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188 Chronological Table of Remurkable Events for the Year 1817.



ebenster by the Prince Regent. The new in Hangary, struck by lightning during the uer presented to the House of Lords. celebration of Divine Service. Vaz docements proving the existence of 13. The Duchess of Berri delivered ol tragen aad sedition submitted to the consi- a Princess, who died soon after her birth, toad of Parliament.

31. Upwards of 100 persoos met at the 4 The Kiag reached his 79th, and en- Crowo and Anchor Tavern, to celebrate the red in the soub year of his age.

acquittal of Walson, Thistlewood, Pres. & Wooller tried for a Libel on his Ma. 100, and Hooper. jerg Vipisters. Doubts arose respecting

AUGUST. de salidity of tbe serdict zuilly, there 1. Roger O'Connor, Esq. left Dublin to being good to believe the jury were not take his trial at Trim, on a charge of con28 noc.

spiracy to rob his Majesty's Mail. He was 9. The State Prisoners, Thistlewood, followed by Sir F. Burdett. atzo, Presion, and Hooper, conveyed 5. Roger O'Coonor acquitted. from the Tower to the Court of King's 10. The King of Prussia visited Louis Broch, to be tried for High Treason. XVIII. at Paris. Fotos was the first tried. His trial lasted 30. Admiral Duckworth died, the days, and the jury returned a verdict

SEPTEMBER of Not Guilty. The Altorney-General gave 6. Desbans and Chagoux executed at up the prosecution agaiost the others, wbo Paris, for a conspiracy agaiost ibe lives of Bere arquitted.

the French Princes. 10. Scrosgids beaten by Turner.

10. The Prince Regent went on board Alderman Wond, Lord Mayor, a yacht at Brighton, and sailed down the baring beca plecied one of the Members for Channel. the City of London, in lieu of Alderman 12. The murderers of M. Fualdes, & (sebe, deceased, was this day introdoced Magistrate at Rbodes, in France, tried and in tbe Hour of Commons by Messro, Poo

found Guilty. undy a da'vert.

13. The Prince Regent landed at Brigh12 Catelligence received of a seditious

ton. spirit b).104 manifested itel in Yorkshire, 19. A contagious Fever koowo to preDerby his and Inshanstrire.

vail in Ireland. - Le secrei Cominop of Lords made their Report, stating that paistence of de- 6. The Election of Lord Mayor termi. sres, in various parts of the higtom, hos- nated, and Alderman C. Smith returned tile to Goversment, &.

Mayor elect, 13. Lord Sidunouth brought in a Bill for 7. Scroggsns beaten by Turner, at Shep. the farther Sospensiun of ide Habeas Corpus perton Point, Acr.

8. Earl Talbot, the new Lord Liente. 16. Sir F. Bordeft called the atlention of nant of Ireland, landed in the Bay of DubParliament to the conduct of Oliver, the lin. He succeeded Lord Whitworth. Est, and oibers, who bad excited distressed 9. The prisoners convicted of the mur. Poes fa riot.

der of M. Fraldes, at Rhodes, having ap1. Waterloo Bridge opened to the pub pealed to the Cassation, the appeal was De by the Prince Regent and Duke of York, heard, and the whole process against them and the discharge of artillery.

set aside this day, on the ground of inforMr. Hone pleaded Not Guilty to mality. They were, however, detained, 10 turze informations Giled against him by the

bc tried again. Alturbey-irperal.

15 The Siate Trials commenced at 19. A new trial ordered in the case of Derby.- Brandreib, Turner, Manchester Woolles.

Turner, Weighinao, Lodlam, sen. Ludlam, 21. The House of Commnos received the jun. and others, were brought up to be Report of their Secret Comunitiee, staring arraigned. the procrediag of the disati cted in the 18. Brandreth found guilty of High Waris,

Treason. 23. Kemble took lease of the stage.

20. Mr. Raymond, the Comedian, died. $. The Freeholders of Middlesex held 21. Dreadful Hurricane in the West alerting to petition against the renewal of Indies. the Habeas Corpus season Act.

22. four Derhy Riotere found guilty, JCLT.

and those who pleaded guilty received sene 4. Serep bundred toglist arrived at tence of deaths: they were twenty-three in Qorbec to settle in Canada.

number, twelve were discharged, as the 6. Mr. Ponsonby, one of the most re- Aitorney General declined prosecuting petable leaders of Opposition in Parlia- them. The puinber in the first instance was Erot, died suddenls.

thirty five per:0us. 10. The Duke of Northumberland died. 23. The William and Mary Packet lost 14. Parliament prorogued by the Prince in the British Channel; many passengers

perished. Tae Pse! estadt Temple at Miskolez, 30. Bulletins began to announce the Earop. Mag. Vol. LXXIII. Jun. 1818. K


state of the Princess Charlotte of Wales's 6. William Ashford appealed Abrabam health.

Thornton of the murder of his sister, Mary NOVEMBER.

Ashford, in the Court of King's Beach. 2. The third Jubilee of Luther's Re- 7. General Mourning ordered. formation observed at the German Lutberian

Brandreth, Turner, and Ladlam ex Chapel in the Savoy, London,

ecuted for High Treason. Brandreth, Turner, and Ludlam, 9. The Lord Mayor's Shew dispepsed informed in their cells at Derby, that tbey with, in consequence of the late melanwere to suffer death on Friday next ensuing. cboly event,

3. The Queen this day arrived at Bath; 19. The remains of the Princess Char ber first visit, we believe, paid to that city. lotte deposited in the Royel Vault, in St

4. Her Majesty appeared in excellent George's Chapel, Windsor. bealth and spirits, enjoying her customary 29. British subjects prohibited, by proexercise. Other branches of the Royai Fa: clamation, from serving in the ships of war mily arrived at Bath.

or military forces of the Spaniards or SpaAt three o'clock this moroing the nish Americans. Princess Charlotte was io labour, at Clare.


18. Mr. Hone, the publisher, tried fo *. 6. The amiable and accomplished Prin- a libel in the Court of King's Beach, and cess Charlotte, consort of Prince Coburg, acquitted. and daughter of the Prince and Princess of 19. Tried for a second libel, and ac Wales, died, soon after she had been de- quitted. livered of a still-born male child. The me- 20. Tried for a tbird libel, and ac lancboly event was considered a national quitted. Calamity.



of the Duchy of Cornwall, and Secretar LORD CHAMBERLAIN'S OFFICE, DEC. 27. and Keeper of His Royal Highness's Prix

mourning, on Sunday the 4th of Ja. Right Hon.Sir Benjamin Bloomfield, K.C.H nuary next, for Her late Royal Highness the resigned. Princess Charlotte Augusta, daughter of His

WHITEHALL, JAN. 5. Royal Highness the Prince Regent, and The Lord Chancellor has appointed Job consort of His Serene Highness the Prince James Bond, of Folkestone, in the county o Leopold of Saxe Coburg.

Kent, to be a Master Extraordipary in th The Court to change the mourniog further High Court of Chancery. on Suoday the 18th of January.

And on Sunday the 1st of February next, the Court to go out of mourning.

SATURDAY, JAN. 10. The Gazette also contains fourteen ad. the Right Hoo Sir Thomas Plamer, Knt.!

This gazette contains the appointment o dresses of condolence to His Royal High: be Master or Keeper of the Rolls and Re ness the Prince Regent, upon the death of the Princess Charlotte ; and twenty-one to

cords of the Court of Chancery, on the His Serene Highness the Prince of Saxe

surrender of the Right Hon. Sir Willia!

Grant. It also further notifies the appoint Coburg, from different parts of the United Kiagdom,

ment of Major-General Sir Peregrin

Mailland, K. Č. B. to be Lieutenant-Go SATURDAY, JAN. 3, 1818.

vernor of the Province of Upper Canada This gazette contains

an Order in Council, in the room of Francis Gore, Esq. resigner authorizing the importation into the island of Newfoundland (for the enmuing season

SATURDAY, JAN. 17. only) of bread, dower, Indian corn, and

This gazelte notifies the appointment live-stock, from the territories of the United Sir Richand Bickerton, Bart: K.C. B. Al States, in British built ships, owned by Bri

miral of the White, to be Lieut.-General tish so bjects. Also announces the following His Majesty's Marine Forces, in the room appointments :-Dr. Gilles and Dr. W. Beat

Admiral Sir Richard Onslow, deceased ty, to be the Regent's Physicians Extraor

also of Sir George Hope, K. C. B. Rea dinary for Scotland, and Dr. George Bell Adiniral of the Red, to be Major-Gener to be Surgeon in Ordinary. James S.

of the said Royal Marine; Forces, in tl Douglas, Esq. to be British Consul-General

room of Admiral Sir Richard Bickerto in Morocco,

promoted. Also, John Stockdale, Esq.

be Standard Bearer to His Majesty's Bar TUESDAY, JAN. 6.

of Gentleinen Pensioners, vacaní by d This gazette contains the appointment of resigualion of Thomas Nicholl, Esq. Sir William Knighton, Bart, to be Auditor

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FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC INTELLIGENCE, THE Secretary to the SOCIETY of trimmed with light fur, and a straw bonnet,

GUARDIANS for the PROTECTION lately called upon a lady, at the West end e TRADE against SWINDLERS and of the town, saying, that she was sent by SHARPERS, beld at No. 36, Essex-street, the wife of a respectable tradesman in the Strasd, by a Circular bas informed the linen trade (a member of that society) to Members thereof, that the persons under- receive the amount of her bill, when she need; viz. COLONEL GOOLD, of No. 23, produced a receipt, partly written, but Leter Grosvenor Street West, Dear Gros- the sem not inserted. This however was ao Place, is in the rules of the supplied by the lady from the bill, and Fleet; CHARLES HENLEY BLUCK is at the woman signed the receipt, Na. 24, Esse I Street, Strand; that the pre

For (the member's pame) sant residence of WILLIAN HAWKINS,

“ ANN HAYWOOD." (lately mentioned) is Misdod Green, Dear The present residence of SAMUEL HOPLEY Bayswater Tarnpike.

is at 30, Brewer Lane, near Craven Street, ANTEOXY POWER, so well known, is now Strand. going roand the town to solicit subscrip- AMERICAN PRESIDENT'S MESSAGE, boss for a Poem, wbich he states, is in. WASHINGTON. Dec. 9.–This day, at teeded to be pablished under the name 12 o'clock, the President of the United (before used by bim)of A. P. Best; and that States transmitted to both Houses of Conthe persons undernamed of using the firm of gress the following Message, by Mr. Joseph Kwax Nipill and Co., 18, Little Carter Jones Monroe, his Secretary: Lade, St. Paul's, aod WILLIAN PAILLIPS, Fellow Citizens of the Senate, and of dias TODD, late of Hammersmith Terrace,

the House of Representatives, and since of Southampton Road, Padding- At no period of our political existence taa, are reported to that Society as impro. had we so much cause to ielicitate ourselves per to be proposed to be ballotted for as at the prosperous and bappy condition of Etubers thereof.

our country. The abundant fruits of the The secretary is also desired to state that earth liave filled it with plenty. Ao extena person calling himself Captain CHARLES sive and profitable commerce has greatly Buller, of 14, Mark Lane, lately endea- augmented our revenue. The publie credit Peered to agree for board and lodging with has attained an extraordinary elevation. a family, with whoin he left a bill of which Our preparations for defence, in case of ce following is a copy.

future wars, from which, by the experience {84.

of all nations, we ought not to expect to be Rotterdam, Dec. 4, 1817. exempted, are advancing, onder a well Tee days after sight, pay to Captain digested system, with all the dispatch which CHARLES Colex, or order, the sum of so important a work will admit. Our free Eighty Four Ponnds Sterling, being for Government, founded on the interest and geods delivered by him, on bis owo account, affections of the people, bas gained, and is is the house of BERTRAM Ryn, from the daily gaining, strength.- Local jealousies sip Jane, of St. Kitts, and place the amount are rapidly yielding to more generous, ento your bumble serrant,

Jarged, and enlightened views of national
FRANCIS BERTRAM. policy. For advantages so numerous and
Te Messrs. Brooks, Son, Dizon, and Co. highly important, it is our duty to uoite in
25, Chancery Lane.

grateful acknowledgments to that Omnipo-
The Bill was written acris, "Accepred, tent Being from whom they are derived, and
Dec. Ilth, 1817.” Oa applying at Messrs. in unceasing prayer that he will endow us
Brooks, Son, Dixon, and Co., they are with virtue and strength to maintaio and
Fatirely ignorant of the parties, and this hand them down in their utmost purity, 10
Captain CHARLES CULLEN is foand 10 be our lastes! posterily.
cokeown to the inbabitants of No. 14, Mark " I have the satisfaction to inform you,

that an arrangement, which had been comHe also catttions the members against a menced by my predecessor, with the British jes-looking foreigact of genieel address, Government, for the redoction of the naval speaking broken English, bad French, and force, by Great Britain and the United Senetines Dutch, who has lately pilfered States, opibe Lakes, has been concluded ; from various silversmiths, pieces of foreign by which it is provided, that neither party gold coia, by means, it is supposed, of wax shall keep in servire on Lake Champlain at the ends of his fingers, while pretending more than one vessel; on Lake Ontario to make purchases of articles of that natore. more than one; and on Lake Erie and the And that a womanof raiher geoteel appear. upper Lakes, more linn two; to be armed 2002, tall, with a sallow complexion, and each with one cannon only; and that all the dark eyes, and dressed in a green pelisse, other armed vessels, of both parties, of which took possession of Amelia Island, at the “ The negociation with Spain, for spolia. mouh of St. Mary's River, near the boun tions on our commerre, and the settlement dary of the state of Georgia. As this proof boundaries, reinaius, esentially, in the vince lies rast of the Mississippi, and i state it held, by the commilloications that bounded by the United States and the Ocea were made to Congress by my predecessor. on every side, and has been a subject of ne It has been evidently the policy of the Spa- gociation with the Government of Spain, a nish Goverprooni lo keep tlimo negociation an indemnity for losses by spoliniion, o suspended ; and in this lle United States in exchange for territory of equal valu have acquiesced, fiom an amnicable disposi- westward of the Missosippi, a fact wel tion towards Spain, and in the expectation known to ltp world, it exrited surprise tha that her Government woulit, from a sense any countenance should be given to thi of justice, finally acorde lo sucli arrange. measure by any, of the Colonies, As i ment as would be equal between the parties. would be difficolt to reconcile it with the A disposition has been lately shewn by the frirndly relations esinting her wet-0 Spanish Governaient to move in the nego- United States itid the Colonies, a doubt wa ciation, winich has been met hy this Govern. entertained whether it had been authorized ment; and, should the conciliatory and by them, or any of them. This doubi ha friendly policy, which has invariably gained strength, by the circulances which guided our Couacils, be reciprocated, a have unfolded themselves in the prosecutio


an exact list is interchanged, shall be dis- just and satisfactory arrangement may be mantled. It is also agreed, that the force expected. It is proper, however, to re: retained shall be restricted, in its duty, 10 mark, that no proposition has yet beer the internal purposes of each party; and made, from which such a result can be that the arrangement shall reinain in force

presumed. until six months shall have expired, after " It was anticipated at an early stage, notice given by one of the parties to the that the contest belween Spain and her Co. other of its desire that it should terminale. Jonies would become highly interesting to By this arrangement useless expense, on the United States. It was natural that our both sides, and what is of still greater im• Citizens should sympathize in events which portance, the danger of collision between affected their neighbours. It seemed proarmed vessels, in those inland waters, which bable also, that the prosecution of the con. was great, is prevented.

Bict along our case, and in contiguous “I have the satisfaction also to stale, countries, would occasionally interrupt that the Commissioners, under the fourth our commerce, and otherwise affect the article of the Treaty of Ghent, to whom it persons and properties of our Citizens. was referred to decide to which party the These anticipations have been realized. several islands in the Bay of Passamaqnoddy Such injuries have been received from per. belonged, under the Treaty of 1783, have sons acting under the authority of both the agreed in a report, by which all the islands parties, and for which redress has io most in the possession of each party before the instances been withbeld. Through every late war. have been decreed to it.

The stage of the conflict, the United States have Commissioners, acting under the other ar. maintained an impartial neutrality, giving ticles of the Treaty of Ghent, for the set- aid tv neither of the parties in men, money, tlement of the boundaries, have also been ships, or monitions of war. They have reengaged in ibe discharge of their respective garded the contest, not in the light of an duties, but have not yet completed them. ordinary insurrection, or rebellion, bol as The difference which arose between the a civil war between parties nearly equal. two Goveroments under that Treaty, re- having, as to neutral powers, egoal rightsspecting the right of the United States 10 Our ports have been open to both; and take and cure fish on the coast of the British every article, the fruit of our soil, or 0€ provinces north of our limits, which had the industry of our citizens, which either been secuired by the Treaty of 1783, is still was permitted to take. has brei equally in negociation. The proposition made by free to the other. Should the Colonies es this Government, to extend to the Colonies tablish their independence, it is proper dowof Great Britain the principles of the Con- to slate, that this Government weither seeks, vention of London, by which the commerce nor would accept from thein, any advan between the ports of the United States and tage, in commerce or otherwise, which British ports in Europe had been placed on would not be equally open in all other paa fooling of equality, has been declined by 'tions. The Colonies a ill, in that event, be the British Government. This subject hay- come independent States, free from any ing been thus amicably discussed between obligation to, or connection with, the two Governments, and it appearing that which it may not then be their in:erest to the Britiste Government is unwilling to de- form on the basis of a fair reriprocity. part from iis present regulations, it remains " In the summer of the present year as for Congress to decide whetlier they will expedition was set on foot against Eas make any other regulations, in con-quence Florida, by persons claiming to act upde thereof, for the protection and improve the authority of some of the Colonies, whe ment of our navigation,


& de enterprize, which have marked it as conditions advantageous and honourable to a bere prisate unauthorised adventure. our country. Prejected and commenced with an incom

“ With the Barbary States and the Indiau patent force, reliance seems to have been Tribes our pacific relations have been prepiaced on what might be drawn, in defiance served. of our laws; from within our limits; and " Jn calling your attention to the internal of late, as their resources have failed, it has concerns of uur country, the view which assomed a more marked character of un- they exhibit is peculiarly gratifying. The friendliness to us, the island being made a payments which have been made into the channel for the illicit introduction of slaves Treasury, shew the very productive state of from Africa into the United States, an asy

the poblic reveque. After satisfying the aplea for fugitive slaves from the neighbour• propriations made by law for the support ing States, and a port for smuggling of every of the Civil Government, and of the Military hund.

and Naval Establishments, embracing suitA similar establishment was made, at able provision for fortifications and for the an earlier period, by persons of the same gradual increase of the Navy, paying the description, in the Gulph of Mexico, at a interest of the public debt, and extinguishplace called Galvestown, within the limits ing more than 18 millions of the principale ef the United States, as we contend, under within the present year, it is estimated that the cession of Louisiana. This enterprize a balance of more than six millions of dol. has been marked, in a more signal mapper, lars will remain in the Treasury on the 1st by all the objectionable circumstances day of January, applicable to the current Thich characterised the other, and more service of the ensuing year. particolarly by the equipment of privateers “The payments into the Treasury during *hict have annoyed our commerce, and by the year 1818, on account of imposts and louggling. These establishments, if ever tonnage, resulting principally from duties sanctioned by any authority whatever, which have accrued in ihe present year, which is bot believed, have abused the trost, may be fairly estimated at 20 millions of and forfeited all claim to consideration. dollars ; internal revenues at 2,500,000 ; A just segard for the rights and interests public lands at 1,500,000 ; bank dividends ofibe United States required that they should and incidental receipis, at 500,000; makbe suppressed ; and orders have accord- ing in the whole, 24,5000.000 dollars. ingly issurd to that effect. The imperious "The annual permanent expenditure for consideration which produced this measure the support of the Civil Government, and of will be explained to the parties wbom it the Army and Navy, as now established by Day, in any degree, concera.

law, amounts to 11,800,000 dollars; and * To obtain correct information on for the Sinking Fund to 10 millions; mak. trery subject in which the United States are ing, in the whole, 21,800,000 dollars : interested ; to inspire just sentiments, in all leaving an annoal excese of revenue beyoud persons in authority, on either side, of our the expenditure of 2,700,000 dollars, ex. friendly disposition, zo far as it may com- clusive of the balance estimated to be in port with an impartial neutrality; and to the Treasury on the 1st day of Jannary, #cere proper respect to oor commerce in 1818. mery port, and from every fag, it has “ In the present state of the Treasury, been though! proper to send a ship of war, the whole of the Louisiana debt may be with three distinguished citizens, along the redeemed in the year 1819; after which, southern coast, with instructions to touch if the public debt continues as it now is, at sach ports as they may find mo-t expe- above par, there will be annually above dippi for three porpes.

With the existing five millions of the Sinking Fuod unex. aalborities, with those in possession of, and pended, until the year 1835, when the loan exercising the sorpreignty, mut the com. of 1812, and stock created by funding Bunication be held; frurn them alone can Treasury Notes, will be redeemable. redres far past injuries, committed by pero " It is also estimaird that the Mississippi koos actiog under them, be obtaioed; hy Slock will be discharged, during the year thes alone cao the commission of the like 1819, from the proceeds of the public lands in furore be prevented.

assigned to that object; after which the ** Our relations with the other Powers of receipts from those lands will annually add Europe have experienced DO material to the public revenue the sum of 1,500,000, Charee since the last Spssion. In our in- dollars ; making ihe permanent annual retercourse with each, due attention continues vepue amount to 26 millions of dollars, and to be paid to the protection of our com. leaving an annual excess of revenge, after seree, and to every other object in which the year 1819, beyond the permanent authe United Nairs are interested. A sirong thorized expenditure, of inore than four hope is ebleriained, thil, hy adhering to millions of dollars. the maum.of a jist, a candid, and friendly By the last returns from the Departphry, we may long preserve amicable re. ment of War, the militia force of the sevelatices with all the Powers of Europe, on ral States may be estimated at. 80,000 mer,


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