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the chaise, to return it to the injudicious ing poor person with a pennyworth of dopor as soon as he should bave gotten bread. to his journey's end. The beggar bawled As I am a very modest dog, it is with after my Master in vain for some time, some reluctance that I send you this calling upon me by all the opprobrious anecdote of myself; but I have princiepithets of rascal, thief, &c. &c., which pally in view, the justifying of many of are usually bestowed upon our race by these clever things done by our race, that reasoning animal Man, but at upon their true foundation. Aod, I length made the driver bear him. He beg to add, that nine out of ten of our drew up, and stopped till the crutched actions, which are degraded by the terms applicant, in due observance of bis crip- of tricks and pranks, originate io wise pled condition, could limp towards him; relection, and not merely in the saga1, in the meanwhile, stood by the side city of instinct; and if we had the of the sba', wagging my tail and Jook- faculty of speech, we would convince ing up, in the hope of being observed; you of it by as good arguments as any but finding myself not noticed, I laid which the most sagacious biped among the halfpenny down between my fore. the naturalists of the day could possibly paws. The beggar then told my Master advance, who descant so acutely upon what I had done, and sure enough there the various gradations of distinction be. was the proof of it; at the same instant tween us Quadrupeds, and our fellow, the Cripple, as be appeared to be, made animal man, a stoop to take up the coin, but I Asthe Learned Dog is a neighbour of anapped it up, getting out of the reach mine, and as we fully understand each of the wbip, nor did I surrender my prize other's language, I am indebted to him until my Master had got out of his cart for making this communication; which and taken it from between my teeth. * if you think it at all worthy a place

Now, Mr. Editor, this may appear among the more profound lucubrations to you, and many who witnessed the of your Correspondents, you will insert it action, as nothing but a pretty frolic of in your dext Number, and so oblige my a fetch-and-carry cur ; but the fact is, erudile friend and myself, who am an that it was a very great act of sagacity; enemy to all arts of fraud and deception, for you must know, that I had often though very much seen this very begging-fellow lurking

Your humble Servant, about my Master's area ia Elbow.lage, Dated Sept 10, 1818, ROVER. and once I detected him in the passage From my Kennel, No. 13, Elbow lane. of the Warehouse, in the very nick of time, or be had carried off a small para For the EUROPEAN MAGAZINE. cel of leather, which was left there by A Suort Account of BARTHOLOMEW

Fair. the ora the fellow by his face, for the hair ofannually held in this metropolis, not then equipped himself with bis crutch and red garter binding; and if I Bartholomew is the only one remaining. had possessed the power of speech, May fair, (which began on May day), (which, by-the-bye, might as well have and Southwark, or Lady Fair, have been been given for the proper usc of it, to suppressed a considerable time; and the us Dogs, as to many two-legged Curs, sonder that, which is the object of our who abuse it every hour in their lives present notice, is consigned to the same by lies and oaths, I should bave read my oblivioo, the greater will be the satis, master a short lecture on the folly of thus faction of all peaceable and well disposa throwing away his property, by theindis- ed members of society. It has undenia criminate act of giving money to a strol- ably been proved, that its existcuce is ling beggar, who would have gladly taken the bane of many, and that more seris the opportunity of a less-frequented ous evils have arisen during the three road to have stopped and robbed him, days allotted to it, from improper conwhen the very halfpenny which he thus nexions, than the whole year together. gave would have kept his faithful Rover Entick in bis History of London gives in meat for a whole day, not to mention the following account of its origin:that it might have been saved, and ano, “ King Henry II. granted to the Priory ther put io it, for the truly charitable of St. Bartholomero the privilege of a purpose of furnishing some really deserv. fair, to be kept here yearly at Bartholo

This fact occurred precisely as Rover mewlide for three days; viz. the eve, relatcs it, in the presence of several persons. the day, and the morrow; to which the

elothiers of England and drapers of mayor and a Court of Aldermen, giving London repaired, and bad their booths notice that it would be kept for three and standings within the Church-yard days only. This, however, appears to of this priory, closed in with walls and have been ineffectual; for three years gates, locked every night and watched, after the grand jury of the City of Logfor the safety of men's

goods and wares. don represented the fair as a paisance, A Court of Piepowder was daily during and complained of its being extended the fair holden for debts and contracts. beyond three days, and permitting ob

The fair kept here, instead of three scene plays and interludes. In 1708, days, was at length prolonged to a fort. the Court of Cominon Council prayed night, and became of little other use that it might be limited to three days; than for idle youth and loose people to and in 1735, the Court of Aldermen reresort to, and to spend their money in solved that it should only be held three vanity, and (which was worse), in de days ; viz. the 23d, 241h, and 25th Aubaucheries, drunkenness, whoredom, gust, and that only stalls and booths be and in seeing and hearing things not fit erected for the sale of goods, &c. usqfor Christian eyes and ears; many of the ally sold in fairs, and no acting to be houses and booths here serving only to permitted. allure men and women to such purposes In 1750, a petition was presented by of impiety. Therefore, the magistracy above a hundred graziers, salesmen, &c. often intending, at last fully resolved, against erecting booths for exhibiting in the year 1708, to reduce the fair to. shows during the fair, “ as not only adthat space of time only according to noying the graziers and salesmen, and which it was at first granted, that is to disturbing the inhabitants in the exer. three days; and accordingly an ordercise of their callings, but giving the prowas made: and at a Court of Common figate and abandoned, of both sexes, Council in June the said year, the order opportunity to debauch the jonocent, was confirmed; whereby the fair was to defraud the unwary, and endanger the be kept for three days only, for selling public peace.” That this is a true chaof merchandizes, according to the ori- racter of this scene of riot and misrule, ginal grant from the crown, which re at the present day, must be admitted, gulation, though it has been sometimes notwithstanding the exertions of the broke, the chief magistrate of late years city to regulate it; one thing, however, has strictly observed.”

might be done; it might still be short How very materially the purposes of ened, for it now continues four days; its institution have been altered in the viz. the eve, Bartholomew's day, and process of time, will appear from the the two days following, although the following account given by Stowe :- original grant and subsequent charters “ Hereabouts and in Smithfield at Bar. limit it to the “ere, the day, and the tholomew Tide, is the ancient fair kept next morrow.” that borrows its name thence, Bartho. It would form matter of astonishment lomew Fair ; although, by the original to many of our readers, as well as regrant, it ought to be kept but three gret, were it possible to trace thenumerdays, yet, for inany years, it was kept ous eviis arising from this annual absur14 days, rather connived at than allow. dity, for such it has at length become. ed, for the sake of the benefit that ac It is undoubtedly the greatest scene of crues from it. Each that hath a booth depravity in state of recreation to be there paying so much a foot every day found any where. Could its influence during the three first days. It was most die with it, animadversion would be unconsiderable for the sale of cloths, stuffs, necessary; but the many youths that pewter, and live caltle, but now is only have been entrapped into the worst of used in recreation; viz. to see drolls, company, and the servants of families farces, rope-dancing, feats of activity, who have been seduced and ruined, call wonderful and monstrous creatures, loudly for the extinction of an institu. wild beasts made tame, gianls, dwarts, tion which, though reported to be of &c. &c."

great advantage to the city, by the rens In 1694, owing to the frequent re of the standings, is nevertheless too famonstrances of the corporation, arising tal to the morality of a great class of fromno limited time being stuied in the society to be encouraged. Let us hope, enarter of King Charles ist, and which that like its former contemporaries, it afforded a pretext for its continuation will one day, (and that sborily), be suf. 10 14 days, a proclamation was issued fered to sleep in the same oblivion. in the Güzelle by order of the lord



EXTRACTS FROM AN ARCTIC with a few torches of bituminous mat.

NAVIGATOR'S JOURNAL. ter, entered this natural archway. It To the Editor of the Luropean Magazine. tion, nearly two bundred yards ; and

led us, according to our best calcula

both our courage and curiosity would I THANK for the attention be. have failed, bad not a creature like

you stowed oo my Portfolio, and am the squirrel-ape of Asia suddenly aphappy to administer food to the reign. peared, and frisked before us. We were ing curiosity of the public, by com• surprised to see an animal whose deli. municating sonne intelligence from cate form and elegant colours have been Spitzberger, which the fortunate ren pronounced by naturalists peculiar to contre of an American vessel with one torrid climates, in a region so gloomy of our ships on the northern voyage and desolate. But while we were deli. of discovery enabled me to receive. berating on the prudence of returning, My friend, who has the honour of be its familiar pranks seemed to promise longing to one of those philosophical the vicinity of man, and the scarlet crews, writes thus :

streaks on its silvery back guided us “ Knowing that your profession gives opward when our torches began to fail. you taste for the civil institutions rather A few flickerings of the Aurora Borealis, than the natural bistory of other king seen beautifully at the end of tbis very doms, I shall trouble you with very few Jong and dark avenue, encouraged us references to our soundings still more to go onwards, as our retreat and surveys before we touched this seemed straight and secure. We reached frightful coast. Between 22 deg. 40 the outlet at last, and saw, with such miu. E. longitude, and 77 deg. 51 sec. delight as you may well conceive, a N. latitude, we saw an enormous ice- plain about a mile io diameter, fenced berg, or floating field of ice, approach on all sides by a kind of natural wall, ing, which ipduced our ship to take formed by perpendicular steeps, whose refuge in a cove so spaciously and se summits, white and shiniog with indisa curely sheltered with broad rocks as to soluble snow, served to reflect and mulpromise us a kind of rest.' Two or three tiply the glorious lights of the vorth of us were permitted to go on shore; pole. Their bases were green, with and if the intense chill and the thick shrubs and fruit trees, which grew in while fog which usually precede an ice this warm recess, sheltered from the islaod had not deadened our feelings keenness of arctic winds, and beautiand our sight, we might have observed fied by a throng of the silver butterwith philosophical precision the pro. flies peculiar to these regions. In the gress of this monstrous mass, bristled centre we found a hamlet, or cluster with stony fragments and truoks of of houses, built of the whale's ribs, trees. The aspect of the bleached coast with sufficient strength and symmetry : where I and mytwo companions landed, and our arrival was welcomed by a was such as superstitious mariners groupe of persons, whose fair comascribe to the dead-man's Isle of Deso- plexions and English features were most Jation ;. but we had wallets well-filled, interesting to our national feelings We strong spears, fire.arms, and good fur might have expected blue eyes and cloaks. "The shore presented a range of silken hair in this polar circle; but columns with a sort of pediment bang- upless we had remembered the Welsh jog over them, resembling in a gigantic tradition of Prince Madoc's emigration proportion those of Stafa.

While one to North America, we could not bave of my companions endeavoured to take hoped to meet kindred countenances. notes of their bulk and height, the We expressed our pacific intentions by youngest and most active spied au open. those gestures which are understood in ing of such extent and depth as to all nations, and these people graciously · justify a Scotch speculation ihat there answered us by tying down the top. are habitable regions in the cevtre of most branches of a tir-tree towards ibe the earth. And if we had doubled ground; but you will hardly conceive my that this interior recess was inhabited, surprise and regret when we found them we should have been convinced by the dumb; however, they shewed us tablets sight of an eagle carrying a dead child to of stone, bequeathed to them, as far as its eyrie We took courage, or I ought we could understand their pantomime say hope, to find some hospiiable crea shew, by the first founder of their colony. tures of our owu species; and provided Dr. Caconous, my learned companion, Europ. Mag. F'ol. LXXIV. Sept. 1818.


for us.

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assured me that the characters' resem. intolerable heat. It is true there were bled the most ancient Greck, and were several erections of green sod, and I a part of our own Septuagint translation could not avoid admiring with what of the sacred Book. This and various ingenuity these colonists have taught testimonies of their hospitality induced certain black foxes, and an equal oumus to send back one of our party to the ber of elegantly shaped creatures called cove where the ship remained, there to amicas, or fair marinosetls as we name notify our adventure. Our deputy re

them in Asia, to throw pieces of spotted turned with information that our stay shells at each other for the amusement must not exceed forty-eight hours, as of the spectators.

And dances very the circular recess we had thus disco. much resembling our European waltzes vered in the bosom of the ice promised aud quadrilles were performed by the no farther inlet into this desolate coun black beavers and young moose-deer, try, and our voyage could not be longer whose slow gait and fantastical bounds delayed. Belicve me, my dear friend, were often pleasantly contrasted ; and for you know iny physiological zeal, well exemplified the thought of that I employed these hours most assidu wise ambassador, who asked, when he ously: and as circumstances must be saw our dances, if we had to servants reserved till I write in a warmer clia or tame animals to perform such labours malc, you must content yourself with

But the most remarkable parsuch extracts from my journal as relate ticular, and the most strikingly similar to important facts.

to English society, was, that all the The amusements of this singular peo. rational animals being dumb, the aboveplc bear a very remarkable atlinity to mentioned foxes and marmoselts were

av astimily which proves, note insiructed to make an agreeable and withstanding the opinions of Messrs. constant murmur, which marvellously Buffon, De Luc, and Cuvier, that lan- reseinbled the indistinct coogregation 'guage is by no means a necessary con of sounds heard at a metropolitan féle. veyance and accompaniment of social I must not omit to add, ibat this mur. feeling. For during our short stay there, mur or buz was most marked when we wiluessed what was coosidered a fes two or tbree birds placed there on purtive meeting, to which all the members pose began to sing or scream. They of this colony (called by our learned seemed to be birds of the gull species. friend the Neonousites) were summoned But another circumstance claimed pe. by our corductor, the ape before. culiar notice from us, as philosophers mentioned, who seemed instructed to no less intent on inoral than physical act the part of master of the cerc discoveries. This colony of Neonoumonies. And here it is proper to ob

sites has schools for the instruction of serve, for the information of naturalists, females, but you will start lo hear that that his surface or skin, which bad young children are employed to give first attracted us by its dazzling co

lessons to the old. In this remote relours, was embellished by paint, as in- gion, probably because the aged are deed were the faces of all our new ac supposed to lose their faculties in these quaintance. The male inhabitants, for stupifying and incessant frosis, the we saw no difference in attire or inander young employ themselves in tutoring in any, wore broad and rigid bells made and disciplining their parents. Those of the whale's integuments, and cas. unhappy creatures who have of spring socks of bear's-skin; but we, being laboor unremittivgly in sawing fir and aware of the intended festivity, ob striving to rear fruits or barvesis, whilst tained from our ship a supply of bon. their children speod fifteen or sixteen niets with abundant feathers for the gen. years in learning how to slide down tlemen, and sundry loug skirts richly á hill of ice with feathers ou their heads brocaded for the ladies : I grieve for and emply sheils in their hands. Yet the honour of our sex to add, the for. there is one particular which manifests mer chose the largest balf. The assem some discretion and decorum. Their holy met in three pariments constructed most beautiful females always sit within round one of the hot-wells, or boiling a door guarded by a tough thick web, springs as naturalista call them; and we which, when taken out, resembles a leaJearned froin these people's written in. thern purse. And they have also a door slitutes, that the whole pleasure and with hinges like the valves of an eyster business of the assetubly consisted in or inusele, wbich opens and shuis if the striving how to increase and endure the metal which touches it is magnetice

I request you to communicate ibis fact spirit is gone, he is fully capable of the to the members of our college, and urge employmevis most usuai bere. I do not them to consider its resemblance to what find that they take this trouble with we know of the great South American their wives when defunct; but as the spider, so celebrated for the strength of perrifying power of this keen air acts iis nets. Their marriages are whimsi. speedily on the lifeless frame, their decally metaphorical. The bride stands ceased beauties are soon converted into on a pyramid of snow, and the bride- statues, which are splendidly attired in groom on one of smoking ashes. If feathers and cockle shells, and, being ihe melting of the suow quenches the duly painted, fill their former places heat, or if the embers cease to buro in public ass.mblies with great ellect, before the suow dissolves, the omen and can hardly be distinguished from is considered unprosperous. But if they

the living decrease in the same proportion, it is an Their household arrangements deserve augury of happiness; * and as both parlias atiention and imitation even in Europe. are dumb), I suppose there are no provi Kuowing the fatigue of regulating hu. sions for alimony or separate mainte man domestics by precept or example, nance. Courtships for the same reason they have availed 'theniselves of that are managed with becoming brevity, surprising instinct which may be called and not much deception ; but I spe reason without tøill in animals. Therecially adnaired the allotment of time fore they employ the large shaggy dog for weeping at a funeral. It lasis pre. peculiar to northern lauds as their porcisely as long as the mourner can count ter and erraud-carrier ; and bis fidelity a hundred pieces of copper cuin into his far surpasses any biped's employed in purse.

that capacily. The beaver, soʻskilled in Being dumb, you will easily suppose, beaping up or carrying timber, is their no lawyers are requisite ; but the pro. ordinary bouschuid drudge; and as fish fession flourishes notwithstanding this is the principal article of their diet, obstacle. If any person considers him. a number of tanie pelicans act as clerks self rubbed or aggrieved, he applies to of the kitchen. It is really admirable to one or two persons called the civilians observe with what quietness and expedi. of this colony; and as eloquence is un- tion these purveyors perform their duty, known bere, a blind fox is brought into and sometimes rob each other's pouches their court of justice, and that advocate with an alacrity allogeiher human. As is deemed inost skilful who cau make the costom I am going to mention is not him drink through the longest straw. much onlike one which now prevails in Another and apter way of deciding a suit civilized nations, you will not refuse to is this. The judge drops two oyviers on, believe that mothers in this colony abail. the heads of ibe plaintiff and defendant, don their offspring ju their infancy and and he whose head is hard enough to childhood. They employ a sci ot sleek crack the sheil, is pronounced victo. handsome animals, of the tiger-cat or rious. But if the case is not decided byæna species, to purse and rear their in twelve months, the parlies' altoruies children during the first six or seven are publicly whipped a practice which years; an office which they are apt might be useful in Europe. The same to execute with all the capricious cru. chastisement is inficted on physicians elly of their nature; but the parents when their patients die.. One of the have an idea, that as buman creatures rarest and most pleasant peculiarities are sure to deserve chastisement in among these people is, that they never some part of their lives, it is wisest absolutely die. The funeral ceremonies and most safe to give thein an ample are performed during a man's last ill- sutliciency at first. Notwithstanding ness, that he may enjoy the pomp of the upgracious babits and unkindness tbcse honours; but he is not interred, of their nurses, these children acquire and his physiciaus, when the breath of all their subtle instincts, and especially life has forsaken him, perform certaja a remarkable fondness for dress; as operations similar to our galvanic bat ono of the whins of this colony is to tery, and excite the muscular system so equip its domestic animals in the ut. powerfully, that though the intellectual most finery; and we were bighly amused

when we were waited upon at dinner by * This seems a relic of the Jewish tradi

a white bear in a coat and hat which we tion, that a wife's proper Hebrew name had given his master ; and saw the igpifes water, and her husband's fire. pelican-cook strutting in a bonnet of

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