Rejected addresses: or, The new Theatrum poetarum

W. D. Ticknor, 1841 - 159 páginas

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Página 19 - Alike in ignorance, his reason such Whether he thinks too little or too much; Chaos of thought and passion, all confused; Still, by himself abused or disabused; Created half to rise and half to fall; Great lord of all things, yet a prey to all, Sole judge of truth, in endless error hurled, The glory, jest, and riddle of the world...
Página 70 - Mid blazing beams and scalding streams, Through fire and smoke he dauntless broke Where Muggins broke before. But sulphury stench and boiling drench Destroying sight o'erwhelmed him quite, He sunk to rise no more. Still o'er his head, while Fate he braved, His whizzing water-pipe he waved ; " Whitford and Mitford, ply your pumps, You, Clutterbuck, come, stir your stumps, Why are you in such doleful dumps ? A fireman, and afraid of bumps ! — What are they fear'd on ? fools, 'od rot 'em ! " Were...
Página 11 - I'm speaking, where's papa? And where's my aunt? and where's mamma? Where's Jack? Oh, there they sit! They smile, they nod; I'll go my ways, And order round poor Billy's chaise, To join them in the pit. And now, good gentlefolks, I go To join mamma, and see the show; So, bidding you adieu, I curtsey, like a pretty miss, And if you'll blow to me a kiss, I'll blow a kiss to you.
Página 8 - O, my stars ! He pokes her head between the bars, And melts off half her nose ! Quite cross, a bit of string I beg, And tie it to his peg-top's peg, And bang, with might and main, Its head against the parlour-door : Off flies the head, and hits the floor, And breaks a window-pane.
Página 32 - Garden manager tried that, and a pretty business he made of it! When a man says veluti in speculum, he is called a man of letters. Very well, and is not a man who cries OP a man of letters too ? You ran your OP against his veluti in speculum, and pray which beat ? I prophesied that, though I never told any body. I take it for granted, that every intelligent man, woman, and child, to whom I address myself, has stood severally and respectively in Little Russell Street, and cast their, his, her, and...
Página 69 - He tottered, sunk, and died ! Did none attempt, before he fell, To succour one they loved so well ? Yes, Higginbottom did aspire (His fireman's soul was all on fire) His brother chief to save ; But ah ! his reckless generous ire Served but to share his grave ! 'Mid blazing beams and scalding streams, Through fire and smoke he dauntless broke, Where Muggins broke before.
Página 132 - And bucks with pockets empty as their pate, Lax in their gaiters, laxer in their gait, Who oft, when we our house lock up, carouse With tippling tipstaves in a lock-up house.
Página 5 - Who, while the British squadron lay off Cork, (God bless the Regent and the Duke of York,) With a foul earthquake ravaged the Caraccas, And raised the price of dry goods and tobaccos ? Who makes the quartern loaf and Luddites rise ? Who fills the butchers...
Página 64 - For shouts were heard mid fire and smoke, And twice ten hundred voices spoke, — " The playhouse is in flames...
Página 71 - Have cut the bauble off. Yes, she exalts her stately head ; And, but that solid bulk outspread, Opposed you on your onward tread, And posts and pillars warranted That all was true that Wyatt said, You might have deem'd her walls so thick Were not composed of stone or brick, But all a phantom, all a trick, Of brain disturb'd and fancy sick, So high she soars, so vast, so quick ! X.

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