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54 years minister of the gospel at Waingate A Narrative of the Wreck of the ship and Hebden-bridge, near Halifax.

Oswego, on the Coast of South Barbary. The Rev. Joseph Fletcher will shortly A second Memoir on Babylon, by Claupublish a new and enlarged edition of his dius James Rich, Esq. Lectures on the Principles and institutions An octavo volume of Essays on the of the Roman Catholic Religion.

Elements of Geology, is in the press, and Dr, Bostock's History and present state will be published shortly. of Galvanism.

The third edition of a Treatise on some Brigadier-General M'Donnell's Polybian practical Points relating to the Diseases of View of the lale war in Spain and Portu. ihe Eye. By the late John Cunningham gal.

Saunders. To which is added, a short By the editor of Mortimer's Commercial account of the Author's Life,and bis Method Dictionary, a work entitled Foreign Ex. of curing the Congevital Cataract, by his changes, being a complete set of tables of Friend and Colleague, J. R. Farre, M.D. Foreign Exchanges, calculated from the illustrated with eight Engravings, aod a lowest to the bighest course of Exchange. Portrait of the Author.

A new Novel from the pen of Miss Anna The third and concluding volume of Maria Porter, author of the Knight of St. Archdeacon Coxes' Memoirs of the Duke J obn, &c.

of Marlborough.




Al The Prices they are advertised al, in bourds, unless otherwise expressed ;

and may be had of J. ASPERNE, No. 32, CORNHILL. It is earnestly requested that Authors and Publishers will continue to communicate Notices of their Works (post paid) and they will always be faithfully inserted FREE of EXPENSE. EMOIRS of the Court of Queen Eli. The Elements of Book-keeping, by James

Morrin, 8s. Ed edit. ll. 59.

The Picture of London, bound in red, 6s. Medico Chirurgical Transactions, Vol. Pope's Law of Customs, considerably enIX. Part I. 8vo. 128.

larged, and corrected to September 1, Letters on French History, 12mo. 6s. 1818, 11, 15s. Bearblock on Tithes, 8vo. 5th edit, 10s. Sharpe's Elements of the Fine Arts,

A Miscellany of Poetry, by J. W. Pfeil, plates, royal 8vo. 10s. 7s.

Lempriere's Classical Dictionary, new The Beauties of Shakupeare, by the Rev. edit. 8vo. 16s. W. Dodd, 18mo. 8s.

The Picture of Italy, by Henry Coxe, Memoirs of Rob Roy, by Dr. Macklean, Esq. royal 18mo, 14s. 12mo. gs.


serting his epigrams upon “ Minerva we regret to state, that bis Lordship's and her Orl," and " A Serinon on a Vacuum refusal reluctantly compels us to disappoint in Nature,"'--lest odr readers might be dis- the wishes of our Subscribers, and to de. pored to hool at the one, and call the other viate from our usual practice of giving a ruris indigestaque moies.

likeness of each succeeding Chief Magis. J. Crow's lines on Charily are received; trate of the City. bot in charily to the writer, we decline in- Junius will find his Calculation of the serting them :-we could justify our doing Bible in the Tablet of Memory, edit. 1818, so by an extract, but the feeling which we have mentioned induces us to forbear.

Å Re-Vierer-J. R. Y.-J. P-t-and The Peview by W. of " lorne's Intro- J. B. S. in our next. drciion to the Crilical Study and Knowledge 2.-W. D. 4.-T, W.-1 Merchantof the Holy SCRIPTURES,” is received, and Northumbria--and several other contribu. shall appear in our next.

tions, are received. Jó reply to the numerous enquiries re- *** and Vindex are inadmissible, specting a Portrait, &c. of the Right

page 181.



Extracted from the London Gazette. N.B. All the Meetings are at GUILDIALL, unless otherwise expressed. The Country and

London Attonies' Names are between Brackets.

BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. HALE, JAMES, Chester, butcher, Sept. 5. HARCOURT, JORN, Chard, Somerset, banker, Sept. Ne

BANKRUPTS. BOYLE, RICHARD, Upper Thames-st, merchant, corn dealer, Oct. 31, Ram, Gloucester. [King,

Oct. 20. (Alliston and Co. Freeman' Coins Serjcant's-inn, Fliet strect.) Sept. 19. bill.] Sept. 8.

LANL, JOIIN, Emes, Eveshamn, Worcestershire, BALL, GEORGE ROB. Exeter, perfumer, Oct. 7,8, jeweiler, Oct. 10, Mr. Chutk's, Lvtalen.

and 27, a: Clenche's New Loudon Inn, Exeter. (Chech, Evesham., Aug. 29. [Brutton, Castlc-st. Exeter; and Brutton, Broad- LATHAM, NATHANIEL, Manchesier, baker, Oct. Street.) Sept. 15.

9, 10, und Nov. 3, shakspeare, Manchester. BROWN, WILLIAM, College-hull, merchant, Oct. (Clark and Co. Fountain-stickt, Walichester; and

31. [Price, New-square, Linoulu's.inn.) Sept. 19. App'eby and Co. Gray's-16.11-square.] Sept. 12. BRIGG, JOHN, Birmingham, lye maker, Oct. 5, 6, MASSAK, ARTHUR,' Gwynne's buildings, Cilg.

and 31, Woolpack, Birmingham. (Windle, John. Toad, merchant, Oci. 10. (Coppage, Broad-strett.] stieel, Beviord-row.] Supt. 19.

Aug. 29. BUCK, CHARLES, Southwark, hop merchant, Oct. MACHENNAI, JOHN WM KEITH, Old South

S and 31. (Lee and Co. Three Crown-co, Suuih. sea House, mert hant, Oct. 13. (Richardson, Clewark.] Sept. 19.

meni's-lane, Lombard.street.) Srps. l. BOLT, JOHN, and Co. Bath, grocers, Oct. 31, MORTON, WILLIAM, Worksep, Nontingham, por.

Full Moon, Bath. (Highinoor, Scott's-yard.) ter merchant, Oct. 17, Tonunc, Sutitlu. Wake, Sept. 19.

Worksop; and Wigglesworth and Co. Giay's. COOK, WM. Chapel-st. New-road, grocer, Oct. 19. inn ) Sept. 5.

[Fielder and Co. Duke-sl. Grosvenor-sq.) Sept. l. MOODY, JOHN, York Mews, Paddington-street, COW PER, WM, Bell-court, Walbrook, paper stable-keeper, Oct. 27. [Jones and Co. Great

merchant, Oct. 17. (Hodgson, Dyer's-court, Marylebone-street.) Sept. 15. Aldermanbury.) Sept. 5.

MEADY, JOHN, Stone, Buckinghamshire, wheel. COOPER, HENRY DRIVER, Back-st. Horsly- wright, Oct. 2, 9, and 31, Wote Hait, Aylesbury.

down, hop merchant, Oct. 20. (Mangnell, Alder- [Rose and Co. Gray'int-square.] Sept. 19. inanbury.) Sept. 8.

MUAT, WHOS Chea; side, bruner, Oct. 3i. [Tay. CARPENTER, HENRY, and Co. Alres sord, Hamp- lor and Co New Bastughall-st.] Sept 19.

shire, brewers, Oct. 24. (Jenkins and Co. New- NOKTUN, CHARLES, warmingham, bulidir, Oct. inn.) Sept. R.

27, Real, Birmingham. Li bateliy alld Sud, COFFIN, JAMES WALTER, Plymouth-dock, mer. Birmingham; and sun and co. iicucnickis.

chanı, Oct. 3 and Nuv.j. [Crowder and Co. tre- place, Old Jewry) Sept. 15. derick's-place, Old Jewry.) Sept. 22.

PROSSLR, WALILR. Birmiogham, builder, Oct. CARRIAGE, THOS. Horstord,' Nortolk, gracer, 5, 6, and Nov. 3, Royal, Birmingtuam. [beswick,

Oct. 5, 6, and Nov. 3, at liessrs. Mars and Co. Birmingham; and liichs and co. bartient's
Norfolhi (Marsh and Co. Bunhist. Nortolk; and buildings, Holbom.] Sept. 29.
Saggers, Crosby-square.] Sipt. 29.

RHONES, WILLIN, East Smithfield, baker, Oct. DAVIDNON, WM. Little St. Thomas Apostle, 20. I l'aimer, Gray's Intl-suare.) Sept. **

Wholesale stationer, Oct. 13. (aints, Buchlers. ROBERTS, GLORIL, Visiton, Salop, maltster, bury.) Sept. l.

Oct. 1, 2, and 24, Builuw s-bridge, Buildwas. DAWSON, JOHN, Burnham Westgate, Norfolk, (Bigg. Southampton buduings.] Sp. 12.

bookseller, Oul. 17, Nortolk, Norwich. [Bignuid RYD, WILLLAA, Canon iicei, grocer, Oct. 24. and Co. Norwich; and Alexander and Co. New- (Filoon and Co. i olewan-s1.] Sc; c. 14. inn.) Supt. 5.

RUMIORD), ROBERT MILLIAM, Bartholomewe DAMÚ, JOHN, Warnford.court, Throginorton st. lane, Koyal Exchange, stockbroker, Oct. 27.

merchant, Oct. 27. [Poule, Adam's.couri, Old (Leigh), Wood-strenh, Ciseasid:-) Sep 13. Broad street ) Sept. 15.

ROACH, WILLIAMI, Clicuit, 4.dosti, viciualler, FELTON, ROB. Lawrence Pountney Lane, merch. Oct. 27, Rummer, All Saints Lauk, Blistoi. Cox,

Oct. 17. Grasun and Co. Angel.court, Throge High-streti, bristol, and i Izard anu Co. Lins morton st.) Sept. 5.

Colo's inu-fields] Sept. 15. FORNIVAL, DAN. Liverpool, grocer, Oct. 14, 21, STORY, THOMA, Soul Biyah, Norihomberland,

and Mov.s, George, Dale-st. Liverpoo. (Leece slip owner, Oct. 13, Givic, Nes bicie-ujon. and Co. Statham' Lord-st. Liverpool.] Tynie. (Lambert, Newcastle-t, onlyne; and Sept. 22.

Fiexkey, Gray's inn-square.) Soplade GRIFFITHS, JORN, Bristol, victualler, Oct. 10, SANDERS, EDWARD, Feverslam, hent, grocer,

Commercial-sooms, Bristol. (Bevan and Co. Brisa Oct. 13. Noy and Co. Bell.couri, dlincing.
tol; aird Bou dillion and Co. Bread-st. Cheap- lune.) sept. I.
side.) Aug 19.

SILPHENS, THOMAS. Tarkington, Cheshire,
GAFNEY, NICH. Manchester, cotton broker, Oct. duler, (, : prea Eagle, Manchesier. (Dicas,

13 and 31, spread Eagle, Manchester. (Lunguill Mankliester; and Lolight and Co. Gray's-1and Co. Cray's-m.] Sept. 19.

square.] dipl.l. HYNE, ROBERT, sen. Partimouth, Devonshire, SIMON, SELICA, Hilperton, Wiltshire, hawker,

merchant, Oct. 19. (Passmore, OL. 97, Elephant and Castle, bath, (Bennett, Aug. 29.

Doctor's Cominons.) Sept. 15.
HEAD, JOHN OWALI), Liverpool, merchant, SHANE, JOKA EDWART, fleel street, boot and

Oct. 19, George, Liverpool. [lope, Wilson-st. shoe mahu, ult. aid Nov. 3. Moodward,
Gray's.inn.) Sept. 5.

Wantling street, thea,

S. Sept. 22. HAWARTH, JOHN, Warminster, Wiltshire, clo. 1H02183, KICHÁN!!, Nortliumbriland-co. Strand,

thier, Oct. 2, Angel, Balin. (Adlington and Co. dealer, Oit. :3. ('laylur, bealueiston-buildings,
He ford-Tuw ) Sept. 8.

Hovin.) S pt. l.
JORDAN, WILLIAM, Bamwood, Gluucestershire, THORNE, WILLIAJI HENRY, Strutton- ground,

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Westminster, oilman, Oct. 10 and 27. [Brendon,

Cuisitor street.) Sept. 15.
TROSTRUM, JOSIAH. King-street, Goswell-street,

builder, Oct. 10 and 27. (Lee and Co. Three

Crown-square, Southwark.) Sept. 15.
VARLEY, THOMAS, slaithwaie, Yorkshire, woollen

cord manufacturer, Oct. 10, Pack Horse, Hud.
dersfield. (Stephenson, Helmfirth; and Batiye,
Chancery-lane.) Aug. 29

ton garden, factor, Oct. 3 and 31. (Bell and Co.

Bow-church-yard. 1 Sept. 19.
WORKMAN, JOS, Ousley, Curnberland, cattle dea.

ler, Oct. 20, Crown and Mitre, Carlisle. (Burkitt,

Cloak lane.) Sept. 8.
WORTHINGTON, Robert, Preston, Lancashire,

grocer, Oct. 1. 2, and 24, Sun, Minspii Wiend,

Preston [Ellis, Chancery-lane.) Sept. 8. WARBURTON, JOHN, Timperley, Cheshire, dis.

tiller, Oct. 94, Bush, Deansgate, Manchester. (Apple by and Co. Gray's.inn-square.) Sept. 12. WILSHAW, Joan, Manchester, shoe maker, Oct.

24. Dag. Dean-gate. (Windle, John-street, Bed

ford-row. Sept. 16. WARINGTON, NICHOLAS, High-street, South

wark, hon-merchant, Oct. 27. (Whitton, King's.

road.) Sent. 15. WEST, RICHARD EDWARD, St. Margaret's-hill,

southwark, hop and seed merchant, Oct. 10 and
27. [Clution and Co. High-street, Southwark.]

Sept. 15.
WATKINS, WILLIAM, Norton, Worcestershire,

corn factor, Oct. 13, 14, and Nov. 3, at Mr. Jere
miali Herbert's, High-street, Worcester. Mence,
Worcester; and Pugh, Bernard-street, Russello
sq.1 Sept. 99.
WARMINGTON, JOS. and co. Gracechurch-st.

drapers, Oct. 6 and Nov. 3. [Sharp, Essex.court, Temple.) Sept. 22.

Sept. 25


PROM SATURDAY, AUGUST 29, TO TO ESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1818. ACTON, C. Litchfield, Sept. 28 Granville, A. Plymouth, Sept. 29 Murrell, J. Wormegay, Oct. 14 Ablitt, N. Great Yarmonth, Sept. 20 Grieves, W. Holborn-bp. Oct. 31 Murrell, B. sen. Evesham, Oct. 16 AC:1, C. Litchfield, Oct. 26 Grant, J. Sculcoates, Oct. 9

Matthews, E. Chester, Oct. 16 Baxtes, R. Talbot-ya. Oct. 31 Griftin, T. Pecilar's.acre, Nov. 10 Oxen, R. Scofield Hill, Sept. 91 Browking, J. Bristol, Sept. 21 Grieve, J. Edinburgh, Oct, 17 Penny, G. 31 Dishop, C. Higli st. Sept. 22 Grieve, J. Manchester, Oct. 17 Parry, H. and W. Caerleon, Sept. Barnes, A. Cirencester, Sept. 32 Hewens, W. Hinckley, Sept. 45 SO Bates, E. Greetland, Oct. 7 Haigh, A. Halifax, Oct. 7

Plaistow, J. and G. Liverpool, Oct.6 Barnes, A. Cirencester, Sept. 29 Hill, W. Birmingham, Oct. 9 Poulgram, R. and Co. Powey, Oct.8 Blacklioase, T. Lea, Sept. 30 Heath, J. East Teignmouth, Oct. 7 Pallisler, T. York, Oct. 16 Bowman, T. Sunderland-near-the Handby, M. Huddersfield, Oct. 16 Parker, W. Leeds, Oct.

16 Sea, Oct. 12

Hayward, C. Manchester, Oct. 5 Robinson, G. and S. Paternoster. Pendy, E. Charles-eq. Oct. 17 Hooper, A. Frome Sellwood, Oct. 13

row, Nov. 7 Bickford, J. Landulph, Oct. 20 Humble, D. Skelbrook, Oct. 16 Richardson, J. Kirby, Oct. 19 Buckley. w. Saddleworth, Oct. 14 Howelt, J. $t. Martin's-la. Oct. 17 Roberts. 0. Anglesea, Oct. 14 Barnes, J. Shefficid, Oct. 16 Hand, J. Wormwood-st. Oct. 20 Rowntree, W. Newcastle-uponBrownson, R. Manchester, Oct. 23 Harding, G. Ilfracombe, Nov. 2 Tyne, Sept. 30 Poden, J. Hockley, Oct. 23 Jones, W. Barton-upon-Needwood, Rets, W. Bristol, Oct. 7 Bird, J. Brampton, Oct. 15

Redmayne, T. Preston, Oct. 14 Carbuit. F. sen. and Co. Man. Joseph, J. Ratcliffe-highway, Oct. Stabler, F. and Co. York, Sept. 28 chester, Sept. 23


Salter, J. Dartmoutlı, Sept. 24 Cleminston, E. Market Bosworth, Illingworth, A. Oct. 20 Saint, J. Lymington, Sept. 25, Sept. 92

Kirkpatrick, J. Liverpool, Sept. 25 Simpson, J. Kingston-upon-Hull, Cherrington, W. Cludley, Sept. 84 Keeting, A. Strand, Sept. 18

Oct. 2 Carrothers, D. Liverpool, Sepi. 99 Knowles, F. and Co. Sheffield, Oct. Stanley, W. Warwick, Sept. 84 Chandler, W. Birmingham, Sept. 29 14


B. Kingston - upon Chandler, W. Birmingham, Oct. 9 Leven, L. Great Prescott-st. Nov. 10 Thames, Oct. 91 Cortissaż, J. Spital-srj. Oct. 17 Lowe, W. Macclesfield, Sept. 26 Smith, T. Admington, Oct. 10 Cocii, J. and Co. Liverpool, Oct. 5 Lees, W. Liverpool, Oct. 18 Sharpe, R. T. Micklebring, Oct. I Chesmer, H. Sittingbourne, Oct. 5, Lewarn, W. Taunton, Oct. 19 Smith, G. Ludgate-hill, Sept. 29 Dar'sy, T. New Sarnm, Sept. 29 Lowe, A. Berkeley-st. Oct. 13 Strong, G. Excter, Oct. I Drakeley, J. and Co. Market Bos. Morgan, D. Neath, Oct. 24 Sargant, D. Whittlesey, Oct, 14 wortlı, Sept. 29

Morehouse, C. and Co. Kingston. Thornbury, N. Bourn, Sept. 22 Drakeley, J. Market Bosworth, upon-Hull, Sept. 99

Taylor, E. Bow.bridge, Sept. 98 Sept. 2-2

Mullett, J. and J. Ilminster, Sept. Trens, s. Yeovil, Sepi, 25 Dickenson, E. W. and Co. Liver

Tengat, G. Manchester. Oct. 3 pool, sept.o4

May, W. Crispin-st. Sept. 26 Tye, J. Colchester, Oct. 6 Divies, J. 81. Martin's-la. Oct. 31 Matthews, W. Liverpool, Oct. 7 Tucker, W. Englebourne, Oct. 14 Dawks, T. Bath, Sept. 28

Miller, J. Tottenham, Oct. 3 Webb, E. Birmingham, Sept. 28 Dixon, J. Boston, Oct. 10

Mathieson, W. Bishopsgate-st. Wart, H.V. Birminghain, Oct. Dalton, J. and Co. Newcastle-upon- Oct 3

Wright, T. Augliton, Oct. 6
Tyne, Oct. It
Morton, T. Fixton, Oct. 6

Wallis, T. jun. Soutl. Shields, Oct.
Easivood, J. and J. Saddleworth, M'Neillie, w. Liverpool, Oct. 6 19.
Oct. 1+

Morris, J. Chepstow, Oct. 5 White, S. Liverpool, Oct. 7 Fowler, J. Birclin-la. Nov. 7 Mercer, T. and Co. Tonbridgo, Oct. White, w, Birmingham, Nov. 4 Farenden, J. Chichester, Oct. 19 30

Waitt, I, Kendal, Oct, 10 Grubb, W. Colchester, Sept. 21


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FROM SATURDAY, AUGUST 29, TO TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 22, 1818. BLURTON, J. Old Bond-st. Sept. Daycock, J.C. Widegate-st. Oct. 61 Holt, R. Lymm, Oct. 9

Dey, W. C. Doncaster, Oct. 10 Hobbs, S. Bath, Oct. 13 Baran, M. Caleford, Sept. 26 Eld. T. Heighton, Oct. 10

Ingleby T. Birmingham, Sept. 26 Buckley, J. Lawrence-la. Sept. 26 Goring, E, Little Alie st. Sept. 22 Kingsell, J. Blackwall, Oct. 10 Brewer, 1. Bath, Sept. 29

Hornsby, T. Cornhill, Sept. 19 Lewis, 1. Birmingham, Oct. 6 Pickford, J. Landulph, Oct. 6 Harley, J. Gosport, Sept. 20 Luckett, J. sen. Vitney, Oct. 10 Beall, T. sen. Norib Shields, Oct. Horne, G. Threadneedle-st. Sepi.26 Lyne, E. Plymouth, Oct. 10

Hornsby, T. jun. Kingston-upon Lippeall, W. Kernicott, Oct. 10 Gook, 8. Little Alie-st. Scpt. 19 Hull, Oct. 3

Nerison, W. North Shields, Oct. S Europ. Mag. Vol. LXXIV. Sept. 1818.



Prichard; J. Church-la. Sept. 28 Roads, W. Oxford, Oct. 10 Sherrey, J. Romsey, Oct. 10
Pichstock, T. Shrewsbury, Sept. 29 Robinson, C. Spalding, Oct. 13 Tucker, B. Bristol, Seot. 19
Patterson, C. Greet Sution st. Oct.3 Smith, B. Lerds, Sept. 19

Treoam, R. Newton, Oct. 3
Pickard, D. Liverpool, Oct. 10 Shrubs ile, S. Teynham. Sept. 19 Trexler, T. Albion-bu. Oct. 10
Patterson, T. Stockport, Oct. 10 Southall, B. Laysters, Sepl. 42 Watkin, J. and Co. Aldermanbary,
Peacock, G. Aldersgate-st. Oct. 10 Smith, C. Bristol, Sept. 99

Sept. 29 Richards, R. Shrewshury, Sept. 29 Selden, D. Liverpool, Oct. 10 Wickstead, J. Shrewsbury, Oct. $ Roper, J. Middleham, Oct. 3 Smith, S. Berwick-upon-Tweed, Wheeler, s. A. Birmingham, Okt.! Rogers, J. Cainbridge, Oct. 6

Oct. 10

Woisman,s. Ottery St. Mary, Oct..


DISSOLUTIONS OF PARTNERSHIP, FROM SATURDAY, AUGUST 29, To' TO ESDAY, SEPTEMBER 29, 1818. ACKROYD, T. and Ackroyd, J. Clayton, Yorkshire, Kearsley, J. Kearsley, E. and Kearsley, T. Manchesworsted-manufacturers,

ter, fustian-manufacturers. Allen, J. Bradley, R. and Lloyd, J. Manchester, Lowes, W. and Woods, J. Liverpool, brokers. linen-drapers.

Langmore, E. and Wilkinson, C. Basinghall-st. Alexander, G. and Cockcroft, J. Halifax, surgeons. wholesale tea-dealers. Ansell, G. and J. Newton-st. High Holborn, carpen. M'Namarra, M. and Cuddiby, P. New Ross, proriters.

sion merchante. Athow, C. and Harley, J. Watling-st. Manchester, Murray, G. and J. Manchester, cotton-spinners. warellousemen.

Marsden, T. jun. and Rose, W. Manchester, deals Braim, R. and Booth, T. Knottingley, Yorkshire, in horses. blue-makers.

Montgomery, J. and Smith, M. Sheffield, printers. Boyce, F. and Deacon, J. Norwich, attornies.

May, J. sen. and May, J. jun. Ipswich, Suñolb, Byrne, M. and Hover, W. Drury-la. paper-stainers. butter factors. Bolt, J. and Jones, G. Batii, grocers.

M'Neill, P. and Highfield, G. B. Liverpool, comaris. Blake, W. T. and S. Sherborne, cominon-brewers. sion-agents. Bynner, J. anu E. Newpur: si, Soho, grocere:

Miller, W. and C. Yales, R. and Miller, A. G. LonBirley, H. Hammond, A. Wilson, W. Brucklebank, dot and Manchester.

J. Heslop, T. and Mead, s, Whitehaven, iron. Metford, J. Emnery, C. and Ninis, R. Bath, winemongers.

merchants. Birnie, W. and Eggleston, W. Hull, mustard.manu- Nixon, P. and Alderson, D. Stonehouse, Devia, facturers.

marble cutters. * Barber, H. and Ballet, J. Bolton, hosiers.

Tarr, W. and Poynton, T. London, general bard. Benson, R. M. and W. Liverpool, grocers. Brice, J. and J. and Baker, T. Taunton, common. Paull, H. and Dainty, E. Old 'Change, carpenters. carriers.

Pench, T. and Miller, T. Leicester, cominon-browers, Carlisle, W. Ambler, J. and Hardaker, J. Baildon Paroe, W. and Stains, J. New Road, St. Mary leOrley, Yorkshire, worsted-spinners,

Bone, brewers. Campbell, W. and M.Nie, J. Glasgow.

Parkin, B. and Bottomley, 7. Hirchfeld Mill, Las. Carrick, J. and Maclean, D. Basinghall-st. Black- cashire, cotton spinners. well. hall factors.

Rogers, J. and Boon, J. Crosdon. Caslon, W. and Symmons, W. H. Burton-crescent, Rois, J. and J. Gibraltar, merchants.

proprietors of the North London Gas works. Richards. M. and J. Hythe, Hampshire, slipDax, T. sen. Dax, T. jun. and Stephenson, G. A. builders. Doughty-st. sulicitors.

Sandle, S. sen, and Sandl:, S. jun. Meldon. Divett, T. Price, E. and Jackson, R. W'est Smith- Stirling, J. and Arnold, J. Whitechapel, chemists. field, clothicrs.

Sinclair, A. and Sinclair, R. London. Duno, N. and Dixon, J. Durham, mercers.

Salmon, J. and Ruoke, D. coinmou-bresvera. Eyre, W. and Eyre, L. Upper Thames-st, wine. Smith, A. Crooks, A. Guthrie, J. Rybam, J. inerchauts.

Sinith, J. Rankin, A. Sinith, J. jan. Smid, A. Ellioti, T. and Shotter, J. Arundel, Sussex, tallow- Lindsay, J. and Kirkland, w. of Grenada. chandlers.

Stephen, w. Penrith, and Huddieston, W. Boat Elliott, J. and Scott, J. D. Leicester, borse-dealers. How, Cuinberland, siatc-pencil-makers. Eveleigh, J. and Taylor, P. Manchester, cotton. Sutclifle, H. Sutclifie, E. Sutcliffe, S. Mitchell, J. spinners.

and Sutcliffe, W. Lee Heptonstall, Yorkshire, Frost, T. S. and E. Sheffield, tailors.

worsted manufacturers. Taux, R. and G. Birmingham, grucers.

Soares, J. H. and M. J. London.
Gibson, G, Gibson, J. Gibson, G. jun. Gibson, A. Taylor, J. and Hargreaves, J. Lancaster, nursery.

and Stalker, C. City of London, merchants.
Gwynne, J. and Howell, W. R. Carmarthen, Tolson, S. and Lewis, A. New Bond-st. grocers.

Thompson, J. and Har vikod, J. York, chemists.
Godfrey, R. T. and Moate, J. Selby, Yorkshire, Taylor, T. and Barrow, s.

Thompson, w, and Frost, W. Air-st. Piccadilis. Holmes, C. Bawtry, and Thackara, J. Maltby, army accoutreinent-makers. Yorkshire, millers.

Tucker, J. sen. Tucker, J. jun. and Tucker, W. Hall, J. Lockar, R. West, T. and Browne, J.

Exeter, grocers. Brighton, Sussex, bankets.

Vertegans. E. and Weaver, W. Harvey, D. W. and Rennell, J. Chorley, Lancashire, warehousemen. liquor inerchants.

Wren, T. and Bentley, J. Chorley, Lance hire, Huni, E. and Keene, W. New Alresford, Hamp- liquor-merchants. shire, auctioneers.

Waison). M. J. and W, Liverpool, iron-founders. Hanson, J. and Beazley, T. Little Abingdon-st. Wood, H. Wood, J. and Bursch, R. H. Nassau, \Vestminster, lard merchants.

New Providence. Horne, F. and irre, J. Norwich, corn-factors. Wyatt, T, and Roadknight, T. Holborn bridge, oil. Hobson, R. Robson, G. Sheepshanks, W. and Law. merchants. son, C. Leeds, merchants.

Wood, J. J. and Saye, C. Cheltenham, porter. Harris, G. D. Sieplicas, C. Carrick, J. and Maclean, merchants. J. Stanley Milis, Gloucestershire,

Wacers, T. Tatshill, and Protheroe, C. Lidney, Hopwood, . and Smith, J. Lunebridge, Lanca. Gloucestershire, baakers. shire.

Wride, R. Smith, E, Stansfield, J. and Whitfield, Horvard, R. and R. Bury, Lancashire, tallow-chan. H. Bolton-le-Moorx, cotton-nanufacturers. dlers.

Yarnold, T. and Mason, P. Worcester, chemists. Humble, A. and Scorer, E. Leeds, confectioners. Yates, J. and Kilberling, s. Sbextield, tuble-knife. Jacks in, R. and Beattie, M. Carlisle, bat-manufaca manufacturers. turers,

Young, J. and D, Leeds, inerchants,



(Continued from page 179.) AMUEL CLEGG, of Westminster, Engineer ; JOSEPH MANTOR, of Vavies-street, Berkeley.

for an improved gasometer, or gas-holder. Dated square, Gun-maker; for certain primers for fire. July 24, 1818.

arms, and also certain improvemeats in the con. RICHARD BLAKEMORE, of Milengriffieth- struction of certain of the parts of fire arms. Dated Werk, Glamorganshire, and JOHN JAMES, of August 3, 1818. Lower Redbrook, Goucestershire, Tron-master and JOHN MALAM, of Marsham-street, WestminTin-plate Manufacturer; for a new kind of plate, ster, Engineer; for certain improvements on steam. which they denominate Armorphous Metal Plates : engines. Dated August 5, 1818. and likewise a certain improved and more perfect JAMES HOLLINGRAKE, of Manchester, Lanca. method or inethods of crystallising, or rendering shire, Mechanic ; for a method of making or manu. crystal isable, the surface of tin plates, or iron Sacturing copper or other metal rollers for calicoor copper plates tinned, which they call Armor. printing. Dated August 7, 1818. phous Metal Plates. Dated July 2+, 1818.


By T. BLUNT, Mathematical Instrument Maker to his Majesty, No. 22, Cornhill. 1818BaromTher.

IV'ind Obser. 1818 Barom Thcr. Wind Obser, Aug.26 29.91 63 W Fair Sept. Il 29.72 53 N Fair 27 29.72 6+ SW Ditto

12 29.90 53 NW Ditto 28 29.58 62 SW Rain

13 30.10 56 N Ditto 29 29.91 65 W Fair

14 30.17 56 SW Ditto 30 29.90 66 SW Rain

15 29.73 62

SW Ditto 31 29.95 61 S Fair

16 29.55 55 SW Ditto Sept. 1 29.45 70 E Ditto

17 29.97 47 NW Ditto 2 29.65 69 SW


18 30.06 52 SW Ditto 3 30.01 65 S Ditto 19 29.80 65 SW

Dilto 4 29.90 68 SW Ditto

20 29.46 58 SW Ditto 5 29.91 67 SW Rain

21| 29 35 57

SW Ditto 6 29.77 62 SW Ditto

22 29.56 59 SW Ditto 7 29 79 63 W

23 29.59 58

S Ditto 8) 29.82 64 SW Ditto

24 29.54 57 SW Rain 929.60 | 51 SW Ditto

251 29.59 56 N Fair 10 29.65 55 N (Ditto

FRIDAY, Aug, 28.

pers forward to complete their orders,

which have for some tiine beep unexecuted SUGAR-The Sugar market has been

on account of the high prices; the demand rather heavy this week, yet no depression in consequence became so animated and ex. whatever in the prices can be stated ; the

tensive that an advance immediately took holders are very firm and will submit to no decline to facilitate sales. The demand for this forenoon ; the demand by private con

place. There were no public sales of Coffee Refined goods was brisk early in the week ;

tract appears very languid. since Tuesday the request has become more

COTTON. The sales of Cotton this limited, and, as there are more goods coming week are considerable, though no! so ex. forward, the prices have receded - Foreign tensive as the one preceding. Sugars continue inquired after, but few sales chases are nearly 2300 packages ; viz. 700 to any extent have takeu place.

Peroams 2s 2d to os 2}d. ; 500 Bahias 2s tu COFFEE—There have been great fuc. 2stil. ; 850 Boweds 214d to 22d : 200 Bentuations in Coffee this week. On Wednes- gals 9d 10 12d. And by public sale--50 day the prices declined 85 to 98 per cwt.; Grenadas 22d. yesterday two extensive sales were brought RUM, BRANDY, and HOLLANDSforward; the latier went off with great The prices of Rum are without any varia. briskness at from 5s 10 69. per cwt, higher tion; there is not much business doing : prices than the day preceding, making the the holders are however firm, and will subprices 2s. to 4s. per cwt. lower than on mit to no depression to facilitate sales-The ibis day week. The fluctuation in the bolders of Brandy are calculating that the prices of Coffee is owing to the decline of vintage this season will be very deficient; Wednesday, which brought extensive ship- the prices of Brandy in consequence are

The pure

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