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ment at the Charter-house. The procession

The whole of the carriages and borses of consisted of ten men on horseback, four on

the late Queen are to be sold by peblie foot, carrying plumes of feathers before the

auctios. The horses have been brought to bearse, drawn by six horses, six mourning

lown from Windsor, and workmen are per coaches drawn by six horses each, and

employed io obliterating the royal arms on twenty noblemen and gentlemen's carriage : the pannels of the carriages, previous ta amongst which we observed his Lordship's sale. The Princess Sophia will reside at carriage, followed by the Bishop of Ches

the Lower Lodge, in Windsor Park. The ter's, Earl Camden's, the Hon. Mr. Law's,

whole of the former establishments there the two Chief Justices', and the other Judges

have been discharged, of the Court of King's Bench and Common

The late Quern left her suit of garbet: 19 Pleas, and other of his Lordship's friends.

the Dowager Queen of Wirtemberg, beThe procession passed aloog Pall.mail, the

cause garnels are the only precious stones Strand, Fleet-street, Ludgate-bill, and arri.

that can be worn with deep mourning, ved at the Charter-house soon after pine

which the dowager Queen is resolved ! o'clock. The corpse was taken into the

wear for life. All her diamonds she left chapel, and the funeral ceremony was per to be divided among the other four prioformed by the Rev. Dr. Fisher. Nearly

cesses equally. Her fine wardrobe, said the whole of the time a most solemn dirge

to be of immense Falue, she has jeft to was played. The coffin was covered with

Madame Beckendorff. Frogmore is left to soperb crimson velvet, and bis Lordship in.

the Princess Augusta, and the Lower Lodge terred in the same vault as Mr. Sutton, the to the Princess Sophia. founder of the Charter-house.

The only individuals, it is said, who have The property left by Lord Ellenborough, inspected her late Majesty's will, are the it is said, exceeds 240,0001. To the present Prince Regent, the Duke of York, the Da. Lord he has bequeathed 10,000 per annuin ; chess of Gloucester, the Princess Augusta, and to the widowed Lady 20001. per annum; and Sir John Nicholl, the judge of the Preand to each of the other children 15,0001. rogative Court. The reason a-sigoed for The house in St. Jame's-square is directed the delay is, that they have not lakes an to be sold, and also the villa at Roehampton. account of the property. Is it possible The late Peer gave 18,0001, for the lowo that the Duke of Sussex has not had the will residence,

of his royal pareat submitted to his perusal?


Thursday last, the following geatkara
ECEMBER 11, the following subjects

were admitted to Degrees :

Master of Arts. for the ensuing year ; viz.

Rev. Frederick Vape, Taberdar ot Queen's For Latin Verses--Syracusa.

College. For an Eoglish Essay-The characteristic

Bachelors of Arts. Differences of Greek and Latin Poetry. Thomas John Powell, of St. Alban Hall;

For a Latin Essay-Quænam fuerint præ Henry St. Andrew St. John, of Wadhan cipue in Causa, quod Roma de Carthagine College ; William Swift, Edward Dickinson triumphavit ?

Scott, and fieorge Chilton, Scholars of The first of the above subjects is intended Queen's College; Walter Mattbew. Paul, for those gentlemen of the University who of Balliol College ; the Most Noble the have not exceded four years from the time Marquis of Tilehtield, of Ch. Ch.; Richard of their patriculation, and the other two Pearson, of St. Jobn's College; Alfred for such as have exceeded four, but not Tooke, of St. Mary Hall; William Carre completed seven years.

Tupper, of Pembroke College. Sir Roger NEWDIGATE's Prize.- For the best composition in English verse, not containing either more or fewer than fifty

CAMBRIDGE. lines, by any Under Graduate who has not December 11. The subject of the Edge exceeded four years from the time of his lish poem for the Chancellor's gold medal matriculation The Iphigenia of Timanthes. for the present year is-- Pompeii.

Thursday last, Mr. Edward Dickinson On Friday last, the Rev. William Wit. Scott was elected Taberdar, and Messrs. liams, of Queen's College, was admitted Joseph Simpsov, Miles Cooper Bolioo, Bachelor in Divinity; Joho Primari Maud, William Airey, Henry Rookin, Robert of Caius College, Master of Aris; and Shepherd, Joseph Ballantine Dykes, and William Henry Harvey, of Jesus Callege, Joshua Lucock Bragg, Scholars on the old Bachelor in Civil Lave. foundation ; and Mr. Richard Bracken, Mr. Edward Wilkins, of King's College, Scholar on Mr. Michel's foundation, at was on Tuesday lost admitted a Fellos of Queen's College.

that society.

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At Osmington, Dorset, the lady of the burgh, the lady of Lieui. General the Rev, Archdeacon Fisher, of a daughter. Hon. Sir C. Colville, G.C.B. of a son and heir. 3. The lady of Robert Frankland, Esq.

Lately, in Stratford-place, the Countess M. P. of a danghter. of Westmeath, of a son and heir.

In Dorset-square, the Lady of Chacles Lately, io Guildford-street, the Lady of Augustus Tulk, Esq. of a daughter. R. Bernal, Esq. M.P. of a delighter. Al Cheshunt, the Lady of Thomas Todd

Nov. 23. The lady of the Rev. Joseple Walton, Esq. of the Foreign Post Office, of Varenne, Rector of Staplehurst, of a daugh a daughter. ter.

4. The Countess of Aberdeen, of a daughter. At Frankfort-place, Plymouth, Mrs. Gill, 7. Io Gloucester-place, the lady of W, L. of a daughter.

Hughes, Esq. M.P. of a daughter. The lady of Richard Tattersall, Esq. of 8. Ai Conway, North Wales, the lady twins.

of Christopher Alderson, Esq. of twin 26. At Blackheath, the lady of Captain girls. Larkins, of the Honourable Company's ship 15. In Trinity.square, the lady of Mr, Warren Hastings, of a daughter.

Alderman Bridges, of a son, lo Mansfield-street, Viscountess Ash At Peutonville, the lady of Mr. William brook, of a daughter.

Bridges, of the Bank of England, of a son, Dec. 2. At Knowle-farin, Sussex, the 21. The lady of Lieut.-Colonel Forsteen, lady of Major.gen. Beatson, of a daughter. of a daughter.

MARRIAGES. LACE. V Prosper Antetine, Comate de Latrly, Mr. J. Levy, of Moont-place,

Cadeville of the Garde Rovale of the to Catherine, daughter of Mr. D, Lesy, of King of France, to Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Grove-place, Bethnal-green, daughter of James Kiernan, of South Lam Lately, I. Compertz, Esq. of Clevelando beth, Esq.

row, St. James's, to Florence, daughter of Lately, W. Smith. Esq. of the Royal the 'ate C. F. Wattier, Esq. of Abbeville, Horse Artillery, lo Lucinda, second daugh- in France, ter of Sir W. Stamer, Bari.

Lately, T. Lord, Esq. of Tilchurst, 'Lately, S. A. Wright, Esq. of Stockwell. Berks, to Miss M. Harper, of Manchester. place, Susrey, to Lucy Elizabeth, eldest street. youngest danghter of the late J. Har. daughter of P. W. Tookins, Esq. of New per, Esq. of Edgware-road. Bond-street.

Lately, G. Barclay, Esq. to Matilda, only Lately, C. G. Bodens, Esq. to Miss Hill, daughter of Anthony Aufrere, Esq. of of Lambeth.

Hoveton Hall, Norfolk, and grand-daughLately, at the Palace of Corfu, Lieut.. ter of the late General Count Lockhart, of Col. Hankey, Private Secretary to bis Ex Lee and Carowath. cellency Sir T. Maitland, to Miss C. Vas Lately, S. H. F. Gwynne, Esq. of Glan. lano, of Corfu.

brane Park, Landovery, Carmarthen, to Lately, Mr. J. Vallanre, Garlick-hill, Miss Simes, of Kensington Gravel-pitis. Thames-street, to Mary Anne, eldest daugh Lately, Ann Blaney, daughter of the ser of Mr. R. Fauntleroy, Snowdon House, Right Hon. Lord Blaney, to Caplaia Wandsworth, Surrey.

Charles Gordon, of the Royal Navy. Lately, Mr. T. M'Ray, of Colemanstreet, to Miss C. Wedgwood, of Basford, to Miss Key, daughter of S. Key, Esq. of near Newcastle, Staffordshire.

Cheshunt, Herts, Lately, E. Jennings, Esq. of Bath, to Lately, Henry Blane Hant, Esq. of the Mary Jane, eldest daughter of Lieut. Col. Theatre Royal Covent Gargden, to Lydia, J. C. Tufnell, of Luckham House, Wilts. daughter of Dr. Merry, of Bath, and lat:

Lately, Mr. Minchin, of Piccadilly, to of the Theatre Royal Drury-lana. Priscilla, youngest daughter of the late N. Lataly, Captain Swinburne, of the Jst Giermon, Esq. of Leign-cottage.

Grenadier Guards to Miss Coates, daughter Lately, D. c. Webb, Esq. of Denham, of the late Rev. A. Coates, Vicar of GoldeBucks, to Sarah, only daughter of Thomas brough. Smith, Esq. of Brentford-butts.

Lately, the Revel.Brendon, Rector of Lately, George, fourth son of the Rev. T. Pangbourne, Berku. Elizabeth Julia, Greenwood, Vicar of Calne. Wills, to Mary daughter of Thomas Usborne, Esq. of Cum. Ann, daughter of Jobo Sherer, Esq. Totten berland-street, Portman-square. bam.

Lately, the Rev. John Clarke, Rector of Lately, Mr. R. Oldershaw, of Islington, Claybidon, Devon, to Frances Lewis, only solicitor, tv Miss M. Piggoui, of the same daug ner of Jaines Nicholas Duntze, Esq. place.

Henley liowe, near Tiverton. Lately, J. Olding, Ecm, of (iray's inn, lo Lately, the Rev. G. Howes, Rector of Miss M. M. Pawley, ur l'ulham.

Spixworili, lo larü al.irgurei,

giler it

the late Thomas Blake, Esq. Barrister at 8. George Barclay, Esq. son of Colonel

Barclay, his Majesty's Commissioner for
Nov. 16. George Fairbolme, Esq. of the American boundary, to Matilda, dangb-
Greenkoow, Berwickshire, to the Hon. ter of Anthony Aufriere, Esq. Horelon
Caroline Elizabeth.Forbes, eldest daugbter Hall, Norfolk.
of Lieut.-General Lord Forbes.

9. Al St. Martin's, John Whitney Spith,
21. Mr. Emanoel Albo de Bernales, to Esq. to-Charlotte, second daugbier of Mr.
Miss Frances Mary de Bernales, of Finsbury. T. Peake, of Oxford.

Mr. Samuel Longden, of lawrence Pornt-
Sir Charles Sullivan, Bart, of Thames. Dey•lape, to Miss Mary Le Cren, of Greri-
Ditton, to Jean Ann, daughter of Robert wich.
Taylor, Esq. of Ember-court.

Alfred Phillips, Esq. of Wobarn-place,
24. Mr. J. F. Fixsen, of Old Fish-street to Rebecca danghter of M. Samuel, Esq. of
Hill, to Elizabeth daighter of the late J. Bath.
C. Edelman, Esq. of Clapton, Middlesex. John Henry North, E-q. barrister at lav,

Edward Bullock, Esq. of the Treasury, to Letitia Drothea. daughter of William,
to Lelitia, daughter of the late Rev. Tho. Jale Loril Bishop of Clogher.
mas Pearce, D.D.

10. Edward Jennings, Esq. of Bath, to
26. The Hon. H. Peter Boyle de Bla- Mary Jane, daughter of Lieut Colonel J.
quiere, to Eliza, daughter of William C. Tufnell, of Luckham Huse, Wills.
Hoper, Esq. of Rathfarohain.Castle.

Major Robertson, to Elizabeth, daugbier
William Witberby, Esq. of Newmarket, of Mr Chapıdan, of Croydon,
to Mary Ann, daughter of the Rev. N. J. 12 Samuel Hughes, Esq. of Cheshunt, to
Hill, M.A. rector of Snailwell.

Mrs. Cox, of Breasy, county of Mayo.
so. Cæsar Colclough, of Tiotern Abbey, 14. Mr. Thomas M.Rae, of Colemas.
Esq. and one of the representatives in lar street, to Miss Catherine Wedgwood, of
liament for the county of Wexford, 10 Jane, Barford, pear Newcastle, Staffordshire.
daughter of John Kirwan, of Leeson -street, 15. Capiain Antony Blagrave Valpy,
Dublin, Esq. King's Council.

R.N. to Anda, daughter of Robert Harris
Dec, 1. Edward Page Turner, Esq. to Esq. of Reading
Sophia, daughter of the late Andrew Wil Thomas Chandiers, Esq of York-place,
liains, Esq. of Southampton,

Portman square, to Caroline, daugbier of
3. The Rev. R. G. Geldari, M.A, rector Sir Willian Long, of Kempston House, Bed-
of Little Billing, Northamplon, to Sarah, ford.
daughter of William Walker, Esq. of Sut 16. The Rev. William Greenlaw, of Iske.
top-bill, Surrey.

worth, to Francis, daughter of Robert Bar
Samuel Wright, Esq. of South Lambeth, ker, Esq. of Great Marlborough-street.
to Betsey, daughter of John Rowlett. Esq. 16. Mr. Burden, of Bedford-street, Co-
of Charter House-square.

veni-garden, to Rebecca. daughter of the
4. Stewart Boone Inglis, Esq. formerly of late Roberi Young, Esq. of Vauxhall-
the King's late German Legion, to Sholto walk,
Charlotte, widow of Major-General James 17. Henry Anderson. Esq. of the 69th
Pringle, and daughter of the late Sir John Rrgiment, lo. Lelitia, second daughter of
Halkett, Bart.

William Abbott, Esq. of the Precincts.
Mr. Edward Cowper, of Nelson-square, 19. Edward Alberton, Esq. oi Portmas.
to Anve, daughter of the late Captain Ap- square, to Mrs. E. W. Smith, of Dover,

widow of the late T. A. Smith, Esq.

LKY.ea. Shein
at Dory is contest

Lately, at his house in Great Queet-
Killmorey, wife of Lord Viscount street, Lincoln's-ion-fields, in the 65th year
Kilmorey, of Sbovington-hall, Salop, and of his age, A. Graham, Esq. lle bad long
eldest sister of Lord Comberınere, of Com been one of the police magistrates at the
bermere Abbey, Chester.

Bow.street office, where, for at pe-
Lately, at Cork, John Bernard Trolter, riod, be presided as chiri, bus Briused
Esq. formerly Private Secretary to the late the situation on finding his health dilim
Right Hon. C.J, Fox.

He was an upright magistrats, as well as at
Lately, it Bourdeaux, aged 90, the Mare intelligent, useful, and judicior mrinber of
quis De St. Mare, the last of the French sociely, and was conversant with busion
oticers who was present at the battle of in various provinces. He for a few seasons

superintended the concerns of Drury lane
Lately, at Paris, aged 69, the ovly sur Theatre. He has left-one son, who is a capo
viviving sister of Palissot, so well known tain in the British navy, and who has disuie-
for his bitter animosity to the Frecch philos guished himself in the service by zeal, apa,

and ability on several occasions.

Lately, at Stowe, the seat of the Marquis 18. At Newport, Isle of Wight, in the of Buckingham, the Rev. W. Barnard, 26th year of his age, Mr. Thomas Sayer, of Rector of March Gibbon and Walton Strat. Exeter College, Oxford. ford.

19. At Ryde, Isle of Wight, John Thos. Lately, in the 56th year of her age, at Roberdeen, Esq. late judge at Allababad, Colonel Vincent's, Cullen's-wood, near on the Bengal civil establishment. Dublin, the Right Hon. Catharine, Lady 20. Ai Tours, Mrs. Browne, the wife of Monnt-Sandford, daughter of the late George Vanbrough Browde, Esq. of Koock; Right Hon. Sir Oliver, and relict of the marlock, Ayshire. late Lord Moont-Sandford.

Ar Liverpool, aged 55, Mr. Francis Lately, at Donoughinore Glebe, the Rev. Dixon, late of the firm of Nuttall, Fisber, E. Ryan, D.D. Rector of Donoughmore, and Dixon, Caxton printing-office, Liverand one of the Prebendaries of St. Patrick's pool. Cathedral, Dublin.

21. At Shepperton-green, is the 36th Lately, in Baggott-street, Dublin, the year of bis age, Thomas Nathan Frederick, Hon. Mrs Jocelyn, relict of the Hon. G. Esq. son of Sir J. Frederick, Bart. Jocelyn, brother to the Earl of Roden. In Skinner-street, Matthew Walker, Esq.

Lately, Mr. T. Havill, of Camberwell, of the New Steyne, Brighton. in the 80th year of his nge.

23. At Hatfield, James Penrose, Esq. Lately, at Kilcooly Abbey, Sir W. M.D, sorgeon extraordinary to the King, Barker, Bart.

and surgeon to his Majesty's housebold. Latelv, at Leicester, in his 44th year, 23.. At Brompton, in the 39th year of Capt. Bellamy, R.N.

his age, Francis Lewis Clason, of Lincolo's. Lately, at Stoke, pear Coventry, aged inn, Esq. barrister at law. 53. J. Hodgetis, Esq. of Paternoster.row. At Felixton, Soffolk, the lady of Sir Sam.

Lately, in Queen-square, Bloomsbury, Flud yer, Bart. aged 66, Mrs. S. Bryant, widow of the late James Catforth, Esq. of Fitzroy-street, Reverend Edward Bryant, of Newport, Fitzroy-square. Essex.

At Penohury, Clapham, in the 59th year Lately, at Down-hall, Kent, B. Spitta, of his age, Samuel Southall, one of the Esq. of Doctors' Commons.

Society of Fricods. Lately, in Jermyn-street, H. M. Bird, 24. Mary, the widow of the late Thomas Feq. of Bartoo-house, Warwickshire, aged Seddon, Esq. of Aldersgale-street, 63.

At Gainsford, near Darlington, the Lately, on hoard the Angelica, on her 84th year of her age, Mrs. Clark, relict of passage from the Cape of Good Hope, John the late Thomas Clark, Esq. of SnowJames Armstrong, Esq. late American con hill. sul at Teperiffe.

At Chippenham, Wilts, in the 64th year Lately, Lieutenant-colonel Charles Duke.,. of his age, Robert Ward, Esq. formerly of deputy-adjutant.general to the forces servo Great Prescot-street. ing under the Earl of Dalhousie, Nova Al Lambeth, Mrs. Sarah Cooke, wife of Scotia.

Nathaniel Cooke, Esq. late of the customs. Lately, at Dongannon Park, Irelaod, in 25. At Brighton, Susey, relict of the late his 90th year, Lord Visconot Northland, a James Esdaile, Esq. of Heed-place, in the governor and custos rotulorum of the county county of Essex, aged 66. of Tyrone, and a representative peer for At Elgin, the Hon, George Duff, of MilIreland. He is succeeded in bis titles and ton, third son of William Earl of Fife, in estates by his eldest son, the Hon. Thomas the 83d year of his age. Knox, member in a former parliament for 26. Margaret, the wife of A. W. Devis, Tyrope. .

Esq. of Caroline-street, Bedford-square. Oct. 16. At Lisbon, Lieut-colonel R. Aged 72, the Rev. Thomas Rutledge, Carroll, commanding the 16th regionent of D.D. minister of the Scots churches of Portuguese Infantry. The colonel was Broad.street and Shakspeare's-walk for 39 brother to Gen. Sir W. P. Carroll, K.C.B. years. of Listeen Hall, Tipperary.

At the house of her uncle, the Rev. A. Nov. 4. In Bedford-square, John L.ums. Lawrence, Royal Hospital, Haslar, Sosan den, Esq. a member of the Hop, the Court Bloxem, second daughter of the Rev. Rich. gf Directors for the Affairs of the Hon. East Rouse Bloxem, D.D. of Rugby, and piece India Company.

of Sir Thomas Lawrence, R.A. 10. The Rev. W. Ramsay, minister of 27. At Wimbledon, James Meyrick, Cortachy.

Esq. of Grosvenor-street. 15. Al Altona, Count A. De Gortz, a Jo the 67th year of his age, Samuel Sell. worthy companion in arms of Frederick wood, Esq. of Abingdon, io 'the county of the Great.

Berks. 17. At Prospect-house, West Cowes, Isle 28. At his house in Great Russell-street, of Wight, in her 27th year, Susannah, Bloomsbury, Thomas Main, Esq. daughter of Alexander Aikman, sen. Esq. lo Lansdown-place, Bath, Mrs. Eliza, of the Island of Jamaica.

beth Blackwood, daughter of tbe late Sir Europ. Mag. Vol. LXXIV. Dec. 1818.

75th year.

Robert Blackwood, Bart, of Ballyleidy, consequence of both offices being vacant at Down, Ireland.

the same time); and, the next year, in coa. 29. At Brighton, Mrs. William Bovill, sequence of the death of Lord Keayoo, he of Upper Tooting, aged 28 years.

was appointed to the distinguished situa. 30. At Shavington-hall, Shropshire, the tion of chief justice of England. On the Right Hon. Robert Lord Viscount Killmo. Ist April, 1902, he was created a peer, by rey, aged 72.

the title of Lord Ellenborough, Baron of ElSuddenly, at Windsor, Colonel Disbrowe, lenborough, in the county of Camberland, vice chamberlain to the late Queen.

It is fresh in the recollection of our readers Mrs. Mary Edgar, aged 73, wife of Mr. that his lordship very recently re-igned the D. Edgar, of Colebrook-row, Islington. chief justiceship in consequence of his in

At Brooklyn, Mr, Jobo Williams, long creasing infirmities. He was also a gorer. better knowo both in England and Ireland, por of the Charter-house, and E.S.A. He by the name of Anthony Pasquin. He was married, in October, 1782, Miss Towry, a man of some native powers of mind, as daughter of George Phillips Towry, Esq. à minor poet and wit, but be dealt prin- by whom he had issue, 1. Edward (a mea. cipally in theatrical criticism, and made ber of the House of Commons in the last himself the terror of actors and actresses, Parliament), now Lord Ellenborough, who both good and bad.

married, Dec, 11, 1813, Lady Octavia Dec. 1. At Everton, Liverpool, Alex. Stewart, daughter of the Marquis of LaoTaylor, M.D. formerly of Paisley, in his donderry, and sister of Lord Castlereagb;

2. Charles Ewan, married, May 22, Isil, At Longlev, Buckinghamshire, in her Elizabeth Sophia, sister of Sir Charles 60th year, Mrs. Frances Flanbury, daughter Ethelston Vightingale, Bari. ; 3. Vary ; of the late Capel Hanbury, of Ponty Pool, 4. John; 5. Elizabeth ; 6 Anne; and i, Monmouthshire.

a daughter, horn January 11, 1812. In York-place, the lady of General Sir 14. At Deptford, in her 651h year, Eliza. C. Grant.

beth Roberts, sister of Lieut, James Volie 2. In Montagu-square, Thomas Bulkeley, Roberts, R. N. Esq. formerly of Lisbon.

Al Brighton, Mr. James Whitile, of 3. At the Rectory, Orsett, Elizabeth Fleet-street, aged 61. Henrietta, danghter of the late Doctor de 29. oon after five o'clock, at his horse Zimmermann, of Smyrna, and lady of the in St. James's-square, after an illaess of upRev.John Frederick Usko, rector of Orsett, wards of five months, Sir Philip Francis. in Essex.

An express was immediately sent off to Vr. 4. Mr. Jolin Gillespie, of Brixton place, Francis, his son, who was on a visit to the Surrey, in the 68th


Earl of Bristol, at Ickworth Park, Suffolk. 5. In Grenville-sireet, Brunswick-square, It is a singular coincidence, that this is the Mrs. Catherine Mah, widow of the late fourth death, within a very short period, in Captain Angus M'Nab, of the Henry Dun. that corner of St. James's-square; viz. Land das East Indiaman.

Beauchamp, Lord Anson, Lord Elleobo At Kensington. Thomas Windle, Esq. of rough, aud Sir Philip Francis Wick Hill, Warfield, Berks, and late of John-street, Bedford row. 6. In the Victwalling yard, Deptford,

EAST INDIA BIRTIS, MARRIAGES, Frederick Dickensoo, Esq. aged 56,

AND DEATHS. Suddenly, in an apoplectic fit, Mr. De (From Calculta Papers of May 27, June 3, Bruyn, surgeon, of North Audley-street,

10, and 17. In the 24th year of his age, Lieut. J.S.

BIRTHS. Robinson, of the 43d regiment, and second On Thursday, the 21st inst, the lady af son of Lieutenant-general John Robinson, George Playfair, Esq. presideacy sorgeel, of Denston Hall, Suffolk.

of a son. In Welbeck street, Miss Maria Chesshyre, Ac Berhampore, on the 15th inst, the sister to the Countess Fauconberg.

lady of Captain C. Brooke, of the connis7. Al Clay Hill, Beckenham, in the 35th sariat department, of a son. year of her ag”, Miss Anne Courtenay, At Monghier, on the 920 March last, the third danghter of the late Bishop of Exeter. Jady of Captain R. Rich, of the 3d sative

13. In St. James's-square, after an ill. infantry, of a son. ness of some duration, the Right Hon. Lord At Benares, on the 28th ult, the lady of Ellenborough.* His Lordship was boro Lieutenant John Holbrow, of tbe Ist dative about 1719, and was the son of Dr. Law, infantry, of a daughter. formerly bishop of Carlisle. After rising At Futieh Ghur, on the 1st inst, the lady to some eminence at the bar, he was ap- of Lieutenant Robert Cauty, of the 19th pointed aliorney-general in 1801 (without native infantry, of a son. baving /previously been solicitor-general, io At Banda, on the 14th inst, the lady of

Lieutenant J. Paterson, interpreter and * For Portrait and Memoir vide vol. quarter.master, Ist battalion Ist native id* LXXVI. page 99.

fantry, of a son,

year of his

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