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At Newick, the Rev. Henry Clutton. Lieutenant-governor of St. John's, New. 16. At Blackheath, in the 7th year of foundland, and formerly of the 51st regi. his age, Joho, eldest son of Mr. Egan, of ment. Essex-street, Strand.

18. Much lamented by his family and 17. In Finsbury-square, in the 82d year friends, Robert Tippler, Esq. late secretary of bis age, Daniel Meilan, Esq.

to the Lead Company, aged 74. In the 14th year of his age, Henry Suddenly, Thomas Wayth, Esq. soli-, Amyatt Ives, son of the late Edward citor, at Eye, 'and more than 30 years one Otto Ives, Esq. of Titchfield, Hants. of the coroners for the county of Suffolk.

Suddenly, in Long Acre, Mr. John At Peckham Rye, R. Mosely, Esq. in Ogden, late of Upper Thames-street, in the the 80th year of his age. 70th year of his age.

20. In Hatton Garden, aged 62, Dr. In Norton-street, Colonel John Elford, Joseph Adams,


THE Collectors of Portraits and Illustrators of Granger's Biographical Dictionary,

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ADWARD DODWELL, Esq. is pre- the restoration of Louis XVIII, in a duo.

decimo volume. and Topographical Tour in Greece, in two Dr. Bostock has in the press, an Account quarto volumes, with not less than 100 of the History and present State of Galengravings. He also in teods to publish, vanism. Sixty Views of Grecian Antiquities, of the Sir T. C. Morgan is printing, in an size of Stuart's Athens.

octavo volume, Sketches of the PhilosoThe Bishop of St. David's has in the phy of Life. press, the Grand Schism, or the Roman Dr. Bateman will soon publish, a Sketch Catholics of Great Britain and Ireland of the Character of the Epidemic Fever shown to be Separatists from the Church of prevailing in the Metropolis, with some England,

observations on the method of treatment. The Rev. Charles Moore has two volumes Mr. Bagster is printing an edition of the of Sermons nearly ready to appear.

Book of Common Prayer, with translaMr. Richard Lawrence is preparing tions into the Greek, Latin, Italian, SpaForty Etchings from specimens in the nish, French, and German languages ; to Elgin collection; to be accompanied with be comprised in a quarto volume, uniform critical remarks on those Grecian relics. with bis Polyglott Bible.

Sir P., C. Hoare has in the press, a An improved edition of Dr. Withering's supplemental quarto volume to the Rev. Systematic Arrangement of British Plants J. C. Eustace's Classical Tour through will soon appear. Italy; enlarged by a Tour round Sicily, A new edition of Seneca's Morals, in an &c.

octavo volume, with a portrait, will appear Mr. Brande is preparing for publica- early in July. tion, a Manual of Chymistry; in which the Observations on a Stridulous Affection principal facts will be arranged in the order of the Bowels, and on some varieties of they are discussed in his Lectures.

Spinal Disease, with an appendix of cases, The Rev. Dr. John Fleming is printing, by J. Bradley, M.D. in two octavo volumes, a General View of Mr. F. Baily, of Gray’s-inn, has just the Structure, Functions, and Classifica. printed, an interesting Memoir on the tion of Animals, with plates and illustra- Annular Eclipse of the Sun which will tions,

happen on September 7, 1820. Sarah Renou, author of Village Conversations, has in the press, the Temple of

Just published, Truth, a poem in five cantos.

Ovid's Epistles, translated into English The Rev. 1. Cobbin will soon publish Verse, by E. D. Baynes, Esq. Vol. I. 8vo. Scripture Parables, in verse, with expla. The Echo of the Study, or Lectures and nations and reflections, drawn chiefly from Conversations, both characteristic and senDr. Doddridge's Exposition.

timental, in 1 vol. 12mo. Robert Huish, Esq. author of a Treatise Attributes of Satan, 8vo. on Bees, has in the press, Verezzi, a ro- A Refutation of the Fallacies and Mis. mance of former days, in four volumes. representations contained in a pamphlet

Miss Thurtle will soon publish, the His- entitled, “ An Exposition of the New Sys. tory of France, from the earliest period to tem of Musical Education,” published by a Committee of Professors in London, by Hall, Oxford, author of Sermons on the J. B. Logier, Inventor of the System, 8vo. Unity of Truth, Reason, and Revelation,

Geographical Questions and Exercises, in the Doctrine of the Established Church. blended with historical and biographical An improved edition of Dr. Carey's information, by Richard Chambers. 24wo. larger work on Latin Prosody and Ver

Cursory Observations, chiefly relating to sification, the conversation and manners of private The Youth's Spelling, Pronouncing, and society, by Clericus. 8vo.

Explanatory Theological Dictionary of the On conducting Air by forced Ventila- New Testament. tioo, and regulating the Temperature in By Mr. William Temple Franklin, the Dwellings; the whole illustrated by Cop- third and last volume, in quarto, of the per-plate engravings; by the Marquis de Memoirs of the Life and Writings of his Chabannes, in 8vo.

Grandfather, Dr. Franklin. Reflections concerning the Expediency Some curious Letters from Madame Ber. of a Council of the Church of England and trand, at St. Helena, addressed to a Female the Church of Rome being holden, with a Friend in France, are preparing for publiview to accommodate religious differences, cation, in French and English. and to promote the unity of religion in the Mr. Bristed, of New York, has just bond of peace, by Samuel Wix, A.M. F.R. ready for publication, in London, America and A.S. Vicar of St. Bartholomew the and her Resources, Less, London, in 8vo.

The Art of Preserving the Feet, or Genius; a Vision: by a Member of the practical Observations on the Prevention University of Oxford.

and Cure of Corns, Bunniuns, Callosities,

&c. ágni agentūro

A translation of the Memoirs of Lucien Soph. Edip. Colon.

Buonaparte, and of the equally curious

Anecdotes of the Court and Family of The Recluse of the Pyrenees, a poem. Napoleon.

The Algebraist's Assistant, written upon Captain Golownin's Recollections of the plan of Walkingame's Arithmetic. Japan.

Materials for Thinking, by William Bur- The first volume of Neale's Illustrated don.

History of Westminster Abbey, with thirty The Warning Voice, a Sacred Poem, in bighly-finished engravings. two Cantos, addressed to Infidel Writers By the Rev. Mr. Evans, of Islingtoo, of Poetry, by the Hon, and Rev. Edward The Progress of Human Life, or Shak. John Turnour, A.M, formerly of St. Mary speare's Seven Ages of Man.

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FROM TUESDAY, MAY 26, 1818, TO TUESDAY, JUNE 22, 1818.

Extracted from the London Gazette.
N.B. All the Meetings are at GuilDUALI, unless otherwise expressed. The Country and

London Attornies' Names are between Brackets,

BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDE!. CALDWDLL. JAMES, Bolton, Lancashire, cotton- MINHYT, WILLIAM, Lime-street and Judd-street, manufacturer. May 26.

Merchant. June 2. coxox, ELIZ. Birchwood Park, Derby, Lime. NICKSON, SAMUEL, Chester, cabinet-maket. burner. Jane 2.

May 26. GALLI MORE, JOHN, sen. Burslem, Staffordshire, ROUŘKE, LAWRENCE, Rosemary lane, victual. Cralmaster. May 30.

ler. June 2. HAY, JOHN, Worcester, innholder. May 26.

BANKRUPTS. ASPIXALL, JOS. Camberland-street, Curton-road, CROOK, WM. Blackburn. Lancashire, farmer, July

stone-mason, July 18. [Smith, Barnard's.inn, Hol. 7, Old Black Bull, Blackburn. (Neville, Blacka born. June 6

burn ; and Milne and Co. Temple.) May 26. ASKAM, RICHARD, Dockson, Knottingly, York, CLARKE, WM. London, merchant, July 3 (Wil.

lime burner, July 1, 2, and August 1, Court House, lis and Co Warnford court, Throg in stop-street.) Leeds. (Tottie and Co. Leeds, and Poultry.) May 26 June 2).

CLEGG, SAM. Salford, Lancaster, soddler, July 11, BROWN, WM. Hackney, ship-owner, July 4, and Dag, Manchester. fnd. Manchester; and Wine

August 1. "Masterinan, Wood street.) June 20. die, Jolin streri, Bedburd row.) May 30. BRAGGE, WH. ALLEŃ, Retherlithe-wall, slip- CANBY, WM. Leeds, growtr, July +, Court House, wright, August 1. (Shepherd and Co. Southwark.] Leds. (Blooine, Leers; and Lamberts and Co. June 20.

Coray's inn square ) May 30 BATE.JAN,JOHN, Asthell, Oxford, maltster, July COOK, SAM. and (o. Little Alie-strect, Good

17. and. 18, and August 1, Koyal, Cheltenham. inai's-fields, opholders, July 14. (Warrand, (Gridnatt, Cheltenhamn.] Jane 20.

Church row, Fenchurch stree.) June 2. BE ILL, THOS. sen. North Shields, mason, July EIN, GEO RICHARI!, Warwick court Holborn,

to, it, and August 1, George, Newcastle upon furrier, July 10. [Hunt, Medford 1 w.) May 30. Tyne [Brown, Landhill, Newcastle; and Raine FISHEH, ISAAC, Ibrosmorion-street, merchant, and Co. Temple.) June 20.

Julyt (Buckle, Size lane, Buckler-bury. J.May 26. BENTLEY, JOHN, and Co. Cornhill, watch and FRAMINGHAM, MARTIN, Churchi-strert, Beth

clock makers, July 7. (hearsey and Co. Bishops- nel-green, shoe-maker, July 20. (Pearson, st. gate-street Within] May 28.

Helen's, Rishopsgate-strees.) Juae is. BALE, HENRY. Drury lane, cheesemonger, July GREEN, JAS. Liverpool kuulder, July 1, and 11,

7. (Willett, Crown-court, 'Threaducedi street.) George, Liverpool. [ Murrow, liverpool; and May 2n.

Blackstock and Co. Teinde.) May 30. BROWN, THOS. Strand, tailor, July 7. (Freame GAY, MOSES LEWIS, Upp Norton.street, Maryand Co. Fig tree.court, Temple.) May 26.

le-bone, stone-mason. July 18. (Carlton, HighBAILEY, THIS, COWARI), Queen -street, Cheap. sireet, Mary-le bone.) June 6.

side, warehou eman, July is. (Oality and Co. GEORGE, JOUN, North Au. !ey.street, Westmins. Martin's lane, Cannon-street,) June 6.

ster, coach-maker, July 23. (Wand, ChanceryBREWER, ANDREW, Bath, dealer, July 18, Full lane.) June 13.

Moon, Old Bridge. Bath. (Hodgson, Baths; and HALL, BENJ. VICTOR, G sport ricmaller, July Hit.more, Scott's yard ) June 0.

7, 1 dian Arms, Gosport (Minchin and Co. Nor. BISS KOBT Casile Eden, Durham, copperas manu. toik-stret, Strand ! Maty )

facturer, July 18, Bridge, Bishopswearinonth. HEMINGWAY, JOHN EILAND, York, grocer, (Laws, Sunderland; and Swine and Co. Frede. July 11. White Lion, Hal. x. (Cad, ey, Halifax; nch's-place.) June 6.

and Wiggl sworth and to, orai's in.) May 30. DENNETT, JÁS, Manchester, woollen-cord manu- HOLDEN, HENR), Rippienden, York, procer and

facturer, 'July !, 2, and 18. Bridgewater Arins, linen draper, July 11, Wbile lion, Halifax. (Ed. Manchester. (Jackson. Manchester; and Adling. wards and Co. Halilux; and Cardale and Co. ton and Co. Bedlord row] Jun 6.

Gray's-inn. ) May 3 BO IRDMAN, JAS, Liverpool, merchant, July 8, 9, HART, GEORGE, Norwich, ironmongor, July 18,

and 21, at Messrs. Avison and Co. Liverpool. Rampant Horse, Nu wich Marston dud Co. (Arison and Co. Liverpovl, and Castle-street, Norwich; and Abboi, Rulla-yard, Chancery-lane.] Holbern.) June 9.

June 0. BISS, ROBT. Castle Edrn, Durliam, copperas ma. HASLAM, MARGARETT and Co. Rolton, Lanca.

nufacturer, Jy is, Bridge, Bishopswrarın uih. cashire, linen druers, July 18. Bridgewater Arins, • [lavs, Sunderland ; and Swaine and Co.;Frede. Manchester. (Caulin, Manchestiri and Clarke rich's place. 1 June 9

and Co Chancery-lanc.) June tj. BRINDELL, RORT. Leyland, Lancaster, whitster, HEYW001), CHAS. Manchestes, manufacturer,

Jaly 14, 15, and 25, Red Lion, Preston. (Bianche July %, , and 91, D... Manchester. [Luckman, ard, and Co. Preston ; and Blacklock, Serjean!'s. Manchester; and Willis and Co. Warnford court.) inn June 'S.

June 0. BAKTLEIT, JOHN, jun. Beckington, Somerset, JACKSON, GEO. Widega e-alley, Bishopsgale-st.

dyer, July , and 25. (Coats, Paul's street, bins. bakir. (Butler, Germbili.] June 6. bury.) june 13.

KENNELL, JOHN, and C"). Church-street, West. BENSON, JO», Birmingham, pocket-bouk maker, minster, army and navy age111s, July 11. (Man

J've, and 25, Royal, Birmingham. [Maudsiy, ning, Clement's.inn.! May 3.1.
Birininghaid; and Walker, Lincoln's-inn-fields.] LODGE, KOBI Kirk by Linsdale, Westmorland,
JME 13.

innheeper, July 21, hiri Arms, Lancaster BROWN, WU. ALEX. College Hill, merchant, (Johisinaud Co. Lancast. ; and Blachlock, Seto July 25

(Wiltshire and Co. Winchester House.] jeant's in, Je 19.

LANGLOI, JO Ponfort buildings, Sirnd, BURDEN. FRANS. and Co. Henley in Arden, dealer and ch,...)


(Alcron, yo Warwick, drivers, July 25, Swan, Warwick. mond s-in.) Jum 13. (Heydon, Warwick, and Lea and Co Henley LAMBIEX, HENRY. and Co Tivo Mill Hill, in Ardrn.) Jue 13.

Gloucester, pin-manufacturers, July 4, and au. LELL, JOHN, and Co. Leeds, linen-drapers, July gust 1, Commercial Ruoms, Bristol. (June, Bris.

11, and August 4.) (Hindmarch, Crescent, Jewry. lol; and Poole and Co. Gray's-iun-square, J MAE stree t.) June *3.

yo. Europ. Mag. Vol. LXXIII. June, 1818.


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MAYELL, WM. Exeter, jeweller, July 7, Hotel,

Exeter. (Ferral, Exeter; and Darke and Co.

Chancery-lane.) May 36.
MAXTON, JOHN, St. James's-place, Clerkenwell,
baker, July 7. (Groves, King's Bench-walk.j

May 20
MAYMAN, JAS. Dewsbury, Yorkshire, innholder,

July 14, Castle, York. (Rylah, Dewsbury; and

Wigglesworth and Co. Gray's.inn.) June 2. MACKAY, COMBLIN, and co. Liverpool, ear

thenware dealers, July 18, George, Liverpool.
(Gregory, Liverpool; and Dacie and Co. Tenple.)

June o.
MAYHEW, JOHN, St. Osyth, Essex, miller, July

21, Red Lion, Colchester. (Sony thies, Colchester; and Milne and Co. Temple.) June 9. M'GÚCKIN, HUGH, Bethnal-green-road, mer.

chant, July 85. (Hutchinson, Crown-court, Tbread.

needle-street. June 13.
NEVISON, WM. North Shields, draper, July 14,
Commercial Hotel, North Shields. [Barker, North
Shields; and Robinson and Co. Austin-friars.]

June 9.
NICHOLSON, JAS. and Co. Bow-lane, pin and

Needle manufacturers, July 18. (Greenwood,

Lawrence-lane, Guildhall.) June 6.
OLIVER, PETER, Catdown, Plymouth, ship-builder,
July 18, Royal, Plymouth. (Jacobson, Plymouth;
and Adlington and Co. Bedford-row.) June

POLLEY, JAS. Gray's.inn-lane, plumber and gla.

ziers, July 11. [Oldham, Barl-street, Black-friars.] May so. PEACOCK, Geo. Aldersgate-street, baker, July 14.

(M'Michael, South Sea-Chambers.) June 2. PAGE, WM. Banbury, Oxfordshire, mercer, July

RR, White Lion, Banbury. [Aplin, Banbury.]
June 16.
PRICE, W M. Minories, tea-dealer, July 28. (Knight

and Co. Basinghall street.) June 16.
PARKER, WM. Whitechapel, oilman, July 11, and

August 1. [Evitt and Co. Haydon-square.] June

20. PARRISH, JOHN, and Co. Badbrook, Gloucester, dyers, July 6, 7, and August 1, Wheat Sheaf, Prome Selwood. (Rotton, Frome; and Edmunds,

Lincoln's inn.) June 20. PEART, WM. Northampton-street, Clerkenwell, printer, July 7, 11, and August 4. (M.Duff, Cas

ile-street, Holborn.) June 29. RANKEN, SAM. Greek .street, Soho, coal-mer

chant, July 11. [Robins and Co. Serjeant's-inn.] May 30.

RANDALL, WM. High Holborn, grocer, July H.

(Taylor, Field-court, Gray's-on.) May 30. RODÉN, EDWD. JOHN, Manchester, merchant,

July 15, 20, and August 1. Spread Eagle, Manches.
ter. [Dicas, Manchester; and Longdill and Co.
Gray's-inn.) June 20.
SORBY, WM. North Auston, Yorkshire, apothe-

cary, July 7, Angel, Sheffield. (Hardy, Sheffield;

and Capas, Holborn-court, Gray's-inn.) May s. SAVIDGE, JOHN, East Sroke, Nottinghamshire,

coal-seller, July 7, Punch Bowl, Nottingham.
(Jameson and Co. Nottingham ; and Stevenson,

Lincoln's.inn.) May 26.
SHILLITO, THOs. Doncaster, innkeeper, July 14,

Castle of York. (Heaton, Doncaster; and Blake
lock, Serjeant's-inn.) June 8.
SAYER, RICH. PAUL, Clarence-row, Camberwell,

money-scrivener, July 21. (Marmaduke, Gray'a.

inn-square.) June 9. "TABERER, ALEX. Colbyhurst, Lancaster, wool

len-cord manufacturer, July 1, 4, and 21, Bridgewater Arms, Manchester. Jackson, Manchester; and Adlington and Co. Bedford.row.) June 9. TYAS, JONATHAN, Wakefield, York, grocer, July 25, College-inn, Rotherham. (Nicholson, Wath, Rotherham ; and Wigglesworth and Co. Gray's.

inn.) June 13. VEVERS, JAS. Churwell, York, cloth-merchant, July 10, 11, and August 1, Court-house, Leede.

(Lee and Co. Leeds; and Sykes, New-inn.) June WALTER, JOSEPA, Bath, cabinet-maker, July

18. Full Moon, Oldbridge, Rath. (Hodgson, Bath; and Highmore, Scott's-yard.) June 0. WRENCH, CHAS. JAS. St. Mary-Axe, wine-mes.

chant, July 25. (Osbaldeston, London-street, Fen.
church-street.) June 13.
WATTS, WM. Thorley, near Bishop's Stortford,

Hertford, farmer, July 25. (Wilson, Dorset-s.
Salisbury-square.) June 13.
WICKSTĚED, JOHN, Shrewsbury, starch-maker,

July 7, 8, and 28, Lion, Shrewsbury. Lee and Co.
Shrewsbury; and Moore, Gray's-inn.) June 16.
WHALEY, THOS. Packwood, Warwickshire, come

merchant, July 6, 7, and August 4, Lion, Broseley,
Salop. [Pritchard and Co. Broseley ; and Bigg
Southampton.buildings.) June 23.
WILSON, ROBT. Liverpool, farrier, July 14, 15,

and August 4, George, Liverpool. (Rowley, L

verpool, and Chester, Staple's-inn,) June 23. YATES, THOMAS, Burdesly, Warwick, patent tye manufacturer, July 18. (Stevenson, Lincoln's inn New-square.) June 6,



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ANDERSON, C. R. Austin-friars, Barnett, B. Mill.Wall, July 14 Hall, R. and Co. Sutton, June 1T
June 20

Burn, P. W. Wapping, July 14 Hellyer. J. Lloyd's Coffee-honk, Ashton, J. and Co. Liverpool, June Cartisson, J. Spital-sq June 93 June 20 29

Coar, T. Newmarket, July 18 Hodson, J. Liverpool, June te Abrahams, G. Falmouth, June 23 Chandley, J. Stockport, June 47 Herbert, W. Sandford, June 26 Ashworth, J. Boothfold, Jane 87 Curry, T. North Shields, July 2 Hinchcliffe, M. Dawgreen, June ti Adderton, A. Shadwell, July 14 Calvert. A. Sydenham, July 7 Humphreys, J. Hammersmith, July Alcock, 3. Newcastle upon Tyne, Coles, W. Mincing.ia. June 27 July 8

Crompton, T. Essex-st. July 14 Hanbury, W. Shoreditch, July 14 Balfour, J. Basinghall-st. June 16 Dury, H. Banbury, June 97 Hanbury, C. Shoreditch, July it Barber, W. St. John-st. June 20 Daunah, R. Wyndley, June 90 Horton, R. Newport, July 2 Barnett, R. Mili-wall, June 23

Dickenson, R. and J. St. Jouin-st. Humblé, W. St. Thomas Apostle, Brown, H. and Co. Windsor, June Donald, J. Westmorland, Ju y 37

July 4 23

Douel, H. Southampton-st, July 14 Hamilton, R. Old Broad-st. July Bywater, T. Tadcaster, June 24

Downes, 8. M. Reading, July 25 28
Bourchier, W., June 23 Elgar, W. Maidstone, June 9 Hazard, T. R. Liverpool, July 1
Boyce, J. Bordesley, June 94 Ellwood, R. London, June 26 Hordern, T. G. Shelion, July 30
Brown, J. Holywell, June 26 Elwell, E. Westbromw ch, June 95 Hetley, W. Alwalton, July 17.
Buckeridge, G. Pungbourne, June Elgar, W. Maidstone, June 27 Harvey, R. Oxford-st. July 25

Eales, W. Swallow st. July 18 Halliday, W. Manchester, July 15
Bonnas and Co. Liverpool, June 30 Fles, L. M. June 18 Jenkins, T. Judd-st. June 11
Butler, T. Aston Tirrald, July 2 Frost, L. Macclesfield, June 49 Jackson, W. B. Exeter, July el
Bernard, $. Southwark, June 27 Fincham, B. and Co, Epping, June Joseph, J. Little New-st. July 28
Bright, T. July 4


Juanp, J. and Co. Fore-st. Julys
Beyer. ! Liverpool, July 6 Golding, T. J. and Co. Great $t. Ifold, W. July
Ball, E. R. South Moreton, July 7 Helen's, June 20

Jackson, H. Strand, July 1
Brock, W. and Co. Grierson, S. Bainsley, July 1 Jackson, J. B Liverpool, July 43
Jov 23

Goodyear, T. Aldersgate-st. June 23 Kelty, A. Worcester, June S Brooks, W. Paternoster row, July Gonid, A Birmingham, June 30 Kingsell, S. Poplar, July 11 11

Glov'r, D. Guiter-la. June 87 Kilshaw. E. Lancaster, June !! Bray, R. Gosport, July 11 Gurbeti, s. Birmingham, July 11. Knapton, R. Nicholas-la. July 11 Berry, T and Co. Mincing-la. July Greaves, J. P. King's Arms yard, King. J. Yeovil, June 13

July 4

Knight, J. Gough sq. July 11 Bückeridge, G. Pangbourne, July 21 Greer, J. Lower Brook-st. July 4 Kesteven, J. and Co. York-st. July Brock, W. Warnlord co. July 95 Griffiths, S. Old June 93 Blanchenay. L. Dover-st. July 18 Grant, C. July 11 King, J. Tonbridge, July 18 Basseti, di. Church.street, July 11 Henfrey, W. Loughboroug., June 23 kcaling, A. Sland, July 7


Lloyd, J. Hertfordshire, June 87 Prme, W. Southwark, June 27 Sheath, A. Boston, July 4
Laing, c. George-yard, July 11 Orme, w. Southwark, July 14 Scriven, J. and J. Alcester, June 90
Lewis, D. Milford Avon, July 7 Payne, A. St. John-st. June 9 Steel, R. Bristol, June 27
Livesey, J. and Co. Blakburn, July Paternoster, W. Rochester, June 9 Sampson, S. and Co. Broad-st. June

Palmer, R. Worthing, June 30 27
Lane, R. Borgh Apton, July 4 Pritchard, J. H. Caerleon, July 4 Swainson, J. Manor-rew, July 28
Long, H. W. and Co. Tower-st. Pattison, G. Strand, July 14, Stevens, J. and Co. Bread-st. July 11,
July 4

Platt, J. and Co. Bolton-le-Moors, Sanderson, R. York, July 16 Jansdell, J. Jun. Bexhill, July 4 July 11

Tucker, W. and Co. Sheffield, June Laycock, T. and Co. Bradford, June Robinson, G. and Co. Paternoster- 19

Row, June 30

Tucker, W. Sheffield, June 26 Lewis, D, and Co. Mansion-house. Renton, M. June 20 Travers, J. Newton, July 6 st. Jaly 11

Robins, J. H. Bristl, June 26 Thomas, J. E. Reading, June 97 Moss, T. Blandlord-st. June 16 Robertson, R. Newcastle - upon. Taylor, S. and Co. Liverpool, July Morgan, J. Bedford-row, June 23 Tyre, June 23

10 Mackenzie, A. J. and Co. Cross-st. Robinson, J. Dorking, June 23 Titford, W. and Co. Union-st. June 27

Rolands, F. H. and Co. Foster-la. July 4 Murden, E. Princes-pl. June 27 June 27

Toulmin, 0. Essex-street, July 7 Manks, J. Leeds, Juve 29 Randall, T. East row, July 14 Tugwood, J. Lancaster, July 10 Mansell, J. Wood-st. June 30 seagar, S. P. Maidstone, June 2 Taylor. T. Austin-friars, August I Mitcbeli, s. Dorking, June 30 sillJ. and Co. Liverpool, June 16 Todd, F. Bury streel, July 25 Morall, S. and Co. Liverpool, July Smith, W and Co. Stapleford, June Wardle, R. Pinilico, June 10


Wallace, W. Workington, June 49 Martin, T. and Co. Bristol, Aug. 17 Stevens, J. Abchurch-la. June 20 Wilson, J. Crosby-sq. June Maithews, W. Liverpool, July 10 Sutton, R. Hampton Wick, June Warrell, W. and Co. Liverpool, Marks, J. New Road, July ei 27

June 25 Milne, A. G. Mitre-co. July 1! simpson, W. Manchester, June 24 Walton, J. June 6 Nesbiti, J. and Co. Aldermanbury, Scott, T. Herefordshire, June 90 Williams, T. Back-la. June 97 May 30

Spear, W. Upper Jone Ward, J. Liverpool, July 1 Naylor, J. Barnsley, July 1


Whire, J. Great July 7 Naish, T. Tiverton, June 23 Schneider, R. W. U. White Lion- Woods, W. Crawfurd-st July 7 Moble, J. Bucklersbury, June 23 Co, June 99

Wellier, H. London-st. July 93 Nunn, k. l'reston, July 6 Isharpley, C. Cambridge, June 23 Wharton, W. Manchester, July 11


FROM TUESDAY, MAY 26, TO SATURDAY,, JUNE 23, 1818. ATKINSON, J. Aldgate, July 4 Hillier, H. St. Jame's-st. June 20 Pratt, J. Brook' June 90 Appleby, R. North Shields, June !! Hawkins, J. and Co. Blackwall, Poolman, J. H. st. Catharines, Anderson, C. R. Austin-friars, July, June 23

July 4 Hack, T. Bear-garden, June 87 Parker, J. Norwich, July 17 Boswell, J. F. Liverpool, June 10 Humphreys, J. Talbot-co. July 4 Ratclitfe, E. Cambridge, June 10 Butler, J. Prescot, June 90 Harvey, W. Houndsditch, July 4 Rause, W. Woolwich, June 27 Banfield, E. Gloucester, June 27 Holmes. T. Hors July 4 Rolands, F. H. Foster la June 27 Bassett, M. Greenwich, June 30 Irving, W. Liverpool, June 10 kenning, J. Blandford Forum, July Beldon, B. Highley, June 30 Irving. W. Liverpool, June 10 Barton, J. Old South Sea House, Jenkins, J. Dudley, June 10 Sturney, J. Jun. Weymouth, June June SO

Joseph, J. Ratcliffe Highway, June 10 Berry, J. Fleet-st. June 30


Stephens, R. Long-la. June 27 Beck, T. Salford, July 4

Jones, s. Gloucester, June 27 Swinstells, T. Manchester, June 27 Bailey, W. Freiston Fen, July 17 Long, H.J. V. and Co. Gt. Tower. Smith, W. Funtingdon, June 47 Brown, J. York, July 17

81. June 20

Swift, J. Elland, June 30 Boyce, J. Bordesly, July 11 Laing, G. George-yard, June 23 Sandwell, R. K. Deal, July 4 Brattle, W. Ryarsh, July 11 Lowe, A.C. Token-house.yard, June Shore, E. ('oxden Mills, July 4 Burnett, A. Lisle-st. July 11


Tuckett, P, D. and Co. Bristol, Caalton, G. Aston, Jone 10 Lloyd, W. Jun. Thames-st. June June 10 Clissold, B.St. John st. June 20

Thorpe, J. Bridge Foot, June 30 Clark, T. and Co. Keswick, June 20'Lawrence, D. Chard, July 4 Tomlinson, J. Frauley, June 30 Commins, M. Falmouth, June 23 Marsden, W. N. Manchester, June Tomlinson, C. Hawarden, July 14 Clarke, M. Jun. Colchester-street, 27

Wood, E. Harwick, June 27 July 4

Makins, W. Southwill, June 27 Willion, G. Tronmonger-la. June Coates, W. Skipton, July 4 Messenger, J. Louglaborough, June 30 Drabwell, R. Doncaster, June 10 30

White, T. North Shields, June 30 Dawkes, T. Bath, June 20

North, B. B. Manchester, June 27 Wells, G. Monument-yaid, June 30 Davenport, $. Egham, July 4 Osbourne, C. Biliter-sq. June 20 Walker, J P Halifax, June 90 Daulby, D. and Co. Manchester l'reddy J. Taunton, June 20 Walker, R. Jun, and Co. BirmingJuly 17

l'acker, J. Paruswick, June 23 hain, July 17 Elwell, w. Birmingham, June 11 Parry, J. Jun. June 23 Wilkie, C. and J. Red Cross-street, July 17

Parish, J. East Teignmouth, June June 11 Puttii, W. Worksop, July 14


Williams, L. Cursitor st. July 14 Gill, J. Mill Pleasant, June 20 Powell, J. Bristol, June 27 Walker, R. jun. Birmingham, July Henderson, June 10 Power, W. R. Birmingham, June Hayes, F. Wavertree, June 20

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Young, J. Gosport, July 14



FROM TUESDAY, MAY 26, TO TUESDAY, JUNE 23, 1818. ALDEK, S. J. and Alder, J. Liverpool, merchants. By, C. W. Cannon, J. and Hayls, J. London, Ackland, T, sen, and Ackland, T. jun. Greenwich, lighrermen. butchers.

Bonington, E, and Thorpe, G. Clerkenwell, clockByard, G. and Bousfeld, R. White-horse-ya. Drury- case makers. la. koollen-drapers.

Bennett, H. L. and Bennett, G. Liverpool, tobacco. Bloom, ., Bloom, E. and Bloom, 8. Spital-sq. silke manufacturers. manafacturers.

Barrow, F. C. and Lemarshand, M.J. Bridgman, F. Bridgman, w. C. and Bridgman, Bentham, C. and Rooke, J. jun, Manchester, che. E. L. Cannon-street-road, tallow-chandlers.


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