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daughter of the Rev. Edward Harbin, Martin's-Jane, to Sarah, daughler of the Vicar of Takely, Essex.

late Mr. Thomas Goodall, of the same 5. Sir J R. Acland, Bart, of Furrfield, place. Somerset, to Maria, relict of Philip Gibbes, 12. The Rev. Richard Birch, Rector of Esq.

Widdington and Bradwell, Essex, to ElizaMajor Reid, of the Royal Engineers, beih, daughter of the late William Webb, to Sarah, daughter of John Bolland, Esq. Esq. of Great James-street, Bedford-row. of Clapham.

The Rev. Walter Birch, Rector of 7. Mr. Robert Cantwell, of Great Marl- Stanway, Esex, and Vicar of Stanton, 55 borough street, to Miss Augusta Waot, of Bernard, Wilts, 1o Elizabeth, daughter of North Crescent, Bedford-square.

the late N. Dimock, Esq. of Stonebour, 10. Robert Perry, Esq. of Ely-place, to Gloucestershire. Harriet, daughter of James Cobbold, Esq, 14. Henry Read, F.-9. of South-sireet, of Holywell.

Finsbury-square, to Elizabeth, d'aghter of James Joseph Sparrow, Esq. of the William Banbury, Esq. of Warlies, Exel BombayCivil E-tablishment,10 Anne Maria, 17. James Cummingham, Esq. of Montegree widow of D. C. Ramsay, E«q. late of the hay, Jamaica, to Mrs. Smart, relict of same Establishment.

Robert Smart, Esq. of Kingston, ia that Mr. Harvey, solicitor, Bucklershury, island, and eldest daughter of Jobo Wille, to Sarah Elizabeth, daughter of William Esq. of Mecklenburgh-aquare. Banbury, Esq. of Warlies, Essex.

The Rev. George Pickard, juo. of ul. William Maberley, Eq. 1o Anna Corfe-castle, Dorset, to Frances Amelia, Maria, daughter of the late John Prescott, daughter of Martin Whish, E=q. Commis Esq. of St. Petersburgh.

sioner of Excise. Charles S. Goodwyn, E.q. son of Macleod Robinson, Esq. of the Ord. Henry Goodwyn, Esq. of the Paragoni, nance, Tower, to Miss Murrell, of Perry. Blackheath, to Letitia, daughter of George Street, Kent. Young, Esq. of Blackheath.

Mr. George Robertson, Bromley, Mr. William Henry Simpson, of St. Kent, to Miss Anderson, of Ludgate-street,


Plumptree, the author of many inge- qualities of mind, was united the most pure nious publications.—This Lady was parti. integrity of beari. Uis premature dissols cularly skilled in German literature.

tion may be dermed a loss to uciety at large, Lately, in Capel-street, Dublin, Mr. H. of which he was qualified to become ao Fitzpatrick, bookseller.

ornament and an exainple. To his parents Lately, at Ramsgate, F. Ferguson, Esq. and his kindred as his loss is irreparable, the F.R.S. aged 70.

consolations of Religion, and the leavest Lateiy, in Devonshire-square, Mrs. Lydia hand of Time alone, can afford a balm ta Cohen, aged 67, relict of the late L. B. so severe a wound.-This tribute, doe la Cohen, Esq. of Angel court, Throgmor. departed excellence, is the genaine effusing ton-street.

of the heart, from one who delighted in bis Lately, at the County-terrace, New Kent- society-who felt for him a parental regard, road, Mr. Christopher Drake, formerly of and who wishes it were any honour to his Friday-street, aged 61.

memory to declare, that his adiniration of Laiely, at Barham, Mrs. Frederick Mula hiin, when living, could only be equiled by caster, wife of Colonel Mulcaster, of the the sorrow he now fecis al bis death Royal Engineers.

" Abscot or dead, still shall a Friend he dear AUG. 8. At Port Louis, Isle of France,

A sigh the absent claim ;-the Dead a tear.** in the 54th year of his age, Robert Beecher, Esq. on his return from Bngal to Europe.

Scpt. 92. At Great Duomow, in the 18. At Locker by, M. and B. Chamcounty of Essex, in the 87th year of her bers, sisters. -They had lived together age, Mrs. Martha Sinith, relict of Mr. John nearly the whole of their lives, and bad es. Smith late of Great Yarmouth, in the county pressed a singolar solicitude that they might of Norfolk.

die together. In this their prayers were Oct. 5. At George Town, Demerara, lieard, as they died on the same oigbt-the mes Finlayson, R.N.

one at teľ, the mother at twelve o'clock, and II. A Mideira, in the 22 year of his were buried in one grave, age, John Edward Mills, Esq. only son of 22. George Freeman Burnaby, Esq. John Mills, Esq.of Parliament.street, West- youngest son of the late venerable Archdeaminster, - Nature had been bountiful to him con of Leicestershire. in his person, which was rendered more en- H. L. Ball, Esq. Rear Admiral of the gaging by the Suavity of his manners, and Blue.

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Io llart-street, Bloomsbury, T, Hog. 7. At Stepney-green, James Ashfeild, gard, Esq. late of Morton, Lincoloshire. Esq. aged 93.

24. Cardinal Cambaceres.--He was born 8. At Wycoller Hall, near Colne, Lancaat Montpellier, on the Ilth of September, shire, Henry Owen Cunlife, Esq. 1756 ; aud was consecrated Archbishop of At Lambein, after a lingering painful Rouen by the Cardinal Legate on the 11th illness, whico se endured with exemplary of April, 1802, and installed the 23d of fortitude and patience, Mrs. Gilchrist May following.

(widow of the late Mr. Stirling Gilchrist, of 25. Al Turnhault, in Craignish, Major. Twickenhain), in her 75th year. Her vir. Campbeil, ot Broglen.

tues were such, as to place her above all 26. Al Minto House, the Right Hon, W, praise, and her loss will be long and deeply Elliot, of Wells, M.P.

lamented by ber numerous family and Ai Ledgers, near Croyden, Surrey, friends. Mrs. Stanhope, widow of the late Phillip 9. At Corshil, Scotland, aged 89, the Stanhope, Esq.

Right Hon. Lady Euphemia Stuart, sister to At Chonham, William Rowell, E-q. the late Earl of Galloway.

At Bourdeaux, Samuel Montgomery, Il. At au advanced age, at South Wood Esq. of Kildare, Ireland.

House, Charlotte, Dowager Couutess of 27. lo New.street, Bishopsgate, S. d'A. Dupinore.-Her Ladyship was a daugh. Finzi, Esq. aged 76.

ter of Alexaodes, seventh Earl of Galloway, At Lofield Highway, aged 68, Mrs. and was married the 21st of February, 1759, Esther Hacker, relict of Daniel Hacker, to Jobo, fiich Earl of Dunmore, who died Esq.

in March, 1809, and by whim she had five 28. At Dee-mount, near Aberdeen, sons and four daughters; including George, Lieutenant-Colonel P. Black, late in the the present Earl of Dunmore; Augusta, now Hon. East India Company's service, on the Lady Augusta d'Ameland, married at Rome Bengall E-tablishment, aged 55.

April 4, 1793, 10 his Royal Highness the In Little Britain, Dr. T. S. Stevens, Duke of Sussex, and, secondly, December Mathematical Master of Christ's Ho-pital. 5, 1793, at St. George's Hanover-square,

Mr. G. Hall, Broad-street, Golden- London, which marriage was declared null square.

and void by the Prerogative Court in 1794 ; 29. In Compton-street, Brunswick-square, and Virginia, born in Virginia, and pamed Mrs. Hunter, relics of the lat Rev. Chris- afier it at the request of the Council and topher Hunier, Rector of Gayton, Nor. Assembly of Virginia, of which his Lord. ibamptonshire.

sbip, her father, was then Governor. Mr. Jona Buckle, jun, of Nicholas- 12. At Knightsbridge, in her 82d year, lane, Lombard streel,

Mrs. Nugent, widow of Capi. Walter NuAt last Cowes Castle, Isle of Wight, gent, and Mother of Colouel Nugent, of the seat of John Nash, Esq. the Lady of Beaumont-street. Sir Samuel Romilly, Koight, M.P.-She 13. In Red Lion-square, George Sandehad borne a long and painful illness with man, M.D, in the 720 year of his age. patience and resignation.

14. Miss Ramsay, of Barra, North BriNov. 2. 1. Russeil-square. Sir Samuel tain. Romilly, Koighi, M.P. tor Westminster. 16. At Wolverton-park, Hants, Lady

At Coloamplon, Robert Were Fox, Poie, widow of the late Sir Charles Pole, Esq. of Falmouth, a Piember of the So

Bart. in her 761h year. cieig of Friends, aged 65.

17. At Paddington, Anne, wife of George Busbell, E q. of Cliester, aged Captain A. Campbell, of the Hon. East lo73.

dia Company's paval service. At llatfield, Yorkshire, Sir Hector, In York-street, St. James's, Richard Maclean, Baronet, of Marvaran, N.B. Norris, L'q. in his Soub year,

4. Ac Broughton, near Preston, Mrs. 18. In an apoplectic fit, at his house in Chew, ridict of the late Mr. James Chew, Ghina-terrace, Lambeth, Alderman Goodaged 107.

behere.-fle wapexi in rotation to fill the 5. Aged 22, universally regretted, after Civic Chair, and he had been for many a lingering illness, which she bore without a years a distinguished Member of the Cormurmur, Anna Maria, youngest daughter poration of London, and represented the of George Wren Le Grand, E:9. of Houdes. Ward of Chiap. lle acquired a consideradon.-She was a pattern of filial aflection ble fortune by unreminuing industry and and humility, and those who knew her loved perseverance in business, and was justly and respected her.

esteemed for integrity and punctuality in Al Aldermaston-park, Berkshire, all his dealings. - Mr. Goodbelere has left Thomas Llanner, L-9., aged 37, eldest son a widow and a son, bis only child, about of Sir Thomas Hanmer, Bart. of Hanmer, twenty years of age, who is a Member of Flintshire.

the University of Cambridge. tj. At Lausanne, Margarett, the wife of 2. In his 720 year, Mr. Watson, of Williain lorien Pili, Esq. Member for the Aldermanbury, of the firm of Messrs. WilCounty of Doiset.

son, Sous, and Vaison,

BIRTIS, MARRIAGES, AND OBI. Feb. 1. At Whampoa, on board the TUARY, IN THE EAST INDIES. Honourable Company's ship General Kyd,

Mr. James Combe, 4th Officer of that ship, · BIRTHS.

sincerely lamented by all on board. Arril 13. At Muttra, the Lady of Lieut.

23. At Mangalore, Lieutenant-Colonel J. John Mackenzie, of the 3d Regiment of

Gennys, of the 1st Battalion 5th Regiment Native Cavalry, of a daughter.

Madras Native Iofantry. 27. At Chiosurah, the Lady of Captain

At Sindwa, Lieutenant H.O. Butts, John Gordon, of the 2d Battalion 20th

of the Madras European Regiment. Regiment of Native Infantry, of a daugh

27. In Camp, at ibe altack on Fort Talter.

nier, Serjeant-Major J. Lawrence, of the MAY 2. At Beerbhoom, the Lady of H. Rocket Troop Horse Artillery. M. Pigou, of the Civil Service of a dangh

March 1. At Mahidpore, of the wounds ter.

received in action with Holkar's army,

Captain Henry Norton, of the 19th RegiMARRIAGES.

ment of Madras Native Infantry. April 13. At the Cathedral, by the Rev.

13. At Chicacole, Assistant Sargeon John Mr. Hastings, Mr. John Gates, lo Miss Edwards, of the 3d Madras Veteran BatEliza Caroline Buckley.

talion. At Berhampore, Mr, James Mollis, APRIL 3. In Camp near Poonah, Lienteto Miss Anne Shaw.

nant Joseph Taylor, of the 2d Battalion 20. At Cuttack, Captain Alexander 17 Regiment, or Madras Grenadier Light M'Cleod, of the Curiack Legion, to Louisa, Infantry. daughter of Robert Brown, Esq.

17. Of the Cholera Morbus, Chedam 22. At Sorool, Fry Magniac, Esq. of the Chunder Dass, the Author of “The Bultriss Civil Service, to Charlotte Mary, eldest Siagbasun.”. davghter of John Cheap, Esq.

19. At Juggernauth, Major William 25. At the Cathedral, Mr. Jeronimo Hamilton, of the 20 Battalion 18th RegiRodrigues, to Miss Caroline Inglis.

Regiment of Native Infantry. MAY I. At Tittyghur, at Stephen Beau

21. At Muttra, Samuel Ridges, son of fort's, Esq. by the Rev. Mr. Hutchings, Captain Smith, of the 3d Regiment of Na Richard Turner, Esq. to Miss Mary Croft tive Cavalry. Ottway.

23. Captain Fraser Smith, aged 55 years, DEATHS.

24. At Bogwongolah, near Moorsheda

bad, of the Colera Morbus, Mr. Charles JAN. 25. At Seringapatam, Capt. John

Rose, of the Custom House, aged 58 years. Beaumont, Quarter-master of Brigade, in 30. Al Burdwan, J. H. Keene, Esq. Mysore.

aged 45 years.


TIIE Collectors of Portraits and Illustrators of Granger's Biographical Dictionary.

Seward's Anecdotes, Boswell's Life of Johnson, Biographia Dramatica, Pendana's London, Lysons's Environs, Pursuits of Literature, are respectfully informed, that a FEW proof impressions of the Portraits that accompany this Work, are strack of as Columbia Paper, and may be had separate, price 4s.; but EARLY application will be

necessary to secure them, as the number printed is very LIMITED. THE VHE Rev. Dr. Edward Malthy has in Emigrant's best Instructor, respecting the

in the press, two octavo volumes of United States of America. Alo, Impor. Sermons,

tant Extracts from original and recent les The Rev. Dr. Chalmers will soon pub. ters written by English Emigrants io Ago Josh a volume of Serinons, preached by rica to their Friends in Englınd. hiin at the Tron Church, Glasgow.

Colonel Landmann bas in the pres llisThe Rev. Sir John Head, Barı, is print- torical, Military, and Picturesque Obser. ing, in an octaro volume, Discourses on vations, on Portugal, in two quarto volusies, various Subjects.

Ulustrated by 70 Engravings, acerately Arthur Brooke, Esq. is preparing for coloured, from the original drawings of the publication, Durovere, or Sketches, Author. Historical and Descriptive, of Canterbury,

The Rev. H. G. White will soon publish, with other Poems,

in foolscap octavo, Letters from a Faiber to Mr. John lielfe has in the press, Remarks bis Son, in an Office under Government. on the Present State of Musical Instruc. The Rev. E, W. Grinfield is priming. in tion, with the prospectus of an improved an octavo volume, Sermons on the Parables plan.

and Miracles of Jesus Christ. Mr. John Knight will soon publish, the Mr. T. Faulkner, of Chelsea, is printing,

the History and Antiquities of Kensington, Administration, in conducting mankind interspersed with biographical anecdotes of through this awful and interesting event. royal and distinguished personages, and il- In the press, and shortly will be publustrated by engravings.

lished, Durovernum, or Sketches, histori. The Rev. A. Ranken will soon publish, cal and descriptive, of Canterbury, with volumes 4, 5, and 6, of the History of other poems, by Arthur Brooke, Esq. France, continuing the History from the Dliss Spence is preparing for publication earliest accounts to the death of Henry III. a new Work, intitled a Traveller's Tale of in 1589.

the last Century. Mr. G. H. Toulmin is printing a poem, Shortly will appear, in one volume 8vo. entitled the Beauties of Affection.

Practical Observations on the Construction C. F. Wieles, Esq. has in the press, La- and Principles of Instruments, for the remieli, a novel, in three volumes.

moval of Muscular Contraction of the Limbs, The Rev. Archdeacon Nares is printing, by John Felton. in a quarto volume, Illustrations of ditia In the press, Scripture Costume, exhi. cult Words and Phrases occurring in the bited in a series of Engravings, accurately English Writers of the age of Queen Eliza- coloured in imitation of the drawings. beth.

A Nineteenth Century, and familiar His. The Rev. Richard Warner will soon tory of the Lives, Loves, and Misfortunes of publish, in three duodecimo volumes, Fifty- Abeillard and Heloisa, a matchless Pair ! eight Sermons on the First Lesson in the who flourished in the twelfth century, by Morning Service of the different Sundays Robert Rabelais the younger, will be puband great Festivals throughout the Year. lished in a few days.

Dr. Carey has in the press, a new edition Dr. Wati, of Glasgow, bas published a of Dryden's Virgil, with remarks on the Prospectus, accompanied with a Specimen, text, as corrected from Dryden's own folio of a Work, to be entitled Bibliotheca Briedition.

tammica, ora general Index to the Litera· In the press, the Telegraphist's Vade ture of Great Britain and Ireland. A Part Mecum, and Vocabulary of the English will be published every three or four months. Language, numerically arranged on new This publicacion, it is said, will contain principles.

above 40,000 authors, and the titles of about Mr. Chase, of Cambridge, has in the as many annonymous works. press, a Work ou Antinoinianism, in which Mr. Hone purposes to elucidate his forthhe has endeavoured to convert the abettors coming cnlarged Report of his Three Trials, of that lieresy of bostility to the doctrines with numerous coloured and other Engravof divine Grace,

ings and Portraits, and various fac-similes, Matthew Henry's Scripture Catechisin, which will render it as acceptable to the which has been out of print many years, is curious collector, as to the general reader. now re-printing, in a small pocket volume, A Work, designed as a proper Compaand will be ready the beginning of the nion to the Comforts of Old Age, is now month.

in the press, called the Enjoyments of The Legislature of the Island of Antigna youth. have recently printed a volume of their The Rev. James Townley, Author of Bib. Laws, consisting of the Acts passed from lical Anecdotes, has nearly ready for the the 26th of May, 1804, to the 13th of June, press, liustrations of Biblical Literature, 1817.

exhibiting the history and fate of the Sacred About to be published, Parliamentary Writings, from the earliest period to the Letters, and other poems, by Q in the present, Corner, in foolscap octavo.

Nr. Parkinson is engaged in preparing Swiss Scenery, from drawings by Major for the press, a familiar Introduction to the Cockburn, of ihe Royal Artillery ; the Study of fossils. first Number will be published on the 1st of

Just published. January.

Mr. Britton's Second Number of Chrono. Provincial Antiquities, and picturesque logical and liistorical Illustrations of the Scenery of Scotland; the first Number of Ancient Architecture of Great Britain : this plendid Work, with engravings by containing 8 Engravings; also, his Fourth Cooke, Pye, the Le Keuxs, and Lizars, Number of History and Antiquities of from Drawings hy siessrs. Turner, Calcott, York (athedral. Thomson, Blore, Naysmyth, &c. &c. with Nr. Britton has published a Bust of historical Illustrations, by Walter Scott, Shakspeare, copied from the monumental Esg. will appear early next year.

Bust at Stratford; also, another, as a conItalian Scenery, Number V. from draw- panion, of Camden, from the monument ings by E. F. Bally, containing five Views in Westminster Abbey: a third, of Ben in Rome, is jusi ready.

Johnson, from the sime repository of the The Rev. Thomas Watson will shortly illustrious dead. Tliese Busis are intended publish various Views of Death, and its as ornaments to libraries and cabinets, and circumstances, intended to Illustrate the are executed in the most careful, and, inWisdom and Benevolence of the Divine deed, skilful manner. Europ. Mag. Vol. LXXIV. Nov. 1818.

3 N


Al the Prices they are advertised at, in boards, unless otherwise expressed;

and may be had of J. ASPERNE, No. 32, CORNHILL.
It is earnestly requested that Authors and Publishers will continue to communicate
Notices of their Works (post paid) and they will always be faithfully inserted FREE
BENE, EL.DOS. Persa ; a Tale, 2d

Godwin's Memoirs of Richard Morris,

12mo. 2s. 60.
An elementary Treatise on Astronomy, Buxton on Prison Discipline, 12mo, 6th
Volume 2, by Robert Woodhouse, A.M. edit, 3s, 6d.
F.R,S, 18s.

Bickersteth on Prayer, 12mo. 4s. 6d.
The Friend; a series of original Essays, De Coetlogon's Faint Sketches for a True
by S. T. Coleridge, new edit. 3 vols. 8vo. Portrait of the King, Svo. 53.
Il. Ils. 6d.

The Englishman in Paris, 3 vols, 12ma.
Letters from Scotland, new edit. by 21s.
Jamieson, 2 vols. 8vo. 11. Is.

Replies to the Letters of the Fudge Family
The Sportsman's Calendar, 59.

in Paris, edited by Thomas Brown, Esq. Seneca's Morals, 8vo. 10s. 60.

I vol. 12mo. Barron's Voyages to the Arctic Regions, A Grammar of Rhetoric and Polite in 8vo, bds. 12s.

Literature, comprehending the principles The Lives of Hayden and Mozart, 8vo. of Language and Style, the elemeats of 12s.

Taste and Criticism,with rules for the Stady The Fast of St. Magdalen, by Miss of Composition and Eloquence ; illustrated Porter, 3 vols. 12mo. 11. Is.

by appropriate Examples, selected chiefly Illustration of Campbell's Pleasures of from the British Classics, for the Use of Hope, from Designs by R. Westall, Esq. Schools and private Instruction, by Akr. R.A. demy 4to. 9s, foolscap 8s.

ander Jamieson, 1 vol. 12mo. Campbell's Pleasures of Hope, with Angelo; or, the Moss-grown Cell: . Westall's Designs, foolscap, 8s.

poem, in Four Cantos, by John Henry Miss Smith's Fragments, 2 vols. 8vo. 148. Church, I vol. 12mo.

Whitelam's History of Dublin, 2 vols. A Sermon, preached at opening the 4to, 51, 5s,

Church of St. Andrew, in Calcutta, in Apicius Redivivus; or, the Cook's Ora. March, 1818, by James Bryce, D.D. Svo. cle, 2d edit. 12mo. 10s,

The Present State of Religious Parties Nightmare Abbey, by the Author of in England Represented and Improved in Headlong Hall, I vol. 12mo. 6s. 60. a Discourse, delivered in Essex-street

Panthological and Surgical Observations Chapel, May 17, and repeated October on Diseases of the Joints, by B. C. Brodie, 18, 1818; also, in Renshaw-street Chapel, Esq. 8vo. 16s.

Liverpool, September 20, by Thomas Bela The Anglo Cambrian, a poem, by Misgsham, 8vo. Linwood, 8vo. 5s.

Reflections upon the Death of Sir Samuel The Minstrel of the Glen, and other Romilly, in a Discourse delivered at Esserpoems, by Henry Stebbing, 8vo. 7s.6d.

street Chapel, November 8, 1818, by ThoColonel Landmann's Historical and Mili. mas Belsham, 8vo. tary account of Portugal, 2 vols. quarto, Advice from an eminent Professor on the 151. 15s.

Continent to a Nobleman in this country, Henry Fitzosmond; a moral Tale, 12mo, on the Manner in which his Children should 6s.

be Instructed on the Piano-forte; with Narrative of the Expedition in 1817 to precise directions as to their mode of pracJoin the South American Patriots, by iise, and many lessons for playing that inLieut. James Hackett, 8vo. 55. 60.

strument in the most finished style of ele. Scrapiana, 2d edit. 6s.

gance, with observations on the new system East India Register, 1817,7s, 6d, red 99. of musical education, and occasional re

Don Duixote, a revised Translation, from marks on singing. Pictures by R. Smirke, R.A. 4 vols. 4to. The Immortality of the Soul, and other 261. 55. ; 4 vols. royal 8vo. 151. 153. ; 4 vols. poeins, by Thomas Thomson, 12mo. demy 8vo. 81. 8s.

Occasional Report of the Society for the Johnny Newcombe in the Navy, with Suppression of Vice. 16 Plates, by Rowlandson, 8vo. 21s.


ACKNOWLEDGMENTS TO CORRESPONDENTS. INceiving a place to them the wyer's last feeders hicho will be participated by all cont

Communication,from pen of our ; and confident valuable Correspondent V., we feel a re. expressing their sentiments, with our own,

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