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was a merrier set of kind souls than our consideration' to obtrude upon your audiences of this summer.

miods at this moment. “In short,-for every thing at pre “ They depute me, Ladies and Gen. sent must be short bere,—the Proprie- tlemen, to entreat your acceptance of tors seem to have accomplished their their warmest gratitude; to which, ends of affording you satisfaction, even allow me to add, most respectfully, the from one end of the season to the other; farewell tribute of the Performers: We -but how (if this system of curtailment wish you all, Ladies and Gentlemenshould proceed), they are to make both A long life and a merry one." ends meel, is a matier of too serious


1818. Aug. 27. Greer Man-Lovers' Quarrels-X. Y. Z. Sept. 4. Seeing is Believing-Green Man-Castle 28. Seeing is Relieving-Green Man-Killing

of Andalusia. no Murder.

5. Rival Soldiers--Green Man-First Floor, 29. Teasing made Easy-Sylvester Dagger.

7. First Floor-Green Man-Travellers B. wood--Nine Points of the law.

nighted. 31. Beaux Stratagem-Love, Law, & Physick,

8. Green Man Who Wants a Guinea ? Sept.' 1. Sylvester Daggerwood-Green Man-X.

9. Ditto-Lock and Key-Barataria Y. 2.

10. Foundling of the Forest--Sleep Walker 3. Travellers Benighted-Green Man-Bara 11. Honey Moon-Green Man. taria,

12. Castle of Andalusia-Teasing made Easy 3. Teasing made Easy-Who's my Father?

Agreeable Surprise.
-Love, Law, and Playsick,

ENGLISH OPERA-HOUSE. Aug. 26.—This evening was revived merry or serious scene. For our parts, Cumberland's comedy of “ The Bro we hope she will not declare exclusively thers," in a three-act drama, called in favour of the one or the other, but “ The Privateer." We remeruber read. thating this comedy some years since, and

“ Equal to both, and arm'd for either were then much impressed witb the ex.

field," cellence of the three first acts, and the inferiority of the two last. Captain she will continue to pay her respects Ironside and Sir Benjumin Dove are alternately to the sister Muses. She both well-drawn characters, and were as sang with simplicity and expression. well acted as they are written. Harley We were particularly struck will the in the one, and Chatterley in the other, song “Say what is Love," the words afforded universal satisfaction, and very adapted to the old air. “ Ma chere well deserved the applause they re amie,” which she executed beautifully. ceived. The audience, and ourselves Mrs. Grove, as the term agant Lady amongst them, were particularly de. Dove, was sufficiently rude and violent Jighied with the subjugation of Lady – her conduct, when thrust from her Dove, a thorough-paced shrew, tyran. “high estate," was proportionately low nizing over a husband infinitely too aud fawning. The part of Goodwin was good for her. Sir Benjamin, however,' given by Mr. J. Isaacs. He played it well should not have drawn his sword to and proved, that a character appahivder the lady's passage ; his arm would rently bumble, may be raised into conhave done as well, and would not have sideratioa by a feeling and sensible pershocked those feelings of which an formance. As a singer, the abilities of English audience can never rid tbem. Mr. Isaacs are great. Nature has done selves. Mr. Pearman, as Young Bel her part-and, we are convinced, from field, sung very tastefully; a duet, be. the improvement which, on every fresh tween bim and Miss Kelly, was highly exhibition, we perceive in his style, that honourable to the vocal powers of each. he will do his. He was jo very fue The character of Sophia, sustaiged by voice, and sang with uncommon power Miss Kelly, is somewhat of a non-des and effect. His Srst song, which, on cript. Miss K,'s powers are, bowever, account of the many running passages

, is of that versatile patare, thal she cau extremely difficult, wasgiven with force. either raise or depress our feelings, as harmony, and precision. His second, the scene in which she appears is lively " Duly to his country and his King," or sad. She played with her accustom. was, to those who love the tones of a ed excellence, and left it " a moot fine bass voice, regulated by taste and point" with some of ihe audience, whę. judgment, au admirable treat. It was ther she should confine herself to the deservedly encored. The repetition, in

our opinion, was superior to the first Aug. 29.- A new farce called " Amg. effort, excellent as it was. Miss I. leurs and Actors," was produced at this Stevenson, as Fanny Goodwin, sustained theatre, the plot and incideots are as her character, for sprightly acting and follow : Mr. Dulcel, a theatrical amapleasant singing, and the opera went off teur, represented by Mr. Pearman, is excellently.

in love with Miss Hardcastle (Miss When The Privateer was announced Love); prevails on her to elope with for representation on Friday evening, him from her guardian, Mr. Elderberry September 4, Miss Kelly was taken ill, (Mr. Bartley), and conveys her to the or ralber, her illocss became so exces. house of Mr. Bustle, a country manasive, as to preclude the possibility of her ger (Mr. Harley), whom he has emappearing that night, at so late a period ployed to procure performers for enactja ihe evening, that po other piece could ing a private play. Mr. Elderberry be substituted. Under the accumulated pursues the lovers, and on their arrival disad vantages of beiog unable to give at the place of their concealment, is the least study to the part, and of sup- taken by Bustle for a tragic performer plying the place of Miss Kelly, whose whom be expected, and by Wing, a fine actiog in it left no room for even stroller, who had joined the company, excellence, such as Miss Carew pos. for a musical composer. The guardian, sesses, with all the advantage of long on his part unable to account for tbe study, to excel her, the latter young extraordinary language addressed to lady appeared as Sophia. She was greet bim, supposes that he has got into a ed by the audience on her entrance with private mad-house. The amusement of rapturous applauses, but though they ihe audience was proportioned to the were warmer and more encouraging whimsical perplexities to which these than those with which a London au blunders give birth on the stage. At dience usually receive their favourites, length all the mystery is cleared up; the yet this young lady seemed but too sen- guardian is conciliated, and the piece sible of the arduous task she had under. ends in the usual way with the union of taken, and did not recover her self.


the lovers. The dialogue is sprightly. session till the falling of the curtain, The music is pretty. Tbe parts were when she was dismissed with a general well acted, and the piece is upon the burst of enthusiasm and admiration. whole very agreeable and amusing. The character she assumed, we have Sept. 21.-An operalta in one act, stated in our former critique, to be one called" The Rendezvous' was performed of considerable difficolty. The transi- at this theatre for the first time. This is tious from gaiety to grief, from confi. an ingenious and spirited little produce dence to distrust, from lively hope to tion ; it is remarkable for the quantity silent despair, require great powers to

of incident and acting that has been depict, but still greater to measure and coolrived to be thrown into a limited apportion each, that its expression may space, which is all sufficiently probable, not overstep the line of light which aud might reasonably be supposed to separates the buskin from the sock. In have taken place within the period that all this Miss Kelly was eminently succes. is occupied in its performance. The most fol. But what she expressed by a nod ludicrous part of it is the situation of of the head, a motion of the finger, a two cousins, Sophia and Lucrelia, who smile, or a teat, Miss Carew lent her have each unknown to either a lover in wbole soul to. Miss Kelly dashed the secret whom they wish to introduce into outlines of the character, with the bold the house ; but baving no great cause and free hand of a master, who was con

to love each olber, are afraid to make scious of bis owo powers and secure in tbe disclosure, on account of the morti. bis own success; but Miss Carew, with fication which must follow it. They the diffidence of genius in an untried first apply separately to the servani, path. There was no altempt at any iini who plays with their perplexity, and lation of Miss Kelly, she played from forces them to an interview, where, her owo conception, and that concep. after long struggles, they are still untion was nateral and feeling, and never able to make the wish discovered. The failed to produce the strongest impres. lovers are at length introduced, and sions. In one or two points of the cha. after various amusing incidents, sucracter, she certainly equalled, if she did ceed in gaining their mistresses by terri. not surpass her alinust unrivalled pre- fying the old gentle.pan, (abo stands in

the relalion of father and uncle to them), Europ. Mag. Vol. LXXIV. Sept. 1818.


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and afterwards persuading him that they well supported by Harley, W. S. Chathave saved his life. The character of terley, and Miss I. Stevenson. This Sophia, an apparently half-witted, but drama abounds more than usual in this really sly girl, was admirably sustained polite age with insinuations against tbe by Miss Kelly. As a contrast it was fair sex, but they are made in a good well opposed by that of Lucretia, who nalured manner. The operatta was is proud, demure, and affecled. Mrs. announced for repetition with universal Chatterley played this part very success. applause. fully. The rest of the characters were


1818. Aug. 27. Privateer-Death of Cartain Cook.

Sept. 10. The Bull's Head-Amateurs and Actors 28. Ditto--Jealous on all sides.

My Uncle - Death of Captain 29. Amateurs and Actors--Blind Boy-Fire

Cook. and Water,

11. Midas-Amatours and Actors - La Fe. 31. Two Words-Amateurs and Actors-Dr.

rouse. Bolus.

12. Turnpike Gate-Amateurs and Actors Sopt. 1. Americans-Amateurs and Actors.

Death of Captain Cook. 2. Boarding House--amateurs and Actors

14. Wizard-Amateurs and Actors-Don Juan, Adopted Child.

15. Midas-Ditto-Ditto. 3. Blind Boy--- Amateurs and Actors--Bache. 16. Fire and Water-Jealous on all sides, My lor's Wives.

Uncie-- Amateurs and Actors. 4. Privateer-- Amateur's and Actors.

17. Bachelors' Wives Wizard-Ditto. 5. Boarding House--Amateurs and Actors

18. Boarding House-Midas-Ditto. Sharp and Flut.

19. Rival Soldiers.Wizard-Dirto. 7. Fire and Water - Privatcer- Amateurs and 21. Hendezvous--Amateurs and Actors-Doa Actors.

Juan. 8. Jealous on all Sinies-- Amateurs and Actors

09. Ditto-Rosina Amateurs and Actors, - Death of Captain Couk.

23. Ditto-Bull's Head-Ditto. 9. The Padlock-Amateurs and Actors--La

24. Ditto-Blind Boy--Ditto. Perouse.

25. Ditto-Boarding House-Ditto.

THE ROYAL CIRCUS AND SURREY THEATRE. Aug. 24.-“ La Rose d'Amour" of SEPT. 7.- A pantomime intended the French theatre, furnished us wiiha for the exhibition of some American new and pleasing amusement for this scenery, entitled “ The Sea Serpent ! evening, under the title of " Red Rid.. br, Harlequin Yankee,” was performed ing Hood; or, The Wolf of the Forest for the first time to-night. Its story of Ardenne." This popular story bas, consists in the enchantment of a young however, uudergone great alterations, female, who is betrothed to a native and improvements, both from the nur chief, and who is guarded by an im. sery and French originals, and its pre- mense sea snake; to the fury of which, sent outline is as follows:- Prince Ali after her lover's imprudent loss of a dor (Huntley), by bis general admiration talisman, intended for her deliverance, and seduction of the young females in and her own refusal of a lover provided his dominions, has gained the surname for her by the epchanter, they are both of “ The Wolf ;and in consequence, devoted. Onondago has already been incurs tbe displeasure of the Fairy of devoured, and Squinacoosla is expect the Rose (Miss Taylor), his guardian ing the same fate, when the kind fairy spirit. An accident introduces to the of the talisman appears, and after dePrince, Simplelle, or Red Riding Hood claring that they shall wander until it is (Mrs. Orger), who is tbeo about to be again recovered, changes her lo Colummarried to Simple, a villager, (Fitz bine, and restores her lover in the form william). Alidor and his lords imme of Harlequin. The usual pantomimio diately endeavour to circumvent both adventures then commence, wherein her lover and each other, but by the much mirth, beautiful scenery, and good interference of the benevolent fairy, mechanism are displayed; till at length Simpletie is preserved from them, and the magic tomahawk is regained, and the Prince is taught to be the future the euchanters who were disguised as guardian of inuocence instead of its de the Lover, Pantaloon, apd (loren, he. stroyer. Throughout the whole of this

come the prey of the Sea Suake. This entertaining burletta, the performers pantomime, with the acting of Misses conducted theniselves in the most spirit. Simpson and R. ducock, and Vessrs. ed and successful manner; and this, Ridgway and Kirliy, excited much wellwhen added to the beauty of the scenery, merited applause. and the interest of the incideals, will, SEPT. 1--Lillo's terrific trageds of we doubt not, procure for it a large Fatal Curiosity," was this evening inshare of popular encouragement and troduced to a Surrey audience, under applausc.

the fitle of “The Murdered Guest'' ard

was received with loud applauses. Hunt Sept. 21.-" The Manager's Night" ley and Miss Taylor appeared to' much again proved the very high public and advantage in the characters of the elder

, private respect entertained for Mr. T. Wilmot and his wife, and rendered Dispin, and needed not the attraction many passages most powerfully effective of an interesting new Melo Drame, enWatkins, Clifford, and Mrs. Bryan, were titled “ The Invincible Witness !"' to also very successful in the parts of Young, have drawn together the very brilliant Wilmol, Eustace, and Charlotte: and and crowded audience which was as. the shipwreck in the commencement sembled in the Surrey Theatre this forms a most imposing and striking ex- evening: ordium to the tragic events which are to follow.


1818. Aug. 27. Constantinrand Valeria-Red Riding Hood Sept. 7. Trick for Trick-Sea Serpent ; ct, Harle. Roderick Random.

quin Yanket-Terdmand, count la 9%. Ditto-Ditto-Vicar of Wakefield.

thom-Ditto. 29. Ditto-Ditto Ditto.

8. Sea Serpent-Lolonois-Dirto. 31. Duke and the Devil-Queen of Golconda

9. Ditto.-kooli Khan- Ditto. Red Riding Hood.

10. Ditto-Three Talismans-Disto. Sept. 1. Trick for Trick-Fatal Island-Red Riding

1. liitto-Ditio-Ditto. Hood.

ji to 19. Red Riding flood-Murdered Guest-Sea 2. Humphrey Clinker-Queen of Golconda-


21. Diuto - Invisible Witnesszor, The 9. Three Times Three-Ditto-Ditto.

Chapel in the Wood-Ditto. 4. 5, 6, 7; or, Pay me my Wages-Fatal

93. Midas-Ditto--Tom Thumb. Island-Ditto.

24. Red Riding Hood-Ditio-Ditto. 5. Waggery in Wapping-Queen of Golconda

- Red Riding Hood.


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Won the north wind is blowing,



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WINTER IN THE COUNTRY TO To what would a rhymer compare us !-- in WINTER IN TOWN.

verity, TONDROUS dull, ! confess!—while Poor me to Adversily-you to Prosperily.

Now mark, and don't frown- if I'm well And nothing on earth but the icicles grow. understood, ing,

How easy iny simile is to make good : I'll write to you, coz ;-tho' 'tis scarcely in* You open your reign in the glory of June, reason

Like For!une's young heiress in Life's To send you a letter so much out of sea

summer noon;

With new vis-a-vis and baroucle you come So distant we live, it had better be un

out done

To park and to play, to court.gala and 'Tis six months at least ere 'twill reach you

rout! in London !

O'er caps, cards, and concerts, unrivall’d While you at the Wells, the Parade, or preside, Pavillion,

Of Pleasure the queen and of Fashion the Send cards to a thousand and bow to a

guide, million,

Rose cream at your toilet, gilt eards at your Suck health from gas pipes, or platina and

door, wire,

Of poddees two thousand-of friends fifty Or go out to sea in a chariot of fire, I pine on plumb-gruel, oat-cake, and salt At one, all the news from Spitzbergen and salmon,

PlataWith chilblains and charcoal, mince-pies At two, Albemarle-street, gas, granite, and and backgammon,

strata The wide chimney smoking-slie frozen . At three, the pavé, the bazaar, or the boys sneezing,

Row Red squires and grey gossips the ale-posset At four, half a glance at the new crape seizing;

rouleau; While puts on the bearth false or true hearts At five-mercy, heav'n!-is no new novel

come? And Maud hides the misletoe-branch from Well, drive to Frescati's--Bell's---Col: ber lover

burn's and liomc!



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Then, then comes the glory!-on your ON SEEING A HUMAN SKULL IN Winter night,

A LAWYER'S OFFICE. What garlands, what perfumes, what stars of new light!

"UST emblem both of Law and Death! All midsummer's flowers at your feet, and of all

Who tell'st, without a tongue, or breath, The fruits of all seasons, the prime at your

Volumes in one sad cominon story! call

Could not the grave itself secure tbee O Fortune!-how near on thy feathery From the foul fangs of Doc and Rot. throne

Men ? Art thou to the pageant of Winter in ton ! Or, did Young Latitat procure thee So brief and so frail are the dear-pur To awe bis clients by thine omen?" chas'd flow'rs

Thus, I a human skull address'd, That strew thy gay carpet and cling to thy

That glared 'mong skins and papers bow'rsUnwillingly forc'd the dull pageant to


'Twas out of place, must be confess'd, deck,

Yet the strange sight amused me rasty. A mock'ry to-day, and to-morrow a wreck ;

But little look'd I, when I spoke, Most bright wben most joyless, as when the To be replied to, by the object, sun goes,

When instantly, my heedless joke The west all its gold, rouge, and foppery In answer the sepulchral nob, checkd: shows:

" If thou be some litigious novice, And thou in the toys by tby wantonness That would'st have sacrifice, nat mercy, bought;

And therefore burriest to this office, Like Asia's poor fly in the flow'r-cup art Hear, and learn wisdom-witty Sir, see caught;

To what a state of deprivation, Pomp, gay and full-blown, spreads its soft silky snare,

Have many a plaintiff and defendant And Peace, like the emerald insect, dies

Been brought by furious litigation; there !

-Such is thy fate, thou may'st depeod

on't. I, plaio rustic Winter, my cottage-fire trim, Like haggard Adversity meagre and grim, For in nine cases out of ten, Bare thorns round my pathway, hoar The law pot only picks thy pocket; frosts on my tharch,

But draws thy very teeth, nay e'en But only the friends of my heart lift the Pulls both thine eyes out from the socket; latch!

Blinds tbee to all the truth of life, Friends fearless of storms as the holly that

Or plunges thee in such a dark case, twines

That seldom thou escap'st the strife Round Industry's hearth when the yule.

With more than just thy naked carcase: faggot shines. The straw roof is dear while the tempest And this, thou see'st thou can'st not save blows loud,

Entire from this keen lawyer's capias, And Reason sees comforts in Poverty's Who while thy bones rot in the grave, cloud;

Detains thy bead, by scire facias : Slow, silent, and soft as the snow-wreaths So, when my spirit made its exit, they fall,

By writ, ne excal, he'd have strir'n But swiftly they spread till they whiten Thave brougbt it back still more to ver it, o'er all!

Could he have found his way to Heav'o. Prosperity's slave, shallow Fashion loves

Bear then thy wrongs, whate'er the evil, thee, Brisk Jodustry, Wisdom, and Health, fol.

And be contented to bewail 'em;

For tho' the lawyer way be civil, low me: Of Reason the fruit, and of Pleasure the

Know, summum Jus, is summum malum. flow'r,

And for th' advice I've giv'n, be grateful, Owe ripeness and bloom to my rigorous And take my head from 'mong these hour.

papers : A season of shadows, of blights, and of For sure enough, tbis durance hateful, frost,

Gives e'en a jawless skull the vapours. Comes next, when the pomp of thy revels

The church-yard's near,-just o'er shat is lost;

While I for the sunshine of summer pre Go, bury it with rites religious ;

So, may those miseries ne'er befal
And open Life's garden, by me made more Tbee, that await a bead litigious."-

Gay Spring follows me with ber hyacinth.

Thy wish," said I, " I'll grant precisely, crown,

For know, in me thou'rt not mistaked; But dull sighing Autumn ends Winter in" And thou hast spoken full as wisely Towa,


As brazen bead of Friar Bacon i

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