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SEASON, 1817-18.

With their Alunaging Owners, Commanders, Principal Officers, Surgeons, Pursers, Time of coming afloat, &c.


urn. Ts.

Commanders. First Oficers. Second Officers.

Third Oficers. Pourth Officers Surgeons.


To be

in the

}Beng. f China

1817. 1817. i Canning 1926

Company's Ship Wm. Patterson'R. Glass poole W. R. Blakey K Mac Donald Amb. Rivers Rob, Simmons s. Jas. Lee il Thomas Coutis...1184

S. MarjaribauksMarjoribanks Alex. Chrystie Rich. Clarke E. M. Daniell Fred. Madan James Grant James Dunn 1 Duke of York... 1997

Bomb, & Chinu

S. Marjoribanks A. H. Campbell Charles Njoro J. She'berd Rob. Lindsay W. P. Moffat Whitm. Smart Jos. W. Kose & Earl of Pararra. 112 Company's ship Jainer Jameson D. K. Newall Phi. Baylis

26Oct 27 Dec.

John Hillman A. Broadhurst Henry Arnot Wm. Bruce
4 Marquis of Flutely 1:200

John Campbell Don. Alacleod J.S.H. fraser John Thacker
Buckinghamshire 1369

Hen. H. Sumner Geo. Chenne! Jom Simpson Rob. Hogg
Company's ship fred. Adams Janies lead lim. Smith IT. B. Penfold Thos. Allchin Wm. Hayland J. W. Giajam
i Dunira

Geo, pa mer Mont. Hamilton Jas. Barber A. T. Chu field John Allen J.CWhiteman und Kedslie Benj. B. Lord
3 Castle Humily
John Paterson

O A. Druminoud Alex. Morgan Thos. Dunkin
I London

J. Cruukshanks J. W. Stewart pavid Irving Jolm Stewart
Mud. China Company's ship wait. Campbell B. Broughion W. Longimit Wm. Pullla

8 Dec. 8 Feb.

WK. Packina 1), Mackenzie John D. Smith 6 Prince Amelia 1200)

kob. Williams' Cdw. Balston Sam. Lyde Jas. Kedway Wm. Pitinan Chas. Penny Nath. Grant Jas, Thomson
Marchioness of Ely 93.

Sir R Wigrura Brook Kay Rich. Clitford WC Dairyinple Dav. Sampson C. E. Alangles J. M. Bennett Win. Millett IRI8.
Prince Regent 953 Med. f Beng, Henry Bunnam 1. He b. Harris step. Poyotz 760s. Baker Dav. Marshall Hen B, Bax Dav. Falconer John Reid 12Jan. 10 Mar,
Mait. Isacke Thos. W. Leech Win. Coustus T. IV. Andrews Wm. Huviside

Wm. Bremuier Ricb. Prince
Lady Mlville. 1900

Sir R. Wigram john Stewart Thos. Taples Hob). Clicord Henry C. Smith Hen.Sierndale D.Cannar, ja. Jas. Goddard
4 Cabalra ........


lolo Card John Hipe C.W.H.Seweli David Biair Rich, Card E.M. Boulibec Geo. Waddell S. H. Ayers 20 Feb 11 April 6 Scaley ('asile.. 1219

Company's Ship Join B. Sotheby T. W. Barrow 1 b. Louis, J. Murdoch John Grithik Rob. Duwa 7 Perserance

Cras. Jobling Henry Templer 120

Jus. S. Biles Win liceufat 5.6.11...

Genrge Gooch Fran. Creswell Win. Evans A. Chapunan Thos. A. Davis

6 Phonix

Alfred Bond
Rob. Willianis Thos. White Tel. Musson Wm. Carter Kob. B. Shituler Avarne Thos. Rauken Harry James

w's Cumming Wm. L. Grave ! 6 Mar 27 April
2 Cineral firwitt

Company's Shin Perer ('ameron Jas. Pearson

Rees Thomas Alex, Bell Pred.G.Moore Euw. Turner D. Luigiiton
Warren Hastings
John P Larkins Thing. Larkins J.P. Hackinan George Misson

T. B. Horsley J. W. Pears
1000 Beug. & Mail.

April 26 May 95% 1

Henry Bonhamn 1. F. Ralderston J. T. E. Flint Thos. I)ever Rob. H. Rhind John Gisborne Jas. M. Hodges 3 Fairlie

David Gordon Thos. E. Ward Thos. I). Burn Wm. Pouditch

J. Johnsione T. Stephenson
Beng, Bomb.
Henry Porclar.... 465
Jng. Grave's

Jas. P. Anstice Pat. Wallace Hen. Simpson
hany Luchington.. 018 Bombay Nath. Domett

P. Mac Millan Clas. Burt
Thos. Ditmer Henry Bird
Jas. Dudman

Day. G. Arnot

82 Mar 1 May 7 Northampton...... 547 beng; l Ben. George Palmer Ch.26. Tebbut Jola Vincent Henry lee

Jolin Coulter D. H. Renny loco. Lamb J Christopheron


Hen. 8. Graves ro Pebsze Mas.

1599 or Siadras" Robert Morris John Freeman 201h February, 1818.


Ships' Names.



6 'Lord Keith

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London, Published pir the European Magazine by 7. Aspirne , 32 Pornhill 2 Mariborxtx.

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Engrued by H.Meyer, from an original Painting by Sir TboʻLuwrener.





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BY SIX THOMAS LAURENCE.] Er wir di ralanar të ardges thi to Copiay xai i zorrakiinta, őre un purpornolas dorauss ayri pleaparepatróz zi ex ix2m..

ΞΕΝΟΦΩΝ, ΑΠΟΛΟΓ. " lapressed as I are with the conviction of this mau's intelligence of mind and ingenuous

Brasoess of character, it is impossible that I should ever forget him, or cease to relagese his memory." Tas sentiment conveyed in the same degree with those who equally ferleag acknowledged by every survir. gifted sva of Erin, the above passage ing friend of the excellent maa wbu is of the Greek historian speaks the same Le soluject of it. The brilliancy of bis interesting testimony of-recollection as talents delighted all wo were so for that which the intimate conviction of tesate as to wiluess its display, either in their own hearts suggests. the public sphere of bis action, or withiu With these friends of his living fame the private circle of bis social ioter. we acknowledge the painful record that course. -Ban, susslaotiated as it was ranks hiin among the departext lights of by the most vodeviating stedfastoess of the age; but, while we trace the lumibosorable priociple, admiration be- nous path of his life, we feci the cheercare reverence, and friendship grew ing certainty that this humble tribule into affectionate estremn.

to his meipory will not be subjected to With a heart highly susceptible of the stigma of undeserved eulogiuin. friecdiy allachiuent, he justified by the integrity of bis life, and the sincerity of JOHN PHILPOT CURRAN, Esq. bis conduei, the partiality of those who was born at Newmarket, a village in the felt ibe gratificativa and acknowledged county of Cork, in the year 1750. His tae bonor of being numbered among parenis may be classed among that his inumale associates. These con- jarge inass of the Irish population which, sisted of the most celebrated political without any pretensions to affluence, and literary characiers of his line, and maintain the respectability of social life a Prace of the Royal Bloed, distide by the prudent management of iace mes guished for bis impartial and wise dis barely competent to meet the anxious crimination of intrinsic genius, allowed desire of putting their children in posbuttocit to be called the friend of Cur: session of the acquirements of educar ran. To this exalled personage in the tiou. This auxicly is well known du. De

• H. R. H the Duke of Sussex


a national feeling of the Irish ; and to which are, alas! sometimes found to this it was owing that the most cele- act with an adverse influence upon the brated orator of the senate and bar of happiness of the macried state.-— They our sister isle received, in a small pro- may be lamented, but ought not to be vincial school, the elements of that recorded. classical instruction which is universally At this period Mr. Curran began to comprehended in the education of a emerge froin the embarrassinents of a gentlemau. The superior promplitude scanty income into the more promising of his intellect sooo qualified bim for condition of celebrity. His character the more erudite pursuits of scholastic developed itself in all its superior attainment; and, at an unusually early endowments, and the day of prosperiod, he was admitted at Trinity Col. perity dawned upon his prospects. He lege, Dublin, and obtained a scholar. proclaimed bimself the advocate of his ship, wbichi, in that community is a country, and, under the banner of pasure mark of inerit, and its certain re. triotism, avowed himself the independward. Here he took the degree of A.B. ent defender of her political rights.But not feeling the course of sindy con- By a manly exertion of his talents as genial with the energetic constitution one of the counsel at an election conof his mind, he resolved not to proceed test; and, by a spirited resistance to the for a fellowship, but left college, and personal reflections, as weil as the relaturned his views towards the law. tive pretensions of the candidate on the

Om.this wide field of einulous conflict other side, he convinced his adversary for advancement, he entered, unpro; that Curran the barrister was not an tected by alliance, and upassisted by antagonist to be despised, whatever pecuniary resource, but he knew it was gifts of Nature or of tortune had been a path to reputation and promotion, denied to his person or his purse. The which was accessible to industry and contention between them terminated genius; however onsupported he fult without recourse to that fallacious test hinself to be, by the adventitious dis. of a factitious honour, a duel. The tiuctious of birini, or the useful facilities candidate who began it with sarcastic of wealth. Thus decided as to his personalities, admitted the unwarrantchoice of a profession, he prepared him- able nature of his attack, and, with that self for ail the diflicuities and repulses goud sense which is always open to the which he was well aware he had to ex- conviction of mature reflection, became peete lie came to London, and took his the friend and patron of bim whom he seat ou the Irish side of the Bencher's had so unjustifiably assailed with allutable in the Middle Temple; and in the sions which weakened his own cause, year 1775 was ** called" as an Utter and gave to that of their object an Barrister.

accession of strength in the indignant Soon after this event he returned to sympathies of those who were the withis native country, and practised at the nesses of the altercation. sessious, on the circuit, and in the four A short time after this, Mr. Curran Courts of Dablin. Under what cir- became a member of the Irish House cumstances lie made bis progress to- of Conmons; in which he signalized wards professional eminence and emo- himself anong the most cloquent pa. Jumeut we have no means of ascertain- trivts of that day. During the adminis-ing: but this we may assume, as a war- tration of 1789, under the auspices of ranted conclusion, that a mind like his the then Lord Lieutenant, William wouid easily surinoumt wbalover obsta- Henry Cavendish, Duke of Portland, he cles night lay in his way to distinction; accepted a silk gown. lle was elected and it is no small advantage on the side member for the borough of Kilbeggin, of such a man, that he feels be must be in the county of Westmcath; and, from the nuaker of his own forluues - the im- 1783 to the dissolution which took pression gives energy to genius, and in place in 1789, he was conspicuous pulse to talent, and seldom fails to work among the Irish Whigs for the zeal and out the accomplishment of the object. oratory with which he eogaged in the

About this iime Mr. Curran united debates of the house. bimself in marriage with a young Irish

In the new Parliament of 1790, Mr. dady, of the natue of O'Dell, of respect. Curran was returned for the borough able, but by no means opulent con- of Rathcormuck in the county of Cork; Desions.

which seat be held with the highest To this union were aitachidicsults honour to the principles that he es

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