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the Madras establishment, to Miss Agnes of William Dawson, Esq. of St. Leonard's Scott, of Pall-mall:

Jill, Berks, to Julia, daughter of Sir Hugh Lewis Albert, Esq. late of the 58th Robert Buxton, Bart. of Shadwell Lodge, regiment, to Jane, daughter of Matthias Norfolk. Wilks, Esq. of Tanbridge Court, Godstone, 14. Lieutenant-colonel C. Bruce, to Surrey.

Charlotte, daughter of James Forbes, Esq. 11. William de St. Croix, of Windsor, of Hutton Hall, Es-ex. Esq. to Mary, daughter of the late Natha- 15. Richard Burford, Esq. to Harriet, niel Green, Esq. bis Majesty's consul at daughter of the late Robert, and sister to the Nice.

present J. P. Tuditay, Esq. M.P. for 13. The Rev. Henry Dawson, M.A. son Wells.


ATELY, at Oreston, near Plymouth, charge of the collection of the Revenue royal pavy, in which he served 64 years. nal Justice in the Districts of Bhangolpore

Lately, at Pisa, the Hon. Charlotte Plan- and Bebar. He was then promoted to a kett, sister to Lord Cloncurry.

seat in the Provincial Court of Justice Lately, in Dublin, the Countess of Bec. in the Province of Behar; and on the tive.

occasion of the cession of a portion of the Lately, at Tackhury, Hants, William dominions of his Excellency the Nabob Timson, Esq. aged 78, late of Moor-park, Vizier to the East India Company, in the Surrey.

year 1801, he was removed to the same Lately, at Calcutta, Sir John Hadley station in the ceded provinces, and was D'Oyly, aged 64.

one of the Gentlemen selected by Marquis Lately, at Pentonville, Nicholas Phipps, Wellesley to assist the Right Honourable Esq. aged 64.

Sir Henry Wellesley, G.C.B. in the disLately, at Brighton, Miss Margaret charge of the trust of the office of Barkly, youngest sister of Æneas Barkly, Lieutenant-governor of those Provinces. merchant, London,

In the year 1806, Mr. Selon was appointed Lately, in Broad-street, Marlborough- to the office of President at the Court of his street, Mrs. Mary Houston, aged 84, relict Majesty Shah Allum, at Delli, and per. of the late Simon Houston, Esq. surgeon, formed the grateful duty of securing the Brewer.street, Golden-square,

happiness of the last few months of the life Lately, at Bonington House, Lady Ross of that interesting Prince, and also of proBaillie, of Lamington, relict of the late viding for the comfort of his son and succes. Vice-admiral Sir John Lockbart Ross, sor, ihe present Emperor of Hindostan, of Baluagown, Bart.

on the accession of the latter to the MusJan. 12. Near Jaypore, East Indies, nud. The arrangements made by Mr. John Crake, Esq. late surgeon of his Seton for the management of the territory Majesty's 67th regiment, aged 38.

to the Westward of the Jumpa, assigned MARCH 30. On board the East Iodia for the maintenance of the Royal Family Company's ship William Pitt, Captain (ira- at Delhi, during the years in which he ham, at sea,

on the passage from St. retained the office of President at his Belesa to England, Archibald Seton, Esq. Majesty's Court from 1806 to 1811, were of Touch, in the county of Stirling, in Scots equally honourable to his owo character, land, aged 60 years. In the year 1780, in and well calculated to promote the welfare early life, Mr. Seton went to Bengal in the of all classes of the inhabitants of that civil service of the East India Company, territory, and their advantages have been where he remained during the protracted permanent. in the year 1811, Mr. Seton period of thirty-eight years. In this long accompanied the late Earl of Minto on the interval he was successively employed in expedition against the Island of Java ; and the execution of the duties of many of the after the successful conquest of that island, most important offices in the administration he was appointed to the ofice of Governor of the affairs of our great and extensive of Prince of Walis's Island. From that empire, the East : and it is not more than station he was promoted, in the year 1812, simple justice to Mr. Seton to declare, that by the Court of Directors of the East India his conduct in the discharge of the functions Company, as the reward of bis long serof every situation which he filled, was vices, and a seat in the Supreme Council equally honourable to himself, advantage- at Fort William in Bengal, which he filled ous to the State, apd calculated to promote with much credit for five years, and was on the permanent comfort and happiness of bis return to his native country in 1818, at the subjects of the Government whose wel. the period of his death. During the long fare was entrusted to his charge. After period of Mr. Seton's services, he had the passing through the routine of early service happiness to possess in succession, and in in India, with much credit to himself, Mr. the fullest extent, the well-merited con Seion was successively entrusted with the fidence of every Government under wliich

be served that of Marquis Cornwallis, 24. At Islington, Mr. Thomas Cato, of Lord Teignmouth, Marquis Wellesley, Sir Holborn-hill, aged 70. George Barlow, and the Earl of Minto: Jocy 1. Suddenly, at Leamington Spa, and the friend by whom this faint tribute is Sir Thomas Bernard, Bart. D.C.L. well paid to his memory, and by whom bis vir- known for his zealous labours and writings tues will ever be revered, can assert, from in behalf of public charities and other usc. an intimate knowledge for a period of ful institutions. Dearly forty years, that his desire to pro- 3. At Paris, the infant daughter and mote the happiness of others was uniforinly only child of Lord William Russell, son to enthusiastic, and that the virtues of his the Duke of Bedford. heart were pure, and unmixed with any 4. At Cobham Park, Surrey, in the 67th tiocture of alloy. The memory of the vir. year of his age, Harvey Christian Combe, tues of Mr. Seton will be cherished by all Esq. for many years one af the representathe numerous friends he has left behind tives in Parliament for the City of Londou. him, and will be embalmed in the recollec. 5. Al Cardigan, Mr. Owen Mathias, tion of a grateful people, amongst whom his mercbant, of that town, aged 63. life was spent, and whose best interests Mrs, Henrietta Cullen Brown, daughter always claimed the first place in his heart. of the late John Brown, M.D, author of the

APRIL 26. At Rio de Janeiro, aged 62, Elements of Medicine. Commodore John Douglas, in the service of 6. At Maidenhead-bridge, Lady Pocock, bis Majesty the King of Portugal, and inas. widow of the late Sir Isaac Pocock. ter and commander R.N.

In Upper Berkley-street, the light Hon. MAY 16. Jo Russel-street, Liverpool, Lady Elizabeth Richardson, wile of Fras. Mr. David Gordon Hutchison, aged 33, cis Ricbard:on, Esq. of the Madras civil late of Cromarty, North Britain.

establishinent. JUNE 2. At Park-row, Nottingham, Mr. 7. Aged 29, Jane, the wife of John Lane, Charles Cosens, of the firm of Child, Co. Esq. of Goldsmiths'-hall, sens, and Co, London and Nottingham. 8. George, son of the late Beory Frog.

15. In Ruthwell Village, Dumfries- ley, Esq. of Houpslow. sbire, William Gillespie, an old Chelsea Mrs. Wright, of Blandford-street, Man. pensioner. By his own account he was chester-square. 108 years of age, having been born in the 9. Hannah, the wife of Mr. Samuel Penyear 1710.11.

lington, of Windsor, aged 33 years. 20. Mr. William Spratt, commercial tra- In Tavistock-street, Bloomsbury.equare, velle: from Edinburgh.

Alexander Forbes Gaskell, Esq. solicitor, In Hatton garden, aged 62, Dr. Joseph of Gray's.inn, aged 51. Adams.

11. Dr. Joseph Mason Cox. 21. Mrs. Macnainara, relict of the late 13. At Leamington Spa, Matthew Reid, Jobo Macnamara, Esq. of the island of St. Esq. of Leicester, and brother to Dr. Reid, Christopher, and mother of the present of Grenville-street. Lady Cransioun.

John Wear, Esq. barrister-at-law, and a At Lambeth, William Kitchen, son of Bencher of the Honourable Society of the late Major William Willey Kitchen,

Gray’s-inn. of the Bengal establishment.

14. At Leyton, Miss Elizabeth Solly, Mr. Thomas Nottidge, of Christ College, aged 22, eldest daughter of Isaac Soliy, Cambridge, aged 20.

Esq. 23. Thomas Thompson, Esq. aged 51.

19 At Spring Grove, Richmond, in the George Parys, Esq. army agent, of Cra. 78d year of his age, Sir Charles Price, ven-street.

Bart, alderman of the ward of Farringdon Richard Miles Wynne, Esq. of Eyürtt Without, and for many years one of the House, Deubighshire, many years governor representatives in l'arliament for the city of Cape Coast Castle, Africa.

of London.

LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. THE Collectors of Portraits and Illustrators of Granger's Biogruphical Dictionary,

Seward's Anecdotes, Boswell's Life of Johnson, Biographia Dramatica, Pennani's London, Lysons's Environs, Pursurils of Literature, are respectfully informed, that a Few proof impressions of the Portraits that accompany this Work, are struck off on Columbia Paper, and may be had separate, price 4s.; but EARLY application will be necessary to secure thein, as the number priuied is very LIMITED,

ciples of Algebra, designed for the use of Y Alexander Jamieson, a Grammar of Students, has in the press, a treatise on the

Latin and Greek Prosodjes ; in which he Mr. Edwards, author of The First Prin. proposes to explain all dificulties relating

In the press,

BY Lovie ander Geaminser of Pretomar

to Accent and Quantity. The intention of lege, Cambridge, has in the press, a Critical this publication is to exhibit the inconsis. Examination of Mr. Bellamy's Translation teocy and jargon of moderu professors, and of Genesis; comprising a refutation of his to point out the consistency aod harmony of calumnies against the English translators the old schools.

of the Bible The same author is publishing, A Course Mr. John Nichols is preparing for publi. of Lectures on Chemistry; and a Practi- cation, in three octavo volumes, the Miscel, cal Essay on Fluxions.

laneous Works of the late George Har. H. Butterwortli's general Catalogue of dinge, Esq. Modern Law Bcoks (the best editions, with Dr. Spiker's Travels through England their prices), intended as a guide to the por- are published at Berlin, and an English chasers of legal works.

translation is preparing for the press. A second cdision, with considerable addi. Dr. Andrew Duncan will soon publish, rions, of the elements of Forensic or Juri- an Account of the Life, Writings, and dical Medicine, by George Edward Male, Character of the late Dr. Alexander Mon. M.D. Physician to the General Hospital, ro, delivered at the Harveian oration at Biripugliam.

Edinburgh for 1818. A new edition, with great additions, John Gall, Esq. is preparing the Second, of the Epitome of the Practice of the High Part of the Life of Benjamin West, Esq. Court of Chancery, by Robert Venables, M. A. Picquot is printing a ChronologiEsq. agthor of the Practice and Costs in the cal Abridgement of the History of Modern Court of Chancery.

Europe, compiled from the best English, A Digest of the Law of the Disiribution French, and German historians. of the Personal Estates of Intestates, by Mr. William Carey has in the pres, Francis Mascall, Esq. Lincoln's-inn, Bar- a Biographical Sketch of B. R. Haydon, rister-at-law.

Esq. with critical observations on his paints' Dr. Ayre, of Hull, will soon publish, in ings, and some notice of bis essays in the an octavó volume, Practical Observations public journals. on Majasmus, and those disorders allied to Dr. Hallaran has in the press a second it, that may be strictly denominated bi edition, with considerable additions, of his lious.

Practical Observations on the Causes and 'The Rev. R. Brook is preparing for pub. Cure of Insanity. lication, the State and Progress of Reli. 7. W. C. EDWARDS, M. A. bas just pubgious Liberty, from the first propagation of lished, a new and concise Treatise on Christianity in Britain to the present time. ALGEBRA, beautiful printed on crown post,

Dr. A. B. Tiranville has in the press, io one neat volume, octavo.-To us, this Memoirs on the present State of Science work appears to possess the merit of being and Scien u fic lo:titutions in France ; in- novel in conception, classical in exprey. terspersed with anecdotes, and illustrated sion, and lucid in arrangement-the proby uumerous plates and tables.

duction of a man of great taste, and of Dr. Clarke Abel will soon publish, consuinmale knowledge of the science, Personal Observations made during the We think we have never seen a finer spe. Progress of the British Embassy trough cinnen of good composition and handsvine Caiitin, and on its Voyage to and from that printing, on any mathematical subject Country, in a quarto volume, illustrated whatever, In short, this volume is equally by eagoivingo.

calculated to enrich the LIBIARY and to Nir. J. W. Whittaker, of St. John's Col. grace the CABINET.


PUBLISHED IN JULY, Al the Prices they are advertised ul, in boards, unless olherwise expressed;

and may be had of J. ASPERNE, No. 32, CORNHILL. It is earnestly requested that Anthors and Publishers will continue to communicate Notices of their Works (post paid) and they will always be faithfully inserted FREE ! EXPENSE. COM TONVERSATIONS on Botany, 2d Annals of Scottish Episcopacy, by the

edit. 12mo, plates, 75, 6d, coloured Rev. J. Skinner, 8vo. 12s. T0s. 6d.

New Tales, by Mrs. Opie, 4 vols. 12mo. Travels in Canada and the United States, 11. 8s. by Lieutenant Hall, 8vo. 14s.

Conversations on Algebra, by W. Cole, A. Auluma gear the Rhine, 8vo. 145. 12mo; 7s.

Pilpay's Fables, royal 1Smo, 6s.

Robinson's History of Tottenham, Svo: Bodian Castle, a Poem, 8vo. 10s. 6d. 24s. Dr. Busby's Grammar of Music, 12mo. 9s. Monk's Vindication of the University of

Moria's Second Journey through Persia, Cambridge, 8vo. 33, 6d. &c. &c. royal 4to. 31, 135. Gd.

Histrionic Topography; or the Birth. Johnson's Journey from India to Eng- place, Residences, aud Funeral Mong. land, 4to, 21. 2s.

ments of the most distinguished Actors, Memoirs of the First Duke of Marl. 8vo, 12s. borough, by the Rey. Archdeacon Coxe, Bosquet's Naval Systems and Inventions, Vol. II. 4to, 21. gs.

royal 8vo. 105, 6d. The History and Antiquity of Westmin- The Recluse of the Pyrenees, a Poem, ster Abbey, by Neale Brayley, 2 vols. inscribed to H.R.H. Prince Leopold. 721. 6s.

Palmer's Travels in North America, 8vo. Birkbeck's Letters from Illinois, 8vo, 5s.


TROM an occurrence, for wbich the

cannot think them of sufficient consequence

is ,



elegant Poem by “J. J. Watts, Esq." they may please the parties concerned, was accidentally omitted in our last Num. Complaints of Joyers, for example, are ber. It baving, however, since appeared in teasing to those who bave no interest in other periodical works, is well as in a the reconciliation, and consequent raprespectable daily Journal, we are tures, to which they are intended to lead. under the necessity of reluctantly declining We would therefore advise Phillis and its insertion altogether, it being our esta, Damon, and Amaryllis and Cynthius, and blished regulation, except under very pecu- Phæbe and Lubin, to manage their Cor. liar circumstances, never to reprivt ans, respondence through the medium of the Poetry which is known to have appeared in Post Once, general and twopenny. Via a cotemporary publication.

sions of happiness, either on the sea-shore The same remarks equally apply to or in inland cettages, may, by the same J. W. R. and some other Correspondents, means, be made 10 contribute a little 10 whom we necd not enamerate.

the real benefit of the revenue. Several communications, too long de- Viator-Pragmenta, No. XXVII.-and layed for want of room, shall appear in an J. Y. in our next. carly Number.

Lanata in our last.- Page 487, col. 2, 4. B.'s favour of the 26th ult. was not line 19, for "lands," read hand." received till the 29th ; but we must decline Page 588, col. 2, line 36, after “yoke," inserting the contributions of IV.W.M. insert “ul."'-- Ibid, last line but two, for

We still continue to receive many poeti. " thanks you, my readers, read Ibonks cal contributions of considerable merit; your readers."-ibid, last line but one, for but their beauties are often so local, or


" read " they." so applicable to particular persons, that we



Eztructed from the London Gazelte.
N.B. All the Meetings are at GuilDUALL, unless otherwise expressed. The Country and

London Altornies' Names are between Brackets,


ATTWOOD, JOSEPH, Oldbury, Salop, victualler.

July 2!.
BKOWN, JAMES, Cock Hill, Ratcliff-highway,

slop-seller. July 16.
COOKE, JAS. and Co. Golden-lane, cheesemonger.

July 25.
COOPER, WILLIAM, Eastcheap, merchant. July


HALL, THOMAS, Ashborne, Derby, coach-makere

July 25.
LONGMIERE, GEORGE. Appleby, Westmoreland,

draper. July t.
PENNY, RICHARD, Milson, Salop, farmer. Jones
TAPSCOTT, WILLIAM, Plymoutb, victualler.) puly



BANKRUPTS. ATTWOOD,JOS, Oldbury, victualler, Aug. 8, Swan, Aug. 10, White Bear, Manchester, Aug. 13, and

Wolverhampton. (Foster, Wolverhampton; and Sept. 5, Bull's Head, Mosley. (Higginbotham, Swaine and Co. Frederick's-place.) June 27.

Oldham, Lancashire; and Clarke and Co. Chan, ASHWORTH, ABRAHAM, Swan, York, fustian. cery-lane,) July 25. manufacturer, Aug. 22, Dog, Manchester. (Rad- LINDERS, WM. Tetsworth, Oxfordshire, innley. Oldham.) July 11..

keeper, Aug. 18, at Mr. R. Bartram's, Oxford. ASHWORTH, JOHN. Manchester, grocer, Aug. 3, [Rose and Co. Gray's-inn-square.] July 7.

4, and 29, George, Manchester. [Atkinson, Man. LIPPENT, WM. Kinicot, Somerset, tallow-monger, chester; and Makinson and Co.T'emple.) July28. Aug. 29, Full Moon, Bath. (Highmoor, Scotland. ARMITAGE, WM. sen. Thorne, Yorkshire, mari- yard.) July 18.

ner, Sept. 1, Dog and Duck, Kingston upon-Hull. LÉE, KOBERT, Great Winchester-street, under(Walmsley, Hull; and Ellis, °Chancery-lane.] writer, Aug. 8, 11, and Sept. 5. [Farren, Thread. July 21.

needle-street.) July 25. ABBOTT, SAM. New court, St. Swithin's lane, MOLEY, ISAAC, BACKALLER, Hawkchurch, merchant, Aug. 1, and Sept. 1. [Sweet and Co. Dorsetshire, baker, aug. 3, 4, and 25, Angel, Basinghall-street. ] July 21.

Chard, Somerset. (Clarke, Cbard.) July 14. ALCOCK, EDWARD, Åtherstone, Warwick, liat- OAKLEY, GEO.and Čo Old Bond-street, upholders,

manufacturer, Aug. 1, 3, and Sept. 5, King's Head, August 4. (Oakley and Co. Martin's-lane, CanCoventry. [Carter, Coventry.) July 25.

non-street.) July 14. BLOWEN, JAS, HENRY, Mint-square, Tower Hill, OLIVER, JAG. ROBT. Blackheath, merchant, Aug.

gin.maker, Aug. 6. (Evitt and Co. Haydon-sq.] 25. (Kivington, Fenchurch-street.) July 14. Jun 27.

PHILLIPS, JAS. Upper Easton-street. Pimlico, BARTON, JOS. St. James's-place, St. James's-street, coal-merchant, Aug. 8. Wettig, Duke-street,

dress-maker, Aug, 15. (Bull, Holles-street, Ca- Portland-place.) June 27. vendishi-square.) July 4.

PRICHARD, JAŚ. Whitechapel, cooper, Aug. 18. BALL, JOHN, Watling-street, straw-hat manufac. (Tilbury, Falcon.street, Aldersgate-street.) July torer, Aug. 09. (Sweet and Co. Basinghall-street.] 7. Jaly 11.

PHILIPPS, TH Haking, Pembrokeshire, mer. BUTT. JOHN, Wapping, common brewer, Aug. 29. chant, Aug. 19, Castle, Haverfordwest. (Harris, (Rowland and Co. Lincoln's-inn-fields.] July 11.

Haverfordwest; and Slade and Co, Gray's.inn.) BARON, MORWENT, Coleford, Gloucester, scri- July 18.

vener, Aug. 3, 4, and 29, Rummer, Bristol. (Ad. PEAKSON, JON. WATCHAM, Great Marlboroughlington and Co. Bedford-row.] July 18.

St. dentist, Aug. 29. [Davis and Co. Lothbury.J BLORE, ROBERT, Craven-place, Bayswater, stone- July 18.

masoa, Aug. 8, 11, and Sept. 5. [Dawson, Saville- RAWLINSON, ROBI. Manchester, pawnbroker, place Burlington-street) July 25.

Aug. 6, George, Manchester. (Buckley, ManchesBOOTH, WM. and Co. Bishopwearmouth, Durhain, ter; and Lavcock, Ashton under-Lyne.) June 27. • ship builders, Aug. 8. 17, and Sept. 5, Bridie, REEVES, JAS. Hornblotion, Somerset, victualler, Bislinpwearmouth. (Shafts, Bishopwearmouth ;

Aug.22, George, Somerset. (Maskell, Shepton; and Blackiston, Symond's.inn.] Jnly 25,

and King and Co. Bedford-row.] July 11. BARLOW, JAMES, Blackburn, Lancaster, bonke RUDGE, "WM. Carburton-street, Fitzroy-square,

binder, Aug. 11, 12, and sept. 5. Old Bull, Black- house-dealer, Aug. 1, 8, and Sept. 1. [Pearson, st. buro. (Robinein. Blackburn; and Arinstrong,

Helcu', Bishopsgate street.) July 21. "Staple's inn.) July 25.

ROWROTHAM, JAMES, Butley, Chester, timber. COOKE, THOS, and Co. Strand, dealers in music, merchant, Aug. 7, 8, and Sept. 5, Old Avigel, Mac.

Aur. 15 Richardson and Co. New-inn.) July 4. clesfield. [Grimsditch and Co. Macclesfield; and CLE::G, JER. CLARKE, Manchester, timber-iner. Bell and Co. Bow Church-yard.] July 2%.

Ciants, Aug 1, and 29, Bridgewater Arms, Man- RANFORI), JAMES, Bermondsey-street, tripe-man, Cluster. (Hurd and Co. Temple.). July 18.

Aug 1, 4, and Sept. 5. (Drew and Co. Bermond. CCXLIFF, 'ROPT. Astley, Lancashire, shopkeeper, sey-street.) July 25. Ang. 10, 11, and 29, Eagle and Child, 'Wigan. SOUTHALL. BENJ. Layston, Hereford, farmer, Gaskell, Wigan.) yuiy is.

Aug. 8. (Walker, Lincoln's.inn.field3.j June 17. COI.BOURN, JOHN, Pudding-lane, fish-salesman, SMITH, CHAS. shoe-manufacturer, Commercial

Aug. 6, and Sept. 5. (Bower, Clifford's.inn.) July Rooms, Bristol, Aug. 6. (Biggs and Co. Bristol; and 95.

Biggs. Souihampton-buildings, Chancery-lanete COWARD, THOS. Langhelm Bridge, Lancaster, June 07.

miller, Aug. 3, 4, and Sept. 5, Sun, Lancaster. SELDEN, DAVID, Liverpool, merchant, Aug. 7, (Dickenson, Ulverston ; "and' Baxter and Co. and 15, George, Liverpool. (Orred and Co. LiverGray's-inn-place.) July 25.

pool; and Lowe and Co. Souihampton buildings.] DAWSON, WM. Witherly, Yorkshire, inn-keeper, July 4.

Aug. 3, 92, and 29. Angel, Witherley. (Lake, STEVENS,JOHN, Collbrooke, Devonshire, maltster, Dowgate-hill.) July 18.

Aug. 24, Kings Arins, Kingsbridge. [Andrews FORD, JAS. Bidborough street, Burton-crescent, and Co. Modbury; and Luxmore, Red Lione

builder, Aug. 1, and 29. (Cope, Wilson-street, square.) July 14. Gray'3-inn-lane.1 July 18.

SHERRY, JOHN, Ranscy, Southampton, hatter, GIBBS, JAS. Bishopsgate-street Without, grocer, Aug. 7, 8, and sept. 5, India Arms, Gosport. (Hos.

Aug. 15. (Vincent, Bedford-street, Bedford-square.) kins, Gosport; and Bague, Clements-inn.) July July 4.

25. GODWIN, EDWD. Tottenham-court rond, cheese- TUCKER, BENJ. Bristol, dealer, Aug. 8. Rummer,

monger, Aug. 25. (Poole and Co. Gray's-inn-sq.] Bristol. (Hinton, Bristol ; and dicks and Co. July !4.

Bartlett's-buildings.) June 27. HORNBY, THOS.jon. Kingston upon Hull, gmert,

TODD), JOHN, and Co. Tilchborne-street, haberAugust 11, Dog and Duck, Kingston upon Dull, dashers, Aug. 15. (Youg and Co. Si. Mildred'sWamsley, Hull; and Egerton, Gray's-inn-so) court, Poaliry] Julys.

TICKELL, JOHN, Crossth wait, Cumberland, bro. HORNSBY, THOS. Cornliill, stock-broker, Aug. '8. ker, Aug. 16, King's Arms, Carlisle. (Clennel,

Jennings and Co. Carey street, Lincolti's-inn.) Staple's-inn.) July 7.
July 7.

TOMLINSON, WM. Norlingham, haberdasher, HALL, MILCAH, and co. Kingston upon Holl.

Aug. 18.

(Lawrence, Dean's court, Doctor's woollen-drapers, Sept. 1, Neptune, Kingston upon- connous. ) July 7. Hull (Scotchburn, Great Dritfield; and Spence, TAYLOR, SAM. Liverpool, chymist, Ang. 7, 12, Threadneedle-street.) July 21,

and 29, George, Liverpool rilackstuck and (o. JOSEPH, MITCHIL, St. James's street, wine mer. King's Dench-walk1 July 18.

cixant, Aug. 8. [Kearsey and Co. Bishopsgate- TOMLIN, JAS. Chad's 10w Gray'a-inn-lane, brickstreer.] June 27.

layer, Aug. 8, and se;.l. 1. [Meston and co. JONES, JOHN, Cambridge, cabinet-maker, Ang. l'inchurch-street. 1 juivel

17, 18, and 29, Led Lion, Cambridge. (Peacock, TAYLOR, JOHN, Lewisbaal, finen.ds.aper, Aug. 4, Cambridge ; and Toone and Co. Bedford-rows 15, and Sept. 5. [Consriord, Copthall count.] July 18.

July KNIGHT, ROBERT. Stone Brookes, York, clothier, WOUDESTO, TIIUS. WI. Dover-51.cel, Picia

June 30.

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