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SEASON, 1818—19.

With their Managing Owners, Commanders, Principal Officers, Surgeons, Pursers, Time of coming af oat, &c.

Hen. M. Samson Thos. Larkins James Sexton Tim. Curtis John Fenn Gibson R Fox C.E. Newbury E. Harrison
Charles Grant 1200

Wm Moffat
Hugh Scott W m. R. Best Henry Lee Geo. Denny

Joseph Coates Rob. Strange Mich. Connal
Towiler Castle.... 1800

Sohn Wordsworih Chas, Mortlock J. A. Tween R. W. Smith J. Wilkinson
Bomb.& China

JF. Wordsworth S. T. Bridger N. G, Glass

Richards. Borradaile Thos. Borradaile Jos. Dudman Wm. E. Farrer Wm. Allen Cha. Pennington Rich. H. Cox Chas. Pillans 1200

Henry Bonham Richard Nisbet Edw. Moul Geo. Aug. Bond Wm. P. Jones Rob. Treherne Thos. Hog. Jos. Cragg Vansiltart.. 1200

John Castairs Rob. S. Dalrymple J. Foulerton W. Cruickshank Henry Cowan John Moore J. W. Wilson Pat. Stewart Williain Pitt.... SO St Hel. Benc. Chi David Hunter Charles (raham Fitzw. Young Jas. R. Palmer Rob. Lindsay Arth. C. Watling T. Davidson Geo. Adam 1900 St. Hel. Bomb. John Forbes

Arch, Hamilton

Wm. Pascoe Sam. Holbrow

WH.Whitehead Wm. Robson Jas. Simpson Fred. Palmer

Ś China
John Card

William Hope Rich. Rogers Robert Card Rich, Card Shirley Newdick Rich. Boyes Thos. Baker

Messrs. F. & G. Clay John R. Francklin A. F. Proctor John Levy Mark Clayson Felix Boltbee Edw. Edwards MN Francklin

James Walker
General Kyd

Alexander Nairne Es. Maxwell Jer. Watson AH de Cardonnel John Pearson F. P. Alleyn Jas. Cannan
Company's Ship Richard Alsager Chas. Shea Jas. B. Burnett RJ Cuthbertson Peter Pilcher

Geo, Homer

Hez. Clark
Atlas................ 1900 Beng, China John Staniforth Cha, Otway Mayne R. B Everest John Alder Jos, Stanton GM.Braithwaite John Dill Rob. Mayne

Richards. Borradaile Thos. Hayiside J. Lowther Fred. Orlebar Edward Hanson Hen. Columbine Rich. Gilpin Edw. A. Cofin
General Harris.... 1200

James Sims George Welstead John Morse Henry Kemp E. H. Bond, jun. Wm. B. Coles Jas. Palon Wm. Barry
Warren Hastings 1200
William Sims Richard Rawes
Thos. Young James Eyles

Rich. Rawes

Stuart Donaldson

T. Mac Taggart Thos. Sandys

H.O. MacTaggart Rich. Palmer

John Hay W. Mac Adam John Milroy
Minerva ............. 976
Kennard Smith G. Richardson Rich, Aplin Walt. Meritan Wyn. Lasken

Johns F. Parsons Thos. Vokes

Mad. Beng. William Agnew

John Blanchard J. D. Collis Chr. Mac Koy Filmer Phipps Geo. Dewdney John Eccles Jaines Smith
Thomas Grenville RO

Company's ship Wm. Manning G. Williams John Brown Gen. T. Calveles John Pratt Rich. Shaw Jobin Benifold
Keltie Castle ...... 1909

Stewart Erskine Alex. Lindsay Chris Biden Chas. Cowles Edward Adams Folliot Barton Rob. Elliot Wm), Crags
Bridgewater... 10071 China

James Sims Cias. S. Timins R. Davidson Val. J. Munden

John Ward Lord Castlereagh. 819 Henry Bonham W. Younghusband JR Wanderson James Ji bert Pnt. Lindesay

Walt. Lorimer Ellis Bostock Pr. Char. Wie 97

Milliken Craig
Marg, Wellington Bengat
C.B. Gribble FACungnghame Edw. Foord Benj. Bond

Henry Bonham John Wood

Ships' Names.




... 1200


Marquis ramden.. 1200

224 December, 1818.

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tiniraud v) 7um son from an original painting by.A.W Devis Esg."










A. W. Devis.] VAERE are certain stations in life riod as by the present Head of the be, seldom offer to men of genius and sume to say, with confidence, ibat it talents opportunities of distinguishing has never been filled by an individual themselves io a manner 80 as at once who has discharged its duties with more to fix their names in a conspicuous dignity, or evinced more zeal for the place within the Temple of Fame. But . credit and honour of the department a man of real talents, steady mind, over which Garter presides. and sterling merit will, in such stations, The subject of this Memoir was always so comport himself as to re- born at Ottery St. Mary, in the county flect upon the honourable office which of Devon, on the 10th of December he fills as great a lustre as that which he old style) 1730, and, we understand, himself receives from it. He seems to his early pursuits in life, which cir. make destiny his own by an unbiassed cumstances following each other in regularity of conduct; and, conscious of rapid succession rendered as various the rectiiude of his actions, leaves to as they were active, appeared to lead to others the doubtful chance of a greater a profession very different from that reputation, and the brighter effulgence which he ultinately embraced. He was of a more splendid name.

brought up at the Honiton Grammar The office of Garler King of Arms, School, under the Rev. Mr. Lewis, which is as honourable as it is ancient, and, at the age of filleen, he entered was instituted by our renowned King the navy as a volunteer on board bis Henry The Fifth ; who, for the dignity Majesty's ship Lynn, commanded by of the Most Noble Order from which Captain Robert Mao, afterwards one it derived its title, annexed to it the ofihe Lords of the Admirally, in which character of “ Principal Officer within ship he served as a Midshipınan from the Office of Arins, and Chief of all the month of July 1918 to the middle the Servants of Arms.” Men of great of the year 1748.- lu the course of literary and antiquarian acquirements this service, the Lyno being employed have filled the office of Garter; and, in the Mediterranean, he bad the opamong others, the name of Dugdale portunity of viewing the Greek Islands, will be respected as long as a laborious the romantic coasts of the Adriatic as research into the historical antiquities well as the Court of Asia, and the sou. of our country, the preservation of a thern and western shores of Italy, knowledge of its ancient customs, and and derived all that ardent satis. great topographical learning rendered faction of which young minds are practically useful to mankind, shall en. more peculiarly susceptible upon visito title men to the gratitude of poste. ing the scenes of their recent studies rily.

-a proof of this may be found in There are, we believe, but few, if the lively impression which still reany, instances where the office of Gar- mains of the interesting objects which ter has been held for so long a pe. came under bis observation in these classic regious; subjects which, after protection of the property or security a lapse of upwards of seventy years, for the person of an Englishman. He are still dwelt on with that vivacity · was, therefore, compelled to make a and fervour which generally belong, hurried retreat to England; and, hav. exclusively, to youth. la 1749, he ing lost whatever he had realised at continued his service in the navy in the Bilboa, he engaged himself with a mer. Blandford mau of war, which ship was chant in the ciiy, where be remained ordered upon a service on the coast of until 1759. Atihis period he was in. Guinea; wliere, in the month of August troduced to the notice of Thomas 1750, an accident occurred which bad Earl of Effinghain, (then exercising the nearly proved fatal to the young can. office of Earl Marshal, for Edward didate for vaval fame. From the effect Duke of Norfolk), who was pleased to of one of those sudden and dreadtul appoint him to the office of Blueinantle toroados with which that region is Pursuivant of Arips on the 5th of visited, he was carried overboard with December in the same year; and whose the maio mast of the ship, whilst stand. esteen and confidence he had the haping on the top-sail yard encouraging piness to enjoy down to the death of the seamen to their duty. But, by one ihat nobleman, whose successor Tho. of those interpositions of Providence mas also Earl of Effingham, and Deputy by which the life of man is olteo pre- Earl Marshal, honoured him with the served, and at the moment when the same marks of favour and regard. attention of the whole crew was direcled He continued a Pursuivant until the to disencumber the vessel from the 80 of July 1761, when he became Lan. wreck, the young midshipnian was obser- casier Herald, in which situation ha ved, in veloped in the shattered rigging, attended the coronation of our venera. floating alongside the ship; and he owed ble monarch and the late Queen, on the bis immediate rescne to the humane 22d of September following. hand of his shipmale the lale Admiral 10 March 1770, he intermarried with Sir Robert Kingsmill; with whomu such his first wife Katherine, the second an event could not fail to produce daughter of Andrew Tyler, of Boston, that warm friendship and regard which in new England, Gent. (by Myriam his existed between them down to the wife, sister of Sir William Pep;erell, moment of the gallant Admiral's death.* Bart.) and widow of David Ochieriony,

To the year 1751, a period of pro- of Busion, Gent. He had no issue by found peace affording no encourage this lady, who died 30th October, 17837 ment to continue his naval career, the bul of three sops, by her former hus. subject of this meinoir proceeded lo band, who were brought up under his Bilboa, in Spring in a mercantile pure immediale care, he has derived all the suil, and, having soon after established satisfaction of a father, and enjoys the himself there, he made several voyages warm altachment of a son, in the perin the course of the five succeeding son of the only survivor of there, years, across the Atlantic, wild a view Major General Sir David Ocbierlony: of opening a correspondence with Bus- whose distinguished services in india ton and other places in America, have acquired for him the highest disHis prospects were approaching the linctions ever couferred by the sure. accomplishment of his wishes, when the reign on a Company's officer; namely. war, which broke out between this that of Baronet, and of Grand Cross of country and Spain in the year 1757, the Order of the Bath. frustrated his speculations in a country On the 18th of October, 1774, he where there was in consequence no was promoted to the office of Sorry

King of Arms, and was about the same • In allusion to this extraordinary event period appointed Gentleman Usher of the following Arms aere assigned to Sir

the Scarlet Rod of the Order of tbe saac Heard, after he became Lancaster Bath, and Brunswick Herald. • Herald, in the year 1762 ; viz. Argeut, in base a risuse representing Neptuve, the office of Clarenceux King of Arms,

10 1750, he was further proipoted to with an eastern Crown cold bis Trident Sable headed or, igxving froin a Stormy (ren, the left land grasping the Head of * The offices of lien teman Coher at the a ship's Matt appearing above the waves Scarlet Rod and Breuswick Herald he has as part of a wreck projer; on a Chief since resigned in favour of a groueraa Aztire the Arciie Polar S:ar of tbe frål, who has been long attached to him bold as with the moiw • Aaufragus o Porcuma!" ad wcial axitadi wd a friend.

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