present sion has just been given at Glasgow in a poor law case, to the

world.'” effect that whilst able-bodied men are not entitled by the law of Scotland to aliment, their children are. If this is con

Collections and Committees.-We are glad to see a movefirmed it will lead to an entire change, for to aliment a man's

ment by Dr. Candlish, in the direction of abridging the children is plainly to aliment himself, as he is administrator public collections of the Free Church, and concentrating her for his children. It is, therefore, an attempt to overthrow our

committees. This will not only be very satisfactory to the old Scotch habits by a side wind. The probable effect on

country, but will more effectually secure the object aimed at. Glasgow, will be, we are told, to increase the assessment by It is time also that some clear rules were adopted in regard to £30,000 a-year. We observe that the assessment in Paisley future financial operations, as for example:-1, 'That no comthreatens to swallow up the whole property of the town. It mittee which does not raise money, should be allowed to is proposed next to eat up the county, and when that is spend any—in other words, that every Committee should colfinished, to eat up the kingdom! Meantime, amongst all the lect its own funds. 2. That no committee should promise wise men, none seems to ask what are the causes of this vastly or vote a sixpence, until the money is actually in the bank, augmented pauperism, and how may they be removed ? or sure to be realized—in other words, that the possibility of Statesmanship seems to have died out. The vessel drifts debt should be carefully avoided. Within the limits of these without a rudder or compass; and nothing is in vogue, but the clear rules, there will be the utmost room for the energy weak and maudlin sentimentalism of men whom our fathers and for the safe management of the vast resources of the Free “ would have disdained to set with the dogs of their flocks." Church. We are confident that, amidst all this increasing assessment, Dr. Thomson of Coldstream.-A few months ago, we there is no scarcity of whisky—that tobacco in every form is called attention to the case of Dr. Thomson, in connection abundantly consumed by men who say they can by no means with the abolition of the Bible monopoly, and the unfair and get bread. By all means let the helpless poor be liberally oppressive conduct of the British and Foreign Bible Society supported, but let us not reduce the whole land to beggary, by towards him. We showed, that chiefly by his instrumentality giving way to the crotchets of mere visionaries, and suffering the price of Bibles had been reduced two-thirds, that the inidle profligates to eat up the hard-earned property of sober come of the Bible Society had thereby virtually been trebled, and industrious men. It is high time that common sense and that the blessed result of the whole had been a vast inwere coming to the rescue, for the same spirit has already crease in the purchase and distribution of Bibles. We stated made havoc enough in several other departments—especially also, that notwithstanding this, the British and Foreign Bible in that of the secondary punishments for crime.

Society—the largest Bible purchaser in the world—had not Residuary Tactics.The Residuaries in Glasgow seem

only refused to purchase a single sheet of the Bibles printed peculiarly bustling and forward; and amongst other plans

at the Coldstream Press, but had bought them at a dearer for recruiting their decayed popularity, they have taken to

market (that of the English monopolists), and in various insoirees. Things have come to a curious pass when Dr. Hill

stances had even sought to injure Dr. Thomson, by selling them goes to a soiree. The following account of one is somewhat

to the public cheaper, and of course at a serious loss. And we

called upon the Christian public to interfere and prevent the curious:

St. John's Parish Church Soiree.--On Thursday evening cruel injury which it was the tendency, if not the object, of such last a social meeting of the congregation and friendsof St. John's proceedings to inflict. We rejoice to learn, that since that Parish Church was held in the City Hall, Candleriggs Street. time vigorous steps have been taken in connectionjwith many The party numbered upwards of one thousand two hundred congregations of the various denominations, for the purpose of ladies and gentlemen, and thoroughly filled every part of the aiding Dr. Thomson, by purchasing quantities of the Coldmagnificent hall. The Rev. Mr. Gillan, pastor of the congre- stream Press Bibles. We hope that the ministers of the gation, occupied the chair. On the platform were Sir James

Free Church will not be behind their brethren in the matter. Campbell, Bailie Gilmour, Professor Hill, Drs. M'Leod, Craik, Black, Napier, Barr, Mr. Jamieson of St. Paul's, Mr. Every congregation might easily order (as is proposed) five Munro of Campsie, Mr. Johnstone of Maryhill-ministers. pounds' worth of Bibles; and were that done, it would secure Dr. M. S. Buchanan, Messrs. Proven, Murray, Burnet, Steel, Dr. Thomson against the loss which his enemies are seeking Lindsay, Lawson, Hunter, M.Vey, Stewart, and Wilson--of to inflict upon him, and the Christian public against the inSt. John's Kirk-session."

crease in the price of Bibles, which would be sure to follow After tea, coffee, &c., there were speeches. First one from the success of their endeavours. An attempt has been made Mr. Gillan, whose qualities of all kinds are well known at in Edinburgh, within the last few weeks, to build up a case Holyton and Abbotshall

, and whose church, we observe from against Dr. Thomson; but the reverend gentleman's Reply to the report, has eight hundred and seventy-seven let; i the Charges and Statements of his accuser is most satisfacother words, is rather more than half filled, after all the tory and triumiphant. And we cannot entertain a doubt that


the answer of the Christian people of England and Scotland choose from their altars; and, in Dr. Murray, who, after to the appeal which has been made to them, will be such as having issued and recommended treatises in which all both to relieve him from embarrassment, and save themselves Protestants are declared beyond the possibility of salvafrom reproach.

tion, comes publicly forward and speaks of them as


fellow-Christians." One of the ablest and most prominent Devices of French Popery.The French correspondent of of the Romish dignitaries in America-Bishop Hughes an American paper gives the following:

has of late been doing some bold things of the same sort. “ In the very centre of Paris you could have read, not many He preached a discourse in the Hall of Representatives months ago, the following extraordinary hand-bill, conspicu- at Washington, in which he laid down and elaborately ously posted up under the porch of the Church of St. Merri:- proved this position—That Christianity is the only source

'Apparitions of the Most Holy Virgin,
To Two little Shepherds,

of moral and political liberty. Of course, his object was On the Mountain of Sallette, Canton de Corps,

to leave the impression with the American legislature and Diocese of Grenoble.

people that the Church of which he is a Bishop-and which Miraculous Cure of a Woman sick for 23 years, claims to be the only embodiment and representative of

Accompanied by Letters of the Bishop of Gap, And the Abbe Chaband, Grand Vicar, &c., on these Miracles, falsehood of such a statement is as transparent as its object.

Christianity-is, of necessity, favourable to liberty. The With fine Engravings, to represent

It is notorious that, from the rise of the Papal system to the 1. The Apparition. 2. The Cure. 3. The Benediction of The Fruits of the Earth;

present day, it has been “the bitterest foe to human liberty, With a Prayer by the Archbishop of Paris.' and is chargeable with the mass of the horrid cruelties, perse“The Constitutionel, an influential Parisian journal, ironi- cutions, and massacres, which have trodden the moral and cally asked, at the time, if it would not be well to distribute political freedom of the fairest portions of Europe in the to each deputy, a copy of this document along with the plan of dust.” Bishop Hughes' proposition, that Christianity is the the law, for public instruction. It is due to the Bishop of source of moral and political liberty, is unquestionably correct. Grenoble, to state, that after the little pamphlet thus adver

But the only inference which can fairly be drawn from a comtised, bad been extensively circulated, he tried to allay the excitement which it occasioned, by publicly declaring that the

parison of the proposition with the actual history of the counaccount of the apparition had never received his formal sanc

tries in which the Church of Rome is predominant, is, of course, tion. It was not difficult by such a declaration, in a journal, this—That Popery is not Christianity. Is there either moral to silence the snears of sceptics, without disturbing the credulity or political liberty in Austria, or in Spain, or in Portugal, of the faithful."

or even in Italy? Is it not the fact, that in these counCurious particulars are stated as to the devices by which tries the mass of the people are immoral and degraded? Are French Romanism attempts to make early impressions on they not both religiously and politically in a state of the most children. It has not elevated them to the pulpit, like the abject bondage? And if so, and if Christianity is always bambini, or little children dressed up as abbés and prelates, the source of liberty, is it not an unavoidable inference, that and delivering what a French writer calls “ charming little true Christianity has not yet visited or blessed them ? And sermons" at the Ara Cæli, a church in Rome, on occasion of

yet it appears that many in America are deceived by the Bithe jubilee of Pius IX. But it has resorted to expedients shop's talk. At the annual dinner of the New England Soequally puerile. It is not only solicitous that the children ciety, on December 22d, a festival held in commemoration of shall receive “baptism” at their birth, and partake of their the Landing of the Pilgrim Fathers, one of the toasts profirst communion on attaining twelve years of age, after hav- | posed was, ing been duly trained by the parish priests, and by the “Bre- The present Sovereign Pontiff of Rome, Pius IX.” thren of the Christian Doctrine,'' to answer glibly all the And who should reply to the toast but Bishop Hughes! His questions in their catechisms, to kneel devoutly before the speech is a rare specimen of “the sleight of men and cunning Madonna, to habituate themselves to make the sign of the craftiness whereby they lie in wait to deceive." After cross, and regularly to fast during Lent; but it also seeks to smoothly stating his agreeable surprise at the position in which remind them of the observances of their religion, in “their he found himself, he actually proceeded as follows:playthings and sweetmeats. The toy-shops exhibit in their

“When you speak of your Pilgrim fathers and rocks and windows, baby-chapels with baby-altars, shrines, and cruci- the Pilgrim landing, you touch upon topics with which I fixes. The boy who used to take his pocket-money to purchase deeply sympathize. You treat it as a matter of tradition; little soldiers, now buys little monks, and the girl shows you

while I regard it as a matter of experience, impressed on my ber doll dressed as a Sister of Charity. Sugar plums are

memory, for I landed a pilgrim on these hospitable shores.

And were I disposed to convey to the Sovereign Pontiff inforformed into figures of the Virgin and the Saviour; and priests mation to enable him to form an idea of this country, which is in their robes, are eaten in sweet chocolate, as images in sugar a free country, I might tell him the history, if so I might call are swallowed from the crust of a twelfth-night cake. The it, of a young and tender, and I fear a useless plant, washed trade in this delectable confectionary, into which “milk for

out of its mother earth, carried by the waves of the Atlantic babes" has thus been transformed (the French are famous

to these shores, where it touched not a rock, but the soil, in

which it took root and acquired a prosperous life. (Cheers.) tooks), is plied with especial activity at Christmas and New

That single circumstance, it seems to me, would give him a Year's. A Parisian shop is a tenth wonder of the world, at better idea of this country, of its fostering institutions, its any season of the year, but at Christmas, it eclipses even itself kind and hospitable people, and of the avenue achich it opens ly its brilliant display of all possible combinations of taste and to every man who feels called to enter upon a career of selffazey. And none of the shops in Paris are more attractive than

advancement, than volumes written upon the subject." those in which are sold elegant rosaries, Virgins, and infant

And he concluded by proposing a toast to the honour of Christs, missals sumptuously bound in velvet, with sculptured

the New England schoolmasters ! crucifixes in gold, ivory, or silver, on the covers, little shrines

“ Not to trespass too long upon your patience, and to exfur the private closet, priestly robes of the finest material, during the festive proceedings of this evening, I beg simply

press a sentiment which has sprung up in my heart and mind and an infinite variety of other objets religieux.

to remark, that New England is not distinguished as a country Illustrations of Jesuitism.—The effrontery of Romish Bi

of great production, according to the terms of political eco

nomy. It produces granite, to be sure, of which we have a shops is remarkable. In our own country, we have specimens

fine specimen before us; and it produces ice; but there is of thera in Dr. M'Hale, who claims a right for his priests, among its productions something which is still more honourGod's messengers, to say what, and denounce whom, they able and which renders it more distinguished—its teachers:

and allow me,-(I allude to its teachers of Common Schools) stood to enjoy. And yet they abound, and, in many places, --to conclude, with this sentiment:- Prosperity to the land are increasing, and do their diabolical work so effectually, that which grows schoolmasters.""

a greater number of drunkards are lodged in our police offices Now, all this must be mere Jesuitry. Bishop Hughes between the evenings of Saturday and Sabbath than on any knows full well that, had this "young and tender plant," of two days of the week. The idea is 80 monstrous, that while which he speaks, grown on Popish soil, instead of being all the bakers', butchers', shoemakers', and other shops allowed to be washed away from its mother earth, it would

of the city should be (by compulsion) closed, these dens of have been unceremoniously pulled up and thrown into the

ruffianism and ruin should alone be allowed to remain open, fire. And he knows also, that if any inhabitant of Austria,

that there is every reason for expecting that, were a vigorous or Spain, or Italy were Puritan enough to think of selling a

and sustained effort made to put a stop to the anomaly, every Bible, or convening a prayer-meeting, or printing a Protestant

man, not only of religious principle, but even of outward moral tract, he would have small experience either of “ fostering decency, would gladly help it forward. We are told that institutions," or of "kind and hospitable" people, or of an

some of our Voluntary friends are somewhat squeamish about open avenue to self-advancement;" but would, on a mo

applying to the Legislature on such a subject. But that is ment's notice, be constituted a pilgrim by banishment, or,

no reason why others, who fortunately have no such scruples, more probably and worse, would be cast into a dungeon. should not set about the work immediately. Besides, we are And yet his speech was received with “ loud applause" by much mistaken if the members of Voluntary Churches gethe descendants of the Puritans ! And it is confidently | nerally would have any sympathy with such squeamishness. stated, that the American Government have some intention we think so well of them as to believe that were they to be of sending him as their accredited ambassador, to negotiate a

told that their Voluntaryism was inconsistent with the comtreaty with Mexico! This would be a rare triumph, and

pulsory closing of Sabbath whisky shops, they would at would be turned by the crafty priest to the best account.

once (from that Sabbath-loving instinct which, as true The End of a Pseudo- Reformer.-The evidence of an Scottish Christians, must pervade them) bid goodbye to Atheist was lately rejected by the judges of a court in Ohio. their Voluntaryism till the whisky shops were closed. The Some interest attaches to the history of the unhappy man, as mass of American Christians have been hitherto claimed indicated in the American papers. He was at one time a as Voluntaries, in the Scotch sense of the term. But that Baptist miuister, and editor of a religious newspaper in Ver- must be a mistake. They are at present combining in all mont. Attaching himself to the Garrisonian party, he directions to put a stop to every mode of Sabbath desecration, mounted all the “reform hobbies," which have ridden so and appear to have no idea that they are doing wrong in inmany (at first) well-meaning men to destruction, and be | voking the aid of the civil magistrate. Besides, we observed came successively a non-resistance, anti-Government, anti- lately, that a day of thanksgiving for the harvest was apChurch, anti-marriage, anti-Bible man.

He started a newg. pointed by the governors of the various States of the Union, paper which he named the “Regenerator," and in which he and observed with the utmost unanimity by the whole religious advocated with considerable ability the various nostrums of public. the quasi benevolent Infidelity, which is so rife in America,

The Beauties of Popish Literature.—The Romanists have and threatens to become prevalent in our own country. He has

an organ in America called the Freeman's Journal. The folended in Atheism. When asked by the judge as to his faith, lowing extract from its issue for December 11, is worth quotahe declared that “ he believed nothing which he did not know

tion and perusal:and see to be a visible fact," and consequently that as “no

The Immaculate Conception of the Blessed had seen God, no one could testify of him, and no one The Provincial Council of Baltimore having elected the Most could rationally affirm his existence.” The instances of a Blessed VIRGIN MARY as Patron of this country, and having, like desperate and deplorable infatuation following the adoption at its last sitting, solicited and obtained the permission of and becoming the climax of such views, are very numerous

using the title Sine Labe originali Concepta in the office and in America, and should serve as a warning. When men

mass, it is certainly not unreasonable to anticipate a great in

crease of fervour and devotion towards the holy Mother of begin to tamper recklessly with things most surely believed,

God amongst good Catholics of our country, and especially and think to make a code of morals more benevolent than on the festival of the Immaculate Conception, which was that which the Bible furnishes, or to find regeneration for celebrated last Wednesday. We do not know in how many the world apart from the Gospel of Jesus Christ, they are not

of the churches the day was specially celebrated, though we far from making shipwreck.

know that in some of them it was with so great magnificence.

Certainly no man of faith will hesitate to admit that the perSabbath Taverns.—The Judges of the Court of Common

son, the parish, the diocese, or the province, by which a special Pleas for Philadelphia city and county, have decided that devotion to the Queen of Angels shall be practised as well as tavern-keepers and others licensed to sell liquors have no right professed, particularly in this mystery, shall find it indeed a fruitto sell them on the Sabbath; and have taken their licenses ful source of benedictions, a kindling of fervour, and increased from several who were prosecuted for keeping their houses open

of virtues and graces, an extending of power for the advance

ment of the Redeemer's kingdom and the salvation of souls. on that day. The main ground for the action of the Court

The gross idolatry of such views and observances is manifest. appears to be, that the observance of the Sabbath is enjoined by the laws of the State, and that to keep open taverns, &c.,

And yet a Romish bishop in Australia lately pretended to on Sabbath, is as much a violation of the law as for mer- "curse" every one who "worshipped" the Virgin Mary. chants to keep open their stores, mechanics to work in their

Calls. shops, or farmers on their farms. We regret much that a movement in this direction has not long before now been made Craig.-Rev. Hugh Mitchell, February 6. among ourselves. We, of course, concur and aid most heartily

Glasgow, Hope Street Church.—Rev. Donald M'Gillvray, in the opposition to Sabbath travelling and traffic on railways.

Campbeltown, February 2.

Renton.- Rev. W. M. Dempster, January 19. But it has often surprised us that no systematic and combined

Enduction. movement has been made for the suppression of the infamous Sabbath traffic in intoxicating liquors. There is no kind of

Dundee, St. John's Church.- Rev. Mr. Laird of Abbots

hall, February 9. Sabbath desecration so common or so injurious, nor, perhaps, is there any so utterly defenceless. We never heard a single

Printed and Published by JOHN JOHNSTONR, 15, Princes Stret. plea of any kind urged on behalf of Sabbath whisky shops, or

Edinburgh; and 26, IP: ternoster Row, London. And sold by the of the special license which somehow or other they are under- Bookse'lers throughout the kingdom.

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