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in the public streets—and thus it was ; the atrium of the temple of Vesta was every one to whom he did not return slaio. the salute, were immediately to be “ While Rome was polluted by these deprived of life. Many were seen run- massacres, Silla fought in Asia against ning to supplicate either for bimself or Mithridates—but suddenly turning bis for his relations ; to live in the midst of legions on us, he bere appeared a dreadsuch destruction being accounted an ful destroyer. His bloody career was instance of special favour-and many thus commenced : while presiding in fell at the feet of the old butcher, the Senate, in the temple of Bellona, condemned by his fatal silence. Even be ordered to be slain upwards of 6,000 his friends, excepting those who were Marian soldiers who had surrendered as wicked as himself, approached him, themselves prisoners, and whom he had in those days of blood, with the pale- inclosed in a contiguous part of the ness of death in their countenances. temple. The agonizing cries of the Full five days and nights that savage multitude pierced by the swords of the beast destroyed, and burned, and stained assassins, caused a sad and sudden şithat earth with blood, wbich should lence in every senator. Pale countehave opened and engulfed bim. nances and suspicious eyes were the

Nor was the immense vengeance of sole eloquence of their terror-struck this man bounded by these walls; all minds. But silla, with savage calmItaly was inundated with blood, in the ness, said, • Proceed with business, it midst of which he revelled in splendid is only a few seditious people, chasfeastings, pleased with seeing it run tised by my order.' Immediately after in foaming streams. In a short time, this butchery, the streets were seen bowever, his intemperance effected streaming with its blood, and the that vengeance, which to your swords ministers of Sillapian fury spread themmore justly belonged. Marius died selves in every part of the city, with at last of gluttony and old age, who a horrid thirst of more. In so great should have died of hunger in the an uncertainty of life, the invention cradle. It is not easy to determine of proscription seemed clemency, for whether he bad been more fatal to us or the fatal list in which so many illusour enemies.

trious lives were sold, left some hope “Rome was, however, not relieved of safety to those who were not comby bis death from that disastrous weight prised in it. First in that roll of death of oppression. Even at his funeral,' were the two Consuls of that fatal year Fimbria, the most ferocious of his next the most distinguished senators satellites, impelled by sudden fury, and patricians, to the number of 5,000 ordered the assassins to kill the Pontiff--and that the memory of such destrucMaximus Scevola, who performed the tion might not perish, Silla ordered the rites,—and whom escaping, they had names of these unfortunate victims to the incredible audacity to cite to the be inscribed in the public register. No Comitium as a criminal; where having distinction of vice and virtue, of good demanded of Fimbria the nature of and bad, appeared in this dreadful his charge, he said that Scevola had massacre; and if the father, brother, not received on bis body the blows de. or sod, to the proscribed father, broCreed bim.

ther, or son, gave shelter, he was ... The oame, and atrocity of Marius doomed to die with bim; but if the still remained as a fatal inheritance proscribed was put to death by bis in his son ; who, made Consul four relations, they were rewarded and years after the death of his father, commended, as was Cataline, who comwas anxious to cut down the lives of menced bis atrocious career by fratri. the few good men that remained as cide. Neither temples, nor household Fare ears forgotten in the gathering. gods, not even the bed.chamber, could But not being able to surpass his afford retreat or refuge from the snares father in cruelly, he resolved' to dis- diffused throughout all Italy. Hustinguish himself by perfidy; and ac- bands were stabbed in the embraces cordingly having convoked the Senate, of their trembling wives, and children when the senators were seated in the in the palpitating bosome of their moball, the greater part were, by the thers. Nor were men only the objects Marian buichers, accustomed to daily of this proscription, women also were slaughters, put to death; among

whom proscribed by Silla condemping even was at length included Scevola, “who in that unarmed sex, not emulous of his



power, among barbarians inviolato, and perceive only utility to arise from the which in every other human breast, extension of luxury, and the consequent tends rather to extinguish than inflame, extension of folly. There are two kinds the spirit of cruelty.

of folly, one as exposed to the eye, and ERRATA.-Page 217, col. 1, line 18, for

the other whose nature cannot be known spirit read spiritsa-page 218, col. 2, line excepting by its effects; the former is 15, for prescriptions read proscriptions- capable of operating at all times upon page 219, col, I, line 3 and 19, for Comi. the thinking part of mankind, of ex. tiæ read Comitia-ibid, line 14, for Agra- citivg either uneasiness or contempt. grian read Agrarian.

The latter is only known by enquiry (To be continued.)

and calculation. In the former is to be included that extreme foppery which is

every where so strongly exhibited. It To the Editor of the European Magazine. the extravagance to which this inclina

astonishing to consider tbe extent and

tion bas attained, and the countenance AM a country gentleman, influenced afforded by the bigber orders of life to the metropolis occasionally, to behold I have never been known to indulge its wonders, or to seek its advantages uncommon notions of sensibility, but of improvement; and have long been willing as I am to restrain my indigna. rambling from place to place and revel. tion, io disregard such despicable obling in a variety of pleasure from which jects of consideration, I cannot surI bave felt unwilling to depart :-Isoon mount the sensations wbich are always found so many opportunities of acqui- agitating my mind. The evil is 30 ring intelligence, and so extensive a general, that contempt becomes to range of character, that I felt surprised longer a local feeling. Wherever ! that any rational being conld seclude turn, the grossest oljects are presented himself in the country and waste bis lo my sight; foppery drives me from life in barren solitude. The charms of all recreations but ibose which I can nature were soon driven from my miod, command at home. and each day supplied uew objects to I koow that complaint is useless, that attach me to such diversified exbibi. remonstrance can never operate pub. tions of society-1 had no longer to licly upon ignorance and indecency: derive pleasure from the expectations but, while we leave to time, these obof periodical amusemenis, or from stated jects of our contempt, our efforls may visits; on every side my senses were Doi be in vain ; some generous youtbs courted, and I soon concluded that may be preserved ; higher objects may maxim to be just, wbich attributes to be nourisbed; and outward distinction variety, the happiness of life. You represented only as the refuge of a will easily imagine that the vehemence despicable spirit. I have read, that of my pleasure gradually abated, and whenever a man becomes a fop, the that i discovered what is always learned, stamina of his mind has gone ; if this that we are elated to be depressed, and is true, my first bopes of metropolitan depressed to be elated. The great intelligence were false, for whether the causes of calamity are familiar to us evil is unexampled or not in its extent, all, and particular accidents commonly I find it impossible to associate in any intervene to complete and to vary the company where its influence is not to measure of human misery.

be observed That of wbich I have, however, to come I trust that some of your readers, plain, is a subject sufficiently kuown; and especially those who are parents

, but I am at a loss to conceive whether may be awakened to attention, for, it bas operated with similar severity however unworthy the appeal, I canupon others; it may not easily occur to not deem it hopeless; individuals may minds more accustomed to the eccen- be animated if the nation cannot be tricities of the metropolis, that that reformed, caution may be dispersed wbich commonly excites redicule, should among those wbo are uncontaminated excite in me melancholy reflections. by custom, or who are not yet bardeued

Extravagancies are incidental to a io indifference. pation grown rich by commerce. The

I am, Sir, lamentation of the moralist bas, how.

Your constant reader, ever, been derided by those who can 171h Sept. 1818.



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1818.] EXCURSION TO BRIGHTON, Individuals strolling along the sea

shore often amuse themselves by the DURING THE MONTI OP JULY 1818:

examination of sea:WEED, which, how. In Four Letters to a Friend in Wales. ever contemptible in its appearance, BY JOEN EVANS, A.M.

forms an entertaining portion of natural LETTER III.

history. “The aquatic alge, including


the sea-WBEDS, imbibe all their pourish. Nature, enchanting Nature, in whose ment through their surface, the roots form

serving only to fasten them to the botAnd lineaments divine, I trace a hand

tom; and many of them float about in That errs not, and find raptures still re

the water without being attached to newed, Is free to all men-universal prize!!"

any solid body. They constitute a COWPER, very large tribe.

of the sea-weeds,

some are used for fuod, and all are of Islinglon, Oct. 2, 1818.

great importance to the farmers for ma.

nuring land. In the islands of Jura BRIGHTON lying along the shore and skye, the bladder.focus, or sea

of the British Channel, its vicinity wrack, often serves as winter food for must present views of the ocean in an

the cattle, which regularly go down to endless variets. And nothing is more the shores when the tide is out to eat interesting, than the contemplation of it; even the deer have been observed the mighty waters which, like a girdle to come from the mountains to feed encircle ihe earth! The Sea being upon this plant. Linnæus says, that three times the extent of land, it is a

the inhabitants of Gotbland in Sweden subject deserving of iovestigation. Its boil this fucus in water, and feed their saliness-its contents-animate and in- hogs with it, mixed with meal. In animate, together with its alternate Scandinavia, the poor people thatch changes every twelve bours, have been their cottages with it! But one of the the topic of profound speculation. Nor

most important purposes to which tbis have philosophers ceased to interest

sea-weed is applied, in common with themselves concerning these mallers. The laws of nature are in constant of kelp, which is a principal ingredieut

many other species, is the preparation operation, and their invariable energies in the manufacture of soap. The size are productive of that harmony which

that some of the larger kind of seacharacterises this terraqueous globe.

weeds attain, and the rapidity of their Brighton possesses Softy and rugged growth are truly wonderful. The gicliffs, which, seen from afar, become gantic fucus is said to extend often to a conspicuous object in the landscape, ihe length of 1000 or 1500 feet; and Walking close to the “ wide weltering” it grows in such profusion, that the waves, the spot bas a romantic appear.

masses of it resemble islands! In the ance; and individuals are often seen

Atlantic,Pacific, and Indian OCEANS, bere at the close of day pacing along at

there are vast tracts of sea-weed, one of their leisure. Upon such an occasion, wbich has been called by Davigamusings will spring up in the mind

tors the Grassy sea, from its great exdisposed to reflection :

tent. The entire surface in such places, -At my feet the waves

is literally covered with these plants ; Hanging suspended on the curl awhile,

and ships, on their voyages, are several Like a coy girl, till others pushed them on, Did bow their pearly coronets to kiss

days in passing through Them!” The polished pebbles of a scanty beach.

From the East and the West Cliffs, Beneath the rocks, where on a couch of the Sea is beheld to advantage. Pedesshells

trians and equestrians, as well as carThe drowsy booming of the languid wave, riages of every construction, are on a Stole like a spell upon me and I slept, fine day passing without intermission. Even as a weary infant sioks to rest, On the East Cưifr the appearance is Hush'd by his nurse's lullaby-the soul The soul slept not—but imp'd her rapid restiveness of the animals, vebicles

somewhat treniendous. Through the wing Like an uphooded falcon-for methought

have been driven against the railing, The pale young moon shone beautiful and, tumbling over the precipice, above

dasbed to pieces; Happily do lives And now I gaz'd upon ber ocean's track were lost, but almost miraculous balba Di quivering silver !

been their preservation.



But we inust attempt to describe the So oft is told tbis tale of woe, Vicinity of Brighton.

So oft the danger of the seas, The first object entitled to notice That if the tears of pity flow, is, the MINERAL WELL, at the distance They're scattered by the lightest breeze! of about a mile west of the town, and But who observes the broken state, to be found in a sequestered situation. Of what was once the vessel's guide, The walk to it across the fields is agree

Must think too on the wretched fate, able, having on the left a full view of

To which humanity's allied ! the ocean! You pass through corn

Unseen in all the pompous course belds, at this season rapidly maturing is the small helm that lends its force

Of the proud galley's prosperous sail, for the sickle, and therefore a delicious object of contemplation! You come

In adverse, or in friendly gale! upon the Welt rather suddenly, but it And mark too in this rudder's lot, is not in itself an unpleasing sigbt, and

That lies unowo‘d unheaded by, generally enlivened by company. А

The fate of services forgot, glass of the water is brought you by a

And wasted in their rich supply! female, for which you pay six-pence; Here may we trace the fallen power this is the only tax upon your curiosity.

Of him who propp'd the tottering state; The Spring is covered by a neat Till in an unpropitious hour, building, and its chalybeate qualities

He saw in frowns the monarch's hate! are beneficial in cases of indigestion and The broken WARRIOR here we view, of general debility. Invalids subscribe

With years and woends and scars alone;

Bereft of all for service due, for the season. The water has the taste of the spring at Tunbridge Wells.

Tho' bright his day of glory shone! At the back of the Well is a small

Or bent with years the HOARY SAGE, wood of Druidical appearance, which

In penury may reach the tomb,

Whose precepts in life's early stage, imparts a solemnity to the spot. Not far distant is a little piece of

Dispelled the mist of error's glooin! water, where the angler is seen occa

In every state of life we trace sionally inveigling the fiony prey:

Some broken relic in decay,
Perch and roach, the usual fish found Though gifted once with every grace,

Now useless, scattered, thrown away! in such rural recesses, are taken here.

D. My pupils, at least some of them, frequented this little pond wilh their rods ; The little rural village of PRESTON but they were soon mortified when is the next object claiming our attenwarned off as private property. Upon the tion-a pleasant walk of two sbost presentation of a humble petition from miles from Brighton. It is thought to one of the young gentlemen (a native contain near 40 houses, and about of Gibraltar) liberty was kindly granted 200 inhabitants. In approaching it, by the proprietor to fish there in the you pass aloog a road overshadowed by evening. Sometimes there was tolera- the foliage of large and lofty trees, ble sport, and of course our table was which imparts the pleasing sensation of enriched by a piscatory repast for the your being immersed in the depths of subsequent day

the country! You enter the village by a we cross down to. toll gate, on which are inscribed the wards the sea, and walk back along the usual, though unnecessary, and to some beach to Brighton. The land Tying ungracious, expressions of, No Tras!! low, the surges of the OCEAN in Good roads are so great a blessing, that the winter roll tumuiluously towards few grumble paying ready money on the shore. After violent storms the such an occasion; for the traveller is beach is seen strown with melancholy ever bent on reaching the end of bis vestiges of the tempest; but even these journey. One lon, the CROWN AND sad relics may be rendered conducive Anchor, greets you with its cheerful to moral improvement.

front, assuring you of enterlainment A broken rudder drifted o'er,

for man and beast throughout the reHad found its place upon the sand,

volving seasons of the year, without a From where the vessi L, now no more,

single exception. Here we rested one Was wrecked upon a foreign strand! five summer's evening, cyder and bisFancy may rouse her busy train,

cuit constituting our wholesome reAnd paint the storm in horrid view ;

freshment, with the sight of the Susset Of the sad widow's fate complain,

Paper, yielding us both intelligence As well as inouru the bapless crew!

aud amusement

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" This Folio of four pages--happy work, style, and drew hither the gentry and Which not even critics criticise!"

nobility of the adjacent country. Having CowPER.

in my Excursion to Windsor, under PRESTON HOUSE is a stately structure the article Egham, detailed the history the residence of W. Standford, Esq. of horse-racing, nothing more need be In one of the rooms may be fouod a said here on the subject. While relarge well-executed portrait of Anne posing ourselves at our house of reClive the unfortunate consort of Henry freshment, a worthy friend who kindly the 8th; she having once, it is supposed, accompanied us, stole into a corner resided in this part of the country. and smoaked his pipe, though it was a Close by is the Village Church, a pic- warın summer's day! But not coin. turesque object in every landscape. ciding with royal James in his reproThe muse of Gray has stamped each bation of the accursed herb tobacco," spot of this kind with a rustic celebrity, por approving of the recent exclusion encircled as the consecrated edifice of “the dirty weed” from the Chinese always is, with the ballowed mansions empire, my friend would be rather of the dead! Preston may be pro

wore inclined to adopt Dr. Syotax' nounced altogether a secluded bauni for soliloquy. the bustling visitants of Brighton. Here " Hail Social Tube, thou foe to care, they may pause and reflect; indulging

Companion of my easy chair! not irrelevant nor unprofitable medi- While as the curling fumes arise, tations, After wandering about and They seem th' ascending sacrifice enjoying ourselves in the cool of the That's offered by my gratitude, evening, we turned our steps boine- To the great father of the good!" wards, reaching our abode in Brighton Satisfied with the divine prospect, between the bours of eight and nine, we soon glided duwu the long declivity just in time for the soothing music of into Brighton. an adjoiniog library.

The remaining objects to be visited Another ramble from Brighton is the in the vicinily of Briguron are at some RACE-GROUND on the summit of the distance, and therefore recourse must Downs, at the distance of two miles. be had to couches, phuelons, chaises, The ascent is steep through corn-fields, horses and asses, all of which are to be where the harvest smiled upon us with met with in abundance. Not to repeat a bounteous profusion, Ou reaching the last vulgar appellation, it may be the top, the prospect opeus on every mentioned, that DONKIES, or Jerusalem side with no ordinary degree of beauty ponies, seem here to be of a rather suand sublimity. From Beachy Head perior order, at least parts of thein in the east to Lillle Hamplon on the are often seen harnessed to a barouche west, the ocean was stretched out with in miniature, and driven by a postillion a glorious expansion, having on its with velvet cap aud scarlet jacket, runundulating surface, vessels of every sing along with freedom and rapidity! size and complection

Ladies are not unfrequentiy seated ia Here as I looked, full many a sail

them, and appear to receive no incon. Gave its white canvas to the gale,

siderable enjoyment. The single don. And many a freighted vessel bore key is obstinate, and will deliberately Its treasure to the Brilish shore !

stop or lay down in the road to rest

his wearied bones! This is a serious The central part of Brighton lies in evil in dirty roads or during bad wea. the vale below, ascertained only by the ther, when the rider wants to be well glazed cupola of the royal stables, and housed at the end of his peregrination, by the pinnacles of the PavilLION! But donkies joined togetber, whether The eastern and western extremities of from a principle of association or from the town spread out like the expanded the superior impulse of emulation, wings of an eagle, indicative at once of amble on apace, briskly carrying their its extent and population. A small assigued burden backwards and forpublic house yielded biscuits, fruit, wards with safety. ginger-beer, &c. for refreshment. The Buffon remarks, “ In bis disposi. Race ground, with its Building, seen tion the Ass is equally humble, patient, from every part of the horison, was at avd tranquil, as the horse is proud, a little distance, but we did not extend ardent, and impetuous. Chastisement our ramble to the spot. At one time, and blows he endures with constancy, the racce were held bere in a superior and, perhaps, with courage.

lle is

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