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Mr. Mellish stood forward, but the oppo- Dreadful Hurricane in the Mauritius, sition became so loud and universal, that we This island was visited on the bot of March could distinctly hear but a few of his ob- by one of the most terrible hurricanes ever servations, Wo understood the Hon. Gen- experienced there. A letter from Port Louis tleman to declare, that he had always acted of the 16th of that mooth, describes the in Parliament with the most perfect inde- damage incurred to be tremendous; the pendence, that he had never looked to per. whole island was one scene of waste and sopal objects, but had always been auxious destruction; trees torð up by the roots, and to perform his duty to bis constituents and many houses both in town and country laid to the country at large. He protested that fat; valuable storehouses unroosed, &c. and he had never bad a Government contract in the goods within them completely spoiled, his life that he bad no favour to ask for, Upwards of 40 sail of large vessels, besides and that he had always voted according to small craft, were driven op shore, or otherhis cooscience.

wise injured. The hurricane commenced at The usual formalities being gone through, south-east, and gradually veered to the north. in aonouncing that Mr. Byng and Mr. east till six in the morning, when it shifted Mellish were duly elected, thanks were suddeply to north-northwest, and brought unanimously voted to the Sheriffs, for their with it the additional calamity of a heavy very proper conduct;-and that vote they and overwhelming sea. certainly deserved, for they manifested the

The Bishop of Orense died on the 20th utmost desire to act with impartiality, and May, and bequeathed a considerable set of to conduct themselves with courtsey towards money, to be divided into three parts. The all parties.

first for the A postolic See; the second for The Meeting was dissolved about twelve the private purse of King Ferdinand VII.; o'clock.

and the third for those of the inquisitors

who had been persecuted or injured under WESTMINSTER ELECTION CONTINUED. the Administration of the Cortes, NINTH DAY, SATURDAY, JUNE 27.

TEE KING'S HEALTH. Romilly ......3789 | Maxwell......3361

Windsor Castle, July 4. Burdett .3513 Huot

74 “ TIis Majesty has been very tranquil

through the last month, and continues to TENTI DAY.

enjoy good bodily health, but his Majesty' Romilly 4006 | Maxwell..... 3556

disorder is undiminisied. Burdelt.... .3819 Huot


H1, Halford,

“ M. Baillie, ELEVENTH DAY.

“ IV. Heberden,

" J. Willis, Romilly 4221 | Maxwell......3784

R. Willis." Burdett ...4059 Hunt



STOCKHOLM, June 23.-The Queen Dow. Romilly.. ...4456 | Maxwell....... 4048 ager has survived her late consort only four Burdett 4298 | Hunt


.81 months and a half. Her Majesty Hedewig

Elizabeth Charlotte, Queen of Sweden and TIIRTEENTH DAY.

Norway, born Duchess of Sleswick, HolsRomilly 4789 | Maxwell ......4924 teio, &c. &c. died here in the Royal Palace, Burdett .......46.18 Hunt.

81 on Saturday, the 20th of June, after a long

indispasition, which terininated in a violent FOURTEENTI DAY.

attack of spasm, to the great afHiction of Romilly .....5118 | Maxwell . . 4608

bis Majesty our mosi gracious King, of her Burdett .. ......4958 Hunt.......... 82 Majesty the Queen, of their Royal High

nesses the Crown Prince and the Princess

Royal, of the Low risembled States of the Romilly 5339 Maxwell

Kingdom, and of all bis Majesty's faithful

4808 Burdett.....

subjects. Huut....... 84

The King, wlio seldom suffered a day to The following is a statement of the num.

pass without seeing the Queen, and who bers polled at former contested Elections generally spent the evenings with her, and for the City of Westminster:

on every occasion shewed a truly filial atJo 1792-For Mr. Fox ........3,516 tachment to her, seems deeply sensible of

Lord Hood ....3,217 his new Ines,
Mr. Horne Tooke 1.697

Her Majesty was piece, by the father's 1796-For Mr. Fox .........5,160 side, to King Adolphus Frederick of Swe

Admiral Gardner 4,814 den, daoghler to Frederick Augestus, Duke
Mr. Horne Tooke 2,819

of Holstein Oldenburg, Privce Bishop of 1802For Mr Fox .........2,673 Lubec, wbo was married to Ulrica Frede

Lord Gardner ....2,434 rica of Hesse Cassel, niece by the father's
Mr. Grahain, . 1,691

side to King Frederick I. of Sweden, She


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was born March 22, 1759, and married at The young Princess Royal of WurtemWismar, Jan. 22, 1774,

borg was baptised on the 27th ult, at Stata The accounts which have been received gardt. She received the names of Sophia from Ceylon, came down to the end of Frederica Matilda. The sponsors present February last. It would seem, that when were, her Majesty the Dowager Queen of the last accounts came away, the progress of Wurtemburgh, and her Highness the Dowa. the rebellion had oot been stopped. Lady ger Duchess Louisa of Wortemburg. The Brownrigg and all the English ladies were absent sponsors were, his Majesty the about to come from Candy to Colombo for Emperor of Russia, the Empress Mother, protection, and every soldier that could be the Grand Duke Nicholas, the Queen of spared either at Columbo or Galle, has been England, the Prince and Princesses of sent for to Candy, for the purpose of keep- Orange, the Prince and Princess William ing open, if possible, the communication of Prussia, Madame the Dowager Duchess between the different stations in the island. of Brunswick, and the Prioce Augustus of Ehelapoolla, the brother-in-law of the Oldenburgh. Discharges of artillery anDessare of Ovin, who was always known to nounced the ceremony, after which a grand be a secret fa rourer of the Insurgent cause, entertainment was given. has at last taken an open part, and, as is Extract of a letter from the agents to reported, is gone over to his countrymeo. Lloyd's at Riga, dated 11th (230) June,

It is with great pleasure we give the fol- 1818:lowing extract from a Decree issued from “ We are authorised to inform you, that the Royal Council of Admiralty at Genoa, at the mouth of the Dupa, at the Dam of hy order of bis Majesty the King of Sar- Fort Connet, Light-house has been

erected, which will be lighted from the 15th " It is hereby ordered, that none of our of June. The first fire is stationed 105 subjects, of whatever class or condition English feet, and the second in the same soever, shall, direcily or indirectly, take direction 25 English feet, above the level any part in the Slave Trade, under penalty of the sea ; in consequence of which the of heavy punishment, and forfeiture of all first will be perceived at a distance of 16, protection from our Government. It is also and the latter at a distance of 7 Italian further ordered, that any vessel bearing our miles. The purport of these new lights is, flag, which shall enter into the above abomi. 1st, that their appearance may serve navinable trafic, shall be subject to capture, if gators as a guide, regarding the distance at met by any of our ships of war, and to which they may approach for anchoring; immediate seizure and confiscation on enter- 2dly, that the direction of these lights on ing any port in our domioions. Io further entering the inouth of the Duna may be ance of the above Order, we have issued conducive to avoid the reef which stretches our commands to our Comsuls resident in out to the sea from Mognirsholm, as also the Foreign Countries.” (Signed, &c.) sand banks surrounding that island.”


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The following gentlemen were Thursday, THE election into the Woodwardian Pro- June 11, admited to the under-mentioned

degrees :

Bachelors in Divinity.- Rev. Wm. Henry resignation of the Rev. J. Hailstone, took place on Thursday, May 21, in the Senate Parry, Fellow of St. John's College ; Rev. House, when the Rev. Alan Sedgwick,

Robert Jefferson, Fellow of Sidney ColM.A. Fellow of Trinity College, was elected

lege; Rev. T. S. Hughes, Fellow of Emmaby a majority of 127 votes, the numbers nuel College; Rev. Charles James Blom. being

field, Trinity College.

Masters of Aris.- Joseph Garror, of St. For the Rev. A. Sedgwick....186 John's College ; Richard Alexander Tucker, Rer. G. C. Gorham.... 59

of Jesus College. The following gentlemen were on Wed., Bachelors in Civil Law.- Rev. S. F. Sta. nesday, May 201h, admitted to degrees :- tham, of Siduey College; George Tyrwhitt Sir Richard Sulton, ol' Trinity College, Hu- Drake, of Jesus College. norary Master of Arts; the Rev. James Bachelors of Arts. - James Coyte, of Caius Mainwaring, of Emmanuel College, Master College, of Arts; Messrs. East George Clayton, of The Chancellor's gold medal for the best Caius College, and Edward Banks, of Tri- English ode was on Monday last adjudged mily Hall, Bachelors in Civil Law ; William to Charles Edward Long, Esq. of Trinity Heberden, and William Moody, of St. College. Subject, “ Imperial and Papad Jolin's College, Bachelors of Arts.


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Sir Win. Brown's gold medals for the pre- Sparke, Emly, and Dewing, of Jesus Col. sent year, are adjudged as follows:- For the

lege; Messrs. Leicestet, Lawrence, Hoste, Greek Ode, to Mr. H. Hall, of King's ; for Poynder, Bromehead, Marsh, and Hildyard, the Epigrams, to Mr. Thomas William Malt. of Christ College ; Messrs. Rawson, Vale, by, of Pembroke Hall. [No prize adjudged and Foster, of Magdalen College ; Messrs

. for a Latin Ode.)

Copper, Archdale, Burrows. Holme, MainThe annual prizes of fifteen guineas cach, waring, Scout, and Creswell, of Emanuel given by the Representatives in Parliament College ; Messrs. Keene, Winch, Goddard, of this University, to two Senior and two Roy, Dale, Thimbleby, and Southcomb, of Middle Bachelors of Arts, who shall com- Sidney College ; Mr. Price, of Downing Cole pose the best dissertations in Latin prose, lege. bave been this year adjudged as follow : The Hon. J. Neville, of Christ College,

Senior Bachelor.-John James Blunt, Fel. and the Hon. Henry Townshend, of St. low of St. John's College,--No second prize John's College, bare been admitted Hoadjudged.]

norary Masters of Arts; the Rer. Miles Middle Bachelors.--Hogh James Rose, Bland, Fellow of St. Jobn's College, and and Charles John Heathcote, of Trinity G. Powell, of Queen's College, Bachelors in College.

Divinity; Mr. C. Sims, of Trinity College, The Person University Prize, for the best has been admitted Batchelor in Physic: Mr. translation of a passage from Shakspeare's Briarly, of St. John's College, has been adplay of Henry VIII. into Greek verse, was mitled Masier of Arts. on Wednesday, July 1, adjudged to Mr. The Rev. James Proctor, M.A. formerly Wm. Sydney Walker, of Trinity College. of Exeter College, Oxford, was admitted

July 7111 being Commencement Day, the into one of the Fellowships at St. Peter's following Doctors and Masters of Arts were College, in this University, on the Park created :

foundation. Doctors in Divinity. - Rev. Alexander The Rev. James Collett Ebden, B. A. Junior Richardson, of C C. College: Rev. Rich- Tutor of Trinity Hall, was admitted Fellow aru Yales, of Jesus College; Rev. Thomas

of that Suciety. Henry Cotes, of Clare Hall. Doctors in Civil Law. - John Haggard,

OXFORD. Esq. and Rev. James Geldart, of Trinity

MAY 2. Hall,

On Wednesday, the 15th ult. W. K. Doctors in Physic.-W. F. Chambers, Esq. Hett, and W. A. Holgate, were adatted of Trinity College; John R. Park, Esq of Scholars of Lincolo College ; and I. H. Jesus College ; Richard Formly, Esq. of Churchill, and Gibbs, Exhibitioners, Caius College.

on Lord Crew's foundation. Masters of Arts. – Mr. Browning, of King's On Monday, April aitli, the following College ; Messre. Nic Leay, Purvis, G. Gentlemen were admitted to degrees :Waddington, Franks, Dunglas, Wigram,

Bachelors of Arts. Green, Lyon, Clapham, Bays!iaw, R. C. Mr. Thomas Haridan, of Queen's Coll. ; Wilson, Sperling, Smuclair, Moody, Sen. Mr. George Robert Gleig. and Mr. Joha house, Cheap, Brisco, Mowbray, Gordon, Vesey Hamilton, of Magdalen Hall; Mr. Smith, W. P. Waddington, Cator, Golding, Charles Forward, of Wadham Coll. Bawtee, Bowen, Scarlet, W. C. Wilson,

Wednesday, the 6th, the Rev. James of Trinity College : Messrs. Beamish, Ten.

Thomas Holloway, M.A. of Exeter Coll. nyson, Wenne, Watson, Svith, C. S. Lure

was admitted Bachelor in Divinity, and on nioure, while. Blackburn, Garrow. Reas. Thursday Doctor in Divinity. ton, Douglas, Barrow, lligton, Robinson,

The same day Mr. William Law Pope, Graham, Chapman, Salwey, Hersham, Thirl- Scholar of Worcester Coll. was admitted wall, Gordon, Mills, Simpson, C.T. C. Luxe Bachelor of Arts. more, Barnard, Moore, Owen, and Har

On Thursday, May 71h, Mr. William Law rison, of St. John's College ; Messrs.' Pope, B.A. was elected Fellow, and Mr. Dicken, Dobson, Proctor, Quilter, Bligh, John Whittington Ready Landen, Scholar of Whingeld, and Jenkin, of St. Peter's Col.

Worcester Coll. on Dr. Clarke's foundation, lege; Messrs. Semple, Ridsdale, Bidwell,

On Saturday, the 9th May, the last day Wurthinylon, and Miller, of Clare Hall;

of Easter Terni, the following Gentleinen Messrs. Bickhouse, Ainslie, Phear, and

were adiuitted to degrees Whir, of Pembrok: Hall; Messrs. Indkin,

Masters of Arts. Crooke, Wildig, Ridge, and Theobald, of Mr. Arthony Mervin Reeve Story, of Caius College ; Mr. Wilkinson, of Trinity Wadham Colli; Rev. Joseph Coming, of Hall; Messrs. Boys, Flasher, Tiveeti, and Oriel ; Mr. Charles Miller, of Merton. Holmes, of Corpus Christi College; Meseps.

Bachelors of Arts. Forster, Smith, Brereton, Beard, Galland,

Bertie Entwisle ,'arvis, Esq. of Christ Cunningham, Puckle, Bluckilen, of Queen's Church, and George Brian, Esq. of Exeter College; Messrs. Abbol aort. Schofield, of Coll. Grand Compounders; Mr. Henry Catharine Hall; Messrs. Calveri, Tucker,

Lewis Majendie, Mr. Jolin Michael Severne,

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Mr. John Simons Pering, of Oriel Coll.; Latin Verses." Titus Hierosolymam er.
Mr. Walter Powell, and Mr. Ellis Roberts, pugnans.” – Mr. Thomas Holden Ormerod,
Scholars of Jesus Coll.; Mr. James Monk. Undergraduate, Fellow of New Coll.
house Knoit, and Mr. John Clarke Jenkins,

of Lincoln Coll.; Mr. William John Gilbert,
Scholar of Brasennose Coll.; Mr. Robert English Verse.-" The Coliseum." The
Salkeld, of Corpus Christi Coll.

same, Mr. T. H. Ormerod. .. The whole number of Degrees in Easter On Thursday, the 21st of May, the ElecTern was-D.D.3; B.D.2; M.A. 35; B.A.

tion of Keeper of the Archivos, in the place 34; Matriculations 99.

of the Rev. James Ingrani, B D. some time On Wednesday, the first day of Act Term, Fellow of Trinity College, was decided in the following Gentlemen were admitted to

favour of the Rev. Gorga Leigh Cooke, degrees :

B.D. Professor of Natural Philosophy, and

late Fellow of Corpus Christi College. The Masters of Arts.

numbers were : -Mr. Cooke, 180; Mr.
John Eagles, Esq. of Wadham Coll. Grand Bliss, 122; Mr. Heys, 107.
Compounder; Rev. James Hooper, of Orel; The same day ihe following Degrees were
Res. Dışid Morgan, Rev. Thomas Morgan, conferred:-
Mr. John Hughes, Scholar, and Rev. Thomas

Musters of Arts.
Read, of Jesus Coll.; Mr. William Milton
Bridger, and Mr. Charles Thomas Longley,

Rev. Cornelius Ives, of Exeter College ; Mr. William Foster Lloyi, Mr. James Arthur Mr. Robert Cunninghame Taylor, of Christ Wilson, Students, of Christ Church; Rev. Church; Mr. Harry Buckberry Faulkner, of Jasper Fariner Baillie, Rev. Francis Brandt,

Brasennuse College. Mr. Henry Latham, Mr. Roger Manwaring

Bachclors of Arts. Manwaring, and Rev. Augustus Edward

Mr. William John Smithwick, and Mr. of Hobart, Brazennose Coll.; Rev. Joseph

John James Sirutt, of Oriel College ;

Mr. Bockett, of Trinity Coll.; Rev. James Boys,

Nicholas Burd, of Christ Church ; Dir. of Wadhain Coll.

Charles Eckersall, of Corpus Christi Colo Bachelors of Arts.

lege; Mr. William Stallman, and Mr.

Thomas Farley, Demy of Magdalen ColMr. Jolin Garbert, of All Souls' Coll. ; Mr.

lege; Mr. John Tuke, Mr. Henry Jonas William Newland Puddler, Scholar, and Mr.

Barton, Mr. Thomas Higgins, Scholar, Hugh More on Phillips, of Worcester Coll.;

and Mr. Francis Clerke, of Brasennose Mr. Samuei Fenion, of Jesus Coll.; Mr.

College ; ; Rev. Robert Montagne Austin, Godfrey Bird, and Mr. Join Billington, of si. Edmund Hall; Mr. Thomas WilScholar, of University Coll.; Mr. John

liams of Magdalen Hall; Mr James Core Evans, Mr. Joseplı Pitt, and Hon. John Pratt

ral Roberts, and Mr. George Woodhonse, Hewitt, of Christ Church; Mr. Frederick Gambier, Mr. George Hamilton Seymour, and Mr. Edmund R. H. G. Palmer, of

of Trinity College; Mr. John Merewether, and Mr. Williae Oldfeld Bartlett, Posio Queen's College. masters of Merton Coll.; Mr. Oswald Feil.

May 20th the following Degrees were den, Mr. William Best, Mr. David Lewis,

conferred :and Mr. John Walker, of Brasennose Coll. ; Mr. William Hutcheso!), or Sr. Mary Hall;

Bachelors of Arts. Mr. Jahın Henry Coates Burwell, and Mr. Mr. Thomas Sever, and Richard William Julia Dovies, of St. Elmund Hell; Mr. Kerly, of Exeter College; Mr. Richard Samuel Young Seagrave of Magdalen Hall; Bethell, Scholur, and Mr. Charles GirdleDr. William Roc!, of Trinity Coll.; Mr. stone, of Wadham College; Mr. Richard Richard Higgs, of Wasiain Coli.; Mr. David Dillou Keunicort, University College ; Mr. Jenkyns, and Mr. Henry Clissold, of Exeter Edward Nenton Young, Mr. James TroughColl. : Mr. Willow Head Ludlow, and Mr. ton, and Mr. Roger Malluck, of Christ James Gray, of Queen's Coil.; Mr. Charles Church; Mr. Andrew Ackworth Eilge, and Gray Round, and Mr. Julin Morion Colson, Mr. George Austen, of Trinity College. of Balliol Coll. ; Mr. Richard Freach Lau.

At a convocation held on Wednesday the Penice, Scholar, of Pembroke Coll.

.15th of May, being the first day of Act Thursday the Prize Compositions were Term, the Rer. E. Hawkins, M. A. Fellow adjudged as follows:

of Oriel College, the Rev. T. Graudain,

M.A. Fellow of Magdalen College, and the TILE ChanceLLOR'S PRIZES.

Rev. W. Spencer Phillips, M.A. of Trinity Latin Essay

- Biography.”—Mr. John College, were appointed Masters of ibe I.eycester Adulphus, B. A. Fellow of St. Schools. John's Coll.

On Monday May 181h the Election came Latin Essay " Quem vim in Moribus on at Trinity College, when James Rand::!!, Popali conforinandis exhibeant Rerum pob M. A. was elected Fellow: Janics Hardwiek licarum subitæ Mutationes ?" --- Mr. Samuel Dyer, Schular; and John llenry Veivnan, Hinde, B.A. of Queen's Coll.

Exibitioner of that Society. Europ. Mag. l'ol. LXXIV. July 1818.


BERTHS. Letohana's Leis Botella in the dadyo J.W. Gordon, of the royal artillery, of a


Lieutenant J. H. , R.N. of daughter.

The lady of Robert Robertson, Esq. of JUNE 29. At Kensington, the lady of Dessington Hall, Northumberland, of a H. J. Da Costa, Esq. of a daughter.

daughter. In South Audley street, the Countess de 10. In, St. James's, the lady Palmella, of a son.

of Thomas Somers Cocks, Esq. of a daughJULY 3. The Right Hon. Lady Caroline ter. Neville, of a son.

13. Mrs, Edward Du Bois, of Gower9. At Blackheath, the lady of Captain place, Euston-square, of a daughter.

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MARRIAGES. ATELY, William Ogilvie, Esq. jan. of to Elizabeth, daughter of John Hall Griddaughter of the late Alexander Falconer, Mr. R. March, of Bow-lane, to Anne, Esq. of Woodcot Park.

daughter of Mr. Joseph Harris, tate of Lately, George Gordon Smith, Esq. late Barking. of the 9th lancers, to Marianne, Baroness 26. Hylton Dennis Hacon, Esq. of Hackde Daubrawa, widow of the late Baron ney, to Elizabeth-Alice, daughter of the de Daubraw of the Portuguese legion late Edward Longdon Mackmurdo, Esq. of and third dragoon guards.

Clapton. May 3. Ai Antigua, William Ledeatt, 27. William Mount, of Waring-place, Esq. to Eliza, daughter of the late Samuel Berks, Esq. to Charlotte, daughter of Sedgwick, Esq.

George Talbot, of Guiting, Gloucester, Esq. JUNE 6. Ai Dublin, Colonel Raymond Henry Weston, Esq. son of William WesPelly, of his Majesty's 16th regiment of ton, Esq. of the Borough Bank, to Elizadragoons, to Louisa French, eldest daughter beth, daughter of Robert Kirby, Esq. of of Robert Henry French, Esq. of the city Kennington Green. of London.

29. Robert Vaughan Richards, of the 8. Charles Henry Smith, Esq. naval offi. Inner Temple, Esq. to Jaoe, daughter of cer of Malta Yard, to Miss Mary Gerrans. Matthew Chalie, Esq. of Wandsworth Com

12. At Tain, Mr. Lachlan Ross, aged 92, to Miss Ann Stewart, aged 20.

John Kaye, Esq. of the East India Com13. The Rev. Edward Bowman Vardon, pany's Civil Service, to Miss Elizabeth to Mary-Aune, daughter of Mr. Henry Browne, of Clapham. Gaitskell, of the Paragon.

Henry Hardie, M.D. of Manchester, to 18. The Rev. D. Lewis, Twickenham, to Margaret, daughter of the late Robert Miss Henrietta Warwick, of the same Whisham, Esq. of Dumfrieshire. place.

30. Mr. James Renshaw, son of the late 22. At Speldhurst, near Tunbridge, Kent, John Penshaw, Esq. of Owthorpe, Not. Lord Cochrane, to Miss Catherine Corbett tinghamshire, to Ano-Elizabeth, daughter Barnes, late of Bryanstone-street.

of John Dyson, Esq. of Chelsea. 23. Mr. E. Hubball, of Clerkenwell- Mr. Samuel Beddome, of Gracechurch close, to Mary-Anne, daughter of James street, to Elizabeth, daughter of Mr. MuTaylor, Esq. of Sloane-street, Chelsea. riel, of Ely.

Mr. Thomas Cheshire, of Aylesbury, JULY Peter Langford Brooke, Esq. Bucks, to Mary, daughter of the late Rob. of Mere Hall, Cheshire, to Elizabeth. Miller, Esq. of Tower.hill.

Sophia Rowley, daughter of Adoniral Sir 24. Mri W. H. Brind, of Paternoster- Charles Rowley. row, to Catherine, daughter of

4. Caroline-Lonisá, daughter of Robert Ormond, Esq. of Waptage.

Thomas, M.I). of Salisbury, to the Rev. Robert James, Esq. of Gutter-lane, to Richard Fletcher, B.A. of Clapham ComMiss Morris, of Chepstow.

mon. The Rev. James Hoby, of London, to W. T. Brande, Esq. of Albemarle-street, Anne, daughter of the late Archer Ward, to Anna-Frederica, daughter of Charles Esq. of Derby.

Hatchett, Esq. of Mount Clare, Surrey. 25. John Creswell, Esq. of Northum- Robert liope, M:D). F.L.S. to Mrs. berland, to Elizabeth-Mary, daughter of Davies, of Upper Cadogan-place. Gilfred Lawson Reed, Esq. of Champion- 7. R. Stratton, Esq. surgeon to his Mahill, Camberwell.

jesty's forces, to Miss Lineoln, of Upper At Walthamstow, by the Rev. H. J. Seymour-street, Portman square. Parker, M. A. lecturer of Gresham College, The Rev. Matt. Morris Preston, of Aspe. Peter Kendall, Esq.of Buenos Ayres, South den, Hertfordshire, Fellow of Trinity Colo America, to Jemima-Elizabeth, only daugh- Jege, Cambridge, to Elizabeth, daughter of los jesse Russell, Esq. of Walthamstow, the late Francis Garratt, Esq.

William Keen, Esq. of Northbrook-place, 9. Archibald Ewart, Esq. surgeon on

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