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Extract from a Despatch from the Hon. strengh, and one from which the Nizam's

Mountstuart Elphinstone to the Governor. country and our communications had ryf. General and Commander in Chief, dated fered annoyance and interruption. He theo Camp, at Yeer, ith March, 1418.

marched against Kurra, a place which On the 13th February, Brigadier-General greally appoyed the villages that had subSmith proceeded in poruit of the Prishwah. mitted to the Collector of Ahmednageur : Bajee Row was then at Solapoor, more than it was capable of a long defence, but beias one hundred miles to the east of the fieneral; vigorously attacked by Colonel Drarra a large body of his horse was at Khullow, it was soon intimidated into a surrender, in the hills between Saltara and the River Colonel Deacon then proceeded to Chakun. Maun, and his infantry and guns were in the where he was joined, on the 21st by ord. neighbourhood of Kerrar, on the Kistna. nance and artillerymen from Poonah. It appeared to be the Peishwan's intention the 22d his breaching baitery was completel, to draw all these troops together, and pro- after some casualties, when the garrison bably to move to the northward, where, surrendered themselves prisoners. The arafter being joined by Ram Deen and Barra tillerymen, furnished from Poonah to act Buye, he probably meant to stand an action. against Chakun, have now proceeded to He had been diverted from this plan by the Loghur,t where the 2d battalion 61b native wish to sieze on the treasures of the late infantry and a detail of the 2u battalion of Sedashed Maunkaisur at Solapoor and Tam- the 1st had already been detached, for the boornee, and he was returning from the purpose of joining a detachment under former place when Brigadier, General Smith Lieutenant-Colonel Prother, The detach obtained intelligence of his approach. The ment, consisting of about 3-0 European manner in which General Smith availed and 800 natives, with a bittering train, bad himself of this opportunity has already been been ordered from the Concan by the Right reported to your Excellency. The result Hon. the Governor of Bombay, for Ibe has been, the precipitate retreat of the purpose of undertaking the siege of Logher. Peishwah, the rescue of the Rajah of Sattara, It was to reach Carlee by the Ad instant: and the death of Gokla, The Peishwah and, nothwithstanding the strength of the passed Hurra on the 27th, where the Native place, I hope soon to hear of its reduction: Officer commanding the Party very gallantly These detachmenis, with another, which made a sally on one of the divisions, killing co-operated in the siege of Singhur, and a and taking several men and horses. Another battalion which marched with a cooroy to division attempted without success, to take General Smith, have left Poonah very weak, Newassa from Captain Gibbon's sebundies: but I pentured on them without hesitation, at length he reached Copergaum, where he as there is no reason to distust the inhabi. was on the Ist instant; but as his Excel. tants, and all attack from without is reslency Sir Thomas Hislop was to be at Cas. dered diflicult by the neighbourhood of the serbury, within thirty miles, on the same force under Gen. Pritzler, and of Colonel day, it is probable that the Peishiwah has Deacon's detachment. before this been again attacked, or com- Notwithstanding the inadequacy of the pelled to return to the southward as rapidly force under General Munro lo any great as he left it. In the event of such a move- operation, that officer has advanced towards ment, he will have great difficulty in escap- the Kiswa, and has taken Badam 1 and ing General Smith, and must soon loose a Bangalcote.|| The first of Ibese places in great part of his army by desertions. one of the strongest hill-forts in India, and

During these operations of General Smith, made a famous defence against the whole General Pritzler moved towards Singhur, Mahratta army, under Nana Furnacese, which, from the nature of the roads, he although allacked with a spirit unusual to could pot reach till the 20th. The fort is of the people. The storm of inis place, with great strength, and was obstinately defended such a force, must impress the natives with a but surrendered, as your Excellency is surprise and admiration that must raise our already informed, on the 2d inst.

character, and facilitate our conquests in all At the same time that Singhur was in parts of the country. vested, Colonel Deacon marched against Your Excellency will have heard from the Chakun. + Colonel Deacon, on crossing the Godavery, drove the enemy's garrison

Near Seroor. and about halfway be. out of Newassa. I a place of considerable tween Ahmednoggar and Poona,

+ Upon the eastern side of the range of Brigadier-General Smith's account of ghauts between Bombay and Poona, and the battle with the Peishwali, on the 2014 nearly in a direct line between those places. February, was published in the Gazette of # The surrender of this place was asthe 16th July, 1818.

nounced in a letter from Mr. Elphinstone, + A hill fort (supposed to the northward) daled 20th March, 1818, published a the in the vicinity of Poona.

Gazetle of the 28th August, Near to Toka, a little to the right of 6 About 50 miles north east of Darmar. the road between that place and Ahmed- | About 20 miles north of Badamy, on Duggor.

the banks of the Gulpurba River.

the Governor of Bombay the rapid progress not at present the intention of his Excellency of the detachments onder the immediate the Most Noble the Governor-General to orders of that Government, in reducing the recall the commissions issued to the above strong forts of the Concan.

The same Officers; that on similar grounds Brigadier. activity and enterprize was also shewn in Generals Munro, Pritzler, Sir J. Malcolm, the reduction of the fort of Narrapoora, on and Sir Augustus Floyer will also retain for the borders of Bangbana, by a detachment the present, the rank of Brigadier-General, which had been ordered from Surat.

and that Brigadier-Generals Munro, Smith,

and Priizler, will continue to act in the Extract from a Despatch from the Governor

same relations to each other as they now in Council at Bombay, to the Secret Com- fulfil. mittee, dated 22d April, 1818.

Lieut.-General Sir Thomas Hislop authoWe have the honour of transmitting to rises the general and personal staff at headyour Honourable Committee the

qnarters to continue to maintain their field Copy of a Despatch from his Excellency establishments until the arrival of his ExcelLient.-General Sir Thomas Hislop, dated lepey at Fort St. George. the 31st of last month, giving cover to his

Sir Thomas Hi-lop would have deemed it despatch to the Address of the Most Noble quite superfluous after the high and flatterthe Governor General.

ing encomiums bestowed on the army of

the Deccan by his Excellency the Most Extract from a Despatch from Lieut.-Gene- Noble the Governor-General and Comman

ral Sir Thomas Hislop, to the Governor- der-in-Chief, to express those which the General and Communder-in-Chief, dated gallant army he has had the honour to comCamp at Aurungabad, 31st March, 1818. mand throughout so eventful a campaign, is I have the honour to transmit a transcript

in so pre-eminent a degree entitled to per. of a General Order which has been this day

sonally from him. Impelled, however, by

a sense of what is due to them from their published to the troops under my command. I have apprised the Supreine Govern

undeviating observance of the most exact ment, and the governments of Fort St.

discipline, thereby throwing a lustre on their George and Bombay, as also the Residents at

acknowledged achievements, he cannot resist the several Native Courts of the Deccan,

the opportunity which the present inoment that I have from this day relinquished the

affords of bearing the most public testimony powers, political and military, which were

to their further just deserts. conferred upon me by the resolution of your

Each and every division of the army Lordship, dated the 10th May, 1817.

having entitled itself to and received the

Lieutenant-hieneral's thanks and applause, General Order by the Commander-in-Chief.

it becomes unnecessary now to revert to the

particular occasions which called forth these Ilead-Quarters, Army of the Dec

acknowledgments ; nothing is therefore left con, Camp at Aurungabad, 31st

to bis Excellency to repeat, but that they March, 1818.

have all most nohly done their duty, thereby Lieutenant-Cieneral sir Thomas Hislop leaving on his mind an indelible impression having, in pursuance of the authority vested of admiration. To have been placed at the in him for that purpose by the Most Noble head of the army of the Deccan must, to the Governor-General and Commander in

the latest period of his life, prove the source Chief, made such arrangements as were of his greatest pride, as the conferring on necessary towards the breaking up of the him, by the Most Noble the Governorarmy of the Deccan; his lixcellency pro- General-in-Council, of so distinguished a ceeds to issue his final orders as Commander command, must ever claim the ackoowledg. in-Chief of that army.

ments of his utmost gratitude. From and after the present date, there. To Major General Sir William Grant fore, the designation of the Army of the Keir, to Brigadier-Generals Munro, DoveDeccan is discontinued, and the corps com- ton, Sir John Malcolm, Smith, and Prizler, manded by Brigadies. Generals Smith and and to Lieutenant-Colonel Adams, who Doveton, will revert to the footing on which commanded the several divisions of the they siood previously to the Lieutenant- army in the field, Sir Thomas Hislop once General's assumption of the chief com- more tenders to their acceptance the offer mand.

of bis most sincere and grateful thanks for As the divisions, of which Brigadier. the eminent services they have performed, Generals Doveton and Smith are to retain while serving under his command; and his the command, will still for some time ex- Excellency requests they will each do him ceed the ordinary amount of the subsidiary the favour of conveying the same to the forces, which constituted their original com- corps which have composed their division mands, and will continue to be employed in during the campaign. operations intimately connected with those The Lieutenant-General avails himself io which they have been engaged since they with pleasure of the present occasion, to have received that raok, Lieut..General Sir record the high sense he entertains of the Thomas Hislop notifies to the army that it is able and energetic assistance he has received during the whole of the campaign, from his half distant, there were 500 men under one General and Personal Staff, in conducting of the Tella Subahdars, posted in a stockade. their respective departments and duties, I detached immediately the light company which justly entilles them to his unqualified of the 89th regiment, also the bank comthanks and approbation. His Excellency panies of the 1st hattalion, 5th regiment, at the same timp deems it proper to remark, under Captain Rose, of his Majesty's 89:1 that if the Commissariat arrange nenis, regiment, and the whole of the anxiliary during the short period when the army was horse, under Brigade. Major Moore, in the field in 1815, was such as to demand handsomely offered his services on the oce his particular applause on that occasion, the casion. more arduous and complicated duties re- The result of the service was very distisquired of the Depariment during the late gnished ; the plan of attack on the three service, which were most satisfactorily ful- different stockades admirable; and I have filled under circumstances of the greatest the honour to send, for the information of difficully and embarrassment, give Lieut.- his Excellency, the Commaoder-in-Chief, Colonel Morrison, aided as he has been by and perusal, a copy of my order, which the indefatigable exertions of Lieut.- Colo- particolarizes the affair, nel Mackintosh, and the Officers of his de- The Poona auxiliary horse were happy partinent, the strongest claim to his Excel- in overtaking a party of the enemy under Jency's acknowledgments and high com- the Dewan ; they dispersed so fast and so mendation,

many different ways amongst the jungle, All returns, reports, and communications that it was impossible to prevent the slaugh. from the Army of the Deccan, are to be ter or take prisoners; and had it not been forwarded through the prescribed channels for the Officer who commanded, in directto Sir Thomas Hislop's head-quarters up to ing his attention to the Dewan, who had the this date inclusive ; and his Excellency will advantage of being mounted, it was not reserve to himself the right of giving such improbable he might have escaped ; it is further orders and insiructions as may he therefore with great satisfaction, I bring necessary on all points at present under Brigade. Major Moore's conduct to your reference, or requiring subunission for ap- Excellency's notice. proval to superior autority, up to the same It is also with a considerable degree of period.

satisfaction I bring forward Captain Rose, T. H. S. Covway, Adj.-Gen. of the of bis Majesty's 89ih regiment, as havis

Army of the Deccan. done every thing for the succes of the Erlrart from a De patch from the Governor enterprise that could possibly be effreted.

in Council at Bombay, to the Secret Com- Indeed the conduct of every Obcer ord miltee, dated 25th April, 1818.

man deserves I sbould bestow the only meed We have the honour of transmitting to in my power, yet at the same time a most your Honourable Committee the following honourable reward, that of bringing thea documents : viz.

forward to his Excellency the Commander. Letter from bis Excellency the Comman. in Chief's consideration. der-in-Chief, with accompaniments, report

From the information I have extorted ing the latest operations of the force in the from the Dewan, I find Tella to be bat Concan, under the command of Colonel slightly garrisoned, and considering it would Protber.

be inest inconvenient to take on the guns, I Despatch from the Officer commanding at propose leaving thein on the present ground, Malwan, announcing the occupation of the and try if it will be possible to escalade. fortsat Ramghur* and Caunta.

I march to morrow morning to Tella, and P.S. Accounts have been received of the hope to give his Excellency further partirereduction of the forts of Thulat and lars by the next post. Ghoula.I by the detaciment under the Ryglur is only pine coss distant; I should command of Lieul.- Colonel Prother, and be most happy to find that my lector of of Dewghur, $ by the force under Lieut.. yesterday met with the Commander-isColone! Imlack, C.B. who has occupied the Chief's approbation. last of the enemy's forts in the province of Sal-ee.

Copy from a Despatch from Lient.-Colare! Extract from a Report from Lieut.-Colonel Imlack, C.B. to Mr. Hole, Resident et Prother to the Adjutant-General, dated

Maloan, dated Camp at Cumpta, 5! Camp, at Indapore, opril 17, 1818.

April, 1818. This morning, on arriving at the present

SIR, ground, I heard that, ahol a mile'anit a

I have the honour to acquaint you, for the * Ramghur, about twenty miles north- information of the Honourable the Governer east of Malwan.

io Council, that I have this moment received + Thula, about twenty miles north-east of an official communication, dated the 4th, Banconte or Fort Victoria.

from Captain Pearson (whom I detached og I Ghosala, a few miles north of Thula. the Ist instant, for the purpose of reducing

Dewglur, an island upon the coast of the strong fort of Ramghur, in the province the Concan, between Goa and Bancoote. of Salsee), and I am happy to state, that he

has taken the fort, and bas given orders to surrender of Ranjun, and though Cheetoo the different patelis to proceed to Malwan. bas ied for the moinent with about twenty

: I have takeo possession of the small fort followers, I must bope that the arrangeat this place, and have given directions for ments I have made, and the correspondence the principal people to proceed to you. I I have established with the different chiefs move to-morrow on Dewghur.

of this country, will ultimately succeed in I have the honour to be, &c. securing the person of this freebooter; Ww. IMLACK, Lieut. Col.-Coin, he is in great distress, and at present to

tally without means of giving us any anExtract from a Despatch from the Governor

poyance. in Council al Bombay to the Secret Commiltee, dated 11th May, 1818.

Copy from a Despatch from Lieutenant-Col. The followiog despatches have been

J. W. Adams, C. B., lo Brigadier-General received ; viz.

Doveton, dated 17th April, 1818. From Brigadier General Sir John Mal- SIR, colm, daled the 8th April.

I have the honour to inform you, that From Colonel Adains to Brigadier-Gene- jo consequence of intelligence I had reral Doveton, dated the 17th April, report- ceived of Bajee Row being in full force at ing the defeat of the Peisliwah's troops on Peepulhote, I marched last night from the 17th of last month in a valley Bear Alumdeo at nine o'clock, in hopes of surSewny,* on which event we beg leave tu prising him by day-light. On reaching offer our cordial congratulations, and we Peepulbote, I found the enemy had moved bave the further satisfaction of adding, that on to Sewng, and resolved to follow him by a letter subsequently received from Mr. up without delay: a little after sun-rise Elphinstone, we have been informed, that I encountered his advanced party, in full "all the villages in the Peishwa's country inarch, driven back to the northward, I are filled with his fugitives, followers, &c. am induced to believe, by the intelligence and that the dispersion of bis adherents of your inovements on Pandurcourab, and appears to be complete. No certain intele perfectly ignorant of our approach. I purligence has been received wliere Bajee Row sued them over the most dificult country biinself is, nor what troops are still with that can be imagined, and came upon the him."

Peishwah's united force in an extensive A letter froin the Provisional Collector valley near Sewny. of Ahinednuggar to the Honourable Mr. I am bappy to state, that I have been Elpliosione, describes the distressed state inore successful than could have been exof the enemy's croops who have inade their pected, considering the rocks and jungles appearance in that district; and Mr. Ele through which the cavalry and horse artilplinstone has addded, that similar accounts Jery were obliged to act. have been received from all parts of the The number killed, on the part of the country.

enemy, may be from three to four hundred. A letter from Mr. Elphinstone, dated the Four fine brass guns, about six-pounder 7th of this month, to Mr. Secretary Adam, calibre, and one considerably larger, with reports the military operations in the nor- their proportion of tumbrils and stores, thern quarter of the Deccan, which have have fallen into my hands : three elephants, led to our occupation of the fertile valley pearly two hundred camels, and soine treaof Jooneer,+ aud the whole of the impor. sure, besides a variety of valuable property, tant district dependant on that place.

the amount of which I have not as yet been

able to ascertain. The measured distance Extract from a Despatch from Brigadier

of the road from Alumdeo to this place is General Sir John Malcolm, to the Gover

31 miles, the distance in the course of openor-General and Commnnder in chief,

rations, as marched by the troops, considerdated Camp, at Bauglee, 8th April, 1818.

ably greater; I have consequently deemed Your Lord-hip has been informed by it, vecessary to halt to-morrow, as well to my reports in the political and military refresh the troops as afford time for the departments, of the proceedings I have baggage and supplies to join; after this I recently taken against the Pindaree chiefs, shall have the sincerest pleasure in co-ope. Cheloo and Ranjun, wlio, after their fight rating with you and receiving your iostruc. to Bhoopaal, continued to lurk, with a few tions as to the best method of further haras. followers, in their old haunts, amid the sing the enemy, on wbose troops the surforests and mountains of this country. The prise of this morning may, I trust, have a consequence of my operations bas been the happy effect; dissension and discontent

being already, as I am informed, prevaleut * Probably the Seonny marked upon among them, and the desertion of large Arrowsmith's large map, about twenty-five bodies from Bajee Row's cause not uofremiles south west of Hoossingabad.

quent, + Jooneer, about fifty miles north of

I have, &c. Poona, and nearly the same distance west

J. W. ADAMS, Lieutenant-Colonel, of Ahmednuggar,

Commanding N. S. F.

Extract from a Despatch from the Governor And men are stated to be exbausled to the

en Council at Bombay to the Secret Com. last degree. mittee, dated 16th May, 1818.

Extract from a Despatch from Brigadier. The following despatches have been

General Lionel Smith, C.B. to the lles, received subsequently to our letter of the

Mountstuart Elphinstone, dated Camy, Ilth of this month; viz:

Chickpour, 9th May, 1818. From the Provisional Collector of Ah. In my last report to you of the 2d iomednugger to the Hon. M. Elphinstone, stant, acquainting you with my baving par. dated 30th April, reporting the dispersion sued a body of the enemy from ihe Godavery of the enemy's troops in that neighbour- through the Danoor Ghaut, after which they bood.

had totally dispersed; I ipformed you ala Letter from Brigadier-General Smith

that I had detached the reformed horse, and its accompaniments, communicating

under Captain Davies, to cut up plunderers, the important intelligence of His High- bands, and straggling parties of ihe enemy, ness Chinnajee Appa,* and the Dessyet of in a line through the Bheer di-trict opoe Nepanee, having tendered their submission. Ahmedouggar; while Lieut.-Colonel Cuo.

A report from Brigadier General Munro, ningham, with the auxiliary horse, four of his progress in occupying the southern gallopers, and a detachment of infastry, part of the Peishwa's territory.

was sent to the westward to pass for the We have also the satisfaction of forward. same purpose through the country betweca ing a copy of a letter from his Excellency

the Neera and Kurrah rivers, and thea the Commander in chief, and of one from

porth upon the capital; I moved oordLieutenant-Colonel Prother, annoudcing

west myself centrically between those dethe reduction of the important fortress of tachments to assist either or take up any Ryghur, on the morning of the 29th of pursuit they might be engaged io. this month.

I have now very greal satisfaction is We beg to offer to your Honourable Com. transmitting to you a report from Captain mittee, our most cordial congratulations un

Davies, announcing his pursuit of, and I be the submission of Chionajee Appa and of subsequent submission of Appa Desye Appa Dessye, which, it is hoped, will be Nepaunker, with Chinoajee Appa Sabeb, followed by that of Bajee Row, since he

the brother of Bajee Row, together with bas thus been deserted by his principal

their troops, amounting to between two and adbereats.

three thousand horse.

I am particularly well pleased with CapErtract from a Letter from Lieutenant Pot- tain Davies's conduct, it has been every linger, Provisional Collector of Ahmed

thing requisite to the spirits of our army, nugger, to the Hon. Mountstuart Elphin

to inoderation and prudence. stone, daled 30th April, 1818.

P.S. I beg to draw your notice to the I have much pleasure in informing you, accompanying order I have issued on this that almost the whole of the body of husse occasion. that entered the Newassa Pergunnal.g on the Copy of a Report from Captain E. Daries 27th instant, and by whom a considerable 10 Captain Halifur, Acling Depuis degree of alarin was excited in this part of Adjutant-General to Brigadier-Gescial the country, have dispersed and returned to Smith's Division, daled Camp Yelium, their respective villages, under the lerms of

7th May, 1818. your second proclamation.

SIR, Ram Deen || is still abroad, with about I did myself the bonor to forward last one thousand five hundred men, but the night, for the information of Brigadier inhabitants of walled villages seem to speak General Smith, a letter which I propied of him with contempl; and I have no yesterday from Appa Dessye Nepaurker, doubt but that a very sınall body of aux- stating that he was encamped at (ioonwy, iliary horse would cut bim up, as his horses having quitted Bajee Row, with the idlege

tion of making his submission to the Ho Chinnajee Appa, brother to the Peish- norable Mr. Elphiusione. wah,

I marched from Bheer at one o'clock ibis + Dessye of Napanee, or Appa Dessye morning, with a view of intercep'ing the Nepaunker, one of the Peishwali's southern

enemy. On the march I was informed that Jaybiredars.

he was moving on the Comerry Ghaut; I # Ryghur upon the Ghauts, which bound

accordingly changed my direction cogie the eastern frontier of the Concan, and in a derably to the southward, in the hope of line between Poona and Bancnote. This crossing his route. After moving abast is another of the fortresses, which the Peish. five miles in the new direction, and also wah surrendered on the Sth of May, 1817, gether about thirty, I came in sight of his as a pledge of his sincerity.

line of march. lie formed upon a nising Ý The Newassa Pergunnah is to the north- ground as if to await our attack. A river east ward of Ahmednuggur.

lay between us, after crossing wbich I # Ram Deen, one of the Chiefs in rebel. formed a line and advanced with the inten. lion against liolkar's Government, who had tion of charging when we had approached joined the Peishwah.

within four hundred yards, a dlag of trece

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