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was brought forward, and I advanced and ness and forbearance on an occasion so met Nepaunker; he informed me that he highly creditable to them, and important to would submit to any orders that I had to the public interest. S. HALIFAX. give. I required of him to accompany Extract from a Letter from Brigadier-Ge. me to Ahmednuggar,

neral Munro, to the Hon. Mountstuart Chinoajee Row Appa, the youngest Elphinstone, dated Camp, Komenaul, 6th brother of Rajee Row, is in Nepaunker's May, 1818. camp, and submits to the same terms. I As I advance through the country, I conshall accordingly march on Ahmednuggar, tipue occupying it by means of subuodies, agreeably to your original instructions, for several iniles on the right and on the unless I receive orders from you to a dif- left of my line of romte, and shall continue ferent effect.

to do so on my return. Nepaunker is said to have about three Extract from a Despatch from Lieutenantthousand horse; I judge them however General Sir Miles Nightingall, K.C.B. to not to exceed two thousand; he has six the Governor in Council at Bombay, dated elephants and sixty camels, some of them 14th May, 1818. apparently laden with treasure.

I do myself the honoór to lay before you Chinoajee Row has two palanquins, and a copy of a letter from Lieutenant Colonel his wife is with him.

Prother, dated 10th instant, reporting that Nepaunker informed him Bajee Row is the fortress of Ryghur had been surendered now at Berhampoor, where he will remain by the enemy, and taken possession of by until an answer shall be received through the troops under his command. his vackeel to a reference made to Mr. I beg leave to offer my cordial congra. Elphinstone. The vackeel left Nepaun- tulations to your Honourable Board on the ker's camp yesterday on his way to Ahmed. hrilliant termination to the very laborious nuggur.

duties that have fallen to Lieut.. Colonel Before I close this despatch I beg to Prother and the troops under his command, bring to the notice of Brigadier-General since the commencement of the war, and Smith the anxiety shewn by all ranks to which most justly entitle them to every engage the enemy, as well as their for- praise for their great zeal and persevering bearance when terms were granted.

exertions, which have been most conspicuous I am, &c.

and unremitting, but particularly so on the E. Davies, Capt. Com. N. R. Horse. present occasion. Division Orders by Brig.-Gen. Smith, C.B. The success of the detachment has been

Camp, Chickpour, 9th May, 1818 aided by the science of the artillery officers, The commanding officer has received a greater proof of which need not be adduced despatch from Capt. Davies, commanding than has been displayed at Ryghur, for the reformed horse (acting upon the right notwithstanding its stupendous height and through the Bheer district io clearing the extensive area on the top, shells were thrown country of straggling parties of the eneiny's into every part of it, and the palace set on dispersed army), anouucing his having come fire, which no doubt greatly tended to deup with a body of the enemy, after a march termine the enemy to surrender. of thirty miles, belonging to Appa Dezcve Extract of a Report from Lieutenant-Colonel Nepaunker, and having with him Chinoajee Prother, to the Adjutant-General, daled Appa Saheb, the brother of Bajee Row, Fort of Ryghur, 10th May, 1818. the late Peishwah.

I have the gratifying task of sending you The enemy, to the number of between by Lieutenant Powell, my Brigade Quartertwo and three thousand, drew up with a Naster, the important information, which nulla in his front, as if to engage the re- I request may he laid before his Excellepcy formed horse. Captain Davies having the Commander-in-chief, of the surrender crossed the nulla, and formed, was pre- of the fortress of Ryghur to the force under paring to charge, when within four hundred my commaod; and inat I am now in actual yards of the enemy, be sent out a flag of possession. truce, by which those chiess and their The garrison lield out a dag for terms, troops came into unconditional submission and after three days of communication and to the authority of the British Government. treaty, I was induced to allow the garrison

Brigadier-General Smith bas great satis. bonourable terms; viz, marching out with faction in announcing this event

10 the

their arms and private property, which was division, and recording his entire appraba. accordingly done early this morning before tion of the conduct of Captain Davies, me, and I marched up and took possession, which has been every thing that was requis finding in the fort the wife of his Highness site to the spirit, pradence, and moderation, the late Peishwah, and public property, in expected from a British officer.

specie, to the amount of five lacs. Brigadier-General Smith requests Cap- It is my intention to permit her Highness tain Davies will receive his best thanks and to depart from the fort to-morrow to any fender them to the European officers, sirdars, place she may fix upon, agreeably to the and troops ander his command, accom- request sent me by the Honourable Mr. panied with his admiration of their steadi- Elphiostone. Europ. Mag. Vol. LXXIV. Nov. 1818.

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1:le of Wight, Knight Commander of the This Gazette notifies that the Prince Ne. lost Honourable Military Order ef tae gent has appointed his trusiy and weil be- Bath, Major-General in the Army, Colonel loved Charles Grant, Esq. to be of his 850h Regiment, and Quaries-master general Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council ofitie forces. in Ireland. It also contains the appoint. Folien Elwill Bathurst Hervey, E-c. of ment of the Reverend Heneage Finch, Laio 100, Southampton, Colone) in the Army, Chaplain in Ordinary to his Majesty, in the extra to his Royal Higher room of the Reverend Dr. Charles Burney, the Prince Regeni, Lieutenant Colonel of deceased.

the 14th Regiment of Light Diagoen, ard

a Companion of the diosi Honourable SATURDAY, OCT, 3.

Military Order of the Ba h; with remainder, WHITEHALL, Oct. 3.

in failure of is-ue male, to his brother His Royal Highness the Prince Regent has Frederick Ange flervey, Esqof Clarendua been pleased, in the name and on the behalf Park, Wilts, and his heirs male, of his Majesty, to direct letters parent to be John Powell, t.sq. of Hard wicke, and passed under the Great Seal of the United of Worthen, Salop, audio default of inale Kingdom of Great Britain and Irland, for isstie, to Edward Kyi acion, Clerk, (broider granting the dignity of a Boronet of the said of the said Jobo Powell) of Risby and United Kingdom to the following gentlemen Foroliain St. Genevieve, Suffolk, and his respectively, and to the heirs male of their heirs male. bodies lawfully begotten; viz.

John Acland, Esq. of Fairfield, Somerset, The Hon. Alexander Maitland, of Clifa and of New-house, Devon. ton, Mid-Loihian, and of Rose Hill, Heri. Antony Lecamere, E.9 of the Rbyd, ford, General in the Army, and Colonel of Worcester. the 4914 Regiment.

Sir Edmund Lacon, Knight, of Great Henry Johnson, Esq. of Bath, Somerset, Yarmouth, Norfolk, General in the Army, and Colonel of the Joton Shelley Sidney, Esq. of Pensburst81st. Regiment.

place, Keni. Anthony Farrington, Esq. of Blackheath, Thomas Hare, Esq.of Siow Hall, Norfolk. Kent, General in the Army, Colonel com- Edward Stracey, F.q. of Rackheath Hall, mandant of Ist. Battalion of the Royal Norfolk. Regiment Artillery, and Director-Cieneral George Shiffoer, Esq. of Combe-place, of Artillery and field train.

Sussex, Sir Harry Calvert, Knight Grand Cross John Croft, Esq. of Cowling llall, York, of the Most Honourable Military Order of Robert Baleson, Esq. of Belvoir Park, the Bath, Lieutenani-general in the Army, Doudsinire. Colonel 1410 lirgiinent Foot, and Adjutant- Matthew John Tierney, Esq. M. D. uf general of the forces,

Brighthelmsone, Sussex, and Daver street, James C.mpbell, Esą, of Inverneil, Physician in Ordinary to His Royal HighArgyll, Lieutenant-general in the Army, ness the Prince Regent, Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Hano- [ The Gazette announcements relating to verian Guelphic Order, and knight Com- the Derease, Funeral, sc. &c. of her late mander of the Royal Sicilian Order of Si. ALAJESTY, being inserted under th ir praper Ferdinand and of Merit.

heads in the Narrative, are consequat Sir James Willoughby Gordon, of Niton, omilled here.


ABSTRACT OF FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC INTELLIGENCE. THE Secretary to the SOCIETY of and that the drawers are supposed to be

GUARDIANS for the PROTECTION nov in London. of TRADE, has stated by a Circular to its There are many bills in circulation with Members threui, that the persons under- a similar acceptance. named ; viz.ED , lite of Brighton, and

" It indsor Castle, Ver. 1. now of 41, Chodon-treet, St. Marun's.

“ His Majesty has passed the last month lase, is reported to that Society as improper in a very quiet state, and in good bedily to be proposed !) be ballotied for as a

health; but his Majesty's disorder renas member tisereof.


"11. Halford, The Secretary is also desired to state, tha:

" W. Tieterden, RICHARD ANDERTON, recenily mentioned,

1, Baillie, has lately taken No. 10, City Chambers.

"R. Hittis." And also, that å bill dated Starfield," drawn and indorsed by " John Mappin, and

THE QUEEN'S UFALTI. Co.” and accepird by Thomas Prothero, The following official Bulletins reais and Co. 26, Nicholas-lane,” (lately men. the heal. It of her Majesty, have been and tiouerl) has been recently in uegociation, during the mouth :

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Oct 26. " The Queen's complaint does of yesterday, but her Majesty has had a not abate. Her Majesty has slept well. bad night.”

(Signed as above.)

Nov, 13.
* F. Millman,

" The Queen bad some sleep H Halford.

in the night, and her Majesty appears to

suffer less 10-day thau she did yesterday.” Oct. 27. “ The Queen has had a good

(Signed as above.) night, from which her Majesty has derived Nov. 14. “ The Queen continues in much some ease."

(Signed as abave.) the same state. Her Majesty rested ill in Oct. 28. "The Queen is inore comforta. the early part of the night, but has had some ble this morning in consequảnce of several good sleep this morning.” (Signed as above.) hours sleep in the night; but the synptoms

Nov, 15. “ The Queen has had some good of her Majesty's malady are not changed." sleep in the last night.” (Signed as above.)

(Signed as above.) Nov, 16. " The Queen's disease has not Oct, 29. “ The Queen has passed another

abated. Her Majesty has had some good good night. It has not bad, however, any sl ep in the night. (Signed as ab' ve.) material influence in her Majesty's disease.” Nov. 17. “ The Queen's state last night

(Signed as above.) was one of great and imminent danger, Oct. 30. The Queen pas:ed the greater Her Majesty remains very ill this morning.' part of yesterday in a very uncomfortable

(Signed as above.) state, but the sleep which her Majesty has “ We have at length the melancholy task had in the night, bas afforded relief this of announcing the death of the Queen.” morniug."

(Signed as above.) [For a Portrait and interesling particuOct. 31. " The Queen has had several culars connected with the Life and Character hours sieep, but the symptoms of her Majes- of her lale Majesty, vide page 379.] ty's disease remain unchanged.”

NORTH WEST PASSAGE. (Signeil as above.) Return of the Isabella and Alexander, Dise Nov. 1. “The Queen's symptoms have

covery Ships, not improved since our last report; hir The Isabella and the Alexander. Dis. Majesty bas not had a good night."

covey Slips, are safely arrived in Brassa (Signed as ahore.) Sound, Lergick, all well; neither ship have Nor. 2. " The Queen continues much ing lost a man, nor a man in the sick lisi. the same to-day as her Majesty was yes- Captain Ross las completely succeeded in terday.”

(Signed as above.) exploring Ballin's Bay, and, with the ex. Nov. 3. " The Queen has had several ceprions of errors in the latitude and lowhours sleep in the night, but her Majesty has gi:udes, of verifying the statements of that not experienced any abatement of ber dis. old and able navigator niose name it beals ease,

(Signed as above.) and of ascertaining that no passage exists Nov. 4. “The Queen's symptoms con

between the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean tinue without any material abatement." through Davis's Strait and Palin's Bay, the

(Signed as above.) whole being found to be surrounded by high Nov, 5. “ The Queen has had a restless land extending to the north as far as lai. 77 night; the symptoms of her Majesty's dis- 55. and Inny. 76. W.: and in the 7th ease remain the same as yesterday.”

degree of latitude, stretching west wird as (Signed as wove.) far as 81. W. longiiode, They raced the Nov. 6. The Queen has had an indist- same the whole way down to the Cape erent night. Her Majesty remains much Walsingham of Davis, which dry ascesindisposed."

(Signed as alrore.) tained to lie in latitude 66. and longitude Nov. 7. The Queen has had another very 60, ; from hence they sicered for Resolution indifferent night, and her Majesty suffers Island, and then stood homeward. They this morning from the want of refreshing have made many curious observations and sleep.”

(Signed as ahore.) discoveries, of which, perhaps, will not be Nov. 8. The Queen passed the evening of considered as the least interesting, that of a yesterday very uncomfortably, and has had nation being found in inhabit the Arche a restless night; but there is no material Regions, between the latitude of 76 and alteration in her Majesty's symptoms.” 78, who thoug it that the world to lie south

(Signed as above.) was allire; that generation and succeeded Nov, 9. " The Queen fel: herself more generation of a people who had never tasted easy throughout yesterday, but her Majesty's the fruits of the cardı; had oo ines of night has been a restless one,'

Supreme Being, --wlo nerdy had an enemy, (Signed as above.) and whose chiefs had hitherto suppo od Nov. 10. “The Queen has not rested themselves monarchis of the unigaie. There well in the night, but her Majesty has had Now only remains to be discovered the cere some good sleep this morning.”

mination, if it has one of Siddleton's (Signed as above.) Repule Bay, and, a few devrees to the Nov. 11. “ The Queen has had little Northward of it, in determine whether sleep in the night, and her Majesty remains Ciseenland be an isl: od or joins America, very much indisposed.” (Signed as above.)

and this might wiili the greatesi case be Nov. 12. " The Queen was in a less done from ihe northerr most nation of the uncomfortable state throughout the wbole Hudson's Bay Cor. pany in any one seawa.

Additional particulars relative to that future period, become an object of commerce most interesting topic, the recent attempt with the natives of these bitberto ankowa to discover a North-west Passage. The ac- regions. The weapons they use for killing count of the newly found people, in those the smaller species of whales were the bores dreary regions, is extremely curious :- of the sea-unicorn. Here then, at the ter.

"The Jane, Captain Young, of Mootrose, mination of this immense bay, which, till sailed io company with the Isabella and now, has been supposed to communicate Alexander, from Lerwick, and learnt from with the Polar Basin, an entire new rac Captasa Ross the following interestiog par- of human beiogs has been discovered ; and ticulars :~' After the last accounts from the the idea of reaching the Pole, or pedetraexpedition, up to the 25th of July, when ting into the North Pacific Ocean by Betsthey had reached lat. 75. 21. and long. 60. ring's Straits, through this supposed passage, 30. the weather cleared, and the variation is for ever at rest. The Isabella and Alei. of the compass increased so fast, that it ander traversed the whole bay, haviog siled became difficult to find out exactly how the up the eastern, and returned by the westera ship was steering. The sea, with the ex. shore, thus proving that the whole of that ception of sode ice-bergs, being completely vast and unkoown country, from Cape clear of other ice, they reached lat. 76%, Farewell to the Cape Walsingham of Davis, when they were unexpectedly opposed in is attached to the continent of America. their northern progress by terra firma. After all, the traditionary story, handed Here they met with a new race of Esqui. down among the southern Esquimaux, that maux, who, by their astonishment, appeared there is a rapid and narrow river to the never to have seen a ship before. At first northward, which may communicate with they were much afraid, and made signs for the Polar Basin, is perbaps fouoded on the vessels to fly away, thinking they were reality. Our navigators, in their progress huge birds of prey that had descended from round this dreary bay, saw dinerous the moon to destroy them. A few of the whales ; and due advantage will no doubt natives, however, were soon enticed on be taken of this valuable discovery by the board, when they expressed their awe and fishers next season." wooder by hugging the masts, and other We subjoio a statement of much import. extravagant manifestations of imploration, ance to the commercial and agricultaral as if to superior beings : at other times, on interests of the country, being a Table of the attentively surveying the ships, they laughed Average Prices of English grain for the 'sir immoderately. 'They were entirely unio- weeks immediately preceding the 15th ipsl. telligible to the Esquimaux whom Captain from which it appears that wheat, rye, barRoss took out with him, although they seem ley, oats, beans, pease, and four, may be to be of the same origin, their physiognomy imported for home consump!ion till the being similar, bit of rather a darker com- 15th February, 1819, when a new average plexsion; in their general appearance, lan- will be taken, unless prices, during the best guage, and manner, approaching nearer to immediate six weeks, shall agaio fall below the natives of Kamtschatka, or the north the average import rale; in whicb case, all eastern extremity of Asia. Their mode of inportation froin the ports between the travelling is on sledges, drawn by dogs, and Eyder and the Bidassoa will be fortb with some of them were seen in this way, going interdicted. The following are the rates northward. They were in possession of at which the ports are open to importation knives, which, it is conjectured, they must for home consumption, duty free-w beat, bave formed from the iron in its natural 803. ; rye, 53s.; barley, 40s. ; oats, 405.; state, and which may, perhaps, at soine beans, 53s. ; pease, 538. Average Prices of English Grain of the Twelve Maritime Districts, for the Six Weeks

iminediately preceding the 15th of November inst. by which the importation is regelated, according to the Act of 55 Geo, 111. siz, for the week ending

Wheal. Rye. Barley, Oats. Beads, Pease. d.

d. $. d. $. d. Oct. 10, 80 5 58 5 58 8 34 2 74 11 79 0

17, SO 6 59 2 59 2 32 II. 74 11 710 94, 79 10 57 7 59

33 3 73 0 il 10 31, 79 10 59 6 59

33 6 7411 Nov. 7, 83 3 57 10 60 3

7 75 0 715 14, SO 6 57 5 61

33 6

Aggregate Average of the Maritime Districts for the Six Weeks:-
Wheat. Rye. Burley. Oats. Beans, Pease.
80 2 58 1 69 7 33 5 74 7. 715


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BIRTHS. L : . . ATELY, at Woolwich, the Lady of D. Lately, Io Bolton sireet, Piccadilly, the

Lately, at Edinburgh, the Lady of the


mas Maitland, Esq. younger, of Dundren- 27. Io Portland-place, the Lady of H. nan, Advocate, of a daughter.

S. Northcote, Esq. of a son and heir, Lately, in Russell-place, Fitzroy-square, 28. The Lady of a Wigan, Esq. Stamford the Lady of Edward Shaw, Esq. of a Hill, of a son. daugbter.

30. Io Russell-square, the Lady of ThoOct. 9. At Bishop's Court, near Exeter, mas Denman, Esq. M.P. of a son. the Right Hon. Lady Graves, of a son. Nov.5. In Wimpole-street, the Lady of

24. At Sloperton Cottage, Devizes, the the Hon. J. T. Leslie Melville, of a son. Lady of T. Moore, Esq. of a son.

14. At Stonehouse, Cumberland, the Lady 25. In Langham-place, the Lady of Sir of Sir Hew D. Ross, K.C.B. of a daughJames Langham, Bart. of a daughter.

ter. 26. In Beaumont-street, Rutland-place, 17. At, the Lady of A.W. the Lady of William Cox, Esq.of a daugh. Robarts, Esq. M.P. of a daughter. ter,

18. At Plymouth, the Lady of Captain The Lady of W. Etherington, Esq. of the Hon. Fleetwood Pellew, of his Majesthe Legacy Department, Somerset-place, of ty's ship Revolutionaire, of a son. a daughter.

19. In Baker-street, Mrs. J. R. BeardIn Montague-square, the Lady of R. more, of a daughter. Best, Esq. of a daughter.



ATELY, E. C. Bacon, Esq. to Cathe- Lately, Augustus Lage, Esq. son of Gen.

rine, danghter and co-heiress of N. Lage, of New-castle-upon-Tyne, to Miss Starkie, Esq. of Frenchwood, in the county M. Gibson, daughter of John Gibson, Esq. of Lancaster.

Esq. Comptroller of the Customs there, Lately, Mr. J. Lorimer, of the Strand, Oct. 5. John Gore Jones, Esq. of the to Miss H. Jury of Walthamstow,

county of Sligo, to Letitia Elizabeth, Lately, Mr. w.O'Rourke, professor of daughter of the late Charles Francis Sherimusic, to Miss Forde, of the Theatre Royal, dan, Esq. and niece to the late Right Hon. Dublin.

Richard Brinsley Sheridan. Lately, William, son of the Rev. Thomas 6. Major Brook Bridges Parlby, of the Abrahain Salmon, B.D. Prebendary of Honourable East India Company's service, Wells, to Mary, daughter of F. Campbell, to Amelia, daughter of Captain Hender. Esq. of Huntindon.

son, of Kennington. Lately, the Rev. John Tydd Moore, A.M. 21. John Wood Younghusband, Esq. of son of Arthur Moore, Esq. a Judge of the Elwick, to Eliza, daughter of the late Rev. Court of Commou Pleas, Ireland, to Char. R. Dean, of Bolion-le-Noor, Lancashire. Jotte, daughter of John Bockell, Esq. of 22. Al Walthamstow, the Rev. Joseph Southcote Lodge, Berks.

Arkwrighi, M.A. 10 Anne, daughter of Sir Lately, David Barclay, Esq. to Maria Robert Wigram. Bart, of Walthamstow. Dorothea, sister of Sir Hedworb William. 23. Lieut. William John Cole, R.N, and son, Bart, of Whitburo Hall, Durham. of H.M.S. Northumberland, 10 Elizabeth,

Lately, Lieutenant-Colonel Sir William daughter of Robert Wace, Esq. of Locho Gomm, of the Coldstream Guards, to Sophia, lade, Gloucestershire, daughter of Granville Pean, Esq. of Blerta Lieui. Col, Sir William Gamm, of the ford-street, Mav Fair.

Coldstream Guards, tu Sophia, daughter of Lately, E. W. Scadding, Esq.of Ruscell. Granville Penu, Esq. of Hereford-street, place, Fitzroy-square, to Henrietta, daugh: Day Fair. ter of H. Selfe, Esq. of Amesbury.

25. Mr. S. Yale, of Barbican, to Miss Lately, at St. Mary-le-bone Church, Mr. Jane Kooll, daughter of the late Rev. J. W. Armstrong, of Ely-place, to Miss E. II. kuott, of Everdell, Northamptonshire. Vokes, of Crowland Abbey, Lincoloshire, 26. Mr. Woolloton, to Miss Roberts.

Lately, H. Metcalf, Esq. to Louisa, 27, Joho Kirkman, Esq. of Clonk.lane, daughter of the Very Rev. T. Blakely; 10 Maria, daugliter of Robert George SpedDean of Connor.

ding, Esq. of llarefield. Lately, C. Newcomen, Esq. of Clona. 28. Mr. F. G. Moon, of Threadneedle. hard, Ireland, to the Hon. Katherine New- street, 1o Aun, eldest daughter of J. Chan. comen, daughter of the late Viscount New cellor, leq. of Kensington.

29. Lieutenant-General Vansillart, to Lately, Sir J. Boyd, Bart. to Harriet, C. Harris, niece to J. Drummond, Esq. of daughter of the late Hugh Boyd, Esq. of the Boyce Court, in Gloucestershire, Bally Castle, county of Antrim.

Mr. W., Westall, of the Kent-road, to Lately, H. W. Mander, Esq. of the Tem. the only daughter of R. W. Butler, Esq. ple, to Miss Gookney, daughter of C. Cook- Nov. 4. Lieut. Mathew Day, of the ney, Esq. of Castle street, ilolboru.

Royal West Indian Rangers, to Lavinia,


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