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thee ;

of her pen

I'll see thee laid beneath the sod,

Yet deem not, that their's was that contest 'Spite of the Man of Law's objection ;

of hate, Tho' pear the church, he's far from Gon, Which sours with its passions all mortal Who robs thy skull of Resurrection.”

debate; Now listen, Lawyer, to my moral;

No!-Harmony e'en from their discord Not all thy legal pleas shall save thee,

arose, When at the, before all,

And when friends thus dispute, they can Quick and dead, this skull shall brave

never be foes! - But now for the cause,–To a daughter

of earth, Shall tell of all thy subtle doings,

Whom Science, and Poetry, blest at her Thy quirks, and quibbles with thy clients,

birth, Thy fierce arrests, thy cruel suings,

The Sisters had given so much of their art, And all the cheats of legal science.

And so much with their protegée's skill Buy off this witness then, as often

were delighted ; Thou'st done before, with much less merit; That, while each wish'd to rule unrestrain'd Bury this caput mortuum, soften

in her heart, The angry feelings of its spirit.

They all were averse to sway o'er it For sure as death, thy skull as brainless

united. Will one day be as this before us, And then thou'lt find thy law will gain less Cried Thalia, -" She's mine!-every trase By writs and briefs, than deeds decorous:

Has shewn it already,-will prove it again, Then too, as sure as eggs are eggs, And thou a lawyer art, good c-y,

Lampidosa's wild Legends, all genius, are Should old Nick take thee by the legs,


With wit, like our Helicon's rill, ckr He'll not give time for legal parley:

flowing; For in the cause,—“ Nick versus Lawyer,” Not dismal, and sad, like a Melo-drame, If all success should be dependent

darkling! On which is prov'd the worst destroyer, But lively and bright, with my gaiety spark. Verdict must go against defendani;

ling, And, Sir, no motion for new trial

Wbile Humanity's pleasures proclaim in Lo bar of judgment will avail thee ;

each line, Death and Old Nick take no denjal;

That their Authoress must be a pupil of They'll bave their bond, and none can mioe!”

bail thee: Bethink thee then, tho' thou'st thy head full

With an air somewhat proud,- like a God

dess when vext, Of arguments 'gainst special juries, How thou shalt set aside the dreadful Stern Melpomené spoke, and her claim adSentence that gives thee to the Furies ;

vanced next;

To her Sister she said, " Flirting trider ! Who worse than all thy bailiffs, then shall

away, huatthee throughout th'infernal regions : Shall the mind which I've form'd for all Nor shall the Black Dwarf's dark credential,

hearts to admire; Nor all his democratic legions,

Yield its powers to the fancies of thy fickle From their fell gripe his tool deliver ;

sway, There, treason's influence is ended;

And be ruled by the whims of the laughLawyer! below, thou'lt find, for ever

ing Thalia? The “ Habeas Corpus" is suspended !- Forbid it, those feelings inspired by her lay, CLIENTULUS. When the Rosebud of Britain had faded

away! TO HER WHO DESERVES IT. When the Bride's Dirge of death round the

Green Island floated, ADDRESSED, AND INSCRIBED

And its voice o'er the Silver Sea,-woe had V******

denoted ! " No envy mingles with my praise,

Like my BYRON she thrills every nerve of Though conld my heart repine ;

the soul, At any Poet's bappier lays,

Terror, pity, and love, owo her magic copa It would, it must at Thine !"

troul, CowPER,

And spell-bound by me, with dark Tra. OUND the cloud-kissing margin of

gedy's zone, Helicon's spring,

The strains of fair Anna, are straios of my To the Jute of Apollo the Graces were

dancing; But the Muses bad quarrell'd, and now to

'Twould be useless to tell, all the con's, and their King,

the pro's, To beg his decision, their steps were and the pleadings,—which long before advancing

Phæbus arose,




owo !”

How Clio,-Euterpé-Caliopé,-join'd When, e'en by yourselves it is own'd, that To establish their claims to the realm of her

Larth's daughter mind,

Excells all alike, in the arts ye have taught Till at length, said Apollo --- Let jarring her;no more,

No more then, betwixt ye, ber talents shall Be beard from those lips, which all Music lay, should be ;

She must be your equal,—the Muse of her But soften your glances, and peace to re

day! store,

And, trust me, her genius your own will Attend my decision, and mark my decree.

advance, To none but to me can your ANNA be. For all gifts shall unite, in-TaE MUSE OF Jong,

ROMANCE!” Who dare claim without rival, this votary Thursday, Sept. 24, 1818. J.T.

of song?




SUPPLEMENT TO THE LONDON GAZETTE. [Here follows a despatch from Sir T. INDÍA-BOARD, ACGUST 26.

Hislop, dated the 23d of January, inclos. DESPATCH has been received at tbe ing Report from General Muoro, of an

affair with Cass Row Goklah on the 230 General in Council at Bombay, 'dated the of December, of which we have already Ilth April, 1818, of which despatch and inserted an account from the Bombay its enclosures the following are extracts Papers.] and copies :

A despatch from this same General, dated The Governor's despatch enumerates the the 28th of January, contains a Report different enclosures, and after alluding to from Sir W. G, Keir, stating the particulars certain letters from Sir J. Malcolm to Mr. of a successful attack on the depot of the Secretary Adams, stating that Cheetoo and Pindarry Chiefs at Mundapee, in which Ranjou had delivered themselves up to the 100 of their followers were destroyed, with. Nabob of Bhopaul, proceeds as follows: out any loss on our side ; also a Report

We bad hoped from this last communica from Major Newal, stating the surrender of tion to have bad the satisfaction of cou. Dummul on the 1st of January, with its gratulating your Honourable Committee garrison of 450 men. on the complete subjugation of all the A despatch from the same General, dated Pindarty chieftains, but we are sorry to the 31st of January, incloses a Report from observe, that by a letter received by our Col. Heath, stating, that on the evening of Chief Secretary from Sir John Malcolm, the 25th be attacked 1300 Pindarrees, enof a dåte subsequent to his oficial despatch, camped at Kunnode, under Cheetoo, Ranjun, he has since heard that Cheetoo and Ranjun &c. but that most of them escaped by dis. bad made off, and gone towards their old persing in small bodies, leaving in the hands baunts on the Nerbudda, and that his troops of the British (wo elephants, 110 camels, bad proceeded to the southward in con. about 130 horses of all descriptions, and sequence.

other property. On our side only two We have the honour to intimate, for the sepovs were slightly wounded. On the part information of your Honourable Committee, of the enemy three were killed, and a great that we have just received accounts of the number of them were carried off wounded. surrender of the fort of Wassota * to the This despatch also encloses a Report from force under Brigadier General Pritzler; Gen. Pritzler, of a skirmish with the and we have the pleasure to add thal the Peishwa's cavalry on the 17th of January, two British officers, Lieutenants Hunter in which they were driven off with the loss and Morrison, bave been at length released of 100 men and 100 horses. The loss on from the hands of the enemy, having been our side was one man of the 7th light cavalry detained in confinement in tbat fort. wounded, and one horse of the 22d, and one

The forts t of Seedghur and Bhugwange of the 7th cavalry missing. hor, in the province of Salsee, have also Extract of a letter from Brigadier General been reduced by the force under the com. Sir J, Malcolm, K. C. B. and K, L, S. mand of Lieut. Col. Imlank, C. B.

to Lieut. General Sir T. Nislop, Com

mander in Chief, daled Camp, at Nim* A strong fort, situated in the southern bekarah, the 15th of Feb 1818. part of the Peishwa's dominions; its posi. The expectation I entertained from the tion is not precisely known, but it is sup: first, thai Jeswut Row Bhow would sur. posed to be about 20 or 30 miles south of render, has not been disappointed. That Saltarah,

Chief yesterday came into my camp, and + Situated in the Southeru Coocau, dear' gave himself up, acowing that he did so Malwar,

unconditionally, in the hope that his volue.

tary submission would recommend him to himself as having been wandering from the forgiveness and liberal consideration of village to village ever since in hourly alarm bis sovereign, Dowlut Row Scindiab, and of being seized. This story is in part conthe British Government,

firmed hy one of his feet being mach swelled I demanded from Jewsunt Row Bhow, by walking (to him an unusual exercise) the moment he arrived in camp, orders for and hy his appearance when he came in. the delivery to the British Government of He was at first much alarmed, but his the forts of Dealghur and Cumulnere. By confidence is restored, and he appears disa letter I have received from General posed to give every information in his Donkin, who is advancing into Mewar, power, both with respect to past events the former had surrendered previous to the and to the actual condition and present arrival of orders, but that for the eva. places of concealment of the scattered remcuation of Cumuloere will be in time, and Dants of his owo tribe. may, I hope, prevent the necessity of an I trust your Excellency will consider the attack upon that fortress.

surrender of this Chief as inportant, as it is The whole of this part of Mewar bas been calculated, with other events, to mark the for some time subject to the depredations of character of our complete triumpå over the Daleel Khan, who, residing at this place, freebooters of Malwab. which is a jaglieer of the family of Ameer

I have, &c. Khan, has for eight years past laid the

J. Malcolm, Brig. Gen. neighbouring country under contribution. Copy of a despatch from Liegt. General Sir To this chief, who had, on the representation T. Ilislop, to the Governor General and of Capt. Caulfield, separated his interests Commander in Chief, c'ated Camp, at from those of Jewsunt Row Bhow, a few Talneir *, the 28th Flruary, 1818. days before the latter was attacked, (the In my despatch of the 23d inst. I appris. particulars of this engagement have not ed your Lordship of my having taken pos. been officially, received] I sent a message, session of the fort of Sindwah, and of my with an offer of service for him and his fol. intention to pursue my route to the south Jowers; and at the same time plaivly inward on the following day. Having dea formed him, that if he did not accept it, he scended the Sind wah Ghaut without mo. must disband all bis followers and leave the destation from the Bheels †, I reached country, otherwise he should be treated as a Kurrone on the 26th inst, and moved tofreebooter. He first seat a party of borse, wards the Tapty at this place yesterday; on and afterwards came himself into my camp, the march I received an intimation that the and accepted the offer I made him of service. Killedar of Talpier had determined upon Both men and horses are of an excellent resisting the occupation of his fort by the description. They will be useful recruits British troops, and this, on my arrival beto the Poonab auxiliary horse, and taking fore the place, I found to be correct, as he them into pay has already had the effect of had already commenced a fire from a few giving confidence to the inhabitants of this guns and a number of matchlocks froin the quarter, who are returning to villages walls, opon our advanced parties. which, owing to these and other lawless . On this I directed a reconnoissance to freebooters in the employ of Jeswut Row be made by the Quarter Master General, Bhow) have been deserted for years. Lieut.-Col. Blacker, and the officers of Copy of a Letter from Brigadier General engineers, with a company of light infantry,

Sir J. Malcolm to Sir T. Hislop, dated the deep ravines round tbe place preventing
Camp, near Jawud, Feb, 17, 1818. its accessibility on the service by the ca-

valry picquets ; I sent at the same time a I have great satisfaction in inform- letter to the Killedar, warning himn of the ing your Excellency that Kurreem Khan, consequences which would eosue from his the Pindarry Chief, gave himself op to me rebellion if persisted in ; to this I reeeived on the 15th inst. I had heard he was in the no answer, but I afterwards learned that it, vicinity, and employed the agency of Meer had been delivered to him. Zuffier Ally to bring him in, making a ge The reconnoissance being completed, I neral promise of pardon, and the future directed the 10 six-pounders (including the means of subsistence : Kurreem Khan states horse artillery guns), and two five and a that he was compelled to leave Holkar's half inch howitzers, with some 12 pound camp, on our declaring that we would not rockels to be brought into position, so as to treat with that Prince while any Pindar. knock off, in as great a degree as such li. rees were associated with them. He came mited means would admit of, the defences to Jawud, and remained there behind his Durrah on account of illness, having pre * A fort ceded by Holkar to the British viously received the protection of Jeswant Government, situated upon the Tapty, about Row Bhow. He was in this place when 80 miles west of Burbaupoor. it was attacked on the 29th ult, : he found + The Bheels are aboriginal inhabitants, on that occasion au asylum in the house of who, being driven by their Mahomedan and a poor inhabitant, where he remained till Mahratta conquerors to the mountains, the night of the 30th, when he effected his have continued to maintain some indepeod. escape to the bills, where he represents ence, and to subsist by plunder,

of the gateway. These opened with ad. former at the batteries, and the two latter at Foirable effect about eleven o'clock from the the wicket, heights on which the pettah is situated, from When the aftack commenced at the inder about 100 to 800 yards distant from the gate, the outer one was directed by Lienwalls, the enemy keeping up an occasional teoant Colonel Conway to be blown open, fire from his guns, and a sharp one from bis while the fire from the batteries covered matcblocks, by which several casualties the assault; 30 or 40 of the leading grena. occurred.

diers having, in the mean time, succeeded A second reconnoissance having been in getting through the wicket, the garrison made by Lieut. Colonel Blacker, who ad. took shelter in the houses in the fort, whence vanced to the outer gate for the purpose, I they still opposed an obstinate resistance ; determined upon storming it, in the hope but the remainder of the storniog party that at all events a lodgment might be made baving by this time got into the place, the within ; two six-pounders were accordingly whole of the garrison, consisting of about brought, ubder cover, close to the gateway, 300 men, of whom a considerable number and the flank companies of his Majesty's were Arabs, were put to the sword »a severe Royal Scots and Madras European regi- example, indeed, but absolutely necessary, ment, under Major Gordon, of the former and one which I have no donbt will prom corps, supported by the rifle battalion, the duce the most salutary effect on the future 3d light infantry, and the picquets, under operations in this province. Major Koowles, were brought from camp The Killedar I ordered to be hanged on for this purpose.

one of the bastions immediately the Meantime the Killedar, alarmed at these place fell. Whether he was accessary or preparations, and at the effect of the bat. not to the subsequent treachery of his mea, ieries, sent 10 solicit terms. He was desired his execution was a punishment justly due to open bis gates, and to surrender himself to his rebellion in the first iostance, parand his garrison uncovditionally, wbich he ticularly after the warning he had received promised to do. Some delay, however, in the morning. takiog place, and the day beginning to de Our casualties, besides the irreparable loss cline, the guns and Europeans were brought sustained in Major Gordon and Capraia up to the first gate, which was, however, Macgregor, your Lordship will perceive, by entered by the Europeans at the side by the accompanying return of killed and single files, without requiring to be blowo wounded, are much less numerous than might apen ; the next gate was found open, and at have been expected from the desperate the third the Killedar came out hy the nature of the service on wbich the troops wicket, with a number of banyans (Gentoo were engaged. servants) whom he had on the previous even The conduct of the whole of the general, ing forced into the fort from the pettah, personal, and divisional stat', on this occaand surrendered himself to the Adjutant sion, merited, as usual, my highest approbaGeneral, Lieut. Colonel Conway. The tion and best ackoowledgments. I have party advanced through another gate, and inclosed transcript of my general order of found the fifth, which led into the body of this date, and to be, with the greatest re: the place, shut, and the Arabs within still spect, &c. josisting upon terms. After some delay

T. HISLOP, Lieut, Gen, the wicket of this gate was opened from Total Killed and Wounded.-1 major, within, and Lieut. Colonel Macgregor I captain, 2 noncommissioned officers, 3 Murray and Major Gordon entered by it rank aod file, killed; I lieutenant colonel, with two or three officers, and ten or twelve I captain, 2 lieutenants, l eosign, 13 rapk grenadiers of the Royal Scots, who were and file, wounded. leading. I lament to state to your Lord. Officers Killed. - His Majesty's Royal ship, that this gallant band was immediately Scots— Major Gordon and Captain Mac. attacked by the treacherous Arabs within, gregor, before adequate aid could be given from Wounded.-Staff-Lieut, Col. Macgregor the wicket. In a moment they were fired Murray, Deputy Adjutant General of his upon, and struck down with spears and ar. Majesty's Forces, severely : Captain H.

The intrepid Major Gordon and O'Brien, Assistant Adjutant General, seCapt. Macgregor resigned their invaluable verely. Jives at this spot, and Lieut, Col. Murray Ilis Majesty's Royal Scots - Lieut. M'Grewas wounded in several places with day gor, severely. gers before he had time to draw his sword io Engineers-Lieut. Anderson, severely. defend himself. I have no common satis. 2d Reg. Nat. lnf, Ist Batt.- Easign faction, however, in acquainting your Chauval, severely. Lordship that this brave officer is doing [llere follows the General Orders issued hell: as are also, I am happy to add, Capi. by Sir J. Hislop, conveying to the army O'Brien, Assistant Adjutant General; Lient. his thanks for the zeal and gallanıry disAnderson, of engineers ; Lieut. Macgre. played in the attack upon Talojer; also gor, of his Majesty's Royal Scots; aod several despatches, announcing the surreno Lieut. Chauval, of the 2d Madras native der of a number of hill forts, the capture of regiment, who were wounded, the two which has been already stated.]



Extract from a Dispatch from Sir J. Mal whole of the detachmeet for the intrepidity

colm to Mr. Adam, dated Camp, Ougein, and activity which they displayed during March 23, 1818.

the attack and pursuit of the enemy. The As I deemed it of some consequence to

conduct of Captain Adams and Cornet come to an early settlement with Kurreem Marriott has been represented to the Major Khad, the Piodaree chief, respecting his General in the most favourable terms, and future place of residence, I entered into a he is most happy to express his unqualified full discussion with him upon the subject, approbation of the gallanıry of both these the result of which has been bis cheerful officers. Lieut. Jervis's unremilting exeracquiescence in the plan I proposed of his tions have been repeatedly brought to the receiving lands in the province of Goruck. Major Geveral's notice, and he feels thopore, for the support of himself and family, ronghly sensible of their importance on this and immediate dependents.

occasion from the exercise he has had of Kader Buksh, the procipal chief of the that oficer's valuable services. Holkar Shabee Pindarees, accompanies the party with Kureem Khan; this chief

TUESDAY, SEPT I. commanded 3000 horse, 800 infantry, and This Gazette notifies that the Prince four guns.

Regent has been pleased to approve of the The Pindaree chiefs and their families following regiments being permitted to leave Ongein to-day ; a guard of one subi bear on their colours and appointments, in dar and 30 men of the Russell brigade (who addition to any other badges or devices have leave to go to Hindoostan), accompa. which may bave heretofore been granted ny them; their route is by Kota, Kerowly, to them, the distinctions undermentioned ; Agra, and Allahabad. I have furnished viz. them with letters aod passports to faciliate 91st Regiment, the words : “ Pyrennees" their journey; and have promised they shall “ Nivelle" " Nive” and “Orthes." have permission to remain at the village of 2910 Regiment the words“ Vimiera” Meer Zuffer Ally, in the district of Alia Talavera” and “ Albuera." And the habad, till lands are allótled for thein at 53d Regiment the word " Talevera." Geruck pore. A dispatch from Lieut. Colonel Stanhope

SATURDAY, SEPT 5. gives the particulars of an attack upon the This Gazette notifies the appointment of Piodarees, the substance of which is given Sir J. Hislop, a Knight Commander of the in the subjoined document :

order of the Bath ; Sainuel M'Cormick, Esq. Extract from Division Orders by Major Gen Sheriff Depute of Bute: Robert Bruce, Esq. neral Sir W. G, Keir, K, M, T.

Sheriff Depute of Argyle, and same Walker, Camp, at Debalpour, March 13, 1818. Esq. Sheriff Depute of Galloway. The Major General is happy to publish to the division the following particulars of

TUESDAY, SEPT 8. an action between a detachment from his This Gazeite notifies that the Prince Majesty's 17th dragoons, under Lieut. Col. Regent has approved of Mr. Peter Emanuel the Hon. L. Stanhope, and 300 Pindarees, Schaw is his Danish Majesty's consul at commanded by Cheeroo in person, which Plymouth, and for the parts in the counties has added to the deserved reputation of of Devon and Cornwall, ii also contains the that gallant corps, and reflects the highest appointment of Charles Robert Haddelsey, credit on the officers and inen employed on of Kertoo Lindsey in the County of Lincolo, the occasion :-" Information having been Gentleman, to be a master extraordinary coinmunicated to Lieut. Col, the lion. L. in the bigh court of chancery. Stanliope of a considerable party of Pin. darees having appeared within a forced

TCESDAY, SEPT 15. march of his camp, a detachment was im This Gazette notifies, that the Parliament mediately put in motion, and arrived with wliich stands prorogued to Friday, the 2d in sight of the evemy, after a march of 30 day of October next should be further pro. injles; the dragoons immediately formed sogned to Thursday, the 12th day of Noand attacked them, and after a show of vember following, and that the convocatious resistance, they betook themselves to fight, of Canterbury and York, which stand proclosely pursued by our detachment, who rogued to Saturday, the 3d of October next, cut dos ni upwards of 200 horseinen. Chee. should be further prorogued to Friday the too, conspicuous by his dress and black 13th of November following. It also contains charger, narrowly escaped falling into our the appointment of James Wardrop, Esq. hands, but was saved by the extraordinary Surgeon extraordinary to His Royal High. speed of his horse."

ness the Prince Regent, The Major General begs to express his thanks to Lieut. Col. the Hon. L. Stanhope, .

SATURDAY, Sept 19. for the prompliiude and vigour with which This Gazette notifies that the Prince the arrangements were made for the attack, Regent has been pleased to direct that the 20 and the spirit with which it was conducted; Battalion of the 60th fooi, shall be cioathed, and he returns his acknowledgments to the equipped, and trained as a rifle corps. Europ. Mag. Vol. LXXIV. Sept. 1818.

M m

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