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ATELY, at Doneraile House, Dublin, 29. At Ganes Hall, Huntingdonshire, the

Lady of Sir James Duberly, of a daughter. Lately, at Gorambory, Herts, the At Hampton-court Green, the Lady Countess of Verulam, of a son.

of Hugh Blaydes, Esq. of a son. Lately, at Raventhorpe, in Northampton- 30. The wife of the Governor of Aldershire, Mrs. Hart, the wife of a respectable ney, of a son. farmer and grazier, of three fine female in- Oct. 3. In Bruton-street, the Lady of fants.

the Hon. I apt. Dawson, R.N. of a daughter.. Lately, at Desart House, the Countess of At Swansea, the Lady of Henry ThoDesart, of a son and heir

mas Shewen, Esq. R.N. of a son. Lately, at Dublin Castle, the Lady of The Lady of Mr. Bagot, Minister Gustavus Lambart, Esq. of Beau Park, Plenipotentiary to the United States, of a county of Meath, of a daughter.

daughter. Lately, at St. Brecke Rectory, Cornwall, 5. In Manchester-square, the Lady of the Lady of the Rev. W. Molesworth, of Henry Ushurne, Esq. of a daughter.

6. At Blithe House, Brook Green, the Sept. 17. At Ditchley Park, Oxford. Lady of the Solicitor-General of a daughshire, the Lady of the Earl of Normapton, ter. of a son and heir.

7. Mrs. Cook, of Woodbridge House, of 21. At the Palace, Bangor, the Lady of a daughter. Major Hewett, Assistant Adjutant-General, 20. "In Grafton-street, Lady Ridley, of a and daughter of the Lord Bishop of that 800. Diocese, of a son and heir.

The Lady of Sir William Templar 25. At Lee Rent, the Lady of Frederick Pole, Bart. High Sheriff of the county of Perkins, Esq. of a daughter.

Devon, of a son. 26. At Dale Park, Sussex, the Lady of 21. ln Hertford-street, the widow of the George Morant, Esq. of a son.

Jate S. R. Gaussen, Esq. of a son. 27. At Hertford, the Lady of Mr. John In Davies-street, Berkley-square, Mrs. Wioder, of a Soa.

Bartholomew, of a danghter,

a son.

MARRIAGES. LATELY; Lieutenant-Colonel Casting Themas Alderson Cooke, Esq. of the same

the , Queen's Lancers, to Caroline, place. daughter of A. Moore, Esq. one of his Ma- 22. Earl Brownlow, to Caroline, daughjesty's Judges of the Conrt of Common Pleas ter of George Fludyer, of Ayston, Rutland. in Ireland.

shire. Lately, at Bingham Castle, in the county 24. Sir W. Herne, of Maidenhead-bridge, of Mayo, V. B. Fowler, Esq. of Mecklen. to Mrs. Stevenson, of Bipfield-place. burgh-street, Dublin, to Louisa, daughter 26. F. Gifford, Esq. of Jersey, banker, of Major Bingham, of Bingham Castle, to Catherine, daughter of the late Lachlan and niece to Lord Clanmorris.

Mackintosh, Esq. Deputy Commissioner. MAY 21. At Charleston, South Carolina, General. Mr. Edmund Jermyn, of Ipswich, Essex, 28. Mr. G. W. Pauli, of Charing.cross, to Miss Millisent Carlion Abbott, daughter to Jane, daughter of A. Tulloch, Esq. of of Samuel Abbott, Esq. of that city. Charles-street, St. James's-square.

SEPT. 3. Robert Langolore, of the Mid- 29. Mr. James Nicholson, of Bishopsdle-Temple, Esq. to Sarah Jane Henrietta, gate-street, to Hannah Mortimer, daughter daughter of the late Wm. Makepeace of Thomas Mortiner, Esq. of LudgateThackeray, of Hadley, Esq.

hill. 17. J. Kerr, Esq. Judge of the Courts of Oct. I. John Lens, Esq. one of his Ma. King's-Beach, and Vice-Admiralty at Que- jesty's Serjeants at Law, to Mrs. Nares, bec, and one of his Majesty's Executive widow of the late John Nares, Esq. Council for the province of Lower Canada, 2. J. Armytage, Esq. son of Sir George to Isabella, daughter of the Rev. Alexander Armytage, Bart. of Kirklees Hall, YorkKerr, of Siobo.

shire, to Mary, daughter of William Asshe19. Captain W. Smale, to Ilarriett El- ton, Esq. Chester-street, Grosvenor-place. Jiott, daughter of the late Rev. Richard El. 4. Ai Mr. Corbett's, in Richmond-plare, Jiott.

near Limerick, the Right Hon. Colonel W. 21. William Walcot Squire, Esq. of W. Odell, of the county Limerick militia, Peterborough, to Miss Cooke, daughter of and one of the Lords of his Majesty's Trea.

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sury, to Miss Anne Maria Finocane, of Raymond, Esq. of Chester-street, GrosseEonis.

nor-place. 7. Gerard Gallaghan, Esq. M.P. for Dun. 10. Hugh Parnell, Esq. of Church-street, dalk, to Louisa Margaretia, daughter of to Miss S. Crallan, daughter of the late Joho Joho Calvert Clarke, Esq. of Teddington. Crallan, Esq. of Highgate. place, Middlesex.

Lieut. Howe, of the West Kent Militia, Lieut. Col. Lord Greenock, Perma- to Martha Maria Paye, relict of the late nent Assistant Quarter-Master-General, to George Paye, Esq. of Mitchell's Town, Henrietta, daughter of Thomas Mather, Esq. county of Cork.

8. Adolphus Meetkerke, Esq. of Julians, 13. F. T. Young, Esq. of MontagueHerts, to Matilda, daughter of the late Joho- street, Russell-square, to Elizabeth Ellen, son Wilkinson, Esq. of Portman-square. danghter of Thomas Wethered, Esq. of

9. Mr. William Sams, of Pall Mall, to Great Marlow. Harriet, daughter of the late James Grant

L 3. , ,

ATELY, aged 36, at Spike Island, descended from the family of the Poet Dry. port, commanding Royal Engineer at that Turner, who, with Lord Parker, contested place.

the election for Oxfordshire, in the year Lately, at Newton, Scotland, aged 102, 1754, with Viscount Wenman and Sir James Mrs. E. Whimes.

Dashwood. Lately, at his seat, Moyns, io the parish Lately, at Edinburgh, Elizabeth, wife of Steeple Bumpstead, Essex, George Gent, of the Hon. C. N. Noel, of Barham Court, Esq. io ibe 95th year of his age, and upwards Kent, second daughter of the Hon. Sir of 50 years an active Magistrate for that George Grey, Bari. Commissioner of bis county.

Majesty's Dock-yard at Portsmouth. Lately, at Betchworth, Surrey, at an ad. Lately, at North Court, Isle of Wight, in vanced age,

Mrs. Letithea Scawen, last sur. his 48th year, Captain Bennett, of the Royal viving daughter of Thomas Scawen, Esq. Navy. and sister to the late Countess Dowager Lately, the Rev. R. Radcliffe, eldest son Bathurst.

of the Right Hon. Joho Radcliffe. ately, in Phillimore-place, Kensington, Lately, at Oaksay, Wiltshire, in his Soth Wm. Phillimore, Esq. in the 70th year of year, Mr. Fozard, of Eccleston-street, bis age.

Pimlico, formerly of Park-lane. Lately, at Norten Court, io Kent, Lady Lately, at Hackney, in his 73d year, Mr. Sondes, only daughter of Richard Milles, Blackley, senior, bookseller, Esq. of North Elmham, Norfolk.

Lately, at Cork, John Berpard Trotter, Lately, at Sandwith, near Whitehaven, Esg. formerly Private Secretary to the late at the advanced age of 103 years, John Scott, Right Hon. C. J. Fox. a person well known as a ship-broker. He Lately, at Lambeth, in the 82d year of his has left a widow in her 94th year.

age, John Lovett, Esq. late of Polbampton Lately, at Crookedstone, in Killead, N. Lodge, Overton, Hanis. B. Mr. John Montgomerie, farmer, in his Lately, at Camberwell, Mrs. Elizabeth 105th year. His ancestors were distinguished Friend, wife of Mr. Friend, and only surfor their longevity.

viving sister to the Hon. Lady Brydges HeoLately, drowned by the sinking of the niker, of Newton Hall, Essex. Lapwing, of Sunderland, off Southwold, Lately, at Catsfield, near Battle, Charles after having run on board of the Ann, of Eversfield, Esq. of Denne Park, Susses, Shields, Captain Crosby and bis eldest son, late of the Royal Hussars. of Sans-street; Mr. W. Harrison, son of Mr. Lately, in his 60th year, the Rev. St. John Wm. Harrison, of the Customs; Mr. Wray, Priest, A.M. Master of Scarning Free son of Mr. Wray, cabinet-maker; and Mrs. School, Rector of Reepham with KerdisNesbitt, of Providence-gardens; all belong ton, and of Billingford, both in Norfolk ; ing to Sunderland.

and Vicar of Parham with Hacheston, in Lately, at Lanvabon, Mrs. Elizabeth Suffolk. He was Secretary of the Norfolk Matthews, widow of the late Mr. Thomas Agricultural Society from its first iostita. Matthews ; she had attained her 100th tion. year.

Lately, at Ruthwell, Dumfries, aged 67 Lately, at Rome, at the age of 96. Car- years, Mr. Stewart Lewis, a most singular dinal Caraffa Trajetto, senior of the Cardi. and eccentric character, and considered the nal Preacher, and the only reinaining one first of all the ininor poets who have apof Pope Clement XIVth's creation. peared in Scotland these many years. He

Lately, at the Percy Hotel, Sir John Ed. wrote-“ Fair Helen of Kirkconnel Lee," ward Dryden, bart. son of Lady Dryden, of the "African Slave," and several other Cannons Ashby, Northampton, maternally pieces of merit.

Lately, on Tempe Estate, in the Island of Lately, of the Trinity House, Hall, in the Grenada, West Indies, Mr. Alexander Iones. 90th year of his age, Mr. Joseph Wilson,

Lately, at Stockfield Park, near Wether. the oldest ship-master of that port. by, Marmaduke, second son of Peter Mid- MARCH 5. At his seat, the Grange, near dleton, Esq.

Port Tobago, Maryland, Uoited States, Lately, at Chelsea, aged 80, Lieut. James Francis Newman, Esq. formerly of North M'Kay, on the retired list of the late Royal Cadbury, Somerset. Invalids, and one of his Majesty's Military May 9. At Bombay, aged 18, George Knights of Windsor.

Wick, Esq. of the Honourable East India Lately, at Wheatley, Oxon, J. Bush, Esq. Company's civil service, formerly a MemDoctor of Civil Laws, and one of the oldest ber of Council, and Governor of that PreMagistrates and Deputy-Lieutenants of the sidency. Counties of Oxford and Berks.

AUG. 29. At Aberdeen, James Hay, an Lately, at Ashdon, Essex, the Rev. John out-pensioner of Chelsea Hospital, aged North, M.A. Rector of that parish, and 103, formerly Fellow of Cains College,

Sept. 1. At Havannah, Mr. John Dickie, Lately, at Poisseux, near Poinloise, the late Supercargo of the British brig Mary, Marchioness De Girardin, the widow of the from Monte Video. friend of Rousseau. She was 74, and has 5. At St. Kitt's, the Right Hon. James left three sons and two daughters to lament Edmund, Lord Cranstoun. her loss.

7. At Bordeaux, aged 65, Don Pedro y Lately, Charlotte, wife of Josias Dupre Cevallos, Lieutenant-General of the Spanish Porcher, Esq. of Wioslade House, Devon- pavy.-It was be who, in the year 1794, shire,

took on board his vessel at Toulon, for the Lately, at his seat at Uífinghaın, near purpose of landing them at Carthagena, Stamford, Lincolnshire, nged 74, the Right more tban 400 persons, who otherwise wonld Hon. A. Bertie, Earl of Lindsey, a General have been made the victims of the Commisin the army, Colonel of the 89th Regiment saries of the National Convention. of Foot, and Governor of Charlemont. 11. At Boulogne, Mrs. Kelly, widow of

Lately, at Ashstend Park, Surrey, in her the late Vice. Admiral W. H. Kelly. 79d year, the Hon. Frances, wife of R. 14. At Llandaff, of a typhus fever, aged Howard, Esq. daughter of William Vis- only 19, Holden Ormerod, Fellow of New count Andover, and sister to Henry the 12th College, Oxford-another sad instance of Earl of Suffolk.

youth and talents cut off in the outset of a Lately, at Blackheath, aged 74, Mrs. bright career. He had recently obtained Wynn, only surviving sister of the late Lord both the Under Graduate Prizes of his UniNewborough.

versity, and was fast advancing to all that Lately, at Edinburgh, Mrs. Dundas, wi- virtue, industry, and rare endowments could dow of the Right Hoo. Robert Dundas, of accomplish. Arniston, Lord President of the Court of 18. At Cheltenham, aged 61, Mrs. Irving, Session.

widow of the late Thomas Irving, Esq. InLately, at her father's (James Hume, Esq. spector General of the Customs. of Wandsworth Common), aged 45, Lucy, 19. At Sherborne, Dorset, Miss H. Worsthe wife of the Rev. George Marwood, dale, aged 21, eldest daughter of Mr. and Canon of Chichester, of Bushy Hall, York- Mrs. Worsdale, many years respected as shire,

performers in Kent and the West of Eng. Lately. at Coggeshall, William Forbes, land. Esq. of Camberwell, in the 65th year of his 20. At Hullerbank, Cumberland, in his age.

79th year, Mr. William Magoay. Lately, at Southampton, in the 35th year 22. Miss Mary Ann Butts, eldest daughof his age, Captain James Brooke Ridge, ter of John Butis, Esq. of Kensington. of the Hon. East India Company's 21st 23. At Iford, Dear Lewis, Richard Hurly, Bengal regiment of native infantry.

Esq. aged 62. Lately, at Pisa, the celebrated vocal per. 26. At Ashdon, Essex, the Rev. John former, Mrs. Billington.-M, Folisseat, the North, M.A. Rector of that parish, and husband of Mrs. Billington, will not be en- formerly Fellow of Caius College, B.A. riched by tbe death of his lady. A large 1768, M.A. 1771. annuity for life constituted the principal At Kennington, in her 88th year, Mrs. part of her property,

Nash, relict of the late William Nash, Esq. Lately, at Mrs. Lyster's, Abbey Green, of Dulwich, Surrey. Chester, William Sym, Esq. of Curriers' In the 61st year of his age, Mr. Wil. Hall, London.

Jiam Marshall, saddler, Castle-street, King's Lately, in Rutland-square, Dublin, the Mews. Earl of Wicklow.-His Lordsbip is suc- In Phillimore-place, Kensington, Thn. ceeded in his titles and estates by lis son, mas Jarvis, Esq. in the 74th year of his age. Lord Cloomore.

27. The Rev. Egerton Neve, Rector of Lately, in Lambridge-place, Bath, Cathe- Middleton Stoney, Oxon. rine, relict of the Rev. Dr. Aleyne Walter. 28. Ai Aubagne (Mouibs of the Rhone), Europ. Mug. Vol. LXXIV. Oct. 1818.

3 A

in consequence of a severe attack of the dus, Fsq, of Bull's-cross, Enfield, and late gout, aged 63 years, the Count Ganteaume, of Bishopsgate-street. Peer of France, Vice-Admiral, Grand Offi- 13. At Glasgow, the Rev. R. Balfour, cer of the Royal Order of the Legion of D.D. one of the Ministers of that city, in Honour, and Commander of the Royal and the 76th year of his age, and 49th of his Military Order of St. Louis.

Ministry. 28. In Pall Mall, the Lady of the Cheva- At Dulwich, Aaron Morgan, Esq. of lier Ruspioi.

Savage.gardens, in his 7 1st year, 29. Io Marchmont-street, Cornelius Met- 14. Io Sun-street, Bishopsgate, Mr. Isaac calf, Esq. in bis 68th year.

Vale, treasurer of the Philanthropic Socie. In the afternoon, at her late resi- ty, and one of the Common Councilmen of dence, Mount-street, Grosvenor-square, the the Ward of Bishopsgate Without. Honourable Mrs. Phebe Campbell, of In Bread-street Hill, aged 68, the Stonefield, relict of the late Lord Stone Rev. Edward William Whitaker, Recfield.

tor of St. Mildred's and All Saints, Canter. 30. John Drauly, Esq. Captain of Cowes bury. Castle, Isle of Wight, aged 81.

15. In New Bridge-street, Robert Shaw, Ai Camberwell-green, in her S0th Esq. aged 60. year, Mrs. Wrencb, widow of the late Jacob 16. Ar Stanwell, Middlesex, in consee Wrench, Esq.

quence of a fall from his horse, John Hall Ocr. 2. In Sloane-terrace, Chelsea, Mary, Harris. Esq. late of Caius College, Camthe wife of R. Byham, Esq. of the Ordnance bridge, Department, Pall Mall.

Io Broad-court, Long Acre, William 3. At, Monmouth, aged 37, Page, of Armley, near Leeds, Yorkshire, Arabella Montague, wife of Arthur Wyart, nephew of the late Mr. Goold, of the former Esq.

place. In her 79th year, the Right Hon. Lady 19. Mr. James M'Millan, LeadenballNorthwick, widow of the late, and mother street, in the 29th year of his age. to the present, Lord Northwick.

Mary, wife of T. Wilson, Esq. of Lauchlan Macbain, commonly known Ive's-place, Maidenhend, Berks. by the name of “ Roasting Jacks,” aged At Paris, aged 74, M. Bertrand de vpwards of 102 years.

Molleville, Minister of Marine under Louis The Rev. J. Brock, of Great Easton, XVI. who displayed the most sincere proofs Essex, aged 78.

of his zeal and fidelity to that unfortuoate 6. At Brecon, William Lucas, Esq. aged Monarch. He was the author of several

esteemed works on the French Revolution. At Kensington, the Honourable Mrs. 20. At Frogmore Lodge, Herts, MargaGoulburo.

ret, wise of W. Hudson, Esq. 7. Suddenly in a fit of epilepsy, Mr. Thomas Mangles, eldest son of T. Lys, John Bryant Phelps, many years Captain Esq. of Tooke's-court, Chancery-lane, in of the Crewkerne Volunteers.

the 22d year of his age. At Boughton Malherbe, Kent, aged In Belgrave-place, Vauxhall, Thomas 92, Mr. R. Cuckoo, who had been nearly Burne, Esq. aged 61. 60 years parish.clerk of that parish.

22. In Compton street, Brunswick 8. 1o Alpha Cottage, Mr. R. Stevens, of square, Mrs. Hunter, reliet of the late the house of Stevens and Croft, Oxford. Rev. Christopher Hunter, Rector of Gayton, street.

Northamptonshire. 9. Mr. A. Purkis, boot and shoe maker, Aged 20, Ellen, second daughter of Prince's-street, Westoninster.

the Rev. Dr. Nicholas, of Ealing. Mrs. Wilson, wife of Mr. Wilson, 24. In Beaufort-buildings, Strand, Dr. bookseller, Royal Exchange, Cornbill, R. Clarke, late of the Royal Navy, in the

10. In the 81st year of his age, A. Win- 60th year of his age.


LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. THE Collectors of Portraits and Illustrators of Granger's Biographical Dictionary,

Seward's Anecdotes, Boswell's Life of Jobnson, Biographia Dramatica, Pennani's London, Lysons's Environs, Pursuits of Literature, are respectfully informed, that a few proof impressions of the Portraits that accompany this Work, are struck off on Columbia Paper, and may be had separate, price 45.; but EARLY application will be

necessary to secure them, as the number printed is very LIMITED. MRC season, his interesting Course of CR. CURTIS has commenced, for the the ear. In the introductory part, the Lec.

turer pointed out the vast advantage derived Lectures, on the structure and diseases of by a sole atteption to one object; and, in remarklog the great improvements which of and Drakenborch's Livy, the Regent's late years had taken place in medicine and pocket edition. surgery, he observed, these improvements The Rev. W. B. Williams bas in the press, bad not extended to the diseases of the ear, Eight Sermons at the Lecture founded by as it bad done to the other organs of sense ; the Hon. Robert Boyle; with an Appendix, hence, there are more deaf persons in this containing Strictures on Mr. Gisborne's country, than in any other of the same po- Testimony of Natural Theology. pulation. He dwelt, with much propriety, The Rev. William Faulkner is printing on the great benefit that had occurred from a work on the simplicity and ingenuity of the establishment of the Royal Dispensary the Evidence in favour of the Miracles for this class of diseases, and instanced the recorded in the Gospels, contrasted with the issue of several bopeless cases, one of which most striking Wonders of the Christian we noticed of a boy, born deaf and dumb, Church in the succeeding centuries. who obtaioed his bearing and speech ; be- Lieut. Elmhirst will soon publish, Occur. sides this, he mentioned several other cases rences during a Six Months Residence in which were under cure ; and when conside- Calabria Ulteriore in the kingdom of rable progress bad been made, one of them, Naples. a deaf and dumb man, 28 years of age, who

Mr. Accum has in the press, Elements of is now enabled to hear sounds distinctly, Chymistry, for Self-instruction, after the

It is too general an opinion, he remarked, system of Sir H. Davy, illustrated by expethat all children, who do not acquire their riments; in an octavo volume, witli plaies. speech at a proper period in consequence of Mr. Zachariah Jackson will soov publish, deafness, are supposed to be born deaf and in au octavo volume, a Restoration of 700 dumb : this occasions a neglect of their situe Passages to their pristine beauty, which, in ation ; while the deafoess is not organic, the Plays of Shakspeare, bave bitherio but merely temporary; for it is well known remained corrupt. that, at birth, and a considerable time after, Brig.-Gen. Macdonnell is preparing for a viscid mucus fills up the ear in the same publication, in iwo quarto volumes, a Polymanger as the mecopiuin does the intestines; bian View of the late War in Spain and and until this original layer or deposition is Portugal. removed, the child appears perfectly deaf, Mr. B. C. Brodie, assistant surgeon to and not unfrequently has all the appearance St. George's fiospital, will soon publishi, of idiotism. The attention to this subject Pathological and Surgical Observations on opens a wide field for investigation and in- Diseases of the Joints, io an octavo volume, provement, and we think to inuch en- illustrated hy engravings. couragement cannot be given to an indivi. The Rev. J. Boudier has in the press, a dual, who has taken up a line of practice, volume of Sermons on Practical Subjects. hitherto neglected, with a zeal which is cre- Mr. Gorhamn, of Queen's College, Camditable to his humanity and feelings, and bridge, is preparing for publication, in an with a success which speaks high for bis octavo volume, the Typographical and talent and knowledge of the subject; for it Monastic Antiquities of St. Neot and is lamentable to see, by the last report of Eynesbury, Honts, and of St. Neut, Cornthe Deaf and Dumb Institution in Scotland, wall, illustrated by engravings on copper that po less thau 800 persons are in this for- and wood. lorn state ; and in England and Wales, cal. Mr. M, E. Elliott, jun, bas in the press, culating by the proportion of population, Night, a descriptive poem; being an attempt it is clear there must be near double that to paint the scenery of night as connected number.

with great and interesting events. In the press, and will be published in the Miss Hutton has nearly ready to appear, course of November, in one volume foolscap the Tour of Africa, containing a concise ac8vo. LETTERS FROM A FATHER TO count of all the countries in that quarter of HIS SON in an Office under GOVERN. the globe, hitherto visited by Europeans. MENT.-By HENRY G. WHITE, A.M. A History of Greenland, from the Ger. Curate of Allhallows, Barking; afternoon man of Crantz, with a continuation of the Lecturer of St. Mary's, Rotherhithe ; and bistory of the Missions of the United one of the Preachers at the Asylum, &c. &c. Brethren to the present time, and supple.

In the press, a new edition of Butler's mentary votes, including interesting notices Hudibras, with Dr. Grey's Annotations, of Labrador, is printing in two octavo embellished with Portraits, and with Eo- volumes. gravings on Wood.

Mrs. Peck will soon publish, in three The Life of Jesus Christ, including his volumes, the Bard of the West, an bistoric Apocryphal History, from the spurious gos- romance, founded on certain public events pels, uo published Manuscripts, &c.

of the seventh century. Dr. J. Carey has in the press a new edition Madame Panache, author of Manners, of Dryden's Virgil, with Remarks on the has in the press, a Year and a Day, a novel, Text, as corrected from Dryden's own two in two volumes. folio editions.

Charenton, or the Follies of the Age, a Dr. Carey has also forth.coming a new philosophical romance, from the French of edition of his Latin Prosody made Easy, M. Lourdoueix, will soon appear.

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