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TIE Secretary to the SOCIETY of recurrence of all the most distressing synt A GUARDIANS for the PROTECTION toms of her complaint. Since her relaps, of TRADE, has stated by a Circular to its the Queen has reiterated her desire to be a Members thereof, that the persons under. Windsor, and a number of contrivader named ; viz.

have been thought of to render her remors Join Thomas, formerly a fringe maker, practicable. Among others, a kind of ea? 8, George-street, Adelphi;

chair, upon very light springs, placed withie THOMAS NEWSON, carpenter, Sheffield- a barouche, from which the seats had been streel, Clare-market;

taken out, was sent down to Kew, last John Davis, fringe maker, George-yard, week ; but the body of the carriage was Crown-street, Soho ;

not sufficiently commodious to allow of the are reported to that Society as improper to pecessary recumbent position of the chair ; be proposed to be ballot:ed for as members and, we understand, that her Majesty's old thereof.

landau is to be prepared upon the farme The Secretary also informs the members principle. Sir Henry Halford, Sir Francis that bills for different sums, dated London, Milman, and Mr. Keale, have been in drawn in the firm of Thos. PROTHERO and almost continual attendance upon her Ma. Co. upon Messrs. Tuos. BARRON and Co. jesty. merchants, Langbourn Chambers, l'en. The following are the official bulletins church-street, London; one accepted,“ pay. from the Queen's physicians at Kew, respecte able at Messrs. Gosling, SHARP, and Co. ing her Majesty's health :Bankers, London;" and another, accepted, Sept. 3. “ The Queen has had a refresh payable at HARRIS, SANDERSON, and Hare

ing sleep during the night, but still continues Ris, Lombard-street, London,” have been indisposed. (Signed) Jately given in payment for goods ; but

« H. ITalford, that, on application to Messrs. Goslings

F, Miliman," and SHARPE, and to Messrs. HARRIS, SAN.

Sept. 4.

“ The Queen continues mech DERSON, and Harris, it is found that the in the same state as yesterday, although her acceptors have not any account or connexion Majesty's night has been but an indifferent with either of these houses.


(Signed as above.) Also, that a bill bas come into the hands

Sept. 5. “ Her Majesty has pot had a of a member of that society, dated Man- good night, and continues much the same." chester, drawn in the name of WILLIAM

(Signed as above.) BRIERLEY, in favour of Mr. John Ridge Sept. 6. “The Queen continued very ill WAY, upon Mr. Jonx BAILEY, No. 4, Sal

throughout the whole of yesterday, but her ter's Hall Court, London ; and accepted, Majesty has had a good night, and is a little payable at Rocens, Towgood, and Co. and

better this morning.” indorsed John RidgwAY, with other names.

(Signed But, on its being presented at Rogers and

Sept. 7. “ Her Majesty was better Co.'s it is found that they know nothing of throughout the abole of yesterday, and has the acceptor; anil, on enquiry at No. 4, bad a good night.” Salier's Hall-court, no such person is resi

(Signed as aborr.) dent there; bat the servant girl says a great Sept. 8. “ Her Majesty had but lille many enquiries of the same nature are

sleep in the fore part of the night, bat coll. daily being made.

tinues in ucb the same as yesterday.". And the secretary also states, that Rich.

(Signed ARD ANDERTON, mentioned in August, Sept. 9. “The Queen has passed a good 1817; and the Rev. Thos. STRETTON, men. night, and is a little better this morning." tioned in May last, have lately been both

(Signed as above.) met in London by one of the committee.

Sept. 10. “Her Majesty has passed a THE KING'S HEALTH,

good night, but remains nearly in the same Windsor Castle, Sept.5. state as yesterday." « His Majesty has been exceedingly quiet

(Signed and confortable through the last month, but

Sept. 11. “ There is no material aliera. without any alteration in the state of bis tion in the state of the Queen's health sioce disorder. H. Halford,

yesterday, although her Majesty has bad “ M. Brillie,

some good sleep in the last night." “ W, Heberden,

(Signed "J, Willis,

Sept. 12. “ The Queen has had an indif" R. Willis."

ferent night, and ber Majesty remains much Sept. 5. Her Majesty, we regret to indisposed, but without any material alterastate, vias been gradually relapsing ever tion in her symptoms." since Wednesday, the 2d of Sepiember ;

(Signed and since Sunday, she has experienced a Sept. 13. “The Queen has bed a very

as above.)

as above.)

as above.)

as above.)

ms above.)

good night, but her Majesty's symptoms con- dip 84. 30. which led them to conclude tinue without any alteration in them.” that they were approaching very nearly to

(Signed as above.) the Magnetic Pole. It had been perfectly Sept. 14. “ The Queen has not had a calm, and the sea as smooth as glass for three good night, but is as well this morning as or four days, and the current drifted them she was yesterday.

to the South-eastward, which raised their (Signed as above.) hopes of an open passage round the point of Sept. 15. “ Her Majesty had some good America, from which quarter it appeared sleep in the early part of last night, but her to proceed. All the way up the middle of rest was broken towards the morning ; the Davis's Strait they skirted an unbroken symptoms, bowever, do not appear to have field of ice on tbe left, but as they proceed. been increased." (Signed as above.) ed it became thinner and apparently rotten,

Sept. 16. “Her Majesty passed a good and they were sanguine that the moment the night, and appears this morning a little re- breeze sprung up the ice to the westward cruited by her sleep."

would open them a passage, and allow (Signed as above.) them to reach the portbero shores of Ame. Sept. 17. The Queen did not rest so well rica. The utmost harmony prevailed among last night as her Majesty did on the preced- the Officers and every part of the ship's ing night, and is nur so well to day as on the company, and all were in perfect healih. morning of yesterday.

Such is the substance of the accounts which (Signed as above.) we have been able to learn. There are Sept. 18. “ The Queen bas had a very abundance of private letters to the friends bad night, and ber Majesty continues very and relations of those who have embarked in much indiaposed." (Signed as above.) this most important and ioteresting en

Sept. 19. The Queeu has had some good tcrprize. sleep in the early part of the night, but her An order from the Dutch government to Majesty is still much indisposed.”

prohibit the exportation of potatoes froin (Signed as above.) Holland, reached the Custom house at Rot. Sept, 20. “ The Queen has not bad a terdain on the 4th instant, good night, and there is no alteration in the Letters hare been received from Surinam symptoms of her Majesty's complaint." of the end of July, which state, that a

(Signed as above.) fever prevailed there, which was so malige Sept. 21. " The Queen had more sleep nant in its nature, that it carried off the last night than in the preceding night. Her individual attacked by it in four or five Majesty continues much the same to-day as bours. yesterday.”

(Signed as above.) Advices from Spain inform us that several Sept. 22. “ The Queen has had sleep in thousand troops are to be sent to the Flothe night, but the symptoms of her Majesty's ridas and South America with all possible complaint are not improved."

expedition, a sufficient number of Spanish (Signed as above.) vessels liaving at length been procured for Sept. 23. The Queen has had some good that purpose. The Russian men of war, ic sleep in the night, by which her Majesty is now found, are vot seaworthy for so long appears ibis moroing to be a little re- a voyage. freshed.”

(Signed as above.) An article from Madrid states, that a very Sept. 24. “ The Queen has not had a good long royal schedule bad been issued, for the night-there is no material alteration in the purpose of dividing the public debt of symptoms of her Majesty's complaint." Spain into two portions ; one of which is to

(Signed as above.) bear an interest of three per cept, and the Sept. 25. The Queen bas slept well in tbe other to produce no interest; and of levying night, and is a little better this morning additional taxes upon letters of nobility, than she was yesterday.”

carriages, servants, &c. in order to defray (Signed as above.) the amount of interest thus charged. Sept. 26. “ The Queen bas slept well in Letters from Bordeaux, dated the 1st the night ; but her Majesty's complaint is inst. mention a rise in tbe price of grain of much in the same state this morning as yes- almost every description throughout Guyterday.”

(Signed as above.) enne, and several agricultural districts of At length the Official Dispatches from Languedoc, occasioned by the very large the ships employed on the Discovery of the purchases made on account of foreign spe. North west Passage have been received, and culators. Some rain had lately fallen in we understand are most satisfactory. They the vicinity of Bordeaux, which had been are dated July 28th, at which time the partially useful, but the great evil of the Isabella and the Alexander were in lat. 75. long drought was past remedy, and the 30, N. long. 60. 30. W. well over to the owners of the vineyards will reap a very American coast, the weather serene and poor harvest, comparatively with what they perfectly clear. The variation of the com- expected, the grape having been in several pass, by accurate observations repeatedly quarters literally burnt up. made on board both ships, was 89, and ibe

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BIRTHS. LAST HErst Semberyana.coe Bady of Wend's'

; of a cork-place, the Hon. Mrs. A.


Sir Henry , K.C.B. of a Denny, a son. daughter.

In Sidmouth-street, Mecklenburgh-square, Lately, at Bishop's-court, Isle of Man, the lady of the Rev. J. W. Vivian, of a 60p. the Right Hon. Lady Sarah Murrey, of a 10. At Welwyn, the lady of Henry

Fynes, Esq. M.P. of a daughter. Sept. 1. At Beckford-row, Walworth, 11. Mrs. Cresswell, of a son. Mrs. Fossett, of a son.

18. At Cheltenham, the lady of Captain 4. At Wanstead, the lady of T. A. Cur. Sulivan, of the Royal Horse Guards, of a tis. Esq. of a son.

son and heir, 5. At Rochester, the lady of Rear- 19. In Jermyn-street, the Right Hon. admiral Sir John Gore, K.C. B. of a Lady Sinclair, of a daughter. daughter.

In Curzon-street, Maj fair, the lady of 9. At the Right Hon. Lady Colling. Dr. Turner, of a son,


Hatch, Mr. Thomas Farrance, of Leaden. port, to Clara, daughter of the late ball - street, to Temperance, youngest Rev. Dr. Jackson, Canon Residentiary of daughter of James Horwood, Esq. St. Paul s.

Sept. 1. At Paris, Christopher Salter, Aug. 10. The Rev. Robert Faithful, Esq. of West-end House, Bucks, to Mrs. A.M. of the University of Oxford, to Luther Watson, widow of the late Colonel Sarah Maxwell, daughter of Thomas Win. Watson, of the 3d Dragoon Guards. dle, Esq.

2. Mr. Hobson, of London, to Ursula, 11. Mr. Richard Baylis, of Pudding daughter of Stephen Marshall, Esq. of lane, to Mary Anne, daughter of James Bridlington. Hooper, Esq. of Holloway.

John Wheatley, Esq. of the Rookery, Viscount Normanby, son of the Earl of Staffordshire, to Emily, widow of the late Mulgrave, to Maria, daughter of Sir Thos. William St. Aubyn, Esq. H. Liddell, Bart. of Ravensworth-castle. James Rawley, Esq. of Stourport, to

14. The Hon. A. Annesley, brother to Anna - Maria - Eliza, eldest daughter of the Earl of Mountnorris, to Sarah, daugh- Adam Clarke, L.L.D. F.A.S. of Millbrook, ter of B. Ainsworth, Esq. of Holliwell, Lancashire. Lancashire,

The Rev. George Proctor, son of the late 18. At Elsworth, Rob. John Turner, George Proctor, of Clurer-lodge, Berks, to Esq. of Norwich, to Emma, daughter of Jane, daughter of John-Dwyer Collier, the Rev. M. Holworthy, of the former Esq. of Smellfield place, Surrey. place.

8. Hart Logan, Esq.of Finsbury square, 19. The Rev. George Augustus Eliott, to Mrs. Gillespie, widow of John Gillespie, Marsh, son of John Marsh, Esq. of the Esq. of the same place. Victualling Board, to Julia, daughter of John Pepper, Esq. of Sigonds, Essex, to Thornas Murdoch, Esq. of Portland-place. Maria, daughter of Magens- Dorrien Ma.

22. Mr. Jonathan Marchant, of Gerrard- gens, Esq. of Hommewood-lodge, Sussex. street, Soho, to Miss Elizabeth Ellis, of 4. The Rev. Henry Hoskins, rector of Bedford street, Covent garden,

North Perrott, to Mary, daughter of the The Rev. James Britton, M.A. of Christ late Rev. William Philips, Martlock, 80. Church, Oxford, to Julia, daughter of the mersetshire. late Richard Down, Esq. banker, of Bar- 5. Mr. Federic Cowper, of St. Paul's tholomew-lane,

Church-yard, to Susanna-Lydia, daughter Lieut.-Colonel Octavius Carey, C.B. to of Andrew John Nash, fsq. of Cornbill. Harriet. Herzel, daughter of Robert Per. 7. John Howell, M.D. of Clifton, to ret Le Marshant, Ese.of Gurnsey.

Maria, daughter of Robert Garden, Esq. of 27. The Rey. Edward Trevener, rector the same place. of Drewstegnton, Devon, to Marianne, 8. Mr. George Carr, jun. of Stamforddaughter of James Cazenooe, Esg. of street, to Sarah, daughter of Samuel White Broad-street.

Sweet, Esq. of Basinghall-street. 29. George William Brande, Esq. to 9. The Rev. J. Gould, Fellow of Mas. Mary-Ann-Charlotte, daughter of the Rev, dalen College, Oxford, to Mary, daughter Dr. Horne, of Chiswick.

of Mr. Wellstead, of Calbourne. At Lewisham, Kent, Charles A. Saun- 10. William S. Roscoe, Esq. ders, Esq. to Mary, daughter of A. Row- Roscoe, Esq. of Liverpool, to Eliza, daughlaudson, Esq. of Sewalds, Essex.

ter of James Caldwell, Esq. of Linley 30, At St. Faith's, by the Rev. M. A. Wood, Staffordshire,

son of Wm.

, ,

27. In George-street, Lady Ann Hope M. A. 38 years Vicar of Blockburn, Jobpstone, of Annandale, wife of Rear. Lancashire, and formerly fellow of St. Admiral Sir William Jonstone Hope, K.C.B. John's College, B.A. 1771, M.A, 1774. 23. At Norwich, in the 79th year of his

Lately, at the Vicarage-house, Kilmers- age, Mr. Thomas Bland, a member of the don, near Bath, the Rev. Daniel Drape, Society of Friends, Rector of Sinton Parva, Monmouthshire. At Kingston, aged 91, Jane, relict of

Lately, at Upway, Dorset, John Gould, Edward Dismore, Esq. late Post-MasterEsq. one of his Majesty's Justices of the General at Jamaica. peace forihat county.

29. At Banner-cross, near Sheffield, Lately, at Canterbury, William Botiler, Leieut-Gen. Murray. Esq. of Fastny, Kent, aged 72.

31. Mrs. Orme, aged 81, of NewbyLately, in Bennett-street, Bath, in the place, Popiar, relict of Robert Orme, Esq. 87th year of his age, the Rev. Dr. Maxwell. Historiographer to the Hon. East India

Lately, Alexander Graeme, Esq. Adini. Company. ral of the Red.

At Heikney, in his 81st year, Samuel Lately, at Bombay, George Deck, Esq. Price, Esq. Apothecary, Fore-street, Cripof the Hon. East India Coinpany's civil plegate, service, aged 78.

The Rev. Edward Tew, Fellor of Eton Lately, at Southampton, in the 35th year College, and Rector of Bedhampton, Hamp. of bis age, Captain James Brooke Ridge, shire, of the Hon. East India Company's 21st Sept. 1. At Boulogne, the Rev. Okey Bengal regiment of Native Infantry. Belfour, Minister of St. John's Chapel,

March 1, At Maheid poor, in the East Regent's Park, Indies, Captain Harry Norton, of the 19th At Bishop's Walibam, Admiral Sir Roregiment Madras, N. 1, in the 31st year of bert Calder, Bart. in the 74th year of his his age.

age. AUG, 5. At Walthamstow, Mrs. Inglis, 2. At Lower Walmer, Elizabeth, younge wife of Jaho Inglis, Esq. of Mark-lane, est daughter of the late Capt. R. Colnett, sincerely lamented.

of the Hon. East India Company's service, 7. Aged 21, Maria, wife of William Mr. Thomas William Hayward, of Mile Sheve Arney, Esq. of Ponder's-end, avd End, aged 20. daughter of William C. Clarkson, Esq. of 4. At Richmond, the Right Hon. Lady the same place.

Hervey, widow of Lord Hervey, eldest 9. In Madox-street, Captain Prater, son of the late Earl of Bristol, bishop of R.N. aged 56.

Derry, At Basmonth, North Wales, John Mel. 5. Mr. William Jones of Leadenhallville, Esq. aged 65.

street. 10. Mr. Thomas Walker, of Bermondsey. At the College of Advocates, Doctor's

19. Mr. Thomas Holloway, sorgeon, Burr- Coinmons, Richard Henry Cresswell, L.L.D. street.

in the 37th year of his age. At Clapton, Middlesex, Mr. Richard 9. In child bed, deeply regretted by all Lynes.

who knew ber, in the 22d year of her age, 20. At Paris, Sir F. Goold, Bart.

Ellen Eliza, wife of Mr. W.C. Chapman, of 24. At Sandridge-lojg, Wiltshire, Lord Houndsditch, and daughier of Mr. AlexAudley, in the 61st year of his age. His ander Hay, of Red Lion-street, Holborn ; lordship was nephew to the late Earl of whose marriage we announced in our Num. Caulehaven, and succeeded at his decease to ber for September, 1817. the barony of Haleigh), Staffordshire. His At Knightsbridge, William Walmsley, lord ship's first lady was the third daughter Esq. of Pillingley Hall, Warwickshire. of Lord Delaval, and the present lady, jl. At Somerset House, in his 82d year, Dowager Audley, his second wife, was the James Bindley, Esq. he held the situation widow of the gallant Colonel Moorhouse, of Commissioner of Stamps upwards of who fell at the siege of Bangalore. His half a century, and his loss is lamented by Jordship’s only son, the Bon, John Suchet, his brethren with a sincerity which bears succeeds to his titles and estates.

the truest of all testimony to his worth. 25. Io Broad-street, William Cotterell, His reading was various and extensive ; his Esq. Sword Bearer to the City of London, memory, which was to an extraordinary Mr. Cotterell was in the 70th year of his degree retentive, he preserved to the last age, and had held the office of Sword Bearer with a vigeur which kept all the acquired upwards of 40 years.

information of his life in readiness whenever 26. In Great Cumberland-street, Mrs. he wished to resort to it, either to aid his Fawkes, wife of Edward Fawkes, Esq. own judgment or to inform or correct the

At Rose-bill, Hampton, aged 92. Mrs. judgment of others. His acquaintance with Charlotte Beard, widow of John Beard, books is best evinced by the very valuable Esq. formerly of Covent-Garden Theatre, library which he has left behind. No col. and daughter of the late Jobo Rich, Esq. lector of priots and portraits in Europe, is supposed to possess portfolios filled witb so

Richard Wood, Esq. of Upper Gowerrare an assemblage in this branch of art. street. In medals also, his cabinet contains speci- Sainuel Branden, Esq. of Park-bouse, mens of the most curious and exquisite Walworth, aged 77. productions ; his taste was without pedantry, 18. At Ramsgate, in the 68th year of his and his knowledge without ostentation. To age, where he went for the benefit of his z most uprigbi, honourable, and mauly health, Mr. Richard Jackson, of the Pool. mind, he united a mildness of disposition try, London, deeply regretted by bis widow almost feminine. Nature had mixed up no and numerous frieods. barsh ingredients in his character. To him At James Humes', Esq. Wandsworth may be truly applied, (and no praise can Common, aged 43, Lucy, wife of the Rev. raise his dame higher,) what Burke said of George Marwood, Canon of Chichester. Mr. Fox, “He was a man born to be 20. At Coggersall, William Forbes, Esq. loved."

of Camberwell, in his 65th year of his In Beaumont-street, Charles Gardiner, age. Fq. son of the late General, the Hoo. 21. In Conway.street, Fitzroy-square, William Gardiner.

J. A. Oliver, Esq. Gentleman Harbinger 10 14. Charles Grant, Esq. an eminent his Majesty, aged 61. Russia broker, of Grove-road, Mile-end. 23. George Keir, of Millearn, M.D. for.

16. At Ashtead-park, Surrey, in the 73d merly one of the Hon. East India Compa. year of her age, the Hon. Frances, wife of ny's Presidency, Bombay. Richard Howard, Esq. daughter of William 24. Miss Christian Steel, in the 14th year Viscount Andover, and sister to Henry, of her age, daughter of James Steel, Esq. the twelfth Earl of Suffolk,

of Calvert.street.

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THE Collectors of Portraits and Illustrators of Granger's Biographical Dictionary,

Seward's Anecdotes, Boswell's Life of Johnson, Biographia Dramatica, Pendant's
London, Lysons's Environs, Pursuits of Literature, are respectfully informed, that a
FEW proof impressions of the Portraits that accompany this work, are struck off on
Columbia Paper, and may be had separate, price 4s.; but EARLY application will be
necessary to secure them, as the number printed is very LIMITED.
N the course of the present month will the Scotish dialect, by the late Mr. Richard

ter's Ulustration of London, with sixty- Stanley's Manual of Practical Anatomy,
four plates, and a letter-press descrip- for students engaged in dissections.

Thomson's London Dispensatory ; conThe Iron Mask, a Poem, by the author taining the Elements and Practice of Maof the popular poem called The Recluse of teria Medica and Pharmacy, with a transthe Pyrenees.

lation of the London, Edioborgli, and Memoirs of the Life of John Wesley, the Dublin Pharmacopeias. founder of the English Methodists. Ву Mansford's Inquiry into the Influence of Robert Southey, Esq.

Situations in Pulmonary Consumption, and Crawford's Description of the Islands of on the Duration of Life, Java, Bali, and Celebes; with an account Clapham's Pentateuch, or Five Books of of the principal tribes of the Indian Archi- Moses illustrated ; containing an explicapelago.

tion of the phraseology incorporated with Conchology of Great Britain and Ireland; the text, for the use of families and schools, also, in octavo, the Elements of Zoology; The Continuation of Mr. Bigland's Hisboth works illustrated by figures drawn tory of Gloucestershire. from nature.

The Earl of Lauderdale's second edition, Russell's Tour through Sicily in 1815 ; with cousiderable additions, of an loquiry performed in company with three German into the Nature and Origin of Public gentlemen of considerable literary attain- Wealth, ment.

The fifth edition of the History of the Fearon's Sketches of America, being the British West Indies, by Bryan Edwards, narrative of a journey of more than five continued to the present time, in four octavo thousand miles through the eastern and volumes, with a quarto one of maps and western states.

plates. Two voluines of Sermons, by the late Lieutenant Elmhirsts Occurrences, during Rev. E. Robso, thirty-seven years cu.

a six month's residence in the province of rate of St. Mary, Whitechapel, selected Calabria Ulteriore, in the kingdom of from his MSS. by the Rev. 11. C. Don- Naples. noughue.

An account of the Life, Ministry, and A volume of Poems and Songs, chiefly in Writings of the Rev. Jobo Fawcett, D.D.

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