Abbildungen der Seite

dilly, upholsterer, Aug. 8. (Brooks and Co. Jolin. street. Bedford-row.) June 27. WATKIN, JOAN, and co. Aldermanbury, ware

housemen, Aug. 25. (King, Serjeant's-inn.j July

14. WALKER, THOS. George-street, Mary.le-bone,

haberdasher, Aug. 25. [Caslon, High-street,

Mary-le-bone.) July 14.
VEST, THOS, Manchester, joiner, Aug. 3, 4, and

19, Spread Eagle, Manchester. (Appleby and Co.
Grays's-inn ] July 18.

WHEELER, SAM. ALLEN, Birmingham, mer.

chant, Aug. 29, Royal Biriningham. (Burruse Birmingham; and Tooke, Holborn-court, Gray'ye inn.) July is. WRIGHT, KOBERT, Liverpool, merchant, Ang. 5,

6, and Sept. 1, George, Liverpool, [seckerson, Staford; and Anstiee and Co. King's Bench-walk, "Temple.] July u. WALCOT, THOS. Porisea, linen-draper, Aug. ,,

15. an. Sept. 5. (Courteen und Co. Walbrook.) July 25.

Aug. 29

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FROM SATURDAY, JUNE 27, TO SATORDAY, JULY 25, 1818. ADLINGTON, J. Chesterfield, July Hamilton, J. and Co. Finch-lane, Pickering, T. Liverpool, July 28 IS Aug. 11

Payne, W. York-street, Ang. 8 Antrobus, J. Castleton, Aug. 4 Hesselline, B. Nicholas-lane, Sepa. Pigram, J. Hanham, Aug. 8 Apedaile, G. North Shlelds, July 99

Polinck, J. K. North Shields, Aug. 25

Home, G. Threadneedle st. Aug. 18 18
Ashton, J. Tower-street, Aug. 1 Hendy, A. Gower-street, Sept. 18 Pfeil, L. and Co. Bishopsgate-street,
Ashby, G. Gough-square, Aug. 8 Hordern, T. G. Skelton, Sept. 31 Rowlandson, S. and Co. Cheapside,
Abrahams, G. Falınouth, Aug. 18 James, J. Stratford, July 18

Oct. 25
Barton, J. Old South Sea House, Jackson, J. Middleton, July 22 Rope, J. High-street, Aug. I

Johnstone, J. Paradise-row, July 28 Reynolds, J. and Co. Whitechapel,
Brown, H. and Co.Windsor, Jaly 25 Jackson, W. R. Exeter, Sept. 8° Aug. 1
Bravo, J. London-wall, July 25 Johnstone, T. B. Liverpool, Aug. 12 Russell, G. Birmingham, Aug. 15
Broadbent, W.Kingston-upon-Hull, Jump, J. and Co. Fore-st. Aug. 11 Ridley, J. Lancaster, Sept. s
Aug. 7

Jeater, J. London, Aug. 13 Robinson, G. and Co. Paternoster. Bryant, W. Garden-court, Aug. 1 King, J. Swaffliam, Aug. 6

row, Aug. 1 Brooke, J. Roxfolds, Aug. 10 Kent, E. Sidney Hill, July 31 Raine, J. and Co. Bagnigge-wells, Bruce, A. and Co. London, Aug. Kelty, A. Worcester, July !8 Aug. 1

Kerkham, J. Leek, July 28 Rose, J. V. Cambridge, Ang. 17 Bradley, G. Houndsditch, Aug. 11 King, W: Thorpe, Aug.4 Raffield, G. South Shields, Aug. 17 Bland, 1. jun. Market Brough, Aug. Birkpatrick, J. Liverpool, Aug. 13 Snasdell, T. Norfolk, July es

Kirkman J. Gower-street, Sept. 19 Schneider, R. W.U. U. White-Lion. Barber, W. Alnwick, Ang. 10 Knowles, F. and Co. Sheitield, Aug. court, Ang. 1 Coles, W. and Co. Mincing-lane,

Smith, J. Duke-strert, Aug. 1 July 25

Kirkpatrick, J, Liverpool. Aug. 31 Smith, e. Derby, July 22 Cross, J. Testerton, July es Lynneil, s, W. and ro. July 21 Starkey, W. Gutter-lane, Aug. 1 Cox, G. M. Edgeware.roar!, Aug. 11 Lowcock, G. jun. Crumpsali, July Smith, G. Sheffield, July 07 Curry, T. North Shields, Aug. 8 17

Sill, J. and Co, Liverpool. Jals of Crohat, P. and Co. Liverpool, Aug. Lees, J. Ealing, July 28

Southcombe, G, Bristol, Ang. 3 Cumberlege, J. George yard, Aug. Lees, s. Hurst, July 22

Stamfield, J. Sinck port, Aug. 3 ('alvert, A. Sydenham, July 18 Latham, T. D. and Co. Devonshire- Singlen, J, and Co Liverpool, 403.3 Chanter, R. (humleigh, Aug. 4

square, July 18

Scriven, J. and J. Alcester, Aug. 1 Cole, J. Plymouth, Aug. 19 Lawson, W. Whithy, July 2x Spencer, T Manchester, Aug. 4 Clark, S. Trg, Oct. 17

Lloyd, s, T. Leather-lane, Aug. 28 Sandwell, R. B. Deal, Aug. 15 Cradock, J. Downing-st. Aug. 19 Lovegrove, R. Arberfield, Aug. 4 Tiarkie, G. M. sq. Jie's De Mauny Crespin, E. Wigmore. Lawton, W. Wilinsiow, Aug. 12 Thornelo, W. Birminghan, Jal. 24 street, Aug. 8 Manks, J. Leeds, June 29

Todhunter, J. London, July 25 Duckworth, H. Biliter.lane, Julyo Vnegeridge, R. Kingston upon. Tibay, E. Hastings, Aug. 1 Davies, J. Pembrokeshire, July 2a Thames, July 94

Taylor, T. Burgli, July 25 Durham, A. Birmingham, July 28 Vugride, T. and Co. King's Lynn, Taylor, M. Rudley, July 31 Dodson, R. Liverpool, Aug. 3 July 22

Tonimin, 0. Es ex-street, July !! Dawks, T. Bath, Aug. 22

Marsden, W. N. Manchester, Aug. Titford, W. and R. Union-street, Wingle, J. Plymouth dock, Ang. 22

July 2A Edgar, R. Hammond' July us M'Gourn, J. Pall. Nall-co. July 4 Tellev, M. Leeds, Aug. 19 Elliott. J. Southampton, July 05 Marsden, J. Sharples, Aug. 5 Thoinas, R. Hatfield.street, Aug. I Edwards, t, and Co. Bradford. Vercer, W. Wotton-le- Dale, July Thompson, J. Keekle-gtore, Aug. Aug. 3

119 Everett, N. Longhridge, Aug. 9 Sackcoull, J. Worthing, July 19 Tappenden, J. Farersham, Aug. 11 Everett, N. Longbridge, Aug. 10 Viller, J, and J. Holiwell-st. Aug.1 Turnbull, J. and Co. Broad-stret. French, A. B. Did Souti Sea House, Matthewman, J. Queen-st. Ang. I Aug. 15 July 18

Mackenzie, A. J. and Co. Cross- Willonghby, B. and Co. Plymouth Fisher, w. Union-place, July 28 street, Aug. 1

July is Prv, E. Honnsditch, July 22 Miller, T. jun. Portrea, Aug. 4 Willis, J. Inion-street, July !9 Fraiberstonehaugh, J. St. Mary Valony, 11. City-road. Aug. 19 Woolsey, W. Great Mary-le-bonHill, Arg. 8

Mackenzie, A. K. and Co, Austin. street, Juli: 18 Fa:rlainb, J. Wynyatt-street, Aug. friars, Aug. 11

White, T. jun. and Co. Great Wia. Aug. 11

Mackcoull, J. Worthings, daly 25 chester-street, Bulv 24 Grierson, S. Barnsley, Aug. 13 Mond, J. and Co. Leadenball-st Watson, J. Brooke, Ju 87 Gigney, S. Kent ro:d, Aus. I


Willians, W. Limehonse, July 2$ Glover, D. Gutter lane, Aug. 1 Kash, J. Gloucester, Jols 95

"Varns, W. Bedford street, Aug. 1 Gilimore. W. Huline, Ang. 10 Sarlat, 1. Barnsley', July 25 Walls, D. Gedney Duke, July 1 Gelge, W. Ange! cruit, Ang. 20 Visli, F. Tiverto!, A113.3

Wingfield, J. Lonciane, Aug. I Bunan, W. Barking, Aug. 1 Oliver, J. Newington Causeway, July wala. B. Hackney, Aug. : Halden, E. Hazle End, Julio

Walietild, J. and Co. Lad la ay Hanıblin, S. Wootten-under-Edge. Osborne, J. York-place, Ang. ! Alig. + July 24

l'annell, M. Hosier-lane, July 18 Wardley, G. Blakelry, Aug. !! Hoare, G, and Co. Ludgale-bill, Pothonier, F. Corporation-sow, July Williams, G. Churchi-row, Aug. 8 Aug. 1

teks, W. Leels, Aug. 10 Harrison, J. Prescot, July 97 Pe!ham, M.A. North Shicids, Aug. Wilcocks, E. toe. $ Hodion. J. and Co. Liverpool. 20

"nolscy, W. Great Mary-le-bois July 97

Prillins, Sir R. Now Bridge-street, sircei, July 23 Haron, T. Wa'rin ton, July 27

Wilkinson, J. Lancaster, Aug. 13 Humble, W. St. Thomas Apostle Palmer, R. Brighthclinstong, July Young, W. Anston, July 98 July 21


Yound, E. Gsecawich, Aug. 19 Halcraw, $, Trafalgu-square, ^u5 Parhez, B. Birmingham, Aug. !





ADLINGTON, J. Chesterfield, July Haslam, J. Liverpool, Aug. 4 Siepi, L. Haymarket, July 35

Hazethurst, M. Liverpool, Ang. 4 Standish, J. Liverpool, Aag. 4
Arnold, T. Rochester, Aug.4 Hooton, J. Lancaster, Aug. 8 Smith, J. Shrewsbury, Aug. 4
Antrobus, J. Castleton, Aug. 4 James, J. Bristol, July $1 Senior, R. Bristol, Aug. 8
Ash, J. S. Liverpool, Aug. 8 Johnstone, A. Sen. Manchester, Simmons, T. Birmingham, Aug. I
Bali, G. M. Great Spring-st. July 18 July 38

Spear, A. Basingball-st. Aug. 11.
Barton, W Doncaster, July 28 Laub, J. Crescent, July 5 Smith, J. Duke-st. Aug. 11
Benstead, w. jun. Jewry-st. Julges Lachlan, J. Great Alie-st. Aug. I Spence, J. Providence-row, Aug. 11
Barber, R. Beadwell, Aug. 8. Land, E. Warwick row, Aug. 1 Shaw, R. H. Liverpool, Aug. 15
Boycott, R. jun. Newport, Aug. 8 Lawrence, w. Old street-ro. Aug. 8 Smith, W.J. Birmingham, Aug. 13
Baruh, D. Houndsdichi, Aug. 8 Miller, T. jun. Portsea, July 18 Sansun, J. Gracechurch-st. Aug. 15
Croucher, J. H. Great Alie street, Milne, G. Broad-st. July as Taylor, R. Islington, July 81
July 18

Martin, J. Mirchin, July 25. Tett, P. Seaton, Aug: 1 Carmichael, J. Little Russell-street, Muggeridge, R. Kingston-upon-Tilt, W. St. Paul's-church-ya. Aug. Aug. 8 "Thames, Aug. 4.

15 Coles, c. Fleet-st. Aug. 15 Moore, W. Sowerby, Aug. 8 Thompson, R. "Chtpping Sodbury, Coultern, J. Chatham, Aug. 15 Martin, T. Bristol, Aug. 13

Aug. 15 Cole, R, King-st. Aug. 15

Nuns, w. Allerton Bywater, Aug. 8 Vandersteen, W. Widegate-street, Dennis, R. Bardney, July 21 Nicholl, E. Hemel Hempstead, Aug.8 Avg. 1. Dorn, A. Lambeth, July 28 Osbourne, W. Sculcoaies, Aug. 15 Willey, J. Willoughby, July 25

Delcambre, A. Bucklersbury, Aug. 1 Paternoster, W. Rochester, July 25 Weeks, J. Saiat Dominick, July 45 Dean, J. Poplar, lug. 11

Poole, J. E. Newcastle-upon-Týne, Wilmoi, 5. R. Bristol, Aug. 1 Fisher, J. Throgmorton-st. Aug. 1 July eb

Wigglesworth, W. and Co. Halifax,
Frankis, W Painswich, Aug. 8 Palleit, c, Manchester, Aug. 4 Aug. 11
Forder, W. Basing-toke, Aug. 15 Polley, J. Gray's-inn, Aug. 15 Younghusband, J. Liverpool, July
Goring, T. Staines, July 25 Payne, H. H. Stroud, Aug. 15

Glover, T. Liverpool, July 25 Rolland, F. St. James's-st. July 18 Younger, J. Crescent, July 95
Gregory, G. Chester, July 28 Redmayne, T. Preston, Aug. 11 Young, J. and Co. Sheffield, Aug.
Herberi, s, North Newton, Aug. I


FROM SATURDAY, JUNE 27, TO SATURDAY, JULY 25, 1818. ASHTOS, S. Bradwell, T. and Everall, s. Manches- Clarke, W. and Cox, J. White's grounds, Bermondter, calenderers.

sey, common-brewers. Aston, T. Aston, T. jun. and Backhouse, J. New Coles, w.jun. and Moxon, T. Mincing-la. Basinghall-st, merchants.

Clegg, A. J. and A. Oldham, Lancashire, hat.manu. Astor, ë. and Horwood, G, Cornhill, musical-instru.

facturers. ment manufacturers.

Crowther, W. and Blaney, G. A. Ironmonger-st. Archer, J. and Taylor, G. Whitechapel-road, tailors, Westminster, watch-manufacturers. Atbey, M. J. and A. Alnwick, Northumberland, Coates, C. and Oswin, R. Bond-st. chemists. cabinet-makers.

Crompton, J. W. and Webster, J. Birmingham, Astley, P. and $carrett, J. wire-makers. watelinusemen.

Coke, C. and Male, J. Birmingham, brass-founders. Adaus, G. and Nash, T. Gloucester, goldsmiths. Dowall, J. and T. and Dale, T. Bristol, hat-ınanu. Adams, B. Dowding, P. and Pridcax, J. Bristol, facturers. japan manufacturers.

Darnell, J. and Stevens, T: White-lion-st, Penton. Anderson, K. I, and Vallence, J. Garlick-hill, che- ville, school-masters. miats.

Dixon, w. Dickson, J. and Moffatt, J. Liverpool, Adams, C. and Wollaston, T. Hales Owen, Shrop- merchants. shire, nail-ironmongers.

Davis, H. and Lord, W. H. Old Jewry, Spanish wool Berard, P. and Gaugain, P. A. Uxbridge, cork.

brokers. cutting-manufacturers.

Dwiring, W. and Lewin, E. Liverpool, liquor mera Best, T. and Matthews, G. J. Warwick la, book.

chante binders.

Distill, w.and N. and Belcher, M. Liverpool. Barber, J. jun. and Wallis, B. Lower East Davis, T. Jones, W. Devey, W. Combes, J. Poule Smithfieli, cral-merchants.

ten, J. Devey, F. Martin, W. Budd, c. H. and Blandy, J. Saunders, W. and Blandy, J. J. Reading, Stone, W. st. Ceorge's in the East, gas and coke attornirs

merchants. Brydson, W. Macgeorge, R. and Chateris, W. Glas. Davy, S. and Davy, J. H. Parker's-la. St. Giles's, gow.

wheelwrights. Briggs, J. and Haworth, R. Blackburn, Lancashire, Elam, D. Richardson, J. and Webb, C. Bedfordbury, coiton manufacturers.

woollen-drapers. Brotherton, l'. and Smith, A. Barnsley, Yorkshire, Elland, 1. E. Langton, D. B. and Beechey, S. Higher dscrs.

street Whitechapel. Bolingbroke, N. and C. N. and Hall, H. Norwich, Evert, A. and Cooper, C. White-hart-co. warehousemen.

Freeman, J. and Thompson, A. Hatton-garden, Mid. Brown, G. and Willson, J. Oxford, harness-makers. diesex, tailors. Barrow, M. Lees, d. Lees, J. Lees, J. Dancult, J. Greg, s. Lindsay, L. jun. Wood, T. and Greg, T. Jones, J. Jones, J. sen. Jones, W. Marsland, R. jun. New Brand street-court, merchants. Marsund, J. Knori, D. Marsland, J. Ogden, J. Cee, J. Mellor, J. Kershaw, H. and Wright, R. Lei. Jones, J. jun. Scinofield, J. Schofield, J. and Scho. ceter, hat manulacturers. field. J. of Oldham and Chodderton, Lancashire, Gi!!, J. Rundit, E, and Jy 'Paristock, Devonshire, coal miners,

grocers. Bomull, J. and Watkins, A. D. Barking, Essex, Gunthern, H. and Nunting, J. L. Tottenham st. mast and block makers.

piano-forte.manutaruriis, Bennett, H. Bennett, R. and Bennett, H. jun. Spi-, Hammond, T. aau Medlicut, W. Bristol, ship. ta! *). silk-wearers.

brokers. Collier, 31. and Orton, W. Bull Ina, Holborn, Hill, S. and Humby, W. Thames-bank, tremp and Criati.proprietors.

flax manufacturers. Cingg, R Norris, E. and 'Rothwell, R. Manchester, Hogs, M. and Townend, J. Burniston, Yorkslrire, cotton-manufacturers.

Coro-factors. Charmail, M. M. and Charman, E. Berkley-sq. Hardwen, J. P. and Jackson, R. Botolph-la, saili deulet in toys.

cloth-factors, Europ. Mag. Vol. LXXIV. july 1818.


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List of Patents.


Hartley, E. S. and Cooper, 3. Upper-st. Islington, Musker, E. Musker, J. and Holme, N. Wotton-ORschool mistresses.

the-Hill, Lancashire, common brewers. Hankey, W. Williams, E. and Dimsdale, J. St. Oats, R. and J. Drury-la. cabinet-makers. John's-st. Clerkenwell, chemists.

Price, T. and J. Minories, grocers. Hopkins, J. and Hunter, J. Queen's-sq. Westmin- Price, R. and R. and Hinde, w. Old 'Change, ware. ster, surgeons.

housemen. Heath, c. Field, J. and Bryan, S. T. Greenwich, Payne, W. and Bullock, E. Birmingliam, ironcommon-brewers.

founders. Hawkes, W. and Berry, T. Coventry and Wood-st. Paget, J. and Burgess, J. Barrow-upon-Soar, Leiribbon-Inanufacturers.

cestershire, millers. Holland, T. D. and Holroyd, J. Watlingborough, Perryman, J. and Whitaker, E. Bishopsgate-st. cheLincolnshire, wool staplers.

mists Harrop, B. and Walshew, J. Oldham, Lancashire, Russell, S. Johnson, J. and Sharrocks, T. Man. cotton-spinners.

chester, pin-mamufacturers. Hyde, W. and Samson, J. Steward st. Old Artillery- Richard, T. and Wheatley, H. Gough-sq. newsmen. ground, silk-manufacturers.

Reeves, 'w. J. and Woodyer, W. Holborn-bridge, Horne, T. and Bedson, T. Birmingham, brass- colourmeo. founders.

Ridding, F. and Hampton, G. Ketley, Shropshire, Johnson, J. and E. Worksworth, Derbyshire, mer. maltsters. cers.

Smith, J. and Guest, J. Hulme, Lancashire, cotton Jenkins, W. and C. Mortimer-st. grocers.

Jenkins, E. Conway, G. Jenkins, J. Jones, E. Stead, M. and Croft, L. Ward's-row, Bethnal-green,

Daniell, J. and Daniell, M. Laoprechra, Mon. grocers.
mouthshire, tin plate inanufacturers.

Sundius, C. Pfeiffer, F. and Noad, S. Cowper'
Knight, J. J. and L. Mile-end, timber-merchants. Cornbill, notaries
Lancaster, S. Soulby, A. and Lancaster, S. jun. Seager, J. and Elkin, W.

St. Mary-hill, wine and brandy merchants. Southall, R. sen. and Southall, K. jun. Birmingham, Lyne, C. and Roberts, H. E. London.

gun-makers Lacy. J. jun. and Spencer, H. H. Lower Shadwell, Stevenson, J. and Kerr, J. Edinburgh, grocers. butchers.

Sanderson, W.W. Sanderson, H. J. and Sanderson, Luiders, C. and Walters, J. H. Finch-st. White- J. Nicholas-la. merchants. chapel, sugar-refuers.

Starbuck, J.J. and R. Gravesend, shoe-makers. Livesey, J. Livesey, T. and Bailey, J. Lancashire, Scholey, G. and Atkinson, T. Old Swan-stairs, Loncotton-manufacturers.

don-bridge, inerchants. Leigh, J. Sherlock, S. and T. and Gardiner, H. Swainston, j. and Harrison, T. Kendal, leatherLiverpool.

manufacturers. Lax, T. and Bray, G. Manchester, pocket-book She Idrake, H. and W. Battle-bridge, saddlers. manufacturers.

Satcher, W. and Goddin, D. Great Spring-sl, Shad. Lubbock, T. E. and Emersoni, R. Northumberland. well, coopers, alley, Fenchurch-st. coffee dealers.

Scott, w. and Trige, H. Northampton-pl. Kent. Lance, T. Cripps, W. Brand Ewing. J. Liverpool, road, timber-merchants. merchants.

$naulzin, O. and Touch, F. Bermondsey-st, wool, Lewis, J. and Osborne, J. P. Colchester, dealers. staplers. Lavater, J. C. and Aspinall, J. Liverpool, merchants. Tubb, W. and Wood, C. Oxford, grocers. Michan, M. Bean, C. and Pearce, L. Fitzroy-sl, Toinlinson, W. Plowes, J. Weddail, C. and Procter, Pancras, school-mistresses.

W. Ferrybridge, Yorkshire, potters. Mansfield, J. and Davies, J. Garthmel, Montgomery. Tegart, A. and Horton, J. C. Pall-mall, apotheca.

shire, timber-merchants. Minchin, T. and Carter, W. D. Norfolk-st. Strand, Thompson, W. and Thompson, G. Chatham, gra

attornies. Macnamara, W. and Brett, J. G. Conduit-st. plates Valle, A. B, and Baron, C. London. glass inanufacturers.

White, T. and Evans, T. F. Bristol, wool-agents. Miller, J. and Nevens, P. Liverpool, merchants. Widdows, J. and Liller, T. Marchester, calerMarshall, E. Fisher, J. and Barnes, W. Caldbcck, derers. Cumberland, paper-makers.

Whitley, R. and Ball, G. Bristol, walnut-timber-, Martin, T. and Browne, W. H. Tokenhouse yard, merchants. foreign-wool-brokers.

Willson, J. and Willson, M. Drury-la. furniture Moreton, J. H. and Fenton, J. meat-salesmen.

brokers. Macdougall, A. and 8. and Kitteridge, M. New. Warr, R. and Wiseman, M. Bristol, tailors. castle upon Tyne.

Williams, R., Moffatt, W. jun. Burgess, W. H. and Massey, J. and W. Shaftesbury, braziers.

Williains, W. Birchin.lane, Cornhill, bankers. Mouchet, J. L. and Butler, T. Whalebone co. Loth. White, G. and H. Buckland Newton, Dorsetsbie, bury, stock-brokers.

grocers. Mathews, H. J. and S. and Lusoinc, S. Liverpool. Wood, W. and T. and Carter, L. and M. ManchesMidgley, H. and Pullen, T. South Millorth, York. ler, stone-masons. shiee, teasel-growers.

Wright, J. jun. and Hardman, T. Levenshulme, Macmurdo, E. Weston, J. Pett, S. Macmardo, R. S. Pitchford, J. Taylor, J. and Taylor, P.

Yeoman, W. and Lett, J. Aarshall-st. Carnaby. Stratford, Essex



Lancashire; dyers.

market, tallow-chandlers.

(Continued from Vol. LXXIII, page 519.)

for catching and destroying rats and other ver: certain apparatus for the culture and tillage of min, Dated May 26, 4818. land. Dated May 26, 1818.

THOMAS HOMFRAY, of the Hyde, Kinfare, CHARLES GREENWAY, of Manchester, Lanca. Staffordshire, Iron-master; for a new kind of bobs, shire, Cotton-spinner; for an improvement in the bin or bobbins used in spinning and other manuoperation of opening raw cotton or cotton wool pre- factories. Dated May 28, 1818. vious to the carding and spinning the same, and by WILLIAM LESTER, of the Commercial-road, which impiovements such operation will be facili Middlesex, Engineer; for a method of increasing tated. Dated May 26, 1818.

any projecting light produced by lamps or other GEORGE MICHALL, of St. Anstle, Cornwall, means. Dated June 2, 1818. Builder; for improvements in the method of open GEORGE ATKINSON, of Leeds, Yorkshire, Caning and shutting windows and sashes, and also in vas-manufacturer : for a combination of materials the application of machinery to the opening and to produce an article resembling bombazeen. Dated shutting window shutters, and in other cases where June 10, 1818. the aforesaid improvements may be applied. Dated WILLIAM EATON, of Wiln Mills, Derbyshire, May 26, 1818.

Cotton spinner; for improvements in certain parts HENRY TAYLOR, of Kingston, Surrey, Gentle- of the inachinery employed in the roving and spiaman; for improvements on machines or apparalus ning of cotton and wool, Dated June 18, 18.8.



By T. BLUNT, Mathematical Instrument Maker to his Majesty, No. 22, CORNHILL.

1818) Burom Ther. Wind' Obser. 1818 Barom (Ther Wind Obser. Jun.25 30.00 65 W Fair July 11 29.92 69 SW Fair 26 30.03 65 SW

12) 29.83 65


Rain 27 29.83 71 S Ditto

13 29.91

66 W Pair 28 29,62 73 NW Dilto

14) 30.18 73 NE Ditto 29 30.1371 W Ditto

15 30.26 74

N Ditto 30 30.20 68 W Ditto

16 30.17 78 NE Ditto July 130.00 65 NW Dilto

171 30 12 71 NE Ditto 2 30 06 64 NE Ditto

18 30.00 68 E Dillo 3 30.17 63 S Ditto

19 29.95 69

Dilto 4 30.0662 NW Ditto

20 29.90 68 N Ditto 5 80.00 70 N Ditto

21 29.89 71 SW Litto 6) 30,00 68 NE Ditto

22 30.01 74 SW Ditto 7 29.98 67 SE Ditto

23 30.06 78 S Ditto 8 29.80 68 W Ditto

24 29.77 80 SW

Ditto 9/ 30.06 65 N Ditto

25/ 29.77 73


Ditio 10 30,03 | 63 S Ditto




FROM FRIDAY, JUNE 26, TO JULY 24, 1818. COTTON -- The exteosive sale of Cotton taken in, Sperm at 701., and it is stated this forenoon at the India House bas gone off lower prices would be accepted. at a great depressioo, and only about a RUM, BRANDY, and HOLLANDS. fourth of the quantity sold; the remainder There has been little business done in Rums was taken in on account of the languid by private contract. This foreogon a public demand, and the great depression of the sale was brought forward, it consisted of prices: the reduction generally may be 172 puncheons Jamaica, the greater propose stated at $d. a Id.per 1b. After the India tion of joferior qualities; the prices were House sale, 651 bags Bengals were offered in consequence rather uoder the market at public sale; a few luts sold 9fd. re- currency– The finer descriptions of Brandy mainder taked in at 9d. ; 102 bags Berbice, are enquired after, and are advancing; the chiefly sold 23 d. a 24d.; 130 bags Smyroa, inferior descriptious are quoted at a small sold at 165. and 170.

decline.-In Gedeva there is no variation. SUGAR. There has been a better sopply TALLOW.-The prices of Foreign Talof Muscovades in the market this week; the low remaio nominally the same.- The Town foe descriptions fully support the late market is to-day quoted 769., which is ls. prices; the brown qualities continue heavy, higher tban last week. and are offered on rather lower terms without facilitating sales. The business done in refined goods has been considerable:

FRIDAY, JULY 3. several extensive shipping houses have pur- COTTON.–The purchases by private chased freely, but no alteration in the prices contract for the week up to the evening of can be stated: the supply of refined at yesterday, are-50 Pahias 2s. ; 186 Per. market is still limited. --Molasses are not in nams 2s. 1d. 10 28. ld. ; 20 Demeraras 2x request, the prices are declining.


d.; 10 Snrioams 2s. 24d. ; 125 Minas 22d.; There is little doing in Foreign Sugare. 40 St. Vincent's 2940.; 314 Bengals 9f to

COFFEE.-The quantity of Coffee 9fd.-The Cotton market may be stated brought forward this week hy public sale verv heavy. has been very limited ; ihe demand has how- SUGAR.-The demand for muscovades ever been very trivial, owing to unfavour. this week has been very steady; the pur. able reports from the continental markets : chases have been extensive; the prices are the prices generally may be quoted at a however without any variation. The Rereduction of 2s. per cwt.

fiped market may be stated at prices 1s. OLL.-Gireenland Oil continues very higher; the request both by the exporters heavy ; only small parcels are disposed of at and by the wholesale grocers has continued our quotations. - Southern had given way very considerable during the week. The considerably; several parcels bad been sale of Sugars at the India House consisted disposed of 21, a 31 under our quolations, of 18,000 bags; the whole sold mach higher but an advance has since taken place. The tban was expected.-Bengal, white, fine public sale of Oil was chiefly, we believe, and grainey, io chests and bags, 628. to 640.



6d. ; inferior do 54s. to 61s.; low white, Pernams 23. 10.; 50 Boweds 210.;- 300 and damp, 453. to 53s. ; brown 435. to 46s. Bengals 9td. to 9 d. ; 40 Surats 13d. This Boorbon, dry, 42s, to 478. — This forenoon a forenoon a public sale was brought for. public sale of Havannah Sugars was brought ward, it consisted of_226 bales Boweds forward, it consisted of 1084 boxes ; the Georgia Cotton, which was all withdrawn whole went off freeld at prices little varied at 1944.; 76 Orleans which was also taken from the currency by private contract- io at 20%d. both of fair quality. Yesterday, white, fine strong, 761.6d. and 71s. ordinary by public sale—138 bags Upland sold 2011. 66s. ; yellow, strong, 5ls. to 53 ; brown to 21d. ; 8 Demerara 194 and 21d. 468, 1o 48s, 6d.

OIL.—The arrival of a fullship from the COFFEE.—The demand for Coffee this Greenlaod fishery at so early a period, and week has been brisk and extensive ; tbe the report of the success of the oiber vessels prices have improved 2s. per cwt.; the sales being rather favourable, has occasioned a very brisk at the advance. There were no considerable depression in the prices of public sales this forenoon, but the purchases Greenland Oil; parcels here, and cargoes reported by private contract were on a very for arrival, offer about our quotations. extensive scale; 300 bags St. Domingo Southern Oil is also a shade lower, and were sold so biglı as 130s.

OIL,—The prices of Greenland and RÍCF.-In consequence of the great Southern Oil are improving; the other des- advance of the Corn-market, there has been criptions meet a heavy sale.-Rape has a brisk demand for Rice; the prices rise given way considerably.

with rapidity. East India, previous to this RUM, BRANDY, and HOLLANDS.- morning's sales, went off readily at the The demand for Rum this week has con. advance of 3s. to 4s, on the previous prices: siderably revived; the purchases generally Carolina, selling in bond, 'at 37s. io 40s. at an advance in the prices of about 1d. per The India sale to-day consisted of about gallon. The best Brandies continge also in 10,000 bags; the whole went off with great request at an improving currency.- In the briskriess at a further advance of 4s, to 5s. inferior qualities, and in Geneva, there is no making an improvement of 8s. to 10s. per alteration.

cwt, since the last sale at the India House TALLOW.–The demand for Foreign Ordinary yellow sold 23s. to 233. bil.; Tallow continues brisk and extensive at the

middling 24s. to 263. ; good 28s. to 32s. ; advanced quotations.—The Town market is

a few lots 37s, and 38s. quoted to-day at 78s. 6d, which is 25. Od,

RUM, BRANDY, and HOLLANDS, bigher than last week. Yellow Candle

In consequence of the advance of the prices Tallow for arrival during the season, 72s. to of Circin./Rum has become an article of 736.

great speculation ; the stock being small, and large orders appearing at market, bas

occasioned a rapid advance: the present PRIDAY, JULY 10.

stock is quite trivial.-Leewards since this SUGAR.—The demand for Muscovades day week have advanced 3d. to 4d. per galdaring the week has been brisk and very lou; Jamaica from 40. to 6d. per gallon.extensive; the prices are fully 25. higher; Brandy is withoot alteration. --Geneva may the advance is particularly on the brown be quoted 2d. per gallon higher; a new descriptions, which had been previously duty of 25 per cent has been levied on the much neglected: in addition to the purchases latter in Holland. by the grocers and refiners, there bave been * TALLOW.-The prices of Tallow ad. speculators in the market, in the anticipa- vanced early in the week : Yellow Candle tion that the price of Sugar will still advance. 76s. to 778.; for carly arrival 758.; for all In refined the business done lately has been the season 735. 6d, to 74.: since then there extensive; the prices are 28. higher since is not so much doing, and no variation in the Friday last; the demand for Lumps and prices. The Town market is to-day quoted Crushed Sugars has been considerable.- 80s, 6d. which is 2s. higher than last week. Molasses are in improved demand at an advancing currency. COFFEE.-There were great specula

FRIDAY, JULY 17. tions in the wcek in Coffee, which added to

COFFEE.— The prices of Coffee ad. large porehases made by the shippers, occa,

vanced 10s. 10 128. on Monday and Tuesday sioned an advance of 4s, to 9s. per cwt., Inst. The demand since has been considera St. Domingo was reported to have realized ahle, and the improvement fully maintained 340s. Yesterday a public sale was brought for Sr. Domingo 150s. paid, and the bolders forward, it went off about 2s. per cwt. now ask 153s. and 1545.; fine middling under what bad been considered the previous Jamaica sold 1664. and 166s. 6d., bne market prices by private contract. To-day Dominic 167<, the advance mentioned has there were no public sales, and got macha

been fully real on erery description of doing by private contract.

Coffee. J'aving given the statement of the COTTON.-The sales of Cotton since our Coffee market up to this forepoon, we have last have been inconsiderable ; the purchases now to mention the effort traduced on the by private contract being confined to—50 market after the letters by we Foreigo mails

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