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$1. Flitch of Bacon-Mountaineers-Bom.

bastes Furioso.
Aug. 1. Darkness Visible-Teasing made Easy

Tom Thumb.
3. Sleep Walker-Exit by Mistake-X.Y.Z.
4. She Stoops to Conquer-1 ravellers Be-

5. Africani- Lovers' Quarrels-Wedding Day.
6. Ditto-Teasing made Easy.
7. Dilto-Three Weeks alter Marriage-

X. Y. 2.
8. Ditto- Exit by Mistake.
10. Travellers Beniglited-X.Y.Z.Agreeable

11. Cure for Heart Ache-Critick,
18. Africans-Blue Devils-Sleep Walker.
13. Teasing made Eas-lay atier the Wed.

ding-Killing no Munier.
14. Who Wants a Guinea-X. Y. Z.

15. Green Man-Three Weeks after Marriage

-Sleep Walker. 17. Ditle Travellers Benighied— Bombaste

Furioso. 18. Ditto---Teasing made Easy. 19. Rival Soldiers--Green Man-X. Y. Z. 20. Wedding Day-Green Man-afastle of

Andalusia, 21. Green Man-Sleep Walker-Tom Thumb. 92. Blue Devils-Green Man-Agreeable sol.

prise. 14. Travellers Benighted-Green Man-bon

bastes Furioso. 25. Rival Soldiers-Green Man-Castle of

Andalusia. 26. Cure for the Heart Ache~Teasing made

Easy. 87. Green Man--Lovers' Quarrels-X. Y.Z.

ENGLISH OPERA-HOUSE. July 30. The Comic Opera of The admirable actress possesses in so emi. Americans was revived this evening, nent a degree, and exercises upon all after a lapse of seven years. The in. occasions wben she is presented with an troductiou of the native American opportunity. Indians had the happiest effect. In the Aug. 10. The Death of Captain Cook war-hoop chorus, i he lodian dance, and has been very well dramatised and per. generally in their pantomine thus dis. formed this evening, with only ove played skilful training, great docility, exception, that is, the motive of bis and even a tolerable preception of murder is assigned to love and jealousy, musical time. The music of this Opera though Captain Cook was probably as contains many delightful compositions little susceptible of that passion, as the which were very worthily executed, savages of the island were little calcu. particularly by Miss Carew, who evine lated to excite it. We would rather ced great skill and considerable com- assign the cause of his death to a very pass, and was most deservediy encored. fine observation, which we remember Miss Kelly sang well and acted admira- to have been current at the time. So bly as she always dues. Mr. Pearman long as Captain Cook (said the public sang several songs, among others The opinion at that time) adhered io bis Deuth of Nelson, with applause. Mr. confidence and service of God, and to Isaac was excellent in the songs of the his exemplary humanity, so long he pative chief.. Mr. Harley supported succeeded in all his enterprises, and the entertaining part of Dalible, with escaped in circumstances of the most great humour, and was most heartily extreme danger; but when, in a moment encored in bis durlioncer song. Mr.

of vanity and mental intoxication, he Bartley, Chatterley, and Wiikinson, allowed bimself to be worshipped as a were also well received in their respec. God by the savages of the friendly tive parts, and the whole went off with Islands, from that moment his career uncommon cclal.

of success was stopped, and he seems to Aug. 6. This evening after the Opera have become marked as the object of of The Americans, tbal of The Deserler Divine displeasure, till he paid the last of Naples was performied for the first fatal penally of bis idulairous arrogalime this seasou. Mr. T. P. Cooke

tion of what belonged to bis Maker. undertook the part of llenry, in wbich it is now nearly toriy years since: we he was extremely well received. He remember this current saying, and we particularly disiinguished himself in the are as willing to adopt and believe it combat scene, which concludes the first now as we were then. The Pantomime act. Mr. W. S. Challeriey appeared as contains a good deal of bustle. The Siirmish, the drunken character of principal event is well calculated to which Munden used to make so much.

produce effect, and the performance of Under all the disadvantages of such a ibe American Indians, who were brought recollection be acquitted biiselt in a into more prominent and constant very respectable manner. Mr. Wilkins action than in either of the other dramas son's Simpkin allorded great amuse- in which they have exhibited, coutri. ment, and Miss Kelly's Lovisa possessed buted in no small degree towards the all the energy and feeling which this favourable reception with which it was

honoured. Mr. T. P. Cooke sustained to the stage, the slightest indication of the part of the celebrated English Como change throughout the whole of Miss mander ; he looked and fought ex. Kelly's perforinance.

But this will aptremely well, displayed grace and acti- pear still more remarkable, when we vity in his movements, and we are not consider how much the expression of aware that pantomime can be expected many passions depends upon this organ, to advance much further in the attempt and recollect that Miss Kelly without to realise an intellectual portrait. its aid, pourtrayed these passions in Messrs. Walborne and Salter were very tbeir very utmost force. Perhaps she happy in their performance as two never exhibited greater gepius than in Dalives of the island, and Mrs. Pincott the transfer of expression from the eye as Emai, a relation to the King, acquits to the next feature, after the eye, best ted herself in a manner which would suited to the passion she would depict. hare been creditable to any Theatre. Thus, Love which has ever been consi. Miss Stevenson was highly interesting. dered the property of the eye, was by of the Indians we have already spoken her on this occasion, in the scenes with generally; but we should not oinit to Elvina and her faiher, transferred to give them credit for the expressive pan- the mouth. It played in her smile and tomime in which they represented the in the pleasure which lighted up ber effects of music on savages: por should countenance though the eye never par. we overlook that individval amongst ticipated in it. In the last terrific scene them who succeeded so well in depiciing with Rodolph and ihe murderer Starow, the frantic intoxication to which his while indignation, terror, rage, and tribe are said to be addicted, when op- despair succeed each other in her counportunities favour the display. The tenance with incalculable velocity, the scenery is good, the music agreeable, eye remained the same-still dead and and the audience was so crowded as to motionless, as in the more tranquil afford great encouragernent to those scenes. Her songs, which she sung with whose business it was to entertain a plaintive sweetness, that seemed to them.

husb the very breath that formed it, Aug. 17. This evening was revived were not enchored. They were received at this Theatre, the greatly admired with a silence far more lattering, for it Melo-Draina of the Blind Boy. A very was the homage of subdued feeling. crowded and fashionable audience were The new music in this piece is exceed. drawn together to witness the powers ingly beautiful, and Mr. Pearman in the of Miss Kells as Edmund. It is cer- songs allotted to him as Rodolph, extainly one of those extraordiary exbi. erled the fine powers of his voice with bitions which leave their powerful im- great advantage. Mrs. W. S. Chatterly, pression upon the mind, never to be is a very pleasing Elvint; she is a very elfaced. We would only compare it, as fine and delicately formed woman, and a perfect piece of acting, to what we therefore looks the character well. We have been told of Garrick's last scene could be tempied to find fault with Mr. in Lear. A thing, which the old boast Bartlet's vociferous Oberlo, but be so of having seen, aud the young are told often reclaimed this error, by fine ingethey can form no conception of. We nuous and manly feeling that we will can hardly imagine a more difficult task, not do so. Kulig was well performed than for one, who possesses as fine an by Mr. T. P. Cooke, and was loudly eye as any on the stage, to give to that and often applauded. Mr. Harley forced eye, an expression of blindness, while Molino, as he doos every other characthe whole carriage of the person, the ter, into a very prominent place, in this movement of the arms, and the inotions piece, which without the aid of his of the feet, all according with the cha- comic genius might go on and go off racter of one who is totally devoid of unubserved by the audience. Mr. sight, never betrayed the contrary to Isaacs, as High Pricsi, took part in a the closest observer. There was a stiff- very delightful Epithalamium, but his ness, a fixedness in both cycs, as if they voice is almost in itself a chorus; and were perfectly incapacitated from re- while those who sing with him, take ceiving the least impression from the care to let his voice, like a fine organ, surrounding light, and although we be heard swelling above them all, they watched, with astonishment, this won- necd not fear discomfiture. derful mechanical power over the ege,

Aug. 19. A new Opera, in two acis, yet we could not discover, though close was produced at this Theatre, under the title of Jealous on all sides ; or, but it was too heavy. This praise, bow. The Landlord in Jempardy. We did ever, is due to them-if they couid not not hear the name of the author wbis- place it in security on the highest point pered about us-and the piece is neither of popular favour, they did not let it so very bad, por so very good, as to sink altogether to the bottom of public create any particular curiosity on that reprehension. The plot is ill-conpoint. The characters were thus re- strucied, the characters are shadowspresented :

and the dialogue is perfectly worthy of Alexo... Mr. WRENCA.

those to whom it is given. Dearth of Fabricio Mr, PEARXAN.

incident, of situation, of wit, of bu. Beraldo. Mr. LANCASTER.

mour, and of sentiment, must necessaPedro... Mr. Ellis.

rily have consigned the Opera to “that Fabio.. Mr. SALTER.

bourne,” from which, when once di. Possado Mr. HARLEY.

rected thither, “no drama e'er returns" Farrago

Mr. WULKINSON, -but the sweet music of Mr. Jolls, Leonora Miss CAREW.

delightfully by Miss Carew and Mr. Clara Miss Love.

Pearman--the lively acting of Mr. The plot is complicated—but pos. Wrench (of his singing, we shall say sesses little interest. The latter part of nothing)--the comical embarrassment it seems to have been thrown together of Mr. Harley-the serege stupidity of by chance, as a ball of collon some- M:. Wilkinson-and the sweet voice times becomes entangled—and we doubt and sweeter features of Miss Lovevery much whether the author bimself wrought on the good nature, if not the unravel it.

good sense, of the audience. By means · The success of this piece, slight and of this powerful agency, Jealous on all equivocal as it was, is solely attributa. Sides, was received will considerable ble to the exertions of the performers, approbation, and, when announced for --These Sisyphi laboured hard to roll repeiiliop, was feebly and inclcctively the stone to the top of the mountain-- opposed.



July 97. Rich and Door-La Perance.

20. Bull’s Head-Maid and Magpie- Ditto,
90. The Duenna-La Perouse.
30. American-Doctor Bolus.

SI. Dirto-Bull's Head.
Aug. .

Ditto-Doctor Balne.
3. Ditto-Prep and Easy.
4. Diito-Doctor Bolus.
5. Dito-Bull's Head.
6. Ditto--Deserter of Vance,
7. Bull's Head-dinericans - Wanted :

A. Lionel and Claries2-la l'ermuse.
10. Two Worls Doctor Bolus-- Death of

Captain Corbe.
ll, Americans-Deserter of Naples.

Aug. 12. Lionel and Clarissa-Death of Captain

13. Desener of Naples-lly Aunt-Ditto.
14. Fret and tasy-Bull's Id-Dit.
15. Americanislock and kv.

Hlind Bos-Fire and Water-Death of

Captain Cook 18. Doctor Bele-Blind Rhy-Mito. 19. Jealous on all sids--Blind Boy-Ditto. 20. Ditin-litio -Ditin, 91.' 'ittimitta,

Ditt Ditin-Ditto.

95. DiDitto Ditto,
26. Prisacerla Pernice.
27. Diitu-Death of Captain Cook.

THE ROYAL CIRCUS AND SURREY THEATRE. For the unint n'ional omjasion of Black Banner," this evening claimed our critical remarks on the performan. our attention, and was received with ces at this Theatre, in our last Number, much eclai. Pantomiine, and siluation we have now to offier the amende hono- combine to render it a most interesting ruble of an apology, at the same time trifle, and it was as well received, as it evincing the sincerity of our excuse, was well acted. by supplying the deficiency.

JULY 6. Smollet's celebrated novel JUNE 29. Were it only to learn the of " llumphry Clinker." furnished the moral lessons of industry and perseve. new Burletta of 10.vight. This Tale rance, we could conscienciously recom- is somewbat remarkable for being the mend a frequent visit to the surrey only one, in which its Author has not Theatre, for the very rapid succession introduced a seaman amongst his prin. in which Mr. Dibdin produces lois Dra. eipal characters. Of the drama founded matic Novelties, mest forcibly illus- on it, we need only observe, that while trates both these virtues. - A new scrious sufficient of the original has been preRomance entitled " Moniuldi, or the served to include the leading circum.

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stances, enough has been superadded to pificently romantic, and we have no discover the genius of him, who has doubt will be a lasting favourite. An adapted it to the stage. Our old ac. overture of Paer's was introduced prequaintances, Humphrey, Brainble, Lis- viously, and performed by the band mahago, Winny Jenkins, and Tably, with every effect which so admirable a were depicted to the life, and, the composition deserved. sketches of the novelist received form Aug. 15. The performances of this and feature from the talents of the evening were under the patronage of performers.

their R. H. the Duke and Duchess of JULY 20. “ Roderick Random," with KENT, who bonoured ibc Theatre with all the advantages of new scenery, their presence, and were received with comic situations, good music, and ex. the most oubounded and enthusiastic cellent acting, was this evening intro- acclamations, by an unusually crowded duced as a three-act Burlelta, aod re. audience. The Royal Party arrived ceived all that genuine applause, 10 about seven o'clock, and were conwhich, both as a tale,' and as a drama, ducted by Mr. Dibdiv and Mr. Rorauer it is so justly entitled.

to the slage box, which was upon this July 27. A serious melo-drame was occasion, most elegantly decorated with produced this eveniog, called “ Ferdi- crimson velvet bangings, fringed with nand, Count Fathom,” partly founded gold lace, and surmounted with the upon that romance, and partly original, Royal Arms.--"God save the King!" some of the incidents strongly re- was then sung by the whole corps draminded us of “ Travellers Benighted," malique, and the same national anthem

and the whole was most powerfully and was agaip repeated in lieu of the usual | terrifically effective.

Miss Taylor, finale at tbe close of the entertainments, Ridgway, and Smith, were the princi. when their Royal Highnesses departed pa' perforiners, and never succeeded amidst similar shouts which had greeted

their arrival, after expressing their high Aug. 10. The violent and piratical gratification at the various performanenterprises of the Buccaneers of the .ces. The remaining boxes were filled 17th Century, though always savage, with rank and fashion, and were frequently interesting, and cuille indeed happy in noticing, en passant, prising suine of these, a piece was this that the box list of cvery week includes night produced, called Lolorois, or the names of some of the most distin. The Buccaneers of 1 660." The story guished personages in the kingdom. principaily turns upon the endeavours Aug. 17 to 22. Varied selections of of François Lolunois, a Pirate Chief, the most popular pieces of this, and to destroy a Spanish settlement in South former seasons, formed the entertain. America, in wbich attempt he is repul. ments of this week, and as old favour. sed and slaio. As a spectacle it is mag- ites were received accordingly.

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we are


June 2) to July 4. Don Giovanni-Montaldi, or the

Black Banner--How to Write

an Opera. July 6 to July 11. Hudplirey Clinker-Vontaldi,

or the Black Banner--Duke

and the Devil. July 13 to July 13. Humphrey Clinker-Montaldi.

or the Black Banner-Vicar

of Wakefield. July 20 to July 25. Adventures of Roderick Ran.

dom -- False Accusation

Humphrey Clinker.
July 27 to August 1. Adventures of bioderick Ran.

dom-lerdinand, Count Fa.

thum-Humphrey Clinker. Ang. 3 to Aug. 8. Sir Launcelot Greaves-Ferdi.

hand, Count Fathom-Adv.

of Roderick Random.
Aug. 10 to 15. Lolonois, or the Buccaneers of 1660

-Humphrey Clinker--Ferdiuand,
Connt Fathom.

17. Kouli Khan--Don Giovanni Lolonois,

or the Buccaneers of 1600.
18. Duke and the Devil-Ferdinand, Count

Fathom-How to Write an Opera. 10. Love, Hatred, and Revenge-Don Gio.

vanni-Italian Wife. 20. Humphrey Clinker – Ferdinand, Count

Fathom-Don Giovanni.
21. Knights of the Lion - Don Giovanni-

Aug. 22. Italian Wite-How to Write an Opera-

Kouli Khan.
84. Who's the Murderer-Red Riding Hood,

or the Wolf of the Forest of Arden

Italian Wife.
25. Ditte Dito-Lolonois.
26. Disto-Ditto-Don Giovanni

Europ. Mag. Vol. LXXIV. Aug. 1818.




So may each tender heart with hope be
TRIENDS of this ancient theatre of And every lover win a Barn well-fill'd!

May never stubboro rhymes your verse conHear the awakening Muse ber claims re

fuse, hearse !

Nor fires consume them, nor committees Not Drury's pile in second birth sublime,

chase : Crown'd with a thousand tons of lead and But such Committees as to night preside, rhyme,

Their purpose Pleasure-Elegance their In prouder greatness meets your wond'ring guidesight,

Prompt to praise others as themselves ex. Than this broad Barn, the glory of to-night:

cell, There giant Pomp and tinsel'd Whim ap- And most exalted when they cry “How pear,

well !"

V. Plenty and Pleasure's mingled reign is


ON proud Britannia's rock-built seat, Tho' by no Phidias or Vitruvio plann'd, Where all together oft they meet, Our dome may boast a fire by Genius The Seasons stopp'd, and each to Fame fann'd

Announc d her merits and her claim. Not such a fire as o'er affrighted Thame First Spring began--"My laughing hours “ Shook its red mantle" like a Bond-street Bring genial gales and balmy dow'rs : dame;

I bid young Beauty share my throne, A fire that made the sighing city'' pout,

The fairest semblance of her own; And Phoebus “ drop a tear" to put it out! While Love, an urchin sbrewd and sly, But that soft light which with relected Strives in my fost'ring lap to lie, beam

And slumbers while I deck the elf Gilds the wide course of Fancy's frolic With buds as tender as bimself, stream,

Till in my changeful sport he sees Thro' wintry darkness spreads its welcome An emblem of his own decrees." sway,

Then Summer spoke-“My presence calls And bids astonish'd night contend with day. Proud Pleasure's train to rural halls, “ Oft on these boards you've heard-DO Her fading roses to rene:v, -not these boards."

And bathe her feet in fragrant der, Yet here our Barn a simile affords ;

With me the dreaming minstrel roves
With small and great comparisons are good, Thro' twilight gleos or tuneful groves,
And boards and baros alike are made of And seeks their baupted shades among

New graces for his attic song.
Oft in our barn, Thalia's ancient throne, Pale Spleen and haggard Care resiga
The shafts of Wit- the darts of love have Their drowsy vigils while I shine:

My smile gives vigour to the Sage,
Wit to soft Satire lends her painted plumes, And second life to freezing Age.
And Love's light torch the festive scene

Said Autumn-“ Sisters, boast no more illames;

That poets revel in your store ;
Tho' Art may here no tripod-altars raise, The warbling race would soon expire,
With “hydrostatic, pyro-technic" blaze, And soon the rural hall would ire,
Wit's rarest gas sustains our constant lamp, Uoless to grace the festive board
Secure from Folly's smoke or Envy'sdamp; I yield the riches of my hoard,
And if too swiftly spreads th'electric fue, Your gifts are gay on Cupid's shrine,
Mild Wisdom comes like Congreve's reser- But prudent Hymen waits for mine!

Chaste Truth and sober Taste I suit, Friends, Allies !-ye who hid our giories They praise the flowr, but prize the fruit." live,

Her sceptre gemm'd with frozen dew, And like kind patrons “ gild the means ye

Mild winter wav'd, and said -.“ With you gile,”

liealth, Love, and Fancy, form alliance, Come, and as Banquo vicw'd the magic With me.-Joy, Friendship, Wit, and glass,

Science! Admire your sceptred children as they Behold, this ample dome is mine, pass.

Where all their mingled stores combine. In these illustrione days of pure delight,

Your own united gifts I glean; When ladies read and even lords can To grace and fill iny social scene. Write,

Ssiphs, fairies, elves of earth and fire, Light is the tail to grace onr attic scene, To guard my ancient roof conspire : And nid abundance be - where it has been! For lo Philemon's barn, they say, Fulfill the gentle task !- with paper-aid Jove came dowe mask'd to act a play, Come every sighing swain and soft-ey'd Go, Sisters! boast your rosy bow'rs, moid

Bụt own my rigbo io attic bours !

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