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Mr. Caulfield, of Bath, has a volume in ton and its Environs ; interspersed with the press, containing every important trans- Biographical Anecdotes of Royal and action of the Regency, from the year 1811 Distinguished Persons. By Thomas Faulkto the last dissolution of Parliament.

Mr. Guy is printing a School Astronomy, Remarks on the present state of Musical illustrated by plates, in a similar size with Instruction. his School Geography.

A Tour through Sicily, in the year 1815. Miss Trimmer will soon publish, a short By George Rossell. History of France, after the manner of Mr. Westall, has in a considerable state Mrs. Trimmer's Histories for Children. of forwardness, a Series of Illustrations to

An octavo edition of Mr. Northcote's Mr. Campbell's Pleasures of Hope and Life of Sir Joshua Reynold's, with coosi- Gertude of Wyoming, which will be derable additions, will soon appear.

engraved by Mr. Charles Heath. Dr. Armstrong is preparing new editions, The Rev. David Williams is preparing considerably improved, of bis three Trea. for the press, improved and enlarged editions tises on Scarlet, Typhus, and Puerperal of the Preceptors' Assistant or School Fever.

Examiner. A new and improved edition of Dr. Sermons on the first Lesson in the MomHenry's Elements of Chemistry is in the ing Service of the different Sundays and press.

great Festivals throughout the year. By A Modern London Catalogue of Books the Rev. Richard Warren. (since 1800) with their sizes, prices, and The Rev. Dr. Chalmers of Glasgow, will publishers, is expected to appear the end of shortly publish a volume of Sermons this month,

preached by him in the Town of Glasgow. Shortly will be published, a Graphic and In the press, (introductory to a superb Historical description of the City of Edin- edition of the Season, &c.' with origioal burgh, comprising a series of Views of its Jllustrations and Embellishments), a new most interesting remains of antiquity, pub- Biographical Memoir of James Thomson. lic buildings, and picturesque scenery.

No. VII. of Neale's Illustrated History A new Poem, entitled The Widow of the of Westminster Abbey, will shortly be City of Nain, will speedily be published, published. by a Member of the University of Cam- Mr. Mac-Henry will publish in November, bridge ; to which will be suhjoined, the a new edition of the Exercises on the Song of n Captive Jew in Babylon, and Etymology, Syntax, Idioms, and Synoother sınaller pieces.

nyms, of the Spanish Language. In the press,

In November will be published, Time's The History and Aotiquities of Kensing- Telescope for 1819.'



Al the Prices they are advertised at, in boards, unless otherwise expressed;

and may be had of J. ASPERNE, No. 32, CORNHILL. It is earnestly requested that Authors and Publishers will continue to communicate Notices of their Works (post paid) and they will always be faithfully inserted FREE of EXPENSE.

A Narrative of the Shipwreck of the Captain Laskey's Description of the Na. Oswego. By Judah Paddock, her late poleod Mint Medals, imperial 8vo. II. S. Master, 4to. 1l. 5«.

The London Dispensary. By Anthony Observations on Mercury. By Richard Todd Thomson, second edition, sro. Carmichael, 8vo. 9s.

Black's Translation of Orfila's Directions Taylor's Harry's Holiday, 18mo. Ss. 60, for the treatment of persons who have taken boards, poison, 18mo.5s.

Fifty-seven Sermons, by the Rer. Richard Hodgson's Critical French Grammar, Warner, 2 vols. 12mo, third edition, 16s. 12mo, 9s.

Fearon's Sketches of America, 8vo. An Inquiry into the Influence of Situa- 108. 6d. tion on Pulmonary Consumption. By J.G. The Elements of Ellipses. By James Mansford, 8vo. 58.

Adams, 8vo. 12s. Excursions in the Counties of Essex, Nor. Taylor's Old Sayings, 5s, folk, and Suffolk, first volume, 18mo. 158., Bewick's Esop's Fables, demy Svo. 135, Svo, 11. 4s,

royal 8vo. Il. ls. imperial, 11. Ils. 6d.


Scientißc Tourist in Ireland, 2 vols, bds. 0s.

A Manual of Practical Anatomy, for the Use of Students. By Edward Stanley, 9s.

Practical Chess Grammar, 10 plates, 4to. 78.

Adams's Translation of Sophocles, 8vo. 126.


THE Editor begs to announce to the worthy of their choice, we deem it incumreaders of the E. M. that in the biographi- bent upon us to give the palm of preference cal arucle which accompanied the engrav. according to our humble powers of discriing of the head of James Perry, Esq. in

mination. our last Number, there was a material

The Review of Dr. Yates's Visitation omission, by an accident in the printing, of Sermon and Mrs. Hooper's Poems, in our part of a sentence which not merely made next. ihe passage unintelligible in one sense, but, Whoever talks of everlasting death, of unfortunately, cast a reflection in another, the grave, and of scorning the maxims of totally undeserved on a work of established the wise, even in poetry, can be no fit Correputation.

respondent for the E.M. The paragraph at the foot of p. 189, The Misapplication of lhe Term Friend ought to have stood thus

would, if inserted, he a gross misapplication "Mr. Perry was for several years of our pages. The paper is evidently writeditor of Debrett's Parliamentary Regis- ten with much personality; and were the ter, and continued editor of the Gazetteer feelings of the writer as much corrected as till 1790; while by Mr. Woodfall's perse

his MS. he would be a fairer copy of a verance in filling the Morning Chronicle Christian ;-and a much more acceptable with Parliamentary Debates, to the exclu- friend of the E. M. sion of Advertisements, that paper ceased. Politeness! is really so uncoothly exto be profitable to its proprietors, and they pressed, that, as far as we can make out the set it up to public sale. In the meantime, drift ot it, it must be altogether inadmissiMr. Woodfall undertook another paper ble, unless it be written in something like under the title of the Diary, and Mr. the English language. The hint has soine Perry bought the Morning Chronicle." meaning in it, if we have rightly devised it,

The letter from A Merchant, has already but it requires a better medium. been inserted in a public Journal.

The two Sonnets are written by a hand H.'s recommendation of a Subject for a

who can write better, but we fear not poePortrait, is respectfully acknowledged, but try: the plan suggested is contrary to the prin

As we wish to insert W.'s Review of ciples of originality, on which the embel.

Horne entire in a single Number, we have lishments of the E. M. are produced.

postponed it until we shall have more space Northumbria would have met with the unoccupied by previous matter. same attention as she does us the favour

T. W.and several other communications, to thank us for in a former instance, had

are unavoidably deferred till our next, for her Muse been found equally propitious,

want of room,

John Collins-B.-Edvard lIowardWe beg to assure Mr. Joseph Crow, that it is with regret we feel ourselves at any

Dilo-M, 0.-S. E.--and W. D. A, are time compelled to reject the communica

received tions of those who honour the E, M, with N FOTO147NSSJ, H. C. to Lucy-and their selection ; but that we may render it D, D, are inadmissible.



Extracted from the London Gazelle. N.B. All the Meetings are at Guildhall, unless otherwise expressed. The Country and

London Attorpies' Names are between Brackets.

CLAYTON, RICHARD, Leeds, cloth-merchant, Oct. 3.

ASHWORTH, JOHN, Manchester inn-keeper, BELT, WILLIAM AUGUSTUS, Great Drifbeld,
Nov. 17, 18, and Dec. 1, Albion, Manchester. York, currier, Neptune, Kingston-uponHull.
(Halstead and Co. Manchester; and Milne and (Scotchburn, Great Driftield; and Spence, Thread.
Co. Temple.) Oct. 20,

needle-sheet.] Sept, 26.

BARTELLS, THOMAS, Aldersgate-street, wine- HOLLAND, SAMUEL PHILLIPS, and Co. Wormerchant, Nov. 14. (Hubbersty, Austin-friars.] cester, hop-merchant, Nov, 21, Guildhall CotfueOct. 3.

House, Worcester. (Parker and Co. Worcester; BURTON, WILLIAM, Hinckley, Leicestershire, and Cardale and Co. Gray's.inn.] Oct. 10.

hosier, Nov. 17, George, Hinckley. (Soden, HADDAN, WILLIAM, Clement's-lane, Lombard. Hinckley ; and Beckett, Noble-street, Foster street,, Nov. 24. (Wiltshire and Co. lane.) Oct. 6.

Winchester House.) Oct. 13. BENTLIF, DAVID, Gravesend, shoe-maker, Nov. HARPER, JAMES, Fleet-street, bookseller, Nov. 7, 2. (Madox and Co. Austin friars.] Oct. io.

and Dec. 5. (Bicke and Co, Aldermanbury.) Oct. BUTLER, JAMES ARTHUR, Blackheath, master. 24.

mariner, Nov. 21. [Rivington, Fenchurch-street.) JOHNSON, JOHN EDWARD, Hyde-street, BloomsOct. 10.

bury, master-mariner, Nov 10. (Allisten and Co. BRABAND, EDWARD, Manchester, dealer, Nov. Freeman's court, Cornhill.] Sept. 29. 21. (Howell, Simmond's-inn.) Oct. 10.

JACKSON, JOHN, Easingwold, Yorkshire, mer. BARNES, JAMES, Cinderford, Gloucestershire, chant, Nor, 17, at Mr. Williain Preston's,

coal-merchant, Nov. 24, King's Head, Glouces. wold. [Lockwood, Easingwold; and Longdill and ter. [Griffith and Co. Gloucester; and King, Ser. Co. Gray's-inn-square. ) Oct. 6. jeant's.inn.] Oct. 13.

JONES, THOMAS, Bull Ring Birminghamn, cord. BAKER, FRANCIS, Upper Thames-street, baker, wainer, Nov. 04, White Hart, Digbeth. (Sim.

Nov. 28. [Chapman and Co. Little St. Thomas cox, Birmingham; and Bourdillion and Co. Apostle, Queen-street.) Oct. 17.

Bread-street, Cheapside.) Oct, 19. BATESON, JAMES, Armley Hall, Leeds, York. LEVY, SOLOMON, Mansel.street, Geodman's

shire, merchant, Nov. 6, 7, and 28, Court house, neld's, tailor, Nov. 84. (Annesley and Co. Leeds. (Smith and Co. Leeds; and Wilson, Cateaton -street] Oct. 13. Greville-street, Hatton-garden.) Oct. 17.

LOCK, GEORGE, Pirton, Worcester, grazier, No4, BUCKLEY, JAMES, Hurst, Lancashire, cotton- 2, 3, and 28. Old Swan, Cheltenbam. (Lesing.

manufacturer, Nov. 2, 3, and Dec. 3, Bridgewater ham, Upton-upon-Severn, Worcester, and Pat Arms, Manchester. (Cunliffe, Manchester; and and Co. New Boswell.court.) Oct. 17. Clarke and Co. Chancery.lane.) Oct. 20.

LE BRUN, PHILIP FELIX, King-street, CorentCUMBERO, FRANCIS, Boar's Head court, King- garden, chymist, Nov. 7, and Dec. 1. (Dawson, street, Westminster, coach-master, Nov. 7. (Dun- Saville-place, Burlington-street.) Oct. 20. combe, Lyons.inn.) Sept. 26.

MORETON, CHARI ES, Derby Arms, Croydon, CROSS, THOMAS, Bath, butcher, Nov. 7, Grey. victualler, Oct. 3, 7. (Rowland and Co. Lincoln's

hound, Bath. [Evill, Bath ; and Nethersole and inn-fields.) Sept. 26. Co. Essex-street, Strand.) Sept. 26.

MEDHURST, THOMAS, Manchester, cotton-mangCROWTHER, WILLIAM, Banner-street, watch- facturer, Nov. 2, S, and Dec. 1, Bridgewater Arns,

maker, Nov. 7, and 28. [Hudson, Walworth. Manchester. (Cunlitie, Manchester ; ard Clarke place, City road.) Oct. 17.

and Co. Chancery-lane.) Oct. 20. DYSON, WILLIAM, and CO. Haugh, York, grocers, PARSONS, THOMAS. Duke-street, St. James's, Nov. 7, Town Hall, Shufheld. (Broomhead, Shef- brecches maker, Nov. 17. (Turner, New-inn.) field ; and Duncan, Gray's.inn.) Sept. 26.

Oct.6. DUSSARD, PETER, Welbeck-street, Cavendish- PROCTOR, CHARLES, Hirst, Stafford, farmet,

square, milliner, Nov. 7. (Lawledge, Gray's-inn. Nov. 4, 6, and 28, Three Tuns, Sutton Colufeld, lane.) Sept. 26.

Warwick. (Croxall and Co. Sutton Coldfield DAFTÉR, MOSES, Whitmister, Gloucestershire, and Hall and Co. James-street, Bedford.rows

linen-draper, Nov. 10 and 11, Upper George Cora Oct. 17., Gloucester.), Matthews, Gloucester; RAVEN, CHARLES, and CO, Norwich, wine-metand A'Beckett, Broad-street, Golden-square. chant, Nov. 14, Norfolk Hotel, Norwich. [Good. Sept.29.

win, Norwich; and Abbott, Rolls-yard, Chancery. DUKKANT, JAMES, East Dereham, Norfolk, inn. lane.] Oct. 9. keeper, Nov. 10, Norfolk Hotel, Norwich. (Palmer, REBBECK, JOHN, Bradford, Wilts, clothier, Nov. Easi Dereham; and Adlington and Co. Bedford. 14, Commercial Rooms, Bristol. (Cooke, Brise row.) Sept.29.

toi; and Lambert and bo. Gray's-iun-square.) DAVIL, DAVID GRAVES, and co. Plymouth. Oct. 10.

dock, drapers, Nov. 14. (Adarns, Old Jewry.] RELDING, FREDERICK, Wellington, Salop, tanOct. 3.

ner, Nov. 11 and 12, at the Star, Shifinal, and ei, DAY, RICHARD, Crooked-lane, oil-broker, Nov. Heygate, Salop.. [Brown, Shiffnal; and Morton

24. (Wiltshire and Co. Winchester.) Oct. 13. and Co. Gray's inn.square.). Oct. 10. DIBDIN, JOSEPH, Camberwell, Surrey, victualler, RICHARDS, WILLIAM, and co, Snow-hill, face

Nov. 7, and Dec. i. (Henson, Bouveric-street, tors, Nov. 21. [Mayhew and Co. Chancery-labt.] Fleet-street.) Oct. 20.

Oct, 10. DYSON, GEORGE, jun. China-terrace, Lambeth, RAVEN, JOHN, and Co. Norwich, inercliant. Nor.

auctioneer, Nov. 7, and Dec. 5. (Hodson, Sta. 21, Norfolk Hotel, Norwick. (Goodwin, Norwich; ple-inn.) Oct. 24.

and Abbott, Rolls-yard, Chancery lane.)

Oc?. EVANS, GEORGE, sen. and jun. High-street, 10.

Southwark, hop-merchants, Nov. 7. (James, REES, REES, Chatham and Gravesend, Kent, draBucklersbury.] Sept. 26.

per, Nuv. 98, Commercial Rooms, Briste!.

(41FOWLER, WILLIAM and JOHN, Alder Mills, thur, Bristol; and Rosser and Co. Bartlett's.

Tamworth, Staffordshire, corn-millers, Nov. 10, buildings, Holborn.) Oct. 17.
Castle, Tamworth. (Willington, Tamworth.) RUST, WILLIAM, Shcificid, merchant, Nov. 3, 6,
Sept. 29.

and Dec. 5, Angel, Sheffield. (Wilson, GrevilleGLASS, MOSES, Pattern, Wilts, victualler, Nov. street, Hation-garden.] Oct. 94.

14, Spread Eagle, New Sarum. (Laycock, Wilts; SCHOLES, SAMUEL, and Co. Manchester, calcsand Price and Co. Lincoln's-inn.) Oct. 3.

de viers, Nov. 17. Bridgwater-arins, Manchester. GRAVES, JOHN, Borough of Southwark, bop and [Wadfield, Manchester, and Hurd and Co. Tem

seed merchant, Nov. 24. (Lee and Co. Three ple) Oct. Crown-square, Southwark.] Oct. 13.

SYKES, GEORGE, and co. Huddersfield, YorkGOM PERTZ, HENRY, 'Tokenbouse yard, wool. shire, merchants, Nov. 1, 5, and 21, Saville Arms,

dealer, Nov. 28. (Bishop and Co. Tokenhouse- Elland, Halifax. (Plachburn, Huddersöeld; and yard.) Oct. 17.

Hartley, New Bridge-street.} Oct 10. GRAHAM, ROBERT, Garstang, Lancaster, grocer, SHEPPARD, JAMES, and CÓ. Gainsborough and

Nov. 16, 17, and Dec. 5, White Horse, Preston. Boston, Lincolnshire, corn-factors, Nov. 3, and 4, [Parkinson, Garstang; and Blakclock, Serjcant's. Rutland arms, Newark-upon-trent, and 24, White inn, Flect-streer.] Oct. 94.

Han, Gainsborough. (Tallents and Co. Newarko HOPKINS, JONATHAN, Hop Market, Worcester, upon-Trent; and Long and Co. Holborul-court,

hop and seed Merchant, Nov. 10, Star and Gar- Gray's inn.) Oct. 13. ter, Worcester. (Hill, Worcester; and Becke, SLACK, WILLIAM, Longwood-house, Huddetse

Devonshire-street, Queen's-square.] Sept. 29. field, Yorkshire, woolstapler, Nov. 3, 4, and 94, HALLET, WILLIAN, Spa.fields, catile-dealer, White Horse, Huddersteld. [Pearce, Hudders*

Nov. 17. (King and Co. Gray's-inn square.] Oct, field; and Siocher and Co. New Boswell-count.] 6.


SCHWABACHER, ISAAC, Great Alie-street, Goodman's fields, toy.merchant, Nov. 7, and 28.

(Mancham, Great St. Helen's.). Oct. 17. SNUGGS, JOSEPH WILLIAM ALDERHEAD,

Lime-street, spirit-merchant. Nov. 7, and Dec. 5.
(Chapman and Co. Little St. Thomas Apostle.)

Oct. 2+.
VENTRESS, JOHN, and Co. Newcastle-upon-Tyne,

cheesemongers, Nov. S, and 24. Turk's Head,
Newcastle upon-Tyne. [Forster, Newcastle-upon.

Tyne ; and Fisher and Co. Holborn.] Oct. 19. WALTERS, JOIN, Tredegar, Monmouth, grocer,

Nov. 21, White Lion, Bristol. (Clarke, Bristol ;

and Jenkins and Co. New-inn.) Oct. 10. WHITBY, WILLIAM, Clement's-lane, Lombard.

street, drug-broker, Nov. 24. (Wiltshire and Co.

Winchester House, Old Broad-street.) Oct. 19. WHITTENBURG, WILLIAM, Manchester, cot

ton-dealer, Nov. 24, Garrick's Head, Manchester. [Taylor and Co. Manchester; and Ellis, Chancery lane.) Oct. 13. WILSON, JAMES, Railbone-place, Oxford-street,

bookseller, Nov. 7, and Dec. 5. Nind and Co. Throgmorton-street.) Oct. 24.

AN ALPHABETICAL LIST OF DIVIDENDS, FROM SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, TO SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1818, ADNAM, R. East Isley, Oct. 20 Edwards, M. Freshford, Nov. 19 Meatyard, T. Dorsetshire, Oct. 29 Adnam, R. Leckhampstead, Oct. Empson, G. Sheffield, Nov. 13 M'Neilie, W. Liverpool, Nov. 5 Adnam, W. Midgham, Oct. 20 Eigar, W. Maidstone, Nov. 17 Martin, s. jun. and Co. Lough. Arndt, J. G. and Co. Coleman-st. Fearn, J. Sculcoates, Oct. 27 borough. Nov. 3 Oct. 31

Prost, L. jun. Liverpool, Nov. 10 Midwood, J. Huddersfield, Nov. 4 Arderr., R. Stockport, Nov. 10 Foreman, J. jun. Mountsorre!, Mackenzie, A. J. and Co. Cross-st. Anthony, R. Plymouth, Nov. 4 Nov. 5

Nov. 10 Adams. W. and Co. Cumberland. Poster, E. S. Yalding, Nov. 7 Mathews, J. Hampstead, Nov. 94 st. Nov. 7

Fotherley, T. Gosport, Nov. 6 Nelson, J. East India Chambers, Anderson, A. Philpotala. Nov. 14 Fletcher. B. Deptford, Fov. 7

Oct. 17 Ashton, J. Tower-st. Nov. 10 Fairlamb, J. Wynyatt-st. Nov. 7 Nichols, J. Leeds, Nov. 19 Brook, J. Longroyd-bridge, Nov. 2 Grisentliwaite, W. King's Lynn, Nicoll, E. Hemel Hempstead, Nov, Barkar, S. and Co. Billiter-sq.

Oct. 24

10 Noy.7

Goodall, W. and Co. Garlick-hill, Ogden, A. and Co. Liverpool, Oct. Baran, R. M. and Co. Taverham, Oct. 31

96 Oct. 19

Gonde, J. Leicester, Nov. 4 Oliver, J. Lutterworth Rrooking, J. Bristol, Oct. 17 Gompertz, A. Great Winchester-Orie, W. Borough, Nov, 10 Broughall, R. Shrewsbury, Oct. 21 st. Noy. 10

Pearce, J. Horningsham, Oct. 19 Bush, J. Thatcham, Oct 20 Gillam, T. and Co. Bedwardine, Pellowe, R. Falmouth, Oct. 31 Balling, W. and Co. High Hol

Nov. 16

Pitts, L. Thorpe Abbotts, Oct. 24 born, Oct. So

Glover D, Gutter-la. Nov. 10 Pleil, A. L. and Co. Bishopsgate-st. Bradshaw, J. and Co. Lancaster, Hodizkins, C. Old City Chambers, Oct. 27. Oct. 27 Oct. 17

Price, P. and Co. Winchester-st. Berthen, P. and Co. Finsbury-sq. Hobson, J. Manchester, Oct. 19

Oct.30 Nov. 3

Heward, J. Bridlington Quay, Oct. Palmer, R. Worthing, Oct. 31 Bingley, W. and T. Taristock-st. QA

Poulgrain, R. and Co. Cornwall, Oct. 24

Hobson, J. Manchester, Oct. 24 Nov. b Burnett, A. Lisle-st. Oct. 31 Haycock, J. Norfolk, Nov. 27 Pearson, G. Leadenhall-st. Nov. 14 Piggs, G. Holborn-br. Oct. 31 Herbert, J. and H. Tokenliouse Perry, J, Nantwich, Dec. 9 Butler, W. Prescot, Nov. 11

yard, Oct. 30

Pitcher, J. Back-road, Nov. 4! Rrookes, W. Paternostar-row, Oct. Howell, J. and Co. Black-friars'- Pothonier, F. Corporation-row, 31 road, Oct. 31

Nov. 10 Bone, H. North Shields, Nov. 20 Hewett, B. and Co. Eddowes Bow-Purday, T. Margate and Sandgate, Bishop, R. Tetbury, Nov. 4 man, Nov. S.

Nov. 21 Blankenhagen, T. C. Bishopsgate Hounsom. J. Fleet-s. Nov. 7 Ross, E. Oxford-st. Nov. 7 st, Nov.7

Aarris, W. Cornwall, Nov. 4 Richards, J. Whitchurch, Oct. 26 Beaver, J. Red-cross-st. Nny. 10 Hand, J. Wornwood-st. Nov. 7 Roden, W. Birmingham, Oct. 24 Bush, J. Thatcham, Nov. 14 Humfreys, W. sen. Old Fish-street. Raner, T. North Allerton, Oct. 29 Bath, W. Esher, Nov. 14

Hill, Oct. 31

Ridley, J. Wood-st. Oct. 31 Browning, W. St. Mary-axe, Nov. Higginson, H. Finsbury.sq. Oct. 31 Richards, R. Shrewsbury, Nov. 4 14

Hartley, J. Manchester, Nov. 6 Reilly, J. D. Thavies.inn, Nov. 7 Bryan, W. White-lion-co. Nov. 14 Herbert, T. Sealord, Nov. 14 Ramsbottom, J. and Co. Norwich, Cox, W. H. Bread-st. Oct. 17 Heath, J. Teignmouth, Dec. 8 Nov, 6 Craig, J. and Co. Basinghall-st. Hopkins, W. Aldersgate-st. and Rance, H. Worcester, Nov. 16 Oct. 31 Great Trinity-la. Nov. 14

Rose, S. Swansea, Nov. 16 Cullen, R. and Co. Cheapside, Hockly, D. and Co. Brooke-st. Rains, .. S. W'apping wall, Nov. 14 Nov. 7 Nov. 14

Robinson, G. Paternoster-row, Nov.7 Child, R. Waltham, Oct. 19 Johnson, C. jun. and R. Kirkby Stevens, R. Long-la. Oct. 17 Carter, J. Liverpool, Oct. 19

Lonsdale, Oct. 19

Smith, W. Oxford-st. Oct. 20 Coulborn, C. March, Oct. 27 Jackson, J. Middleton, Oct. 24 Smith, G. Ludgate-bill, Oct. 6 Curtis, E. Chiswick, Oct. 31 Ireland, J. Culkerton, Nov. 4 Solomon, S. M. Birmingham, Oct.90 Clementson, E. Market Bosworth, Jackson, w. Clement's. Ja. Nov. 10 Scholefield, N. and Co. Greenwich, Nov. 19

Kelly, E. Black-lion-la. Oct. 3 Oct. 24 Changeur, L. L. Kensington, Nov. King, T. Leicester, Nov. 4 Searle, H. Strand, Nov. 3 21

Kieckhaefer, G. Islington, Nov. 14 Slatter, 'T. Ihminster, Nov. 3? Carmichael, J. Little Russell-st. King, R. Duke-st. Nov. 10 Strange, T. Hazelbury, Oct. 31 Nov. 10

Kenyon, R. Manchester, Nov. 18 Seaton, J. and Co. Pontefract, Coulter, J. Chelham, Nov. 10 Lovenbury, M. Weston, Oct. 20 Nov. 2 Davies, J. Shrewsbury, Oct. 21 Love, W. Huddersfield, Oct. 22 Smale, J. Plymouth Dock, Nov. 3 Dickenson, R. and Co. St. John's. Lunn, c. Tamworth, Oct. 25 Stanbrough, W.jun. Woking, Nov.14 st. Nov. 7

Lyne, G. and Co. Nov. 7 Scott, J. Tuxford, Nov. 9 Drakeley, J. and Co. Market Bos. Lee, J. Liverpool, Oct. 31 Stuart, J. Bishopsgate-st. Nov. 10 worth, Nov. 10

Labato, e. A.P. Finsbury-sq. Nov. 3 Smith, J, Tabernacle-walk, Nov. 10 Dyson, C. Dungeonwood, Nov. 11 Lister, J. Netherton, Nov. 16 Seagar, S. P. Maidstone, Nov. 17 Davenport, S. Staines, Nov. 10 Lester, T. Hatton-garden, Nov. 14 Travers, J. and Co. of Newton and Duckworth, H. jun. Billiter-la. Munckton, C. Curry Rivel, Oct. 16 Lower Whitley, Chester, Oct. 19 Nov. 3

Mullett, F. St. Mary-axe, Oct. 17 Thompson, E. Ferryhill, Oct. 27 Earle, J. Winchester, Oct. 20 Morand, s, Broad-st. Oct. 19 Tabor, W.James-st. Oct. 27 Elliott, W. Westgate, Oct. 27 Mountford, J. Worcester, Oct. 27 Tebbutt, R. Loughborough, Nov. 3 Eccles, J. Penkridge, Oct. 28 Monkhouse, W. J. Liverpool, Tozer, J. Alderman's-walk, Oct. 31 Eld, J. Houghton, Oct. 21

Nov. 7

Thomson, W. Manchester-bulld. Edwards, J. Clare-sl. Oct. 31 Mugridge, T. and E. King's Lynn, Nov. 3 Emery, S. Brewood, Nov. 3

Oct. 27

Townsend, J. Ludgate-st. Nov. 10

Tastal, J. B. Minories, Nov. 10 Wood, S. and Co. Manchester, Oct. Wainwright, G. and Co. Liverpool, Thompson, J. P. Great 29

Nov. 1 Nov. 7

Wilcox, J.'Almondsbury, Oct. 30 Wilson, J. and J. Shrewsbury, Nov. Willson, J. H. Manchester, Oct. 30 Welchman, J. Bradford, 'Oct. 31 Wilks, J. Finsbury-sq. Nov. 7 Wright, T. Aughton, Nov. 5 Wolffe, J. and Co. New Bridge-st. Wascoe, J. North Allerton, Oct. 29 Wallis, J. Leicester, Nov. 4

Dec. 1 Worley, C. Woodyates, Oct. 29 Wise, J. B. Taplow Mills, Nov. 7 Younder, J. Crescent, Nov. 7

AN ALPHABETICAL LIST OF CERTIFICATES, FROM SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, TO SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1818. ABBOTT, W. Honey lane-market, Howard, R. Stockport, Oct. 20 Ranford, J. Oct. 90 Oct. 31

Hadingham, M. King st. Oct. 27 Rowbottom, J. Field House, Oct. 24 Barton, J. St. James's-pl. Oct, 84 Hattield, R Dewsbury, Nov. 3. Robinson, J. jun. York, Oct. 94 Brooke, J Rawfolds, Oct. 27 Holloway: W.Worcestershire, Nov.3 Ravenshaw, T. Liverpool, Oct. 31 Bush, M. Isleworth, Oct. 31 Hilbers, 'H. G. St. Marv-axe, Nov.7 Ryder, J. Robert-st.' Oct si Bateman, J. Asthell, Nov. 7 Hall, B. V. Gosport, Oct. 10 Spencer, T. Manchester, Oct. 90 Broughall, R. Shrewsbury, Nov. 10 Hodges, W. Kew, Oct. 10

shaw, W.and G. Lepton, Oct. 94 Blunt, c. Tavistock-st. Nor. 14 Jenden, C. Worthing, Oct. !? Salisbury, J. & S. Liverpool, Nov. 1 Bray, R. Gosport, Nov. 14

Kennell, J. P. (hurch-st. Oct. 17 Springet, J. Maidstone, Nov. 7 Cole, R. Greai Yaninoutli, Oct. 17 Legert, J. Lugwardiae, Oct. 17 sargeni, G. Hastings, Nov. 14 Clegg. S. Salford, Oct. 27

latcham, C. Bristol, Oct. 31 Thorogood, C. Strand, Nov. 3 Cunliffe, J. Manchester, Oct. 27 Meriton, D. Maiden-la. Oct. 24 Thomas, R, Calverley, R. Kegworth, Oct. S! Moody, M. Cheltenham, Oct. 31 Nov. 10 Clegg, J. C. Manchester, Nov. 3 Milbourne, s. Skerne, Nov. 3 Turner, J. Bury-mill, Nov. 14 Cross, W. Birmingham, Nov. 7 Massar, A. iwynnc's-bu, Nov. 7 Verdenholm, G. V. White-ya. Nor. Duckworth, E. Manchester, Oct. 31 Naslı, W. Bristol, Oct. 27

14. Donovan, D. V. Tortola, Nov. 7 Nicholls, T. Birmingham, Nov. 14 West, J. Abbey-green, Oct. 84 Dodson, P. Bedminster, Nov. 10' Oakley, G. and Co. Old Bond-st. West, T. Manchester, Oct. 31 Firth, J. and Co. Dewsbury, Oct. 17 Oct. 17

Whitfield, J. Old-st. Oct. 31 Furnival, S. Liverpool, Oct. 24 Pocock, G. Leadenhall-st. Oct. 31 Wooddeson, T. W. Dover-st. Nov. 7 Foster, W. Liverpool, Oct. 31 Procior, J. and Co. Steyning-la. Wilson, J. S. Nor. 7 Flower, T. Castle-st. Nov. 15

Oct. 31

Willatls, T. Great Queen-st. Nor. 10 Grieve, P. Essex-st, Oct. 90 Philinps, T. Haking. Nov. 7 Walker, J. Upper Russell-st. Nor. Gill, H. R. Park-pl. Oct. 27 Quiat,J.North Woolborough, Oct. 20 14. George, J. North Audley-st. Nov. 3



DISSOLUTIONS OF PARTNERSHIP, FROM SATURDAY, SEPTEWRER 26, TO SATURDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1818. AMALRIC, A. and Fothergill, W. Manchester, dry- Carr, J. and Buck, A. Loughborough, lace-mangsalters.

facturers. Anderson, J. and J. St. Thomas's-st. Borough, Crook, J. and Armstrong, W. Skinner-st. Snor. cooks.

bill, auctioneers. Ashton, J. and Gill, T. patent-hydrometer-makers. Cuming, K. and Cuming, T. Plymouth, dealers in Allen, W. sen. and Allen, W. jun. Bewdley, Wor. fruit. cestershire, tailors.

Collins, J. and Hewson, J. Gosport, attornies. Atkinson, T. W.and J. Billingsgate, fish-factors. Clapcott, W. Castleman, W. and Adams, G. Butti, L. Barnaschina. C. and Carianeo, E. New- Christchurch and Wimborne, bankers. castle-upon-Tyne, barometer-makers.

Cave, S. and Huntington, S. Cheltenham, jewellers. Byron, H. and Henry, W. Scarborough, York, Dalton, M. Dalton, M. Preston, R. and Barge, J. mast-makers.

Manchester, manufacturers. Bishop. J. and Coulson, W. Chiswell-st. Finsbury- Debaufre, J. and Clark, W. Cow-la, lamp-man • sq. basket-makers.

facturers. Bennett, N. and Williamson, J. Bo- Dacre, L. Beauclerk, A. and Colman, s. Merton, rough, upholsterers.

Surrey, flax.manufacturers. Parrow, F. C. and Cobb, W. London.

Dickenson, J. and Bloxam, E. Aldersgate-st. WeaBankier, J. and Scotland, J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, pawnbrokers.

Dempsey, W. and Phillips, T. Little Moo ri elds Brooks, D. and Sudlow, W. Manchester, corn. builders. dealers.

Elkins, N. and Ingram, J. Ellis-st. Chelsea, plurBates, J. and Medlicott, R. Bridgnorth, Shropshire, hers.

Evill, J. and Evill, W. Bath, bankers. Brierley, J. and Mitchell, J. Halifax, cotton-spin. Fckley, J. and Boeler, J. Bristol, linen merchants.

Eastwoord, A. and Sheardown, T. Kingston-upon. Binning, C. and Drew, J. Wells, Somersetshire, Hull, linen and woollen drapers. linen drapers.

Fletcher, T. and Pickering, T. Wapping-wall, mastBraithwaite, W. and Richardson, J. Stockton, Dure inakers, ham, wharfingers.

Fry, W. B. and Sparkes, J. Southampton-st. Butler, J. T. and Thomas, J. Elder st. White-lion- Strand, linen-drapers.

st. Norton falgate, lead-pipe.manufacturers. Fidlin, J. and Hitchor, R. Manchester, caliceBrooke, J. N. and Gariston, T. Harcourt, Wor- manufacturers. cestershire, paper-manufacturers.

Friend, J. and Middleton, N. Dover, merchants. Birks, W. of Chamer's Old Hall, Staffordshire, far. Franzen, H. and Cross, C. estate.

mers, and Smallwood, T. and Spearman, R. of agents. Drayton-in-Hales, Shropshire, bankers.

Grant, L. and Forsyth, J. Inverness, booksel. Baker, J. and Barton, J. G. Brook st. Ipswich, glass lers. and earthenware dealers.

Grundy, E. and Horrok, S. Radcliffe, Lancashire, Bealey, K. and Bealey, J. Amsworth, Lancashire, calico-priniers. Collon-manufacturers.

Grey, c. I. and Philips, P. High Holborn, silver Bissayer, C. J. and Jones, C. Fetter-la. smiths. paper gilders.

Greg, S. Hodgson, J. Greg, R. H. and Daniel, G. Boden, C. and Phillips, J. B. Nicholls-sq. Cripple. Manchester, merchants. gale, jewellers.

Greg, S. and Hodgson, J. Caton, Lancashire, cottonBossano, J. Thames-st. sugar refiner, and Levett, J. spinners. Kingston upon-Hull, merchant.

Grime, E.JNaylor, A. and Rice, T. Salford, LancaIrown, J. andTaylor, E. Louth, Lincolnshire,drapers. shire, machine-makers. Charrington, J. R. and Spencer, J. Deptford, twine- Grimley, T. and Brooks, A. Leicester, milliners. spiuncis.

Greated, J. and Field, W. Snow-bill, auctioneers.


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