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rish of a comet's drive, and the flavour ropes which beld his new.invented lifeof carp in the Moon's lakes! To con- boat, and the two projectors descended struct a balloon of sufficient diameter, in it to the ground, as a Dutch pbiI proposed to buy the canvas used in losopher one did in a boat which he making the Temple of Concord a few had prepared for a second deluge. Sir years ago, or to form a collection of all Pertinax was rather surprised to find the old silk parasols in the kiogdom. bis wife bad rolled from the roof to Neonous remarked, that do cargo would the arca as safely in her canoe as a be required, except a few phials of that celebrated antiquarian is said to have celebrated Gerinan elixir which is said fallen down-stairs in a vase of true to answer all the purposes of meat and Pompeiian clay. But our Arctic drink, as no inns can be found in the Islander's skull seems incurably fracair ; cork hats, coats of Indian rubber, tured, though the Professor endeaand head-dresses of spun-glass, or a voured to arrange the fragments ac. little Tricosian fluid, as artificial ap- cording to the art of French chirur. pendages might be apt to change co- gery, and to cement them with Van. lour by the way. This hint alarmed couver's iron glue. My only consolathe lady, and induced her to ask wbat tion is to preserve this history of the kind of hair distinguished the Moon's week he spent in London, and io trans. people." Madam,” replied Neonous, late the brief record of his colony's ori. very gravely, “in some of the lunar giu, which I received from him, and provinces, they have no heads. The shall transmit to you as the last memoMoon is a kind of workshop, from rial of his existence.

v. whence Nature sends ineu like bundies of canes, to be headed with brass, gold, or tortoiseshell, in this world.”- Lady

THE FIRST NIGHT Townly cast a melancholy glance at her husband, which seemed to imply “ LE NOTTI ROMANE." that she considered herself a twig of myrile tied to a crabstick; while Sir Pertinax drily enquired if any trees

(Conlinued from page 219.) ornamented the Moon, and how they grew.--" With their roots upwards, no doubt!” interposed his wife, “if Cæsar exposes the Corruplions of the they live upou air ; and if, as Foote

Republic, and maintains the Neces. nelle says, the atmosplicre affords no

sily of Monarchy.
rain, they are probably nursed by a
steam-engine. Then, with another ex-

BRUTUS ended, and Carsar, turning

to the multitude, began:pressive glance, she hoped the Moon “If I, Julius Cæsar, by my liberalils, contained an infirmary for fools, and my triumphis, my magnanimity, have was told that a larger planet secmed ever acquired any favour among ye, to be kept for their accommodation. I entreat you, in this state of deaih, In the eagerness of her enterprising to give me this single testimony of it spirit, she insisted upon shewing our -a patient hearing. I have been Arctic philosopher a machine con- guilty, the danger of this man and his structed by her father, my learued associates las salisticd your anger with friend Dr. Blinkensop. This machine, a dreadful vengeance; allow me iben which for certain reasons he had placed the privilege never devied to a male. ou the roof of the house, resembled faclor, of repelling the accusation by a canoe in shape: and Lady Townly candid and respectful argument"- then having conducted Neonous to view it, be addressed himself to Brutus, and thus suggested that it might be attached proceeded :-" Thou hast declared the to their balloon, to serve as the car reasons which induced thee to deprivo or parachute. They scaled themselves me of life, and relieve Rome as from a ja it, to consider and ascerlain its fit- fatal incumbrance; permit me to alness perfectly; but at that unfortunate lege those which induced me to exalt moment, Dr. Blivkensop being men. myself above the equal rank of Citizen. tally agitated by the philosophic ques. And as the first, and rout of all, this tions connected with the Arctic expe- —that Rome was then brought to that dition, drearned that the Isabella was condition, that whoever possessed a split on an ice: rock. Starting up in superiority of talent, must, of vecesbis sleep, he ran to the roof, cut the sily, choose one of these two coudi


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tions—to command imperiously, or the general corruption, he became an servilely obey. The people, therefore, object of public insult and derision ; could not form a more rational de- and therefore Q. Metellus Numidicus, sire, than that of sheltering themselves then Censor, whose breast was still warm from the injuries of a presuming and with ancient virtue, was so hated, that wanton licentiousness under the govern- the Tribune C. Asinius seized him on ment of a Supreme Moderator! Op- the high road in the middle of the day, pressions not recent or few, but num. and would have dragged him to the Tare berless, inveterate, incurable, and des- peian Rock, had he not been prevented tractive, had not merely reduced true by some one who met him on the way. liberty to a state of lassitude, but long The person of the Censor had, however, before our birth, she had expired. suffered such violence in the tumult, And to confirm the truth of my asser- that the blood gushed from his ears. tions, recollect that almost an age So revolting was his virtue, that not before my fall, the audacity of Curia. being able to endure even the counsius, tribune of the people, had arisen to tenance of that virtuous man, the Trithat degree of daring, as to threaten the bune Saturninus determined to insult two Consuls, Scipio Nascia aod D. him with the most open and audacious Junius Brutus, with imprisonment. injustice. Not eloquence and dignity Such was the effect of that popular – but stones, dirt, and daggers, previolence, induced by an absurd spe. vailed in the Conitium. la that assem. cies of license, under the name of bly of peace, and liberal counsel, the liberty.

ferocious Tribuue, leader of the foolish “ Scarcely had a lustre elapsed after mob, with murderous intention rushed this unhappy Consulate, wben in the toward Metellus, who withdrew to the Tribunale of the Gracchi, commenced Capitol; thither he pursued him, renot merely discords, but civil wars, solved to kill him where but a little the result of a general state of ex. before he bad triumphed, nor until treme and incorrigible depravation, of rivers of civil blood had run from tho which, if the violent death of the Grac. summit of the hill was his precious life chi had not of itself been sufficient saved by the Patricians from the attacks proof, soon after came to Rome a of the atrocious mob. He at length, inbarbarian King to confirm it. I speak sulled with daily outrage, sought refuge of Jugurtba, the usurper of the Numi- at Rhodes, until the retoro of better dian ihrone, by the treacherous murder times. of bis brethren. Our Consuls, Scaurus Saturninus then exulting in the inand Calpurnius, sent to avenge it, re- toxication of sanguinary projects, his turned conquered-by his money. tribunate being ended, offered himself Summoned afterward to Rome to de. again, whence excluded by the suffrages, fend bis cause, by a Senate whom he, with his villainous followers, again he had already corrupted by his usurped excited tumult aod violence in the Co. treasures, he appeared with a coun- mitia-and in your presence, oh facile tenance confident and serene-con- Romans ! killed Aulus Nonnius, the scious of the bascuess of his judges. last of the ten Tribunes then chosen, Even while these charges of parricide and proclaimed himself in his stead hung over him unrepelled, he openly -were ye not deserving of these out. commilted in this city avother, in the rages ? ---Saturninus remained not only person of Massiva, another brother, possessed of the dignity, but used it who iu vain sought shelter from his with a ferocity suitable to the means assassinating sword. But for this and by which he had acquired it.--Who his innumerable other crimes, the only then was safe in Rome but in his ini. punishment pronounced by the Senate quity ?-What magistrate was sacredwas, that he should depart. At which what law in violate - what virtue not condivance the gailly monarch biin- contemned ?--Alas, how shall I relate self was

so surprised, that on leaving events still odious - still lamentable, the city he looked back on its walls, although submerged by time, and in and uttered that opprobrious, but me. their nature abject, compared with the rited, sentence, Venal city! thou sublime contemplations of our immorwanlest but a purchaser to transfer tal state. But the presence of this multhee to other hands.' Such, indeed, titude of our ancestors, coevals, and was its state of depravalion, that if posterity, here assembled after the lapse any citizen was found uptainted with of so many iges, recalls to memory the concerns of our mortal life. Here personal violence, from the fury of the may be some among ye witnesses of the mob, that the blood ran from his nosunprecedented outrage committed by trils; at the sight of which, Drusus, Saturninus on the Prætor Glaucia, with a ferocious sucer, said, “It is not whom, while sitting in the Comitium, blood, but thrusbes' juice,' affecting Saturninus, displeased at his presence, contempt of the Consul as an epicure. drove away, and broke his curule chair. " Violence now became the only But where is the wonder? when the effectual restraint to violence. No same ferocious Tribune dared to slay $ooper was the tribunate of Drusus by the hands of his assassins, before the ended, than he was privately des. Senate and the people, Memmius, about patched in the night, and the authors to obtain, by a majority of voles, the of his death remained unknown. It consulsbip: It was then, that ye, his might be supposed, that at least with therlo cool observers of such shameless bim were buried those grievous disacts of otrocily, resolved to endure them cords—No-on the contrary, those were no longer. As suddenly awakened froin immediately renewed whicli bad so often a lethargy, ye slew Saturninus; tore in convulsed the republic, by the loans of pieces his body, carried bis head in the patricians to the populace. These iriumph through the city, and as in being under cognizance of the Prætor, proportion to his insolence in life, ye in A. Sempronius Asellius, who then pos deaih despised him. Thus were slaugh- sessed the office, endeavoured to reters avenged by slaughter--crimes were strain the greedy creditors who opby crimes corrected—and remedies but pressed the people with usury. But a coufirmation of ills. But the heavens as a proof that justice was become seemed less sad, as no longer obscured a ipe're name, the Prælor was assaulted by the acts of this blood-stained Tri- by the patricians while celebrating a binne-and as a sun-beam in the midst holocaust ; struck with stones, the of tempestuous clouds, the illustrious sacred cup fell from his hand, and he Metellus re-appeared-in which same attempted to escape to the adjoining year I was born-and from the com- temple of Vesla, but his persecutors inencement of my life was a spectator intercepted his progress, and obliged of civil broils. On one side the licen- him to take shelter in a tavern, where tiousness of the vulgar was excited he was killed. In vain did the Senate by the Tribune Drusus, and on the excrt its authority, and offer rewards oiber the Senator Cepio supported the for the discovery of the assassius, al. Tyranny of the Optimates; which con- though the murder bad been publicly tests, although grievous and destruc- committed. lu Rome nothing was tive, originated in an insignificant successful but crime.

Here may be some who can " Alas! how vast a volume is opened recollect that these two men were in to my imagination, written with Ro. their youth so shamefully liberal, that man blood, in which I read the deeds of they exchanged wives. Afterwards, at Marius and of Silla insatiable in their a sale by auction of some furniture, thirst of it! At whose names the air a competition arose between them for resounded with lamentations-sadness the purchase of a ring, both wishing to sat on every countenance-and every possess it.

Henceforth their mutual gesture expressed horror!” enmity so incrcased, that fomenting Here Cæsar remained a short time it in the Comitium, they drew the silent, as the pilot who views intrepid unfortunate city into the destructive from the prore the raging sea, and then vortex of their contests ; and in the exclaimed-“ Alas, too late and vain violence of which, the Tribune threat complaints! If the names alone of these ened to precipitatc bis antagonist from butchers make ye tremble, why did ye the Tarpeian Rock, no longer the de. endure their slaughters ?” He then sirable goal of victors, but the punish- ceased speaking, and by tbat dignified ment of those who opposed the popular pause the multitude were calmed. fury. Such was the threat of the daring Cæsar again proceeded. “ Silla was Drusus to an illustrious Senator-but Consul at ibe robust age of forty years, the effects of his audacity were more the year following the assassination of sensibly realized in the person of Phi- the Prælor Asellius. He requested the Jip, then Consul; for being jealous command of the army against that most of his authority, be dragged him to glorious and forinidable enemy of the prison under circunustauces of such Romaus, Mithridates. Marius, already


illustrious by his conquests of the by one of its own citizens. Oh, deNumidians, Teutopes, and Cimbri, and plorable !--Oh, fatal day! in whicb all by his Consulate, in his seventieth year, bope of real liberty was destroyed. fat and infirm of body, stimulated by Marius, who had so often saved both the feverish mania of ambition, wished Rome and Italy from the hands of bar. to spend his last days in Cappadocia and barians, the Red from these walls ; Pontus, and contended with Silla for and if such infamous slaughters may be the expedition-a contention magnani- designated by the name of victory, mous in principle, but in deeds most silla remained victor. He then imme. horrible, for Marius to obtain your diately rejoined the army in Campania, suffrages brought over to his interest and passed into Greece against Mithrithe Tribune Sulpitius, a man insatiable dates. of blood and gold. In these vices he “ But the country was not relieved excelled all, but wbich of these in him- even by the absence of these ferocious self prevailed was doublful. The Roman competitors, beiog again disturbed by Citizenship, amoug our ancestors the the discords of the two Consuls Octareward of faithful allies, was by this vius and Ciona. This last, although in Tribune publicly sold ; and thus did he the Roman capitol he had sworn fidefill the Comitium with bad men made lity to Silla, received afterwards thirty citizens, not for serving but deprav talents from the favourers of Marius, their country. To aid him in bis auda consigned the army to slaves and plecious deeds, be had contiuually in pay beians, and proposed that it should be upwards of three thousand armed satel- recalled--this the other opposed. Ye lites, and never appeared in the Comi- saw the contest between the two Contium without beiug surrounded by six suls in the Comitium ipupdated with hundred youths of the order of Cava- your blood, and strewed with many liers, bearing the name of Anti-Senate thousands of your dead. Cinda dis-which title they aspired to merit by comfited quitted Rome, crossed Italy, deeds of tyranny and sedition.

and assembled his followers. Marius “ The Seoate baving made Silla com- followed him; and both inflamed with mander of the army against Mithridates, ferocious vengeance, turned against the Tribune ordered his assassins to these walls the sword still warm with maintain the cause of Marius. Instantly civil blood. The defence of Rome was their swords were drawn, and bathed in then confided to Pompeius Strabonius. Roman blood--the Consuls fed--and But, as though Heaven itself revolted the Comitium was strewed with many from the atrocious spectacle, where, slain. Silla took shelter near the army close to their country's walls, fathers in Campania, while Marius in the Comi- slew their children, and brother slew his tiom was proclaimed captain of it by brother, a sudden storm obscured the the furious mob, standing in the blood land, and this your defender was conof their countrymen, which ran still sumed by lightning. Uoder such-cala

But Silia, whose bostile deeds mities, the common people sinking were never tempered with pity-a sen. daily into the most depraved state of timent to his nature abhorrent and im. barbarity, took the body from the coffin possible, moved bis legions, destined to in which it was conveyed to the funeral new triumphs in Asia, in cruel ven- pile, and dragged it through the public geance against his couutry.

streets. Oh, Romans, from this Pompey, “ He entered these walls as a famished sprang the Pompey by you so deservedly tyger. The houses and highways re- surnamed the Great, whose great merits sounded with lamentations, the noise of I admired, although I rivalled him in arms, and the groans of the dying. Silla that indivisible object, the Empire. himself, grasping a torch, called out to “ The Senate was at last forced to his followers, commanding them to set ask, not peace, but pity, from these two fire to the city, and spare nothing. Ye, barbarians. Cioda entered first, preterrified and desperate, cast from the ceded by bis lictors, while Marius, tops of your flaming houses the ruins on standing at the gate, said, with a matheir ferocious destroyers, who, thus licious sneer, that he could not enter exasperated, brought fresh fuel to the until the people assembled in the Comi. flames. Now no longer a tumult, but tia recalled bim from that exile to war declared by the sound of trumpets, which they had condemned bim. While your eagle as the ensign of death and with auxious solicitude the soffrages slavery to you was raised in Rome were collected, Marius urged his legious Europ. Mag. F'ol, LXXIV. Oct. 1918.


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to the inost atrocious deeds. He closed motive, it was supposed, than the innate all the gates of the city, through which batred of the wicked to the good. The be dispersed his butebers, the greater butcher Marius was at table, when he part of whom were slaves freed by him was told that M. Antonius was taken by for the slaughters of that bloody day. his assassins. Drunk with Falernian Ye saw the public streets strewed with wine and blood, he shouted for joy, the dead; their bodies dragged through clapped bis hands, exulting with ferothem in savage sport-infants dasbed cious mirth, while those who sat at against the walls-mothers killed and table with him with difficulty restrained daughters violated—with more ferocity him from running himself to put him to than the famished wolf tears in pieces death-he then ordered Arrius, his mili. the lambs in the sheep-fold, did the tary Tribune, to bring him immediately pityless Marius murder the helpless his venerable head. When he arrived at citizens of Rome. Soon were the Rostri the bouse of Antonius, be told the satel. covered with the heads of the most lites to execute the order, and stood illustrious patricians. Ye, O Romaos, at the threshold. The aspect of so great but a little before, I know not whether a man, and his admirable eloquence, free or insolent, now insensible to these restrained the swords of the murderers. extreme atrocities, trembling at the The Tribune, enraged at this short sight of those incredible slaughters, indulgence, entered the habitation, and meekly stretched out your necks to with his own hand cut off the head those murderers, who,smiliog, butchered of the orator, while the satellites stood you. The Consul Cneus Octavius, in listening to him with tearful eyes, over. i he midst of this general and shameful come by pity as soon as he began to cowardice, sat in the curule chair, and speak. The bead was then brought to beheld with intrepidity the bloody Marius, who received the murderer scene , but neither was he an example with extravagant embraces, placed the of real fortitude; for although attacked bloody offering among the viands at by the assassins, he preserved still the the table, at which be still sat eating, same majestic position, and in that and feasted his ferocious eyes with the position was slain; in his vest was sight; it then, with innumerable others, found the answer of an astrologer, who was hung at the Rostri, an object of assured him that in the general mas. horror, wbere it had been before an sacre he would not perish. So nume- object of admiration. No merit, DO rous are the instances of daring mur. dignity, could bridle the impetuous der which present themselves to my rage of Marius, who, breathing ven. imagination, that I know not what to geance, was not satiated with inrelate or what to omit, where to men- undating that city with blood, whence tion all would weary the bearer. The he had been driven a short time beSenator Sextus Licinius was by the fore by the fortune of war. Even order of Marius precipitated from the Catullus bimself, bis colleague, and Tarpeian Rock. The son of Marius, who had especially contributed to the himself, slew a tribune of the people, victory of the Cimbri, could obtain and sent his head as an offering to no favour from him—the splendor of his father. Two of my own family, his glory was offensive to him-neiLucius, and Caius Cæsar, brothers, also ther present prayers, nor past services, fell-Caius being found by a client of nor their common laurels, could ap. his, whose life be bad saved by his pease the mind of Marius, whose ter. eloquence, was by him ungratefully rible answer always was, Let him die! betrayed to the Marian murderers. Catullus, therefore, desperate, set fire Lucius was killed at the tomb of Varius to some combustible materials, in a the Tribune, who in his life-time was an closed cell, and was suffocated. Merula, enemy to the good, and this a victim also, the priest of Jove, saved bimself sacrificed to his ferocious soul. The from the public massacre, only by son of P. Crassus was slain before his killing himself before the image of eyes, who not able to survive the shuck, that divinity. But so nuwerous were stabbed himself, and fell upon the body the deaths determined in the ferocious of his son. Infinite were the slaughter's mind of Marius, that he had not time which Time in her vast womb contains; to pronounce the respective senteoce of but that of M. Antonius the orator is each; he therefore contrived with his still to be deplored by youwho was executioners an expeditious mode of condemned by Marius from no other making the citizens fall at bis feet

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