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when we state, that every future Communi- address to the Editor of the European cation, from the same quarter, will be con- Magazine (Vol. LXX. page 393) on the stantly welcome, and those so kindly pro- Irish Extracts, where he would have read mised more than usually acceptable.

the following: “ Though it is nothing more We have received the Question put to us than a compilation intended for entertain. by our Correspondent Aliquis, " Whether ment, combined, at least, with some por. the offices of Speaker of the House of Lords, tion of information, it may be useful to the and Lord Chancellor, are now by law in- traveller, the tourist, &c.” And to that of separable ; and if so, when they were thus the Scottish Descriptions, where it must be united ?” to which we can readily answer, clear to every one who can read and underthat they are not inseparable ; nor is there stand the author's plan and intention was any law upon the subject : they are, in.

the same. We never sully our Misceldeed, by usage united, though, if the lany by inserting malevolent impertinence. King pleases, they may be in different per. Judicious and candid controversy is desons- both offices being appointed to by the sirable, and is admitted, but such remarks King. And as the King appointed Lord

as Habeas has sent us would discredit our Keeper Henly in the year 1757 to be publication. Speaker, though he was a commoner ; so B.'s lines “ On a Tear, &c." cannot be it should seem he may appoint any other admitted as having any preteosion to poeLord, or even Commoner, as well as the try. Lord Chancellor or Lord Keeper, though F. B. is informed, that the European it does not immediately occur that there Magazine is oo medium for personal re. has been an instance of a Commoner being flections. 80 appointed, except a Lord Keeper, or Arithmeticiana has our cordial thanks Chancellor.

for her communication on the Arithmetical The anonymous letter, with the signature Question inserted in our last ; but we had of x. dated from “ Haicham Manor,” has already received many more solutions than been communicated to the Editor, who we could possibly insert, and had sent our thanks the writer for the concern he ex- selection to the press previously to the presses for the interest of this publica. arrival of her favour. tion; and assures him, he himself feels Dr. Bateman's theory contradicts T. W.'s no apprehension for the consequences idea of the Virtues of Camphor; under this which the writer supposes will follow from impression, we think it would not be seathe length, or repetition of the article, sonable to insert it with the Doctor's re. which he has so strongly attacked, and

marks. censured. The Editor only requests of The lines to the Memory of Sir Samuel him to wait for the conclusion, before he Romilly are evidently the effusions of a passes sentence upon it, assuring lim that kind heart. But they require a good deal he is under a mistake in what he says of the of file work previous to their insertion. authorship.

We are sorry that want of room compels It is not with any other feeling than

us to defer the insertion of the review of a desire to convince Clio of the very great

Dr. Yates's Visilalion Sermon till our next. mistake he has fallen into if he thinks We must apologize to many of our Corhe writes poetry, that we beg of hiun respondents for the omission of their favours to read the following extract from his tale; this mouth, owing to the press of temporary and we appeal to his conscience for our matter. justification in not inserting his lines:- F. B. and II. Mildred are inadmissible. “ The tyrant exclaims, with beart-rending

ERRATA in our last. Page 285, col. ), sigh,

line 29, for mulignant, read indignant. Jobony, 0, Jolinoy! I think I shall die.

Ibid, line 30, for their, read the.-P. 308, No sooner the words escape from the lips,

col. 1, line 30, for ghe, read d'; for inte, Iban down drops Maria in violent fits!!!" read 72.- Page 309, col, 2, line 6, for

We beg leave to return the poem entitled has. spad huve.- Page 339, col. 2, line 40, R- -- to the author, assuring him that we dele in, and ipsert it in line 43, after feels frel ourselves compelled to refuse the in- ing.– Page 314, col. 1, line 53, for bertion of a composition that would do Reviewers, read a Reviereer.-P,356, col. 2, neither him nor ourselves any credit.

Jine 23, for backing, read basking."- Page We have received several ingeniou, 365, line il, after talks of, insert the, and Answers to Mr. Young's Arithmetical

dele comma after the word Death, Question, but it will be evident that we cannot indulge ourselves in the insertion of them all-- We have, however, given The remaining particulars of the melanadmission to one which appears io us to be

choly detail relating to the Decease of her the most accurate solution. E, A.C. is not correci.

late MAJESTY, with the oflicial ceremonial Habeas is one of the many who read with- of the Funeral obsequies, &c. &c. will out reflection, and decide without judge meet. As his recollection is so imperfectappear in our next Number, he should have referred to Dr, Stringer's



Extracted from the London Gazette. N.B. All the Meetings are at GuildUALL, unless otherwise expressed. The Country and

London Allornies' Names are between Brackets.

BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. GERMAINE, GEO. Bristol, merchant. Oct. 31. MOORE, THOS, Dudley, Worcestershire, boop RAVEN, CHAS, and Co. Norwich, wine merchants. merchant. Nov. 10. Nov. 3.

DAVENPORT, JAS. Slough, Bucks, buteber. LUMLEY, WM. Jermyn-st. St. James's, wine Not. 14. merchant. Nov. 7.

GREENWOOD, JOHN, Long Wittenham, Beršs LANE, EDWARD, jun. Mountnessing, Essex, dealer. Not. 17. farmer, Nov. 7.

JANIES, WM. Clement's-lane, Lombard street,

merchant. Nov. 21.

BANKRUPTS. ASHFORD, CHAS. SAM. Harrow-road, Padding- CHIVERS, WM. Commercial-road, master mari.

ton, ironmonger, Dec. 19. (Richardson and Co. ner, Dec. 12. (Atcheson, Great Winchester-st.) New-inn.) Oct. 31.

Oct. 31. ADANIS, JAS. SMITH, Newcastle-under-Lyne, CARTER, JOSEPH, New Bridge-st. Vauxhall. gr.

Stafford, merchant, Dec. 19, Punch Bowl, Nat. cer and cheeremonger, Dec. [Arnott, Kings tingham. [Fearnhead, Nottingham; and Hurd Arm's yard, Coleman-street.] Nor. 10. and Co. Temple.) Oct. 31.

CHETTLEBURGH, DAN. jun. Norwich, wine and ARTHUR, JOHN, Red Lion-street. Holborn, cabi. spirit merchant, Dec. 92, Norfolk, Norwxa.

net maker, Dec. 15. [Jeyes, Charlotte-st. Fitz. (Goodwin, Norwich.) Nov. 10. roy-square.) Nor. 3.

CHAMBERLAYNE, WM. Leicester, hosier, Dec. ALLEN, SAM. SIMON, Southtown, 'otherwise 1, 2, and Jan. 5, Bull's Head, Hinckiet, Leicestet.

Little Yarmouth, Sutfolk, corn merchant, Dec. I [Becket, Noble-st. Faicon.sq.; and Soden, Hinca. and 29, Half Moon, Great Yarmouth. (Swaine lev.) Nov. 84.

and Co. Frederick', Old Jewry.1 Nor. 17. DENNETT, JAS. Carisbrooke, Isle of Wight, ALLARD, WV. Birmingham, haberdasher, Dec. 3, builder, Dec. 8, Sun, Nexport. (Worsley, Nis.

4, and Jan. 9, Bath, Leomington Priors, War- port.] Oct. 27. wick. (Carruthers, Hales Owen, Salop.) Nor. 21. DROUET, LOUIS, Conduit-st. flute manufacturer, ALLEN, JOHN and Co. Rotherhithe Wall, Ber- Dec. 12. (Chippendall, Mabledon-place, Burton

mondsey, oilmen, Dec. 5 and Jan. %. {Towers, crescent.) Oct. 31. Castle-street, Falcon-square.] Nov. 21.

DAY, ROB, HITCHMAN, Toril, Keni, seed crusiaALLEN, GEORGE, Greenwich, stationer, Dec. 5, er, Dec. 15. (Wiltshire and Co. Winchester-ct.

19, and Jan. 5. (Lane and Co. Lawrence Pount. Oid Broad-st. Nor. 3. nev-bill, Canon-streer.) Nov. 27.

DAWSON, JOHN, Lieds, York, clothier, Dec. 2:, BOVILL, JOS. and co. Commercial Chambers, 29, and Jan, 1, Court House, Leeds. [10€,

Mincing-lane, merchant, Dec. 12. (Evitt and Leeds; and Lambert and Co. Gray*s-inn-square.) Co. Haydon-square. Oct. 31.

Nor. 21. BRAYLEY, JOS. WEDLAKE, Nottingham, lace DENNETT, HARRIETT, Gravisine.

manufacturer, Dec. 15, Flying Horse, Nottingham. lane, cow keeper, Dec. I and Jan. 2. (Crayan [Baxters and Co. Gray's-inn. Vor.3.

and Co. Little St. Thomas Apostlt.) wert.di. BILLS, SAM. Darlaston, Stafford, dealer, Dec. 19, DIXEY, EDW. Oxford-st. opticiari, Dec. I and

Hen and Chickens, Birmingham. (Well and Co. Jan. 2. [Abraham, Great Narlborough-strett.]
Birmingham; Clarke and Co. Chancery-lane.] Nor. 21.
Nor. 7.

DEANE, WM. Broad st. Ratcliffe, common brevci, BISHOP. RICH. Whitchurch, Herts, linen and Dec. 1, 5, and Jan. 2. [Clarke and Co. Lirik St.

woollen draper. Dec. 92. (Bishop and Co. Token. Thomnas Apostle.) Nor. 91. house-yard.) Nov. 10.

EMERY, THOS. Worcester, wine merchant, Inc. BRYCE, SAM. Liverpool, haker, Dec. 92. (Black. 15. Hop Marker, Worcester. (Parker and Co. stock and Co. King's Bench Walk, Temple.] Worcester; and Cardale and Co. Gray's-ima.) Vor'22.

No. 3. BROWN, HENRY, Charles-street, Westminster, ETHRENSTROM, ERIE, Fenchurch-strert, mert.

builder, Dec. 96. [Ellis and Co. Abingdon-st. Dec, 26. (Eickeand Co Aldermanbury Ver. 14 Weruninstor. ) Nov 14.

FAWCETT, GEORGE, George-yard, Lobard #. BOWMAN, JOUN, Crooked-lane, wine merchant, paper hanger, Dec. 15. (Hunter, Mainan-st.

Dec 20. (Gregson and Co. Angel-court, Throg. Bedford-row.) Nr. 3. morton-street.] Nov. 14.

FOWLER, CHRISTOPHER, Sculcoates, Yorkshire, BROWN, WILLIAM, East Retford, Nottingham. merchant, Dec. 82, Prince of Wales, Scale.

shire, cornfactor, Dec. 26 and 9, White Hart, (Scotchburn, Great Dritfield; and Spence, Last Hetford. (Stecker and Co. New Boswell. Threadneedle-st. Nov. 10. co. Grav's inn.) Nr. 17.

FITCH, THOS. Highgate, butcher, Dec. 5 and the BAGELMANN, JACOB, Julin's and Turkey Coffee (Harvry and Co. Lincoln's inn-selds. N. 14.

House, tornbill, bruker, Dec, 1 and 29. [Smith FAVILL, WILLIAM, Cromwell, Nott nghrain, mail

and Co,, Goodınan's-fields.) Nor. 17 ler, Dec. 17. 18, and Jan 5, Hotel, Newa BADDERLEY, JOHN. Nottingham, grocer, Dee, I Treni. (Tallents and Co. Newarb-37-112

and Jan. 2, Punch Bowl, Nottingham. _[Fearn. and Long and Co. Holborn-court, Gray's- un.] head, Nottingham; and Hurd and Co. Templu.] Nor, 24. Nov. 21.

GUNN, JAMES, Eton, Backirglium, coech maker, BOND, WM. Doçer, brewer, Dec. 3, 4, and Jan. 5, Dec. 19. (Richardson, Goluen-square.) ?1.

Guildhall, Canterbury. (Noakes, Sandwich; and GODFREY, THOMAS, Salter's Hillarit, me Lodington and Co. Temple. ) Nov. 24.

Dec. I and 2. (Cocker, Cross-al. Finsbury q1 BASSANO, JOHN, Upper Thames-street, sugar re

Vir. 10, finer, Dec. 1, 8, and Jan. 5. [Sherwood and Co. GIBSON, JOHN, and co. Wardrohe placr, Dr. Canterbury-sa. Sonthwaik.) Nor. 24.

tor's.commons, dealers in lace, Dec. $6. [wane, COCKREM, PETEK, Bath, tailor, Dec. 18, Angel, Puchter bury.) No it.

Bath. (Gales and Co. Bath; and Adlington and GLAYSILK, JOHN, Hamneremith, smith, Dec, Co. Bedford-row.) Ocl.31,

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1 and 29., (Comerford, Copthall-court, Throge

morton-st.) Nov. 17. GIBBS, JOHN, Buxtead, Sussex, farmer, Dec. 1, 8,

and Jan. 5. (Lindsay, St. Thomas's-se. South

wark.) Nov. 2+. GREAVES, PETER, Macclesfeld, Chester, iron

monger, Dec. 9, 10, and Jan. 5, Warren Bulkeley Arns, Stockport, Chester. [Sherwin, Great James st. Bedford-row; and Norbury, Macclestieid.)

Nov. 21. HAWKES, THos. CORY, Oakhampton, Devon.

shire, banker, Dec. 8. (Holland, New-inn.]

Oct. 27. HARRISON, JOHN, Aldermanbury, factor, Dec. 12.

Hubbersty, Austin-friars.) Oct. 31. HOLTHUM, WILLIAM, Long-lane, Bermondsey,

carpenter, Dec. 19. (Kempster, Kennington-la.]

Oct. 31. HAMPTON, THOS. Manchester, merchant, Dec.

15, Star, Manchester. (Ollier, Manchester; and Windle, John-st Bedford row.) Nuv.3. HOWES, GEO. Rochester, Kent, victualler, Dec.

19. (Pownall and Co. Copthall.couit, Throgmor

ton-street.) HARRIS, JAMES, Heaselor, Warwick, dealer, Dec.

26, Red Horse, Stratford-upon-Avon (Tidmas and Co. Warwick; and Meyrick and Co. Lon. don.) Nov. 17. HALL, EDW. Holbrook, Duffield, Derby, grocer,

Dec. 4, 5, and 20, King's Arms, Derby. [Rickards,
Alfreton, Derby; and Heelis, Staple's.inn.]

Ver. 14.
HUMBLE, STEPHEN, Liverpool, hop merchant,

Dec. 5 and 29. [Kearsey and Co.

Nor. 17.
HALL, JAMES, Chatham, tailor, Dec. 5 and 29.

[Nelson, Barnard's-inn, Holborn.) Nov. 17. HOWITT, JOHN, Whitcross-st. St. Luke's, char.

coal merchant, Dec. 9, 8, and Jan. 2. (Rose,

East-st. Rea Lion-sq.] Nov.01. HORVER, HENKY, Leeds, York, merchant, Dec.

5 and Jan. 2. [Luttrell, Temple-place, Black.

friar's road.) Nov. 21. JOHNSON, Jós. and Co. High Holborn, linen

drapers, Dec. 8. [Chapman and Co. Little St.

Thomas Apostle. ] Oct. 27. IRWIN, ROBERT, Stapleton, Cumberland, grocer,

Dec. 15, Lamb, Carlisle. (Saul, Carlisie; and

Clemcil, Staple's-inn.] Nov. 3. JARVIS, HENKY, Tottenham-court-road, cabinet

maker, Dec. 5 and Jan. 2. [Abraham, Great

Marlborough-st.) Nov, 21. LOOKINGTON, WILLIAM, Tendleton, Lanca

shire, joiner, Dec. 8, Bridge, Bolton. [Meddow.

croft, Gray's-inn.) Oct. 27. LEES, LEWIS, Newton Meer, Lancashire, cotton

spinner, Dec. 8, Bridge, Bolton. [Meddowcroft,

Gray's inn.] Oct. 27.
LLOYD, RICHARD), Cheapside, warehouseman,

Dec. 8. (Swett and Co. Basinghall-st.) Oct. 27.
LORD, SUSANNAH, Cock Imi, Sutter, Surrey,

innkeeper, Dec 19. (Adams, Old Jewry ) Nov.7. LANCASTER, GEO. Barbadoes, merchant, Dec. 22,

Bridgewater Arms, Manchester. (Bury, Janches

1er; and Milne and i'n. Temple.) or. 10. LANGFORD, JOUN, Ludgitti!!, chemist, Dec. 5

and 29. (Walton and Co. Gider's hall, Basing} Nov. 17. LANGMAN, JOHN, Totness, Devonshire, miller,

Dec. 1, 2, and 49, Globe, Exeier. (Eilivit, Fen

church st.) Nor. 17, LANCASTER, THOS. JACOMB, Catcatonstreet,

merchant, Dec. 5 and Jan. 2. (Swaine and Co, Frederick's place, Old Jewry.. Nov. 23: MITCHELL, WM. Plaistow, Essex, ship builder,

Dec. 12. (Knight and Co. Basinghall at j Oci. 31. MILLS, HENRY, New Bond-street, lines draper, Dec. 15.

(Dawson, Saville-place, Burlingtonst.) Nor. 3. MORRIS, WM. GEO. Stratford-upon-Avon, War.

wickshire, banker, Dec. 19, while Lion, Stratford upon-Avon. [Hunt, Stratford-upon-Avon ; and Meyrick and Co. Red Lion-sg.] Nov.7. MILIS, CHARLOTTE ELIZA, Stamford, Lincoln,

upholder and cabinet maker, Dec. 6,9, 19, at the Crown, Stamford [Thomson, Stamford; and Anstice and Co. Inner Temple.) Nor.7. MORRIS, WM. MARSHALL, Brighthelmstone,

mursery and seedman. Dec. 92, Prince Regent, Brighthelmstone. [Hill and Co. Brighitelina

stone; aud Palmer and Co. Bedford row.] DUINCHIN, THOMAS ANDREWS, and Co. Ports.

month, bankers, Dec. 2 and 96. (Atcheson, Great

Winchester-st.) Nov. 14. MIDDLEWOOD, JOSHUA WHITAKBR, White

chapel High-st. perfumer, Dec. 20. [Argill,

Whitechapel-road.} Nov. 14. MOTT, JOHN, Hadleigh, Suffolk, miller, Dec. 1, 9,

and 09, Bear and Crown, Ipswich. [Bridges and

to, Red Lion-sg.) Nor, 17. MACKAY, JIMES, Warwick-st. Golden-square,

saddler, Dec. I and Jan. 2. (Dawson, Burlington st.) Nov. 21. MARSHALL, JOSEPH, North Hall, York, clothier,

Dec. 1, 8, and Jan. 5. (Coates, Paul-st. Finsbury

89.] Nov. 94. NOWILL, JOSEPH, and Co. Jewry-st. Aldgate,

wholesale stationers, Dec. 19. (Lee and Co. Three

Crown-sq. soutiwark.] Nov.7. NOBLE, JAMES, ani Co. Bath, victuallers ,Dec. 1

and 22, Freemason's Tavern, Bath. [Empson, Bath; and Hannam, Piazza Chambers, Covent

garden.) Nr. 10. OAKLEY, THOS. PARKER, Ealing, Middlesex,

brewer, Dec. 15. (Vincent, Bedford-st. Bedford

sq.) Nor. 3. OHREN, MAGNUS, jun. Broad-st. Ratcliffe, oil

man, Dec, 1 and 2y." [Collins anıt Co. Spital-sq.)

Nov. 17. PRIOR, GEO. Cirencester-place, Fitzroy-sq. pil.

man, Dec. 5 and 26. (Carlon, High-st. Maryle

bone.) Non, 14. POLLOCK, ROB. sen. and Co. Wakefield, York,

woolstaplers, Dec. 1 and Jan. 2. [Parry, Lincolu'sa inn.] Nov.21. PULLAN, CHARLES AYRTON, Leeds, York, merchant, Dec. 21, 22, and Jan. 5, Court House, Leeds. (Few and Co. Henrietta-st. Covent-gard.;

and Upton and Co. Leeds.) Nov. 27. RANSOM, THOS. Cheapside, lace manufacturer,

Dec.A. (Mitchell and Co. Sun-court, Cornhill.)

Oct. 27. RAVEN,JOHN, Cheapside, warehouseman, Dec. 8,

(Sweet and Co. Oct. 27. RICHARDS, GEO. Sherard-st. Westminster, silver

smiths, Dec. 12. (Palmer and Co. Bedford-row.)

Oct. 31. ROWED, JAMES, Harp-lane, dealer, Dec. 12.

! Reed, Marh lane.) Oct. 31, REYNOLDS, WV. Bristol, soapmaker, Dec. 19,

Commercial Rooins, Bristo!. (Ball, Bristol; and

Poole and Co. Gray's-innlane.] Nov.7. RATRAY, JORN, Finch-lane, Cornhill, stock.

broker, Dec. 19. [Pownall and Co.] Nov. 7. ROUSE, WM, Eigh-st. Poplar, rag merchant, Dec.

19. (Rossen and Co. Aldersgate-st. Nov. 7. ROGERS, BENJ. Manchester, corn dealer, Dec. 29,

Moseley Arms, Mancbester. [Halstead and Co.

Manchester; and Milne & Co, Temple.) Nov. 10. ROBERTS, JOHN WM. College hill, cheese factor,

Dec. 9 and 09. [Pitches and Co. Swithin's-lane.]

Non 17. SCHOLEY, ROBERT, Paternoster-row, St. Paul's,

boonseller, Dec, 12. (Abbott and Co. Mark-lane.)

Oct SI. SINGER, SAV. High-st. Kennington, haberdasher,

Dec. 12. (toim.'s, jun. Hatton garen.) Oct. 31. SYDER, 1,EORGE, Homerton, dealer, Dec. 15.

sandy's 3rd Co. (rane-(0). Fleet-st.] Nov.9. SLATER, JEREMIAH1, and Co. of Yudon, York,

Dec. 19, Court House, Leeds. [Arkinson and Co.

Leeds.) Non.n. SHELLEY, MABBS, Union-st. Wilitechapel, ho.

sier, Dec 19. (Long, America-square.] Nov.7. SOAVE, GEO. Margare, painter, Dec. 19. (Lewis,

Clement's inn.1 N00.7.
SCOTFORD, THOS, and Co. Suricy Brewery,

Blackfriar's road, Dec. 19, Hen and Chichens,
Birmingham. [Webb and Co. Birmingham; and

C'ake and t'o. Chancery-lanc.) Nov. 7. SWIAC,CHAS, Wilmoi-st: Brunswick. q. mariner,

Dec. 19. (Rivington, Fenchurch buildings, Fen

church at.] Vov.7. SAWYER, RICH. JOIN and CO. Leadenhall-st.

inerchuls, Dec. 19. (Weston and Co. Fenchurch

st. Nou. 7. SPREAT, JOHN, Exeter, coal merchant, Dec. 2, 3,

and 20, Swan, Exeter. [Mortimer, Exeter; and

Darke and Co. Chancery lane.) Aor. 14. SANSOM, SIM. Nailsworth, Gloucester, clothier,

Dec. I and ni. [('larke, ibishop.gulesl.] Nor. 14. STEAD, THOS. Blackfitar's soad, woollen draper,

Dec. i and Jan, X. (Farren, Threadneedle-street.]

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SHIRLOCK, THOS. and Co. Liverpool, merchants, WOOD, JAS. Yew-Tree-within-saddleworth, Y&

Dec. 9, 10, and Jan. 5, at Avison and Co.'s, Li- shire, cotton spinner, Dec. 2, 4, and 19, Gora verpool. (Avison and Co. Liverpool, and Castle Head, Manchester. (Clarke and Co. Maschere st. Holborn.) Nov. 24.

and Appleby and Co. Gray's-inn-square.)". STURMAN, WM. York-st. Southwark, gun maker, WALTER, R. jun. Croydon, trunk maker, Dec.

Dec. 1, 5, and Jan. 5. (Richardson, Clement's-la. (Holmes, Great Jaines-st. London.) Not. 1. Lombard-st.) Nor. 8+.

WALKER, NATH. Dover, brewer, Dec. 02, GO! TWYNAM, THOS. Plymouth, Devon, flour factor, hall, Canterbury. (Noakes, Sandsick, anan

Dec. 8, koyal, Plymouth. [Adlington and Co. dington and Co. Secondary's Office, Tempi Medford-row.) Oct. 27.

Nor. 10. TALBOT. WM. George-yard, Lombard-st. merch, WALKER, ROB. Bristol, shoe maker, Dec. 2

Dec. 15. (Richardson, Clemeat's-lane, Lombard- Rummer, Bristol. [Hinton, Bristol, and this st.) Nov. 3.

and Co. Bartlett's-build.) Not. 10. TAYLOR, JOHN, Monk-Wearmouth Shore, Dur. WILKINSON, JAS, and Co. Friday-st. warebas

ham, common brewer, Dec. 1, and 22, George, mnen, Dec. 9. (Steel, Bucklersbury.] N. Newcastle-upon-Tyne. [Hinde, Bishop Wear. WAITE, JAS. Falmouth, Cornwall, mercer, Dec.

mouth; and Blakiston, Symond's-inn.) Nov. 10. 271, Wynn's Hotel, Falmouth. (Young, Falin THOMPSON, JOHN, Wheatherhampstead, Herts, and Reardon and Co. Gracechurch-st.] 1.4

wine merchant, Dec. 26. (Willis, Luton, Bedford WHITBY, WM. and Co. Clement's lane, broke shire ; &nd Churchill, Parliament-st. Westmin. Dec. I and 26. (Low and Co. Hare-court, TE sier.] Nos. 14.

ple.) Nov. 14. TOVEE, W M. Exmouth-street, Spa-fields, builder, WOODROFFE. JOHN, Commercial-road, fa

Dec. i and 29. [Rose, East-st. Red Lion-square.) ture broker, Dec. 26. [Townson, Ratcliffe High Nor. 17.

way.] Nov. 17. TUCK, WM. Elsing, Norfolk, miller, Dec. 7, 9, WARD, DAN. Sutton Scotney, Southampton, is

and Jan. 5, Nortolk, Norwich. (Cooper, East keeper, Dec. 1, 2, and 29, Lower Ship, Reading Dereham, Norfolk; and Barbor, Fetter-lane.] (Hamilton, Soho.) Aer. 17. Nor. 4.

WILLIAMS, WM. Annen-corner, Paternoster, TAYLOR, THOMAS, Ringley-bridge: Lancaster, bookseller, Dec. 5 and 29. [Taylor and Co. N.

butcher, Dec. 4, 14, and Jan. 5. White Horse, Basinghall-st.) Nor. 17. Manchester. (Grundy, Bury, Lancaster; and WYATT, JOH., Hinckley, Leicestershire, labes Milne and Co. Temple.) Nor. .

Dec. 1 and 29, George, Hinckley. (Beckett, WILSON, THOS. Morton, Lincolnshire, grocer, Noble-st. Falcon-sq.) Nco. 17.

Dec. 8, Crown, Stamford. [Anstice and Co. WATSON, EDW, Withern, Lincoln, com de les Inner Temple.) Oct. 97.

Dec. 8 and Jan. 2. (Roberts, Great St. Helen's] WILD, JAMES, Vicar's Moss, Rochdale, Lunca. Nov. 21.

shire, dealer in glass, Dec. 8, Swan, Rochdale. WILLIAMS, THOS. Liverpool, chinaman, Dec..!! [Battye. Chancery-lane. ] Oct. 7.

4, and Jan. 2, Legs of Man, Borslen. Wenn WILCOX, RICH. Strand, woollen draper, Dec. 19, Burslem, and Berridge, Hatton garden.)!

(Hurd and Co. King's Bench Walk, Temple.) WUTFORD, JOHN, Black Horse-yard, !! Oct. 31.

Hoiborn, coach smith, Dec. Sand Jan. 2. (Ala WHITMORE, WM. Holland-st. Blackfriars-road, ham, Great 91.

cordwainer, Dec. 12. [Parnell, Church-st. Spital- YORKE, ROR. Fket-market, butcher, Dec. t? fields. ] Oct. Si.

[Shepherd, Bartlett's-build. Holbom, ) Oct.zi. WARREN, WM. Fenchurch-st. victualler, Dec. 15. YATES, JAMES EDW. Shoreditch, pewterer, De,

[Aldridge and Co, Lincoln's-inr. New-square.] 15. [Cartwright, Bread-sl. hill.) Not.3. Wor, s.

YOULDEN, SAM. jun, Brixton, Devon, merchap, WHITEBROOK, WM. Hungerford-st. Strand, vic- Dec. 2, 3, and 30, at Mr. Brooking's, jun. Dat.

tualler, Dec. 15. (Pas more, Warnford.court, mouth. [Brooking, Dartmouth.) Not. 14. Throgmorton-st.) Nov. 3.



FROY TUESDAY, OCTOBER 28, TO TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1818. ALEXANDER, T. Upper Hurst-Collins, J. Gosport, Dec. 1 Gray, J. Biliter-sq. Nov. 21 brurn., Nov. 24

Curtis, K. and Co. Dec. 1 Granville, A. Plymouth-dock, Nor, Almond, R. Dartmouth, Nov. 21 Clark, S. Tring. Dec. 1 Adcock,'J. St. Mary Axe, Nov.94 Cliffe, c. Commercial-road, Dec. Godrich, W. Darent y, for es Allen, B. Lelcester, Dec. 1

Grisbrooke, G. Sloane rer. Dec.) Aldred, J. Chertsey, Nov. 28 Currey, J. Wells, Dec. 19

Gover, J. Lower Brook-st. Nov. 11 Astell, J. Leicester, Dec. 1 Cox, G, M. Judgeware road, Dec. 18 Goodyear, T. Alderogate-st Novos Appleby, R. North Shields, Dec. 4 Cole, R. King-st. Dec. 19

Gall, B. jun. Woudbridge, Dec. + Brodie, Ingrain-co. Clarke, J. York, Dec. 17

Grieves, W. Holvora-bridge, Dec. Blackmore, E. Henriettas", Nov. o Dansoni, T. Liverpol, Nov. 19 Brown, W. A. College hill, Nov. 24 Dry, J. High Ercall, Nov. 21 Hooper, B. Old-street, No. 9 Brown, E. Bradford, Nov. 27 Dodson, H. and Co. Three, Hoider, T. Manchester, Nov. 18 Becher, C. C. Lethbury, Nov. 84 Niv. 21

Holmes, F. Vere-st. Nov. 21 Bell, J. and Co. Leeds, Dec. I Davies, R. New Nov. 94 Hooper, W. Sunbury, Dec. $ Banks, D Stonehouse, Devon, Dec.1 Davidson, J. East India Chambers, Harper, C. and Co. CamperdowaBragg, J. Great Queen-st. Dec. 8

Dec. 7

house, Nov. 21 Borsley, J. Hanway-st. Not. 48 Duwley, S. and J. Willow-st. Dec. Holmes, T. and Co. Long-acte, Nor. Baker, C. T. Marlborougli, Nov. 30 Bowley, w. Half moon-st. Dec. 1 Duwdall, J. Dec. 2x Hartley, J. Manchester. Dec. X Broom, W. Livr001, Dec. Dution, T. King-st. Dec. 15 Hill, J. Bradwell, Dec. 5 Baltour, J. Basinghall-si. Dec. I Drew, J. Liverpool, Dec. ! Higgins, W. Nexport, Dec. 4 Barh, R. Heatlı-st. Dec. 19

Dickenson, J. Dewsbuix, Dec. 17 Hornman, H, F. Ducen-st. Dec. 19 Bendy, E. Hoxton, Dec. 15 Evans, E. Maesyrhin. N. v. 27 Hart, G Norwich, Dec. 5 Bishop, C. Higliosi. Dec. 5 Evans, J. Totientiam-court-road, Holland, S. Liver ool, Dec. 14 Barlow, J. and Co. Shethield, Dec. Nov.

Holmes, W, North Shields, Dr. lå Fley, J. Blackfriars-road, Dec. I Jackson, G. jun. Bishop-rült-st. Bell, J. & Co. Pocklington, Dec. 17 Elis, J. A. Great Yarmouth, Dec. 1 Dec. 5 Becher, G.P. and Co. Broad si. Jan. Edilston, J. Warrington, Déc. 16 Jones, s. St. Paul's Churchyard, 03

Furlonge, M. Lloyd's Coffee-house, Dec. 9 Bewley, J., Dec. 15 Nov. 24

Jacobs, J. and Co. Woodbridge,
Cooke, T. and Co. Strand, Nov. S4 Fewling, J. Birchin la. Nov. 14 Dec. 4
Collins, J. M. Newton Abbott, Dec. lisner, W. Union-place, Dec. 5 James, B. and Co. Lawrence-lark,

Full, J. Ratcliffe Highway, Dec. 12 Dec. 8
Castle, T. Chatham, Nov. 24 Freeman, J. Binnmghun, Dec.31 James, G. Liverpool, Dec. 16
Cholders, R. Gcore-1. Vov. 21 Granville, A. Plymouth-dock, Nov Kent, L. London-st. Nur. 1
Croucher, J. H. Great Alie-st. Nov.

Kincaid, D. Spital square, Nor.98 21

TGore, S. V. Bishopsgate-st. Nov. 17 Knapp, 1. Nor. 21


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Kelly, J. A. and Co. Strand, Dec. 12 Noble, J. Bucklersbury, Nov. 10 Stanley, H. and Co. Lower Thames-
Kilshaw, E. Lancaster, Dec. 10 Nicholson, T. Colford, Dec. 11 st. Dec. 1
Kingston, D. Walcot, Dec. 7 Olver, P. Catdown, Nov. 23 Thomas, R. Helston, Nov. 24
Kent, E. and Co. Mark-la. Dec. 18 Oldroyd, W. Black ınan-st. Dec. 15 Tomlinson, W. Nottingham, Nov.
Kondrick, F. Holborn, Dec. 15 Pitcher, J. Back-road, Nor. 24 24
Lyne, G, Nov. 7

Parker, W. High-st. Nov. 21 Thompson, E. Ferryhill, Nov. 30 Lawrence, J. Hounsditch, Nov, 24 Parker. J. Mortimer-st. Nov. 21 Tabor, R. W. James-st. Golden-sq. Lane, T. Godalming, Nov. 23 Price, W. Minories, Nov. 28

Dec. 8 Law, W. Copthall-chambers, Dec. 5 Powell, P. M. Hastings, Dec. 8 Thurkle, G, M. New-st.-89. Dec. I Latham, T. D. and Co. Devonshire- Phillips, L. and J. High-Holborn, Thompson, C. Bishopsgate-street, sq. Dec. 12

Dec. 19

Dec. 5 Lloyd, W. jun. Findon, Dec. 18 Pennell, R. and L, Bow-la. Dec. 12 Turner, J. Bury-mill, Dec. 4 Love, C. Old Bond-st. Dec. 19 Pryor, s. Cambridge, Dec. 12 Tyndale, G. Aldgate, Dec, 15 Mewis, J. Birmingham, Nov. 25 Randall, W. Leeds, Nov. 25 Turner, J. Hemel Hempstead, Dec. 5 Mockett, J. Isle of Thanet, Dec. 3 Ryde, J. and Co. Pope's-head-alley, Velvin, J. Bradford, Nov. 25 March, C. and Co. Reading, Nov. 24 Dec. 1

Utting, J. H. Norwich, Dec. 7 Maltby, R. Mortimer-st. Dec. 5 Reynolds, R. and Co. Whitechapel, Wilkinson, J. and Co. New BondMarch, c. and Co. Reading, Dec. 5

Nov. 28

st. Nov. 21 Manby, N. and Co. Woodbridge, Rose, T. Bridport, Dec. 12 Warrington, N. High-st. Nov. 24 Dec. 8

Rains, J. S. Wapping-wall, Nov. 28 Woods, W. Crawford-st. Nov, 21 Masterman, R. C. Falmouth, Dec. Rush, R. Field Dalling, Dec. 15 Walker, D. Holborn, Nov. 21 19

Sanderson, R. Yorkshire, Nov. 16 Wilmoit, S. R. Bristol, Nov. 30 Milson, J. and J. Shrewsbury, Dec. and Dec. 1

Webbs, T. Wellington, Dec. I 12

Snuggs, J, Henrietta-st. Dec. 19 Williams, W. Limehouse, Dec. 5 Macmichacl, J. and W. and Co. Sewell, R. Piccadilly, Dec. 5 Welch, R. and Co. Liverpool, Dec. Bridgnorth, Dec, 10

Swainson, J. Manor-row, Dec. I Maltby, R. Mortimore-st. Dec. 12 Sherwood, w. Liverpool, Dec. 1 Wickstead, J. Shrewsbury, Dec. 8 Martin, T. Chichester, Dec. 15 Smith, W. Beerferris, Dec. 5 Warner, J. and Co. Derby. Dec. 10 Moffat, R. Manchester, Dec. 16 Stanton, J. Strand, Dec. 5

Walker, R. S. East Smithfield, Dec. Martin, J. Alfreston, Dec. 12 Snow, J. Swarkirton, Dec. 7

12 Man, J.jun. Temple Sowerby, Dec. Southee, G. Canterbury, Dec. 12 Wilson, J. and Co. Shrewsbury, 17 Stone, I. South Town Dec. 10

Dec. 8 Millar, J. Liverpool, Dec. 17 Slater, J. Market-st. Dec. 12 Young, G. and Co. Budge-row, Dec. Mackavoy, E. King-st. Dec. 15 ISmith, W. Oxtord-st. Dec. I


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FROM TUESDAY, October 27, TO TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1818. ABBOTT,S. St. Swithen's-lane, Nov. Hargroves, T. Fore-street, Nov. 28 | Rose, J. St. Michael's-alley, Dec. I 28

Head, J. 0. Liverpool, Nov. 28 Roach, W. Bristol, Dec. 5 Bentley, J. and Co. Cornbill, Oct. Herberi, H. and Co. Abingdon, Dec.1 Story, T. South Blyth, Nov. 24 17

Hopkins, W. Aldersgate-st. Dec. 5 Smith, W. Stone, Dec.8 Bannister, R. Royd, Nov. 21 Ingram, J. Wood-st. Oct.17 Simons, S. Hilperton, Dec. 19 Boyle, R. Upper Thames-st. Nov. Joseph, M. St. James's st. Nov. 21 Todd, J. and Co. Titchfield-st. Oct. 21 Jordan, w. Barnwood, Dec. I

17 Bath, W. Esher, Nov. 28

Ker, R. Kingston-upon-Hull, Nov. Thornbury, N. Stroud. G oucester, Brown, W. College-hill, Nov. 28

Oct. 17 Bartlett, P. Vincent-sq. Dec. ! Kelly, W. Shepton Mallett, Dec. 5 Tayloe, E. Bowbridge, Oct. 17 Barlee, C. W. Lambeth, Dec. 1 Lee, R. Great Winchester-st. Nov. Timbrell, C. Walsall, Nov. 24 Brown, J. Bow-lane, Dec. 5

Thomas, J. E. Reading, Dec. 3 Bennett, J. Manchester, Dec. 12 Lightfoot, R. Carlisle, Nor. 48 Taylor, S. Liverpool, Dec. 8 Blore, R. Craven-place, Dec. 15 Leach, H. and Co. Bristol, Nov. 2Varley, T. Slaithwaite, Nov. 04 Cooper, W. Bell.court, Nov. 24 Lesage, S. Lendon, Dec. 12 Walker, W. Walness, Nov. 2! Crofts, D. Marchmont-st. Nov. 24 Lockwood, J. Stephen-st. Dec. 15 Woodward, W. Cannon st. Nov. 81 Cross, J. Commercial-road, Nov. 2- Lowe, T. Beckbury, Dec. 15 Walker, T. George-st. Nov, 94 Clifford, M. and J. Kingston upon- Malins. H. Pall Mall, Nov. 21 Wilkins, S. High Wycombe, Nov. 28 Hull, Dec. 1

Moly, J. B. Hawkchurch, Nov. 24 Williams, G. Lilly-Pot. lane, Nov. Coffin, J.W. Plymouth-dock, Dec. 5 Mackennel, J. W. R. Old South Cumbers, F. Boar's-head cu. Dec. 5 Sea-house, Dec. 1


Warmington, J. and Co. GraceJavies, J. Shrewsbury, Dec. 1 Moat, s, Cheapside, Dec. 1

church-st. Dec, i Deane, H. B. Reading. Dec. 5 Maltby, E. Nottingham, Dec. 1 Warburton, J. Timperley, Dec, 1 Dodman, M. Thornham, Dec. 8 Moreton, C. Croydon, Dec.5 Wood, G, Wahefield, Dec. 1 Ford, J. Bedborough st. Nov. 24 Mayne, E. G. High-st. Dec. 19 Watford, T. York.street, Dec. 5 Fletcher, B. Deptford, Dec. 5 Norton, C. Birmingham, Nov. 24 Warrington, N. High street, Dec. 5 Farr, E. Crawford-st. Dec. 5 Oldham, T. Rupert-st. Nov. 21 Walcol, T. Southampton, Dec. 8 Farrar, T. Halifax, Dec. 12 Parker, W. High-st. Nov. 84 Wond, S. Pitchcombe, Dec. 8 Gay, M. L. Upper Norton-st. Nov. Pritchard, J. Bile-bridge, Dec. 1 Watson, M. A. Fareham, Dec. 19 21

Riminer, J. Liverpool, Nov. 21 White, W. Huddersfield, Dec. 19 Gilbert, E. Loughborough, Nov. 21 Kamsay, J. Lower Cadogan-place, Warwick, T. 0, and Co. RotherGodwin, E. Tottenham court-road, Nov. 24

bain, Dec. 15 Dec. 15

Richards, W. Chatham, Nov. 24 Wallace, W. Workington, Dec. 15 Hoffman, L. Liverpool, Oct. 17 Riches, J. London-road, Nov. 24 Walduck, H. Homer-st. Dec. 15 Hoare, J. Bristol, Oct. 17

DISSOLUTIONS OF PARTNERSHIP, FROM TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27, TO TUFSDAY, NOVEMBER 24, 1818. ALLEV, J. C. and Matthews, S. Warwick-la. car. Andrew, R. and Andrew, A. Manchester, hat. case butchers.

manufacturers. Ainsworth, C. and Crankshaw, J. Little Bolton, Biviwell, J. Bidwell, J. G. and W. G. St. Thomas the lancashire, musiin manufactnrers.

Apostle, Devonshire wine-merchants. Allan, A. and M.Kechnie, J. jun. Mill-pl. painters. Brickdale, J. P. and Gassiott, J. P. Howford's-bu. Adam, s. s. and Ollier, R. A. Runcorn, Chester, Fenchurch-st. merchants. merchants.

Bradcock, J. and Vesey, D. London, merchants, Arney, G. Cath, J. and Kain, H., St. Mary- Bell, T. Belfour, A. Gray, G. Bellour, R. Balfour, A. axe, warehouse-keepers.

Boulderson, J. Gordon, D. Longridge, G. H.

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